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Sweden mulls impact of Finnish far-right rise

Sweden mulls impact of Finnish far-right rise

Published: 18 Apr 2011 11:05 GMT+02:00
Updated: 18 Apr 2011 12:24 GMT+02:00

In a blog post entitled "Finland's business and the Nordic countries", Bildt concluded that the election success of Perussuomalaiset or the "True Finns", on an anti-immigrant, anti-EU platform presented a challenge for Finland and its relations with the region.

"A Finland which turns its back on both the Nordic countries and Europe would be another Finland. I don't think it will go this far though. The other major parties have a clear line on these important issues," he said.

Carl Bildt furthermore highlighted the cause of the Swedish minority in Finland.

"From a Swedish perspective there is reason for concern over the tone adopted by the party against the Swedish minority," Bildt added.

The Local reported last week that the European Council had expressed concern over the status of Swedish as an official minority language in Finland.

The True Finns support the abolition of bilingualism and an end to Swedish as a compulsory subject in schools.

Sweden-based political scientist Nicolas Aylott told The Local on Monday that the Finnish political party system will now have to take account of eurosceptic feeling within society.

"In the future we are unlikely to see Finland in the vanguard of those pushing for closer integration, such as on fiscal policy. Finland as the ultra euro enthusiast may have gone, but radical change, such as pulling out of the euro, is highly unlikely."

Aylott said that the immigration issue and anti-Islam stance of the Danish People's Party and Sweden Democrats, has not been as prevalent within the Finnish political discourse, arguing that the True Finns' success has more to do with the EU.

"Finland has uffered from the downturn, but it is not Portugal, Ireland or Greece. The bail outs have struck a nerve though in a way that they haven't in Sweden - perhaps because Finland is a member of the euro."

He added that the leadership of Timo Soini is also a key factor behind the True Finns' success.

"These populist charismatic leaders don't come around that often - those who prescribe simple solutions to complex problems and make them seem relatively plausible."

Carl Bildt meanwhile reserved praise for the conservative National Coalition Party which became the largest party with 20.4 percent of the vote, ahead of the Social Democrats on 19.1 percent and the True Finns on 19 percent up from 4.1 percent in 1997.

"For the National Coalition Party the election result is an achievement after it had taken clear responsibility for tough national and European decisions that were hardly vote winners," he said.

The biggest loser in the election is the Centre Party, which led the previous government through a tough economic period for the country, and which lost 7.3 percentage points to poll 15.8 percent.

With the election results so tight, there is expected to be a considerable delay before Finland is able to announce its new government, but it is expected that Jyrki Katainen of the National Coalition Party will lead the process.

The Swedish language Hufvudstadsbladet devoted its leader article on Monday to presenting a summary of the Finnish newspapers, who in unison agreed how difficult the negotiations for a new government will be.

The newspaper identifies one of the key points of conflict to be the bail out of crisis-hit eurozone countries, with the National Coalition Party in favour of Finnish support, while the True Finns and the Social Democrats are opposed.

The challenge for the True Finns will be appeasing its grassroots while being forced to make compromises as part of a coalition government, several newspapers wrote, drawing parallels to the 1970s and the break up of the Finnish Rural Party.

The True Finns were founded in 1995 following the dissolution of the Finnish Rural Party. The party combines left wing economic policies with conservative social values with a tendency to hold immigrant communities and immigration policy to account for the country's ills.

The party has been compared with the likes of the US Tea Party movement and other nationalist populist movements across Europe, such as the Sweden Democrats.

Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson in a statement on Monday declared his "happiness" over the Finnish election result, expressing a hope that the True Finns stand against "mass immigration" would have an effect on the Swedish debate.

The leader of Sweden's Social Democrats, Håkan Juholt, meanwhile explained the success of the True Finns as an expression of "fear".

"The success of the True Finns, primarily in the countryside, is a result of people seeking simple answers to complex problems and are afraid of the future," Juholt said in a party statement.

Peter Vinthagen Simpson (news@thelocal.se)

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11:30 April 18, 2011 by Mib
Until the traditional parties listen and address their own peoples views regarding immigration and the unelected EU parliament imposing undemocratic laws/rules on sovereign countries, then don't be surprised if more extreme viewed parties increase their share of the vote.

