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Swedish TV in Eurovision 'coloured person' outrage

Swedish TV in Eurovision 'coloured person' outrage

Published: 05 Apr 2012 11:16 GMT+02:00
Updated: 05 Apr 2012 11:16 GMT+02:00

"After this was leaked to the press we were worried because we didn't hear it from official sources. We tried to stay positive nonetheless," said choreographer Ambra Succi to The Local.

It was rumoured that Christer Björkman, who oversees Sweden's Eurovision Song Contest participation for SVT, considered switching the dancer who accompanies Melodifestivalen winner Loreen on stage in her winning number, "Euphoria".

“SVT are scared of the racism that they perceive as rife in Eastern Europe. They have winner hubris at the moment and don’t want to risk losing votes due to this,” a reliable source revealed to daily Aftonbladet.

According to the paper, Björkman was forced to call a crisis meeting at SVT after the information that he wanted to replace dancer Ausben Jordan hit the media, due to what Björkman himself calls a “misunderstanding”.

Björkman admits that Jordan’s colour at one point or another was brought up in a meeting, but claims it was not the reason that they were considering getting another dancer.

“I simply said that since the semi-finals were introduced in ESC no coloured person has ever made the final. And then I said: ‘I sincerely hope this doesn’t affect us’,” he said to the paper.

Jordan, who has an impressive résumé, dancing with international artists such as Snoop Dogg, Madonna and Cypress Hill, has not enjoyed the recent storm around his colour.

According to Succi, Jordan found the situation taxing. Growing up in Texas with both African American and Native American roots, he has seen his fair share of racism.

“It is sad to come to a country to share your love and passion with others and then hear that your colour might mean someone wants to replace you," Jordan told Aftonbladet.

"If they had chosen to replace him due to finding someone better, it would have been easier to accept," Succi told The Local.

On Wednesday, however, Loreen reportedly called her record company announcing that she will perform the song with Jordan after all.

A few hours later Jordan and Björkman met up to discuss the situation.

“He understood that it was a misunderstanding and now we are moving on. Hopefully we will win in Baku,” said Björkman to the paper.

According to Succi, the matter is now closed and both Loreen and Jordan, as well as herself, are now moving on, aiming to continue working for a win in Azerbaijan.

"We can start practising now, so let's hope for the very best," she told The Local.

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12:15 April 5, 2012 by Abe L
Ridiculous, if it increase the odds of winning then it should be pursued, getting the next festival to Sweden would definitely make contributions to the economy. People are to hung up on being possibly put away as having done something racist. Think of the bigger picture.
12:19 April 5, 2012 by gabeltoon
It is a Song Contest what does it matter if the Dancer is Black or Green, singing is what it's about. Find something better to complain about.
12:27 April 5, 2012 by Kibitz
This article isn't surprising at all coming from Sweden. Maybe next they will have Loren sing while wearing a mask because " SVT are scared of the racism that they perceive as rife in Eastern Europe "

Christer Björkmans comments are personal,and they represent his own true feeling. It's cowardly to pretend otherwise.

Tragic to see just how blatantly xenophobic Sweden really is. This article should do just the trick to get all the racist scribbling their hate on this board.
12:33 April 5, 2012 by G Kin
@Abe L

What values would that reflect of a country like Sweden?. For you it is winning at all cost, right?. The should justify the means eh?.

Only people who lack the balls to stand their moral grounds can take your stand.
13:05 April 5, 2012 by Pakistani_Student
LOL petty issues, i think there is nothing better to do ...
13:25 April 5, 2012 by si
Indeed Mr Pakistani - not to mention these Eurovision "songs" are pure excrement..
13:28 April 5, 2012 by Rishonim
This is the same attitude they have towards employing people of colour. Nothing new here. Why not replace Loreen? After all she is dark skinned from North Africa.
13:49 April 5, 2012 by respect4ALL
he says in his speech 'coloured person/singer* a slang even teachers in sweden proudly say in classes. why do u call us `"coloured" instead of black?

i have a point to prove, your colour frequently changes depending on the season we r, bt mine s da same wether its winter or summer!!

u wont hear english pple or americans and other developed countries utter those racial words. u rather call me black ass nigger than callin me a paintable object!

peace n love pple.
14:05 April 5, 2012 by libertarianism
Does Jordan have Swedish citizenship? I'm confused as to why an American is in a Euro contest at all.

