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Anton, 18, to be youngest ever Swedish MP
Anton Abele meets Crown Princess Victoria in Stockholm City Hall in 2008

Anton, 18, to be youngest ever Swedish MP

Published: 14 Oct 2010 14:15 GMT+02:00
Updated: 14 Oct 2010 14:15 GMT+02:00

18-year-old Anton Amadé Abele is set to become the youngest ever member of the Swedish parliament after Moderate party colleague Anna König Jerlmyr was named as the new Stockholm deputy mayor.

Abele, who was fifteenth on the Moderate party list in the September 19th general election, burst to nationwide fame in 2007 as the organiser of an anti-street violence demo after the death of Riccardo Campogiani.

Anton Abele said on Thursday afternoon that he had not yet received confirmation from the party, but is expecting to. He expressed his enormous gratitude for the support that he has received, and described the chance to enter the Riksdag as an "honour".

"This is a new period for me, and when I first entered politics it was a way to continue working with my commitment in connection against, among other things, street violence and violence in our society."

Anton Abele said however that he is also interested in other areas of politics and that he is optimistic of the opportunities to make an impact on society.

"My goal is to be able to have as much effect as possible and I believe that you can."

Abele will become the youngest ever member of Sweden's parliament, the Riksdag, a fact that he argues indicates the continued process of renewal within his party, taking the chance to criticise the Social Democrats.

"It is interesting that the Moderates have managed to take in so many young people. One can see that there is a renewal within certain parties but I understand that the Social Democrats have a problem there."

"They have a great number of older people and it is perhaps because the politics do not suit young people. It is difficult to stand for something that you don't personally agree with," he said.

Stockholm mayor, Sten Nordin, on Thursday named Anna König Jerlmyr, alongside party colleague Regina Kevius and Per Akersjö of the Centre Party, as three new deputies within his Stockholm municipal government.

Anna König Jerlmyr will head the municipality's social welfare and labour division, replacing Ulf Kristensson, who was named last week as the new social security minister.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

14:38 October 14, 2010 by calebian22
18? Good grief!
15:14 October 14, 2010 by Swedesmith
He looks like he is 12.
15:21 October 14, 2010 by Great Scott
And at 18 he is fully experienced in what goes on in the world. He knows all about the economy, education and health. What worries me is why other politicians don't know half as much?
15:23 October 14, 2010 by timer
I just loved his courage to see nation's problem at his age. Its really worth-mentioning and inspiring.. :)
15:30 October 14, 2010 by pantheratigris
MP at 18? lol You can discuss laws but you can't buy your own alcohol! :P
16:20 October 14, 2010 by fridayz
well said Great Scott! Good luck to Anton!
16:32 October 14, 2010 by gotyboy
Never use a small wooden butter knife in a gun fight.
16:34 October 14, 2010 by Carl T
@#5: You could say similar things about other age limits, though, such as for piloting an airplane or becoming an OAP. Heck, you could turn the whole thing on its head and note that not a single MP is eligible for preschool. :-)
16:36 October 14, 2010 by calebian22
As the saying goes, "hire a teenager while they still know everything."
16:40 October 14, 2010 by janswed
I could not be more PROUD, the best of luck!!
16:41 October 14, 2010 by gotyboy
Yo Carl (or do you prefer Mr.T)

There is abit of a difference between steering a plane, and helping steer a nation wouldn't you agree?
17:08 October 14, 2010 by samwise
Rush Limbaugh: people think history began the day they were born.

On the other hand, William Pitt the Younger was 24 when he became the prime minister of the great britain. He is a certified genius though, he doesn't do community organizing or activism.
17:33 October 14, 2010 by bolababu
hmm, not long before he begins to appear on newspapers everyday with one teenage scandal or the other.
18:01 October 14, 2010 by opokuwilliams
Wao!!!!. This is wonderful and interesting. This is a bold step. I believe that he has a special vision for Sweden in the next generation. I could see him to be a potential candidate to be a prime minister in this country and a top figure in the EU as a whole in the future if he maintains this bold step he has taken now, disciplined life style and remains focus in politics. I also reccommend that he upgrades himself by enrolling in a political science degree programme at the university if he hasn´t started yet. It´s a challenge for the youth of Sweden, Scandinavia and EU as a whole. The change of the president of the United States, President Obama has now come to Sweden. Congratulation Anton Amadé Abele in advance!!
18:24 October 14, 2010 by mehdiking
Wow .... Swedish are really intelligent from their younger age ..... :P
18:27 October 14, 2010 by Keith #5083
Experience. That's a word that generally means 'repeating the same mistakes out of stubbornness, arrogance or pride" and attempting to prove you could not possibly have got it wrong the first time.

A healthy dose of youthful energy and idealism is always useful.

A marvelous development for democracy.

