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Newlywed Swedish man kidnapped in Pakistan

Published: 11 Dec 2010 16:42 GMT+01:00
Updated: 11 Dec 2010 16:42 GMT+01:00

A Swedish businessman has been kidnapped in Pakistan after travelling to the country to get married, newspaper Expressen reported on its website on Saturday.

The 25-year-old disappeared after a walk in the city of Quetta on November 7th, the report said. One day later, the man's brother received a call from the kidnappers, who demanded a ransom for his release.

"He has now been sold to another criminal group. They are demanding a ransom of 5 million rupees (401,840 kronor, $58,205)," local police chief Ahmed Abidnotkhani told Expressen on Saturday.

Sweden's foreign ministry has confirmed to news agency TT that a Swede has been kidnapped in Pakistan and that the Swedish embassy in Islamabad is in contact with local authorities.

Last Thursday, Swedish Ambassador to Pakistan Ulrika Sundberg met with Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik, the report said, adding that the foreign ministry declined to comment on what was said at the meeting.

"We are in contact with local authorities," Sara Brandt-Hansen of the foreign ministry's press service told Expressen on Saturday.

Attempts by the foreign ministry to free the man so far have been unsuccessful, the report said.

Quetta is the capital of Balochistan, Pakistan's largest province. It is close to the Afghanistan border and a known al-Qaeda stronghold and haven for the terrorist organisation's leaders. Several UN employees and journalists have been kidnapped or killed in the city.

It is also only 60 kilometres south of the epicentre of a magnitude 6.4 earthquake that took place in 2008.

TT/The Local/vt (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

17:24 December 11, 2010 by G_man469
I wish to release him that he is only businessman he went to get married only

plz release that its sad story and iwish to get his free dom
17:36 December 11, 2010 by VicTaulic
Here we go again. Is he REALLY a Swede?
18:09 December 11, 2010 by Frobobbles
Why would a swede go to pakistan to get married?
18:48 December 11, 2010 by ilockitdown
why would he go to that specific area, his fault, he put himself in danger
19:26 December 11, 2010 by junaid iqbal
Migration must read this new !!!!!!! Migration board says there is no problem in Pakistan. This is common in Pakistan. Kidnapping, killing, terrorism is common in that country. This days Pakistan is target of terrorists. According the news, those countries which are target of terrorism Pakistan is on second number this time. Somalia is on number one, Pakistan is number second and then Aghanistan and Iraq are on number third and fourth.

In 2007 Migarion board send back an asylum seeker to Pakistan. That man was killed after few days. After that migration board said that it was wrong discion to send him back to Pakistan.

This is nothing. Every day it happens in Pakistan. Robbering, killing, kidnnaping, bomblasts and mach more happen in Pakistan.

Why Migaration board says that every thing is ok and there is no problem in Pakistan?

I think the man who is kidnapped is not reall Swedish. He might be from Pakistan. Because scilence of Sweden tells he is not a Swedish. And thats why he is still in custody of kidnappers.

What you think am I right?
19:51 December 11, 2010 by Ravioli
I'd be interested to know the age of his wife.
20:08 December 11, 2010 by delage
most likely her cousins saw a way to make some money prior to the wedding
20:49 December 11, 2010 by mojofat
"You're kidding right ? Would you tell the woman you love "I'm sorry honey I'm not going to Pakistan to meet your parents and marry you there because that's a shitty country and I'm scared shitless"."

That's pretty much exactly what I would say.
21:15 December 11, 2010 by MarkinBoston
Quetta is a lawless zone. Is the risk worth 'meeting the parents'? It makes as much sense as swimming across a river full of crocodiles to get lunch. Of course you don't do it.
21:31 December 11, 2010 by Noni
One might think; he is being trapped into it.. May be that girl trapped him into her love and she was also a part of that team who kidnapped him..

But how the hell that dumb person fall in love to a girl who is living in the worse region of Pakistan where there is limited resources of internet and people are not familiar with the English language.. I would be surprised if that girl knows Swedish language or that Swedish person knows her language...

