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Sweden urges caution over London riots

Sweden urges caution over London riots

Published: 09 Aug 2011 10:55 GMT+02:00
Updated: 09 Aug 2011 10:55 GMT+02:00

The outbreak of violence and looting began in London during the weekend when a protest against Thursday’s fatal shooting of a Tottenham resident in connection with his arrest got out of hand.

The disturbances soon spread from Tottenham to the districts of Enfield and Walthamstow in North London and to Brixton in the south. Over the course of Monday the riots and looting spread to Hackney, Croydon, Peckham, Ealing, Clapham and Lewisham.

According to Anika Digréus, the Sveriges Radio's correspondent in London, the streets of Hackney were ablaze Monday night.

“As soon as the police left the scene, the youths that they had previously driven away came out of the side streets where they had been hiding - and the whole thing began afresh,” she said in a radio interview Tuesday morning.

“I saw for myself how the kids looted a shop as soon as the police left. The officers returned but by then it was already too late,” she said.

Since the beginning of the violence in London more than 450 people have been arrested and prime minister David Cameron as well as other officials have cut their holidays short to return to the UK capital to address the problem.

Meanwhile, riots have erupted in several of the UK’s largest cities including Birmingham, Liverpool and Bristol.

The Swedish embassy in London is now urging Swedish residents and visitors currently in the British capital, as well as the other affected cities, to exercise caution, stay vigilant and to keep up with news reports to stay abreast of the developments.

Rebecca Martin (rebecca.martin@thelocal.se)

Your comments about this article

11:45 August 9, 2011 by JulieLou40
Yet again, morons like these make me ashamed to be British.
12:30 August 9, 2011 by Great Scott
These are mainly "Hoody's" as they are called carrying this out, the very people Cameron said "We should all hug a Hoody" not so long ago. What can Cameron the man that is all talk and no action do, bring in the army, maybe the SAS or an RAF strike force.

This problem has been brewing for years, and it started in schools. Lack of discipline and investment in young people over the years from the time of Thatcher, which has created this problem. And now the price is being paid.

Investment in young people is so important. Years ago Britain had thousands of youth clubs and other activities going on. Thatcher took away the financing and, well here we are today. What is the result, kids with no interests, bored and nothing to do, Thank you Thatcher?

I know that some people will blame the parents, but it were they that learnt and paid the price of Thatcherism. It is no hope, just pasted on to the next generation, god know what's next.

Maybe it would good if we banned any form of head gear to start with.
12:58 August 9, 2011 by Rick Methven
"The Swedish embassy in London is now urging Swedish residents and visitors currently in the British capital, as well as the other affected cities, to exercise caution, stay vigilant and to keep up with news reports to stay abreast of the developments. "

Sounds like the sort of warning they would issue for Mogadishu....

There again, at the present time they could be right. Even a riot at Oxford Circus last night
13:00 August 9, 2011 by occassional
Don't hear Tony Blair talking much about his creation now. do we?
13:04 August 9, 2011 by Learner2011
@JulieLou40 #1

I totally understand your comment, But answer me honestly and let's be frank about it:

Do you sincerely feel ashamed that your country has enslaved millions of human beings (Blacks and Indians) and exploited natural resources of many countries in the past and destroyed countries at the present ?
13:22 August 9, 2011 by Nemesis
I would nearly put on a bet that a Swede ends up in the middle of this.
13:34 August 9, 2011 by Frank Arbach

For your information, slavery was abolished in the former British Empire in 1833

Yes - I know what you mean, the British should 'hold their heads in shame' for their part in a wider colonial exploitation of some parts of the world (you could ask Portugal, Spain, France and the US etc, about it as well)

