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'Ban Islam in Sweden': Sweden Democrat

Published: 26 Aug 2012 09:58 GMT+02:00
Updated: 26 Aug 2012 09:58 GMT+02:00

The neo-nazi Swedish Resistance Movement (Svenska Motståndsrörelsen) marched in the central Swedish town of Bollnäs earlier this summer, after a controversial rape case had rocked the community.

On Saturday they marched again and anti-racist protests were held nearby.

Swedish Democratic Norling said he disapproves of Nazism, but by and large considers it a by-product of immigration. He also agrees with the neo-nazi movement that Islam has no place in Sweden.

“That can exist elsewhere but in Sweden it doesn’t fit in,” he said to Sweden’s national television SVT.

When asked what ought to be done with those who still want to believe in the religion, despite it being banned, Norling responded:

“Then the solution is deportation.”

This is the second time in just days that Swedish Democratic politicians have landed themselves in hot water.

On Friday, the Swedish Democrat Sven-Erik Karlsson commented on the harassment Somalian families have been suffering from teens in the town Forserum, in southern Sweden, saying that all Swedish municipalities ought to have gangs to harass refugees.

After the furore that followed, Karlsson resigned his position on Saturday.

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10:44 August 26, 2012 by DamnImmigrant
Sorry but these guys are way too reactionary. You cannot ban islam or any other religion for that matter.

What you can do is stop giving it government recognition and start telling the truth about how violent and twisted its "profit" was and therefore became the seeds for the violence and immorality inherent in this religion. There are a lot of people, including its followers, who would be shocked by what they learn.

It is not a culture that fits in well with the Swedish culture and should not be given any support.

RIP Neil Armstrong, thank you for being the first!
10:52 August 26, 2012 by christos81
thats why these SD are always hiding themselves
10:59 August 26, 2012 by calebian22
Well deportation is an unrealistic solution. Even pointing out the incompatibility of Islam with Western culture will automatically brand one a bigot. However, as history has shown, time and again, keeping Islam a small percentage of the demographic landscape, keeps the radicalism in check. Restriction of further immigration from Muslim countries is the only possible solution in a liberal head in the sand environment.
12:09 August 26, 2012 by respect4ALL
@damnimmigrant- Islam teaches the truth, shows you the right way and is the only option but what makes it branded with negative comments is *we muslims*. we are overpowered by the world and we do the otherway. don't blame islam,blame us.

about the politicians remark, both of them are looking for names and just catching others attention. western culture + islam=incompatable? thats wrong. it works well in england and U.S, why not in sweden? infact it works even better considering how respectful many swedes are.

somali are being chased by few racists, but many swedes realise how pure-hearted they are. you never so many cases about them all over the country. give us peace. let us enjoy the world like you guys do. you can't worship and tell us not to worship. religion is part of our life.
12:16 August 26, 2012 by Svensksmith
How about just deporting those that are bent on jihad.
12:39 August 26, 2012 by respect4ALL
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13:10 August 26, 2012 by muscle
the so called Jihadis, should be depaported!!! You deport the other, peaceful ones, you will create resentment and sense of betrayal in their hearts as well!!! You can control the influx of new people, dont give them visas so easily, give them temporary visas, or visa on probation.

What is NOT FITTING THE CULTURE BS ? Many sweds are now moving to china, india and few other countries. Their culture does not match the culture of new countries. Many of them even try to change other countries culture by becoming RIGHTS ACTIVISTS and speaking against the govt policies. Should all of the sweds be deported as well ? No! Only trouble makers!!!

Why is it so hard to hit hard on the criminals or the Jihadis? Just because the intelligence services of sweden are becoming weaker, unprepared, the police is losing its professionalism, doesn't mean that ALL BE DEPORTED should be taken as a decision!
13:26 August 26, 2012 by Abdirahmanow
Racism, bigotry and extremism have no place in this global village the world has become. In every society one gets elements who advocate for 15 century kill-or-get-killed mentality. History will teach that these ultranationalists that their views don't serve their own society. How can Sweden have influence and respect in the international arena if its cages itself and abandons the ideals of being tolerant society? Progressive societies vie for multiculturalism, social diversity and peaceful co-existence of the society. It is true that immigrants here brought both good and bad. Honor killing is what most cited by the racists. Don't get me wrong, I don't support it, but this cannot be attributed to Islam, may be to some in the Islamic societies. Homicide is a crime no matter its mode and name. How many native Swedish women are killed in Stockholm a month? What percentage accounts for the so-called honor-killing? Hope that bigots drive the world at the brink of dark ages where the jungle law prevailed. What is more inhuman than advocating for harassing the survivors of decades-long mayhem in Somalia who sought refuge in the known compassion and proverbial tolerance of the great Swedish people. Let not these racists tarnish the good international image of Sweden.
14:14 August 26, 2012 by rise
This Pär Norling need to open up the history book. Religious persecution were one of the reasons Sweden became a land of emigration in the 19th century. Only, maybe that's exactly what he wants?
14:18 August 26, 2012 by Cornelius Hamelberg
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14:29 August 26, 2012 by AnEye
@ Cornelius

