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Police 'embarrassed' by continued violence

Police 'embarrassed' by continued violence

Published: 01 Feb 2012 17:24 GMT+01:00
Updated: 01 Feb 2012 17:24 GMT+01:00

“The entire Swedish police force stands behind Malmö. We have received reinforcements and continue to work under previous guidelines,” said Hans Nordin of the Skåne Police to news agency TT.

On Tuesday night at 7pm, an emergency call was made to alert police that a 48-year-old man had been shot in his car. He died shortly after in hospital.

Later on at 2.30am, a bomb exploded at a nearby police station. The explosion caused extensive damage to the building, although no one was injured.

Police are now actively searching for clues that will lead to arrests, yet have stressed the importance of witnesses coming forward with information about both events.

“It’s important that those who know anything dare to come forward. We protect our witnesses,” said Börje Sjöholm of the Malmö police to TT news agency.

While the bombing of the police station has not been connected by police to the murder, they have labelled the attack as a possible retaliation to their increased attention to crime fighting, particularly in their search for illegal weapons.

This extra police attention has resulted in more violence, with three people being fatally shot only in January this year. Police have been questioned as to whether the additional policing has been a failed crime-fighting attempt.

“No, it’s no failure. But it is very embarrassing that another murder has occurred, and very irritating that we couldn’t do anything to prevent it,” said Nordin to TT.

Ilmar Reeplau, the Malmö mayor, was livid after Tuesday’s turn of events, and also claimed that not enough was being done in the fight against crime.

“It’s bloody awful. We have had a massive police operation on Malmö’s streets, but the violence is only continuing,” he said to the Sydsvenskan newspaper after a visit to the crime scene on Tuesday.

The incident on Tuesday night marks the eighth fatal shooting in the city since May.

“The Swedish law system is being ignored and is not respected any longer,” he said to the Skånska Dagbladet newspaper.

Sweden’s minister for justice, Beatrice Ask, has called for more police in Malmö and has launched an investigation into what many believe to be outdated weapons laws, yet mayor Reepalu, who supported the idea, claimed that more still needs to be done.

“Customs must also get better resources to stop the flow of illegal weapons. The legislation for illegal weapons dates back to the 60s. We must have a modern laws, ”Reepalu told TT.

TT/Oliver Gee (news@thelocal.se)

Your comments about this article

17:50 February 1, 2012 by godnatt
How about being embarrassed about opening your borders to lawless stone age thugs from the armpits of the world and expecting anything different?

This is simply a symptom of the much more insidious fatal, drawn out disease of cultural relativism.
18:01 February 1, 2012 by Querist

TO: The Nanny State

Question: ? MULTI-CULTURALISM is vital again because dot dot dot . . .?

18:23 February 1, 2012 by zooeden
C´mon, bombing the police station and no single one saw anything???

Shame on the police for having an attack in the back yard and shame on the amateurs who put a bomb with a minimal blast!!!
18:28 February 1, 2012 by SimonDMontfort
They should be more than 'embarrassed': how about admitting they are out of their depth and they need to study how other European police forces are dealing with this type of crime?
18:43 February 1, 2012 by Vill
For Sale: 76.8 square kilometers of multicultural, urban paradise in Southwest Sverige. Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from København. A wonderful place to raise a family of 15 without even having to work a single day.

(*Body armor, heroin, and AK47's not included*)
18:52 February 1, 2012 by johan rebel
Increase in police presence? How about a decrease in criminal presence instead? Just send them back to where they come from.
19:04 February 1, 2012 by Roy E
It's not the cop's fault. The government imported this problem.
19:20 February 1, 2012 by Reason abd Realism
1. Stop the guns pouring in from the border and then have a gun amnesty day

2. Fill the skies with drones on that day, to watch the gun givers go back home.

3. Raid their homes the next day on suspicion of downloading a song or two from Pirate Bay to get access to their computers and all of their email contacts, which will likely constitute a beehive of criminals who still have their guns and rocket launchers.

4. Get the guns and rocket launchers from the rest of the criminals.

5. Sit tight for a few days while civil libertarians claim that this multi-part gun and rocket launcher seizure was an absolute treason of Swedish values and a gross violation of human rights.

