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Four parties below Riksdag threshold: poll

Published: 26 Aug 2011 08:15 GMT+02:00
Updated: 26 Aug 2011 08:15 GMT+02:00

The poll from Synovate is the first which shows that four parties, two in government and two in opposition, would fall below the 4 percent threshold.

The greatest drop is recorded by the Sweden Democrats, which fell from 4.8 percent in June to 2.9 percent in the poll, which represents a loss of 40 percent of its sympathizers.

According to Synovate's analyst Nickals Källebring, the dramatic fall can be explained by the twin terror attacks in Norway and ensuing controversy over comments by some SD party members.

"It is a direct effect of the fatal shootings on Utøya. I can't interpret the decline in any other way."

The Christian Democrats fell 1.2 percentage points and claimed 3.3 percent in the poll, grim news for under-fire party leader Göran Hägglund who faces a further test of his leadership at the party congress in January.

Alliance coalition government colleagues the Centre Party fell to 3.8 percent, coming in below the threshold for the second consecutive time in a Synovate poll.

Doubts over policy and the ongoing search for a new party leader has meant that voters are uncertain as to where the Centre Party stands or it is headed, according to Källebring's analysis.

The big winners in the poll are the Moderates, who climbed sharply by 4.5 percentage points to 36.9 percent, explained as a result of a renewed focus on the economy.

The party is back on the same levels of support that it enjoyed in the period immediately after the election and during the turmoil of Mona Sahlin's departure as head of the Social Democrats.

The Social Democrats meanwhile held their ground on the previous poll in May, polling 32.8 percent.

The Green Party polled 8.4 percent, down 1.9 percentage points on May.

The changes to the Moderates and the Sweden Democrats are the only statistically significant changes in the poll.

The Moderates advance means that the government Alliance coalition significantly increases its lead over the opposition, with the gap stretched to 6.6 percent.

The government parties are now on 51.5 percent to 44.9 percent for the red-green opposition.

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Your comments about this article

10:30 August 26, 2011 by Iraniboy
That was expected. The 1.9% loss of Green party could be due to sudden worsening of world ecconomy. When economy gets worse people get less concerned about enviroment and they reduce their enviromental expectations I believe.
10:53 August 26, 2011 by Tysknaden
Poor SD! Soon it's time to open a cheap bottle of beer in a TV show :-)
11:19 August 26, 2011 by Iraniboy
SD may have only 2.9% percent support among Swedes but it has 90% support among our non-Swedish posters who often excericise their right of posting here with their Xenophobic comments. And they have no understanding of percentage whatsoever and think that everyone in the country agree with them :D Wait one day to see their comments coming just right here!
11:37 August 26, 2011 by Tysknaden
I am a German migrant in Gotland. And it is you, who did a xenophobical posting right now, "iraniboy". It's a little bit schizophrenic, isn't it?
11:44 August 26, 2011 by Rick Methven

I think that you might find that the usual SD supporters are being rather quiet of late. The events in Norway have shown that Breivik was encouraged to do what he did by the likes of the SD trolls posting of forums such as TL.

The intelligence organisations of most European countries have woken up to the danger of allowing these people free reign to post whatever lies and propaganda they want. As far as the idiots on TL, the most vile seem to have been banned and the others have toned down their rhetoric. Those who continue to make inflammatory posts are likely to be banned and if they are actually in Sweden ( 5%?) they could well expect a visit from Säpo.
13:03 August 26, 2011 by Iraniboy

Being Non-Swede is a wide category including me and more than 6 billion other people. So the comment I made is very broad and can include almost everyone - 9 million people includign me. That can not be classified xenophobic unless you know something I'm not aware of?!


Yeah it has significantly reduced but I still remember some dragatory terms like pigs ,worms and other racist and xenophic terms being used by some random posters here.
13:10 August 26, 2011 by Tysknaden
@You did not speak about this planets population. You wrote about Sweden - and especially about postings on The Local :-)
14:08 August 26, 2011 by truthworthy
Well that was expected. if Swedish voters will vote for SD , then they should also give a chance to AlQaeda Democrats after what happened in Norway.

Goodbye guys, the game is over.
15:42 August 26, 2011 by calebian22
The SD trolls are still here. I will have citizenship for the next election. SD will have my support, so suck on that, Rick and Iraniboy. One crazy Norwegian doesn't mean that Islamist bs in Sweden is suddenly solved.
16:49 August 26, 2011 by gh2008

you're losing temper, aren't you? not healthy!