Here the problem is more to do with how safe are you? (in riot-torn areas) Think myself that the problem is a hard core of people living in Britain who think the world owes them a living, have low expectations of just about anything, and are quite happy to live on state benefits
13:49 August 9, 2011 by eddie123
hmm... just imagine if 'em riots were in South Africa or Senegal, the Swedish authorities would have issued a travel advising asking all Swedes not to go there and those already there should seriously consider leaving. not the same when it comes to good old England.
13:51 August 9, 2011 by Helen001
Hmm... the writer of the piece should probably check the facts. There was no rioting in Manchester last night.
14:11 August 9, 2011 by prince T
Let us stop dwelling on thee past. People are hungry and angry in UK, which is hidden reason behind this riot. What we should fear in Sweden is racel riot. That will not be funny when it does.
14:15 August 9, 2011 by svenne104
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
14:28 August 9, 2011 by Freebie
So lets see if I can get this one straight in my head.....'People are hungry and angry in UK, which is hidden reason behind this riot.' Despite this insightful revelation, we are told the favored link of communication organizing these starving people is 'THE BLACKBERRY!' Proof positive--the entire world has been turned totally up-side-down.
14:38 August 9, 2011 by muscle
Ahh its just the lifecycle of almost every powerful nation. Once they are really start becoming powerful, they go invade countries and build empires where the sun never drowns. They focus too much on external affairs rather than the internal affairs. And finally they start going downhill.

ottomen empire, mughuls, british, ussr, now usa and in future perhaps china, all belong in one category!
14:50 August 9, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
The current outbreak of violence was triggered by the death of Mark Duggan from Tottenham, presumably a member of a street gang linked with Jamaica crime.

The killing of Mark provoked what we are reading that is happening in London and vicinity. The killing of Mark gave young men who have not got either new trainers or money to buy them, a sudden and wonderful opportunity to rob a shop and get whatever they did not have. Groups were formed through Twitter and went from one shop to another by bicycle and sometimes by car. Police were chasing them and trying to drive them off and arrest them.

The looting and rioting had nothing at all to do with the killing of Mark Duggan. That was the spark. The bonfire had been prepared by years of neglect, fueled by the anger of young men with no stake in the system, angry at everybody and quick to exploit fury at the killing of a local man, even if he did allegedly fire at the police officer first.

Pakistani Sahar Aman just wrote in the last two paragraphs of her blogg in The Express Tribune the following:

"There can be no retribution in violence - the buildings that burn in London and around the world tonight are a reflection of the disarray that has manifested itself in our societies and hearts.

So the blame lies with our apathy and ignorance towards each other. Yet, we all long for the same thing: for perpetrators to be arrested, for the violators to be held accountable and for the lawlessness and needless dying to finally come to an end.

Perhaps all I long for most is the simplest of things, that everyone in Pakistan and the world is able to afford a cup of tea and sleep soundly in their beds knowing that someday things will be fine.

When will the people of Pakistan and the rest of the world, who are truly affected by everything that goes, on sleep soundly again? When will the rest of us wake up and do something about it?"


And please Sweden. You too could urge caution for travelling to other cities or countries. You should urge caution to travel to Libya, specially now that you are helping NATO to kill civilians.with your Jas-Gripen obsolete planes.

Or why not urging caution over what is happening in

the 10 more dangerous cities aroound the world:

1. Baghdad, Iraq

2. Detroit, USA

3. Karachi, pakistan

4. Chechnya, Russia

5. Mogadishu, Somalia

6. Mexico City, Mexico

7. Caracas, Venezuela

8. New Orleans, USA

9. Cape Town, South Africa

10.Rio de janeiro, Brasil

I am travelling to London in two weeks to enjoy the company of two wonderful friends, one Brit and one Jamaican plus having lunch with the Queen at Windsor Castle.

But do not complain Sweden. I am travelling via SAS, the most outstanding, excellent; conspicuous, prominent, notable,friendlier and well taken care of airline in the whole damn world.
16:02 August 9, 2011 by occassional
Land on these thugs like a ton of bricks. The cultures they come from understand no other language but sheer force and terror. Nothing else works.
16:11 August 9, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
16:02 August 9, 2011 by occassional

Wrong, occassional, wrong. The rioters belong to many races and cultures, including true Brits and Scotts and whatever you might think of.

