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Family outrage over 90-year-old's deportation
90-year-old Ganna Chyzhevska with great-grandson Elvin.

Family outrage over 90-year-old's deportation

Published: 06 Sep 2011 16:17 GMT+02:00
Updated: 06 Sep 2011 16:17 GMT+02:00

“Sometimes she understands that she will be sent away from us and sometimes she doesn’t,” granddaughter Anna Otto told The Local.

When Ganna Chyzevska’s husband died of cancer eight years ago, her daughter and granddaughter, who have been living in Sweden since 1995 and are Swedish citizens, applied for residency on her behalf based on family connections.

Since then, Chyzevska has been forced to travel between Ukraine and Sweden several times, only being granted temporary visas and residency permits for short periods of time.

Chyzevska’s application for residency was initially denied due to what Otto describes as “not a close enough family connection”.

”We didn’t live in the same household as my grandmother before we moved to Sweden. My mother was 50 years old when she moved here. It isn’t common for a person to live with their parents at that age,” saíd Otto.

According to Swedish law, a family member needs to be living with their adult children and be financially dependent on them before the residency permit is granted based on family connections.

“Before 1997 we were allowed to grant residency to elderly parents whose adult children were living in Sweden, but then the law was changed,” said Mikael Ribbenvik, legal expert at the Migration Board (Migrationsverket), to The Local.

Since the beginning of the process, Chyzevska’s applications for permanent residency have been denied seven times.

“This last time it was her health. The medical certificate does not show that her health is deteriorating and so they denied her application,” Otto said.

Chyzevska’s doctor, Claes von Segebaden, wrote in a letter to the Migration Board that the chances of the elderly woman being able to manage on her own in Kiev are slim.

“The patient shows significant signs of dementia,” he wrote.

Von Segebaden has concluded that Chyzevska shows clear signs of an Alzheimer’s type of illness, as well as ischemic heart syndrome and strongly diminished eyesight as the result of a cataract operation.

However, Chyzevska’s appeal for consideration of her diminished health had no impact, as the decision to deport her was not changed.

According to the Migration Board it is not easy to get to stay in Sweden due to medical reasons.

To be allowed to stay the applicant has to prove that the country does not have capability to offer the care needed.

“We are not allowed to take into consideration whether the patient will be able to afford the treatment in their country or not,” said Ribbenvik.

He said that it is not easy to make these kinds of decisions, as it is almost impossible not to feel for the people you are dealing with, but that the Migration Board is bound under Swedish law, and therefore their hands are tied.

Otto told The Local that a meeting had been scheduled for Monday, September 5th to plan the particulars of Chyzevska’s deportation.

When she arrived at the meeting with a list of questions for the officers, she was told that they wouldn’t be able to answer any of them.

“I was told that I just had a choice; to set a definite date for my grandmother’s deportation or let the matter be handed over to the police,” Otto said.

Otto has so far staged a demonstration to persuade authorities to let her grandmother stay in the country and has collected 426 signatures on her behalf.

“If she goes back to the Ukraine she has nowhere to live and she won’t know her way around. Often she doesn’t even remember who I am,” said Otto to The Local.

Chyzevska’s deportation date has been set for October 3rd.

Rebecca Martin (rebecca.martin@thelocal.se)

Your comments about this article

18:02 September 6, 2011 by Tysknaden
This is heartless and cruel. They should deport a few criminials, instead.
18:14 September 6, 2011 by dammen
my heart goes out to these poor people - at that age and with her medical conditions I would certainly not feel comfortable with the prospects of deportation.

I wonder how those making the decision would react if it was them who were in the same position.

It begins to feel as if Sweden is becoming more and more of a dictatorship with all the things one is not allowed to do - it does not leave much room for the things that can be done, especially as the government and Migrationverket play God in all these matters means
19:09 September 6, 2011 by axiom
migrationsverket, I'm sure you can do better than this.

Doesn't the law normally leave discretion for compassionate cases that fall outside normal migration rules.

This is the case in most countries.
19:11 September 6, 2011 by fedotovskiy
Swedish government if fully racist.