Seriously, do you live in this world or world of dreams. Please get your facts straight, nothing of that sort ever happened and Armstrong was never a muslim. Can you please check type of his funeral??
14:39 August 26, 2012 by truthworthy
I was in Bollnäs yesterday. the reality is these racists are really so few. Their demonstration was boring and uninspired. Compare that to the evening when the whole square was filled by thousands of people who showed that there is no place for racists in Sweden. The speeches were fantastic and the atmosphere was friendly.
15:27 August 26, 2012 by Erefus
People gotta realize this guys opinion does not represent SD. It would not surprise me if that statement gets him kicked out of the party or atleast reprehended.

Still it saddens me that every single swedish newssource blows up about what some lesser known local politician in SD has said, that would not happen to any other political party and once again shows how unobjective swedish media has become.
15:42 August 26, 2012 by Ranjit T Edward
@Respect4ALL: What have you been smoking?

' Islam teaches the truth, shows you the right way and is the only option .....'

Yeah right? And where is this truth? In some silly book that talks about a man talking to burning bushes, talking snakes, splitting moons etc?

And what is this 'right way', you talk about? What the books says?

an option to what??

Don't tell me, the books says it, and it is the word of some fairy in the sky. The book it self is flawed...And using that book to prove its authenticity is like a rapist using a condom to prove his innocence!!!

Get off the cloud man....look for the real truth and not some belief.
17:29 August 26, 2012 by abidhasnain
And here we go again.... they have to do this once or twice in a while!!!

It's like a constant teaser or kind of harassment that we Muslims have to face. I don't know what the problem here is. At one side the picture seems to be very beautiful, no discrimination, equality for all and then again we see such kind of statements prospering.

May be it's because of the character of a Muslim itself who are not practicing Islam in it's true sense.

@Ranjit T Edward:

You should respect each other's belief. Nobody is forcing you to believe in Islam. Maybe you think that the people who believe in it are insane or mad. But if you don't respect them then you will fall into the same category of insanity.

@ Erefus and truthworthy:

Thanks for the comments and the support. It is really appreciated. :)
17:29 August 26, 2012 by Uncle
Islam is nothing, but ideology. This ideology is as for spreading and submitting those who do not agree as the nazi ideology.

Open nazism is and SHOULD be banned everywhere, since in it's core it cannot be "moderate", however the same rule should be applied to EVERY ideology that agrees to stop ONLY when the entire world submits to it, that is promoting elimination of nations, that is promoting execution of sexual minorities, that limits the rights of those, who still happen not to submit to it.

The same rule should apply to those who consider children as a feasible sexual "material" available for trade, for those who consider a female as a sub-human and those who declare any opposition to their ideology as "blasphemy" worthy of death sentence. The same rule of non-tolerance should apply to every ideology that opposes democracy in it's core, has specific rules for SLAVE TRADE, separates casts on the basis of religion and ethnicity on governmental level and does not have anything against girl mutilation.

Now, one could easily call apartheid ideas and nazism a "religion". It would not mean that one would get closer to God...
19:43 August 26, 2012 by jostein
The soloution is to kill the wellfare state. No more benefits for noone. Earn your keep. Or starv to death.

Then alot of the most unsavoury immigrants would go home. And us swedes whould no longer feel that we are bankrolling our own extermination, working long hours so that the colonists can stay at home and have all the time in the world to raise ten kids each on our money. Laisse faire capitalism is the best soloution to a very dangerous situation.
19:51 August 26, 2012 by Children Of Adam
Islam is the religion which God has chosen, there are over 1.5 billions Muslims and there are many Whites, Including Swede who are converted to Islam.

Islam is the fastest is growing religion on the face of earth. Nobody can BAN Islam!

These guys need to educate themselves and learn about the meaning of Islam.

How beautiful is the meaning of Islam:


This is understood from a verse in the Holy Quran

where Allah says:

"Inda deena inda lahi Islam." (Certainly, the only acceptable way which Allah will accept is Islam).

[Holy Quran 3:19]

This submission requires a fully conscious and willing effort to submit to the one Almighty God

One word (Islam) and has 5 beautiful meanings:




Sincerity & Purity of Intention


in USA alone there are over 2 millions Muslims converts. They are scientist, doctors , Engineers, Church fathers, Nuns and counting.