Unfortunately, the Swedish Democrats will increase their vote at the next Swedish election as the current Government are doing the very opposite to what a sizeable group of voters want. Sad but true. If common sense and addressing concerns without being labelled racist or breaching justifiable human rights, then SD will wane.
11:53 April 18, 2011 by wenddiver
I wonder if there is a Patent on the name "True Finn", because there used to be an excellent fishing knife called "True Finn " in the US.

I'm sure the terror thing has quite a few people re-assesing their feelings towards certain groups of people.
11:58 April 18, 2011 by Rishonim
Mib, Agree. The leading parties should sit and listen to their constituent as well as an open public policy discussion with the Swedish Democrats. This extreme right phenomena is spreading across Europe like a bad gossip. Look at Marie Le Pen in France. She is posed to win the first round of election against Sarkozy.
12:03 April 18, 2011 by apelsin000
"The success of the True Finns is a result of people seeking simple answers to complex problems and are afraid of the future".

That sounds very much like the Finns i know.
12:17 April 18, 2011 by jackx123
why doesn't this dod seek political asylum in pakistan and see how he will be treated.

people across europe are getting fed up with liberal immigration policies and that's the reason why right wingers are on the uprise.
12:48 April 18, 2011 by muscle
@jackx123 Well the Europe people should tell US and NATO forces to avoid attacking places and creating mass immigration movements! If someone creates chaos at some place, the people WILL BE DISPLACED, its common sense! So figure out how to handle the point of source rather than blaming the aftereffects!

Damn I hate it when I appear too anti US, its not the case, unfortunately, most of recent history attacks and displacement of people is caused by US attacks across the globe! (even the recent EGYPT and LIBYA chaos where US kept on supporting wrong regimes in the past)
12:51 April 18, 2011 by RobinHood
"The success of the True Finns, primarily in the countryside, is a result of people seeking simple answers to complex problems and are afraid of the future,"

I love listening to politicians trying to explain why the far right is on the rise in the Nordic region. Either they don't have a clue how their electorates feel about immigration issues, or they cannot face up to the making difficult decisions necessary to give people who oppose unfettered immigration an alternative to voting for Jimmie and the True Finns.

Until the mainstream parties listen to their electorates, it's:

Springtime for Hitler and Germany.

Goose-step's the new step today.

Sorry fellow Local posters, I couldn't resist it.
13:25 April 18, 2011 by gorgepir
Ironically, Finland will be bankrupt in a few years when Nokia goes out of business (as projected from the past 4 years) and will looking to Europe for a bailout.
13:58 April 18, 2011 by truthworthy
This is all a bubble. Once the people realize that the fear of Islam that these parties spread does not exist. they will not be voted again. Anyway I am shocked by the fact that so many people in Europe can be misled so easily. I thought these were educated people who were informed. apparently not.
14:12 April 18, 2011 by TheOriginalBlackMan
Okay , so let me get this straight, the most usefull language (Swedish)to utilize to recieve a free education in Scandinavia is being band in another Scandininavian country that see it's self as growing by cutting off it's nose by not building bonds with it's neighbor.

I see a bad future for, uh, what's the name of that country again?
14:23 April 18, 2011 by Finnish guy
I don't see any reason why Finland should treat Swedish speaking minority any better than Sweden treats Finnish speaking minority. At the moment Swedish speaking Finns oppress Finnish speakers and they have have all kinds of unfair privileges which should go away.

