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Man hit by train after robber leaves him to die

Man hit by train after robber leaves him to die

Published: 12 Sep 2012 14:50 GMT+02:00
Updated: 12 Sep 2012 14:50 GMT+02:00

“This shows an unusual ruthlessness,” said Peter Brottman of the South Stockholm police to daily Aftonbladet.

The victim, referred to in the Swedish media as Johnny, 38, was returning home after a drunken night out on the town with his friends when he fell down on the tracks at Sandsborg metro station south of Stockholm.

Shortly thereafter he was robbed of all his valuables and left on the tracks before being run over by an oncoming train.

Despite sustaining serious injuries, Johnny nevertheless survived the accident, as only five metres of the train actually ran him over.

“He had amazing luck, really. The train came from the other direction and the driver managed to see him and pull the emergency brakes,” Brottman told Aftonbladet.

The incident, which occurred early on Sunday morning, was caught by security cameras and will be featured on the TV show Efterlyst ('Wanted') on TV3 on Wednesday evening.

Police are hoping that someone might be able to identify the perpetrator from the security camera footage.

The investigation into what happened has just begun but according to police they have been able to see from the footage that two people got off at the station shortly after 3am on Sunday morning.

“One was noticeably drunk and he was followed by another who seemed sober. The sober man was 'bothering' the inebriated one, but we don’t know why he was trying to pick his pockets or what he was doing,” Dan Östman of the Stockholm police told news agency TT.

After exiting the subway train, Johnny sat down on a bench but eventually got up again and walked along the platform before falling down on the tracks.

The man who had been bothering him then followed, jumped down on the tracks, got back up again, and exited the turnstiles.

“He pocketed a wallet, a mobile phone and a gold chain. Then he jumped back up on the platform and just walked away. He didn’t call the emergency services or notify the ticket collector at the station“ said Peter Brottman to TT.

Johnny is still being treated in hospital. Half of his left foot has been amputated and his right knee has been damaged to a point where he’ll need a prosthetic in future.

However, based on the footage, police have classified the incident as aggravated theft.

“We are classifying it as aggravated theft rather than robbery, as the latter implies that the perpetrator threatens or renders his victim in a state of powerlessness and we didn’t see anything like that. The person who was drunk had achieved that state of powerlessness himself," said Östman to TT.

That the perpetrator didn’t try to assist the helpless man on the tracks or call emergency services is not something he could be charged for.

“There is no law that says he has to take action,” said Östman to TT.

Johnny’s partner Louise is still in shock from what has happened.

“I have cried, cried and cried. When I heard what had happened I was angry, sad and full of hatred. I was shocked that anyone could leave a person on the track to die," she told Aftonbladet.

Video courtesy of Efterlyst and TV3play.se

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15:32 September 12, 2012 by bourgeoisieboheme
This makes me sick and sad. What is Swedish society coming to? It is unfathomable to me that you could treat another human life so carelessly. I can't even comprehend what kind of person this guy was.
15:56 September 12, 2012 by philster61
Unfortunately bourgeois, this is what Swedish society is coming to. When you get a cross section of cultures and mixture of morality, this is what happens. It is most likely an isolated incident as most people regardless of background would probably assist. He must have been extraordinarily intoxicated however.....
16:06 September 12, 2012 by ZenMonk
["There is no law that says he has to take action," said Östman to TT.

Johnny's partner Louise is still in shock from what has happened]

Interesting! No wonder people are raped, mugged and even killed in this country in broad daylight with others passing/standing by and looking on. In many countries such passive conduct is criminalised and you could be prosecuted for the specific crime of "failing to assist a person in danger". Everything about the criminal justice system in this country - from the criminal law and sentencing rules to the prison system stinks!
16:58 September 12, 2012 by storstark
playing the devil's advocate here, if Johnny hadn't been robbed he still would be in the same position... perhaps even worse, maybe the fithy scumbag thief moved him slightly as he rifled Johnny's pockets and thus saved his life!

i'm not condoning this dirty little thief's actions by any means - just find it interesting that this drunk (who is my age, btw) is an idiot and evolutionary laws suggest that anyone who drinks themself into this kind of stupor faces the consequences... though reading both the article and the responses, personal responsibility is long dead here in Sweden....

you hear that Johnny? you're 38... your 20's are as gone as your foot, and living the student lifestyle is no longer cool... give it up! try having a nice glass of wine with dinner and then maybe go to a show! perhaps the next night you can try a new ale you've not tried before and then go to a movie!

has anyone taken the t-bana sober on a Friday night around midnight before? it is a truly awful experience ... it's not the drink, it's they way you drink, Sweden.
16:58 September 12, 2012 by popein
"There is no law that says he has to take action," said Östman to TT.