Islam is beautiful, the problem these days in Europe is not Islam, it is the economy which has made many frustrated and they yell at muslims for every failure... A time would soon come that European would start immigrating to Asia and Muslim countries for better job and life :)

anyway a Guy with good education and good job would not talk so none sense to media.
20:13 August 26, 2012 by Hisingen
Probably banning religion everywhere might be a help. As it is we have Muslims against Christians, Muslims against Buddhists, Christians against Muslims, Shia Muslims against Sunni Muslims, Jews against Muslims and vice versa. There is no end to either the list or the fighting.

Religion, on the face of it, has been and is being the constant cause of conflict in one way or another. And yet so many appear to have the same God in this or that form. Not forgetting, either, those who say they do not have a god. They also complain, or are complained against.

And if there is a God, looking down upon mankind, The poor being must wonder what is happening here on earth. Everyone fighting against someone else has 'God on their side' or something, so that there must be a terrible need for Aspirin somewhere to ease the headaches being caused by all the minions fighting one another - in the same god's name.

Religion and fight for power. Never-ending. These columns are evidence of that fact.

Think about that old humorous alphabet:-

A for 'orses (Hay for Horses)

B for mutton (Beef or mutton)

C for . . . (Seaforth Highlanders)

:: down to . .

O for Peace Oh! For peace.

Chamberlain spoke of "Peace in our time" back in 1939, but I fear he was just a little bit premature . . Or optimistic. Utopia does not, nor ever will exist on earth, not while there are people here.
21:59 August 26, 2012 by Cephalectomy
all i can say is : in his dreams, everyone knows he will never get this done in sweden.

good luck
22:00 August 26, 2012 by Swedishmyth
So what you're saying is that, in Sweden, my choice is between multiculturalist socialists and anti-Islamization nationalists

Seems this is a case of "the only winning move is not to play" which means moving abroad.
23:30 August 26, 2012 by tercel
"On Friday, the Swedish Democrat Sven-Erik Karlsson commented on the harassment Somalian families have been suffering from teens in the town Forserum,"

How come the local or any Swedish news paper does not have any news reports on the attack on Rudolf Moilanen? There appeared a brief article here and there, but every effort seemed to be made to forget this case as soon as possible. Rudolf was on his way home at night. He was sitting alone in a bus station in Jordbro outside of Stockholm (I believe that is where it is located), several men arrived at the bus station who spoke with each other. First they beat Rudolf unconscious. Then they poured fuel on his body, and lit it on fire. Then, they kicked his body down a hill.

Miraculously, Rudolf has woken up, and is alive, but will be injured for life. In the hospital he could give some details about the event. Just the other day, a Somali youth was arrested as a prime suspect in the crime.

I just recently learned that there now will be a demonstration for the Somalis, largely by Swedes. A manifestation against racism.

But, say -- who will demonstrate for Rudolf?


I have a friend who sells real estate in Green Bay, He says there is a flood of Germans, Swedes, Norwegians, and Danes who are buying up townhouses, and acreage all over Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Idaho, and Michigan. Looks like it might be time to get out of Dodge!
23:33 August 26, 2012 by ernest Olson
Good bye our beautiful Sweden.

You were so wonderful when you were young.
23:37 August 26, 2012 by mcarroll1
Ban the SD party if they continue to support this type of politician. All Nazi parties and organizations should be porogued. Religion should be a private thing and any proselytizing on behalf of any religion should be illegal. Any incitement to violence by any one or any organization should be an inditable offence punishable by law. Why are these statements allowed to go without any punishment. These comments are offensive to the vast majority of people.
23:49 August 26, 2012 by bcterry
19:51 August 26, 2012 by Children Of Adam ,

"in USA alone there are over 2 millions Muslims converts. They are scientist, doctors , Engineers, Church fathers, Nuns and counting. "

"CAIR chairman Nihad Awad told the Saudi paper 'Ukaz that "34,000 Americans have converted to Islam following the events of September 11, and this is the highest rate reached in the U.S. since Islam arrived there."(2)

There are 2.5,000,000 muslims im America, over 60% are immigrants, and a large percentage of the rest are the children born to those immigrants since their arrival.

" 2,000,000 muslim converts in America"?

Looking forward to your next fairy tale.
00:47 August 27, 2012 by Uncle
Children of Adam

"Surrender,Submission,Obedience,Sincerity & Purity of Intention,Peace"

There is not ONE religion with which islam is not at war. Buddhists, Jews, Christians, Hindu and polytheists in Africa. There is not ONE democratic islamic country. Out of your few Nobel Prize one is scientist. The rest were writing mostly against islamic oppression and are searched to be executed. Not in ONE country (or autonomy) dominated by "religion of peace" do women enjoy equal rights. Not ONE accepts homosexuality as one's freedom.