Also, TL: ..."he wanted to replace coloured dancer Ausben Jordan..."

I'm curious as to how the Swedish media decides which English terms are offensive/non-offensive... Is it vogue to call people "colored" again??
14:31 April 5, 2012 by phil23456
If the situation was reversed and they wanted to replace a white dancer in Africa no one would say a word, What a load of bullshit!
14:31 April 5, 2012 by kirub
Racism seems to be a way of life to Swedes.
14:33 April 5, 2012 by sarah02
Did The Local just use "colored"?!! really?! And what are white people then... transparent perhaps.
14:34 April 5, 2012 by JahneraliMkuu
Phil.......am guessin u've never been to Africa....Speaking as an African...."we would never do that"....thats cheap white man games....If in Africa...they would simply assassinate the white dancer or put him/her in jail!!!
15:12 April 5, 2012 by stabbull
issues like this are laughable in places where true egalitarianism is practice. sweden should not let shallow minded people dictate its cause, some of the best swedes i know have foreign origins. Zlatan, doctor Alban, martin darlin and the list is long. so i dont know which low brow had brought this issue up, but he/she just dragged this country a few miles backward.
15:25 April 5, 2012 by Uncle
God, what he said is totally true!

Eastern Europeans may refrain from voting for anything connected to black persons. Only the fact that in most E. European countries not many even understand that the "N" word is offensive says something. It is a common knowledge that this is the word for any black person. It is freely said on media and in person.

What amazes me is when one points out at this truth of racism in that part of the world, is blamed of racism himself… God, it is obvious that black dolls are more attractive to black children, Cosmopolitan in China is filled with Asian models and presenting whiter, yet Indian photo models in India would boost your sales of clothing. Nobody blames these advertisement agencies in directed racism.

The reasoning for the non-acceptance of the other is natural and related to our genetic development. Just to have a parallel (although it is clearly not the same), there would be a certain … non-acceptance of a dwarf dancer, or very fat dancer, or a crippled dancer even if they are very talented and "danced with Madonna"…

Now in Sweden a black dancer does not create negative response, whereas in E. Europe it MAY. This was highlighted as a problem and possible solution was rebuffed. Case closed.

Let's see indeed how the eastern states vote. If the points from them will be low, Mr. Jordan "impressive resume" will be welcome to continue being proud and cherish Sweden as an open minded state that is ready to sacrifice millions of kronor in tourist income for its equality principles.
15:38 April 5, 2012 by Rishonim
With Björman's logic, we should also replace Loreen and put a blond girl instead. Since Björkman is a faerie, it is amazing coming from someone considered to be in a minority group.
15:42 April 5, 2012 by si
Don't fret Uncle - even if they fail to win, you will still be able to get the cd - a taste that no doubt reflects your terrible judgement..
15:52 April 5, 2012 by NickO.
Unfortunately the reasoning is right. A lot of votes will be lost.

If you have no experience of eastern european countries culture and mindset then you should refrain from commenting.
15:58 April 5, 2012 by mafketis
You bured the lede.

The true lede is: Sweden takes Eurovision seriously!

That's the funniest thing I've read all week....
15:59 April 5, 2012 by si
Oh vastly experienced one of eastern european countries - Like I said you will still be able to get the cd...
16:05 April 5, 2012 by Kibitz
The racist have arrived on the TL board. Masquerading themsleves and typying such dribble all the while hoping not to be spotted. Sublte approach and careful with the words almost coming across as anything other than compassionate against racism.


Abe L

Ridiculous, if it increase the odds of winning then it should be pursued, getting the next festival to Sweden would definitely make contributions to the economy. People are to hung up on being possibly put away as having done something racist. Think of the bigger picture.

" Uncle

God, what he said is totally true!

Eastern Europeans may refrain from voting for anything connected to black persons. Only the fact that in most E. European countries not many even understand that the "N" word is offensive says something. It is a common knowledge that this is the word for any black person. It is freely said on media and in person.