The only reason why they decided to deport her is because of her race.

Yes, she is white that's the problem.

The same thing with immigration in Sweden:

It's extremly difficult to enter for people from East Europe but incredible easy for people from Africa
19:44 September 6, 2011 by Iraniboy
Migrationsverket does nothing but implementing laws. Though they may be given some space to use their common sense, this is clearly due to lack of law!
19:59 September 6, 2011 by skumdum
They hand out 105,000 PUTs every year, so I don't see why this granny can't stay.
20:05 September 6, 2011 by occassional
Babushka gets to go, scum get the benefits. I have lost all faith in human kind.
20:12 September 6, 2011 by matona1
A 90 years old woman this is pure madness,are those laws for animals?
20:15 September 6, 2011 by bells on the knight
Yup agreed with fedotovskiy.

A friend of mine had his Bulgarian (EU) wife denied recidency for the same reason (family connection). On top of that they have children in common.

However, they would grant her a "right of stay permit" which then falls under EU law.

Had she been black, illiterate, with a criminal record and infected with HIV she would surely have been granted residency.
20:49 September 6, 2011 by eddie123
@bells and Fedo, you are dead wrong in assuming that africans get an easy ride here. there is a difference between hosting refugees and persecuted people, and dealing with other cases of migration. lots of africans get their asylum application denied and lots more are deported on a daily basis around the globe. when there was crisis in the Balkans, lots of eastern europeans were granted asylum. you don't talk about that, do you?

the question is about a 90 year old who is facing deportation and not about migration for africans. where were you when a Nigerian with Parkinson's disease was forcefully deported by the migrations' board? guess you have willfully forgotten that episode. the same applied to a Ghanaian woman on dialysis that was deported from the UK irrespective of protests from medical personnel - she died two weeks on arrival in Ghana.

the issue to be addressed here is one of compassion. you should allow certain complicated cases to be considered on compassionate grounds. this lady is old and on her final flap of life. how long does she have to live anyways? it is best that she is allowed to spend more time with her grand kids and die in peace than being subjected to the stressful ordeal of being deported in her old age.
20:55 September 6, 2011 by jacquelinee
This is criminal. But I do not agree it is because of her nationality.

Look at the inhuman treatment Swedens own elderly receive in the Swedish Death/care Facilities right here in Sweden. I will give you the short version.

They are hit, piched,punched, raped, sexually degraded, left on the floor when they fall, invalids are left lying in feces till is has totally dried on them, bandages on open wounds not changed for 2 weeks, maggots in open bed sores, being forced to swallow their own vomit, bets taken as to the time of their death as they lay there dying and after they do, proped up, sunglasses put on them and jokes made of them. And this is only the tiny bit I am aware of and can speak of as fact. AND THIS IS TO THEIR OWN SWEDISH CITIZENS!!!

Do you honestly think the Swedish Government would show any compassion to a stranger if this is the way they will treat there own, who in good faith, paid into their sytem so they could rest easy that they would be cared for in their old age?

It is shameful, heartbreaking and criminal... but remember that old statement we have heard so many times " That is the way we do things here." I am very afraid that nothing whatsoever will be done to save this poor old woman, and it makes me cry.
21:11 September 6, 2011 by PaulTheOctopus
on my opinion it`s stupid, relatives taking care of her giving her food and etc. so i don't think she costs alot of money for tax payers
21:34 September 6, 2011 by ironman294
if she were a terrorist bomber such as the lebanese guy who bombed the plane over lockerbie she would be allowed to stay on humanitarian grounds

Because she is not a terrorist the liberals in the swedish medical board will not let her stay.

A daughter and grandaughter are not close enough as family?

They are sentencing her to death and her remaining last years which if even a year will be sad. When they can allow her to be taken care of by her daughter and grandaughter they will not allow this.

I love Swedes, but the make me sick sometimes.

Shame on you Sweden!
22:04 September 6, 2011 by Brucelee@stockholm.sweden
I don't know the details, but if by law one has to leave a country, he should leave, right? law is law, feeling is feeling.