You are trading slaves, oppressing the few remaining dhimmies, selling your daughters on the open market. You are allowing torture in your legal systems. You have made rape non-proveable under any rape circumstances. You educate your children on nazi books in the SCHOOLS. You hide behind the sentence that you cannot kill innocents, but you forget to mention that not only all non-muslims are not innocent by definition, sunni are guilty in the eyes of shia and vice versa! By that making EVERYONE a viable target. Point at ONE country that had an economic/educational/health/freedoms increase after it was invaded by islam. ONE. Seems that if Allah's blessing is upon all who accept him in his heart, you, a full billion, are definitely doing something wrong. And finally, the only opposition that your people are offer against the above, is an opposition to SECULAR regimes. Therefore your masses AGREE with the medieval life described above.

And these are the legal, parliamentary and historical FACTS from your countries with muslim majority. I did not even touch the "extremists".

As for the spreading of your ideology, nazism was spreading even faster. It had quite a few supporters gained within some 20 years, so I would not be so proud in your doubtful statistics.
04:17 August 27, 2012 by tercel
Wow mcarroll1 (23:37 August 26, 2012) have you been listening to speeches by Hitler, Himmler, and Goebbels? You sound just just like them. Are you sure you are not secretly nazi masquerading as a leftist - multiculturalist -communist? "All Nazi parties and organizations should be porogued." Just substitute nazi for communist or unionist and you could be Gobbels!
04:58 August 27, 2012 by ericrufinosiah
When you saw some very interesting posters and write-ups posted at the entrance

of the tunnel,you wonder where to go in or not though there were reports and also

reminders about " people getting lost or harmed especially females " when they

entered the tunnel.So,if you still wanted to go in ,nobody can help you once you are

07:45 August 27, 2012 by Ranjit T Edward

Which part of my statement was disrespectful? For asking for the truth? Do you realise that when one claims that a mythological fairy tale it true, it is utterly disrespectful to the intelligence of those who live their lives in a non-deluded


Remember, respect is what you earn...not on what you believe.

@Children Of Adam:

Contrary to you and lots of Muslims claim, Islam is NOT the fastest growing religion in the United States, and quoting news broadcasters and politicians does not make it true.

The facts are well placed before you by @bcberry

'There are 2.5,000,000 muslims im America, over 60% are immigrants, and a large percentage of the rest are the children born to those immigrants since their arrival.'

The fastest growing beliefs in order of change is given below (Source:ARIS) 1. 1.Deist +717%

2.Sikhism +338%

3.New Age +240%

4.Hinduism +237%

5.Baha'i +200%

6.Buddhism +170%

7.Native American Religion +119%

8.Nonreligious/Secular +110%

9.Islam +109%

Furthermore, your so called 'growth of Islam' will drastically change if you stop multiplying like rabbits!!!
09:59 August 27, 2012 by smilingjack
ideally ban all religions. to get the ball rolling make them pay tax and they will all dissolve pretty quickly.

there is a reason religious groups want private education and that is so they can brainwash the kids early on. make sure every child in the country gets the same education - ie scientifically proven not fantasy (fantasy - thats every religion ) and get them thinking freely. its no coincidence in australia that the most affluent suburbs are also the ones with the highest levels of education and highest levels of atheism. atheism is the fastest growing belief in australia. woo hoo. funny how as kids got access to the internet and the truth they realised what a crock of sh£t they had been told by religion.

I love this quote from a child to a priest " so joseph went away for awhile and came back and his wife was pregnant - but not to him - um um god did it" uh huh? of course there is always the standard across all religions of if you follow us you go to heaven and if you dont you go to hell. see pearly gates, a bunch of virgins etc etc .
11:44 August 27, 2012 by Taxalien
Islam is the religion of the passive aggressive. That is what "submitting" and submission means. It means to submit yourself to the lowest common denominator when it comes to tolerance to ideas and beliefs of others.

Anyone who does so will, over time, assume all the traits a passive aggressive personality entails.

And all the negatives that come with that is why you see Islam being in conflict with itself, everyone else as well as prosperity, progress and a peaceful future.

There is nothing much more to say on the subject. Once upon a time Catholics were also aflicted by the same, but through Luther and other "revolutions" people adopted a more critical stance towards not just Christianity but all religion.

The wealthfare state has however unsettled this happy circumstance. People suffer under a massive tax regime, foisting upon them to live like welfare slavery, either by getting jobs that pay nothing or a sofa job that pays more but leads to an idle mind easy to suck into any type of religion that comes around.
12:43 August 27, 2012 by friendonlyyours
The guy and that party who is proposing this suggestion, he actually had not done any homework. If he searched he let know that system which is running in Sweden is actually a Islamic system even they don't know their self. Islamic is also giving the social state system idea 1500 years ago when there was no system and world was not so advance to research.

The reason of Sweden's strong economy is that system. Unfortunately all media is controlled my so called non Muslims and they show the people what they want and do lot of propaganda against the Muslims.

Religion is basically set of rules to make a system to live, it is applicable to individual as well to whole society. Living a life without religion is like animal life animal has no rules, animal kill each other, do sex forcefully and others.