What amazes me is when one points out at this truth of racism in that part of the world, is blamed of racism himself… God, it is obvious that black dolls are more attractive to black children, Cosmopolitan in China is filled with Asian models and presenting whiter, yet Indian photo models in India would boost your sales of clothing. Nobody blames these advertisement agencies in directed racism.

" NickO.

Unfortunately the reasoning is right. A lot of votes will be lost.

If you have no experience of eastern european countries culture and mindset then you should refrain from commenting.
16:10 April 5, 2012 by sfk
Why did he not dare to say yes I mean it. Doesn't he have any personality?
16:12 April 5, 2012 by HYBRED
The whole concept of Eurovision sux anyway. Everyone involved with it should get a life, including a real job.
16:17 April 5, 2012 by dendrobates
"Until the colour of a man's skin

Is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes -

Me say war" ♪ ♫
16:39 April 5, 2012 by calebian22
Seems like an odd thing for SVT to focus on considering that Loreen doesn't even remotely have Nordic roots. The Viking ship has already sailed this year and it was not towards Azerbaijan.
18:12 April 5, 2012 by adigunbabatunde@yahoo.com
How far did the non-colored Anna Bergendahl get Sweden two years ago? This is just the tip of what foreigners endure in Sweden. The xenophobic attitude that causes exodus of highly skilled immigrants from Sweden.
19:00 April 5, 2012 by RobinHood
It's great to see Loreen and Jordan representing Sweden; Europe's rainbow nation.

I'm certain Eastern European voters, (and everyone else) will vote them to a glorious Swedish Eurovision victory. Eastern Europeans are well known for their hospitality to all non-white people.
19:17 April 5, 2012 by DeinSchatz
Dear white, something you got to know

When I was born, I was black.

When I grow up, I am black.

When I'm under the sun, I'm black.

When I'm cold, I'm black.

When I'm afraid, I'm black.

When I'm sick, I'm black.

When I die, I'm still black.

you---white people,

When you were born, you were pink.

When you grow up, you become white.

You're red under the sun.

You're blue when you're cold.

You are yellow when you're afraid.

You're green when you're sick.

You're gray when you die.

And you, call me "color"?
19:18 April 5, 2012 by Douglas Garner
I am 100% behind ABE and RobinHood on this! You establish the best team you can in the beginning... not going into the main contest. Even to consider changing a key element for any reason other than health or overtly poor performance is demoralizing and demotivating for all future potential participants. This holds true in business and sports as well as the arts!

This article is an embarassment to all civilized beings.
19:32 April 5, 2012 by DeinSchatz
Met 2 cars on Kaknäsvägen & Lindarängsvägen (30 zone) Stockholm today. They were definitely over 100!!! They rly frightened me!!!
20:26 April 5, 2012 by Svensksmith
@ Dein

Devisive comments aren't ever helpful.
20:55 April 5, 2012 by spo10
"I simply said that since the semi-finals were introduced in ESC no coloured person has ever made the final. And then I said: 'I sincerely hope this doesn't affect us'," he said to the paper.

what the hell is this guy muttering? it's he who should be replaced!
21:13 April 5, 2012 by Beavis
makes no difference if pink and orange aliens represent sweden, they are still not going to win! Swedes point blank to refuse that the eurovision is meant to be a cross between a pantomine and a cicus, not a "serious" music competition. Its quite obvious that Russia will win hands down with the little old ladies.. its a song true to eurovison.. it ticks all the boxes... Sweden has no chance as per usual, so weather the dansers are black, blue, pink , green or orange and yellow spotted people it make NO difference!
21:23 April 5, 2012 by Thuku
Norway did it two years ago for Stella Mwangi (STL), an immigrant from Kenya. Of course she never went far. The only memorable thing was that guy who massacred 80 college students quipping that by allowing that immigrant to represent Norway, Norway was being politically correct.