SDs will be phased out. so, relax fella human. nature will take care of it; always have and always will.
18:35 August 26, 2011 by Iraniboy

Congratulations :) After you got it, come and explain to us how it feels to have the identity of a people of which 97% them fully disagree with you :D

One crazy Norwegian? Yes and he managed to kill much more European citizens than all Musims terorists have done in Europe so far! You have SD folk argument. You always want to destance yourself from Breivik yet you can't recognise when dark skinned poeple try to distance themselves from those teorrists! This is just clear hypocrisy.
19:30 August 26, 2011 by Svensksmith
Lumping all SD supporters in the same boat as Breivik is just as bad as the racists who lump all people together due to ethnicity. And as ignorant.
20:44 August 26, 2011 by Tysknaden
@Iraniboy: But if Calebian22 includes all the victims of so-called "honor-murders", he is right, again.
20:56 August 26, 2011 by Dave N
Iraniboy - In future, do a bit of research before you make such foolish claims. 191 people were killed by Muslims in the Madrid bombings in 2004 alone. I'll let you look up the numbers for London and New York in 2001( hundreds of Europeans killed there) and add them all together.

Breivik was a lone madman. Muslims terrorists tend to work in teams of madmen - and they are not all "dark skinned" either. It's not skin colour that's the problem - it's Islam.
21:09 August 26, 2011 by gh2008

if we count the 70-100 million people how lost their lives in WW1/WW2, you Germans by all terms & definitions are the worst ever! you know what i am saying?
21:46 August 26, 2011 by Iraniboy

This is how SD came into existance! By lumping all immigrants in the same boat as the selected ones who do crimes etc. I guess SD and their supporters will realize for the first time how it feels to be lumped ;)


He maid no point about neither vicitims not murderers Sorry mate but your argument is vague!

@Dave N

In future you don't need to do more research to realize that New York is not part of Europe. Some don't count London either! But for your research I suggest you to read Breivik manifesto so realize that his idea is not coming from nowhere. It is already there in many countries and it is officially supported by far right political parties in Europe and their supporters! This is the argument for SD and far right supporters like you to think that Breivik was a lone mad man and had nothing to do with the right wing groups he was supporting but all Muslim terrorists are connected and all Muslims are resposible. This is upmost hypocrisy!
21:55 August 26, 2011 by Tysknaden
I@gh2008: I do not understand the connection to the discussion. It's just... you are out of arguments, don't you?

By the way: Hitler liked Islam. He wrote, it is preverable to Christian belief. In his his opinion, Christian religion was making people weak - because all of this compassion stuff, and all this forgiveness and hunger for peace and communion, and so on :-)

Another infomation: The word "Slav" is the source for "slave". It was created by the Vikings.
22:59 August 26, 2011 by Iraniboy

You're showing your ignorance more than before by connecting Hitler and Islam. Yet you fail to find a connection between yourself as a German to him! Can you find a relation between Canadian goose and Hitler too?

There are many shared words between Swedish and English and it;s so strange given the fact that are both Germanic language. It is very stupid to suggest that words slav comes from Vikings.
23:02 August 26, 2011 by gh2008

well, first me saying "Germans" was just an example of how generalizing a group as a whole is not right minded.

have another look at how Calibian connected the SD faultiness and failure discussion to "Islamist bs" as he pointed out (in which was irrelevant), then you came along and backed him up all the way by counting honor murders to validate his argument.

honor murders, a practice that condemned by the vast majority of Muslims, yet you guys try to pronounce it as a Muslim act; not to mention it is practiced by other non-Muslim cultures.

when Germany as a country was in war, you only see Hitler! but when it comes to a tiny fraction figure of the Muslim population all over the world you generalize all Muslims, all different 50 countries and all their diverse traditions as a whole! isn't that double standard?

today, in my right mind, i see Germans as decent people who contributes a lot to the rest of the world, highly respected and never i blame them for the amount of damage was done by the Nazis.
23:54 August 26, 2011 by Tysknaden
The monster Hitlers Germany died more than 65 years ago. And this is very good! Those honor-murders and bombings and massmurders are still going on. And they will in continue in future. That's another difference.

By the way... is there any democratic Muslim country in the world? ( No. - Turkey isn't a real democracy, anymore.)

