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New footage of 'ruthless' subway robber

Published: 14 Sep 2012 11:08 GMT+02:00
Updated: 14 Sep 2012 11:08 GMT+02:00

The pickpocket who stole an unconscious man’s valuables while the victim was lying unconscious on Stockholm subway tracks is suspected of having robbed another man according to newly released security video.

"This is Sweden's most wanted man right now," said Dan Östman of the south-Stockholm police to the Aftonbladet newspaper.

Police released the new footage, filmed in late August, which shows the robbery of a man who was seemingly passed out on a bench at the Enskedegård metro station, located south of Stockholm on the green line.

The new footage features a man who looks very much like the man featured in security camera footage released earlier this week on the TV3 programme Efterlyst ('Wanted') in which a 38-year-old man was robbed after falling down on the tracks and left lying unconscious.

The victim featured on the footage broadcast on Efterlyst was then hit by an oncoming subway train, in a case which has left Swedes' aghast at the robber's calculated crime.

In the newly released footage, a person who appears to be the same thief is shown sifting through the pockets of another drunken man who is sitting at on a bench at a metro station.

While the victim sits with his head in his hands, apparently inebriated, the thief searches through his bags and pockets.

“We recognize this person. It seems to have been some sort of approach that he was using,” said Östman.

"What you should do if you see the person is call 112 and if you want to leave tips then call 114 14 and we will forward the information to the investigators."

According to Östman, police have received a number of tips after the airing of the incident in which the victim was hit by a train.

“We have 30 tips now that we’ve got from Efterlyst. It is mostly the public, people who have been affected in the same way, and who have probably seen this man in different places," Östman told the newspaper.

When asked whether the police believe the man will be caught soon, Östman remained positive.

“The longer we can get the pictures out the bigger our chances are,” he said.

The train-track robbery, in which the victim was left to be hit by an oncoming train, has been classidied as aggravated theft.

“We are classifying it as aggravated theft rather than robbery, as the latter implies that the perpetrator threatens or renders his victim in a state of powerlessness and we didn’t see anything like that. The person who was drunk had achieved that state of powerlessness himself," said Östman to TT.

That the perpetrator didn’t try to assist the helpless man on the tracks or call emergency services is not something he could be charged for.

“There is no law that says he has to take action,” said Östman to TT.

However, in the wake of the incident, which has also received media attention abroad, the Christian Democrats have renewed calls for Sweden to implement a good Samaritan law in hopes of preventing such incidents from occurring in the future.

"This is is what I would consider a textbook case where someone could be convicted for violating a good Samaritan law," Christian Democrat justice police spokesperson Caroline Szyber told the TT news agency.

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Your comments about this article

11:42 September 14, 2012 by me_i_sverige
Shame on you!!! I doubt you're a human being.
11:56 September 14, 2012 by Children Of Adam
PLease find ihm the soonest possible!
12:02 September 14, 2012 by byke

But it also says allot about Swedish society where it becomes socially acceptable to become so paralytic that it leads to such incidents.
12:14 September 14, 2012 by bourgeoisieboheme
Put a bounty on him and turn it over to the Hells Angels. Problem solved!
13:13 September 14, 2012 by Boar
He seems to look somewhere from Centralasia. I hope he will be caught soon. Heartless bastärd.
13:13 September 14, 2012 by prince T
The funniest part is that he may protected right now by another equivalent of lady gardell. Stockholm syndrom eller hur?
13:38 September 14, 2012 by primall
Interesting to see that the thief is not a native Swede. Without a doubt Sweden and many other countries have been colonised by peoples who do not share the traditional values of Scandinavians and nothern Europeans. A quiet insidious invasion by stealth and by population growth is taking place once they have achieved residence within the country. The host country has only themselves to blame for the destruction of their culture.
14:10 September 14, 2012 by Samuel Nemalladinne
Wow !! Atlast putting up a pic which clearly shows he's not a swede !! High Five local... now we're talking !! Kill this bastard !!
14:25 September 14, 2012 by Hunner1210
Ha! And THIS is why Danmark tries to say "nej" to immigrants, bringing in the scum culture
14:25 September 14, 2012 by Tiny Red Ant
The difference between us and them. When one of them commit a crime, then all of them are bad. However, when one of us commit a crime, then it is only that one person who are bad.