Good Luck, Anron.
18:43 October 14, 2010 by RSP
Read the "Declaration of Independence" weekly to remind yourself of the purpose of government.

Realize that to govern best is to govern least.

Use your position to retard the growth of government. For as government grows, liberty and prosperity shrink.
20:17 October 14, 2010 by GefleFrequentFlyer
Warp em while they're young!
23:12 October 14, 2010 by wxman
Regardless of his politics, this is just dumb. No matter how intelligent he may be, what the hell does he know about anything at his age?
23:16 October 14, 2010 by Emmaboda
Good on you kid. You deserve it. After all, the future lies in our younger generations. Good Luck, go in there ( riksdag ) and give it to them.
23:18 October 14, 2010 by asian369
He should study rather than politics.
00:30 October 15, 2010 by Sam1
so what i expect 15 years old boys n girls to be more resposible n even by that age get to finish PHD
00:55 October 15, 2010 by krattan
Seems to be a lot of "ageism" against this MP here and on other forums. I think it's desirable for the parliament to represent the people also in composition. Knowledge older MPS can only reach with research this MP has by years of experience, namely his generations perspective of the world.
03:19 October 15, 2010 by Jarvilainennen
H*-ämm, why am I not impressed? (I´m looking like David Attenborough.) ;I

H* -I do wish Anton all the best.

H* - maybe, just maybe (I´m squinting now) this boy will become something.

H* (I am stroking my chin now, thoughtfully) -I´ve seen a few of "wonder kids" in politics and well...ämm.

08:50 October 15, 2010 by mehdiking
@Pacey .... Well , i am not muslim ..... The extremist Muslims not only doing suicide bombing but also increasing population ...... I am with humnity .... So i was thinking send these extremist to Antractica instead of killing population will decrease and also peaceful country like sweden..... Same think like british did with criminals send them to Australia .... :P What do u say
09:09 October 15, 2010 by Puffin
Good for him

Parliament should not just be a daycare for the over 55s
11:15 October 15, 2010 by Audrian
Neuroscientists tell us about 50% of the brain is not fully wired at birth and that wiring of the brain does not finish before we are 25 years old. In other words the human brain is not yet fully formed by 18 or 24. During the process there are hormonal changes that help building up the brain whose side effects is to makes the young person volatile and unpredictable. That is why one sees young soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan behaving erratically from time to time.

I find it irresponsible dangerous to give such a young boy such a responsible job.
12:10 October 15, 2010 by politicallyincorrect
All the best to him. But now all it takes to be an MP is start a facebook group .. get few thousands and so ONE get together at kungsträdgården around some emotionally charged event....

This is a JOKE...
13:44 October 15, 2010 by SmartDad
Umm very very interesting, Is it really true that proven that this18 year old has what it takes to make informed and unbiased opinions?

Has he proven himself? I mean I am not saying that he is not the guy for the job; I just don't really understand the thought process, of handing such an degree of responsibility to someone who's biggest claim thus far is social media.

PLS tell me is there REALLY no-one with more experience in the whole of Sweden who could pursue this role?
14:40 October 15, 2010 by SaxSymbol73
Best quote

"It is interesting that the Moderates have managed to take in so many young people."

That's right--they've 'taken in' (suckered) a whole generation into believing a bunch of neo-liberal voodoo economics. These youngeters have forgotten the farms and famines that their forebears dealt with, and are instead only interested in getting rich and living like characters on American TV.

While the Social Democrats have many, many problems, at least their politics aren't based on a corrupt philosophy created by the propertied classes to maintain power over the economy.
19:51 October 15, 2010 by Keith #5083
#27 Audrian

Apparently some scientists also postulate that alcohol destroys brain cells. So how many has a 45 year old got left after 27 years of drinking?

Of course, I totally agree with you that there are absolutely, categorically, definitely no 45 year olds that behave...hmmm, what was your word...oh yeah...erratically.


You are joking, yes?

"I know many a wise child...and many an old fool" gg.
22:21 October 15, 2010 by wxman
Education does not equate to wisdom. Wisdom is only acquired through life experience. Period, no exceptions.
09:49 October 16, 2010 by Keith #5083

well, I guess your statement kills the discussion about Jesus wisely teaching the scriptures in the Temple at age 12, huh? I guess the young Dalai Lama is also to be considered 'unwise'.

re-run #"16
10:26 October 16, 2010 by Pacey
@ mehdiking: Well your english language skills are awesome I cant make out what you say!!

Anyways sending these morons to Antartica? Are you freakin crazy? A few bombs going off will increase the sea level thru melting the ice there?

I say we are better off keeping these retarded ppl where they belong? Are you a paki? I never asked u if u were a muslim?
23:44 October 16, 2010 by mehdiking
@pacey . I was born In Iran, Raised in Pakistan :P
00:05 October 17, 2010 by samwise
Keith #5083, Jesus is no average Joe, but he is not appointed as a priest at age 12. He ends up being a carpenter, and the Bible doesn't say he ever complains about that. And it depends on how you look at it, Jesus says "before Abraham was, I am". On that regard, he have lots lots of experience. Dalai lama is the reincarnation of the previous lama I think, not sure how would you count the experience, could be lots too.

