'Swedish girls more violent': youth workers

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'Swedish girls more violent': youth workers
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Many Swedish teenager girls are copying traditionally masculine aggression, Swedish youth centre workers at the organization Fryshuset have warned.

Alán Ali, who among other tasks does equality workshops with teenagers at Fryshuset, addressed an audience in Malmö over the weekend.

"I don't mean that women are as violent as men, but that we are seeing a serious negative trend," he told the audience, according to the regional Sydsvenskan newspaper.

"Some girls are adopting destructive masculine ideals and are choosing violence and threats."

Ali referenced gang culture in the US as a comparison and scrawled the words "muscles, self-confidence, loyalty" as key terms within the culture of violence on the white board in the lecture hall.

Sydsvenskan reported that many teachers, youth workers and other professionals working with youth attended the lecture.

There were also teenagers in attendance.

High school student James Olsson said he had seen both girls and boys get into fights at his Malmö school, but also underlined that psychological harassment was worse among the young women.

"It's not alway the physical violence that hurts the most," he said.

"Guys will tell each other when they're angry while girls hide things and then spread rumours, and their victim goes homes and starts self-harming when no one can see her."

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