Swedish band Rednex for sale on eBay

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18:41 CEST+02:00
Swedish pop group Rednex is for sale on auction website eBay and everything must go.

With a starting price of $1.5 million, the band hopes to have sold itself off to the highest bidder by Saturday May 19th.

But as yet there have been no bids for the band that gave the world the 1994 smash hit single Cotton Eye Joe.

Anyone interested in taking over the company Rednex AB can find out more at the website, where the group provides details about the package on offer.

"The buyer will get 100% of the shares to the Swedish company Rednex AB (equivalent to Ltd.), which owns the trademark, all recordings, all contracts and negotiating rights and is in full power of the artistry.

"Rednex AB is owned today by 3 individuals who founded the group and who have personally initiated this world's first online sale of a pop band, as well as this web site."

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