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Sweden to receive 1,900 quota refugees in 2012

Published: 30 Jan 2012 15:01 GMT+01:00
Updated: 30 Jan 2012 15:01 GMT+01:00

”We are really happy, of course, that we can offer 1,900 places again this year,” said Christina Werner, the CEO of the Migration Board (Migrationsverket) to TT news agency.

Each year, the Riksdag allocates funding allowing the agency to bring between 1,700 and 1,900 refugees to Sweden under the UN’s quota programme.

Just like the previous two years, the agency will focus mainly on the areas of conflict on the Horn of Africa – but also people who are escaping unrest in north Africa.

The majority are Somalis fleeing to Kenya and Djibouti, but also Eritrean and Ethiopian citizens who are now in Sudan.

Sweden has cooperated with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) since 1950 regarding refugee quotas.

This year Sweden allocated 250 places for people who are forced to flee from fast emerging conflicts.

This is a resource that will only be used when necessary, and has come about since the UNHCR increased the need for quick-relief efforts.

350 places were set aside for other emergency measures.

Werner pointed out that Sweden is the biggest recipient of refugees in Europe, and that the refugees are often forced to live for long times under appalling physical conditions and mentally desperate circumstances.

“It is people who have been in refugee camps for more or less long periods of time and who don’t have the chance to get out in any other way,” she said.

In terms of the novelty of the 250 places reserved for those affected by so called ‘flare-up’ conflicts, Werner points out that it allows Sweden flexibility in the areas where the refugees come from.

“We won’t need to be locked to specific locations, but we can act in the areas where UNHCR say are in need of the most help,” she said.

TT/The Local/og (news@thelocal.se)

Your comments about this article

16:15 January 30, 2012 by RobinHood
Where does Migrationsverket intend to put them all? We heard earlier this month that Sweden's accommodation facilities for refugees and asylum seekers were fit to burst, and that the occupants were in revolt about the poor conditions. We also heard that tens of thousands of Swedes are currently "homeless". Another 1 900 isn't exactly going to help things, is it?

The people actually responsible for finding decent homes for all these people must rage in frustration as another 1 900 get shoved into a clearly overwhelmed system. Sweden seems to be full up already. No more for a while thank you very much.
16:23 January 30, 2012 by Mr B
These African countries will never change,I though the west was corrupt,but African leaders take it to another level,even going as far as killing people to place themselves in power,and all the time the peoples of the countries look to Europe for help.their should be stricter controls of arms supplies to these countries to prevent them from waging endless wars and stopping the endless migration.
16:38 January 30, 2012 by bourgeoisieboheme
1900 is a drop in the bucket for Sweden. The amount who come on asylum and illegally makes this 1900 pale in comparison. Is this even news worthy? In other news, inflation changed .001% today...
17:11 January 30, 2012 by dott
>Sweden is the biggest recipient of refugees in Europe

We need MOOORE!! I'm sure Swedish tax payers can save the whole world.
17:19 January 30, 2012 by Great Scott
That's another 1,900 unemployed.
17:38 January 30, 2012 by Rod Munch
Fantastic! This is exactly what Sweden needs! Take the number of males in that 1900 number and multiply them by 8 since that is the average amount of children they have. Then you will have the true number of refugees accepted. Here's an idea....let's put them in Malmö. That city doesn't have enough "vibrance" or "enrichment" yet.
18:48 January 30, 2012 by Vill
In unrelated news, the Swedish basketball and track team is expected to do very well in the 2032 Olympics.
19:08 January 30, 2012 by Svensksmith
Job security for the police force.
19:12 January 30, 2012 by nar klockan klamtar
Drip, drip, drip....../
19:19 January 30, 2012 by Ali Abdi
Sweden is one of the resettlement countries and resettle refugees recommended and referred by UNHCR. I hope apart from the heavy responsibility and financial expenditure involved Sweden will get population and mixed ethnic groups who can bring positive change and development like America.

Therefore, let us welcome those desperate people and share our available resources with them. Thanks migrationsverket for the efforts and help to the world citizens. Tx
19:27 January 30, 2012 by Abe L
It appears that the people in the Swedish government agreeing to these things do not understand that 1900 refugees is the equivalent of an entire new small town.

Swedes has sufficient problems of it's self and does not need these people. There is ample unemployment and serious crime is rising at incredible levels.

If you let these people in, it needs to be under very strict conditions. And they need to be forced to work and pay back what they take from the Swedish tax-payer.

- Stick them in Norrland and revoke the right of relocation within Sweden. Leaving the country is fine, but we do not need more Malmo's.

- Immediate return to country of origin upon committing a crime.

- Do not provide Swedish citizenship to them or their children until after 10 years of living and working in Sweden without a criminal record.

