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What's going to happen in Sweden in 2012?

What's going to happen in Sweden in 2012?

Published: 30 Dec 2011 13:48 GMT+01:00
Updated: 30 Dec 2011 13:48 GMT+01:00

The Local recently listed some of the biggest stories in Sweden from 2011, as well as articles from the past year that proved the most popular among readers on Facebook.

The question remains, however: what will be the big news stories in Sweden in 2012?

Will some mystery buyer emerge to buy Saab and once again get the Swedish automaker's Trollhättan plant rolling again?

What sort of mayhem might Sweden's drunken elk cause in 2012?

Will Crown Princess Victoria give birth to a boy or a girl?

Or might Sweden decide once and for all to scrap the monarchy?

Might Swedish alcohol retailing monopoly Systembolaget be abolished?

How will Sweden fair at the summer Olympic games in London, or at the Euro 2012 football tournament?

What Swedish innovation might take the world by storm?

How will Sweden's economy fair in the next year?

Will finance minister Anders Borg cut off his pony tail?

Or might Social Democrat leader Håkan Juholt shave off his mustache?

Feel free to sound off below with your predictions for 2012, be they purely speculative and tongue in cheek, based on detailed analysis, or simply educated guesses about what may happen in 2012.

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14:55 December 30, 2011 by muscle
well the year 2011 will be in the past , thats for sure ! :)
15:27 December 30, 2011 by jostein
Its the economy stupid! And the hardening conflict over ever scarcer resources.

The global economic outlooks looks extremely bleak, possibly even cataclysmic. Japan is still in the doldrums, the US has a deptcrisis, the euro-zone also has a deptcrisis and the euro is falling apart. And china is a beginner at growth and might suffer a bust which is so common to those that are just getting started with the economic cycle.

So, the biggest issue the entire year will be the soloution of the Euro crisis and global recession. One of three things will happen with the euro.

One: Germany will continue to bankroll the failed economies of Europe. On the surface all will look calm. The game has been set for an even bigger euro-crisis in a few years. This is what they will try first but it will unravel very quickly due to pressures from global recession.

Two: The rich leave, Finland in the lead. The value of the euro plummets. Id put my money on this alternative looming large before the end of 2012.

Three: The poor are kicked out and defaults.

Sweden might have order in its public finances. However, the swedish citizens have huge depts, mostly related to real estate. What will happen when the prices of real estate falls, as they are doing now? Lots and lots and lots of people sit with morgages up to the chimney on their houses and apartments. Right now we see the adjustment of inflated prices caused by easy credit. But what happens when a tightening economy forces people to sell? How low can they go?

The media cabal that has been running this slander-campaign against the king has spent their energy. Lately we have seen how they get much stauncher opposition in the media. It will be a nonissue 2012.

SAAB is dead, god rest its soul. Both ponytail and mustache are safe and sound for the entire year. The elks are gonna sober up.

To be or not to be, that is the question. Esepcially if you happen to be a Social Democrat. The slow motion collapse of the former titan of swedish politics will go on and will continue to cause disbelief, horror, confusion and glee.

Assads regime in Syria will collapse and the country will explode in ethnic strife and genocide.

Israel - Palestine, same old same old. But swedish journalists will continue with their morbid fascination for this dirty little conflict, for inexplicable reasons.

The death of multiculturalism as a ruling ideology in the large western european states and the effects of its rule will be an issue.

Expect many articles in swedish media explaining how evil they are and how good swedish journalists are. And paradoxically, how wrong it is to divide the world in "we" and "them", at least as long as you agree that swedish journalists are gods gifts to mankind and that any who do not agree with swedish journalists should be categorized as "them" the "evil ones".
15:36 December 30, 2011 by Great Scott

A huge increase in unemployment.

A house price crash.

A down turn in the economy.

The gap between the poor and the fat cats increasing.

More people living on the streets.

Reinfeldt and Borg denying it has anything to do with them.


Bildt goes to prison after his dirty dealings in Lundin oil have been exposed.

A fabulous summer.
15:46 December 30, 2011 by jostein
Oh, i forgot the biggest story of all! Ron Paul is gonna be elected American president and this will cause an uproar. Sadly, he dies of old age before being sworn in as president :( It really is a damn shame, i liked him. A moment of silence in tribute to this grizzled old warrior and brave champion of the American constitution if you please.
20:15 December 30, 2011 by Svensksmith
Same stuff as this year...only different.
20:46 December 30, 2011 by Ian C. Purdie - Sydney
If the fiasco over Julian Assange continues watch Australia/Swedish relations sour. Many Swedish companies trade in Australia and I don't think they'll be happy.
20:59 December 30, 2011 by Dimukas
There is no need to worry, I will start working and earn money.

So guys if you need some help next year you may ask me )))
21:58 December 30, 2011 by Migga
What will happen in 2012 and what will the news be?

Well Sweden will lead the world again as one of the best countries to live in. It will be better of economicaly. There will be progress made in science, medicin and technology. The Swedes will live better and longer.

At the same time other countries will fall. US,UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece will all take big hits.
01:27 December 31, 2011 by Thebinary1
Q. Will some mystery buyer emerge to buy Saab and once again get the Swedish automaker's Trollhättan plant rolling again?