Anyways, from a distance there are clear similarities with the clothes worn by the robber and suspect. "Smile you are on candidate camera." When will he turn himself in?
15:41 September 14, 2012 by Children Of Adam
To me, he looks like South American.
15:53 September 14, 2012 by Sadiqmalik
How disgusting.. I could not believe that people can be that much heartless.. is this guy survived ?
16:07 September 14, 2012 by colombianska_tjej
#4: that is actually a good idea. Hell's angels are not going to let a stone unchecked to find him and then, may his god have mercy, because they won't
16:09 September 14, 2012 by jimmyjames
"primall" is exactly correct in his statement. Here you go, one of the 'New Swedes ' that the politically correct, multi-culturists so aggressively want to cram down everyones throat. Frankly, I am very surprised that the 'Local ' actually printed the picture. The Swedish news-media goes to such extraordinary lengths to conceal the race/ethnicity of all the criminals. The fact is, and all Swedes know it, is that %90 or more of all the crime, especially the violence, is committed by the ' New Swedes '. What was it that Jewish lady from New York who came to Sweden to " teach " multi-culturism said ? ; ".....the Swedes are just going to have to accept it (multi-culturism)." Well Sweden, how is that working out for you ?
16:28 September 14, 2012 by Sadiqmalik
All immigrants are not same I agree with Tiny red Ant.. if one of us do this we all are bad.. I am an immigrant and 3 weeks ago I spent 3 hours with a drunk guy for no reason.. He was lying on grass at night and only reason he do not get sick I get him along with one more guy and we took him on our shoulders and search for his house after one hours of searching we stick with him until we call for help from the police and in this whole process we were standing outside in cold to just be with drunk guy so he can get back home safely.. last but not least I have been told by many people that never go around someone when they are drunk because you can get in trouble but I personally believe that if someone is in serious danger it is much better to help than to think about your own trouble..
17:00 September 14, 2012 by atlasshrugged
@ Sadiqmalik, great job. There is one incident that occurred on Christmas night in 2010. A blond'y guy :) was dead drunk and tired and he wanted to sleep on the street around gamlas stan when it was freezing like hell...my friend and I force him to wake up and move despite others telling us to not bother him. After a confrontation with another passer by (that we leave him alone) the dude got up and get himself a cub...One of the things i am proud of doing. (yes, i'm immigrant)
17:14 September 14, 2012 by regularcoder
Just wonder why don't they use HD quality survaillance cameras instead. To make police's life better.
17:43 September 14, 2012 by born2die
Oh yeah!

Swedes never did anything wrong, just like German they're the only one make no mistake, and the once make everything better then anybody else in the world. Why everybody think the robber from South America, Central Asia? Because he looks like one of them came from those continent? If he was born in Sweden then he's still immigrant?

Must look at statictis.

-How many immigrants committed a crime beyond population?

-How many Swedish committed crime beyond population?

Anyway, the robber has no sympathy, hoping he will get caught soon.
17:53 September 14, 2012 by Nvd
The fruit of partial integration.

Here is the text from Wikipedia:



Immigrants are overrepresented in Sweden's crime statistics. In a study by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention in 1997-2001, 25% of the almost 1,520,000 offences were found to be committed by people born abroad, while almost 20% were committed by Swedish-born people with a foreign background. In the study, immigrants were found to be four times more likely to be investigated for lethal violence and robbery than ethnic Swedes. In addition, immigrants were three times more likely to be investigated for violent assault, and five times more likely to be investigated for sex crimes. Those from North Africa and Western Asia were overrepresented.

