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Outrage as civic 'angel' sent to prison

Published: 05 Nov 2009 11:32 GMT+01:00
Updated: 05 Nov 2009 11:32 GMT+01:00

Pettersson saw how Gärd Forsgren, now 69-years-old, was being attacked in her car in the vicinity of Nås in the county of Dalarna in central Sweden.

It was then that he took a decision that would change his life and intervened.

Pettersson dragged the assailant from the car and hit him twice with a jack. His plea of self-defence was rejected by the Svea Court of Appeal which confirmed a Mora District Court ruling from June 2007 to convict him of aggravated assault.

The 26-year-old man and Pettersson were acquainted with each other, court documents show. The two men had previously been in dispute and court documents detail that Pettersson had placed the jack in his car after receiving a phone call about the 26-year-old's behaviour on the day in question.

Gärd Forsgren is among those critical of the court's decision to sentence Pettersson to a year in prison, a term which will begin in Norrköping next week.

"He has been treated dreadfully and unjustly. Would it have been better if this other man had strangled me?" she said to the Aftonbladet newspaper.

"He is the biggest angel that I have met," she said.

The case has received widespread coverage in the media and poses questions as to when there is a right to intervene, and what measures are permissible under the law.

The case dates back to a summer's evening in 2006.

A drunk 26-year-old man stopped Forsgren's car while she was driving on route 71, forced himself into the vehicle and held her in a stranglehold that gave her cause to fear for her life.

Forsgren told the court that as many as 20 cars passed by and did not stop despite her screams and that she had the hazard lights flashing on her car.

Forsgren's rescue was to arrive in the shape of 34-year-old Pettersson who at first screamed at the attacker and then hit him on the shoulder with the jack that he was carrying, according to Mora District Court documents.

Pettersson then hit the man a second time on the head with jack, causing the 26-year-old to sustain a fractured skull.

It is this second blow that rendered Pettersson's claims of self-defence illegitimate in the eyes of the law and he was convicted in 2007 of aggravated assault, sentenced to one year's imprisonment and ordered to pay the man 50,000 kronor ($7,063) in compensation.

Gärd Forsberg's attacker was in turn sentenced to a probationary sentence and ordered to pay 8,000 kronor in compensation.

The 26-year-old man's lawyer in the 2006 trial, Christer Söderberg, argues however that it is Pettersson who got off lightly.

"It could have been classified as attempted murder and then he would have got four years instead, Söderberg told the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper.

Söderberg dismissed the discussion and the outrage now surrounding the case.

"Ridiculous. They want to take the law into their own hands up there and don't think that the courts should get involved."

The court ruled that there was no indication that the man intended to attack Pettersson once outside of Forsberg's car.

The wording of the ruling has been described as "remarkable" by some legal experts, as self-defence under Swedish law should not require evidence to indicate whether there was an actual risk of attack.

"It doesn't matter if anyone has any actual reason to suppose that he would be attacked. The most important concern is whether he felt that he would be," Lena Holmqvist, a lecturer in law at Uppsala University, told Svenska Dagbladet.

After a decision by the Swedish Supreme Court (Högsta domstolen) to reject his application for a re-trial, Pettersson now faces no choice but to serve his time.

After almost three and half years he has had time to reflect over the events of that summer evening.

"Should I have just let it pass? This is a question which has turned my life upside down. I don't regret it, but in view of what it has cost me I might think again next time," Per-Anders Pettersson told Svenska Dagbladet.

Peter Vinthagen Simpson (news@thelocal.se)

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13:42 November 5, 2009 by Beynch
What you're witnessing here is liberalism run amok. The attacker lives a comfortable existance on tax payer funded public assistance (socialhjälp). Don't for a minute think that the 8000 crowns came out of his own pocket. It came out of yours! Petterson, the good samaritan, is going to jail. How can things be so twisted? One can only conclude that the Supreme Court is infested by a slimey pack of hopeless liberal lefties, with interests other than justice at heart. Söderberg, yet another ferocious vulture with a law degree, is clearly out for his own best interest, not societal justice. Let's take our country back in 2010! Use your heads. Defeat the liberal left!
13:49 November 5, 2009 by calebian22
It is interesting that Petterson gets named in this article, but not the 26 year old who was committing the original assault.
14:15 November 5, 2009 by Scepticion

given that the police don't have a stellar record (http://www.thelocal.se/15412/20081103/, http://www.thelocal.se/22936/20091028/), isn't the only solution to take matters into one's own hand?