6. Enjoy a murder-free Malmö
19:50 February 1, 2012 by TheWatchman
It's pretty simple. Without the Muslims in Malmo, the crime rate would be almost zero. It's not the polices' fault, but the politicians.
20:04 February 1, 2012 by kashmiri81
First prove 100% crimes are being done by Muslims ..... I think Swedish government and police are more wiser than you ........ Stop this blame game unless u have some soluid reasons.

Your hate for Muslims ( I dont have problem with it its your personal )

But its a Society issue let police to find the real criminals ....... Arab or immigrants are not only Muslims ..... Cheers .
20:16 February 1, 2012 by Puffin
Statistically the crime rate is higher in Stockholm than Malmö - but don't let facts get in the way of your rants
20:20 February 1, 2012 by Rod Munch
Purely out of interest, can we see the source on those statistics? Thanks.
20:31 February 1, 2012 by isenhand
some ppl going around with no idea what's going one do they?

Perhaps they should hit them hard with a major leaflet campaign?!
21:05 February 1, 2012 by grov_kvinnofridskrankning
Why are you people so naive. They were not trying to blow up the police, they were just trying to get into the police station.... Duh.
21:43 February 1, 2012 by Chickybee
@Kashmiri81 What have you to base your facts on when you jump down someone's throat for voiving his opinion?

Fact is that Muslim immigrants are causing huge problems in Europe - not just in Sweden but even Iceland where a Palestinian refugee was accused of a bomb plot.

Do we see Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists in the news as much as Islamists or Muslims with 'social/religious issues' - no!!!!

Europeans are seeing their countries deteriorate and when the facts come out it's all anti-PC to state the facts.

Sweden just wasn't like that before this massive wave of immigration from - yes, I'll say it majority Muslim asylum seekers.
22:03 February 1, 2012 by Abe L
It's simply solved by drastically increasing the punishment for such acts. Bombing anything should be considered an act of terrorism. This is what the Americans have Guantanamo and the death penalty for and Sweden should have no less.
22:41 February 1, 2012 by kashmiri81

you are a so called liberal Muslim and I would love if you stay in your own paradise of nonsense:)

your comment for me just kind of an abnormal part of blame game :)

22:48 February 1, 2012 by 45auto
You wonder how much longer the lefties will continue to deny that there is a muslim problem.

There is simply no sane reason to keep importing these backward, third world barbarians.

You import them, get them on benefits, and then they attack your society. Suicidal.
22:48 February 1, 2012 by me_i_sverige
How would place be motivated or encouraged to find criminals with such a lousy low of Sweden. Police arrest criminals, next day the judge let them go. Unless Sweden makes very strict laws (like deportation after sentence) then it could act as a strong deterrence, I see no point in police going after criminals.
22:53 February 1, 2012 by occassional
In other news: Sweden to get another 1900 UN quota refugees.
23:23 February 1, 2012 by jostein
On a postivie sidenote, the mediopolitical class taught the malmö police never ever ever never to call rioters "apedjävel". It is unclear if this improved their effectiveness in controlling riots. But at least the police adopted a more apropriate language when speaking with one another on their way out to try to curb the violence and destruction that the medioplitical class insists on importing to sweden.
01:21 February 2, 2012 by DavidtheNorseman
Violence is a product of values, not guns. Switzerland has the men with military grade weapons in almost every house yet shootings are abnormal and rare. South Africa is a shooting gallery. It's about values, not guns.
01:24 February 2, 2012 by Smiling Canuk
Its not the Malmo cops that should be embarrassed - its the politicians that formulated Sweden's immigration policy that should be. And its not me that just said that - its coming directly from my Sweden born father in law.
02:11 February 2, 2012 by blik
Multiculturalism - a modern weapon idea formulated at the Kremlin.

And proving to be very successful.
03:12 February 2, 2012 by Jeff10
Swedes, yes, keep those borders opened for all. Then, reap what you sow.
04:31 February 2, 2012 by wolfbay
It must be those Jews. Most have been driven out of Malmo but I'm sure when you get rid of the rest your problems will be over.
06:03 February 2, 2012 by comeslate
Offer some cash reward. These immigrants rat on their own mother to get the cash.
06:21 February 2, 2012 by benraph
Yes it must be the Jews or the Mossad. Funny Iranboy has not been on to spew his Anti semetic bull!
08:44 February 2, 2012 by phil23456
Sweden needs an ethnic crime fighting squad, strict small limits on refugees and a points system for immigration.
08:47 February 2, 2012 by johan rebel
Court jester Reepalu should take a very hard and long look in the mirror and ask himself who has been in charge in Malmö for all these years, instead of trying to shift the blame elsewhere.
09:04 February 2, 2012 by Kevin Harris
Malmö really is in a mess. The police are not so much "embarrassed" by having their police station bombed, as overwhelmed. It is patently clear who runs Malmö now; the police, the government and the mayor have been usurped by criminal gangs from far away places, who have taken advantage of Sweden's tolerance to immigration and crime.