Fingers crossed
21:47 December 11, 2010 by Mehmood
very sad story, my sorrowful intentions are with the family, hope he will return back safe, sound and soon.

I am from Pakistan studying in Sweden from last two years.

First i want to clear Pakistan is not a shity place etc. as in above comments. i will not go in details, but right now in Pakistan some terrorist groups ( some of them from foreign countries ans some local Pakistani) due to Afghanistan situation and some of current super powers are highly active on Pakistan soil to achieve their black goals and to destroy Pakistan's image to the limit they can reach.

Can be possible that some slums have done this kidnapping job, that can be happened anywhere in globe or can be possible that some groups to acheive their goals ( that are involve in almost 90% criminal activities in PAK).

As a Pakistani i also think twice to go to Quetta( but other parts are quite secure) due to current situation this place like hot zone,,anybody from outside can easily traced out. ( so according to my opinion migration authorities should have fulfill their job in this case).

Almost one year ago two of my Swed friends want to go and visit Pakistan, but they haven't get visa due to security reasons even they tried three times, so i guess there is lack of information in news, guy must be a Pakistani Swed, if not then surely fault of hosting party, migration board and the guy himself ( if some body ask you to jump into fire you will not due to your own decision power).
23:07 December 11, 2010 by GLO
What else can you expect....
01:13 December 12, 2010 by chemist007
guys why u people are fighting n waisting ur time. the kidnapped guy ,im sure is not swedish national...n for those craps who are callind Pakistani a shitty place....remember one thing ...u give respect n take respect.....Pakistan is the only country who is fighting a war against terrorism....from 2004 -10 we have lost more than 40000 Pakistani....wt else u want ........remember one thing danger doesnt arise from the mountains of Pakistan.
02:00 December 12, 2010 by voice of Pakistan
the word "Newly" clearly shows that the man was not a Swedish guy originally, most probably he belonged to Pakistan.

I being Pakistani condemn this act of kidnapping and strongly wish that the guy get secured.


Talking about Pakistan, It is the biggest victim of terrorism in last 3 years, more than 200 suicide attacks were recorded ON people of Pakistan and thousands of Pakistani innocent people lost their lives, further more, the people of Pakistan are suffering through the largest natural disaster of this decade, the flood, millions of people lost their homes and thousands died. Every where people of Pakistan are suffering, and if some person say that its a "shitty country" and we are "shitty people" than i doubt the humanity of such person, This is such an non-human statement . I am proud to claim that people of Pakistan are the MOST passionate people among ALL the countries in the world. WE face disasters , we face terrorism, but still we are passionate enough that we do not give up and are trying our best to face these challenges, Mr. Petraflorin, you lost your mind just because of a kidnap, imagine only if a natural disaster occur to your country (May God do not do such) I am sure that you will commit a suicide then, be passionate dude and show respect to humanity, God bless u if u believe in Him, else will wish that u get well soon ,,
02:05 December 12, 2010 by GefleFrequentFlyer
LOL w/ VicTaulic!

No kidding! How are these stories even news? Do they think they can keep fooling the Swedish people? What a joke. Call a spade a spade.
02:23 December 12, 2010 by andrewsrocks
you reap what you sow.
02:49 December 12, 2010 by RubyRed
Your "Swede" is most definately a Pakistani and he's probably in on the whole game - lets screw the nice Swedish government out of a few Kronor to keep the family back home in chapatis for a few years and also pay for wedding, not to mention the honeymoon and a possibly a deposit on an apartment back in Sweden!

Now the "voice of Pakistan" hmmmm....You being a Pakistani probably dont live there and...why was it you left the land of milk and honey????

To Mehmood - when you finish your studies in Sweden will you be going back to your Utopia called Pakistan? Or will you be after a job in Sweden and residency??? I think we both know the answer to that..