But I agree Sweden should deport more criminal bastard and low creatures and morons instead of this poor old lady.
22:37 September 6, 2011 by lovedealer76

You are more than a moron mate,you're not making any sense and won't waste a sec on correcting your kind
22:52 September 6, 2011 by Boar
There are many ässhöles living in Sweden. Rather send them away. They suck the taxpayers money and live a luxurious life, without doing any work, and keep their women inside their house, lock them up.

This women is even being feeded by her own daughter. The idiöt who is dealing the case can fix her a permit. It takes no time to do that. No one would say a word against him.

I don't understand when the law was different. How come the MB idiöts did not grant her a Permanent Permit. They rejected 7 times her permanent residency. Moreover she came before 1997. Now, they say the law changed and then they raise their hands all of a sudden. Looks like a big joke.
23:12 September 6, 2011 by lovedealer76
Well from what i've just realised on all these comments here is,you people are very much in the dark how the swedish immigrationboard operate.

Well let me discribe them just a tiny little bit,they are the most indiscretionary and empathyless joke's you can imagine,try and do a little survey on how they grand resident permit on asylum seekers then you'll realise how they give permit to the most "awful scum" more than you can imagine,when you've don't that,then you can come back and give a good testimony how rediculous the swedish immrigrationboard really is,"trust me"
23:33 September 6, 2011 by Enjoyourlife
@ Bells what do you mean by black and infected with HIV? Don't be stupid man. HIV is not limited only to Africans. Grow up.
23:55 September 6, 2011 by Dimukas
Пидарасы - have no other word than this one, sorry
23:56 September 6, 2011 by soultraveler3
Thousands of PUTs are given every year to people who have no means of support and will rely on Swedish taxpayers for everything. Hundreds more are given to young women that have briefly met different old Swedish men and decide to move here with them.

But, they can't figure out a way to let a 90 year old woman who has already lived here for years and is supported by family to stay??

It's sick.
04:31 September 7, 2011 by wolverine2k
My friend had a first hand experience with Swedish MB. His 80 year old mother is living in India alone. This guy is working for a big company and paying close to half a million in taxes which is way ahead then a normal Swedish guy earns before taxes. The MB has rejected his plea to grant a residency permit (even a temporary one) for 3 times now. And the guy is now just thinking of going back. Imagine the loss to the government in terms of taxes as well as Sweden will loose the big brains.

And then I met another dude from Iraq who was able to bring in his sister, mother and sister's hubby in a matter of 6 months. Only difference being that they asked for asylum. In fact that was the only word in English that they spoke. This dude has married and now divorced her former Swedish wife. Yep thats how he got into Sweden as well.

So in short, if you want to stay in Sweden, just come along and say Asylum and no further questions will be asked. Long live Sverige.
07:47 September 7, 2011 by Nemesis
Asylum seekers in my SFI course have brought even the entire families to Sweden.

This decision is sick.

She should be allowed to stay with her family and spend her final days in dignity surrounded by loved ones.
08:10 September 7, 2011 by rise
The system, Migrationsverket, doesn't work. It's broken somehow.

Let immigrants live in Sweden while they're waiting in several years before the final decision of deportation? Good idea, somebody seems to think. Especially good against their small children who are growing up in Sweden and in fact are becoming Swedes.

Someone seems to think that deportation of helpless old ladies is a good idea too. But I'm hardly alone in thinking that's nothing but inhuman. She should probably have been an animal instead - to get better treatment.
08:43 September 7, 2011 by Tennin
This is just wrong on so many levels. Migrationsverket has some really messed up rules.
08:45 September 7, 2011 by sjuttiosjusköterskorpåsjukhuset
I can think of thousands upon thousands more, from much farther away from Sweden, than this poor old, wretched soul to deport. There's something more to this story than what meets the eye.
09:03 September 7, 2011 by ooo7
I even know a an American who bought his dog and a cat here....disgrace
10:10 September 7, 2011 by KungsholmenGuy
The couple who ordered their 16 year old son to do an 'honour killing' of a guy who was dating their daughter got 10 years in prison here before they will be deportated.