Because of this, I think Carl Bild is a hypocrite.
14:33 April 18, 2011 by Syftfel
Why would Finland be any different than all other European countries? Be it Denmark, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Hungary, Russia or Italy, then story is the same. If the elected politicians, who think they know better than you and me, cannot uphold the will of the people they represent, then this is the inevitable democratic result. The Swedish so called "Alliance", and even more so the pathetic red/greens, have betrayed the trust of Swedish people for exmple. I genuinely hope that it goes even further, and the the sorry idiots who rule are voted out of office henceforth. Bildt has turned out to be a soft hearted liberal lackey who has lost the trust of the Swedes. We wont even talk about Mona, Juholt and the slimeballs on that side of the fence. They're not even in the equation any more. Go for it Finland! Show us the truth and where you stand. Let's create new Nordic greatness, without the meaningless burearctas in Brussels.
14:37 April 18, 2011 by Finnish guy
As a gay I don't feel that large scale immigration from Muslim countries is without threat to western values. In some European countries with a large Muslim minority, there is already violence against gays and I fear that as the Muslim minority grows larger, the threat against gays becomes worse.
15:32 April 18, 2011 by Swedesmith
I am so glad that we have Carl Bildt around to explain all this complicated stuff to us stupid peasants.
15:48 April 18, 2011 by swedejane

"@jackx123 Well the Europe people should tell US and NATO forces to avoid attacking places and creating mass immigration movements! If someone creates chaos at some place, the people WILL BE DISPLACED, its common sense! So figure out how to handle the point of source rather than blaming the aftereffects!"

What? Your comment makes zero sense. You're saying there's a direct link between, let's say, a war in Afghanistan or Iraq, and mass immigration to Finland...or any european country for that matter. Not sure when you last looked at a globe, but there are many other options that are much closer geographically and culturally that are not involved with NATO or the US. Saudi Arabia comes to mind, but there are many others are there not? Instead of blaming daddy for everything how about allowing each nation to take responsibility for their own immigration policies, which actually are the "point of source" as you say.
16:09 April 18, 2011 by Nemesis
@ Finnish guy,

In Malmö last year there was a conference by the LGBT community on some rights issue. Quite a large number of them were harrassed and some transevestites and transsexuals were attacked. It was on the news and in the newspapers. I live not far from Malmö and even in my local town it was mentioned in the pub 50 kilometers away. Appears a lot happened that did not end up in the newspapers.

In England, Germany, Netherlands, France and Spain, attacks on LGBT by muslims, is a growing problem. I am seeing it flagged at a more growing rate in the human rights and equality forums, but no one ever talks about it for fear of being called racist, which I believe encourages the problem. It stops good muslims from being able to raise the issue and tackle the minority of lunatics in there communities.

I want to see a European wide law which makes all immigrants and visitors from every country, religion, colour and culture to Europe swear an oath to respect all rights as enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, European Convention of Human Rights, as well as those decided to be protected by the European Court of Justice and European Court of Human rights. Anyone who refuses to swear to uphold the rights of women, children, gays, transsexuals, disabled, coloured, etc, etc, I believe should be permanently refused entry to Europe, regardless of being an asylum seeker, economic migrant, journalist, diplomat, business person, tourist, etc.

That would help to keep out the extremists and let them go to countries where they would fit in better.
16:26 April 18, 2011 by Tanskalainen
It is good to see the Finns haven't lost their balls. The Finns fought Stalin while the Swedes played ping-pong. Bilt isn't any different than the Swedes back then.
16:47 April 18, 2011 by Finnish guy
Dude79, it is worth to remember that French and German banks are mostly the fools who have provided enormous loans to the countries which are on brink of bankruptcy. Of course these countries would like to get money from other countries to save their banks. But I am not sure if it is wise for Finland to get huge loans in order to help order countries and their banks in an effort which may be hopeless. As far as I know, Sweden hasn't been as eager to send huge amounts of money to those countries...
16:47 April 18, 2011 by liban91
i think if immigrants behave themsleves they should be welcomed.
16:48 April 18, 2011 by Finnish guy
Dude79, it is worth to remember that French and German banks are mostly the fools who have provided enormous loans to the countries which are on brink of bankruptcy. Of course these countries would like to get money from other countries to save their banks. But I am not sure if it is wise for Finland to get huge loans in order to help order countries and their banks in an effort which may be hopeless. As far as I know, Sweden hasn't been as eager to send huge amounts of money to those countries...
18:37 April 18, 2011 by Finnish guy
Comrade2011, it is true that Finland in some ways have stricter laws against some forms immigration than many other countries, but on the other hand, on many issues many countries in EU have stricter laws against immigration. As far as I know, Denmark has made many laws much stricter towards immigration compared to Finland. And in some ways even Sweden has stricter rules even though Sweden has taken much more immigrants compared to Finland (and as a whole has less strict laws against immigration compared to Finland).