- No more then 6 months of tax-payer sponsorship, if they can't land a paying job and provide for their family within that timeframe, immediate return to country of origin.

- Forced learning of the Swedish and English language.

- Provide a minor financial compensation for not participating in a religion.

That will filter out the rotten apples from those actually wanting to build up a life somewhere else and work for it.
19:50 January 30, 2012 by VicTaulic
Believe me, they all want free lunch. Don't kid yourself. Sweden.
20:16 January 30, 2012 by hit_me
1900 REALLY????

Here is some fun fact,

Spending millions of SEK to teach them Swedish language, provide home, medical and other benefits, and in return you get criminal minded peoples with no positive output. If you don't believe me see the last two years newspapers.

My suggestion, rather than spending millions on them why don't you spend even half or less on International students. Who spend two years to get education from a Swedish University, speak fluent English and most of them know Swedish as well. Who already knows the Swedish culture, behaves well, decreases the crime ratio but also would be more beneficial in terms of paying more tax, increases the innovation and research sector of Sweden and also the Export sector of Sweden as well.

Because the more the Export, the more increase in GDP of a country which increases the job market and decreases the recession that many EU countries are facing these days. So think about it!
20:17 January 30, 2012 by storstark
rather than placing refugees, sweden should stop making the weapons that displace them in the first place...

as a taxpayer funding this government subsidised industry you all should be demanding this...

as good as you feel, Sweden, with all your aid, the bleeding heart routine doesn't work when there's blood on your hands...
20:27 January 30, 2012 by grov_kvinnofridskrankning
They should triple it and then send em all to marsta.
20:36 January 30, 2012 by Fernandis
All YOU ppl commenting here are foreigners/immigrants....if Swedish govt decides to bring someone in this country, YOU MUST ACCEPT THIS OR LEAVE THIS COUNTRY!
20:49 January 30, 2012 by Dekka
@ Fernandis I think you are taking all this too seriously ... including the Swedish government !!!

@ Rod Munch hilarious!!!! I loved it!!!
21:05 January 30, 2012 by Fernandis
@ Dekka - - - - Well, this is very simple that those who disagree with swedish constitution they should find another country to live.

If this news was about 1900 immigrants from Eastern Europe, probably no one would have spent their precious time writing comments.

Interestingly, I NEVER SEE Somalians or African Blacks begging in the trains, BUT WHITE Eastern EUROPEANS do .... Probably Swedish govt doesn't want beggars :)
21:07 January 30, 2012 by Migga
I have no issue with this. These refugees are real refugees taken from refugee camps. They are not the asylumseeking refugees who comes in droves. I have no problem letting these people in, aslong as they stay in line.

My problem is the fake refugees. My problem is that Sweden is the one country in Europe that takes in the most refugees. Either countries like England, Germany, France, Spain and Italy needs to bring in more or Sweden has to cut back.

@ storstark

Sweden has no blood on their hands. It`s not Sweden or Swedes that make conflicts.
21:25 January 30, 2012 by Rod Munch

Trotting out the 'ol "You are responsible b/c you send them weapons" line is not going to help your argument. The thing is, there always has to be a willing seller AND buyer. Why don't you tell them to stop buying the weapons?

And to help you out Storstark, try this....point out all of the good that refugees from that region of the world have done for Sweden. Find some statistics or evidence that shows something positive and use that as your argument. That is how you win debates.
21:55 January 30, 2012 by Roy E
Sweden importing the third world and causing unnecessary problems for itself does absolutely nothing to solve the problem that creates the refugees in the first place. How many refugees will there be in 2013? 2014? 2015?....

If there were a Nobel Prize for foolishness, we'd have a winner!
22:36 January 30, 2012 by muscle
Funny :) the immigrants hating the immigrants!
22:40 January 30, 2012 by Nilspet
What a heaven on Earth ! There are in fact many new Swedish citizens who cannot even read Swedish (let alone write). Most of them refugees from the beginning. They become citizens after only 5 years of living (on state handouts) without having done anything seriously (not even finish language courses). .... OK you are so rich and generous Sweden .. you can take in more refugees..fine!

But now compare this to the fact that Sweden kicks out foreign students who have successfully achieved their studies in Sweden!!! According to the law once you have finished your studies in Sweden you are not even entitled to stay 1 more day.

How pathetic!
23:10 January 30, 2012 by JulieLou40
@ abe l: We don't want them ALL up here in Norrland, thanks very much!!
23:50 January 30, 2012 by cabralb
I think it has a lot humanitarian and economic reasons, both from the side of Sweden and the arriving people.

Of Sweden's 9.3 million inhabitants, 18 percent have passed the retirement age of 65 and are pensioners. This number is projected to rise to 23 percent by 2030, at which time about one out of five Swedes is expected to be of retirement age.