Unless there is a sudden and drastic change of direction in both immigration and crime, what is happening now in Malmö will spread to the two other major cities, and then to the minor cities, and then to the countryside.

This is not a temporary blip in the statistics, it is the current peak of a fast rising trend. This is the new Sweden.
09:47 February 2, 2012 by knonwhite
@kashmiri81 Can you please tell me any proper "Democratic" muslim country in this world? Majority of Oil wealth is with muslim countries.. Even then most of the poor people are in those countries. Most of the dangerous places in the world are in those countries.. Instead of blaming others please have a look into this.... If you take a statics of criminals in Sweden most of them are muslims.. But Swedish people are afraid to tell this in public..
10:32 February 2, 2012 by redcrown
all politicans should be required to live in Rosengard for 3 months and then frame their immigrant laws,would the laws be different,I think you know the answer to that.
11:00 February 2, 2012 by Reason abd Realism
Creative solutions are required.

For example NYC cleaned up a lot of its violent crime by simply apprehending people who were jumping over the subway turnstyles, rather than paying. They found a lot of murderers this way, and people will illegal concealed weapons.

Malmö's subway is only three stops long, so this may not trap that many criminals, but another possibility could be to have a massive (possibly free) rock concert in a big indoor stadium, and then set up metal detectors and pass everyone through these on the way out. Criminals may then leave their guns in the bathroom rather than being caught with one, but at least this would soak up a lot of guns.

But then I believe a recent initiative proposed by the police to extend the sentence for illegal gun possession from 6 months to a year in prison, in order to allow police to use wiretapping to find criminals, of course did NOT get approved by the wimps who revise the laws. So the sacks of vomit who carry around guns and murder people can continue to do so with little chance of being caught either before or after they assassinate people.
11:27 February 2, 2012 by RootsUnearthed
No religion preaches violence.

Important: event happened.

why: criminal mind feels they are powerful and law / noone can't harm them.

How to fix it? Give law makers more power, survelillance, intelligence and action rights to act strictly on any criminal offence. Whether a crime is small or large, the growth can be seized or harnessed by law makers (police, policies, government).
11:33 February 2, 2012 by Henrih Olafsson
I think you a lot of people are missing the point completely. To everyone who thinks this is the government`s `fault`: When are you people going to open your eyes? There is no fault here ,this is all part of the plan and it is done deliberately.But why,who and how some people will ask.

Why? - Quite simply because Sweden must be destroyed and the best way to destroy a country is by obliterating the concept of a `countr`y in people`s minds You see a `country` is something that people identify themselves with. Therefore things like national values and national identity must seize to exist.

How?-very simple.You slowly but steadily change the ethnic profile of the population by importing aliens from Africa and the middle east who have completely different values and mindset to the local population,people for whom crime, violence and oppression have always been part of life and you keep doing this until the local`s national identity is completely inverted and destroyed.

Who?-The globalist and collectivist scum whom our government is part of and whose aim is to turn this world into a ginat concentration camp and create a global society where the individual is subdued and is not able to excersice his free will anymore.
15:12 February 2, 2012 by Wodenaz
MultiCULTuralism is being forced on all European nations; it is quite an effective tool to destroy a nation and eradicate the native people of a nation. The questions one needs to ask are: " Who is behind this evil multiCULTural phenomena and how can it be stopped before it's too late?"
15:29 February 2, 2012 by Jannik
@Henrih Olafsson

I think you are mostly correct.

What the swedish authorities and elite are doing, is best described as "nation wrecking".

The nation of ethnic swedes is surely being eroded due to the import of hordes of third world immigrants. Malmø is a case in point. By the turn of the century, ethnic swedes will have become a small minority. Leaving the city as "swedish" only in its outer formal appearance.