The problem there is not the killing of Mark Duggan. It was triggered by his death. But the bottom of the problem goes back more than 25 years. Please do not write again that the cultures of the thugs, etc. etc. Or, what the heck. Keep on writing whatever you want. It is entirely up to you.
16:17 August 9, 2011 by muscle
hmm its painful to see Karachi, my city of birth and homecity to be regarded as a dangerous city. But saying that its not dangerous right now is like turning a blind eye towards the violence in the city. damn when the hell the govt will start moving towards the first step of ladder to prosperity.
16:23 August 9, 2011 by BillyB
nothing to do with hunger, nothing to do with poverty, nothing to do with racial tension, nothing to do with political unease..

it plain old chavs out on the rob.

they are all pond life, wasters, good for nothing inbred scum

simple solution is to toss them into the very buildings they set alight.
16:25 August 9, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
16:17 August 9, 2011 by muscle

My Mexico City is included too and believe me, it is a real dangerous city now. You can mail my son. He will tell you how he was murdered there back on October 18, 2006.

Hope you have a better luck.
16:27 August 9, 2011 by occassional
@ Belmar

Wanna bet that whatever they are, hitting them hard will soon sort them out ?
16:35 August 9, 2011 by Michael Whitfield
I tell what is unfortunate and this is a scary thought. The summer olympics are going to be in Great Britain next year. This is tantamount to having a barmitzvah in Tehran.
16:43 August 9, 2011 by eppie
@belmar and muscle

Even worse....chechnya isn't even a city.
17:13 August 9, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
16:43 August 9, 2011 by eppie

It was meant to be Grosny. I goofed. Well, it happens in the best of the families, or not?

But please, muscle is not the stupid one. It was me and only me. Cross my heart.

16:27 August 9, 2011 by occassional

I do not agree with you, but you are entitled to your opinion. I believe that instead of hitting them hard, the laws should be change to erase poverty and poor educations amongs youngsters and inmigrants. Hitting them hard will stop them, but only for a while. Making their lives and their education, MIGHT prevent violent or wild public disturbance. That is my way of reasoning, but...the masters at TL have the word. They always know better.
18:14 August 9, 2011 by muscle
@J. L. Belmar: I feel sorry for your loss. And i agree with the clashes and killings in karachi.

Governments of some countries doesnt even want to move towards reforms! And we feel helpless, as even the revolutions in such countries is politically motivated, and not what people want!
18:33 August 9, 2011 by jostein
Hehe, gets a bit pathetic when thelocal competes with news about England. Thelocal is suffering from serious damage from the mentality in swedish media, which we can see from their "representative" picture of a rioter.

But obviously this time they do not act on the hermetically sealed swedish media scene and any fool can read a real newspaper instead, ie, anything not swedish :p
19:36 August 9, 2011 by graphixperson
@ Learner2011

Seriously? You're going to play that card?

I suppose I'll take a trip into town today and hug every African American I see, personally apologizing for all the social injustice they suffered even though I was born in 1989...

Maybe Swedes should take a Eurotrip once a year to apologize for all of the Vikings' brutality...
19:37 August 9, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
18:33 August 9, 2011 by jostein

This is one of the times when you are on target. I agree with your comment 90&. O.K. I do not want to be mean. 100&
20:44 August 9, 2011 by jostein
It is good to never agree 100%, it is not healthy.
21:04 August 9, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
No. What is not healthy is reading some of your comments, but this time you made it 125%.
21:04 August 9, 2011 by johan rebel
Oh, just beautiful!

I'm sure that Swedes resident in the UK will be thrilled to hear that the security blanket hugging authorites in Sweden are looking after them! There should of course be no doubt whatsoever that the State Department in Stockholm is in a much better position that anyone in the UK to assess the situation in London and provide sensible advice on what to do. Right?