By the way, Jesus is the only begotten son of God, you don't have whole lot of that in this world.

Most people don't let financially dependent 18 year old run their house. But I don't think they care as much when it comes to running a public office. 99.999% of the time, he is messing up with other people's money after all.
09:03 October 17, 2010 by Pacey
@mehdiking: With those language skills I could guess you were a paki!

How many pakis are 18 and MP's except the ones who are children of politicians?

And why do you name yourself king? Are you the long lost royal in Pak/Iran who was deposed(check what it means)?
11:01 October 17, 2010 by mehdiking
@pacey .... Hmmm You are From England or Sweden ..... Well, No MP's age of 18 ..... Big problem with corrupt politican ... I use to write King at the end I like it does not mean royal family. I do not know what do you mean by royal in Pak/Iran deposed means.
12:03 October 17, 2010 by Keith #5083

So you mean as long as Anton says he's a son of God then it'll be ok with you?

No average Joe? A Carpenter? This comment has just increased snikkeri costs in Sweden.

When it comes to running a public office....I see no reason why older people should have the exclusive right to be corrupt, cheat, lie or otherwise scandalise the dignity of the office. Give youth a chance, is what I say!!!

From his actions to date, this man appears to have quite a 'social conscience' - can any of the contributors here claim to have organised public protests against violence as this man did?
12:43 October 17, 2010 by Pacey
@ mehdi: you should know your country's history or take a history lesson from me. I am from the US. Have had enough with pakis not knowing how to write or speak english!! The only thing they are good at is terrorism and cheating and robbing people.
16:11 October 17, 2010 by samwise
Keith #5083, claiming to be son of God alone will not satisfy me, I have to verify as much as I can. But the point is, the examples you gave don't necessarily support the idea that young people without extensive life experience are often wiser than older ones, I think the opposite is much more likely to be true. I'm not surprised if there are a lot of people are concerned about having an 18 year old congressman.

I don't think the primary reason that some politicians are corrupt is their age, it's not an issue of the old vs. the young.

I'm not specifically against this particular 18 year old, I don't know much about him. I never organized any protest in my life.

I won't trust a guy to do my knee surgery simply because his heart is right, he has a social conscience.

Things can be worse. I've seen people make things worse in the name of making things better, thanks to some of my unpleasant experience. They are not necessarily bad people.
17:57 October 17, 2010 by mehdiking
@Pacey .... We really Need Change ..... Finish Terrorism , corrupt Leader ..... i got one example that is Sweden ..... I really like sweden ..... So prefer to make sweden ..... Maybe One Flag , One Monarchy , One culture of Sweden ..... If i talk about American I like Multiculture example NEW YORK :P ....... What do you say
19:13 October 17, 2010 by Pacey
@mehdiking: man now there goes the Swedish lifestyle. If pakis like you start living here they will change everything. Pls go back to your land and bring change rather than living in Sweden. What do you say?
19:47 October 17, 2010 by mehdiking
@Pacey .... Yes, You are right Bring Change by going back .... :P .... What do you Say ?
09:43 October 18, 2010 by Pacey
@mehdiking:well I say dont laugh do something! Go Back to improve your country rather than destroying the swedish heaven and take other pakis with you!
13:11 October 18, 2010 by mehdiking
@ Pacey ..... I met one American he was feeling boring in sweden maybe because of peaceful counry .... What do you think about sweden ..... If more american came to sweden it will become war zone , wreslting , boxing , People going to keep gun at home . arrogant , prostitution ..... Please leave Sweden and go back USA ... .keep sweden heaven :P ..... USA people and swedish people have different nature :P ....
07:39 October 19, 2010 by Pacey
@mehdiking: it is to escape you pakis n other immigrants I came to Sweden. You swarm over from everywhere. Pls leave us whites alone!!
10:12 October 19, 2010 by mehdiking
@pacey ..... I am really sorry what i said in last comment forgive me :P ......
19:07 October 19, 2010 by Pacey
I dont forgive nor do I forget. U will have to answer for that and I will make sure you are never granted citizenship of sweden!! RIP mehdiking!
19:33 October 19, 2010 by mehdiking
@Pacey .... What about we drink some American Wine and forgot :P ..... Or Some swedish food :P
19:39 October 20, 2010 by Pacey
@mehdiking: I dont want to to be blown to shreds!!

N in America we dont have a lot of wine I mean american wine? How about some Beer? Budweiser?
20:50 October 20, 2010 by mehdiking
hmmm ..... Ok ...... Give me a call or I call you where we can meet . My number is 0733992536
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