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Islamic terrorism is key threat: Swedish police

Islamic terrorism is key threat: Swedish police

Published: 06 Sep 2011 08:09 GMT+02:00
Updated: 06 Sep 2011 08:09 GMT+02:00

Speaking at a seminar on Monday on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the terror attacks on the US on September 11th 2001, Danielsson said that the strength of al-Qaeda had been greatly weakened in recent years.

The threat from al-Qaeda could be complicated if the organisation divides into regions, according to Malena Rembe, an analyst at Säpo.

"It doesn't make the job easier for us," she said.

The September 11th attacks may in retrospect be seen as a culmination of al-Qaida's capabilities, Danielsson said.

The attack was also unique in that it coincided with the age of mass communication, and so it could be witnessed live.

"This contributed to the scare factor," the Säpo director said.

The worldwide broadcast of the second plane crashing into Manhattan's World Trade Centre ensured that the propaganda effect was maximised.

"However, similar attacks have not occurred is not because al-Qaeda has not tried. Counter-terrorism is difficult," Danielsson said.

"To ward off threats takes as long as finding out whether the threats are not true."

Säpo's mission is furthermore to prevent terrorist crimes, Danielsson underlined.

"Our mission is not to get convictions for terrorist crimes, that is not a measure of our effectiveness," said Danielsson.

"We can and are likely to be exposed to terrorist attacks again. But it will not destroy our democratic system. Terrorism rarely does, even though it may seem that way."

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08:53 September 6, 2011 by truthworthy
Mr Danielsson dont forgot the new Al-Qaeda in Scandinavia. they pose more threat than AlQaeda right now. It was not AlQaeda that massacred 76 innocent children in Utöya in July. You know who did it.

It is time to eliminate the old AlQaeda and the new ones (SD).
09:13 September 6, 2011 by calebian22
Oh yes, one crazy loner does a despicable act, and we are supposed to forget Islam, untrustworthy? And SD didn't kill anyone, you troll.
09:20 September 6, 2011 by eppie
O give me a break. Säpo is just trying to keep its funding intact.

A very easy way of reasoning.....there is no terrorism in Sweden because we have done such a good job so fund us more. Of course we cannot tell you what we have done and how many terrorist acts we have stopped because that is a secret.

I don't believe that Malmöl killer was a muslim now was he?

But of course as calabian points out....if a right wing conservative muslim does something it is the fault of all muslims, if a right wing conservative christian westerner does something it is a act of a single madman.
09:30 September 6, 2011 by Tysknaden
Yes. There is a threat by islamofascismen.

And another threat by rightwinged extremists.

Don't forget the leftwinged extremists.

Plus, all the people who can only live with democracy as long as the election's outcome fits to their taste. Who cannot stand free speach, if it is not their own voice. Those people are a cancer to democracy.
09:56 September 6, 2011 by occassional
Well I never...
10:15 September 6, 2011 by isenhand
Sweden does not appear to have much of a significant threat from terrorism when compared to other EU countries and terrorism from Islamic extremists is the least of all the terrorist threats in Europe as a whole and has decreed constantly since 2006.

see: https://www.europol.europa.eu/sites/default/files/publications/tesat2010.pdf
10:23 September 6, 2011 by Tysknaden
@isenhand: Because Sweden pays a big ransom with tax payer's money. Because Sweden is one of the places giving shelter not only to victims.
10:26 September 6, 2011 by RobinHood
A result for al-Qaeda.