If you do research everything in this world is running on some rules and systematic defined way if it will not it called a catastrophic. For example there are 365 days in a year if it is more then its called something else, sun rise from east and set in west. Our whole solar system and all things in this world is running on some rules same as religion is giving you some rule to live a happy life as human.

Now its up to you where you get the truth. If you do research Islam is most truthful religion proven by lot of scientist and extra ordinary people.

As Muslim or non Muslim if he/she do something wrong in system we as Muslim condemn them and they should be punished and nobody have right to blame Islam, Islam is not teaching this, its your own dumm mind trained by media or your devil inside.

That guy from that party is trying to spread hatred, overall most of the Swedes are very near to Islam (Honest, truthful, respect and get respect and more good habits that what Islam also teaches.) only few big bad things which are now facing their self, alcoholism, without marriage sex and so on. They are not giving ads to newspapers for new generation to less use of alcohol because they are facing the effect of that now.
13:03 August 27, 2012 by Taxalien

Sweden is not running any system remotely similar to Islam.

Islam for centuries ran a system of no-tax for belivevers and heavy taxation for non-believers. Islam does not allow interest. It eats itself from within. Plunder is the only fuel by which it can propagate itself with, so, when the natural borders of countries who had embraced Islam had spread the most and logistics went negative, Islam could not spread any further.

Islam, before the advent of oil was totally bankrupt and was in the final decline. If oil had not saved it, it would have disappeared off the map.
13:26 August 27, 2012 by fikatid
What needs to be banned in extremism. It doesn't matter whether it's Islam or Christianity. Extremists are the ones that need to be deported.

US is not that much better. There are those stupid fundamentalist so-called Christian such as the infamous Todd Akin, who believes that a woman could not get pregnant if it's a legitimate rape. As you see, any type of extremism is the source of the evil and needs to be banned.

Having said that, religion seems to be the source of all conflicts and wars. People should stop imposing their religious believes upon others. They can believe whatever they want as long as they don't think that other have to believe in the same religion. So, people who impose religious believes upon other non-believers need to be deported, in my opinions.

Atheists never cause any harm. It's always those religious fundamentalists that carry out the evil deed and discriminate others all in the name of their "god".
13:30 August 27, 2012 by friendonlyyours

You also need to do home work like politician, you don't know Islamic rule and history and just bragging like this and providing misconception to the other people same people like you are sitting on the media doing misconception and propaganda. Go for a research and find what are similarities in Islamic and Sweden social state system.

Your oil history and statistic is also wrong, oil never helped Muslims, that is property of few Muslims not whole Muslims and that is also a cause of problem created by all western countries because are hungry for oil and creating so dirty games with those Muslim countries. What USA did with Iraq, in Libya and there disturbance in Saudi Arabia, then that USA sold you that oil on bigger prices.

The people who are doing bad deed using label of Muslim are away from Islam and don't know or forgot the teaching of Islam, so punish them but don't blame Islam. If we started blaming like this to Non Muslims the people will not find the place to hide. Its very simple if a Swede do bad thing I can't blame whole Swede community as my research, knowledge and experience is totally opposite same the case is with Islam.

So people please open your mind and find out the truth. We are here to love this country and

add to economy of this country, because this country allow us to peacefully practice our religion and providing a very good system which is very near to Islamic System.

When ever time will come we will not left behind to use our life on this country.

13:54 August 27, 2012 by smilingjack
if you want to talk about breeding like rabbits. like banning contraceptives and abortion. like keeping the population as dumb as possible and threatening them with eternal damnation if they dont follow your strict orders.

catholics and christians. christians are the only religion that wants to convert everyone - their sole purpose in life.

taxalien your speaking rubbish. see crusades 1 through 50.

not that I would rate islam above any other religion. they are all for fools.
14:14 August 27, 2012 by Sven-Ingvar
Sweden already has legally defined it's religion through your Monarchy that is Sweden's Christian God, whose compound redemptive name is Lord Jesus Christ.

Already *IF* one wishes to legally worship God it is our legally defined Christian God whose compound redemptive name is Lord Jesus Christ. This can be done from a Christian Church only.

The Swedish Flag is designed from an apparition of a burning cross of Christ in a blue sky seen by King Eric the Holy in 12th century

Time for the Tax offices to stop considering charlatans (those that do not recognize as part of their doctrine our Holy Trinity) as a religion this includes not only Islam but Scientology, Jehovah Witness's, Buddhists, Hindu, Sikh etc

Example of Islam is Syria right now being a "normal" outcome of Islam which is actually violent political process not a religion at all.

Until Sweden and United Nation address Islam as the problem nothing will change! Hasn't since 700 AD around the time Islam began and started it's domination by conquests, which are still by surprise attacks killing for killings sake.