The millions who emigrated to the States in previous centuries left behind a nation of chickens.
21:22 August 9, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
21:04 August 9, 2011 by johan rebel

Wrong, the millions of chickens who emigrated to the States in previous centuries left behind a nation of similars.
21:34 August 9, 2011 by Mib
It all starts with the parents....then the teachers....then their circle of friends and finally their peers ie. corrupt politicians, corrupt bankers and so on. Finally, the rule of law has failed and talk of the full force of the law on these louts will fall on deaf ears as the reality is an ASBO, community service, suspended sentence or a few weeks in jail. Assuming it doesn't affect their human rights :0)

Blame Thatcher....blame the cat....blame Tony Bliar....but ultimately everyone is responsible for their actions. Put simply....if someone who is 16 or under and breaking the law....parents should be held accountable.

We live in a generation of having everything now, exposed to thousands of images/ads everyday of success, material goods....becoming famous all without working hard. Thats why we have more and more children sufferi g from anorexia...wanting plastic surgery....false tans and more. The pressure of life feels too much for people growing. Add the fragmented family life and as a result of losing family support structure and much more and it's more pressure.

The problems seen last night will take generations to fix the causes and only if politicians listen to the social services, comminity leaders, the youths, teachers and police. I won't hold my breath.
22:20 August 9, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
21:34 August 9, 2011 by Mib

At last, one more thinking person around us.
23:31 August 9, 2011 by prince T
From all the pictures i have been seeimg on Tv, it a combination of white and blacks on the streets and most cases whites. It is only Mib that have made sense here.

Swedes are too laid back to fight, but we breeding some diguntled religionists whose tenets of faith support violence. they might explode if pushed too much to the wall.
02:18 August 10, 2011 by jomamas
Civil failure and mass immigration from 3rd world countries breeds alienation ...

1 Start investing in schools, the community and developing opportunity.

2 Stop mass immigration, especially from the 3rd world.

3 End multiculturalism and help current immigrants adjust.

4 End corporate welfare for the banks.

Let the English be English, and stand for who they are, not to be held back by the globalist banker capitalists nor the communist multiculturalists - both groups intent on destroying us all for profit or ideology.
06:21 August 10, 2011 by prince T
Easier said than done. You must realise that so called British went to their country and plundered their wealth. A court case was won last week againt shell in Nigeria. It will take up to 20 years to clean up the oil spill in the region. Lastly the West make fortune from wars in 3rd world country. In most cases the west usually caused it by taking sides with vad guy and later dump him. Jas plane is being marketed in Libya now.
07:33 August 10, 2011 by jostein
@prince T

Take a course in economic history? Or why not just plain history? Saying amen and hallelujah to whatever fanatic lefty ideology does not count.
07:41 August 10, 2011 by Rick Methven
Only in The Local!

Here we have the usual suspects trying to turn this sorry state of affairs into a political or racial matter.

The FACT is that the thugs committing these crimes are just criminals who come from every group of society, white , black, brown and yellow skins, left and right politically. They are all just thugs who will be feeling the full weight of the law. It was good to see that Magistrates hearing cases on these criminals are passing them on to higher courts where they can be sent down for 10 years rather than the maximum of 6 months in a magistrates court.
12:05 August 10, 2011 by cogito
@Rick Tracy,

Who are your "usual suspects" this time?