I love the way Pakistanis jump on anyone that dares to speak the truth about the hell hole they come from, but its rather amusing when those that are doing the jumping couldnt wait to get of there...Also, as to your natural disaster...The whole world gave you more money than you've ever had so maybe your peasants will have toilets when they decide to start some construction! Fat chance though!
03:15 December 12, 2010 by theibmsstate2000
@RubyRed what you wanted to say basically
04:53 December 12, 2010 by voice of Pakistan

I will tell you why i left my land, first you ask the Swed guy who was kidnapped in Pakistan that, why he left his land of Milk and Honey??? And the world gave us money because we fight the war against terrorism to save the whole world from terrorists, if the world re-build each and every house in Pakistan, even then they cannot pay the price of the blood of our people died in this war. either come and fight against terrorism or keep your mouth shut, because you do not have enough water in you ba*lls to face terrorists.
08:23 December 12, 2010 by Mehmood
Comment: @ RubyRed

You have your opinion man, may be you have experienced some bad relation with any Pakistani( remember five fingers are not equal) ,, and after that you made a generalized a perception about Pakistan and Pakistani,, even though u haven't visit this land and if i am right u haven't familiar with this name about a decade ago. some time i also meet with some mean and stupid Swed,, that does not mean i start saying that Sweden is a shitty placeor hell hole, how u feel after this phrase.

By saying that a plot to screw the nice Swedish Government is meaning that Government is so innocent and generous that they will pay everything without investigation,,that will leads to that Government is so dump and in fact that is not,, so through this option off from table.

next you ask me about if i go back after studies or not, i am an engineer and i will get a residency after five years of my professional job,,,that is need of Sweden as well( have you read some recent survey about Sweden and their lack of interest in studies especially Mathematics) , and they will offer residency in return of my services to Sweden,,they are not loosing anything by offer me a permit. This is basic human instinct that he want to learn, explore and experience more,,that's way i am here, and after my studies i will work here( anywhere in west) few years due to lack of industry in Pak especially field i want to work but ultimately i want to go back and serve Pakistan.

And you said that Pak jump on everything against them,this is not right,,sitting here you don't know ground reality of Pak. you will make your opinion what u heard from media. People of Pak they jump because they are experienced worst situation in their history, and they lost too much to make this world safer( before 9/ 11 everything was OK in Pak) you can't even imagine.. still no body is willing to acknowledge them.

Then you mention about money gave to Pak for flood( consider worst disaster on glob in last 100 years),, I guess that money was less than 50% or less if you just consider reconstruction, and forget about agricultural and other destruction. But i don't think this must be the point of discussion becuase it was just natural disaster, can be happened anywhere anytime and all nations should have contribute according to United Nation charter.
09:44 December 12, 2010 by kixpk
I am a Pakistani, living here for more then 6 years Now,

I love pakistan and have lods of respect for SWEDEN. But Dear Pakistani friends.

we are represented by our Government, like every nation is.

so ask yourself a question, is your Government your true respresentative?? who selects them? who votes them?

10% - 100% Mr. zardari the president is not only ass hole but your whole country is full of ass holes like him. but you are such an emotional fool nation that who vote the dead bodies (Bhutto earlier and now Benazir). and this time you voted the killer and murdrers of benazir, who didn't even allowed investigation of her murder because they themselves are involved.

so if people tell you that foreign aid for natural disasters, ask your self in mirror. is the disaster aid spend on disaster (even 50%).

go to real pakistan (you lahoris, karachitis and islamabadians/iZlamabadians). your country is live hell on the planet. a corrupt country of corrupt people at all level (from clerk to president) , cheaters, and still in the name of islam. wowwwwwwwwww
10:49 December 12, 2010 by orndumma
Mehmood wrote

"First i want to clear Pakistan is not a shity place etc. as in above comments. i will not go in details, but right now in Pakistan some terrorist groups ( some of them from foreign countries ans some local Pakistani) due to Afghanistan situation and some of current super powers are highly active on Pakistan soil to achieve their black goals and to destroy Pakistan's image to the limit they can reach."