The sentences should be inverted.
14:22 November 5, 2009 by Tangobit
If the attacker was not armed...the rescuers deadly blow on his head was aggravated apparantly....
14:32 November 5, 2009 by Beynch
@Tangobit. The blow to the attackers head was obviously not deadly. Unfortunately the attacker continues to be a useless leach on society. You have to come up with something better than that.

@calebian22. The reason the attacker's name is not stated, may very well be another example of our warped PC edicts. Perhaps the attacker's name was "foreign" sounding, in which case its publication would have immediately resulted in this lefty DO coming knocking on someone's door. It would have been discriminaaaaaaation! Crush the left in 2010!
14:57 November 5, 2009 by Osokin
Agree with Tangobit , excess force is the reason for the sentence surely, would had been the same if a cop would had done the arrest in that way, people should know the law better before jumping the gun.
15:15 November 5, 2009 by izbz
Good samaritan goes to jail, sick counselor taking pictures of naked kids goes free. Next time I walk the street of Stockholm I will not raise a finger to help anyone in need of help. Just close one eye and walk past..... What F#¤%# justice system is that?
15:58 November 5, 2009 by nneville
This sickens me. A man defends a woman in a "stranglehold", not holding her hand gingerly´, and gets more time and penalties than the true criminal. I don't care if he cracked his skull or not. It was right for him to respond in her behalf and his own self defense - and with force. No, I'm not saying he has the right to nearly kill the gut, but Swedish people need to have an awareness that keeping a couple of cans of whup ass around is sometimes healthy.

This is yet another joke of an existing justice system. You have no right to defend yourself and no right to use force to help someone in a "stranglehold". I hate knowing that I can not defend my fellow mankind, how about you?

How can we exoect this man to live with himslef and sleep at night knowing that this woman could have been raped or murdered without him stepping up like a normal person should to help. This is what makes Swedish people cowards, laws that prosecute ANY form of physical force. Geography should not dictate saving a person in distress.

I'm just sickend by this. What if were a child being harmed?
16:12 November 5, 2009 by Nemesis
Two years ago, a guy tried to rape me, but I fought him of. He fractured my leg in the attack.

It was far from a light altercation. The guy went at me as hard as he could, but took a lot of damage in the process, to the point he could no longer sustain the attack. Both he and I could barely get up from the ground. He fell after he stood up.

This was literally 15 metres from the front door of the local police station at 1am. That is how I found out that a lot of local police station close's at 3pm in the evening.

The police sent me a letter two months later stating there was no evidence that ANYTHING happened.

I have since found out that the guy who attacked me, some of the local police go skydiving with him, as does a local prosecutor.

Since finding that out, no police officer from Sweden is welcome in my company. I treat there presence as a real and present dangerous threat to rape me.

If anyone is ever suicidal enough to attack me again in Sweden, they had better kill me for there own and there families sake.

There is no law an order in Sweden. The police need to be fired, deported, stripped of citizenship and a new force hired.

They also need non political aligned judges and prosecutors. I have met to many of them at wine and cheese events after business and academic meetings to accept them as non biased.

I love living in Sweden.

I love the Swedish people.

I have more real friends in Sweden than in Ireland or Scotland.

The Swedish people are let down and made a mockery of by there politicans, police, lawyers, procecutors, judges, political commentators, far right and far left. That is who the real problem in Sweden is, not immigrants, unemployed or anyone else. It is those groups I have named.
16:19 November 5, 2009 by Beynch
The whole thing is proof positive that if you're looking for any semblance of justice, you mete it out yourself! Arm yourselves! The Swedish system of justice is as warped as a three dollar bill, and will not protect the innocent or convict the guilty. The judiciary in Sweden is playing dangerous games with peoples' lives, as it scrapes the bottom of the liberal barrel! To hell with pathetic, besserwisser, jurists. Take back your country in 2010. Obliterate the Left.
16:20 November 5, 2009 by DAVID T
I wonder why Gärd Forsgren was being attacked in the first place - sounds like she's to blame for the whole incident. Lock her up - hangings to good for her sort.
16:34 November 5, 2009 by Rick Methven

Whatever indignation you may feel about this. You must not call for people to "Arm yourseleves". Not only is it incitement to violence, it takes away any moral high ground you may have had.
16:43 November 5, 2009 by Beynch
@Rick Methven; Well then, for Christ's sake, replace these pathetic low-lives with law degrees, and quick. Until then I will remain armed. This has gone too far. Not a day goes by without seeing some legal atrocity, such as this. Our esteemed politicians need to be taught a lesson! Vote the whole orwellian cabal out of office in 2010, and replace them with people who look out for us, not their own self-serving, knowitall, interests!
17:25 November 5, 2009 by Nemesis
I understand people wanting to arm themselves in Sweden or other countries for that matter.