You mean it's not Bush behind it all?
13:20 August 10, 2011 by Tony L
POSITIVE at least, ANYBODY HEARD, Swedes living in London planned to form a human shield around IKEA Wembley to protect it against looters. Really helpful
13:26 August 10, 2011 by graphixperson
lol Tony L

Everyone knows that anarchists live in modern flats with minimalist Scandinavian furniture. They'll be on that like dill on fisk.
13:55 August 10, 2011 by Tony L

Thanks for letting me know :)

Hope the Billy bookcase and Swedishmeatballs are well protected, o svenska bilar
14:34 August 10, 2011 by prince T
@joisten. Pls give me address of the school so that i can enrol or u can teach me & other ignorant pple like me.
17:33 August 10, 2011 by imonx
@ Frank You can now see that uprising can happen anywhere I hope Cameron learns from this he might need some help from the Scandinavian school of thought about how to govern.He should stop blabbing as if he is talking to robots and talk to these frustrated youngsters who are hard hit by cuts and social exclusion.
23:43 August 10, 2011 by Marc the Texan
Britain has too many problems to count. Too many idle people living in close quarters with too much time on their hands while still having all their basic needs met without having to lift a finger. Sitting in front of the TV for years watching bad behaviour rewarded with fame and wealth. Teenagers have been running roughshod over public transport in Britain for twenty years. Adult society cowed into not saying a word at all the commonplace transgressions of the youth because of a police state that protects their ever-expanding rights to intimidate the law abiding public. Britain's welfare state has grown an underclass that demands constant appeasement or else they burn down the country. And yes, immigration has played a large role in this because of open immigration with a generous welfare state. Economists showed what that does to a labor market decades ago. You can have open immigration or you can have a generous welfare state, but you can't have both for long.
07:05 August 11, 2011 by svenscum
Having had the misfortune to have lived in Sweden, the stupidity of the comments here comes as no surprise.
11:26 August 11, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
07:05 August 11, 2011 by svenscum

You are generalizing svenscum, and that is not right. You should have written "the stupidity of some comments here comes as no surprise".

Since you have not written a single comment in this thread, shall I assume that your comment #46 is stupid?

If not, write a comment so many of the commentators here can judge if you too write stupidities nor not.

Please, do not open your mouth before your brain. That is not good for your health.
12:06 August 11, 2011 by BroX

Just some snippets from the news:

"... in court, as David Cameron condemned the "sickness" in parts of British society, we saw clearly, for the first time, the face of the riot:

Laura Johnson, the 19-year-old daughter of a successful company director. She lives in a detached converted farmhouse in Orpington, Kent, with extensive grounds and a tennis court.

Another defendant who could not have been motivated by need or despair was an 11-year-old child.

Christopher James Harte, a 23-year-old scaffolder

Alexis Bailey, 31, a worker at a primary school

A postman and his A-level student nephew

Samon Adesina, 23, a student,"

So, the underclass stereotype beloved of certain politicians simply does not apply.
12:57 August 11, 2011 by Iraniboy
It is funny to see some of our fellow British posters try to blame anything from the authur of this article to the nearby Swedish grocery store for this turmoil in the UK! I guess it is the same mentality that caused this in the UK!
15:28 August 11, 2011 by stenhuggaren
@ julielou40 - YOU make me ashamed of being British. Until now I'd presumed that you were American.
16:48 August 11, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
15:28 August 11, 2011 by stenhuggaren

Don't let her fool you. She might be Evil herself.
20:48 August 11, 2011 by Icarusty
I would just like to congratulate the Chinese and Far Eastern community in Britain with the way they have conducted themselves during the riots. Having the largest Chinese community in all of Europe, consisting from a broad spectrum to the very rich to the destitute, you would expect many of Chinese origin to also take to the streets to "take revenge". In all the coverage I saw (i.e. pretty much 24/7 here in Britain), I saw mostly blacks, some whites (but moreso up north) and some asians. I never once saw a chinese/far eastern person involved in the looting, burning of people's homes and outright barbarity. So well done for being the ONLY civilised race during the riots. Long may it continue.
00:05 August 14, 2011 by DamnImmigrant
The fact is that the normal English police do not carry guns!

If this guy was shot by the "police" then it was a special ARMED unit that was assisting the arresting officers. It sounds like they had to shoot him.
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