Accordingly one option for the 90 year old Ukrainian woman is to obtain an AK-47 an run up a body count somewhere.

That way she could enjoy full health care benefits, and a cozy life in a Swedish prison for the next 10 years including cable TV and endless visitation hours with her relatives.
10:23 September 7, 2011 by aveminus
Swedish Migration board is one of the funniest organisations of it type in the whole world,.,., they shut down for like 2 months during summer(they are open but they never issue visas during summer),.,. their work hours is like 3 - 4 hours for 3 to 4 days a week,.,.., sometimes when people apply for visa you get a neat reply after 2 months that they lost your application please resend,.,., It seems like a really fun work place :) Any idea how to get a job in Migrationsverket :D
10:35 September 7, 2011 by Keith #5083

I agree with you.

I also feel for the Migrationsverket staff who have the heartless task of implementing these laws.I cannot think that any of them will find the situation satisfactory.

The real problem arises if 'exceptions' are made and then these 'compassionate rulings' get abused. A very difficult case to resolve but in view of the prolonged history with this case perhaps some method can be found to resolve it in a more humanitarian way.I feel sure most Swedes I know would wish to see that.
11:21 September 7, 2011 by burito
it would not happen if old women come from some Islamistan....(no way!)Racist towards slavs,bending over for the muslims.
11:52 September 7, 2011 by William Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha
If the law in Sweden says that frail, elderly relatives can only come here if they already living with and dependent on their younger relatives, then the law needs changing. It's inhumane. Circumstances change and the law needs to take this into account.
16:37 September 7, 2011 by hjoian
unfortunately im not surprised,as i have ongoing isues with MV for 3 years now.

This is a disgrace,and for some "jobsworth" to say its a shame but thats the law, is a pathetic human being. Article 1 and 8 of the European Human Rights, is being broken here...ask Mikael Ribbenvik about the law on that! Swedes can show compassion sometimes,and this is a time to do so.
22:38 September 7, 2011 by Keith #5083
I know this will not be popular amongst some who comment here, but a civil servant is not paid, empowered or otherwise authorised to act outside of the rulebook. If they did so taxpayers would rightly demand that they be dismissed.There job is to administer taxpayers' money in accordance with the rules they are given.

Our dismay at this case scenario should more correctly be directed at the lawmakers.

Would somebody like to start a national website petition asking that some compassion be shown,by the lawmakers, for this type of unusual situation?

I'm sure the staff at MV would be happy to be given some more compassionate guidelines for this type of special case.

(PS. I am not, nor have I ever been, a civil servant or government employee).
09:59 September 8, 2011 by sjuttiosjusköterskorpåsjukhuset
jaqueline: Thank you for sharing what you know about Sweden's elderly persons in "deathcare facilities." This is absolutely despicable and inexcusable. These "healthcare" providers and administrators of such facilities need to be prosecuted. They fail to realize that someday they will be old, and that someday will come very quickly because time goes by very fast. Surely the government is aware of what's going on, just by the telltale signs of abuse like bedsores, maggots in open bedsores, dried feces on their person; bruises, cuts, and widespread contusions, etc. Government officials must be held accountable too. Here in the states, social scientists and the United Nations keep glorifying the Swedish welfare state as a "model" for everyone else, including the U.S., to follow. The sad reality is that Sweden is no "model," and I keep telling these dreamers that here on this side of the Atlantic. These sort of abuses happen here in the U.S. too, but I don't think senior citizen healthcare facilities here are able to remain complacent like in Sweden because state government officials consistently inspect, without notice, these places that house and are supposed to care for, our elderly. What a disgrace. I have taken notes on what you wrote. Hej då!
13:17 September 8, 2011 by Geneva8
Here is a family fully intending to honor a moral responsibility to care for an aging parent. But the government won't allow them to take the high road. The alternative is to dump her back to the Ukraine where she will be a ward of the state. Send the bill to the global taxpayer. Nice work, Sweden.
14:55 September 8, 2011 by cogito
"You are in Sweden now. This is how we do things in Sweden."

Heard that before?