Most of my friends in Sweden live in country areas, not cities. All of them have discussed at various points law and order and safety at home. There is fear in there discussion in the last ten years and particularly the last five.

I have a short celtic style sword made in modern stainless steel at home which is razor sharp and perfect for close quarter killing. One stab from that anywhere on the torso, neck or legs and someone is never getting up again.

Anyone breaking into my apartment with me in it, is going to die.

As I made clear in my previous post, I know there is no law and order in Sweden and reserve the right to retaliate with completely overwhelming and unnecessary force against any attacker.

As a woman on my own, I know what it is like to live in fear after being attacked.

I don't care about any moral high ground. Anyone wants to rape me, I have the right to kill him and attack his family. They bred him and supported him, they can suffer for him.

No one will rape me and not suffer very extreme consequences for them and there family.

Anyone defending anyone in any capacity, who would rape me, I would treat as a rapist.
18:55 November 5, 2009 by mkvgtired
"After a decision by the Swedish Supreme Court (Högsta domstolen) to reject his application for a re-trial".

The above statement really amazes me. All of these "CRAZY" sentences we hear about throughout the world are usually overturned by a higher court. This is obviously less publicized because it doesnt have the shock value. Considering this is a fundamental question regarding human rights i am SHOCKED the supreme court denied this claim (is one able to use potentially deadly force to prevent the use of potentially deadly force on another individual). The good Samaritan was FINED $7000 on top of it, UNBELIEVABLE!!

I am not trying to push US policy on anyone, but after many lawsuits in multiple states, many state statutes specifically give your the right to use force to defend the life of another person, AND make it illegal to sue that person for using such force. Maybe it is time for Sweden to do the same thing (after the Liberals are out of office of course). My uncle shot someone who broke into his house in California. He didn't have to deal with any of this crap. Cops and paramedics came and that was that.
19:32 November 5, 2009 by nevon
I don't think the court had any problem with the guy pulling the attacker out of the car and hitting him on the shoulder with the jack. They sentenced him for hitting the guy over the head and fracturing his skull after he was out of the car. And given that the guy knew the attack before and that they had had a dispute, it's pretty understandable why the judge might have decided that the second blow was less "I'm-afraid-for-my-life-and-the-life-of-this-poor-old-woman" and more "And-this-is-for-last-time-you-bastard", or otherwise excessive. Plus you have to be pretty precise and hit pretty hard to fracture someones skull using a regular blackjack, and the judge probably decided it was unwarranted in this case.

This does look like a "slimy criminal slithers out of the legal system with slippery lawyer while good guy gets the book for doing the right thing" movie scenario, but there's probably more to it than what the Local can sift into a small article or what anyone here thinks, given the trial took like 3 years.

Also Beynch, stop trolling around every articles comments section trying to covertly get people to vote for the Sweden Democrats. You're not as cunning as you think; in fact you're quite transparently violent, racist and American. This isn't Alabama. You're not allowed to tote guns. Go arm yourself somewhere else.
21:00 November 5, 2009 by mkvgtired
Actually you are allowed to "tote guns" in 48 out of the 50 states (even your beloved New York and California, OH the humanity!). The vast majority of people, however, chose not to. In most states you would be legally justified in using lethal force to stop someone from strangling an ELDERLY woman. I find it hard to believe anyone can argue in defense of someone strangling a helpless elderly woman. Although I guess that is why the hero gets to spend a year of his life in jail and has to pay a $7000 fine. Isnt that roughly what would have happened to the criminal if he killed her? Have you ever looked into becoming a judge? I think it would be a good fit.
21:04 November 5, 2009 by insect

I dont see why you feel it necessary to turn this into another blame it on the immigrants story. They never mention the names whether the crime was committed by a foreigner or a swede. The saying goes, "empty cans make the most noise" and we know which cans are empty on this forum.
21:32 November 5, 2009 by Bumblebeetuna
Self defence is a political statement. It's not asking for violence. I will do the same to help an old laddy. I'd do the same for a leftist or a righty.