I am afraid Sweden, despite being europe's egalitarian framework showcase, has the same options: Make a politically correct nomination and lose, or discriminate and hope to win! That is the reality.
22:20 April 5, 2012 by Authentica
This Björkman character seems to be a true idiot with an urgent need of a reality check.
22:29 April 5, 2012 by DAVID T
They should have female backing dancers in Burka's then it would really be like Sweden
23:38 April 5, 2012 by mafketis
Why on earth would any country now _want_ to win Eurovision? Block voting by balkan micro-nations and former USSR-ites make it difficult for anyone else to win and even if they do .... all you've won is the headaches of putting on next year's bash.

Don't get me wrong, I love Eurovision for the kitschy bad music freakshow it is, I just don't see why any sane country would worry about winning.

Wait, did I say 'sane'? Okay, I guess that lets Sweden out. Knock yourselves out guys.
23:45 April 5, 2012 by Uncle
@ si

"Don't fret Uncle - even if they fail to win, you will still be able to get the cd - a taste that no doubt reflects your terrible judgement.."

Oh, I am sorry, is it not allowed to like the song? I am terribly and utterly sorry. A racist and closed minded dog like me did not know that it is not "in" among the cool people with an amazing taste in music.

What should I like, si, in order to get an approval of such a multicultural acceptance advocate, that one shall listen to his/her advice? What sort of music would directly pinpoint a good taste, rather than a bad one? I am really lost here, as I would really love to be exercising a BETTER judgment.

I am sure that the next step would be teaching me - one who has no idea about Eastern European general openness and love towards any human being (as Balkans, Chechnya, Prednistrovye and Ingushetia/South Osetia, as well the situation of Roma people clearly proove) on how to understand the deep love of all slavic people towards blacks, asians, Jews, arabs and pakistani people... So stupid of me even doubting that there is no racism problem over there and that they are not rooted in the culture of E. Europeans... My apologies.
23:54 April 5, 2012 by Max Reaver
I believe a multicultural performer will increase the chances of winning. Every time Sweden sent ethnic Swedish performers in the recent years, they end up losing really bad. One exception is Carola, who has established herself long ago with her past winning record. Last year they sent Eric Saade who has Lebanese background, and surprisingly (or not), Israel gave him full points that rocketed him into 3rd place in the final minutes. Another example is Elena Paparizou, raised in Sweden, started out in Sweden but competed for Greece. She won in 2005.

I think it's very logical: if you have roots in other countries than the one you are competing for, people outside your host nation find it easier to relate to you. As contrasted by purely Scandinavian performers, who are mostly unknown to viewers outside Scandinavia. Since most of the contest is still decided by peer-votes (despite the introduction of judges), you need a large potential fanbase. Scandinavian countries vote their neighbors, just like everyone else. With multi-cultural and multi-ethnic performers, it should be easier to gather support from both your neighbors and the neighbors of your other country (birth country). Unless your song really stands out, the determining factor is personal recognition.

I look forward to the day in Sweden, when foreign people with talents are not looked down upon, but actively promoted for what they deserve. And the Swedes are encouraged to leave the country to gain international experience before welcomed back. And in my opinion, it may very well start from here, the representation at Eurovision. People should be made aware!
00:21 April 6, 2012 by Reason abd Realism
Areatha Franklin can sing the pants off any white man or woman, and Michael Jackson (when he was alive) and many other black dancers today can make white dancers look like clumsy newborn giraffes trying to stand up for the first time.

If Eurovision was about actually about singing and dancing then the stage would be filled with black artists the entire evening.
00:48 April 6, 2012 by Smokebox
Oh my!!! Sweden having racial problems? Ha.
01:06 April 6, 2012 by Gamla Hälsingebock

And I thought this contest was for and about EUROPEANS!

Again, I'm ?????
03:34 April 6, 2012 by tendance
It is such a shame. Can't believe that after all these years of human knowledge and understanding, some people still choose to live in the era of slavery and slave trade, and in the era of the steam engine. Shame to you Björkman for even bringing such opinions up, given that Loreen and her team have gone this far into the preparation for the contest. altering anything now would be just recipe for failure
03:57 April 6, 2012 by Jeff10
@ Deinschatz IRO post # 28:

Didn't you mean to write that white people are colorful?

