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Melodifestivalen: The Local’s predictions

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So the line-up for Saturday’s Melodifestivalen showdown is decided – notwithstanding the pre-requisite bouts of flu, winter vomit disease, lost larynxes and nerves that will lead to tabloid headlines about how at least half of the performers’ appearances are in doubt.

But assuming everyone shows up, here’s The Local’s quick and dirty stab at punditry.

Winner: The Ark
Irresistable glam rock song, great performance. From the high-voting-propensity teenage girls to the less relevant granny brigade, this is one for all the family. Unstoppable.

Runner up: Sarah Dawn Finer
Perhaps a surprise, but Sweden will be moved by the gospelesque power ballad and Finer’s stunning voice.

3rd: Andreas Johnson
Equalling last year’s third spot, Johnson’s song – another 60s pastiche – will sell well after the dust settles but won’t be going to Helsinki.

4th: Sebastian
The power of Idol – and an inoffensive song – got the Sebster through, but his good looks won’t be enough to take him further.

5th: Mns Zelmerlw
The power of Idol – and an inoffensive song – got the Mnster through, but his good looks won’t be enough to take him further.

6th: Sanna Nielsen
Will pick up the support of a certain core of voters who will always vote for the blonde with the pop-schlager. But nobody else.

7th: Tommy Nilsson
The nostalgia vote and a song of peace and harmony won’t be enough to boost this veteran’s chances.

8th: Sonja Aldn
Has the wind in her sails after a terrific performance in the Second Chance round, but Aldn’s peak is behind her, at least for this year.

9th: Anna Book
Expect tears and gushes of love for the people of Sweden as they close this chapter of Book’s career.

10th: Marie Lindberg
A harsh lesson is lying in wait for the strumming teacher from Gothenburg.


4 Responses to “Melodifestivalen: The Local’s predictions”

  1. streja Says:

    It seems The Local was wrong in their predictions. I suspect they know Sarah Dawn Finer personally. After all her father is from London.

  2. Katrineholm Review Says:

    My favorite is ABBA. What’s that? They were not contestants this year? Oh, sorry. My mistake. :(

  3. Ryan Potter Says:

    Wow, what is missing here is some journalistic investigation and integrity. TheLocal should look at http://svt.se/content/1/c6/59/43/21/t%E4vlingsregler_2007.pdf, specifically paragraph 9, in which it is stated that: Alla inskickade bidrag bedms frst av en frlagsgrupp. Det finns ca 25
    frlagsgrupper organiserade av Svenska Musikfrlggarfreningen och bidragen
    frdelas mellan dessa.

    Ah… no wonder Thomas G:son has so many songs in the finals… he’s belongs to the publishers federation that decides which songs will ultimately be in the finals. How can SVT ask thousands of would-be songwriters to waste their time recording demos that will summarily be trashed by the publishers, who themselves depend upon having songs shown in the melodifestival for their livelihood.

    Sounds like a farce to me!

  4. Rafael Nadal Says:

    Wow Ryan. Do you think it could be crooked? Could it be conceivable that the phone voting is all just a sham too? Impossible surely…

    Surely Carola and The Bark won on the strength of people power and not because it was contracted in an “I’ll only play if I win” scenario?

    I’m so disappointed to even have to entertain such thoughts.

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