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Angry journos blast Bildt over Bosnia role

Angry journos blast Bildt over Bosnia role

Published: 07 Apr 2012 07:27 GMT+02:00
Updated: 07 Apr 2012 07:27 GMT+02:00

"It's hurting us. We are Europeans and it's hurting us," French journalist and writer Florence Hartmann said, addressing Bildt, who attended a memorial concert for more than 10,000 victims killed in Sarajevo during the 44-month siege of Bosnia's capital.

"I'm just asking why did he come, why is he coming today on the 6th? He should have come when he could have done something" to avoid the war, said Hartmann, according to a video released by the web portal www.Klix.ba.

As Sweden's prime minister between 1991 and 1994, Bildt played an important role during the 1992-1995 inter-ethnic war in Bosnia.

From 1995 to 1997 he was also the first high representative of the international community after the signing of the Dayton peace accord that ended the conflict.

"When he could do something, he was saying that (late Yugoslav president Slobodan) Milosevic was a nice guy, and that is on the transcript. I'm sorry but he does not deserve to be here today," she said, speaking in English.

Milosevic was considered by many one of the key culprits for the war due to his political and military support of the Bosnian Serbs.

Hartmann was joined by British colleague working with The Guardian, Ed Vulliamy, who said: "Everybody knows that for three long bloody years this slaughter was at best tolerated, at worst appeased by the diplomatic community and politicians."

People involved in that process should not be in Sarajevo on the anniversary "unless if they are coming to apologise from the bottom of their hearts to the people of Bosnia and the ghosts of the dead," he said.

Hartmann was wartime Balkans correspondent of French daily Le Monde and later spokeswoman of the former chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia (ICTY), Carla Del Ponte.

Twenty years after the beginning of the war in Bosnia, thousands of Bosnians in Sarajevo Friday attended a concert before 11,541 empty chairs, each for a citizen killed by Bosnian Serb forces during the siege of the capital that had lasted during the entire conflict.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

Your comments about this article

08:54 April 7, 2012 by StockholmSam
"From 1995 to 1997 he was also the first high representative of the international community after the signing of Dayton peace accord that ended the conflict."

He was the first representative to do what?? To get high? Come on, The Local. Pay attention to what you are writing.
09:34 April 7, 2012 by Kevin Harris
Every decent politician is criticised by someone or other several times every day. Is the Local going to report every piece of criticism Bildt receives on a daily basis? We had one yesterday, and yet another today. The Local's necessary independence is in question, if the Local is going to abandon political neutrality and support one party or another, it should say so.
09:41 April 7, 2012 by SimonDMontfort
I think the ethnic hatreds which erupted, after years of communist rule, became just too BIG for any 'jolly decent people' from the EU and UN to exert any influence over.

Yes - Carl Bildt may have been impotent in preventing what happened - but he wasn't the only one: many UN resolutions which were passed, with regard to 'former Yugoslavia' were equally useless and impotent.
10:37 April 7, 2012 by Iraniboy
Unfortunately the Bosnian ethnic cleansing happened not long ago and after WW2 which means Europe didn't learned the lessons from WW2. It is not a simple thing to be swept under the carpet because it simply proves that it can happen again and there is no strong force or motive to prevent it.
10:57 April 7, 2012 by kristianj
One must remember that Slobodan Milosevic ,may he rest in peace, told the bosnians that if they did not stop killing Christians, burning villages, burning churches they would be responsible for the war they were looking for The warnings came on multiple occassions.. Once again mulims looked for trouble, got it, then as usual went crying tio the UN and the liberals in the West because people defended themselves.

It seems liberals have once again painted the victims as the oppressors.
12:40 April 7, 2012 by sfk
@ kristianj

you are so brutal...

Read your bloody history or just read why we lie by Dorothy Rowe. I was in your country ten years ago, and nobody wanted to move forward. Everybody, like you, treated Milosevic as a hero and you kind of people will never learn.

Your kind of people stuck in the history.

Moreover, what is the point to pulling the discussion to the Muslims. Do you think this stupid manipulation in your comment will clean your bloody hands.

Simple, you did and you have to accept your crime.
13:10 April 7, 2012 by kristianj
Truth and history are brutal.Course of history can´t be rewritten to suit muslim agenda.

You should learn from the conflicts around the world who starts them.

It is a fact that Slobodan Milosevic warned the bosnians. They continued their attacks, the consequences followed.

Strangely enough the lefties were not concerned at the killing of women and children at the hands of bosnians that went on for years befoore the serbs fought back.
13:57 April 7, 2012 by Iraniboy

Yes Hitler also warned Jews but then he massacred them as your hero did in Balkan! In Germany in 1950s most Germans were very much thinking like you. The main difference is however they accepted their mistakes, they left their racial approach behind and now they are again a developed prominent nation. As long as there are people like you in Balkan, things will never change.
20:31 April 7, 2012 by occassional
Swedes not acting when there's a war in Europe? Never!
21:19 April 7, 2012 by Greysuede
"It's hurting us. We are Europeans and it's hurting us," French journalist and writer Florence Hartmann said...

It seems it hurts her own @ss to talk garbage like "we are Europeans" when inglorious french say that to english in one way, to Germans in another way and to russians in third way...

Both Bosnia and Sweden are independent sovereign countries. It's up to Herr Carl Bildt what to do and where to go!
00:38 April 8, 2012 by Uncle


Yes Hitler also warned Jews but then he massacred them as your hero did in Balkan! "

Khm... Hitler did not warn Jews. Also he killed Jews for being Jews.What you do not read from kristianj is that Milosevic warned the muslims (who invaded the area not so long ago btw...) to stop MURDERING christians.