Ten years ago, Islamic terrorism, for most of us, was an obscure concept that we read about in newspapers, but never touched our lives. Before 11 September 2001, few reading this will have even heard of al Qaeda and Bin Laden. Ten years on Islamic terrorism impacts on our lives almost every day. When we travel by air, when we visit a city centre, when we read or listen to the news. We now live in a world governed by fear of everything Islamic. For many of us, our liberties, rights and freedoms going back to Magna Carta have been set aside in the name of something called The War On Terror. So many Islamic countries have been invaded by the west, it's getting easier to list the countries that haven't, instead of the countries that have. Needless to say, invading Islamic countries, and the "collateral damage" that results, drives certain unstable young people insane with rage, and has been the principle terrorist recruiting tool ever since. No doubt, al Qaeda made a list of hopeful outcomes in the event of their succeeding on 11 September 2011, in every way, they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Ten years later, Islamic terrorism is perceived by a "neutral" tiny little country like Sweden as a "key threat". In target countries like the US and the UK, its influence has led to the loss of civil liberties, the rise of xenophobic attitudes against the Islamic faith, and the abandonment of moral values that saw us through WW1 and WW2 perfectly adequately. Perhaps al Qaeda's most significant, but probably unintended victory is the consequence of US post 11 September 2011 economic leadership: tax cuts, expensive wars, pork, and free spending of borrowed money has led to US and consequent universal economic collapse which has yet to play out. Years of economic instability for everyone, and poverty for some of us; thanks George (who incredibly, inherited a government in surplus from Clinton). Not bad for an organisation that at its zenith had only a few hundred members and is currently leaderless and close to collapse. Mission accomplished!

As I said, a result for al Qaeda, but only because we allowed our leaders to abandon the moral high ground of a democratic state, governed by the rule of law, and sink to the levels of our enemies instead: war without cause, Abu Grab, Guantanamo, torture, water boarding, imprisonment without trial, rendition, lies to the UN (yellowcake) lies to Congress (WMD), lies to Parliament (WMD). We lay with the dogs and are covered with fleas, and we proved to al Qaeda and its supporters that we are the crusading, valueless, ethically challenged, lying, scum they said we were. Freedom fries anybody?
11:46 September 6, 2011 by jacquelinee
Yes, it really is. Exactly the same as the neo nazi threat is and the white seprmemicist threat is and the hardcore fundamentalist Christians threat is. Any Severe Extemist sect is a huge threat to the peace and safety of all clear thinking people with an ounce of common sense.
12:24 September 6, 2011 by shahislam
What if, Obama and UN approve a new law to be internationally passed in the future that will make mandatory for every voter to use digital electronic tools like cellphones, laptop etc. through any of the social business networking programs such as Facebook for voting , banking, job, education etc, allowing unrestricted UN / Governments access to the activities of every citizen of the 'to be crime-free new world' then, good citizens shall have nothing to fear but be happy to enjoy safety and freedom and bad citizens wouldn't have no choice but become better!

When a single or a group of individuals becomes too caucious about privacy laws etc. it has surely something to hide.

If all they wanted is money, they got it and still can make it elsewhere like China, India, Pakistan etc. But for what? There hardly one can nitice signs of happyness or smiles in on their face. Why? Are there some mysterious CIA facts yet to be learned by global public? I honestly say: Kudos to the... more

If all they wanted is money, they got it and still can make it elsewhere like China, India, Pakistan etc. But for what? There hardly one can notice signs of happiness or smiles on their face. Why? Are there some mysterious CIA facts yet to be learned by global public? I honestly say: Kudos to the dysfunctional smartness of human brain including the negatively powerful side of it too, which can turn boredom into exitement to make societal living for all, a bit colorful for a while. What would be the world without mind boggling incidents but some groups unfortunately, having too much money at their disposal cannot smile as a natural expression of enjoying life.

Obama is blessed if he may continue smiling naturally as he is doing.....

Now a serious fact follows: Because of Media heads' intentional or poor understanding of the scenes behind the scenes, up until now, the few heads in operating government powers confusingly undersood by the global Public as land pieces of Country-power which are in fact fake-powerful like parer-tigers; e.g. representing North Korea, Iran, Yemen, Bahrain, China, Pakistan, India etc. By the grace of Cosmic Creator the above are in serial for gradually becoming possible cosmic targets in an unprecedented "Non-violent, secularly occurring manner without usage of weapons by the opposition" of regime change after Syria. The Public of above pieces of lands should not feel threatened at all, as "Latest fashioned New kind of Politics will avoid old 'Do or Die, Kill or be Killed etc. situations and strategies and must not cause anyone to perish by guns but monetary sanctions only; moreover, shall try to save old minded political leaders from being killed by the unwise mob-like portion of the agitated public or put on pre-determined dishonest trials.