Once the violence is over the Moslem refugees that flee the horror Islam always create are only welcomed by Nations with a Christian history and a culture of compassion. Something devoid of in Islamic controlled countries
15:26 August 27, 2012 by towns
Well Sweden's Muslim population according to Pew Forum is currently 5% and it is projected to double to 10% of the total population by 2030 (by comparison in 1990 the figure was 1%) which will equal about 1 million Muslims in the country. In other words, if you think these sort of debates as is evident in the comment section here are going to go away, think again.

The fact of the matter is Sweden looks set to have a large Muslim minority over the next few decades and nobody other than the Sweden Democrats want to talk about it. Interesting, isn't it?

Of course, most Swedish Muslims live in urban Svealand and Götaland so perhaps Pär Norling should consider forming a Norrland Independence Party and advocate a separate, nationalist and socially conservative Norrland from the socialist, Feminist and leftist south. Perhaps then everybody would be happy? :)
15:37 August 27, 2012 by friendonlyyours
@ fikatid

You are right to some extent. But you again misunderstood religion is never saying to them to do or its not in religion. They their self doing this extremism or terrorism. If they belong to some religion you can't blame to religion without knowing that religion is claiming that thing or not and they should get double punishment even because they are using the name religion which disturb to other people who are practicing religion peacefully.

Atheists are really strange and understandable and they are angel. If you don't have religion you don't have rules so everything is right for you even its bad or good. Everything in this world is running on some rules and defined system everything is saying that there is someone who is running us that is god and they just finish by saying "everything is happening itself." :) what is science ? actually science is find out rules and reason how everything is going in this world. So science is giving the system or rules behind anything but still not able to answer who is doing this because human don't have power to find out God rather he can find out his creatures.
16:00 August 27, 2012 by Children Of Adam
Some guys had a doubt about 2 million american converts to Islam, according to the CNN report in a few years ago there were 1.5 Millions and recently it jumped to 2 millions . You may google it or youtube: CNN1.5 Million american converted to Islam"

People are accepting Islam even on the streets to their home. You may check the videos DawahisEasy in youtube and see how people are accepting Islam.

You would very naive to judge Islam without reading it.

You should start reading about Islam by reading Quran in your own translation maybe here Quran. com and see what really Islam is about.

I know why some of guys are angry at Islam because the action some of groups who mostly target Muslims than non-muslim, as you can see in the news Muslims are dying and suffering more by the hand of these terrorists.

I wish peace to Sweden and other countries , wish them to be safe from the B52 Bombers, cruise missiles, suicide bombers and invaders! Ameen

After all we are children of Adam ;)
16:16 August 27, 2012 by bryan73
It's gutsy of the SD to come out and say something so politically incorrect.

However, this should be taken much further: religion in general should be shunned.

There is no room for such brainwashing in the 21st century. The thought restrictions and other resources that religions require are slowing us down as a species, and often pushing us in reverse. The books of the major monotheistic religions are all full of hate and violence reflecting basic tribal instincts. We are at a time mankind needs to move beyond these.

I've read much of the Quaran translated into a few languages: to say that the book is full of good is being disingenuous. Check the punishments for apostasy, adultery, and homesexuality.

Most religious books are really nuts. I know some Mormons. They're smart guys, but they got brainwashed at birth.

I wish we could find a way to forbid teaching religion (and genital mutilation of all forms) to anybody under the age of 21.
18:08 August 27, 2012 by Heos
I agree, all religions should be shunned. There's no room for such mumbo-jumbo in the 21st century.
19:07 August 27, 2012 by calebian22
2014 is going to be a great year for SD. The idea that they are going to be banned or are a passing fad is ridiculous. Just look to politics in Holland to see what is going to happen here in two years. SD will be too big to be ignored. The Local forums will be hilarious to read, wih all the claims of growing bigotry in Sweden. Suddenly 10-15 percent of the population will be bigots. Where do they keep coming from? ;-)
19:15 August 27, 2012 by wildhorses27
I see on here you all are and maybe have to be PC but get behind this far right man it is the only way to save your selves vote for his party before it is too late. Wake up all you liberals and see what is happening around you to beloved Sweden are you brainwashed are you scared I can understand but you liberals stop letting this happen to your people, your children and grandchildren. The only way you can do this is vote for this party in to start the saving of sweden whatever the cost you must stop looking with blind eye. Tears.

Bring Sweden back why are you letting your country be taken vote if you are afraid to do nothing esle.
21:14 August 27, 2012 by Iraniboy
Religions per se are not extremely popular these days but last time someone tried to ban one, was named butherer of 20th century AKA Hitler! So be careful what you wish for!

By the way, isn't very strange that SD members and their supporters show the least Swedish behviour among Swedes?!! They complain why X and Y doesn't match to Swedish society while their behaviour and beliefs are extremely uncommon and weird among Swedes!!!
21:32 August 27, 2012 by bcterry
There is an obvious difference between banning a religion, it'll never happen, and the extermination of those who adhere to a religion.

