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Sly princess leaves paparazzi pictureless

Published: 25 Apr 2010 11:02 GMT+02:00
Updated: 25 Apr 2010 11:02 GMT+02:00

Calls from the palace to leave the Princess in peace as she adjusts to life without her erstwhile fiancé fell on deaf ears as Scandinavian news teams were joined at Newark Airport by international paparazzi photographers.

But the Princess succeeded in leaving the airport undetected by reporters and photographers after the well-documented turbulence in her relationship with Jonas Bergström culminated in Saturday's announcement that the couple had chosen to go their separate ways.

Having spent extended periods of her adult life in the city, the Princess can expect assistance from her New York-based friends in shielding her from the intense media glare.

Swedish tabloids Expressen and Aftonbladet, and their Norwegian counterparts Dagbladet and Verdens Gang, had three teams of reporters each at the airport, reports TT, which was also on site at Newark. Photographers from the Associated Press, celebrity image agency Splash and French agency Sipa also attempted to secure snaps of the unfolding royal drama.

"You can just imagine what it's going to look like outside the Childhood Foundation on Monday," one photographer told TT.

Princess Madeleine's engagement book keeps her in the United States until May 9th, with a lengthy spell at the World Childhood Foundation, an organization founded by her mother Queen Silvia, to be followed by a shorter visit to 'Sweden Week' in Seattle from May 6th.

Paul O'Mahony (paul.omahony@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

11:51 April 25, 2010 by Pacey
Madeleine I will be coming there for Sweden Week.

Hope to meet u if u read this!!!
14:38 April 25, 2010 by zircon
Newark?! This is a joke, right?
18:26 April 25, 2010 by xykat
New York is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and America is always protective of royals going through difficulties. When princess Diana was going through her divorce her friends in New York were already making plans for her to come over. She will be fine and Americans will take care of her!

I think her arrogant boyfriend probably thought he was above it all and would not get caught. Madeline is such a beautiful girl its hard to believe a man would cheat on her but I guess it happens whether you are the most beautiful women in the world or not. I think its better that she finds this out now before they get married then after. She will find someone better I am sure. Someone who will treat her like she is the center of the world.

I wish her luck, getting away from Sweden and the Swedish press will be really good for her and we will welcome her with open arms in the USA. No worries.
20:14 April 25, 2010 by NickM
I wish the Swedish public would pay for me to go to New York everytime my heart is broken.
20:26 April 25, 2010 by Purisai
So I guess all those commenters with racist comments about that Norwegian chick have shut up for good. She wasn't really just trying to get her 15 min of fame and was genuinely trying to be a good neighbor and an honest girl trying to save another girl's future. Poor girl went through a ton of humiliation. I feel sad for her and am proud of her integrity for risking it all like that.

AND no, I am NOT Norwegian!! - in case some of you want to suggest that my sympathy has any vested interest. I am just saying it like I see it.

20:39 April 25, 2010 by Clariefinch
now we need to introduce her to Prince William and get the two of them together so he gets rid of that lowlife he has for a gf right now
00:20 April 26, 2010 by zircon
Prince William hey... Not a bad idea. It is unashamed match making, but why not. That is of course also if he can handle the temperament; Swedish, German, Brasilian and a wounded female on top of it.
09:29 April 26, 2010 by shani
Great what she did giving him a good lesson. thats what men like him deserves.
10:01 April 26, 2010 by sebwojo
surely all men a chits except me.lol
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