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Further deaths linked to swine flu vaccine

The Local · 24 Oct 2009, 08:52

Published: 24 Oct 2009 08:52 GMT+02:00

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The two latest deaths were reported to the Swedish Medical Products Agency (Läkemedelsverket) on Friday.

A 74-year-old woman from Sollefteå in northern Sweden died four days after receiving the swine flu vaccine.

The woman, who suffered from heart and lung disease, was classified as a high-risk patient.

“Naturally a report will be undertaken,” said Dr. Markus Kallionen in a press statement released by Västernorrland County Council.

“We must take this case seriously and investigate what has happened.”

A further case of a 90-year-old woman who also died after receiving the vaccine has been reported by newspaper Expressen.

Läkemedelsverket are currently investigating circumstances surrounding the deaths of two high-risk patients, a 50-year-old man with a serious heart condition and woman with an acute muscle disease.

“It's important to says that they had complicated illnesses,“ Gunilla Sjölin Forslund from Läkemedelsverket told news agency TT.

“We still do not know if the deaths are connected to the vaccine.”

Sweden launched a mass vaccination programme in a bid to control the flu pandemic on October 12th.

Cases of swine flu reached record levels last week with 198 new cases in comparison to 93 the previous week.

The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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12:49 October 24, 2009 by AstroSphinx.se
I'm glad that the offical policy hasn't been to supress this information but I don't feel we as people and citizians are getting the full information about the side effects and perhaps the miscarages that will occurr due to this new and dangerous vaccination policy. I have read the inserts so I know that these vaccines were not recomended officaly by their manufacturers for any children under the age of 4 nor were they recommended for pregnant or nursing women. And yet there has been great public outcry in the DN about how important just getting vaccinated is, when some flu like symptoms occuring could actually be spreading the virus via vaccination.. no wonder why the amount of swine flu has gone UP with the introduction of vaccination! I am very concerned.
13:15 October 24, 2009 by proteasome
Please can everyone take a deep breath and take a pause on the conspiracy theories. Let me get this straight, two elderly women died recently, one had heart and lung problems and the other one was over 90, oh it must be the swine flu vaccine. Problem with this kind of reporting is that you never see this headline which also happened last week, "Hundreds of very old and sick Swedish people were vaccinated and they are still very old and sick but still hanging in there". AstroSphinx when you write, "spreading the virus via vaccination" you are hurting the community plain and simple. Like yelling fire in the movie house. It is impossible for the vaccine to give you swine flu, once again it is impossible. This type of vaccine is extremely similar to the vaccines used for decades against the common winter flu. It is medically safe and it is tested, not by evil companies or bad governments but normal health agencies. Making incorrect statements on the vaccine kills people if enough people become afraid to go get vaccinated. The swine flu so far has been mild but a small percentage of people do die from it, go get vaccinated and take a deep breath.
14:36 October 24, 2009 by bocale1
@proteasome, no surprise that old and sick people are dying for the vaccination; they are basically the only ones getting it at the moment. And, anyhow, vaccination was recommended in particular for old and sick people; for the other people, there was already before little justification for a vaccination mass campaign.

If those 4 people death has been even in small part caused by the vaccination, it sounds to me a good point to stop a second and rethinking the entire strategy.

Having a vaccination safe only for young and healthy people does not help since those ones will not probably suffer from any complication even in the case of swine flu.

And, please, be honest with yourself; such vaccination business is worth a huge amount of money, would you be surprised if the pharmaceutical lobby influences the agencies that approve vaccines?

Concerns about this vaccination is expressed also by the medical community (in Italy, my home country, about 60% of doctors is still refusing to be vaccinated!).
14:43 October 24, 2009 by Beavis
Is it not true that most people over 60 are not at risk due to them eing immune from the last time a similar virus hit 60 years ago??? Its under 35's, pregnant women, and young people with chronic illnesses that are most at risk. Just have a look at the statistics for deaths so far.. its not the elderly that are dying.
15:01 October 24, 2009 by Törnrosa

"Impossible for the vaccine to give you swineflu?"

I would say possible. Take a look at globalresearch.ca and search for a well researched Canadian study currently being peer reviewed that shows people are twice as likely to get seasonal flu if they take the vaccine. It has caused so much rethinking in Canada that the flu vaccine has been banned in most provinces for under 65's.