Currently there are only the adherents of ONE entity that are still calling for extermination of the aforementioned adherents, or the adherents of any religion for that matter, and it's not the SD.
23:00 August 27, 2012 by prince T
1. If Jesus were a politician He will never vote for islam to be banned. I am proud christian.

2. The worst mistake Sweden will make is to ban islam.

3. I hope we will realise sooner or later that it is impossible to stop a relgion by force. The more the persecution the stronger d relgion becomes.

4. What are we going to do about the mother of lady that was arrested in Paskistan. She us white swedish. Should we deport her too?

5. A ban on islam in sweden will become the launch pad for terrorism on a large scale.

6. That is why we should send sd to oblivion. They are opportunists and thinkk the only problem of sweden is islam and immigration. This shallow thinking.

7. Sweden should embrace her own culture and religious values. Let us not be jealous of those who are proud of theirs no matter how primitive it may be. They have a change of heart when they see that our own is better.
23:40 August 27, 2012 by gh2008
restricting immigration or banning religion because few immigrants or people from certain religion act out of line would be like banning having sex for everyone just because small minority of people commit rape.
03:17 August 28, 2012 by Navras
The solution is simple: Don't bring trouble. If you really need immigrants: bring somali and other african christians, chiristians, buddhist, hindus and atheist chinese!!

Allowing them to grow to 10% will create swedistan !
09:09 August 28, 2012 by Alma
I wonder what is SD stand on groups and people like themselves. To name one, Breivik, who unlike these horrible muslim beings, actually killed 77 people. Any threat there? Should they be imprisoned, deported???? Just a thought....
09:19 August 28, 2012 by Rod Munch
===Religions per se are not extremely popular these days but last time someone tried to ban one, was named butherer of 20th century AKA Hitler! ===

Iraniboy, I think you need to take a look at how religious minorities are treated in EVERY Muslim-dominated country (i.e. Saudi Arabia and Egypt among others). For every 1 Hitler that Europe has produced there are tens of thousands of Muslims with the idea of destroying the West.

===2. The worst mistake Sweden will make is to ban islam.===

Ha! On it's face, banning Islam would be the BEST thing Sweden could do. However, banning any religion in a modern, democratized country is just not the right thing to do and would never happen. It's not like Sweden is some primitive Muslim country where they burn churches or stone people for adultery.

If Sweden MUST accept refugees/asylums seekers from the MENA countries then they should only accept women or religious minorities. Muslim men have no need for asylum in the Western world. It's already proven to be a disaster. And indeed, there is no guarantee that Christians from these countries can behave themselves either as we see in Södertälje with all of the criminal gangs. So maybe taking in only women from these countries is the solution, as they are the ones who REALLY suffer under Islam-dominated countries.

==2014 is going to be a great year for SD.==

Agreed. Recently a poll came out where 57% of Swedes feel that SD has the best immigration policy of all of the parties. As we see the rape and violent crime statistics pile up, we will see more support for SD. That is the truth.
10:02 August 28, 2012 by prince T
@gh2008. We must Accept pple that will better our economy. Canada is a perfect example. Not just the parasites that came in hungry with nothintin to offer. When they are bellyfull suddenly realised dat we are infidels. And they want to kill us.

@ rod much. I hope u read the disaster Greece wanted to cause by voting racist party but quickly changed their mind in the re run election wen thy realised their mistake. I am sure ppl will be smart in the next election. I could have asked for a bet but i dont bet. Wait and see. Those terrorists are ready to die for wat they believe in unlike that thea pen terrorist dat only hide behind a computer to attack. A ban will just be an exercise in futility. Makin ridicoulos statements like this is a campaign strategy for SD. It has now become a pattern to arouse religious or racial tension to win ppl like @rod
10:33 August 28, 2012 by ericrufinosiah
I do agree with the views of Rod Munch dated 28th.August,that Sweden Democrat

is the Party to watch in 2014 and not only that " it should be the Party that all natives

Swedish should give their votes because " it is the only Party in Sweden which

really cares for her people's future " if the past was good then Sweden Democrat

wouldn't be in the scene today.Keep up the goodwork,Jimme Akesson.
14:24 August 28, 2012 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Norling does not represent official SD doctrine.

Whether he is a believer or an infidel here's something for him to think about:

14:38 August 28, 2012 by comentatir
You are all stupid to discuss this here! Religion is a personal thing! Stop wasting your breath!
14:45 August 28, 2012 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Wise one we stopped along time ago :

Are you looking for me?

Are you looking for me? I am in the next seat.

My shoulder is against yours.

you will not find me in the stupas, not in Indian shrine

rooms, nor in synagogues, nor in cathedrals:

not in masses, nor kirtans, not in legs winding

around your own neck, nor ineating nothing but


When you really look for me, you will see me

instantly --

you will find me in the tiniest house of time.