13:00 September 6, 2011 by Mib
How many attacks by professional terrorists have happened since 9/11 in the West? I can remember Spain, 7/7 in London....can't think of any others....apart from the "amateur" attempts in Glasgow, London and Stockholm.

The IRA were very successful at terrorising England and NI. Yet despite all the rhetoric and scaremongering by Western Governments, we haven't seen anywhere near the levels of the IRA and we're talking about the whole of the EU and North America...yet very little success thankfully.

The "War on terror" was an excuse to invade Iraq, abuse innocent peoples rights etc etc. How much has Iraq cost the American taxpayer and the anguish for the families of soldiers who lost their lives or were maimed? Tony Bliar, Gordon Brown etc all deny that they lied to the public regarding Iraq, Libya etc and as time goes by, we see that what everyone suspected is in actual fact true. Yet, they are allowed to live free, earning stupid amounts of money living off their lies.....but they should be prosecuted for war crimes...including George Bush.

What has quite clearly come out of this and exposed by Wikileaks is that our democratically (I use that word loosely) elected Governments are as bad if not worse in some cases in human rights ie. rendition, Guantanemo Bay and the expose of documents found in the British Embassy in Libya that they turned over a Libyan to Gaddafi...in the full knowledge that he would be tortured......and the result? Nobody listens to them anymore......China throws back any hypocrisy of the US when they complain about their abuse of human rights. We are living in a form of dictatorship with he illusion of democracy.
13:38 September 6, 2011 by asteriks
@Mib, that's true what you say. Swedish SAPO need more money from budget for their hungry appetite, therefore they make paranoia, to get more money for themselves.

Attack on USA was done by Saudi Arabia citizens and everything was planned in Hamburg, but they misused it to attack Iraq and Afghanistan. Saudi Arabia make oil business with American corporations, so, they are not attacked. Thing is simple: corporations finance politicians and political parties, politicians control political police which has crowd of journalists to spread disinformation, that's how they control society and they make money for themselves. They are in politics because they are greedy and surely not because they care about Kurd in Iraq. If America didn't make war, nobody would attack America. Wikileaks published information about crimes in Iraq, almost 200 000 civilians are killed but unofficial info is about one million. That's much more than how many Kurd were killed by Saddam.
15:34 September 6, 2011 by RobinHood

"How many attacks by professional terrorists have happened since 9/11 in the West?"

First, quite what do you mean by "professional"? I don't think anyone has defined terrorism as a job before.

Next, why on earth would you limit your question to the West? Are you implying the hundreds of terrorist atrocities and consequent deaths of tens of thousands of people in the East and in Africa are irrelevant?

Also, the IRA would not have survived more than a few months under the anti-terrorist heat that is now applied globally. It's no coincidence the IRA got out of the terrorism business a few months after 11 September 2011.

Finally, you have chosen to restrict your question only to terrorist attacks that have succeeded. Scores of attempted terrorist attacks (in the West) have been foiled, and thousands of lives saved, by good old fashioned spying, police and security work. The West has been in anti-terrorist lock down for years. Your conclusion that because these attacks failed there is no risk is ridiculous. Any one of them, or several of them, might have slipped through, with horrible consequences for passengers on American Airlines flight 63 (Shoe bomber), North West Airlines flight 253 (underpants bomber), or the 2005 London bombs (failed to explode), or the 600 kg's of ammonium nitrate fertilizer found in the possession of terrorists in Sussex England in 2004, or the 2006 British based plot to blow up 10 transatlantic flight using liquid explosives.

SÄPO has played its part, and has helped foil several attacks over the years. Most of its resources are currently focused on anti-terrorism. They deserve all the help they can get.

I am certain that the day the terrorists get lucky - and they will, you will be the first to demand why more wasn't done to prevent it.
17:02 September 6, 2011 by conboy
The Swedish Police give the Keystone cops a good name!
19:41 September 6, 2011 by Iraniboy
I have a feeling that the government wanted to cut their budget :D
20:19 September 6, 2011 by Mib
@Robinhood when I say professional..I say it in the context that they know what they are doing and have the resources to carry out their terrorism. Where as the amateurs who attacked Göasgow airåort, Tiger Tiger in London, Stockholm last year were quite clearly not trained in their chosen path.