Being tested on the population right now as it stands according to Baxter pharmaceutical who have manufactured this vaccine. I wouldn't exactly call that safe. Plus the German military and parliament don't exactly consider it safe...at least not safe enough for them.

Making incorrect statements? There is a WHOLE stack of official documents and accredited research behind a lot of these statements. Go search the net and read it for yourself, but the documents and research I myself have come across include: an official patent for the vaccine from august 2008 (7 months before it was discovered). A free lance scientists independent analysis of the swine flu. The genetic make up of the flu, which contains material that cannot be reproduced in nature, information from the 1976 swine flu in America and a whole bunch of other interesting stuff. Make of it what you will but you can't dispute official documents.

"hurting the community plain and simple"

What by making them think? By making them aware that this vaccine could be dangerous and that they would be wise to make an INFORMED decision with all of the information rather than just believing what they are told by the mass media and government agencies? Take a look at the Meningitis B vaccine incident in Norway that got covered up.

Who do you think run these "normal health agencies"? Independent unbiased intellectuals without links or ties to the government bodies. I can assure you that is not the case.

Like you said the Swine flu has so far been mild, so why bother with such a huge mass vaccination program if there is no present risk (or future one if you look at the structure of the flu virus itself.)

Go get vaccinated if that is your choice but it is a disservice to the community to keep fact based information from them just because it goes against the grain. When making an important decision like this people deserve to be able to make an informed choice based on a multitude of evidence and facts, weighing up both sides and then reaching an independent conclusion.
15:02 October 24, 2009 by AstroSphinx.se
@Protesome, it is incorrect that you believe that anything is conspriacy theory generated when you can go to the site for the seasonal flu vaccine, put out by Novitis and read for yourself the precauctions.

I emplore everyone and anyone to read and decide for yourself if the risk is worth taking, in Swedish or in English... It is corruption when the US government dictated by the WHO turns and says the following statement and allows for "acceptable death" where people need not risk their health and their deaths will not serve anyone.


People are still encouraged to take the vaccine.. and full disclosure and transparency should be a part of the vaccination procedure. You put words in between my lines and false statements in my mouth when you accuse me or anyone else of conspriacy theories. The truth is I question, and the right to question should be and has been protected. Although I personally do not enjoy this particular publication and some of the things written here I do confess a predisposition to HONESTY about observation even if on occasion twisted.

So in the DN the little underscore of constant critique of people who are suspicious of vaccination that has been rushed though.. doesn't even spark a questioning of the attidute the news paper has about our political representitives using their freedom of choice.

I am sick of an offical view stating that there is a certain percentage which MUST be vaccinated for an "effect" to be felt and that they like the WHO and CDC find ways of forcing people or demonizing people making their personal choices.

The truth is vaccine is not safe for everyone, and the risks are there the more the vaccine is not used properly. This vaccine is not being used properly on the correct target group and if you would like the evidence of that, I can provide proof or you can study it via the manufacturers themselves, for it is they who claim that it is not for people with weakened immune systems....

Just because someone doesn't take the vaccine, means that they are at risk of spreading the virus to someone else either. This is warped logic and if this is a live virus vaccine as stated on the inserts, this is a possibly way that the vaccine itself MAY spread itself into the population. Please keep in mind no vaccine is 100% effective, nor is it 100% safe, but if you feel that it has been "tested" enough, your choice to use it comes with your concent that you accept the risks and feel that it is much better than the harm that the virus may cause.
17:03 October 24, 2009 by groverpm
Why are people born before 1957 being given the vaccine? I thought they had natural immunity due to previous exposure.
18:25 October 24, 2009 by fridayz
They are going to start vaccination in my daughter school during week 46 , it is an offer and parents must chose for their children ........ I am in a dilemma, I don't know what to do ...
18:45 October 24, 2009 by proteasome
Simply ask your local doctor about balancing the risks. No one is holding a gun to your head to get the flu shot. I hope no one gets complications from the swine flu. Oh and the title of this article is also bad in my little opinion. When you have a head line with "Further deaths linked to swine flu vaccine" linked means cause and effect. No one has found evidence that the peoples deaths were actually caused by the swine flu vaccine. If the Local is going to use the word "linked" they should say how what is the evidence? Maybe the Local should use the term "linked" more often to improve the readership? "Further car crashes linked to swine flu vaccine" "Web pornography viewing linked to swine flu vaccine" "Swedish world cup exit linked to swine flu vaccine" Seriously all these events occured recently with people who have had the swine flu vaccination it does not mean there is cause and effect between the two common things that happen in our lifes.
21:45 October 24, 2009 by askin
Please read the following article:


Swine flu virus did not exist in nature. It was constructed in a lab and patented 7 months before it appeared in the nature and gave way to an epidemi.

Who let this virus escape from the lab to outside?

EU Parliament must take up this matter and arrange a tribunal to punish the party which let this virus escape the lab.

Also 6 months prior to the appearance of the first cases of swine flu epidemi in Mexico, the French SANOFI- one of the three major pharma corporations- (others are Baxter and Smyth Kline) which produce swine flu vaccine, invested about $ 300 millions and opened a factory in Mexico to produce this vaccin.

Many facts about this vaccin can be found at


also at dr.mercola web-site.

I used to get every year, seasonal flu vaccin - half of it in the morning, other half in the afternoon, as I once got a shock from it. This year, maybe I won't get it, as Canadian official medical studies show, people who get the seasonal flu vaccin, are at twice as much risk to get the swine flu.


It looks like the swine flu vaccine is just as risky and dangerous as the swine flu itself.

EU and Swedish Parliaments must make a move to arrange a tribunal to punish the guilty parties who let out the swine flu virus from the lab. Its purpose is obvious.
21:50 October 24, 2009 by proteasome
There is no cure for dumb....
01:12 October 25, 2009 by AstroSphinx.se
@ proteasome (continued)

I'm not yelling "fire" in a cinema.

Remember that these rushed vaccines also contain mercury. This is nothing to laugh at or belittle in the question of public health and safety, since you seem to be concerned about public health (much like Karen Bojs of DN)

I will address you as I do to her and say, public health is a choice, and although the vaccine is free and available, it is our choice and we need to be well informed and accurately informed. For me there is no such thing as an "acceptable amount of death". I am mostly concerned about pregnant woman and children who have been targeted as the group of major concern. Even still I find it odd that the elderly women were even given this vaccine since it was stated early on that people over a certain age may have immunity.

This has the potential of making the vaccine more dangerous for them than the actual disease.

But I'm siding way over on the side of caution, this must be conspiracy.

My caution is based upon fact and understanding even many people within the medical community has cautioned me against getting flu vaccine and feel trepidation about getting vaccinated themselves.

The safety of these things needs to be tested and not just making the people in general test subjects. There are many cases when it comes to young children and infants around the world concerning problems with vaccinations that have been accepted and proven as "safe". I wish that the general public would not fall into the depths of the hypnotic trans of the established medical community and their belief system that its commonly safe.. when it is "percentage wise" commonly safe UNTIL you realize that the numbers of people that are in 1% are and can be you and I or someone's child.

This does not make it ok. The push is too hard, and as long as it is voluntary, it should be a question of informed action rather than blind faith. Science should be about hard fact and answers.. not blind acceptance, as the medical establishment is not a religious order, and should at best NEVER behave like one.. where one has to take the classic "communion" of the corner stone of public vaccination and drug treatments for things that nutrition and hygiene have really been a part of assisting in wellness of the people. Studies also have proven that Tamiflu is not safe for children either and does not seem to help combat the virus even among otherwise healthy young men.

So.. I did not say anything about evil government and companies.. but its sad that my tax money is paying for bad medicine and the possible numbers of "acceptable deaths".
01:19 October 25, 2009 by Scepticion
@ Törnrosa

"I would say possible. Take a look at globalresearch.ca and search for a well researched Canadian study currently being peer reviewed that shows people are twice as likely to get seasonal flu if they take the vaccine. It has caused so much rethinking in Canada that the flu vaccine has been banned in most provinces for under 65's."

actually, you are wrong, what it says is they are twice as likely to get swine flu if they have taken the seasonal flu vaccine.