But I don't think that it is wise to have complete freedom in immigration. And having huge number of immigrants is not intrinsic value. Free immigration would mean that hundreds of millions people from poor countries would flood the whole EU and after that European countries wouldn't have enough money for social security and there would be many difficult problems, like increase of violence and poverty. Usually fast immigration (whether it is coloniamism or not) has lead to quite difficult problems.

I don't think it is wrong to be a little selfish and think what is good development for you, your country and what is not. And rich countries can never solve the problems caused by population explosion in poor countries by immigration, because the problem is just too big for that. And the population explosion is really not our fault.

Finnish population is about 1 percent of the population of EU. One should remember the population size when comparing how much different countries must (and are able to) pay. And I think that France and Germany should shoulder much heavier amount of burder per capita than Finland as it French and German banks (and not Finnish banks) we are trying to save here and taking their risks without getting anything back.

And when the Euro deal was made, the treaty explicitly said that we wouldn't have to shoulder other countries in financial trouble. I think we should abide the treaty instead of breaking it.
18:48 April 18, 2011 by jomamas
There is nothing 'far right' about having enough self respect in one's culture that one does not want to see it disappear under the weight of 'multiculturalism'.

Swedes had better wake up to the fact that THE LEFT IS RADICAL. True Fins are just normal Fins. Swedish Democrats are NORMAL Swedes.

Multiculturalism means NO MORE SWEDEN.

Don't believe me? Visit my hometown Mississauga, Ontario. When I was born, it was Canadian. It is no longer identifiable as any kind of culture, whatsoever. It is a living breathing melting pot of cultures - some if which is nice, but it's not Canadian.
19:23 April 18, 2011 by Tanskalainen
@jomamas So you're from Soap Town, I love it! I swear they make more bubble bath in Mississauga than any place else on earth.
19:27 April 18, 2011 by burlison
multiculturalism is expensive.
22:36 April 18, 2011 by muscle

yes you are right when you talking about immigrants. But I got mistaken by Asylum Seekers as immigrants! Because over here many people regard asylum seekers as Immigrants.

I do understand and agree that immigration policies should be tough and only skilled human resources should be inducted. But countries are reluctant to stop immigration as immigration brings cultural diversity and in the long run creates a new competitive culture.
22:47 April 18, 2011 by Ivan Juric
Why is it ok for Middle Eastern nations to be nationalistic and anti tolerant but when a Western nation becomes nationalistic it is looked down upon. Having a large islamic minority is not compatible to western values as they are a threat towards progressive values.
23:18 April 18, 2011 by diegoveggie
finland is a redneck country anyway so...
23:25 April 18, 2011 by jimmy1988
Let´s see: Now is Finland. The immigration problem appears because Scadinavian countries have small population, it´s been like this always and will continue. But the governments from those countries instead of supporting their own population they support foreigners because they want more people but instead of trying or tell to their own population to have more kids, it´s more easy for then(government) to bring foreigners/immigrants to the country. Governments only go for easy ways. So! Immigration is government problem.
23:41 April 18, 2011 by Nemesis
@ jimmy1988,

In Scandinavia they need immigrants, due to the ageing population.

The problem is they actively discourage European immigrants and encourage people from countries with cultures that are guarenteed to clash with Swedish norms.

An example is, you have never seen Swedish government representatives travelling around Britain or Ireland asking people to move to Sweden. Compare that with Jordan which is constantly scoured by Sweddish government representatives looking for Iraqi people to declare themselves as refugees and move to Sweden.

Then Swedes complain that immigrants have cultures that clash with theirs. They have only themselves to blame. The same applies to the Finns, Norwegians and Danes.

If Scandinavians want more immigrants they should actively encourage and not discourage European immigration to Scandinavia.
23:55 April 18, 2011 by Njal

"i think if immigrants behave themsleves they should be welcomed."

