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Sweden's seven 'sexiest' places explored

Sweden's seven 'sexiest' places explored

Published: 14 Feb 2012 15:39 GMT+01:00
Updated: 14 Feb 2012 15:39 GMT+01:00

Click here to take a journey of seduction through Sweden

But at The Local we beg to differ. In fact, just looking at a map of Sweden, it becomes obvious that beneath the surface there is a different side to Swedes just waiting to be probed further.

The Local therefore invites you to a raunchy romp across Sweden, climaxing in the very heart of the country.

Enjoy the ride!

The Local (news@thelocal.se)

Your comments about this article

17:13 February 14, 2012 by HYBRED
I know of a "sexy place" to "probe" and "explore", but it doesn't involve leaving the house.
17:25 February 14, 2012 by EP
Boys, remember Sex By Surprise or staring at a Swedish bird the wrong way can land you in jail in this country. Good luck tonight ...
20:10 February 14, 2012 by philster61
Don't forget to bring a condom. Or you could very easily be charged as a rapist.....
11:13 February 16, 2012 by charubun pananon
Sorry, I seldom see the naked Sweden for so long, I couldn't imagine where the sexiest place is.
23:09 February 16, 2012 by luke123
There is no (legal) sex in Sweden.

All seduction is rape, and sex is a tool men use to oppress women. Swedish government's house ideologues Andrea Dworkin and Catharine Mckinnon said so.
08:48 February 18, 2012 by stenhuggaren
another pointless list on The Local.
15:33 February 22, 2012 by abraham lezama
Mjm, so im seriously considering to go again to Sweden, i really like tall girls and blonde, wow, i can see they are so serious, can somebody help telling me what is good to hear for a swedish girl? what do they like? are they so different girls?

I can see them and tell.. Girls you are so special. And beautiful.


abraham el mexicano.
00:32 February 23, 2012 by BritVik
Well, kiss my a**.
15:51 February 23, 2012 by pinba
hahahha abraham lezama u must be very desperate lol and next time wear a high heel shoes to became tall too because since youre so short and like tall girls :P good luck
19:26 February 23, 2012 by abraham lezama
Hi there.

@BrtiVik, Ok!

@Pinba Im 1.82 meters tall.

And im not desperated, it is just a hook. But anyway. Everythng is fine!

Kisses from México!
20:17 February 23, 2012 by pinba
abraham lezama I was just kidding =), beauty is nothing personality is much more important !
21:05 February 23, 2012 by abraham lezama
@Pinba, that´s ok, i think is normal reaction from somebody from here, i understand.

I know is not persoanlly, i don´t care about jokes.

Well, i know there are beautiful Swedish girls... and Norwegians, and Finnish, and Russians, even Mexicans, the problem in here is that most of my girl paisans they don not read, they love "telenovelas" (soup Tv) they dont like cold weathers, and i love cold weather, and i love to read...., if Swedish are beautiful? yes, it was hard for me to see somebody who wasn´t there.

On the other hand, i like challenges, and i want to be closest to the north pole, i love Boreal Aurores, i was on December 2011 in Bodo Norway, but i couldn see them.

well, if somebody wants to send me an email, im open to answer, i live in a very hot city now with this gangs fighting on the street, just put in Youtube "reynosa" that is the city where i live.

Regards to all!



Today's headlines
Swedish teenagers abused on Secret app
File photo: Fredrik Sandberg/Scanpix

Swedish teenagers abused on Secret app

Swedish police are struggling to know what to do with a new batch of criminal reports filed by teenagers upset about a controversial app that allows users to post comments and pictures anonymously. READ  

Swedish man beats bus in video challenge

Swedish man beats bus in video challenge

UPDATED: A Swedish runner who filmed himself beating his bus in Sundbyberg in north west Stockholm over the weekend is now planning to a similar challenge on the capital's Metro system. READ  

Rain causes power cuts across east Sweden
Strong winds are battering Stockholm and the east coast of Sweden. Photo: TT

Rain causes power cuts across east Sweden

Heavy rain and wind have left thousands without electricity in eastern Sweden, with ferries also disrupted by the storm. READ  

Sweden's benefit agency website down
Sweden's Social Insurance Agency is experiencing problems. Photo: TT

Sweden's benefit agency website down

Sweden's Social Insurance Agency website was out of action on Monday, as officials promised that the technical fault would not delay benefit payments. READ  

Elections 2014
Budget headache for new coalition partners
Social Democrat economic spokesperson Magdalena Andersson with Per Bo from the Green Party. Photo: TT

Budget headache for new coalition partners

UPDATED: The Social Democrats have been holding talks with the Green party to try and agree on a future coalition budget. But questions remain over how they will work together on issues including defence and nuclear power. READ  

US runaway banned from name change in Sweden
'Wanted' photograph of David Hemler used by US Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Hemler lives and works in Uppsala. Photo: Shutterstock

US runaway banned from name change in Sweden

A US airman who deserted from the military three decades ago and moved to Sweden has failed in his bid to get his old name back, because a Swedish court says he can’t prove his identity. READ  

My Swedish Career
Plucked out of Canada for love and guitars
Sharleen in action. Photo: Sebastian Bularca

Plucked out of Canada for love and guitars

For this week's My Swedish Career we meet a Canadian who came to Sweden for love and now works in Lidköping, custom-making guitars. READ  

Flood and high wind warning in east Sweden
Stockholm experienced heavy rain on Sunday. Photo: TT

Flood and high wind warning in east Sweden

After heavy rain broke off the September sunshine in eastern Sweden on Sunday, forecasters warn more bad weather is on the way. READ  

World car record on Malmö bridge

World car record on Malmö bridge

The longest electric car parade on a bridge between two countries was formed on the Öresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark on Sunday, with environmental campaigners breaking several other world records in the process. READ  

Two hurt in Helsingborg ferry crash
The damaged ferry is being inspected on Monday. Photo: TT

Two hurt in Helsingborg ferry crash

UPDATED: A ferry crashed into a pier in the port of Helsingborg in southern Sweden on Sunday night, with two people taken to hospital following the collision. READ  

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