And the study is not proven yet, and similar findings were not made in other countries.

Get the facts right, before spreading panic.
01:34 October 25, 2009 by AstroSphinx.se

Details details.. but then look farther to where this unpublished paper pointed to.. back to livestock (pigs) vaccination and the US 2007-2008 although a different form of the N1H1 virus. It offers other reasons why a vaccine can make a virus more inviting:


It is possible and the other thing is, that live virus vaccine can spread living virus to other humans.. as the vaccine that is not injectable but put in the nose like the polio virus can be communcatable from human to human..

This last year a polio outbreak in Nigeria was due to a batch of vaccine that had to be recalled.. if vaccine has such a brilliant track record then certainly one could NEVER catch the illness from this vaccine.. or spread it to another living human.. but this has possibly happened even just recently.

I am of course uncertain, and ask for Proteasome to show me proof positive of this NEVER able to happen since it seems to me some people believe themselves to be "less than stupid".

We are lucky that this virus is simply mild in most cases and that people can sometimes get it without even knowing it, had it been a anything other than an accidental contamination, I believe as a few others that this would have been more deadly..and since it is not, I will believe that it was more of a careless mistake on the handling of livestock vaccine and virus which should not be messed with.

Please keep in mind Children who have neurological disorders, ADHD, ADD, Asperger's syndrome or anything within the Autistic spectrum should not be vaccinated as they may clearly have a disadvantage with this vaccine and sensitivities. Please consult a compassionate health care practitioner and read together the risks and warnings before making an informed decision.
08:30 October 25, 2009 by Törnrosa
"actually, you are wrong, what it says is they are twice as likely to get swine flu if they have taken the seasonal flu vaccine."

I stand corrected on that point. I re-read the study yesterday evening and noticed my mistake. All the same I find it very worrying that the seasonal flu vaccine has been shown in a research group of 12-13 million people to make catching the swine flu twice as likely. I think it will be interesting to see the results when it is peer reviewed. Although the research is quoted as being "solid".
11:20 October 25, 2009 by ropegun247
The medicine seems worse than the disease???
13:19 October 25, 2009 by bettan1
Anyone else curious as to why the modern secular world's version of the second coming of Jesus Christ, 'Barack Obama, refuses to have his two children vaccinated, but encourages the rest of the country to do so ?


October 8, 2009

First Daughters Not Vaccinated Against H1N1

President Obama's school age daughters have not been vaccinated against the H1N1 flu virus. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says the vaccine is not available to them based on their risk.

The Centers for Disease Control recommend that children ages 6 months through 18 years of age receive a vaccination against the H1N1 flu virus. At this time only children with chronic medical conditions are receiving the vaccination because their immune system is not strong enough to fight off the strain. The CDC also says a regular seasonal flu shot does not protect against the virus.
14:35 October 25, 2009 by Scepticion
@ bettan1

Nowhere in the article does it say Obama refuses to have them vaccinated. The children are not in the risk group, so they are not a priority to be vaccinated.

Same in Sweden, only risk groups are being vaccinated now.

At present there is not enough vaccine in the USA, and other countries:

15:32 October 25, 2009 by leroy jetson
Here in the USA there isn't enough Vaccine to go around.

Part of the reason is the conservative party, and their supporters attitudes towards healthcare. Their attitude towards Europe is astonishing.

17:12 October 25, 2009 by jwillie6
I have enjoyed the many thoughtful comments regarding this article. I choose not to take the vaccine. I urge everyone to take their vitamin D3 every day ( 2000 to 5000 IU). This vitamin helps to prevent the flu and other viruses as well. Read Dr. Mercola or Dr. Russell Blaylock, Nerusurgeon, to see their recommendations. These are easily found on the internet.
01:23 October 26, 2009 by askin
@ answer to proteasome # 12

"There is no cure for the dumb"

No, there isn't. If there were, those who let the lab-constructed virus out of the lab, would not let it out to ruin the health of the world population. That's why I suggest

Parliaments should arrange a tribunal to punish the responsible in this corrupt affair, severly, so it doesn't occur again.

@ answer to jwillie6 #21

I am recommended to take vitamin D3 also by several doctors.