Kabir says: Student, tell me, what is God?

He is the breath inside the breath.

14:55 August 28, 2012 by occassional
Religion stops being a personal thing when its derivatives affect societies. One would have though the most zealous and religious countries would not be living hellholes but go figure. Ban and ridicule all such religious nonsense on the grounds that they offer nothing that isn't humanistically achievable (compassion, hope, comfort etc.) and are way too incompatable with modern (and by modern I mean current) reason and science. Compare swords, halal and swarms of locust with the thoughts that landed rovers on Mars. I mean !!!

We cannot base current and future morality on old books written by uneducated people, though well they might have meant. Singling out Islam however is a bit harsh.
21:12 August 28, 2012 by Navras
Ban the way they preach. the myth of superiority. Ban the hate education taught in islam against the infidels,

Allow muslims to choose any religion they wish to. Any family or mullah coercing them to live under brutal cage of islam should be deported.

Tell them to be european than muslim. If they want to be 1st muslim, then give then deport them to 53 islamic country.

Sadly arabs dont take inferior muslims!!

Uproot the problem before it goes wild.
05:48 August 29, 2012 by Bushyblondehead
Islam is a mens club, women can't partisipate!
08:49 August 29, 2012 by Just_Kidding
If Islam is the religion of peace 1. why did Muslims invade so many countries (e.g. Iran, Syria, ...) and forced the inhabitants to accept Islam? 2. What keeps them from enforcing their religion on the other countries? (e.g. Sweden). One obvious answer is the powerful army of these countries. 3. If banning religions is bad, why so many religions are banned in Islamic countries? (Baha'ism is invented in Iran, but it is banned there).

Iranian Atheist
10:04 August 29, 2012 by smilingjack
to sven ingar

where to start

ha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

you drongo. go read some fiction and put down the fairy tales.

christianity = compassion hahahahahahahahah

google bob hale and the crusades or abu ghraib or just look at the USA.

your a complete fool.
15:40 August 31, 2012 by tadchem
The problem is not the religion of Islam per se, but the culture that encourages repression and domination of others and depriving others of their basic human rights....in other words, Shariah Law.
22:17 August 31, 2012 by Stuart Parsons
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE inform yourself about this evil cult, Read the Quran, study the Sunnah, familiarize yourself with Sharia La and read the Sirah of Ishaq, Tabari and Ibn Kathir. Find out what 'Al-Wala wal bara' is about. Remember Muhammad said he had been ordered to fight all non-Muslims until none was worshipped but Allah

I am sure thgat when you have properly studied this ghastly cult of Muhammad, you will come to realise that Islam is a far, far greater threat to the well-being of mankind than Fascism and Communism ever were.
08:36 September 1, 2012 by dukesy
Reading the comment from Mr.Norling,supposedly a Swedish Democrat member.....dear oh dear......sounds just like a certain `then German leader circa...1933-45....forget the clowns name off hand.

You cant BAN a religion any more than you can blame millions of Muslims for what a misguided few preach.

Islam preaches peace,so im told....never having read the Koran.

How can you deport all the followers of a recognised religion,and on what grounds. Theres no doubt millions of Muslims who are born and bred Swedes,never done a thing against Sweden,or any other country,most likely never will, what are you going to deport then for.......come on Mr Norling....maybe the Swedish Imagration service should do Sweden a favour and deport you,and your fanatical friends,before you really start trouble that no one else wants.

Maybe approach NASA....they are keen to explore Mars.....volunteer the likes of you Mr Norling,and some of your friends to explore Mars......be the first official members of the Martian Nazi Party.......not sure what Martian for ` seig heil` is...you could find out on your way.

As for what you do in the meantime......resign seems to spring to mind. I know what i`d like to do with your kind, Hitler was fond of shooting people only problem is with you.....are you worth the cost of 2 rounds of ammunician.....I doubt it.

To the Swedish media,i would just say...ignore this idiot,he wants publicity and media attention,so why give him it.
23:30 September 3, 2012 by bcterry
"Islam preaches peace,so im told....never having read the Koran."

You should look into what is in the koran.

For starters, google,

"Intolerance in the quran"


The quran's Verses of Violence"
23:11 September 14, 2012 by Stuart Parsons
The answer is to make COMPULSORY the study of the Quran, Sunnah and Sharia Law in all Schools. All pupils should be required to read and comment on the 'Sirat Rasul Allah' of Ibn Ishaq. In addition there should be nightly readings from the Quran, Sunnah and Sirah on television and radio. People need to be made aware of exactly what all the dangerous Islamic nonsense is really about.
19:45 September 15, 2012 by haladeen
f*ck islam and its fanatics. islam is pigsh!t.
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