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Belarus accuses Swedish envoy of collaboration

Belarus accuses Swedish envoy of collaboration

Published: 09 Aug 2012 17:24 GMT+02:00
Updated: 09 Aug 2012 17:24 GMT+02:00

“There is proof that they acted in collaboration with the Swedish ambassador,” said Lukashenko to the Belarusian news agency Belta, reported the Dagens Nyheter newspaper.

“The ambassador should not say that he is protecting democracy in our country. It has still not been investigated which role he played in all this,” he said, according to the Russian news agency Interfax.

These claims however have been denied by Studio Total, the Swedish PR agency behind the teddy bear drop.

“Of course we didn’t work with the government. As we’ve said from the beginning, we worked alone without contacting anyone. There is no substance to these accusations,” company founder Per Cromwell told The Local on Thursday.

“Lukashenko is simply trying to use the teddy bears to get rid of an ambassador who has been challenging him, it seems as if he just wants to make a connection, where there is none."

“It’s probably impossible for him to understand that a small Swedish PR company was even able to make such a move as we did without collaboration from the government," Cromwell concluded.

The Belarusian president furthermore claimed that he has “concrete evidence” that the Lithuanian airfield from which the Swedes' plane took off was also in cahoots with the Swedish government.

According to Cromwell, these accusations are also baseless.

“He is just paranoid - as most dictators usually are,” he said.

Meanwhile, the team at Studio Total is eagerly awaiting the results of the EU ambassadors' meeting on Friday, explaining that they have no idea what will come of that.

For the time being however, Cromwell is pleased with the impact of the stunt.

“Newspapers around the world have been writing about the situation in Belarus, and this is great. The regime is being put under a lot of pressure, whereas prior to our campaign there were hardly any articles at all,” he told The Local.

“We’re interested to watch how the situation develops.”

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Your comments about this article

21:31 August 9, 2012 by ryannewman
I'm from Belarus and I view this teddy drop as an offense towards my countrymen.

I hope that those people responsible will be given to Belorussian side. Couple years in jail should be enough for them to learn manners.
23:41 August 9, 2012 by rise
In the forties there was the atom bomb.

In the sixties there was the hydrogen bomb.

Today it's the Teddy bear.
05:24 August 10, 2012 by sleezypornorangutang
Greetings from Helsinki. Let me put it this way: If one has ANY sense of scale, one could easily brush something like this away. But no. It´s like dealing with a big baby with thes Lukashenka idiots. I just have to wonder the kind of people who actually voted for this biatch.

Go Sweden!
07:13 August 10, 2012 by jostein
Hm, well, its kind of creadible, Stefan Eriksson has not been a regular ambassador and been actively working to undermine the regime in Belarus. At least according to this interview in SvD:

07:49 August 10, 2012 by robban70226
Sweden interfered into other country's internal affairs, Good lesson by throwing away the embassador, An international arrest warrant should be issued to the Studio Total people and Cromwell should be tried in court, He pocket the money in a foolish propaganda, he should pay for it, No bullshit excuses for their behaviour. The end do not justify the ways, Cowards!!! Face the truth!!!
08:30 August 10, 2012 by RobinHood
This is Belarus calling ..... On behalf of our dear leader the president I must sadly inform you that Belarus has been invaded by Swedish teddy bears, and a state of war now exists between Sweden, and teddy bears of any nationality. Border guards have reported probing attacks by elite cadres of teddy bears at several places on the Belarusan northern border. One has even infiltrated the bedroom of our dear leader's own son.

Belarusan teddy bears must now wear a yellow star on their arm to identify them as potential enemies of the people. Belarusan teddy bears may not walk in the sidewalk and must confine themselves to the road. Business owned by teddy bears will now become the property of the state. Special camps are being prepared for teddy bears where they will be gathered in one place and given an opportunity to work towards forgiveness from the Belarusan people.

Rumours that our dear leader has squared off the end of his mustache are false, as are rumours that he has gone entirely bonkers.

Transmission over.
10:18 August 10, 2012 by OUIJA
My sources indicate that Lukashenko is preparing his revenge, but he will not throw Teddy bears into Sweden, but olympic medals, because at this moment, Belarus has 3 more than Sweden. Belarus has 3 Gold, 3 Silver and 4 Bronze, While Sweden has 1 Gold, 3 Silver and 3 Bronze.

The Teddy Bear jippo was organized by the Swedish Embassy in Belarus together with a mediocre with the name of Cronwell who is trying to cover the Sun with one finger.

All the fuss is reduced by the typical Swedish envy that cannot cope with the fact that Belarus, with no more than 9.5 million inhabitants like Sweden, has better athletes. Besides, if Sweden, together with its master the USA manages to get rid of Lukashenko,will assure the supply of gas. But do not forget Vladimir Putin. He is the one that classified Sweden as a dictatorship on April 26, 2011 and he is a very good friend of Lukashenko.