BUT, when I sta
03:54 October 26, 2009 by uchihamadara
I work in the medical field and they are not "technically" mandating the so-called vaccination. HOWEVER, they, where I work, are placing a heavy nuisance on the medical staff IF they do not get the seasonal flu vaccine by mandating wearing a surgical mask all the time on-duty for 6 months. I feel this is a push into the mandatory direction as most lazy workers do not want the burden of a mask and will gradually be used to the idea that they are a crop without a voice. Patient care is one thing, but personal choice - especially in the face of forced vaccination - is the critical difference. I'll restate my innate position: The natural immune system is designed to fight the flu. If an entity was truly concerned about healthy individuals, that entity would boost immunity and prevent immunity over-reaction to prevent over-symptomatic induced death.

Healthcare is a misnomer in my opinion, we are effectively treating symptoms to prevent death regardless of the toxicity of drugs within reasonable limits. The vaccine spray also holds a LIVE virus, how is that not spreading the flu on purpose? The contents of the injection version are proven to be immunosuppressive by the content analysis, yet most "healthy" people may not notice since symptoms will be few, albeit cumulatively depositional of the minute components of the vaccine within bodily tissue.

There's only one conspiracy here, the one of ignorance that the body cannot heal itself without a vaccine.
05:37 October 26, 2009 by believe
I work in a hospital in the states. They are only giving the H1N1 vaccine to pregnant nurses. Interesting fact is that we are only seeing patients hospitalized with H1N1 that were already immunosuppressed. None of us workers have come down with the virus. We have had our children come home from schools with the virus. Treated them the same as we would any other flu. The vaccine might have been useful six months ago. Too little, too late. I won't be taking the shot. Let it run it's course. It became a pandemic when they failed to give the vaccine last April when we seen it come around the first time.
10:27 October 26, 2009 by ameribrit
The vaccine may help, then again it may not. The one single best thing you can do to protect yourself from H1N1 (or any other flu or cold virus) is washing your hands properly! And keep them out of your eyes, nose and mouth. This is the most common route to infection. I have always refused a flu shot and I have only had one bout of flu in the last 10 years. All this time working on a 911 ambulance and transporting every Tom, Dick and Harry with a case of the sniffles so that they can do their best to infect the likes of poor Believe who work in the hospital. Just think of it as practice for the H5N1 pandemic that is around the corner. That is what the CDC and WHO are doing.
12:09 October 26, 2009 by Random Guy
"Just think of it as practice for the H5N1 pandemic that is around the corner. "

Yes I believe that too. And they'll say it's because the bird flu strain of the swine flu virus became dominant.

However you should look up the lab reports that swine flu doesn't not mutate but only dominates when other flu viruses are the body at the same time.

It's a fact that we have no way of really knowing exactly what virus particles are in the vaccines - which must contain some bird flu because the swine flu is part bird flu.

So then it seems obvious that the vaccine will be the cause of the bird flu too.

Remember even official statements say that the virus could not have become this way in nature (being a mix of 3 viruses), so then a vaccine for it is likely to be a cause of something else that will take time to prove, which by then will be too late.

What to do? Get the police involved to investigate in your country based on the alledeged motives!
20:53 October 26, 2009 by Luke35711
Modern medicine may not be perfect but vaccines do work and, on balance, are probably the greatest benefit to humanity that medicine produced!
22:10 October 26, 2009 by believe
Thank you Ameribrit. You have made the best point. Good handwashing! Also when in public using restrooms. Don't touch faucets, toilets and door handles (where germs are) with your bare hands. Use a paper towel. Where would we be without modern medicine? Great things have happened, and will continue to happen. I hope everyone gets through the season healthy.
23:07 October 26, 2009 by JosefEugen
The Local should not have run this article without establishing a medical link to the shots. How many elderly women died watching TV on the same day?
23:53 October 26, 2009 by AstroSphinx.se

I don't think that DN should have run this artical because it basicly set the stage, that if you even dare question the safety of vaccine (even if UNTESTED) you are just a conspriacy theorist, I feel that a clear view of what is happening is important, journalists need to be honest about what is going on.