How many colorful white people are on any sub-saharan African nation's national dance troupe?
09:38 April 6, 2012 by towns
To all you uninformed xenophobes who claim "Eastern Europeans are racist/won't vote for Black people" (you know who you are), Ukraine's entry this year, Gaitana, is of Sub-Saharan African origin and Romania's entry this year, Mandinga, has several Black Cubans in the band. The Czech Republic (they're more in Central Europe, but anyway) sent a Roma group several years ago. Do your research before you make fools of yourselves.
09:50 April 6, 2012 by luke123
They should leave him in.

If they don't win they can then say: "Hey, it's not us, it's those racist East Europeans".

Never mind that this is a racist statement towards Eastern Europeans.
10:48 April 6, 2012 by towns
Oh yeah, and Bulgaria's entry in Eurovision this year, Sofi Marinova is also a Roma! Evidently this incompetent Björkman isn't aware that's it's not just the "open-minded, welcoming, racist-free and angelic Western Europeans" who send minority people to Eurovision.
11:01 April 6, 2012 by Da Goat
Sad Sad Sad .....but I guess it is a fact of life!

strange thing I was reading about university admission in apartheid SA the other day , this "clever" scheme had 4 categories: white, black, colored and Indian/asian. (to keep separated.....sounds like hard work 2 me)

I always was of the understanding that colored and black was the same (interchangeable) BUT apparently NOT ... It appears that black ppl are insulted if called colored and vice-versa (black ppl prefer the N word in preference)

this leaves me a dumb cluck as to the difference (just curious now) !

is my guess that coloured means of mixed heritage (hate using the R word) true?

personally I don't care if a person is light brown or dark brown as long as they are nice and kind !
11:54 April 6, 2012 by DeinSchatz
@Jeff10 #44

So u mean that "colored persons" r unworthy of a white dancer?
12:03 April 6, 2012 by rami_20
@Da Goat

The admission system is based on historical inequalities as a result of apartheid. Even today there is a marked difference in the quality of education for different race groups and the admission system tries to address that.

Fact is if admission is based purely on performance, the average black child has a very, very slim chance of ever getting a good education and getting out of poverty. The system is inherently unfair but for now, thats the best there is.

As for colored people, yes they are of mixed heritage. Generally lighter skinned than blacks and generally but not always descendant from the xhoi and hottentot tribes.
12:08 April 6, 2012 by ccb
@Reason abd Realism #40

Couldn't agree more.

If the show was about talent and enjoying the arts then I don't see what race has to do with anything. If winning at all costs it what it is all about then they need a morality check.
19:34 April 6, 2012 by Jeff10

No, it means that I was being frivolous. The fact is, most Americans are tired of the race discussions. Things are what they are, meaning that races have achieved what they've achieved. The rest is just meaningless BS.

Read the Bell Curve.

Let me provide one example. In the US, Northeast Asian and Indian (i.e., descendents of those from India, Pakistan, etc., not American Indians) comprise about 1% or so of the US population. Yet, these people comprise about 65% or so of all computer engineers (you know, the ones who design the mechanics of computers). White males compromise about 30% of so of this group. The remaining 5% is women and people of other races.


Why is it that 82% of players in the NBA is about 82% black and for the NFL about 60% or so, but management in these sports is about 85% white. The fan base for these two sports overwhelming is white in the US. Worldwide, the most NBA fans may be in China.


Do these percentages even matter?

Do we need to spend time and money delving into the why fore of these percentages? Or is it res ipsa locquitur?
21:41 April 6, 2012 by sureiam
Swedes! grow up & get a life
21:44 April 6, 2012 by bcterry
If this was a true talent contest, we would see performers from every musical genre, with musicians and singers of every color imaginable.
22:59 April 6, 2012 by Radhus
I don't think race/colour has anything to do with it, especially since the competition will be held in the east this year. Every year I've watched Eurovision, countries normally give the highest points (12, 10...) to their neighbours and then points to other performances they like. The only exception to this is when a song is so good that it gets a good score from a lot of countries and it's obvious that it will win (even though there are still plenty of the final scores to be read out). So, overall it's all political anyway except when a song does exceptionally well which doesn't always happen.
00:37 April 7, 2012 by Thomas VH
In the United States, nobody would have suggested removing him because of the color of his skin. Sadly, Sweden, which prides itself for being an open culture, still has a long way to go. What matters, however, is that the country is on the right track.