They dump their own elderly, too. Swedes stuff their parents into institutions where they are submitted to criminal cruelty.
19:43 September 8, 2011 by Addendum
Sweden's social designers have already determined how the country should look this fall. White-elderly-female is not in vogue this season. White-female was popular in the 70s, but Elderly has never quite taken off.... My heart goes out to this family. Apathy, Sweden is thy name!
20:23 September 8, 2011 by Zombie
Have these people no decency?

Don't they have grandmothers?
23:37 September 8, 2011 by Boar
@Keith #5083:

So, you mean the Officer in MV will take into consideration the taxpayers and reject the application as he is to obey by the laws?

OK, Agreed. But, why do I have to pay my tax money to the ässholes who keep coming and stay illegally and get free treatment in hospitals.? If this woman is even getting free treatment from my tax money it doesn't bother me. The family already mentioned that they are feeding her. Means, if she has problem also they mean that they will pay the hospital bills.

This is obsoletely bullshit. I feel sorry for her. She has no where to go. Why Sweden brings useless people from outside while making such people to suffer by sending them away so easily.

I ask again. Why should my tax money go to useless illegal people as well as non working ärabs in Sweden. To produce more such ässholes in the society?
08:43 September 9, 2011 by Keith #5083

As I remember the gov tried to stop Regional Health Authorities treating sick illegals. The RHA (most of them) said 'if someone is sick, we'll treat them first and argue afterwards'. This I would call a civilised society.Sickness is no respecter of legal niceties,is it my friend?

It is unfortunate, for you and your tax bill, that you are a member of such an 'enlightened and civilised society', though I hasten to add that not everything falls quite so neatly into boxes. This moving case of this elderly woman is an illustration of that.
12:21 September 9, 2011 by Addendum
If Ms. Chyzhevska violently murdered someone, she would be eligable to remain in Sweden for the next 3-16 years with free room and board, including cable, probably internet access, and perhaps even earn a salary as well for her time? She might have access to some sort of health care and unrationed food. She might be granted a permanant residence permit as well...
01:02 September 12, 2011 by esvahnt
the problem is she is white

the resentment against white is ever bigger from non whites (and their supporters)

non whites are coming
12:18 September 12, 2011 by jacquelinee
@ esvahnt

Man! Do you have "Racist" Tattooed on your forhead? You really should, then you would not have to open your mouth in order for people to get your point.
19:37 September 12, 2011 by odinmp5
grandma, you should get an ak 47, and a copy of the quran,.. make sure your kids dont work, don you ever let your grand children learn swedish.... follow this steps and the government will change your status in a week. PROBLEM SOLVED.!!
01:16 September 19, 2011 by Chickybee
What kind of message is Sweden sending?

Sweden does not see the consequences of its rediculous stance on open immigration - countries like Denmark, Holland and Luxembourg are severely tightening up immigration and Sweden is handing out passports like sweets.

All I see more and more in the press is Swede on terror charges, Islamist attacks in Sweden, etc.

What has happened to Sweden? Europe will not sustain such irresponsibility - be fair to Swedes and immigrants - immigrants come to Sweden for what is was before not what it is becoming now.
09:04 September 28, 2011 by pghbob555
This article is written to play upon your emotions. It isn't clear what her circumstances are and why should Swedish taxpayers have to bear the burden of caring for this woman in her last remaining years when health care costs are the highest, especially for someone who has never contributed to the social system in Sweden. Just because she has grandchildren who are willing to care for her doesn't mean she should get special priority. Don't tell me that her grandchildren can't take turns going back to Kiev to stay with her until her demise. No, people just want what they want, not caring about the consequences for anyone else. And, why do we always get so gushy when it comes to the elderly? If this woman was so bloody interested in living in Sweden, she would have made application to the Migrationsverket years ago.
02:04 October 4, 2011 by rumcajs

you are an animal mate... but unfortunately you are right... the only think we know for sure is that the poor woman will never work, pay taxes, consume and feed bankers and corporations .......... and THAT is the most important thing... if you can't do it, you are worthless. Anyway, if you think that's ok, there must be something wrong with you.
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