The main problem behind the "Teddy Bear War", is that Sweden does in other countries what it would never, never allow to happen in the Swedish soil, or do you think that Sweden will accept a foreign country to throw Teddy Bears encouraging Jimmy Åkesson to throw down the dictatorial government of Fredrik Reinfeldt and his honest, nonest ministers like Annie Lööf? Never in a lifetime.
11:02 August 10, 2012 by Uncle
"All the fuss is reduced by the typical Swedish envy that cannot cope with the fact that Belarus, with no more than 9.5 million inhabitants like Sweden, has better athletes"

Yeppp. Simple envy. Belarus is 50 places behind Sweden in GDP (nominal and per capita), Belarus is not even in the list of economic freedom countries, 70 places behind in press freedom, Belarus has 0 universities in the top 500 rankings (Sweden has 6), Belarus is 50 rankings behind in Human Development Index, 110 places behind in Life Expectancy Index and 45 places behind in Legatum Prosperity Index. And lets not talk about hockey.

But, no. You are right... the bears that landed before the Olympics is a clear indication of Swedish envy of the Great Country of Belarus. Who would not like to get to a state where people are not allowed to express their protest even through applause???
14:17 August 10, 2012 by rise
To complete Uncle's statement, I as a Swede confess I'm very much in envy of the Belorussians; I'd like to lower my living standards to the same level as theirs; I have simply earned too much money in my life because of Sweden's failure as a country; Sweden has been around for about a thousand years of independence which makes me very envious of Belarus' proud history; I'd also like to cut of my right in saying these words.
15:26 August 10, 2012 by OUIJA
Uncle and Rise: And being Belarus such a lousy and poor and despicable country, why do it has better athletes? Oh yes! Lukashenko sends them to train in Sweden.

Lukashenko is a crook. Belarus has one big crook with his name. Sweden has many with different names. You pick. With whom do you want to start? Sweden, oh Sweden, thy name is envy.
16:00 August 10, 2012 by Kevin Harris
@ Ouija

Your suggestion that Belarus bombard Sweden with its three Olympic gold medals is a good one, but does not take into account any possible Swedish retaliation.

Sweden might respond by wrecking the Belarus economy by flooding the country with cash, driving it into hyper-inflation: about 20 000 Crowns ought to do it. A conventional military option might be to unleash Pippi Longstocking, the world's strongest girl, and much worse than Chuck Norris. Not even the mighty Belarus army could resist her. The psy-ops option would be to drop thousands of Ingmar Bergman DVD's on Belarus's already depressed population, who would surely commit collective suicide after watching any one of them. Finally Sweden might choose to go nuclear, and launch its ten megaton 2012 Eurovision Song Contest victory at Minsk and settle things with one huge strike.

I hope now you can see that this is a much more complex situation than it first seems.
16:29 August 10, 2012 by OUIJA
@Kevin. And if we talk again about Olympic medals, Swedes will never forget that in Beijing, Belarus got 19 and Sweden got only 5. How about that?

Belarus 16th place

Sweden 55th place.

!Oh Lord! What about that, Uncle and Rise? But let us go a little bit further:

Consumer Prices in Sweden are 98.59% higher than in Belarus

Consumer Prices Including Rent in Sweden are 106.33% higher than in Belarus

Rent Prices in Sweden are 165.46% higher than in Belarus

Restaurant Prices in Sweden are 78.39% higher than in Belarus

Groceries Prices in Sweden are 122.85% higher than in Belarus

Local Purchasing Power in Sweden is 318.30% higher than in Belarus

My viewpoint is that the Swedish government in total, does not make one Lukashenko. He is too many numbers bigger than Reinfeldt, whether Rise and Uncle do not agree. And how could they agree if they have a tree in front of their eyes that prevents of seeing better things?

Heja Sverige! Thy name is envy and your envoy is the new Swedish Icon Loreen with her army of Pippi Longstockings.

I believ
17:50 August 10, 2012 by Uncle

Your knowledge of economics is amazing! Prices are higher? How about them salaries?

You know that you could buy a quite cheap hamburger in Zimbabwe? What an AMAZING COUNTRY! According to your logic, if Lada is cheaper than BMW and both are vehicles, Lada is obviously a better choice.

Also, if the failing budget of Belarus is invested solely on sports, it is not so surprising that Belarus wins over swedes, whose achievements are SOLELY based on private expenditure of their parent. And btw, you genius, North Korea is one place above Belarus. Is the envy of Belarussians of North Koreans beyond any description?

What a moron.
19:29 August 10, 2012 by OUIJA

You are nothing else than a typical Swede. As soon as you have no arguments you start farting and insulting. What I wrote are facts, and only facts. Comparing your mother with someone elses mother when we are talking about Lukashenko is typical of someone who is empty headed.