This is incredible!... In other countries this is a crime, and it should be in Sweden too!

I'm from Uruguay, there if you leave somebody to die, you go to jail for "Omisión de asistencia", everybody knows that, is a serious thing, you can get up to 2 1/2 years in jail.

Unedited Google Translate from http://www0.parlamento.gub.uy/Codigos/CodigoPenal/l2t12.htm:

"332. (Failure to attend)

The who, finding abandoned or lost a child under ten years, or a person unable to be self-sufficient by physical or mental illness or old age, omit assist and report to the authority, shall be punished with the penalty of abandonment, reduced by one third to one half.

The same penalty applies to that negligently fails to provide assistance, and reported to the authorities, a man vanished or injured, buried or danger situation where his life or limb."
17:48 September 12, 2012 by Abe L
#3+#5 : Such laws only cause trouble. There are tons of reports and postings about people getting mixed up in other people's business and then getting beat-up, assaulted or otherwise become a victim of the situation.

Instead, the person committing the robbery and leaving the guy in a life-threatening situation should be prosecuted for both the robbery and attempted murder. That should put him away for life and you solve the problem without involving or injuring other people.
19:54 September 12, 2012 by frenchviking

how can there be no law that punishes this type of behaviour?

That the guy was drunk had nothing to do with it, he could have fainted from other reasons.

And the thief seems to have been targeting him... probably waiting for easy targets such as drunk people going home...
19:56 September 12, 2012 by StockholmSam
Remember when Seinfeld, George, Elaine and Kramer got busted for not helping to prevent a crime? Does Sweden not have such a law? I thought that was pretty standard in developed countries. It would be odd if there is such a law here but no law against refusing to aid those in non-crime, life-threatening situations.
21:15 September 12, 2012 by Soft Boiled
This is heinous and shows a profound lack of sympathy for the victim. I hope they catch this coward.

Im sorry Local but you can´t say "Johnny nevertheless survived the accident, as only five metres of the train actually ran him over". :(
21:42 September 12, 2012 by matona1
criminal plus crime
21:49 September 12, 2012 by Localer
you can look at the scumbag face and more information here,

22:23 September 12, 2012 by Iraniboy
I think it is a very good move by Efterlyst! Well done!
22:45 September 12, 2012 by CP1
I find some of these comments outrageous. How can anyone blame the victim for this crime? For anyone to assume that the crime is a result of the victims action is unbelievable.

This man was attacked by a criminal. To assume that the victim went out and got "too drunk for his own good" is naive. Criminals go to work just like normal people do. They go out at night to bars and look for unsuspecting victims who have had "too much to drink." Its not difficult for someone to slip a sedative into their drink and follow them as they leave the bar, and then rob them. So, we can't really say that this is because Johnny is some guy who hasn't yet grown up.

Storstark, I don't know why you feel you need to tell this guy off. He has suffered enough.
22:54 September 12, 2012 by Migga
If one looks at the video you can see that the victim is being harassed by the man and that made the victim move away from the man and in turn stumble down onto the tracks.

When people live in a divided society where you don`t identify yourself with anyone else based on language, values, looks, culture, religion, lifestyle or behavior then empathy goes out the window.
22:56 September 12, 2012 by Liquidmonkey
it has always amazed me that despite having fences nearly everywhere, subway and train platforms have always escaped this type of safety and i'd rate any train platform as being extremely dangerous when compared to a cliff for example that has fences.
23:04 September 12, 2012 by Flutterbye
We had an incident similar to this, a woman was hit by a bus and decapitated, a man stole her handbag, unluckily for him he was caught very clearly on CCT and given a prison sentence.
23:07 September 12, 2012 by jostein
Yay! For the joys of a multiculti society!
00:40 September 13, 2012 by CP1
Please read this story from BBC on the problems of "bootleg" alcohol. Further down the page you can click stories where this has been reported in other countries. People should be aware of this

02:14 September 13, 2012 by entry
"Johnny nevertheless survived the accident, as only five metres of the train actually ran him over."

Close call. Johnny sounds as lucky as that guy that had half a house land on his head.
03:11 September 13, 2012 by rise

Your link shows a man with dark skin and black hair. Therefore it will be considered as completely racist. EVERYthing in Sweden is racism. Furthermore, the merely suspicion of racism is instantaneously considered as much worse a crime than for example leaving a man to die by the railroad. Political correctness opens one's eyes and takes perspectives to a whole new level!
07:41 September 13, 2012 by themoron
themoron says:

I believe that the problem with Johnny is that he is in the wrong country, with the wrong people, at the wrong time.