The problem is not other countries.... The problem is you pakistanis who blame other countries for your shitty situation.... Blaming west, Israel and India for your undoing. Wakeup and smell the coffee.... because if you dont there wont be pakistan in a couple of years.
11:07 December 12, 2010 by andrewsrocks
It's amazing how illiterate pakistani "students" are that not single statement is well written, spelling mistakes all around, and not to mention when they speak.....
11:38 December 12, 2010 by moreanon
The real story here is how the Local pretends that an incident between pakistanis has relevance for Sweden.
12:52 December 12, 2010 by BitterSweet
@ andrewrocks

you are a little dim witted or what? by calling pakistanis illiterate here you are actually making fun of your own education system and your so-called studera who got them admitted to the swedish universities. if lets say by chance they got into the universities then how come they got graduated and how come they are working with sweden's top organizations now? so stop making fun of yourself. people can't be judged by a language. if this was the case, more than half of the swedes would be illiterate according to you.
13:05 December 12, 2010 by theibmsstate2000
@Bitter sweet i agree with you hahahah adrewsrock is really uneducated its now true.he should start to go school soon.that he should learn.
13:27 December 12, 2010 by chemist007
@ andrewrocks

listen carefully, its natural when u type something. the way like u r thinking seems a real uneducated person.

take a glass aof water n be relax
13:48 December 12, 2010 by goodman7368
I had a very good and soft image of Sweden before reading all this...
15:36 December 12, 2010 by fiqa
Its obvious why he went back to get married. It is't easy with Swedish girls, they are not going to marry many Pakistanis.

Kidnaps happen all over the world. Sweden is one of the most peaceful place but still there are killers here too.

And sure Swedes themselves dont have as much problem with most people from the world, these are the other sick immigrants (usually non muslims) who seem to be always quick to judge and try to criticize anything happening involving a muslim so to speak.
16:04 December 12, 2010 by Truth Lover
We are not Terrorists. We love humanity...... 1% doesn't represent 100% :). BTW all the anti Pakistani comments are from Endian :P

Just check this video on Facebook.

16:35 December 12, 2010 by here for the summer
This area is known for terrorist training. The person who set off the bomb in New York was trained there. It would be smart to track people who travel to this area and Somlia and Yemen the three known areas of terror training in the world. This latest bomber in stockholm has been reported to claim that he went somewhere to be trained. It would be interesting to know where.
21:37 December 12, 2010 by VicTaulic
Where would this English-language Swedish newspaper be without SWEDES to make the news? A SWEDE newlywed gets killed by her ENGLISH husband in South Africa, a SWEDE newlywed gets killed in Pakistan, and now a SWEDE soccer player sets off a bomb in the middle of Stolkholm. I bet this SWEDE was a newlywed, too.

When are you real Swedes going to wake up and smell the roses about these SWEDES who are dragging your culture down?
23:31 December 12, 2010 by Mrs Hina
hello friend..

you are a kingdom state..you guys are unaware of political aspects and dirty games.after wiki leaks America has lost its reputation badly so now they r doing all thsi around the world to divert what has come up related to them..otherwise how is this possible to carry on so much material for blast to sweden. Its bloody America who has provided everything..
23:35 December 12, 2010 by wenddiver
Every comment section on the stories about the Suicide Bomber hasbeen disabled. Could it be because a nest of Vipers have been let into Sweden? That the government has taxed you, so that it can give them the money , so they can fund wars against you and your children.

Sweden needs every real Swede to demand action against these Vipers. Paying the ransm in this case will be just funding the Vipers. Let the terrorists keep him.
01:28 December 13, 2010 by DMEricson
Swedish man? He's not a Swedish man. He's a Pakistani Muslim who never should have been allowed into Sweden in the first place. It is suicidal liberal folly to allow Muslim immigration into the West. Liberals are murdering their traditional countries for the sake of an insane and false ideology. It has to stop. Liberalism must be defeated before it destroys us.
07:19 December 13, 2010 by Drug_Baron
"Last Thursday, Swedish Ambassador to Pakistan Ulrika Sundberg met with Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik, the report said, adding that the foreign ministry declined to comment on what was said at the meeting."