How many want to bet that the órigninal attacker was not Swedish. haha. Statistically speaking, chances are he wasn't.
22:11 November 5, 2009 by believe
I hope that if I was ever being attacked, there would be a Per-Anders Pettersson somewhere out there to help me! They don't give the name of the attacker. I think should run another update to this story and give his name, and whether he has a criminal record. Why should he be protected? I also think that if I were Gard Fogren I would take that 8,000 kronor and pay part of Pettersson's compensation. I would also take up a fund to help pay that on his behalf! I will bet that Pettersson never had a criminal record....until now. This will have more than one year of consequences for him. i hope his job will still be there waiting for him and his family and friends continue to support him. I don't know if you vote the Svea Court of Appeals Judges or not? If you do....I'd be making damn sure I didn't vote them in again!
22:19 November 5, 2009 by Texrusso
Well, the law is very funny. The story says he hit him a second time on the head and broke his skull. That is attempted murder. So the 1 year jail sentence is fine. If he was not rescueing the lady he would have got 4 years for it. I think the Judges have tried to find a balance, a kind of win/Win situation. Instead of giving him 4 years, they have out into consideration his motive for the attack, to rescue a woman in need of help. It is a difficult decission for the judges to make. They certainly can't let him go just like that. So, I think that 1 year instead of 4 years for attempted murder is balance of justice.
22:23 November 5, 2009 by tonycobh
Sweden is now in Mad Max territory. Beyond belief. No wonder the country proudly tops the European Rape Championship
22:32 November 5, 2009 by mkvgtired
"Pettersson who at first screamed at the attacker and then hit him on the shoulder with the jack that he was carrying, according to Mora District Court documents.

Pettersson then hit the man a second time on the head with jack, causing the 26-year-old to sustain a fractured skull."

So he tried yelling at the attacker to scare him away, then he hit him on the shoulder, THEN he hit him on the head. HOW is this "attempted murder" by the loosest definition of the term? Even if that low life scum (elderly woman strangler) did die, he was given ample opportunities to stop strangling this woman and leave. I can not believe anyone thinks this is ok. Dont expect anyone to help you or your family members if they are ever being beaten, robbed, or raped. No one will want to go to jail for doing the right thing.
23:26 November 5, 2009 by jack sprat
Another typical example of how a sick socialist society has moved into self-destruct mode.
01:32 November 6, 2009 by believe

"They certaninly can't let him go just like that?" Why not? I'm with mkvgtired. Play out the scenario in your mind. Bad guy strangles woman. Pettersson first screamed at attacker. No result. Second, hit him with jack on shoulder. Attacker obviously isn't giving up-still attacking Forsberg. and third: Pettersson has to make a decision either walk away and allow attacker to continue...or hit the attacker again. Second blow to his head obviously got his attention. Courts conclude that there was no indications man inteded to attack Pettersson once outside Forsberg's car? No- surely the attacker would shake Pettersson's hand after Pettersson hit on the shoulder-please! Make no mistake, the attacker would have gone after Pettersson next. Punishing someone for going to another's aide is just wrong. You want someone to help you...but only to a certain extent? I see people walking away, helping no one!
07:19 November 6, 2009 by Gorki
Simple solution, but difficult to get passed with a leftist society.

If you break the law by committing a major offense, you at that point do not have any "rights".

Anything someone does to you to retaliate or discourage you from continuing

is legal. Simples.....
07:43 November 6, 2009 by Rick Methven
The whole thing revolves around the question of what is considered " Reasonable force".

The law permits the use of 'Reasonable force' to protect yourself or your property against an attacker.

Whereas the first blow was considered 'reasonable' action in defence of the person being attacked, the second blow was not, especially as there was a history of antagonism between the two.

While I agree that penalty suffered by Pettersson is harsh, compared to that suffered by the attacker, The court has to work within the law. Sweden, unlike the US or UK has a codified law, this means that the court has less leeway than they would have under a case law system such as the UK. However similar outcomes have occurred in the UK with people being sent to prison for acting in 'Self Defence'

There needs to be a law that stipulates what is and what is not 'Self defence' , without such a law, vigilantism would happen, with people attacking people just because they didn't like them or their views.

Application of the law may seem a bit off in some cases, but live with it because the alternative is anarchy.
10:51 November 6, 2009 by FirstCrusade
Rick Methven- why is it one or the other? Why are you trying to force people to pick between a nanny state or anarchy?

I live in a state where I can kill a car-jacker or a burglar/home-invader, and there are no running gun battles in the streets. We don't have thousands dying each day. There is no anarchy here...