Open your eyes people.
18:05 September 14, 2012 by orangetree
Why they do not share which station?If we know station name, we can be more aware of this heartless criminal
18:18 September 14, 2012 by Grokh
@Hunner1210 im immigrant and i would have jumped and picked the guy up, stfu, not all immigrants are piece of sht , and guess what they dont all come from the same country or continent
18:25 September 14, 2012 by Boar
In and around green line. Enskedegård subway. Greenline underground train between Hässelby strand and Hagsätra. But, during this weekend he could be active already somewhere. Because, Slussen and Gamlastan has many drunk people today already this night. But, many watch. I think his motive is to follow and steal in a station where the people are less. I am sure he will do it until he is caught. Strange that none of them could identify till now even showing some kind of picture..
18:52 September 14, 2012 by RobinHood
I am shocked the Local, and other media, has made it possible to indentify the race of the alleged thief. This is racism of the worst kind.

Like little Hjärtet, the alleged thief must be removed from the picture, and replaced with a picture of a man who has no visible racial attributes at all.
18:59 September 14, 2012 by themoron
themoron says:

"That the perpetrator didn't try to assist the helpless man on the tracks or call emergency services is not something he could be charged for.

"There is no law that says he has to take action," said Östman to TT. "

Östman looks to be very, very "wise"

The perpetrator was robbing "Johnny" and he could not care less if he was drunk, doped or simply dead. He was robbing him. He left the man on the tracks knowingly perfectly that he was going to be hit by the coming train. As simply as that.

If the perpetrator is a Swede, a Southamerican, an Asian or an assasin from any of the Balkan countries, that is irrelevant. He is a ruthless murderer, who is very well known by the Metro employees that control the entrances. Analizing the video, you can clearly see the scene were he waives to the Metro employee in a very friendly

manner. Perhaps there are scenes of how the employee enjoys his salute or his fairwell gesture.

Everybody should paste and copy the video from "Efterlist" and join the hunting of one of the most ruthless "animals" in the world.

You do not need to be of a certain nationality to be an animal by heart. This guy is.
19:08 September 14, 2012 by Kahmoudi
I'm glad The Swedish media finally released a visual of the criminal. The political correctness that Sweden feels in not releasing precise descriptions of perpetrators is a not only a disservice to the population but dangerous and irresponsible as well.
19:21 September 14, 2012 by Mukr
I don't care if he is been theft -But its common courtesy to save mans life and then rob him and just leave.such as crook head bastard....i my self trow this bastard in front of that train and get arrested...you Bucket bald head MF-
19:28 September 14, 2012 by Danne8
Honestly, I'm sick and tired of the complaining about immigration... boo-f$%^#@%-hoo...

What I think is funny is this: "This is Sweden's most wanted man right now," said Dan Östman of the south-Stockholm police to the Aftonbladet newspaper.

Like, REALLY?! so there are no other criminals going around in town that are doing a bit more criminality than pocket-picking?

I know it's inhuman what that scumbag did (or actually, what he didn't do)... but he's still just a common thief.

Maybe all the assassins, rapists, terrorists, and similar have been de-prioritized due to this dude. haha
19:32 September 14, 2012 by Daho
I don't think he looks south american, more like central Asian. But what difference does it make? This is not an issue about immigration and it's not about the nationality of the guy. It's about a very bad human being without the capacity to feel sympathy. I'd guess he has some form of mental retardation.