The swedish state will up to a point become strenghtened, when the people are divided and opposition is silenced through harsh laws, determined to punish "hatecrimes". Hate speech (and related "crimes") is offcourse just newspeak for legitimate critique of the totalitarian cultural marxist regime.

But a breaking point will most likely be reached, sooner or later, and perhaps sooner than we think. Where society has gone out of control, crime is rampant, and the ability of the police to uphold law and order has become compromised.

Sweden is just on the verge of getting used to parallel societies and no-go zones. All the spoils of multicultural "enrichment". Every week shootings will soon become the order of the day.
15:36 February 2, 2012 by godnatt
I believe this was written for Puffin's benefit?

15:36 February 2, 2012 by Dazzler
Hell with it, do an ammo drop into all the rathole parts of Malmö and let them kill each other.
16:19 February 2, 2012 by kashmiri81

First of all we are not talking about democracy here ...... I dont know if there is democratic muslim land exist or not I really dont have concern with it :)

But you can give Suggestion to USA that force saudia arabia to have democracy their ( if u have intreset to see democracy in muslim countries ) .I dont know why this so called super power and media dont talk about it may be the OIL reason.

and visit western europe is ur looking for poor europeans . ( poverty also exist here its not a part of heaven ) and u plz scroll up again and read my comment I did nt blame any one I just asked for prove ...... and its really a childish stuff which u wrote that "If you take a statics of criminals in Sweden most of them are muslims.. But Swedish people are afraid to tell this in public."

Chillllll now :)
18:25 February 2, 2012 by crezz9
take notice of modern laws such as Australian Gun Laws which may help.
23:13 February 2, 2012 by Kublai
Speeding is a crime. Riding a bicycle without a light is a crime. Parking for too long is a crime. So my guess is that the police in Malmo will be ordered to better the crime statistics and will therefore concentrate on "criminals" who are safe to target and who will pay the fines, namely ordinary hardworking swedes.
00:56 February 3, 2012 by tangentialusa
Interesting. I guess its lucky that they are only "embarrassed and irritated" and not dead or seriously injured like the victims of these crimes.
01:45 February 3, 2012 by TheWatchman

I never realized it, but it's true. Multiculturalism IS a weapon. It is when the culture that is being imported is ISLAM.
04:49 February 3, 2012 by kashmiri81

Dear 4 ur kind information islam is à religion not à culture and plztry to understand the difference between religion and culture .

Try to Solve the issues instead of playing blame game
09:53 February 3, 2012 by Reason abd Realism
Article says:

While the bombing of the police station has not been connected by police to the murder, they have labelled the attack as a possible retaliation to their increased attention to crime fighting, particularly in their search for illegal weapons.

Or it could simply be Gangland Economics 101. When you are running a protection racket, it is helpful to blow a hole through the brick wall of the local police station with a pipe bomb, in order to let the community know that if they can bomb the police station, they can sure as hell bomb you and your local shop, so you had better start paying protection money now.

A protection racket can work very effectively now that, as the police themselves admit, the locals are too afraid to make any statements that could lead to the questioning or the arrest of the criminals in their neighbourhoods.

And at least some murder victims have been unconnected to the crime world, according to police. They may have been poor saps who decided not to pay protection money for their businesses or themselves, and as a result suffered lethal consequences.
15:34 February 3, 2012 by Birbun
You guys are so naive!

This is a well prepared Danish plan.

The danes keep tight their borders and they incite the immigrants to go to Malmoe.

After the immigrants increase every year and riot.

So the situation starts to degenerate that Sweden will ask the help of Denmark...but Denmark won't help for free.

While the danes will come to Malmoe they'll try to take over Skane.

It's a danish plan.

Pure and simple.

You need to kept an eye very closely to the danes.

They're only waiting for a good moment to take back the entire Skane region.

Believe me.
16:01 February 3, 2012 by Imperor
As we take after US politics we get more and more of US style crime. How hard is it to put two and two together? It's not about immigrants, we've always had immigrants.

The rising violence and organized crime is because of the sociopolitical climate and nothing else! Tell people to be greedy and take what they can and you have to count on some doing it in their own ways.

If immigrants are overrepresented here it's because they don't have access to the same possibilities that many but far from all Swedes do in regards to education and contacts.