I do not speak about the whole Umma. But I know, what is written in the book Quran.
00:31 August 27, 2011 by Svensksmith
Yes, Iranboy, and The Koran lumps together all who do not follow Islam as infidels who are worthy only of slavery or death. Seems to be a whole lot of lumping going on...
00:47 August 27, 2011 by Tysknaden
@Iraniboy: The word "slav" is of Viking origin and means "slave". That's a historical fact. You should read a book, sometimes. It brings knowledge.

The Viking economics in a high percentage consisted of slavery.
07:27 August 27, 2011 by Rick Methven

"is there any democratic Muslim country in the world?"

How about Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world and the country that has caught and prosecuted more Islamic extremists than any other country Muslim or secular.


Glad that you admit to being a SD Troll. that's the first true thing you have ever said on this forum.

You may become a citizen by the next election, (if you are not deported by then) But with the growing tendency of your friend Jimmy and pals to put their foot in their mouths every time they open it, they will be down to 2 members, you and Jimmy. It is not only the Norwegian tragedy, but the clear evidence that SD is a bunch of skinheads that are incapable of organising a p*ss up in a brewery, that is turning voters against them. They have been given a chance by the electorate to show that they are more than just a bunch of sad racist losers and have failed. Politicians are re-elected on their record of achievements, not failed rhetoric.
09:09 August 27, 2011 by Iraniboy

Indonesia is not a country since it doesn't fit to our Tysk agenda!!! Besides I fail to understand why it is even relavant!


I'm neither a Koran expert nor motivated to defend it but there 1 billion Muslims arouns and they have their own understanding of Koran. As for that speciifc sentence, some argue that it is talking about those infidels were at war with Muslims and was killing them not any arbitrary case.

In the end, I express two wrongs don't make a right. You can write a lot of rumors and example of what Mr A who happens to be Muslim in Country X is doing but you have no right to lump other people. Religion or any other belief can vary alot so you can't lump people but political association is very clear and constant so you are responsible if you follow one of them.


Hitler was killed 65 years ago but it didn't stop his wannabes in Bosnia in 1990s and it didn't stop his wannabe in Oslo this year and.... Unfortunately the vile and dangerous ideology he planted is still there or even here!
10:26 August 27, 2011 by Tysknaden
@Iraniboy: I am little bit tired of German history. At least... I am not "Germanboy", you know? I am after assimilation in Sweden, and I do not miss Germany.

Indonesia. Here something, I copied from Wikipedia:

(...)Sukarno moved from democracy towards authoritarianism, and maintained his power base by balancing the opposing forces of the Military and the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI). An attempted coup on 30 September 1965 was countered by the army, who led a violent anti-communist purge, during which the PKI was blamed for the coup and effectively destroyed. Between 500,000 and one million people were killed. The head of the military, General Suharto, out-maneuvered the politically weakened Sukarno, and was formally appointed president in March 1968. His New Order administration was supported by the US government, and encouraged foreign direct investment in Indonesia, which was a major factor in the subsequent three decades of substantial economic growth. However, the authoritarian "New Order" was widely accused of corruption and suppression of political opposition.

In 1997 and 1998, Indonesia was the country hardest hit by the Asian Financial Crisis. This increased popular discontent with the New Order and led to popular protests. Suharto resigned on 21 May 1998. In 1999, East Timor voted to secede from Indonesia, after a twenty-five-year military occupation that was marked by international condemnation of often brutal repression of the East Timorese. Since Suharto's resignation, a strengthening of democratic processes has included a regional autonomy program, and the first direct presidential election in 2004. Political and economic instability, social unrest, corruption, and terrorism have slowed progress. Although relations among different religious and ethnic groups are largely harmonious, acute sectarian discontent and violence remain problems in some areas.(...)"
10:58 August 27, 2011 by Iraniboy

Indonasia, Malysia and Turkey are not any less democratic than a country where two parties are allowed to gain seats and a country where millions of its people came to the streets but started the war in Iraq. We all know the democracy is relative so your argument is flawed.

There is nothing wrong with Germany. It is a country where much of its population where once fooled by populistic racist slogans but it's not like that anymore. The only problem arises when we totally ignore what happened in Germany and Europe and how dehumanizing different groups of people was acheived by populstic approaches.
11:47 August 27, 2011 by Tysknaden
@Iraniboy: As I told you; I do not share your interest in Germany or your strange fascination with Germany's horrible past. I've left Germany, because it never meaned anything to me. I am giving a ... for Germany.