- Disagree, the only factor that should determine as to whether or not a country needs immigration, is the by the express wish of the Swedish peoples. Politicians have gone against the wishes of their respective peoples time and again to manipulate.

Insane multicultural poilicies (which had a huge determination factor in Western immigration policies, unfortunately), are the 'love-child' of greedy self-serving politcians, and their arrogant and uncaring elitist friends. But, it was NEVER the will of the people.

This article does not surprise me in the least.
02:21 April 19, 2011 by Trooper
Only 30 years ago London was predominantly full of people of British descent. Now that figure is less than 60% (and in several areas, less than 10%). In the very near future it will be less than 40%. I like the fact that walking around Stockholm you still have at least the impression of living amongst Swedes. Does this matter? Well, personally I believe that a more homogenous society is more harmonious. It matters because health care, schooling and pensions, the great expenses for any community will have been carefully calculated based on future predictions which can become very quickly out of kilter. Housing becomes more sought after and therefore expensive. And while people argue that we need immigrants to produce income, they neatly ignore the fact that they too need health care, pensions and schooling and will they really produce enough tax to cover their own pensions, healthcare and costs, let alone for other people? Does it matter if you keep Sweden Swedish - if not for yourselves then for your children and grandchildren? Or, like London, are you happy to see it become swamped, overcrowded…where in many area's you will barely see an English face or hear the English language. My mother will tell you that she now hates it and is terrified to go out. That she rarely hears people speak English around her. This is the future…..but does it matter? Why not… as I have heard many Swedes argue…don't you just let everybody in? And if the answer to that is no…then at least admit that this needs to be discussed sensibly?
02:46 April 19, 2011 by Finnish guy
Nemesis, on some fields Finland might need skilled workers. But we don't really need unskilled or even illiterate immigrants from third world countries which will have little hope of finding hope. And on quite many fields there is already high level of unemployment which means that we don't really need more people on those fields from abroad.

Bringing illiterate people from third world countries wont make the problem of aging population any easier. In fact it makes the problem even more difficult, because unemployed immigrant need social security and the government which already is short of money, has to pay it.
10:44 April 19, 2011 by Nemesis
@ Finnish guy,

I agree.

There is well over 20 million unemployed in Europe. Out of that 20 million I am sure an area with a low population such as all of Scandinavia could find all the health care workers it needs, of a high standard and import them from other European countries.

There is no need to keep importing millions of men from Africa and the Middle East. No one in ordinary soceity benefits from that but I do suspect that some from the chattering class's in the capital cities do.

In Ireland and the United Kingdom alone, there is thousands of health care workers considering immigration to Canada, New Zealand and other countries for a better life. I think it would be better to keep them in Europe and let them immigrate to Scandinavia. After all about one third of them will have names that originate in Scandinavia anyway.

A few thousand Finns worked in Ireland during the economic boom. Quite a few are still there. I see no reason not to reciprocate. A few thousand Irish could fill a lot of health care posts and other posts that need filled. Also bear in mind that the Irish tend to assimilate very well into other countries.

United Kingdom has over 100,000 Swedish working in it. There is no reason for Sweden not to import unemployed British nationals, if they need health care workers or to increase population.

Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Ireland and the United Kingdom all have high unemployment. Between them are millions of educated unemployed to choose from to import to Scandinavia.

On the basis of over 20 million unemployed in Europe, I can see no reason at all to import anyone to Europe to work.

As Nigeria is now a democracy, I do see a reason to start sending refugees from Nigeria back there.

Egypt and Tunisia are now democracies, therefore there refugees can be sent back there as well as they wil be safe.