What really astounds me is that so many readers of this site, which is clearly meant for IMMIGRANTS are so hostile towards themselves. Stupid bastards... Don't care if you're a Brit or an Iranian, you're both freakin' immigrants!!!
17:17 February 3, 2012 by Rod Munch

So you're saying that if, for example, we removed all of the people who are currently living in Rosengård and replaced them with all Chinese people, then the results would be the same?
18:57 February 3, 2012 by CJ from Sunshine Desserts
F**k me ...what would it take to make the police in Malmö pissed off ? Too many decades of liberal politicians, too much of the wrong kind of immigration, an ineffective prosecution service...remember the Swedish prison service is called "criminal care" ie: we feel sorry for criminals and try to care for them instead of punishing them. Probably works OK if you have criminals like dynamite Harry and the Johnson gang but times are serious & there is a lot of cash out there to be made, when the rewards & stakes are higher so the levels of violence increase. Problem with criminals in Sweden is that they take themselves seriousley. In general I´d say crime pays here in Sweden, only the dumb criminals get caught, sorry convicted. Taking a life of crime here in Sweden is almost a lifestyle choice, not something you need to do by necessity.
19:48 February 3, 2012 by james7
Points system of immigration, you suggest? Yes, that is a good idea. The police should get points for shooting immigrants. The police with the most points gets a three week paid vacation.
20:36 February 3, 2012 by tadchem
There are many factors that contribute to a high crime rate. Police 'presence' doesn't correct any of them. Permanently removing violent criminals from society at the first offense does successfully prevent repeat offenses.
23:13 February 3, 2012 by knonwhite
@Birbun Are you mad? Why are you blaming Danish people for your failure.. All this is because your politicians and government don't know how to control this situation. Failure of Swedish government means it is the failure of Swedish people. It will be better if Denmark take over Malmo. Atleast they can show you people how to handle this kind of situations..
07:33 February 4, 2012 by Michael58
When I lived in Malmö I often spoke to police personnel and found that they would love to be more aggressive against the rampant crime there but the law makers are where the real problem lies. The punishments are not tough enough and of course there is the Oresund bridge that is the perfect escape route back to Eastern Europe and elsewhere. The Tull has to be tightened at the bridge as well, most of the time there is no Tull personnel in sight when you come back into Sweden. Also, while there is a problem with aggressive young Muslim men I would have to say that the real problem lies elsewhere! I have Muslim friends in Malmö and they are the most respectful hard working people you can meet but others give them a bad rep. I have to agree with knonwhite, what the hell are you talking about Birbun??
11:15 February 4, 2012 by Sh8rk3y
You guys are all nuts. Scotland and Finland are Europe's leaders in murder and violent crimes like serious assaults. And they have very very low immigration! Scotland is 98% white. Finland even more so. So its not;

1. A global conspiracy (pmsl lay off the ganja and computer games)

2. Just the Muslims fault

3. A Danish plan to take over Skåne (herregud)


Scotland has a huge 'drink and blade' culture and problems with drugs and gang culture. That's why its the murder cap! The few Muslims that there are are by and large peaceful.

The answers (in Sweden) are, more legal powers to police and prosecutors and more job opportunities.

Give someone a chance to get a trade/profession and earn 40,000kr a month they will be much less likely to turn to crime.

Having an unlicensed firearm or carrying a knife on the streets should be a mandatory five year jail term. End of. No early release. Police should have metal detectors and unlimited stop and search powers.

I would also suggest the automatic voiding of uppehållstillstånd (residence permit) of anyone who commits a serious violent crime like murder or bombing, or commits three less serious crimes like drug possession or assault. Three strikes and you're out! And so are all your family members that depend on you. Thereby getting rid of Sweden's soft-touch image among Eastern European gangsters and other criminals.

Peace and love everybody Sweden is still a fantastic place to live eller hur?
14:27 February 10, 2012 by rohermoker
It is time to stop and look at what the police realy do. They report crime, if a crime is prevented that is more by accident than anything else. The only crime is prevented be it speeding, riding a bike without a light, or murder, is in the heart and minds of the society. Whey YOU, and I mean YOU gentle reader think It is Ok if I speed a little, it is only a little weed, or they don''t pay tax on this so why should I. But when you live in a society that tolerates anything, don't bitch when every thing happens.
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