Who will look after this reality, while the birth rate is driving down? We need more people producing and not consuming.
00:02 January 31, 2012 by johnny1939
Send them all to Härjedalen it needs more population very badly.
01:10 January 31, 2012 by Rod Munch
Those "Sweden needs the population influx" arguments are old and tired. If that was the case, they wouldn't be importing people who will be on welfare for the rest of their lives. They would be importing Far-East Asian people who are well-known for adapting, integrating and most important of all, working!
03:27 January 31, 2012 by Marc the Texan
Wouldn't a better solution be to sponsor them in a country that has closer ties to their culture and people? It would be cheaper, they would be safe and they could integrate better. Countries like Kenya already have large Somali expat populations. Someone who has grown to adulthood in a mud hut without electricity or plumbing will never be able to integrate into Swedish society and will be for the most part unemployable.

Is this program a sociological experiment to put people in as foreign a culture as possible and then study the results? What is the goal and objective of such an expensive program, when there are far better alternatives? Importation of welfare recipients isn't in anyone's interest, no matter which side of the transaction you stand on. An absolutely ludicrous program.
04:07 January 31, 2012 by GLO
This is just NUTS.....
04:49 January 31, 2012 by TheWatchman
Despite the fact that these people are real refugees from refugee camps, the ones who were in that Somali crisis not too long ago, it doesn't work when you just say 'come live with us! you are welcome!'

Some limits need to be put in place, many of such were listed by Abe L such as:

'- Immediate return to country of origin upon committing a crime.

- Do not provide Swedish citizenship to them or their children until after 10 years of living and working in Sweden without a criminal record.

- No more then 6 months of tax-payer sponsorship, if they can't land a paying job and provide for their family within that timeframe, immediate return to country of origin.'

I don't agree with the religion one, because freedom of religion should be promoted, but...not that religion.

@Ali Abdi

It's not a mix of culture. A mix of cultures would be like Canada, where there are Jews, Chinese, Blacks, Irish, Italian, Greek, French, British, Koreans living in peace

That's not the case here. It is simply your people, coming en masse to Sweden, and slowly replacing the native culture. It is similar to how the British settled on the lands of the Indian peoples. I don't mean to offend you, but seeing it any other way is turning a blind to the truth.
09:06 January 31, 2012 by knonwhite
@Migga : Sweden has no blood on their hands. It`s not Sweden or Swedes that make conflicts. Are you Joking??

Giving Nobel prize on one hand and selling arms silently on the the other hand wont make your hands clean...
10:14 January 31, 2012 by johan rebel
Sweden can and should admit quota refugees, these are desperate people in dire straits who cannot bribe of pay their way to the west. The number should even be higher than 1,900, but then Sweden should put an immediate stop to all the so-called refugees that flood the country, e.g. ensamkommande flykting "barn" (yeah, right!), economic migrants, and their parents, children, siblings, nephews, nieces etc. (has anybody in Sweden ever heard of DNA testing? Hello?).
10:24 January 31, 2012 by RobinHood
Someone burned down the refugee center in Arboga last night, reducing capacity by 80 beds.

Will the number of places refugees for 2012 be reduced to 1 820 in consequence? Or will Migrationsverket put them all up in the back office?
10:34 January 31, 2012 by godnatt
In other news Sweden will pay a 100000 sek bonus to any of them who learn to spell their name and manage not to gang rape anyone within the first five years.
17:39 January 31, 2012 by Greysuede
The United Nations - Sweden deal sounds like a legalized give'n'take. The voters in Swedendo not know actually what's behind of this!
18:36 January 31, 2012 by Joshua Smith
SWEDEN is a big Joke!!

I can't really understand why they wanna chuck out well educated international students without providing jobs stating they dont speak swedish but wanna bring in only refugees?

I am not against the Government who are bringing in poor people who are suffering...Good to help poor people, But at the same time, they should also provide jobs for educated people or atleast give them work permit for atleast one year.

Sweden doesnt have proper vision and direction..they are digging hole for themselves!!
18:41 January 31, 2012 by Fernandis
@ Joshua Smith ------- I am happy that you and many other foreigners here really care about Sweden's Future, more than native Swedes :) BUT, Swedes feel threat from you like Educated ppl in the job market, not from poor and uneducated refugees.....did u get it? :)
19:33 January 31, 2012 by Rod Munch

You are making some comments here that are not very well thought-out at all. Regarding your comment above....do you really think that Swedes feel more threatened by an educated, Western immigrant than by refugees? Ask the next girl you see if she is more comfortable walking down a street that has a group of North African men or a street that has all Western, educated men. Ask that question to 10 women and I will bet you any amount of money that all 10 say Western, educated men.
20:09 January 31, 2012 by Chickybee
Why can't other Muslim or other African countries take in these asylum seekers?
20:31 January 31, 2012 by efm