I agree with European countries offering safe haven. After there home countries becomes safe, I believe they should be sent back, maybe with a bit of extra training from Europe to help them build there own country,instead of sitting unemployed in Europe.
12:30 April 19, 2011 by here for the summer
It is sad that the Local's headlines are so slanted and misleading. What is the FAR-RIGHT ? Why is even the left party which is really the communist party not called the far-left ?
15:40 April 19, 2011 by jimmy1988
@Nemesis: Why would Swedish Government instead of European Skilled workers want immigrants from countries outside Europe which are poor skilled and poor language skilled which are more difficult to integrate? Answer: Cheap labour and other reason I´m not going mentioned. But they stay unemployed and living at tax payer money. People(Native Swedes) start that because they vote in people to put the country how it is.
16:12 April 19, 2011 by pjtaipale
Labeling Perussuomalaiset as "far right" is really quite strange. They're more like far left: tax the rich, more benefits to the poor, raise the pensions, greater control of economic life to the government. It's economically unfeasible, but certainly not "far right".

The idea that they're a major threat to foreigners is also a wishful fantasy. Yes, they're critical of letting practically all asylum seekers stay even if the application turns out to be baseless, but that's not exactly "far right", unless your definition of "right" is really obscure.

One thing is theyr name; the translation "True Finns" is not quite correct, but it is difficult to come up with a better one. In Swedish it would be better like "Grundfinländarna", just like "peruskoulu" is "grundskola". In English, perhaps "the Little People's Party", emphasizing opposition to elitism.

The Swedish-speaking Finland is just so mad because it seems that the mandatory teaching of Swedish to everyone might be dumped. But that's not banning Swedish in Finland; it simply means that Swedish is no longer forced upon everyone in school.
17:27 April 19, 2011 by technoviking
Action: Mindless, destructive, delusional immigration policies.

Reaction: Rise of right wing parties willing to speak openly and stop it.

If you don't want a dramatic increase in right wing support, then the middle parties have to cut them off at the ankles and do something to fix the immigration/multiculturalism disaster plaguing Europe.

As of now, in Sweden, the so called "moderates" are complicit in the destruction of their country via indiscriminate immigration so there is no alternative to the right ...unfortunately...

How about the "moderates" start acting like actual moderates, instead?
17:39 April 19, 2011 by Finnish guy
Actually, True Finns is in most parts closer to most left wing parties instead of right wing parties. For example, they want to have better social security. And they are skeptical towards EU bank crisis bailout which is close to the position of the Finnish social democratic party which is also skeptical.

But True Finns is somewhat difficult classify using the classical left-right axis and there much more variance withing True Finns in many issues compared to traditional parties. For example Timo Soini, the party leader, is a member of extremely tiny catholic minority in Finland and is against abortion, but the party is pro-abortion. He is also pro-NATO, but the party is against NATO. And most of the party are against gay adoption etc, but some members are pro-gay. Soini also thinks that the current immigration policies are OK, but some members think the rules should be stricter.
19:36 April 19, 2011 by jimmy1988
@technoviking: The alternative in Sweden is Sverige Demokraterna when it comes to immigration and consequences.

The Moderates they never going to act as Moderates because they are Socialist.
22:34 April 19, 2011 by technoviking

I agree 100% and hope SD kicks a$$ in the next election given the current state of affairs.

My point is though, I'm not necessarily a "right wing" person on issues other than immigration. So for myself and a lot of people it would be nice if there were an actual moderate party and not just a bunch of spineless, delusional, multiculturalist extremists.

For now, I guess, there's just the right and the far, far left.

Give that the leftists won't be happy until Sweden is the first European caliphate and everything we believe in is compromised, I'll take the right out of necessity any day of the week right now.

@ Ivan Juric

Dead on. The "tolerance" fanatics will put up with any amount of misogyny, anti-semitism, homophobia, intolerance, etc. carried out in the name of Islam to satisfy "cultural sensitivity" without seeing any of the irony in this...
23:16 April 19, 2011 by Iraniboy
Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson in a statement on Monday declared his "happiness" over the Finnish election result, expressing a hope that the True Finns stand against "mass immigration" would have an effect on the Swedish debate.

Loooool it is nice to see the how Swedishness Jimmy is advertising and is so proud of is considered 'Crap' by True Finns!! This is actually the case of these far-right groups. Once they are dealt with immigration they start to attack each other's identity. They only accept one true and pure identity and it is theirs!!
23:40 April 19, 2011 by Njal

Still here Iraniboy? Why are you here by-the-way? Begininng to feel unwelcome yet. Figured out that Sweden is not Iran and therefore you're not wanted.