With regards to mentioning only the Western world.....this is where the "so called" democracies opposed to torture etc have used anti democratic, hysteria to justify the withdrawal of our basic human rights. Of course it happens in thebrest of the world and normally as a result of the West's interference.

What proof have you that many attacks have been thwarted? It's part of the hysteria.... Several groups of people have been arrested in the UK and many released without charge. We were told Iraq had WMD and there were links to 9/11. We were told the terrorist released back to Libya was solely the decision of the Scottish system. We were told that Brazilain running away on 7/7 was running away and was a terrorist. Wenwere told that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown did not have an agreement to allow GB to take over. We were told that rendition was not happening. We were told that Britain does not use or condone torture. We were told that the scientist who was involved with the 45 minute WMD report was suicide, yet they use the law to lock away key information about the case. The list goes on and only later do we get to hear the truth. You must live in a bubble if you believe politicians and their BS.

You just have to look at Israel which has the toughest security and great intelligence services and they still get attacked.
20:25 September 6, 2011 by zooeden
Yeah, what has been done to the 200 plus islamic extremists who are active and in constant traffic here in Sweden???? Tell me that The Local!!!
22:17 September 6, 2011 by Brucelee@stockholm.sweden
Hhuuu, many comments, but I am just curious about one thing, why Sweden took so many Islamic asylum seeker in the beginning? Swedes pretended to be GOD saving the world or?
07:36 September 7, 2011 by isenhand
@Mib check the europol link above for number of attacks.

@Brucelee cos Sweden, being a rich country, feels it should help needy ppl. It just so happens most of the violence today occurs in Muslim countries.
13:07 September 7, 2011 by Dom har glömt
The reason why Sweden took in so many asylum seekers and Muslims is because they went from Vikings to Pee wees. If it is not nippt in the bud right away or very soon, it will be too late. Down the road it will be takin away because when

it is overun the laws will be stricly muslim based.
19:06 September 7, 2011 by shahislam
I assume, no one will be wrong to think that Gaddafi left Libya long ago!

One or two of his sons may be inside the convoy but not himself!

Like an apparently defiant but inside frightened king in disguise and nomadically dressed in real Bedouin outfits but truly Billionaire: Mr. Gaddafi very possibly has been riding on the back of a camel with a very few humble looking loyalists beside him and mentally prepared to head for a long distance against the sand-filled gusty whirlwind with an aim to reach as far as ghastly deep green jungle of Zaire.

I hope, the Western collective intelligence through UK, France, Norway and USA is aware of real scenarios despite what news is being broadcasted before the global public, except the African part by the conditioned Medias.

Mainly Libyan Young Generation practically from studying in U.K. France and USA and observing keenly with the knowledge of historical events have learned the smart secrets of old style politicking.

One has to be a little wiser to understand the true fact that the rebels are just playing a dishonest game of deception, only to make the West in the eyes of global public to look like: "Fools are rushing in where angels fear to tread".

As long as there is a well balanced peace-loving leader of world leaders such as Obama who do not have any personal or family links with businesses of abhorrently usable profiteering products such as gold, weapon, oil etc. and can easily have positive influence on UN, there will be strong possibility of avoiding Wars that took place between 1914 to 2001, where human collective intelligence of inventions of War machines, toys (like today's digital technology of Microsoft Corp.) has been used in the service of madness (as sometimes too old or too young human brains function) of dysfunctional less-developed brains of some unwise, near sighted World leaders that are responsible for killings of more than one hundred million public world-wide in the above mentioned time period.

In the sense of humanly true Justice, in order to save a single life of only one innocent human, one or more criminals can be set free, pardoned or sent in a labor camps (Have to build in the future for global peace in the changed to be better world) etc.!

Therefore, suspended death sentence for any heinous criminal (from age 12) with condition either to serve in the front line fighting against other criminals or to work like light to heavy exercise in labor camps will be just fine.
22:13 September 7, 2011 by godnatt
The shocking news here is Swedes telling the truth about this for once.

22:20 September 9, 2011 by Coalbanks
Loss of jobs in 1st world is terrifying me!
21:54 September 26, 2011 by conboy
Move to the 2nd then you will find some!
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