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12 year-old girl raped in Stockholm

Published: 16 Jul 2011 12:19 GMT+02:00
Updated: 16 Jul 2011 12:19 GMT+02:00

She was on her way to meet a friend of the same age, who lives in the central city district St. Eriksplan, and it was just outside her friend's house that the young girl was suddenly attacked.

"A call was made to the police at 8:24pm," Stefan Nordenmark of the Stockholm police force's communications central told the newspaper Expressen.

The girl was badly shocked, reported the newspaper, but was able to tell police that an unknown man had attacked her and then molested her.

"A man, of no acquaintance to the girl, raped her in a stairwell," said Anders Molin, station officer of the Norrmalm police, to news agency TT.

The event has sparked a major police search. Some 30 officers were involved in the search for the perpetrator on Friday night.

As of Saturday morning, however, no suspect had yet been arrested.

"We're going to continue our work with interrogations and go through all the tip-offs and leads we've received," said Anna Olsson of the Norrmalm police to Expressen.

Rapes of this sort, against young children, are very unusual in Sweden, according to statistics from Sweden's National Council of Crime Prevention (Brottsförebyggande rådet - BRÅ).

2010 saw a total of 23 attempted rapes outdoors against girls under 15 years of age, a figure which has hovered around the same number for the past couple of years.

TT/Clara Guibourg (news@thelocal.se)

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13:02 July 16, 2011 by Tennin
I hope they catch this perv, and castrate him.
13:28 July 16, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
Sorry, but...

"The girl was badly shocked, reported the newspaper, but was able to tell police that an unknown man had attacked her and then molested her.

"A man, of no acquaintance to the girl, raped her in a stairwell," said Anders Molin, station officer of the Norrmalm police, to news agency TT."

She declares to the police that she was molested and then the police declares that she was raped.

Does a 12-year old girl not know the difference between molesting and raping?

Please, be more accurate in your reporting, Clara Guiborg.
13:29 July 16, 2011 by motti
Tennin, I agree with you.

Has the poor girl been able to give a description or her assailant? Will the Swedish news media put out a drawing/sketch and description of the man? I hope so.

Actually, castration is too good for the drekk.
13:52 July 16, 2011 by procrustes
While emotionally appealing, castration and other irreversible punishments cannot be part of a civilized society. Since the legal process is not perfect such acts as death penalties, mutilation, etc. requiring 100% certainty of guilt cannot be legal remedies.

Such people must be isolated from society and serious efforts expended to understand how they came to be. Rationality is the only hope of humanity.

Of course all efforts must be taken to apprehend the criminal. By the way, as I understand it (given the Assange debacle) the definition of rape within Swedish law is quite broad, so the police were most probably accurate in their statement to the press.
14:32 July 16, 2011 by Tennin
You can't rationalize with a pedo!
14:33 July 16, 2011 by Gabin
La mort pour les violeurs.
14:37 July 16, 2011 by just a question
8.24 at friday? someone must have seen something. I hope people collaborate to arrest the pedophile soon. Collaboration is essential!
15:31 July 16, 2011 by el dorado
It seems common to read that women in Sweden are verbally harassed and called "whores". The all around climate for women in Sweden seems less and less safe and less and less free. It does not feel safe or free or empowering to be a woman in today's Sweden.
17:56 July 16, 2011 by jackx123
@ Belmar:

Well does it really matter? I'm sure if you had a daughter the difference is subtle and you'd agree with the other posts here, unless off course, you are a pervert yourself.
19:45 July 16, 2011 by alloallo
Another job for Rapports Opus.
19:49 July 16, 2011 by caps.lock
@ Belmar - you are definitely right, we can't understand whether the girl was raped or this was just an attack (which is has no common with rape)

It's quite common for Swedish girls to get laid with guys and then to call police about rape. (see: Julian Assange). However I don't mean this case.