Get the diff? Should I repeat to the brain washed islamist? Here we go. Hitler killed Jews because they WERE Jews. Milosevic attacked muslims because they KILLED christians. A huge difference.

Read also about Kosovo and how this region that was christian for hundreds of years all of a sudden became an independent muslim country. Interesting story of a cancer eating off a body...

On the other hand the METHODS of Milosevic were not reasonable and overly brutal, with which is hard to argue, kristianj. That is why he got so many years to wage a war, but finally was stopped. Because he was RIGHT, but behaved WRONGLY. It could have been done smoothly, without the use of openly nazi generals and with the request of assistance from Europe for precision weaponry and negotiators. Bosnia and Kosovo would still be a part of Serbia, if he would do it smartly.
01:28 April 8, 2012 by Greysuede
Everyone knows that Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933. Previously in 1920's he was the author of "Mein Kampf"........

........ And then there was "Kristallnacht" in 1938.

Call it bad or good Adolf but he was fighting for the cause of his own country NOT TO BE SMASHED between MALICIOUS British and Russian Empires what was THE REAL CAUSE of WWII and THE SEQUEL of WWI.

German archive says that there were documents and directives encouraging the Jews to leave Germany in 1935/36 as the power in Germany had been taken by the man who hates the Jews - friends of Lucifer in the face of Imperialist Britain and dreadful Soviet Union/Russia.

I wonder why didn't the Jews leave the dangerous Germany between 1933-1938 for Palestine the national home for Jewish people under mandate of the Government of his Brittanic Majesty?
11:00 April 8, 2012 by sfk
@ Uncle

The history of Christianity is only 2000 years and the Christian have converted other nations all over the world since its beginning. If the Christian can do, the Muslim can do the same. Or first you should call the Christian stop doing this…

Your argument is very bizarre when you discuss the conversion of a region from Christianity to Muslim. While your kinds of people pray Darwin, you do not accept simple evaluation in human history. That is history one nation comes the other goes, one religion comes the other goes…

Instead of focusing on too much religion, I suggest to focus on economic and national development. We, Westerners are blindly turning our faces from this truth. The social problems in Western countries are caused politician who are constantly manipulating the real focus. They are hiding that they are incapable to fixing the real problems.

Go and see how China is rising as stars..
11:36 April 8, 2012 by tgolan
Bilt is an aragant fool and a dicrace to Sweden
21:50 April 8, 2012 by Max Reaver
OMG how did this conversation involved the Jews and Hitler? Some people never stop turning to the Holocaust to justify their point of view, is that so?

As for the "Hitler warning Jews" thing, I recalled having read it in books that some of the Jewish population didn't want to leave the country before it was too late. Despite the happenings such as Kristallnacht, Germany was still considered less hostile to Jews than the other European countries, before Hitler started rounding them up in ghettos and send the helpless masses to death camps. The German army was for instance considered very disciplined, especially more so than the Russians. Any WWII survivor from the east from could tell you how many women the Russian soldiers raped whenever they occupied an enemy territory. During the Russian civil war, the collateral damage on the Russian Jews were severe, some of them even turned to the German military for protection. Once again, this was BEFORE the start of WWII.

To make a hypothetical analogy, this would mean something like SD seized the power in Skåne and starts "encouraging" the immigrants to leave. But they don't, because Skåne still treats immigrants better than Denmark. Then suddenly, the SD in Skåne starts to round up immigrants and do very bad things to them. Hundred years later people might say "oh why didn't the immigrants leave Skåne, were they stupid blablabla". They may say so, but they won't understand the circumstances.
22:12 April 8, 2012 by Uncle
Oh my god you, guys, sfk and Max. Do you guys even read beyond the first line? How is anything of what you wrote relate to the topic.

islamists over here suggest that bosnians went through the SAME thing as Jews during WWII. Because apparently both were warned. However one of the 1 million differences is that Jews were warned to stop being Jews and whether run or commit suicide (which was not even a warning, but worsening of conditions), whereas Bosnians were warned to stop with aggression towards the christian Serbs. Some difference eh?

One thing is to warn an old lady who irritates you by her old looks and then shoot her in the head and completely another thing is to warn a bank robber, who took 20 children as hostages and then shoot him in the head. Do I make myself clear now?

Or is it allowed for muslims now whatever christians AND muslims did 1 thousand years a go and not cause retaliation "because crusaders also did it"? Eh, sfk?
12:04 April 9, 2012 by Max Reaver

I know what I wrote is not related to the topic. Then again, neither are you. We all got dragged into the topic by some of the guys before me.

Anyway, my point is despite the worsening of conditions for the Jews, due to the fact that rest of the Europe wasn't any better, many Jews didn't choose to leave Germany. I'm not here to correlate that event with what happened in Bosnia. Just wanted to point it out.
19:01 April 9, 2012 by Greysuede
@ Max Reaver

"To make a hypothetical analogy, this would mean something like SD seized the power in Skåne and starts "encouraging" the immigrants to leave. But they don't, because Skåne still treats immigrants better than Denmark. Then suddenly, the SD in Skåne starts to round up immigrants and do very bad things to them. Hundred years later people might say "oh why didn't the immigrants leave Skåne, were they stupid blablabla". They may say so, but they won't understand the circumstances. "

Ha ha ha! Well said and grounded! You must know the nature of immigrants in that case. If the immigrants are Arabs, Africans, Pakistani, Turks, Balkan folks and Russians they will move on smoothly and without any stipulations. However, if they are Jews, Armenians or on some occasions English you will not fend off intrigues, provocations and usurpation!
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