I have read sometimes how people in Sweden who helped others when they had been beaten, wind up at the police station, where they are harassed by the police and then, just by luck, they are not

accused for not having done more.

The felon should be caught and incarcerated for robbery and for murder attempt.

@rise is right. In a country like Sweden where political correctnes is the motto, everything can happen. Good comment, rise.
07:43 September 13, 2012 by prince T
@rise. Can u get a life. U started ur racist rants today. Would a white swedish man helped the man in the first place. Our society is insentitive and wicked. Our compassionless society has no colour. The ethnic swedes are the worst. They just look or walk away. Wicked ppld like @rise would have walked past even if the culprit was white. May be kick him if he was not.
08:21 September 13, 2012 by rob582
Some responsible journo should publish the thief's details, when identified, and then a /some concerned citizen(s) could pay him a visit and show him the error of his ways. The Swedish judicial system will not take a firm hand to him.
08:52 September 13, 2012 by Migga
@ prince T

You must have missed the part of the video where the passengers went down on the tracks, held his hand and comfort him untill the rescue team could arrive.
09:05 September 13, 2012 by bluerain303
First of all, you should never get that drunk.

Secondly, if that guy is not punished seriously, then you are encouraging others to do the same.
09:34 September 13, 2012 by truthworthy
Let us get this idiot and hang him. This piece of sh*t should not walk on the surface of Sweden for 1 more day!
09:38 September 13, 2012 by themoron
themoron says:

I managed to see the video and the robber does not look like a typical Swede looks. He must come from the Balkans. His way of acting proves that he has done the same over and over again. His way of saying goodbye to the employee at the gate, seems quite familiar. I suspect that this employee and the robber are more than friends.

@migga #14

"When people live in a divided society where you don`t identify yourself with anyone else based on language, values, looks, culture, religion, lifestyle or behavior then empathy goes out the window."

Sorry Migga, but you are wrong. Empathy has nothing to do with what you wrote. Either you are born with empathy or you are not born with it.

Analyzing the video, I think I saw a tiny part where the robber, after cobbing "JohnnY", seems to accomodate him in a better position so that he could be ran over easier by the approaching train.

I know that this is not the first time a person lies on a track. It would not be a bad idea to have a sort of a warning signal when something lies there. O.K. Just wishful thinking.

11:19 September 13, 2012 by kenai
And of course the robber is a foreign immigrant from non developed countries like Pakistan, Iraq, India, Bengladesh, Romania, Kosovo and so on.... but, in Sweden they like immigrants so this is what you get when you let everyone enter in this country..... a swedish person would never do such a thing....
11:32 September 13, 2012 by achuou
#Kenai...By reading your comment i can smell only stupidity and racism and could you please explain was it a paradise before Sweden let immigrants in ?

A Swed is born saint and he would die saint ? wt*
12:22 September 13, 2012 by rise

Thank you.

@prince T

I have a life, a good one too. You didn't seem to get my point. Maybe you are too politically correct? After all in Sweden politically correctness is the religion of today.

"Our society is insentitive and wicked. Our compassionless society has no colour. The ethnic swedes are the worst." [..] "Wicked ppld like @rise would have walked past even if the culprit was white. May be kick him if he was not."

Now, that is very "insentitive" and "compassionless" of you to assume such a thing! Hypocrite.
12:42 September 13, 2012 by prince T
@rise. All ur comments on this forum are abt race. My assumption is based on your repeated comments. All criminals, rapists, murderers are immigrantsin your myopic view. While not supporting the thief, u must admit that this kind of thing happen everywhere and everyday. Even during d riots in uk last year. A woman gave birth on staircase of NY tunnelbannan alone 3 years ago and pple just walked by. I repeat again i wonder what kind of perverted life that u have like WP your mentor. Keep your life to urself. I look forward to next comment on another story and i will confirm ur hatred for immigrants. For now no more answer for u.
13:04 September 13, 2012 by rise
#31 12:42 September 13, 2012 by prince T

No. You are putting words in my mouth. However my comments are almost always sarcasm with the intention of putting double standards and hypocrisy into the light.

Politically correct people often fails to catch my style. How they interpret things is their choice. I won't change my style just for the sake of suiting politically correctness because that would make ME just the thing I despise; politically correct.

"For now no more answer for u."

Thank you.
16:57 September 13, 2012 by TheWatchman
Why is this surprising? He's not Swedish, and he doesn't consider himself a Swede. He is merely happy to gain from Sweden while giving nothing back.
17:25 September 13, 2012 by cmw
Not suprising, he's only doing what 'Alliansen' teach: money is important, lives are not.
22:31 September 13, 2012 by Sheba
@ prince T...rise is an arab or iranian i can tell ya for free...those folks are more racist than whites and harbour extraordinary amounts of criminals and suicide bombers...gross pathetic excuse of human beings...i can't stand arabs,iranians and eastern europeans...parasites most of them...
06:08 September 14, 2012 by samwise
Here is the associated press report of this story.

