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Unwitting Stockholmers sublet flats to prostitutes

3 Sep 2012, 14:05

Published: 03 Sep 2012 14:05 GMT+02:00

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“A few years ago most of the arrests were in hotels, but this has changed. Today the majority of our hits are in normal apartments,” explained Simon Häggström of the Stockholm police to the Metro newspaper.

The homeowners, who are often renting their flat while they're away on holiday, are completely unaware of what's going on behind their own closed doors.

“When we have localized the women who sell sex at some address it is often discovered that the house belongs to a completely normal family who is away on holiday, and who doesn't have the slightest intention of renting it out to prostitutes.”

The police explained that the sex workers are hard to catch, as they are often only working in each home for a short period of time, however the investigations are made easier by tips from the public.

Such tips can come from disgruntled and unsatisfied customers, neighbours, or even other prostitutes who are competing for business.

One woman, named by Metro as Sara, unknowingly rented her apartment in central Stockholm to a prostitute. She didn't find out until returning to Stockholm and finding a message from the police.

“It felt disgusting. I wanted to just burn the bed and move house,” she told the paper.

Later, the homeowner used Google to check the tenant's phone number and discovered an array of sexually explicit images together with a price list: 2,000 kronor ($302) for an hour, 1500 kronor for 30 minutes, and 1,000 kronor for oral sex.

However, while the incident at Sara's apartment is yet to lead to any arrests, the homeowner herself has come to question exactly who suffers from the ruse.

“When you get a little perspective on things – I'm not actually the victim here. I think of how the girls have ended up as prostitutes, whether they've been exposed to people smuggling and how they live today,” she told the paper.

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15:36 September 3, 2012 by Abe L
"When you get a little perspective on things - I'm not actually the victim here. I think of how the girls have ended up as prostitutes, whether they've been exposed to people smuggling and how they live today"

Typical Swedish ignorance - because after all who would voluntarily choose an occupation that pays 2000SEK/hour. Oh wait... work one day a month and you've made more money then you'd receive in welfare. It's an absolute myth that people working in prostitution and escort services are all forced to do so.

If they could just legalise prostitution, which has been successful in numerous countries and turn it into a regular occupation then it helps everyone. The prostitutes would pay tax and would be able to rent a normal space to practice their occupation as a legal tenant.
15:51 September 3, 2012 by procrustes
#! The issue isn't about a rational society, it's about a radical Feminist agenda, the idea being control sex and you control men. Read the book, "The End of Men" and you'll get an idea of what's going on.

In the Eighties, Sweden had a radical group (maybe it still exists) called Group Eight. There agenda was the complete subjugation of men. Fortunately, the far greater majority of Swedish women don't buy into Group Eight mentality, but they have been sold on Woman as Victim. Someday someone will point out that seeing ones self as a victim is very debilitating and leads to a plethora of personality problems.
16:04 September 3, 2012 by Twiceshy
> "It felt disgusting. I wanted to just burn the bed and move house," she told the paper.

Maybe she should have thought about that before renting out your bed and house for a quick "buck".
16:15 September 3, 2012 by Nvd
Welcome to the kingdom of Saudi Sweden.

No one cares about the women working in hazardous condition to make their shoes, clothes and purses.

Has anyone cared about the social status and security of prostitutes?

Women are just afraid that their sex deprived men will get it somehow. The deprivation, that is acting as the taming tool.

Sara: Please change the sheet. Save the planet. ;)
18:45 September 3, 2012 by prince T
@twiceshy. I dont believe sara. The pimps are of questionable characters and the prostitutes. How did sara not know the person she renting her house to is not dubious. Spare me her cock n bull story
19:20 September 3, 2012 by luke123
"The police explained that the sex workers are hard to catch, as they are often only working in each home for a short period of time, however the investigations are made easier by tips from the public."

What is this all about ??????? Why would the police want to catch sex workers engaged in a fully legal business?
20:33 September 3, 2012 by StockholmSam
@luke123 Most likely, the ladies are not paying their taxes. It is not a question of morality, ethics, trafficking or exploitation. It is about making sure the F-skatt is square.
10:38 September 4, 2012 by me_i_sverige
Isn't it legal to sell sex in Sweden? I read it's only illegal to buy. So, why police are after seller? They should listen to their lawyer.
15:07 September 4, 2012 by avatar
give the bed to a poor person rather than burning it
19:15 September 4, 2012 by irridium
I wonder if she went through a rental service or if she did it on her own. I've been renting out my apartment for years but have always gone through a rental company. At least I know then that the people staying at my place have been screened beforehand.
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