I have read that since the 13th of this month many people are now seriously ill, not with svininfluensa, but with the side effects of the vaccination they took. Isreal has had 4 deaths and has suspended their vaccination program. Perhaps THEY believe that their people are worth more? Perhaps we need to believe that any death from something that everyone is marketing as "safe" IS JUST NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Please everyone, be informed before saying, "I wish I had read more on the subject" as I had to go backwards on, dealing with the seasonal flu and pneumonia vaccine.
01:40 October 27, 2009 by Luke35711
The thing is, you need control group and proper statistics to make any alarming statements. Please, point us to where we can find such data. Without this, yes, this does basically sound like a conspiracy theory..
02:28 October 27, 2009 by AstroSphinx.se

however every time I seem to post links it is read by this site as "spam"
05:40 October 27, 2009 by askin
@ josefeugen # 29

You mean before or after having received a swine flu vaccin ?

07:28 October 27, 2009 by AstroSphinx.se
@ josefeugen #29

Do you feel that dog's kidney's are a more suitable medium for your own personal vaccine to be grown in? Novartis believes that it is.


The problem with these vaccines.. (even the so called "tried and tested" vaccine such as in 2006 for the seasonal flu in Isreal (see study link above)

When they talk about growing a virus in EGG as a medium, its not "EGG" its a chicken embryo almost fully developed.. this is very misleading, as I even thought that EGG was an innocuous medium.. but its not "egg" as they lead people to believe. Its "dog kidneys" "human aborted fetus" "monkey kidney" all by their own admission.

Doesn't this bother anyone? Lets not forget the so called "tiny amount" of Mercury.. you know to protect us all from the genetic soup.. obviously its one thing to eat an animal, and a completely different thing to have it's dna and live virus injected into your veins..

I am getting more and more shocked as the week goes on. I am definately getting an education about what people feel is "safe and effective" and what some would be labled "conspiracy theory".

Caution on safety now.. don't say yes to this, its possibly dangerous. 160 nurses in and around Sweden probably agree.. after the effects (read about that in Aftonbladet)
10:43 October 27, 2009 by Lisa050
What in the world are elderly people doing getting this vaccine? Majority of people over age 50 ALREADY are immune to the H1N1 because of pandemic flu in 1957 being very similar to this strain!! This is the one year the elderly will NOT be highly susceptible.

Instead of spending all those millions on testing this new vaccine, they should have developed a lab test to test the blood of people to see who ALREADY HAS antibodies to H1N1!! - either because they've already gotten it THIS year (yep-millions around the world have gotten it and now will be permanently immune) or because they've had similar strains in decades past!! In fact, I bet they already HAVE a test that can do just that, they probably just don't want anyone to know about it, lest they decide to take it, and skip the vaccine when they learn they just don't need it!

Permanent immunity from the wild virus cannot be beat!! This virus is as mild as its ever gonna be!! God forbid a more lethal strain comes along in the future everyone who already had the real deal are gonna be the survivors!! Immunity from the vax (assuming it even works) is going to be temporary.
18:45 October 27, 2009 by AstroSphinx.se

that is the kind of thinking that needs to be done.. its obvious. You have the train of thought which is very scientific, thank you!

I'm still having problems with the thought that my father in law is planning to get the vaccination tomorrow and has already got a history of muscle related illness...why does he want it? He believes he is a risk group that may get sick, he is an intelligent and usually a person who lets nature take its course on a number of things.. but, possibly due to propaganda, I don't know, he really believes that this vaccine is safe, in the face of the deaths.. and he is over 60.. so I am very worried about him.

I was just recently enlighted to the fact that vaccine for this H1N1 is made for various countries out of many different and strange things.. here they say its only made of EGG, but it does not classify as EGG because it is in fact a fully developed chicken embryo.. so if you are a person who feels that it is your duty to vaccinate yourself, but at the same time believe its unethical to harm animals, some of the countries out there will be getting vaccine made with dog's kidneys.. I wonder which countries.. and I wonder do the people really KNOW?

How many dogs, monkeys and chickens are they putting in these vaccines? I know its not healthy to inject blood or genetic matterials from one person into another, but what is the logic of injecting animal DNA? Wouldn't there be a severe risk of anaphalactic shock? Anyone want to give me a clue? Obviously throwing mecury in there makes it all better, um, right?