As for whether Sweden should change the dancer to favor victory at Eurovision, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said it best: "Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness."

Change happens because courageous people shine light into darkness. If Sweden loses over the color of his skin, Sweden can now stand upright and proud, on the right side of history.
00:52 April 7, 2012 by Uncle

You moron. "Researching racism" through eurovision songs is like claiming that the nazis loved the Jews, because Schindler existed...

Here something to research... just a taste:



Of course a conversation with any black person visiting eastern europe and feeling the constant point-blank stares could be also a good part of a research. As for the Roma people - their situation is the WORST in the world in E. Europe, in spite of the fact that some entertainers were sent to Eurovision. I suggest to do some research on that. Then I suggest to tell Roma that their situation in that part of the world is excellent. If you cannot type it in Google, I could assist with links...

All that Christer Björkman from SVT suggested was that it is a PROBLEM. It is true that it is a problem. However the suggestion was rebuffed. This hysteria over the racism of SVT appeared out of thin air.
11:16 April 7, 2012 by towns

Obviously "researching racism" through Eurovision songs as you put it is both asinine and unscientific, I was merely using those as examples. Why I brought it up in the first place is because I saw some individuals on here talking about Eastern Europe as if it's some barbaric place. It's typical Western misinformation about 40 years behind the times. What also irks me is when people dismiss "Eastern Europe" as one entity when there is about as big a difference between say Serbia and Latvia as there is between Portugal and Norway.

I have lived in both "Western" and "Eastern" Europe. Yes, there are people in Eastern Europe who do not like Jews and Roma but such individuals are found everywhere. Even in Canada, the "Holy Grail of Multicultural Perfection" there is racism, albeit under the surface (and I'm talking about racism from all colours!).

There are now more people at risk of poverty in France, Netherlands and Germany than there are in the Czech Republic. Prague and Bratislava both have a higher GDP PPP than Vienna, Tallinn and Warsaw have about the same GDP PPP as Belgium, Slovenia is wealthier than Greece and Portugal and Bucharest has about the same level of economic development as Lisbon. And these are all Eurostat facts. Yes, wages might be lower, but so is the cost of living. It's all relative. Why do you think many Poles have moved to the UK? Not because they are "at risk" of poverty at home but because they can have Western wages and send money back to their relatives or go back home themselves and live with Eastern prices. I know some of these people, I know their experiences.

You said "have a conversation with any Black person visiting Eastern Europe" I know an individual of Cameroonian background personally who has lived in Poland since the early 90's and has never had any problem with racism. Recently he went to Denmark and people literally spat in his face. I also know a Korean student who went backpacking through Europe and claimed the friendliest people he encountered where the Estonians while the rudest were the French. I met a Belarusian man once who visited Sweden and a Swedish woman asked him if they had milk in Belarus. Yes, you read that write, a perfect example of the condescending attitude people in the West have.

Western Europe is full of marginalized youth of immigrant background who feel like second class citizens in the countries they grew up in. In France one in three children being born in the last few years are fully or partially of non-French origin, with one in four being of non-European origin. In the Netherlands 50% of the population of the three largest cities are of non-Dutch origin with around 30% each being of non-European origin. In Germany you have several million Turks who won't integrate. Again, these are facts. You can have your Rosengård, I'll take my Prague.
17:42 April 7, 2012 by salalah
The guy just needs a better haircut - if he stops looking like "Buckwheat", the song may have a chance.. He reminds me of Puffy - he should get a haircut like him!!!!
00:24 April 8, 2012 by Uncle
God "towns".

You give me a GDP per capita for a CITY as an argument of non-racism of Eastern Europe? Do you even read what you are writing? Moscow is the MOST expensive city in the world containing the MOST billionaires per capita... How is that related to the situation of Kalmyks and Nanai in Russia? I am working with plenty of non-whites and Jewish, who describe Poland, Russia and Estonia as highly antisemitic and aggressive.