Bec. they don't want them either. and other african countries are as poor or as corrupted as where they came from.
22:08 January 31, 2012 by Rod Munch
@ efm- I always wonder why Turkey doesn't step up to the plate? Perhaps they do and I don't know about it. Just wondering.
23:32 January 31, 2012 by Smiling Canuk
Here's some advice to Sweden - if you're going to take in African refugees start taking them off the top and not the bottom. In otherwards look for the more educated and entrapreneurial ones if you don't want to end up with a permanent underclass.
00:06 February 1, 2012 by Fernandis
@ Rod Munch - - - - Sweden or Swedish ppl love you like western ppl thats why they still haven't adopted EURO :) but obviously they don't want beggars from eastern Europe, either.
11:05 February 1, 2012 by mafketis
1. Make people in your own country want to kill you

2. Claim refugee status in Sweden

3. PROFIT!!!!
18:24 February 1, 2012 by Rod Munch
@ Fernandis- LOL! You are entertaining, man. Keep them coming.
03:23 February 2, 2012 by Jeff10
Hey, Swedes, yes, keep bringing in more refugees. What you need to do is to ask Gov. Janice K. Brewer (Governor of the State of Arizona) to come back to her ancestral homeland and run things. You may recall that she's the woman who wagged her finger in the face of the POTUS B. H. Obama. Plus, she's a good Lutheran. She has the cojones to get Sweden back on the right track.
08:26 February 2, 2012 by zooeden
1900??? OK yes they are very welcome but this time bring them to Stockholm or Kiruna please!!! I wanna see them on todays finest in Cafe Opera!!!
11:33 February 2, 2012 by code14j
@Rod Munch

"More than 19,000 Syrians have fled to Turkey since a brutal crackdown on antigovernment protests hit northern Syria in June."[1]

nobody humiliates them simply belonging to a race, religion or nobody thinks that they a burden to the society. The same case applies for emigrated Georgians (a christian (majority) society from Caucasus) or any other nationality. I am horrified with the racist view of some commentators simply because I don't remember that I chose whom I born. But, to be honest, immigrants should also do their best (to learn Swedish fluently, to contribute by means of intellectual property) to integrate with the society.

12:21 February 2, 2012 by Fernandis
@ code14j ......... @ Rod Munch ...........

it is all about fear that if there are more refugees in this country, who'll take care ppl like Rod Munch. By the way, Rod Munch where do u come from ? obviously u r not Swedish :)
15:05 February 2, 2012 by Wodenaz
Did the average Swede get a chance to vote for this? Democracy is a sham and importing 70 IQ Africans to set up breeding colonies is nothing but destructive to Sweden as a nation and to the indigenous Swedes.
15:20 February 2, 2012 by Abow
yea most of people, I hope will agree with the swedish gorverment as they are trying to make the country MORE diverse like the US & UK.
20:38 February 3, 2012 by astra2thor6
Prof Jan Ekberg of Linneaus University concluded in his study instituted by the government that the Swedish government spent in excess of 50 milliard kronor every year supporting unemployed invandrare and their dependents. His study showed that on average invandrare were unemployed for eight years following their arrival in Sweden, and the unemployment rate amongst invandrare was significantly higher than among Swedes.

A representative from the local special group of Arbetsförmedlingen, specially established to find work for invandrare, said that many Somali refugees could neither read nor write their native tongue. I suggest that their obtaining "betyg" from SFI or SAS will not equip them for the Swedish job market.

Angela Merkel recently stated in the German Parliament that their attempts to integrate Turkish immigrants had failed despite Turkey having provided "guest workers" since the 1950s! Not good news for Sweden's attempts at integration.

Lastly, the Swedish government itself is well aware that invandrare are experiencing social exclusion. Perhaps they should read "Swedes as others see them" for elucidation.
00:35 February 4, 2012 by Stuart Parsons
Oh you'll be sorry !
09:13 February 4, 2012 by astra2thor6
An acquaintance of ours teaches at a local school that has many muslim pupils including some from Somalia. At the end of the Christmas term the Somali children were not allowed to attend the school carol service. The father of one Somali boy, who sings in the school choir, sent a letter to his teacher forbidding the boy from singing any Christian songs that contained either the word "Jesus" or "Mary".

It's taken me, a northern European, almost ten years to become integrated into Swedish society and to understand generally how it ticks. Not only do Somalis face extreme cultural differences, but they come from a country that is perceived as there most corrupt in the world. I don't think that the majority of Somalis have much of a chance to become integrated; perhaps some of them don't want to integrate.
08:17 March 23, 2013 by Khazara
The racism on this board is sad.
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