The minor fallout of political differences that you seem to find so amusing are nothing like the political differences of YOUR homeland. Keep giving Swedes advice on how to live and create a sucessful country while enjoying their prosperity, which has nothing to do with you,

The most eloquent argument against anything you say of course, is the fact that you're living in Sweden and not in the land of your people, helping to make iran a safe land like the one you're currenly enjoying.

Don't bother replying, as doubtless your comment will contain some declaration about "me and my ilk".
23:48 April 19, 2011 by jimthat
so the finns did what we had to do a long time ago

but why there is people saying in the names of sweden that swedes are worried about this ?

isnt is perhaps that the only really worried are just a few individuals ? (the pro immigration ones )

well they are right to be worried

this may not be pleasant for their bosses .they would not be loyal to the anty swedish cause
05:41 April 20, 2011 by zhouchaojie
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10:01 April 20, 2011 by Bungholio777
+++Loooool it is nice to see the how Swedishness Jimmy is advertising and is so proud of is considered 'Crap' by True Finns!! This is actually the case of these far-right groups.+++

This is a really desperate and uninformed argument. The fact of the matter is that Finns see what is going on in Sweden and don't want any part of rioting, suicide bombers, death threats over cartoons, etc. in their country.

Also, why is it necessary for a Finn to be forced to learn Swedish from year 3 and up? Why shouldn't they be able to choose? That's not an affront to the Swedes, it's just a direction based on what's best for Finnish people. Looking forward to the next Norsk elections. Should be interesting to see Sweden put into a box.
16:53 April 20, 2011 by foordranata
As a matter of fact, I´d be more worried if OTHER countries besides Sweden didn´t express wiews on this matter. It´s not like Sweden has the privilige of allways being so worried and intrested what´s going on on their east.

It is amazing to me how easily everything is labelled far-right these days.

We´re all sort of connected in today´s world and I´m so sorry if it hurts some Swede´s feelings, but it does not taste as a realistic scenario if one language-group keeps on being worried, up to a point of isolating themselves of this particular society called Finland.

I´m sick & tired of the sobbing.

I sincerely hope that "tvungspråk" will be left to enjoy it´s place in history allready.

I mean c´moon, there´s other minorities I´d me more worried about.
19:18 April 20, 2011 by Iraniboy

I left Iran since there are a lot of persons like you govern my country! Based on hatred and their narrow minded thinking of "We're right! They are our enemies" I love Sweden and the only reason why I'm here is that I don't see people like you here in Sweden! If you are in Sweden then you should have a hell time considering your great different with common Swedish behavior! So why not leaving Sweden instead of making fool of yourself everyday?!
19:43 April 20, 2011 by jimthat
the central matter whith immigration is the ethnic one

the fact that no many spoke openly about is that white people want to stay white

dont want mixed family members with non white

but the censorship imposed for this is a kind of dictatorial one

a friend of mine was near losing his job for saying something that others felt racist and was a little tiny comment .

the situation is starting to be to fear about

may be if given the opportunity the sweet and kind immigrants we see around will take a revenge
22:33 April 20, 2011 by technoviking
@ jimthat

"may be if given the opportunity the sweet and kind immigrants we see around will take a revenge"

You mean like trying to blow up innocent shoppers on Drottninggatan?

Surprise. Another terrorist sympathizer on the Local. Seems to be the default setting for the non-European immigrants on here.

It's nice that you make it so clear what you all really believe though... We'll be sure to deal with that in the next election.
22:42 April 20, 2011 by Roy E
Good for the Finns!

It's good to see them stand against the idea of forfeiting their nation, culture, and society.
12:05 April 21, 2011 by flintis
Wonder if it is possible for the Swedish politicians to find their balls, although I think we are toooo far down the road to ruin.