" there are people in Eastern Europe who do not like Jews and Roma but such individuals are found everywhere"

When you say "do not like", do you mean "most racially motivated attacks in the peaceful world per capita"? Or perhaps you mean "Most neo-nazi or other organizations claiming for purity of race than any other country in Europe"? Then we agree...

Simply READ about majority of Jews who left the entire Eastern Europe when they finally could. READ about everyday attacks on people of Caucasus or Roma descent.

Also, statistically, most racially motivated attacks in the west are performed by MINORITIES of "you know which descent", rather than the locals. So let's get into proportions here.

Arguing that statistically it is safer for a non-white to walk the streets of Belgrad or Sankt Petersburg than those of Salzburg or Antwerpen is simply not understanding the massive problem that is a reality in Eastern Europe (or non-ability in simple algebra).
10:01 April 8, 2012 by towns
Well aren't you interesting, where did you get the idea I was using GDP per capita as an argument of non-racism? Just because I mentioned it in the same comment? You seem to have missed my point.

I'm sorry to hear you have Jewish and "non-white" friends who have racist experiences in Eastern Europe. If you want I could invite you and them to Tallinn, Warsaw and Prague (the cities I'm most familiar with) I think you and your friends would be pleasantly surprised.

I know individuals of Sub-Saharan ancestry who live in Estonia and have integrated well and are not looked down upon by Estonians as they would be in Sweden simply because they don't have the right surnames. And it's not only minorities that commit crimes in the West, you're revealing your racist colours Uncle! What about the facts that prove Somalis in Finland and Sweden are among the most discriminated AGAINST minorities in Europe? Selectively ignoring facts eh? How convenient!

Antwerp versus "Питер" as the Russians call it? I'd live in Saint Pete's over Antwerp any day! I've always loved the Russian language much more than the French and Dutch they have in Belgium. Western Europe is an expensive employee's paradise. Eastern Europe is an entrepreneur's paradise and I'm an entrepreneur!

Keep living the dream Uncle, lol!
11:39 April 8, 2012 by OUIJA
Sweden's Loreen will never make it. And it does not matter if she has Obama as a dancer or Carl Bildt. Sweden will not make it. The "song" will put Sweden into the last places of the Eurovision. And this, is not racism. It is the truth. I am the least euphoric, elated, blissful, joyful, exhilarated about her "Euphoria"..
12:02 April 8, 2012 by towns

Woah, apparently the Local's comment section is not compatible with Cyrillic!

@ Uncle read my comments again, my point with mentioning GDP had nothing to do with racism, I was trying to make a different point.

I'm sure you're a nice enough guy and I have no interest turning this thread into a game of wit tennis so I'll just give you this comment from John Godson, Poland's first Black MP (who guess what, was elected by white Polish people!)

"Poland is not a racist country."

I'm sure there's many things we agree on, hopefully such mutually compatibility will arise soon enough...
14:10 April 8, 2012 by OUIJA
Yes, Poland is not a racist country.

WASHINGTON — "Neighbors," a book by Jan Tomasz Gross that startled present-day Poland as well as many Jewish corners of the globe, will be published here in April.

Subtitled "The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne," it deals with several days in July 1941 when Poles in a village near Byelorussia rounded up virtually all 1,600 Jews in the town and killed them, burning many to death in a barn doused with kerosene.

Up to now, small monumental stones in Jedwabne have blamed German "Gestapo and the gendarmerie" for the ghastly crime. In the past few days, those stones have been removed. Both Roman Catholic Primate Jozef Cardinal Glemp and President Aleksander Kwasniewski have asked publicly for forgiveness.

A gruesome secret is out.

Yes, Poland is not a racist country
16:14 April 8, 2012 by towns
"Yes, Poland is not a racist country" - OUIJA

You've got that right OUIJA, glad someone's listening ;)
21:36 April 8, 2012 by Max Reaver

Have some faith in her. Who would've though Eric Saade could make it to the 3rd place last year? I for one, hated his lyrics from the very first line where he rhymed "impossible" with "possible". The way I see it, Loreen has much better chance just by not being totally white swede. I'd like to bet 1 million euros against you that Loreen will definitely NOT end up in the bottom place!
19:17 April 10, 2012 by hansee
Estonia has won the contents with a "coloured" singer, or are Swedish "coloured" people somehow more colorful than Estonian?
23:33 April 11, 2012 by KalleApa
I am from Sweden, but live in Eastern Europe for a long time now. People here are more homogenous and more afraid of blacks than in Western Europe. Suggesting anything else is simply wrong.