He could have robbed the poor guy and then just moved him a little bit away from the tracks.
22:06 September 14, 2012 by prince T
The polical racists are having a field day on this forumtoday. Is anyone not angry that TL refused to allow comment on the man paying for child abuse in philipines. Sweden is going down. Lack of immigration would have accelerated the process. . Nut heads not fit to be called swedes are running their mouths here. whose citizenship should be revoked.
22:25 September 14, 2012 by Daho
Good news! The Stockholm police now reports that they have arrested a man for this crime, he was caught in the western suburb of Akalla when shopping.
22:51 September 14, 2012 by djmarko
dont sweden have laws to prevent people leaving the scene of an accident if someone clearly needs help?? hope the scumbag gets caught, i believe majority of immigrants are hard working, then you get some that even in their native countries were of no use to society, surely they will continue in that same tradition in any country they choose to go, this is one example!!
22:54 September 14, 2012 by David S
@NVD - it's been a while since I looked at the stats, but if I recall while it's correct to say immigrants are more likely to commit crimes than "native swedes" I believe Norwegians and Finns top that "immigrant crime" list.
00:17 September 15, 2012 by Uncle
What I do not understand, is when the ENTIRE muslim world is burning and murdering people in additional attempt to show the world that the prejudice against it is unjustified and paid off by zionists, THIS newspaper continues to report some irrelevant feces about one guest in this country who is killing a person.

WOW! Breaking News! An immigrant robbed and passively killed a guy! How unbelievable! Lucky he did not try to rape him on the tracks, as he would statistically LIKELY to do.

What about TENS of thousands who are clashing like crazy at this very moment around embassies of the countries associated with americans by RACE and RELIGION?

Do not want to open this topic? The argument is clear? The "nazis" will point the truth, while the "peace lovers" will tell that a few tens of thousands of rotten apples around the globe should not spoil the view of this wonderful religion? Right. Let's write about the weather then.
06:07 September 15, 2012 by prince T
TL reporting style is subjective by my own standard. In as much i do not support the violence by d arab world, USA and Israel should let the sleeping dog lie. We know these pple are blood suckers and they relish any opportunity to do so, why provoke them? When US has caused a problem, they will want EU to back them up. det går inte.

The problem for us in Sweden is this case, let US and Israel deal with theirs too. Iran and syria are on the burners now.
08:09 September 15, 2012 by Daho
A video showing the scum being arrested yesterday:

09:02 September 15, 2012 by Uncle
prince T

The problem is that it is not US or Israel or Denmark or Germany. These ripping Koran pastors, movie makers and caricature drawers are PRIVATE people. Now unless we are to establish a sharia dictatorship here, people in general are free to express whatever they want.

Now, millions of psychos there are beheading nuns and burning diplomats only because they happen to be within the same racial groups as the "infidels". What is crazy, is that opposing to islamisation of the west is declared as "racism", however actually MURDERING on the basis of race in THOSE areas is called "reactionism".

You see, they are publicly ripping bibles, killing clerics, kicking out christians and exploding churches, however even mentioning these interesting facts is "judging everybody by few extremists" and is racist. The same rule of extremism does not seem to apply from the other side and ALSO seems to be a fault of the west that did not let the sleeping dog lie.

Can somebody explain this mystery to me?
13:20 September 15, 2012 by Swedish Cat
Common Johnny.. I truly hope you feel motivated after you get out of hospital to limp yourself to work to pay for this poor guys occupation in Sweden. Not??? Are you a racist?
12:21 September 16, 2012 by rise
@ Uncle

Off topic:

I don't know how well-versed you are in the Swedish language but I wanted to give you a link anyway:


There you can read news which are not biased and twisted into fitting political correctness. Swedish news medias like for example SVT are so twisted they simply don't give you the truth about things (for example about Muslims - lately now about the Salafism riot in Sydney). In my eyes you're nothing less than a hero here at TL and I believe you'd like to know about the link.
16:47 September 28, 2012 by Volvoman
There are many minorities in Sweden, British people are a minority in Sweden, if it was a British person doing these crimes do you think everyone would demand the images not be shown. No. of course not. It is because they are asian or black and no-one wants to upset those communities. SO stop going on about the minorities because it has nothing to do with them. It is if you have dark skin everyone shits themselves and would rather stand in the way of justice than actually offend the black/asian community. A criminal is a criminal, no matter what race, and he SHALL be treated as such.
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