A. No. SAAB will have no option but to be stripped and sold by parts.

Q. What sort of mayhem might Sweden's drunken elk cause in 2012?

A. Unimportant!

Q. Will Crown Princess Victoria give birth to a boy or a girl?

A. Unimportant!

Q. Might Sweden decide once and for all to scrap the monarchy?

A. No, the monarchy will stay as is.

Q. Might Swedish alcohol retailing monopoly Systembolaget be abolished?

A. No.

Q. How will Sweden fair at the summer Olympic games in London, or at the Euro 2012 football tournament?

A. Unimportant!

Q. What Swedish innovation might take the world by storm?

A. Space flights.

Q. How will Sweden's economy fair in the next year?

A. Sweden will be in a recession next year, however it will fare much better than its European neighbors. China's economy will collapse after it has been discovered that they have been cooking their economic stats since 2000. Think the sub-prime and excessive local debt hitting China simultaneously. The rest of the world will follow China's economic misfortune.

Q. Will finance minister Anders Borg cut off his pony tail?

A. Unimportant!

Q. Might Social Democrat leader Håkan Juholt shave off his mustache?

A. Unimportant!

Q. Should The Local be asking more intelligent questions?

A. Yes! Although such a development seems highly unlikely.
19:17 December 31, 2011 by EP
I will finally leave Sweden :-)
20:57 December 31, 2011 by Grokh
the same stuff that always happens. Some economical crisis, some peopel will say some stuff that isnt accepted, some politician will get caught in a scandal.

Some terrorists will blow more stuff up.

a bunch of idiots are gona run to store for some new gizmo.

11:48 January 1, 2012 by cmbsweden
Grokh has it right.
14:54 January 1, 2012 by shahislam
Other reasonable heads of govts.-Please watch carefully what Obama says and does, the global public is lucky to have him in 2012 as a president of USA. Have patience and observe how the positive change occcurs.
15:39 January 1, 2012 by gladio
SWeden Will see great changes in 2012 As all THe Events we see happening in CountriEs afar Shall come to these Shores.......

2012 is just the Beginning of a great Turmoil that is approaching.....this will continue into 2013 and beyond.......

SweDes have come to feel ProTected AnD someWhat Safely iSolated from the cOnflicts and sociAL Events otHER couNtries are SufferING HowEver now THis time has Ended and As We thE People of SweDen have EnjoYED while others have suFFFERed Now the Wheel Of kharmA is rolling towARds us......

So We MUSt Prepare For THat which mOSt of us SEEm so unPrepared for.....
17:10 January 1, 2012 by Cornelius Hamelberg
This year will be more eventful than last year - isn't there a prediction that the world is going to end on 21st December 2012?

Perhaps, if the Sweden Democrats have it their way and Lars Vilks' portraits, drawings and paintings are exhibited in Parliament in the spirit of Ecce Homo, then it could very well contribute to bringing the world to end, starting with retaliatory bombings right across Sweden.

If the exhibition doesn't go ahaed ( and I hope that it doesn't) then it could be

" same procedure as last year":

19:02 January 1, 2012 by jostein
#15 Cornelius Hamelberg

** Gimme all your money or ill blow up a bomb or somethin! **

** Do as i say or ill hurt you! **

See how that works?
02:01 January 2, 2012 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Yes, we all see how the merchants of fear & of death work. For that reason the SD can talk loud but do nothing and not out of fear of committing treason, but because they know that the terrorists mean business - for that's what you'll call those who would be impelled to defend the Prophet of Islam's honour - should the exhibition the Sweden democrats are agitating for ever go ahead. But in their heart of hearts they know that it could never go ahead, for fear of the terrible repercussions in bombs and economic sanctions.

Vilks himself is the one most opposed to such an exhibition going ahead, because he knows that some Sheikh or several sheikhs would definitely put a price on his head.

Money? At least the con-men Gurus from the East were more subtle, more truthful and more peaceful - "Ahimsa" was their word; they did not threaten to blow themselves up or to blow up any of those they wanted to rob - it was neither "Your money or your wife" nor "your money or your life" - they merely said to the Haight Ashbury kids from the "materialistic" West, "It is your materialism that is obstructing your spiritual progress... give me your money and I'll give you peace of mind"

12:59 January 2, 2012 by jostein
#17 Cornelius Hamelberg

Peace in our time, like :D Didnt work then, wont work now.
13:26 January 2, 2012 by Ben Mowbray
A great deal of people will come to understand on December 22nd that had the Mayan culture not died out for all intents and purposes during the Viking Age, they would write up a new calandar for the next long count?

Who plans a thousand years ahead anyway? Seems like no nation or company can see beyond six months...
11:50 January 3, 2012 by swekiwi
Easy, nothing is going to happen in Sweden in 2012 because nothing ever happens in Sweden :)

gladio - snap out of it and stop smoking so much pot, its making your pARaNoiD...
10:27 January 10, 2012 by Jeff Taube
New package; same crap inside!
11:08 January 26, 2012 by johnny1939
Evrything will be just "lagom" as usual..boring, boring Sweden...Oh well.....hope the Princesse will have twins.
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