Facts are facts and you cannot change that. Your "it is not surprising that Belarus wins over Swedes (with capital S), is hilarious. No one has written that. We are writing here about medals won in the Olympic Games, the ones in Beijing in 2008 and the ones in London this year. So, if you really want to see a moron, look yourself into the mirror. You are not only a moron, but a SWEDISH ONE, which is worse.

Once upon a time, someone gave me the following advice: "You have to take into consideration that all the Swedes are morons until the prove the opposite". And you, my fart expert, have certainly not proven the opposite.

Go to IKEA. There is a sale of toilets. Put your head inside of one and start discussing.
19:51 August 10, 2012 by rise

Uncle isn't a Swede, which makes that rubbish of yours invalid.

BTW now not only the US but also the EU gives Sweden its full support:


The president Clown is only isolating Belarus further...
21:38 August 10, 2012 by OUIJA

You too, double Brutus? Even if Uncle is not a Swede, he farts when he writes. Exactly like you.

And what an honour: The EU gives Sweden its full support. Hallelujah, Hallelujah!

The commentator Clown is isolating himself.

Do yourself a BIG, BIG FAVOUR! Drop dead!

If Uncle is not a Swede, then you are the typical Swedish moron.

23:38 August 10, 2012 by Uncle
Excellent OUIJA!

I love your writing style. It actually harms you more than my pointing at your IQ levels, so I will refrain from mentioning it further on.

I am happy to know that I am a "typical Swede", since it shows that there are much more people like me, while you are a simple racist. Cute.

As for the arguments. I gave you arguments, which prove that Sweden is a more FREE country. It is economically more VIABLE. People here are better EDUCATED and LIVE longer. The only "facts" that you gave are that:

1. Prices in Belarus are lower

2. Buying power of Belorussians is 300% lower than that of Sweden (read more about purchasing power)

So you actually is saying that in SPITE of the fact that the prices are lower, Belorussians can buy 300% less than Swedes each month. You practically took your own "argument", dragged it to the woods and shot it in the head.

So in your stead, I would change a nickname after such a blooper or just stop appearing here. Additionally, your simple facts about the prices are as relevant as screaming that a japanese yen is a small unit compared to krona and therefore japanese have a weaker economy. It is a pile of bull. Prices in Belarus are artificially lowered by the government on the EXPENSE of buying power.

Bottom line, I would definitely go to IKEA, whereas your beloved belorussian friends would be forced to save for 3 months for a Billy shelf, while working at an amazing quality refrigerator factory.
08:01 August 11, 2012 by Migga

It`s funny how you meantion the 2012 and 2008 olympic games but not the 2010 and 2006 ones. Sweden got 12 gold and a total of 25 medals in those games while Belarus only got 1 gold and a total of 4 medals. According to you that makes Sweden better. Your argument is laughable.
10:06 August 11, 2012 by OUIJA

I thought you had given up!. 2006 and 2010 games were Winter games and here we are talking about Summer games. You are hopeless. Go to school and do your "research" a little bit better, which I consider that you simply cannot. You belong to the "Incredible Trio"
11:50 August 11, 2012 by rise

You need a Teddy bear.
15:29 August 11, 2012 by OUIJA
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
21:51 August 11, 2012 by Uncle

Apparently he gave up on any arguments and went to "your mama" department.

Quality stuff.

I do not think that we will see him when a real argument starts.
22:42 August 11, 2012 by rise
How does one even respond to the likes of this charming fellow? Oh that's right, one doesn't. One's time is a lot more precious than that.
22:51 August 11, 2012 by Zhorka
It seems that since Bildt became FM, every other ambassador in his department is a paid CIA agent, while the rest are US lackeys. Since the fall of the USSR Sweden quickly changed from truly neutral country to US ass kisser.
09:42 August 12, 2012 by OUIJA
#22 AND #23

Do you want arguments? Then, I will copy and paste something that I wrote some comments ago:

"The main problem behind the "Teddy Bear War", is that Sweden does in other countries what it would never, never allow to happen in the Swedish soil, or do you think that Sweden will accept a foreign country to throw Teddy Bears encouraging Jimmy Åkesson to throw down the dictatorial government of Fredrik Reinfeldt and his honest, nonest ministers like Annie Lööf? Never in a lifetime"

Now, what is your argument against that? And please, stick to this comment and nothing else as you are used to do.
17:26 August 12, 2012 by Uncle

"And please, stick to this comment and nothing else as you are used to do."

Let's remind you that the amazing argument of jelousy of OS performance was first brought by YOU. Not a problem to actually scroll up and see it. So I understand that this diamond of logical achievement was dropped and is deemed irrelevant. Good.