Roma = thieves, black = n******, jews = devils. These are just facts here.
05:42 April 12, 2012 by Spuds MacKenzie
Loreen will never win Eurovison since she is NOT EUROPEAN!! Why is the contest even called "EuroVision" if it is now open to any minority who is not of European ancestry? Sweden should only ever have white blondes represent the country.
Today's headlines
Business & Money
American sales squeeze Ericsson profits
Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg presents the third-quarter earnings report at the company's headquarters in Kista. Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TT

American sales squeeze Ericsson profits

Swedish telecoms equipment maker Ericsson reported a decline in net profit in the third quarter despite an increase in sales, boosted by business in emerging markets. READ  

'Too many concerts feel the same'
Sofar hosts secret gigs in Swedish apartments. Photo: Sofar

'Too many concerts feel the same'

Kattis Bjork founded Stockholm's secret gig scene - Sofar - a year ago. The Local caught up with her as she prepared to celebrate the project's anniversary this weekend and revealed the concept will spread to other Swedish cities in 2015. READ  

Stockholm 'sub hunt'
Sweden calls off suspect submarine search
Ships are returning to shore in Sweden. Photo: TT

Sweden calls off suspect submarine search

The core search for a suspected foreign vessel in Swedish waters has been called off. The armed forces said they remained convinced foreign underwater activity had taken place but had not identified an intruder. READ  

Business & Money
US and Japan fuel surge for Volvo trucks
Ed Carbaugh prepares to install parts on a truck engine on an assembly line at Volvo Trucks' powertrain manufacturing facility in Hagerstown, Maryland, March 2014. Photo: Patrick Semansky/AP

US and Japan fuel surge for Volvo trucks

Sweden's Volvo, the world's second-largest maker of trucks, said Friday it saw a spike in profits in the third quarter, boosted by thriving sales in the US and Japanese markets. READ  

Inspectors attacked at rogue doc’s surgery
Cigarettes and beer photo: Shutterstock

Inspectors attacked at rogue doc’s surgery

Inspectors who were sent to shut down a doctor’s surgery in Gothenburg were physically attacked and fled the premises to get help from the police. READ  

Police turn Swede’s vodka into water
A Swede loads a car with alcohol in northern Germany. File photo: Drago Prvulovic/TT

Police turn Swede’s vodka into water

Swedish police say they will pay a man 16,000 kronor ($2,200) in damages after much of the alcohol they confiscated from him was stolen, while many of the bottles they returned were filled with water. READ  

US to get first female ambassador in Sweden
File photo: Athena Center for Leadership Studies

US to get first female ambassador in Sweden

The United States Embassy in Stockholm is set to get its first female ambassador after the White House announced it was nominating the Iranian-American ex-investment banker Azita Raji to take over from Mark Brzezinski. READ  

Neo-Nazi attacks
Neo-Nazis cleared of knife attack on Nigerian
Police intervene after neo-Nazis attack an anti-Nazi rally in Kärrtorp, December 2013. Photo: Hampus Andersson/TT

Neo-Nazis cleared of knife attack on Nigerian

A Stockholm court has cleared three neo-Nazis of stabbing a Nigerian man in an unprovoked attack. But two of the men will face jail after they were convicted of racial agitation at a riot. READ  

Julian Assange
Assange court ruling expected on Monday
Julian Assange at Ecuador's embassy in the UK. Photo: Anthony Devlin

Assange court ruling expected on Monday

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can expect the next court ruling on his case to take place on Monday October 27th in Stockholm. READ  

Sweden to get EU 'Christmas present'
Sweden's Prime Minister Stefan Löfven at an EU summit in Brussels this week. Photo: TT

Sweden to get EU 'Christmas present'

Sweden is set to get 1.2 billion kronor ($168 million) back from the EU on December 1st, according to leaked EU documents which suggest that other European countries will have to make large top-up payments this year. READ  

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