Some states allow lethal force to defend property (such as vehicles, livestock, etc)...

Other states forbid lethal force even in cases of rape, arson, assault, robbery, home invasion, etc.

Some states require that you try to retreat from your own home (fortunately mine is not amongst those states)...

If you invade a man's home in this state, expect to get blasted. The same goes for trying to car-jack a motorist in this state. Out of about 11 million people, approximately 175,000 are licensed to carry concealed pistols. Always be polite and never consider trying to steal or rob because you never know who you might be trying to rob!
11:21 November 6, 2009 by Rick Methven
Thank God I do not live in your state
11:29 November 6, 2009 by FirstCrusade
Are you afraid that you might wind up on the receiving end of gunfire when you break down somebody's door at night? Are you a criminal who fears armed citizens?

Or are you worried that you might be exposed as a weakling when you refuse to defend your family and yourself against attackers?

It is easy to live in Sweden and use the excuse of, "we're not allowed to defend ourselves!" to hide behind the fact that you wouldn't defend yourself or your neighbors even if you were allowed to do so!

Only criminals and weaklings have to worry about armed citizens!

Those who are unwilling to defend themselves and their kin are not fit to live and often only survive because of a society that sustains their miserable existence.
11:51 November 6, 2009 by Rick Methven
listen to yo mama "go wash yo mouth with soap" but then I don't suppose you have ever seen any
11:55 November 6, 2009 by FirstCrusade
Do you have anything of substantive value to add to the discussion or is it all going to be cheap one-liners and nonsensical rubbish from you?
11:59 November 6, 2009 by Rick Methven
The best way to treat white trash like you is with scorn
12:07 November 6, 2009 by FirstCrusade
Rick Methven, are you a dual citizen? What was your name before you changed it to blend in better in Sweden?
13:41 November 6, 2009 by Swedish Angst
Disgusting story.

14:12 November 6, 2009 by Rick Methven
I am another immigrant to Sweden and am still proud to call myself Scotish.

The dual citzenship comes in the form of a Swedish wife and son.

Just an idea, I assume you did not vote for Barak Hussein Abama?
14:18 November 6, 2009 by Twiceshy
The problem with society is that we believe everyone is innocent. The fact is, EVERYONE IS GUILTY.

You have all committed a crime sometime in life. Whether it's jaywalking, littering or even crimethought, you are all guilty of something.

Society must be ruled by firm, unbending law. The police must become mindless executioners, their only passion to destroy lawbreakers and restore the purity of the Great Hammer.

"He who works in disorder gives home to Chaos.

Let him be struck with Iron to forge away his flaws."

-From the sermons of the Ssverss, Priest of Order.
15:10 November 6, 2009 by Miguel526
This story is emblematic of the Shame of Sweden. The very fact that thousands of Swedes are not demonstrating and attacking the liberal judges and pc-bound liberal governmental jelly-bellies who are wrecking Sweden's honor is indicative that the Swedes are no longer deserving of what little freedom is left to them.

The enemy is NOT this 26-year-old low life pig who the pc twits won't identify (for fear of bothering their weak-kneed college professors). The enemy is the liberal bas__rds who make Sweden's laws and the gutless cowards who allow these laws to stand, most definitely including the fake news organizations who also refuse to really tell the story.

Once Sweden was respected. Now Sweden is not respected. As a California teacher, whose college comrades have wrecked our economy and culture, this story illustrates the cliff over which the gutless American liberals are trying to lead America.

The REAL enemy is the average Swedish citizen who voted in these fools on parade as their leaders.
15:29 November 6, 2009 by vladd777
Sad as I am that 'our hero' has to do time, I can't help thinking that he went just a little bit overboard. Of course I wasn't there so I may be wrong but at the end of the day I'm proud that he did the chivalrous thing. Long live Per-Anders Pettersson!
16:31 November 6, 2009 by believe
So the next story you read is that several are let go for raping a girl because she was not helpless enough? I am confused? Mostly...that's just sad to me. I hope there are more Per-Anders Pettersson's in the world than people who commit crimes and get off because of crazy court rulings! How helpless does a rape victim need to be? Or an elderly woman? Who are the real victims here? What happened to if you commit a crime....you do the time?