Let us not forget that the Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik will also get a commission from the kidnappers, without his protection the kidnappers cannot operate !

First of all Pakistan is not a shitty place or country, it is a country that is prefectly well managed and not any different from Sweden, now Sweden is run by elected politicians who mainly serve the interest of its people, in contrast you must respect the Government of Pakistan, they are doing a very good job, they are answerable to the gangsters who control Pakistan, and they are doing a very good job too, the country is run for these gangsters and meets their needs perfectly, all other people are mere slaves to these gangsters.
15:27 December 13, 2010 by Fernandis
Any news about Pakistan, ultimately becomes War between Indians and Pakistanies :) Not even a single Swedish is interested in such news.
03:19 December 14, 2010 by volvoman9
Though I have always considered myself a liberal and a citizen of the world rather than one country I must ask of this article; Who cares?This man knowingly placed himself in harms way by entering a part of the world that is known for it's lack of effective government and that is rife with a militant culture with no perceivable or should I say clear goals. This culture is clearly full of misdirected angst toward the western world but this kidnapping is nothing more than extortion and cheap crime. It seems to me that the real issue is the inability of the Islamic world to get the rest of the world to take them seriously. In addition a great deal of this culture seems to thrive in downtrodden backwaters of the world where basic human rights have not evolved beyond biblical times. With the exception of the intellectual elite most of the Muslim community has been marginalized to the slums of Europe. There are many reasons for this but this creates more discontent when the dream of success in the western world is not realized. The purpose of my rant is this. Though moderate Muslims will decry the behavior of their radical brothers they still seek to justify it by blaming the non acceptance of western society for their ideology. It is past time for the Islamic world to find one voice. Either you support Jihad and all it entails or you have the balls to stop it. Until the moderate Muslims eradicate this militant arm of their faith they will always be ostracized. It is not the job of the developed world to fix the problems with Islam. I am often confronted with foreign students ( not only Muslim) who claim to only have come to the west in order to obtain an education and training to take back to their homeland. The reality is that they never leave! Instead they try to impose their culture on the country they are a guest in and rebel, often violently, when they are rebuffed. Perhaps they find true freedom and the absence of an oppressive theocratic culture too intoxicating to give up. Or perhaps they know that changing a culture that is so steeped in self deceit is simply not worth the effort involved. The Islamic world indeed needs some true visionary heros but I doubt they will be of the ilk that post here. The west made the greatest blunder after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Trying to impose western national concepts on a primitive tribal society was absolute madness and we have been paying for it ever since.
09:12 December 15, 2010 by krzyz21
Just a few things. I concur with what anti-pak feelings posted and are pretty much corroborated partly at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-south-asia-11886512. Pakistanis may be crying out, oh we have been attacked and blah blah but the fact is you reap what you sow. In an effort to counter balance India, they have done every possible thing and this is what they get in return when everything goes out of hand. Just think how much money is getting wasted, please put this money in welfare and this will be a brilliant country. China is simply using Pakistan to counter balance India in the region. China is assertive but India is not (at least not heard of in media so far) Europe fought world war II exactly when India and Pakistan partitioned but today Europe is enjoying harmony but these 2 countries are bickering. India is developing and Pakistan is sending suicide bombers in India. All I have to say wow.. So don't crib and attack on others who point out your faults but introspect and see what you can do best for yourself rather than begging others for help. You have to help yourself otherwise world can not keep giving you forever. Remember the charity fatigue during these recent floods, who suffered and suffering is the common man, exactly the one ready to join militants, simply out of poverty. I can go on forever but I will not... Now don't attack me, I am not going to come back to read your attack.

About this guy who got kidnapped, I am pretty much with volvoman9.
20:38 February 17, 2011 by buschmann
sweden citizenship is not the same as being swedish... HELLO.
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