Shame that the Nordic culture will soon disappear, maybe have to rename Stockholm to something more appropriate with the culture of it's inhabitants, Istan-holm, Moga-stan etc.
03:04 April 23, 2011 by registeredb1b
I love more and more Finland is what I think. Sad that Swedes have someone like Bildt to stab them in their backs(no different from Westerwelle).
07:39 April 23, 2011 by wenddiver
@Flintis Euro-stan is fast becoming a reality, because people fail to stand up to the vermin.
14:24 April 23, 2011 by foordranata
A very famous True Finn to be found on U-tube:

Type : Pulttibois - James Potkukelkka ja tarjotin

APUVA means a stoopid way of saying APUA-->HELP.

The guy (Mr.James Kick Slead) is so helpless he can´t walk right, can´t talk right, he needs help for every damn unexpected situation.

This APUVA- saying used to be so famous here in 90´s that some people were concidering banning this joke because they really thought that people in REAL need would not receive help, as everybody would just think the person is mimicking mr. James Kick Slead... Talk about a self-fulfilling effect, huh?

The result was that the guys finally made James shout it out in swedish.
Today's headlines
'Too many concerts feel the same'
Sofar hosts secret gigs in Swedish apartments. Photo: Sofar

'Too many concerts feel the same'

Kattis Bjork founded Stockholm's secret gig scene - Sofar - a year ago. The Local caught up with her as she prepared to celebrate the project's anniversary this weekend and revealed the concept will spread to other Swedish cities in 2015. READ  

Police turn Swede’s vodka into water
A Swede loads a car with alcohol in northern Germany. File photo: Drago Prvulovic/TT

Police turn Swede’s vodka into water

Swedish police say they will pay a man 16,000 kronor ($2,200) in damages after much of the alcohol they confiscated from him was stolen, while many of the bottles they returned were filled with water. READ  

US to get first female ambassador in Sweden
File photo: Athena Center for Leadership Studies

US to get first female ambassador in Sweden

The United States Embassy in Stockholm is set to get its first female ambassador after the White House announced it was nominating the Iranian-American ex-investment banker Azita Raji to take over from Mark Brzezinski. READ  

Neo-Nazi attacks
Neo-Nazis cleared of knife attack on Nigerian
Police intervene after neo-Nazis attack an anti-Nazi rally in Kärrtorp, December 2013. Photo: Hampus Andersson/TT

Neo-Nazis cleared of knife attack on Nigerian

A Stockholm court has cleared three neo-Nazis of stabbing a Nigerian man in an unprovoked attack. But two of the men will face jail after they were convicted of racial agitation at a riot. READ  

Julian Assange
Assange court ruling expected on Monday
Julian Assange at Ecuador's embassy in the UK. Photo: Anthony Devlin

Assange court ruling expected on Monday

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can expect the next court ruling on his case to take place on Monday October 27th in Stockholm. READ  

Stockholm 'sub hunt'
Sweden calls off suspect submarine search
Ships are returning to shore in Sweden. Photo: TT

Sweden calls off suspect submarine search

The core search for a suspected foreign vessel in Swedish waters has been called off. The armed forces said they remained convinced foreign underwater activity had taken place but had not identified an intruder. READ  

Sweden to get EU 'Christmas present'
Sweden's Prime Minister Stefan Löfven at an EU summit in Brussels this week. Photo: TT

Sweden to get EU 'Christmas present'

Sweden is set to get 1.2 billion kronor ($168 million) back from the EU on December 1st, according to leaked EU documents which suggest that other European countries will have to make large top-up payments this year. READ  

Asteroids leave mark on Sweden
Astroids can leave marks like these. Photo: TT

Asteroids leave mark on Sweden

Some 458 million years ago, Earth was whacked in a double asteroid strike, leaving craters visible in Sweden today, space scientists have reported. READ  

New coalition
New coalition reveals 'compromise' budget
Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Green Party leader Åsa Romson. Photo: TT

New coalition reveals 'compromise' budget

UPDATED: Prime Minister Stefan Löfven's Social Democrat-led coalition has revealed its first budget proposal, listing plans to spend more than 20 billion kronor. READ  

Royal family
Swedish royal couple set wedding date
The couple pictured in the summer. Photo: TT

Swedish royal couple set wedding date

Sweden's Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist, who got engaged earlier this year, have announced they will marry next June. READ  

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