08:42 September 14, 2012 by Zombie
In my country we have a law that says people have the obligation to help someone in need.

This cold hearted bastard deserves jail for a long time, or be thrown under the train as well while others watch and do nothing.

This is discusting.
10:45 September 14, 2012 by urov
This story doesn't suprise me. This is how people from the Arab/Muslim world think and behave.
11:47 September 14, 2012 by Children Of Adam
Arab and Muslims are famous for helping. i dont think he is a Muslim.

I dont care what his religion or if he an arab or hindu or african or adopted but this guy should be pushed into same track .


This robber deserve to be locked in prison for rest of his life. These sort of robbery is punishable by cutting his legs and hands in the taliban rules. And I wish this guy to be punished so fking harder than cruel taliban!

The victim should be also accountable for his actions, like drinking over limit and putting the life of train passengers in danger and disturbing the transport system.

Do not forget that many children and people die because of these drunk guys either driving or doing something crazy.

After all i am glad he is life and can be example for other drinkers to watch out their limits.
12:49 September 14, 2012 by rise

ahahahahaha!! :D If you (as well as prince T) would actually have read very many of my comments at TL you'd understand why I'm now laughing. Clearly you have NOT read very much of what I have written, but still you are quick in jumping to conclusions. You actually are revealing things about yourself and NOTHING about me.

However flattering it may be with people like the two of you being so interesting in my person I don't think the majority of people gives a damn about who I am, so I think it's rather safe to say nobody will get disappointed if you'd stop talking about me and started commenting about things around the articles instead.

P.S. Since you're so interested, I am a tall, blond with blue eyes. Rather unique for being from the middle east, wouldn't you say.
17:19 September 14, 2012 by Akash_dwivedi
These incidents will continue to occur as long as Swedes will continue to play 'secular' and keep welcoming Immigrants into Sweden. Guys, some culture are just not meant to be kept apart. Imagine a guy who was otherwise deprived of all the basic amenities is suddenly exposed to all kind of leisure. The money, the freedom, the luxury is tend to lure him. He will do anything to grab it all at once, that is what may lead to commit crime. There are countries where girls stay covered in veils and there are death sentences imposed on dating or public display of affection. When a guy from such country would come to an open society such as Sweden, the openness is sure to attract him, he will do anything to get near a girl and when he fails, he would not think twice before going about molesting a female.

I am not some racist, as some would believe, you may grant them asylum on humanitarian basis thinking you are doing good for him, but it is not the only way to do it. If the guy is not able to mix up well in your society and ends up going to jail, you have made his life miserable.

There is a need for your politicians to think about it.
17:29 September 14, 2012 by rsmehdihasan
Sad story...i do not know the identity of the man...but he looks an immigrant possible... that's what happen when you bring lots of people with previous criminals record in respective countries...is there any review system? how many people you are taking ??..what they are doing??...how they are contributing Sweden's economy!! are they really respect Sweden rules and regulation? why he needs to steal from a poor guy? what kind of education he got from his school, family, parents ?
19:13 September 14, 2012 by Mukr
I don't care if he is been theft -But its common courtesy to save mans life and rob him and leave.such as crook head bastard.
09:30 September 15, 2012 by godagärningarna
It seems that the thief was looking for something specific and not just a wallet, that also suggests that both men had something in common. the police should trace the surveillance camera from the station the train was coming from and find out the station where both men entered the train. also they should question the victim if he knows the thief or what business they both had together.
13:26 September 15, 2012 by rise

"I am not some racist, as some would believe,"

Oh but this is Sweden; you will be accused of being a racist, at some point, it's just a matter of time.

The connection I did in this thread was one that a moron would see through but still some people failed to see it and started projecting their own racism at me, trying to make ME the racist.

Anyways an explanation might be in order so that even a small child can see the connection: In the other thread someone wanted to erase a black kid from a movie because, well, it's pictured in black and therefore racist! Therefore it's only logic to also erase the perpetrator in this article from the movie of the security cameras because he certainly isn't white!

Personally I don't give a damn if a person is black, white, yellow, purple or whatever color - in general I'm actually not that interested in people. But clearly there IS hypocrites in Sweden with enough of double standards to make the cute little black kid, the one with all the hearts above the head, into an issue of racism.

All this political correctness, this the religion of Sweden, will mask REAL racism, hide people with REAL suffering, abandoning them and so on. All this because of the preposterous political correctness that sadly has been the norm in Sweden counting decades back.
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