Now, what do you understand under "allow to happen"? Do you actually think that Belorussian anti-aircraft forces allowed the airplane to invade their airspace?

"Hear, hear. In his eternal grace, his excellence Mr. Lukashenko ALLOWS european aircrafts to fly above his presidential palace! What a proof of a truly free society, whereas the evil dictatorship Sweden would never allow contamination of it's soil with foreign objects like this."

In that case, why chief of border committee Igor Rachkovsky and chief of AA and Air Force Dmitry Pachmelkin were fired and a warning was issued to the Security Committee secretary Maltsev and to the chief of the same committee Zaitsev? Did the gracious tsar reconsider his decision all of a sudden? Mmm. Or perhaps the AA forces are old and underfunded?

BTW, Pachmelkin even said that no warning was given by the AA systems.

Illegal crossing of borders is a matter of the target countries and that is why Mexican courts do not jail thousands that are trying to cross into USA. How is THAT for sticking to your childish "argument"? Was the answer close enough?
18:07 August 12, 2012 by rise

"Since the fall of the USSR Sweden quickly changed from truly neutral country to US ass kisser."

Not many a year after the fall of The Berlin Wall, Sweden joined the EU. After Sweden joining the EU a significant change of the Swedish armed forces began. From being defensive forces, mainly focused on hindering a possible Soviet invasion, they've turned into what they are today - offensive ones.

Now about being "neutral" this is what Wiki states:

"Sweden has dropped its claim to neutrality but has remained non-aligned even though it fought along side with NATO during the 2011 Libyan Civil War."

@ Uncle

Keep it up! I believe you are one who in Sweden would be called "hård men rättvis" (hard but just). If I'm right or no I have no idea. But anyway it's among the best compliments I could give. And I seldom give compliments (why of course not, a Swede as I am ;-))
18:24 August 12, 2012 by Uncle
Thank you, rise.

I appreciate it. Trying to do my best to be just.

The harshness is directly proportional to the amount of incompetence that i face. And is coming quite naturally for a non-swede as myself :)
09:59 August 13, 2012 by robban70226
Mazetti, Hannah Frey and Per Cromwell ---- time to stop the bullshit talk and face the music...
10:00 August 13, 2012 by OUIJA
@Hunkle # 26

Your bla, bla, bla, did not answer my argument:

"The main problem behind the "Teddy Bear War", is that Sweden does in other countries what it would never, never allow to happen in the Swedish soil, or do you think that Sweden will accept a foreign country to throw Teddy Bears encouraging Jimmy Åkesson to throw down the dictatorial government of Fredrik Reinfeldt and his honest, nonest ministers like Annie Lööf? Never in a lifetime"

Hunkle: If you're gonna be a smartass, first you have to be smart. Otherwise you're just an ass.
12:38 August 13, 2012 by rise

Glad you appreciate! But please don't mistake Swedes non-harshness for meekness or you might get a very unpleasant surprise. Talibans who've underestimated Swedes, mistaken their friendly calmness and non-harshness for being cowed, are now dead talibans. I once said a Swede is a wolf in sheep's clothing...

I bet a person like this OUIJA sees himself as really tough, and possibly me as a now cowed little Swede who doesn't dare answering. But I simply don't bother with petty quarrel at his level. I'm above that, and don't care what he thinks of it. Like it, hate it, the choice is his alone. I also bet he thinks his style earns him respect. He's only earning despise.
14:21 August 13, 2012 by OUIJA
# 31 RICE

I've heard more coherent things from a schizophrenic with Tourette's.

You, and your sambo, are pathetic. You do not contest my argument but dedicate yourselves to stupidities.

Iy you do not like what I write, do not write anything. If You do not care what I think, why bother in writing your stupid comment. I have broken your nose in many many threads, but you are such a moron that you do not throw the towel.

And, if I am earning despise, you are really earning the title of "MORON OF THE YEAR". The prize to be awarded by your sambo.

And please, do not be so arrogant. A Swede is not a wolf in sheeps'clothing. A Swede is nothing else than a coward little sheep who pretends to disguise himself as a wolf.

Have you ever heard the expression "No te hagas el sueco?" (Do not play the stupid). It is well known all over the world. Even the Germans say:

"Die dumme Schwedens" The truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God, is that you, Swedes, do not play "the stupid role". The majority is. But as you know, theee are exceptions in every item.
21:02 August 13, 2012 by rise

Oh but you flatter me, and I adore you too my cute little sweetheart!
22:23 August 13, 2012 by OUIJA

You are gayer than AIDS.
22:47 August 14, 2012 by rise

"You are gayer than AIDS."

I'll actually give you an answer; the same as in the other thread: I pity you and your pathetic attempts of insulting. You really DO believe that behaving the low-life such as you are doing can affect me. I have news for you: it does not affect me in any way.
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