@Nemesis....the rape story must open a wound for you. I am sorry. I just don't get it? How do these people get off? I just wanted to say how sorry I was to read your story. You are brave to tell your story. I believe your attacker took much more from you....he took your trust. I'm glad you are strong! I hope someone who makes these laws will wake up to how insane they are sounding, and changes them.
16:35 November 6, 2009 by mkvgtired
So the first blow is "reasonable force". That did not work so he should have just turned around and given up. He could have said, "Sorry lady, I tried to keep you from getting strangled to death over your Ford Focus, but I'm probably already going to get sued for bruising this guys shoulder (but maybe only a $3000 fine)". [turns around and leaves]. So if I read you right "reasonable force" is defined as "less force than your attacker is using".

Why are you a car-jacker or a burglar/home-invader? From the post these seem like the people that should be concerned.
16:55 November 6, 2009 by believe
I agree mkvgtired.

If you are going to come to someone's aide, then you are going to do what you can to stop the attack. Who goes into an altercation saying to themselves, "I can only hit the guy once, that's reasonable." Like I said, make no mistake. The attacker would have gone after Pettersson next. I wouldn't want someone to come to my aide and then say, "Well I tried. Hope the next guy gives him a harder blow that might save you as I can only hit the guy once."
17:29 November 6, 2009 by mkvgtired
Or perhaps everyone can be assigned a lawyer to follow them around 24/7 and make judgment calls like this for them. Then if there is a dispute the attacker's lawyer and the good Samaritan's lawyer could settle it on the spot through deliberations. This would be at the Swedish taxpayers expense of course.
18:55 November 6, 2009 by Thompsuleme
Living in sweden is teaching me that the only real justice is personal justice, If someone darres hrras me, my partner or anyone I am close to


F!!K THE POLICE, I am sick of it, Criminals like rapist and child molesters get months for crimes they would be hanged,
22:09 November 6, 2009 by BWake
"When seconds count, the police are only minutes away!"
22:10 November 6, 2009 by Rebel
Teens who murder a girl practically get an extended detention but a guy who tries to help another person gets real jail time.

I swear that HG Wells patterned the livestock of the Morlocks in Time Machine after the Swedes.
18:34 November 7, 2009 by izbz
Sorry to hear bad things happen to you, Nemesis, like you I am staying in Sweden. Don't trust the justice system., either they are too jävla lenient with most cases or lack of evidences. Lack of evidence, what are the f#¤%¤# cops doing about it? Why not look for more evidence instead of dismissing any cases?

I pay taxes to support these people and I am disappointed. All I say Sweden is a criminal's heaven. Lenient sentences and jail are like hotels compare to alot of countries.

Me, I am not scare of anything or anybody.....I can only advice those who want to give me problems: 'Don't trouble trouble if you don't want trouble to trouble you' Don't believe in deadly weapons, all I have is my set of keys, lighter and my comb. If you know how to use anyone of them that will be enough
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12 September

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"Regular readers of this blog know I’ve written about the Russia-Ukraine crisis here. Today I’ve chosen to share an article by the UK Minister for Europe, David Lidington, with my readers: This week the European Union imposed further sanctions on Russia. This decision followed months of destabilisation of Ukraine by Russia, and months of political..." READ »


12 September

Editor’s blog (The Local Sweden) »

"Hi readers, With the Swedish election just days away, we’ve spent the week bringing you the latest headlines from the final stages of the campaign. Polls suggest that the gap between the ruling Alliance parties and the Social Democrat-led opposition is narrowing, but the result is far from certain. We’ve put together a list of five possible..." READ »

People-watching: September 13th
Five possible election outcomes
Sweden elections: How do they work?
Sweden elections: Who's who?
What's on in Sweden
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Find out what gives this Swedish school executive appeal
Property of the week - Hornstull, Stockholm
Five differences between the UK and Sweden
Welshman Jonny Luck is now a chef in Sweden
How I opened my own restaurant in Sweden's Malmö
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Stockholm tech fest: relive the magic
People-watching September 8th
Photo: TT
Feminists fight for first seats
Immigration cut push from Sweden Democrats
Sheryl Sandberg says women have "low expectations"
Facebook exec talks women's limits in Swedish business
Left Party calls for justice and equality
Green Party wants 'better world' for kids
The five best Swedish songs of the month
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Introducing… Insurance in Stockholm
Huge clear up underway after Skåne floods
Sweden's Alliance reveals full manifesto
Sweden's highest peak to lose title next year
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Graduates: Insure your income in Sweden with AEA
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Introducing...Your finances in Stockholm
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Introducing...Housing in Stockholm
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