@jackx123 - this is a legal issue, only one side have made a claim, that person is not rapist unless it's proved legally. the easiest way is to abuse someone via internet, sitting at home.
22:40 July 16, 2011 by procrustes
Why don't we just throw out the entire legal system and give everyone a torch and a rope? First place to start is anyone who supports legal process and jurisprudence--burn 'em! Anyone who advocates humane treatment for anyone must be a pervert! Lynch-'em. Think of all the money we could save on trials, lawyers and jails.

Any Swede who wants to understand the horrible mess the USA and UK is in, read comments posted on The Local, and then think long and hard before you go tripping along in the footsteps of the USA (first you trash it, then follow.)

Some of the people posting here are downright scary.
00:01 July 17, 2011 by RobinHood
@J L Belmar

"Does a 12-year old girl not know the difference between molesting and raping?"

The Swedish legal system doesn't recognise the difference between sexual molestation and rape and simply describes most sexual offences (no matter how minor) as rape. In this way, Swedish feminists can reassure themselves that all men are rapists, and Sweden has the highest number of "rapes" in the EU.

If the entire Swedish legal system fails to define rape properly, why should a 12 year old Swedish girl do any better?
01:18 July 17, 2011 by muscle
we need a dark knight here in Sweden!
01:18 July 17, 2011 by cutthecrap
I am puzzled, why have the police failed to give a description of the criminal, don't they want to catch him???
01:27 July 17, 2011 by Elkhorn
Cous-cous, anyone?
01:47 July 17, 2011 by irridium
procrustes, I find YOU downright scary, I wonder if you would feel the same if it were your 12 year old daughter. Castration would be a sound solution, then you can study him all you want.
16:20 July 17, 2011 by Tamy
Its not funny when someone's either murdered or raped and once something like that occurs these nuts need to be put away for good, but all you'll get to hear is he was suffering from either THIS OR THAT you bet he was and more so damn reason to just put them away for good never to return at least in society, period!
20:47 July 17, 2011 by Kenny W

What do you mean, 'Well does it really matter?'? No one writing here would belittle what a horrendous crime has been committed. However articles about such crimes should be clear about the difference between molestation and rape. To believe that there is little difference between the two is an affront to people who experience the worst sexual crime. Yes I would agree that given the age of the girl then yes I would agree that it does not matter that if she was rape or molested, it is still a serious sex crime.

However I don't think that you can assume that Belmar could be a pervert for just asking the question. It is getting to a situation in Sweden where 'awkward' sexual experiences can be categorised as rape in law. Many people recognise that Sweden are being ridiculous Sweden and when they see examples of this stupidity they just want to point out the stupidity. I can't help it myself as you can see.
14:52 July 18, 2011 by Shibumi

"I wonder if you would feel the same if it were your 12 year old daughter."

Having victims or victim's families be the ones who determine how to punish criminal behaviour is not justice... it is revenge. As a society that strives to be civilized, we have a justice system, not a vigilante/vengeance system.
18:32 July 18, 2011 by alarik36
The police will have difficulties finding the perpetrator since political correctness forbids them to go public with a profile that may describe for example an arabic foreigner, but if the offender is a white male the newspapers and the police have no problems revealing his description. That was recently the case with a ethnic swede by the name of Niklas who attacked women in Örebro. Let the police work without any political obstacles or face the risk that sooner or later that people will take the law in their own hands..
20:15 July 18, 2011 by sverigelover
There is a point where civilized society ends, and that is certainly when someone rapes your 12 year old daughter. If society finds it appropriate to create thousands of laws every day but nothing that will protect your children, then society should not act surprised
06:36 July 19, 2011 by Da Goat
half a sex change should just about fix the perp I reckon! probably poorly endowed anyhow to have to try it on a 12 Y/O, grab your nail scissors.
16:45 July 26, 2011 by lebensys
"Rapes of this sort, against young children, are very unusual in Sweden, according to statistics from Sweden's National Council of Crime Prevention"

I invite you to listen to brilliant pat condell on youtube (search for pat condell sweden). He pretends exactly the contrary.

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