Your opinions about democracy are very boyish. You are at war with groups, not with opinions. All this makes me feel tired. And I have work to do. Find yourself another victim.
13:25 August 27, 2011 by Iraniboy

That's the problem! Like it or not you have German root. The reason why you don't like is because you associate it with its horrible past. That's exatly what these far right wing groups do. They do not recognise individual qualifications of people like you and me and they'd rather belittle, humiliate and finally dehumanize people based on their race, religion skin colour ,...

Good luck with your predefined characteristics and prejudices about other people! But never be surprised if others do the same thing to you!
18:33 August 27, 2011 by calebian22

I will still be here, which no doubt irritates the likes of you. I am a fine tax paying citizen of this country which as a long time resident of this country, you know, this makes me golden.

The drop in "public support" for SD is so very Swedish. Appearance being so important in this country when answering a poll at this time, is this really surprising? As you say, 2014 is a long way off. I have no doubt that SD will bounce back, just because there are so many western lovers within the Muslim community in Sweden who will again show their true colors.

See you at the polls.
18:54 August 27, 2011 by Rick Methven
@ calebian

If you can keep your nose clean, you may be here in 2014.

As for SD bouncing back, the drop in support for Jimmy and pals is not only down to The Norway terrorist, but the complete lack of any credible policy on anything from the collective IQ of 2 of the SD parliament members. Maybe they should co-opt you and then the collective IQ would rise to a staggering 2.00001
21:10 August 27, 2011 by Iraniboy
Caleb you pay texes? Is it a very strange act thata you need to mention?

What amazes me about SD and their supporters is that they claim credit for what other Swedes have e.g. high morals, high education, a decent job good behavior etc. But according to the statistic SD supporters are among low educated low paid or unemployed Swedes which is not very common in Sweden either!
23:30 August 27, 2011 by Tysknaden
@Iraniboy: I have a real individual personality. I don't need to walk on crutches. I don't feel blood bonds. I am Aspie! (And, by the way, I am 25% polish.)

I left Germany - now I am living in Sweden. This means: I am loyal to my new home and I am willing to become assimilated.

You know? I came by free will, by my own decision. I wasn't asked to come. So I have to adapt... which is easy, because I have the same skincolor, the same religion. I grew up ith Pippi Långstrump; I love Ingmar Bergman's movies. I love the landscape and how the Swedish language sounds. And I am living on my own money! I accept the rules and the laws! Otherwise... I should have to move my ass out of Sweden!

So don't project your problems - and all your peoples problems! - on me.
09:23 August 28, 2011 by Iraniboy

You're again explaning about your individual successfull experience. But from right wing classification you are never a true Swede no matter how hard you try. You are born not be Swede according to them. So keep trying to fulfill their requirements but in the end you're doomed to never fulfill their last requirement. You're happy that you have the skin colour so you're excepted from their shots? No this is just for now! Once theu grown more they start to classify people based on more purity of genes! Look at true Finns in Finland. Their main enemies are actually Swedes becasue the blacks and dark skin colours are not very much among them!!
11:51 August 28, 2011 by Tysknaden
@Iraniboy: And the interest in stupid rightextremist view of blood and nation is not my problem, too. This is a democratic country. They are fully entitled to think and say, what they want - as much as I am enitled, not to care about it.

I have been verbally attacked by SD voters in public. Something like this does not touch my heart. And it pushed other people towards me - in friendship.
17:03 August 28, 2011 by Iraniboy

Not caring is always an option is most cases for me too. But you were in fact supporting our fellow Anti-XYZ poster and were accusing other groups of honour killing etc. Everybody is entitled to talk within demoratic framework but expressing hatred about others can be a challenging area in freedom of speech since it can lead to loss of many lives as history proved to us!

I hope I was very clear that I was merely saying what SD supporters may think about you based on information you provided to me. Otherwise I'm very disqualified to make any comment about you.
02:10 August 29, 2011 by Tysknaden
Yes. I was supporting a SD person. Because in this/ his specific comment, he was right.

And the big problem with this murderous honor killings amongst Muslim immigrants is a tragic fact.

As I told you. I am discussing opinions - I am not in war. This is a democratic forum, not a schoolyard. I am trying to accept opinions and points of view I do not share. And sometimes other peoples arguments make me change my opinion.

If you want to continue using Breivik (and the people he murdered) as a weapon to silence other people in discussion, you will have to live with the reactions.

Your problem is, you do not understand the concept of democracy. All you want is agitation.
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