Even saying that there may be dog kidneys in a vaccine sounds so ubserd, so "insane".. I dare not repeat it out loud in Swedish or English!
00:45 October 29, 2009 by Washington
Beautiful Washington Redskins Football Team Cheerleader damaged by the flu vaccine: adventuresinautism.blogspot.com/2009/10/redskins-cheerleader-ambassador-suffers
19:38 October 30, 2009 by sooner62
From they Dystonia Medical Research Foundation:

There have been continuing inquiries and comments about the Maryland woman who reports developing dystonia as a result of getting a flu shot. The DMRF is not aware of any information or research showing that the seasonal flu vaccine causes dystonia.

Because of the concern of individuals with dystonia as to whether or not to get a flu shot because of this reported case, we have sought the opinion of dystonia experts on this case. Based on the footage that has been shared with the public, it is their unanimous consensus that this case does not appear to be dystonia.

Since there has never been a validated case of dystonia resulting from a flu shot, the experts polled believe this case should not deter anyone from getting a flu shot. As with any medical procedure or treatment option, the DMRF encourages you to discuss the risks and benefits of the getting the flu vaccine with your doctor.
09:41 October 31, 2009 by ssjbrun
@ proteasome, your comment:

"I would say possible. Take a look at globalresearch.ca and search for a well researched Canadian study currently being peer reviewed that shows people are twice as likely to get seasonal flu if they take the vaccine. It has caused so much rethinking in Canada that the flu vaccine has been banned in most provinces for under 65's."

Completely wrong and or false, all provinces and territories in Canada are giving the seasonal flu shot, but the program is on halt while the H1N1 program is being implemented. The seasonal flu shot programs will resume once all those who have wish to recieve the H1N1 vaccination have recieved it. It is a problem of not enough resources and that there must be a time delay between recieving both vaccinations. Please, use proper web site sources, like the provincal and federal health web sites before giving false information from 3rd party sites. To keep a proper and balanced and informed is so important. Not arguing with your statements, just some of the facts.
06:02 November 5, 2009 by roofrak
The Canadian government asures us that even if you are twice as likely to get the swine flu if you had the seasonal shot last year you will not get the swine flu any worse than someone that did not get the seasonal shot last year. When analized , it is also true that a certain number of people in Canada will get the swine flu. Because last years seasonal flue recipients are twice as likley to get the swine flu then, it is also true that in all the people with swine flu there will be more in that group that had the seasonal shot last year. We all know that some of the people that get the swine flu will die and the because the seasonal flu recipients have an equal severity of the swine flu, then they will also have equal chances of dying from the swine flu. BUT becase there are more seasonal flu shot recipients in the pool of all swine flu cases, then mathematics tells us that there will be a greater percentage of deaths from seasonal flu recipients than the ones that did not get the seasonal shot last year. Although the canadian government used their argument to convince Canadians they have nothing to worry about, mathematics tells of a much more grave consequence from taking last years seasonal flu shot. (hope all can follow the logic) My only question is , what was in last years seasonal flu shot that weakens those peoples immune system to the swine flu this year?
04:43 December 9, 2009 by AmbientDistraction
My sister had the vaccine a few days ago. She's being transferred (as I write this) by ambulance from our little local hospital on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia (Canada) to Vancouver General Hospital. Last night, she got up to use the washroom, found that her legs no longer would support her and she fell and broke her wrist. She went to the hospital to have it put in a cast. She had to go by ambulance because she couldn't support own weight (and her hubby couldn't carry her.) While she was getting the cast on, she began vomiting. They found what looked like coffee grinds (turned out to be blood). Then her eye began to droop and she started having some weird paralysis-type symptoms. At 5pm she began having heart problems and they made arrangements to have her taken to VGH. It looks like Guillian-Barre with acute panautonomic neuropathy as a result of the vaccine. I warned her against getting it, but she did (along with two other flu shots??). I have been fighting off the swine flu with Elderberry and it works wonders. I suggested it to her, but she wouldn't listen to me, only to her doctor. Now she is in the hospital and fighting for her life.
03:16 January 1, 2010 by shoetoyou
Hi I had the vaccine on the 23/12 09. I had the vaccine because I have COPD Which

is classed as underlying problems!! I wish I had not had it as I have been ill with chest

infections within 8 hours of having the vaccine. I live a cross the road from the James

Cook University Hospital! Which is the largest hospital in europe,and after speaking

to many consultants! The thought is this vaccine is very dangerous to people with chest complaints. However our Goverment still seem to think this is good for us!!!!!
Today's headlines
Swedish festive ad pulled following racist abuse of child
File photo of Swedish Lucia celebrations. Photo: Jack Mikrut/TT

Department store Åhléns announced on Monday that it was removing an online ad after the child in the picture was targeted by racist trolls.

Swedish nationalists sack MP accused of anti-Semitic slur
The Sweden Democrats have removed Anna Hagwall from the party. Photo: Roger Vikström/TT

Anna Hagwall has been slammed in Sweden for what was perceived to be an anti-Semitic attack on one of the country's media groups.

The Local Guide
What was that noise? There's no need to freak out, Sweden
Hi Fredrik, why are you so hoarse? Photo: Daniel Zdolsek/TT

Don't be alarmed if you heard a long, deafening siren on a Monday afternoon in Sweden. This is what it was.

Man detained for Malmö arson attack claimed by Isis
The building that was smoke damaged in the arson attack. Photo: Emil Langvad/TT

The attack which caused smoke damage to a community centre in Malmö was claimed by Isis in a publication run by the extremist group.

Nobel Prizes
Bob Dylan writes speech for Nobel Prize ceremony
Bob Dylan. Photo: AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

And one of Bob Dylan's songs will be performed at the awards ceremony, but not by the literature laureate himself.

The Local List
Six weird Swedish Christmas foods to try if you're brave
Yup, that's a pig's head with 'Merry Christmas' written on it. Photo: Leif R Jansson/TT

From fish treated in acid to 'egg cheese', The Local looks at some of the weirder Swedish Christmas foods on offer.

In pictures: Tour this unusal Swedish home at Christmas
This Swedish family have their own unique take on Christmas. Photo: www.adddesign.se Karlsborg

Houzz.se's Amanda Strömberg looks inside a Swedish family's unconventional take on Christmas at their farm.

Presented by the University of Gothenburg
8 fascinating programmes at the University of Gothenburg
Sofia Sabel/imagebank.sweden.se

Did you know the University of Gothenburg offers 60 master's programmes in English? And some of them may surprise you.

No fire, but: Gävle's baby yule goat run over by car
The tiny goat before the attack. Photo: Claudio Bresciani/TT

Not a great Christmas tradition, guys.

Swedes give low marks to pupils' performance
A classroom in Sweden. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

Less than a fourth believe that Swedish pupils learn what they need to in school, a new poll suggests.

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Local guide: the best of New York
No, that loud noise wasn't someone strangling an elephant...
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18 Stockholm innovations to keep an eye on
People-watching: December 2nd-4th
Final proof that Sweden has NOT banned Christmas lights
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Inside Sweden's perilous Sami reindeer pilgrimage
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'My name is Sami and I am a proud Swede - it hurts when people say I'm not Swedish'
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Swedish Advent 'less popular than Christmas Eve'
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Why Stockholm startups are teaching kids to program
People-watching: November 25th-27th
Swedish city to put all workers through LGBT course
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'Swedes are stylish: you need to dress well if you want to fit in'
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Michael Björklund: 'Being a chef is crazy work'
Critics slam Swedish paper's Donald Trump cartoon as anti-Semitic
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HIV in Sweden today is not like it was yesterday
Men call Sweden's mansplaining hotline for mansplaining tips
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Mette Helbæk: ‘We have a basic human need to connect'
Property of the week: Gotland
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People-watching: November 18th-20th
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Lina Thomsgård: 'I try to break down barriers every day'
Shooting starts on The Bridge 4
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'We wanted to turn ideas into action'
Sweden's ten most beautiful places
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Having a Swedish girlfriend didn't help this Egyptian evade culture shock
People-watching: November 16th
What the world of Harry Potter would look like... set in Sweden
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This new book by a Syrian writer gives refugee children their own hero
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