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Video: World’s biggest elk

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Somewhere in the wilds of northern Sweden lurks the biggest elk in the world. See what’s inside possibly the most impressive wooden animal since the Trojan horse:

17 Responses to “Video: World’s biggest elk”

  1. Roger Took Says:

    Wow! I bet the real elks are going to feel a little intimidated.

  2. Hank Davies Says:

    Reminds me of Dr. Evils pad in Austin Powers. The swedes are really innovative :)

  3. Shep Sonwun Says:

    The title is wrong. That’s not an elk. It’s a moose. They are two different animals.

  4. James Savage Says:

    Reply to Shep Sonwun:

    Thought I ought to defend our headline here, and clear up the likely confusion among other readers. You illustrate a problem we frequently encounter when we write about this animal.

    The animal is a moose in North America and an elk in Europe. It’s the same animal (alces alces in Latin), although Americans have another, similar, creature which is also called ‘elk’.

    The Oxford Dictionary of English says ‘elk’ is derived from the Old English ‘elh’, whereas ‘moose’ is derived from the (native American) Eastern Abnaki word ‘moz’. British English calls North American elks ‘wapiti’.

    As The Local uses British English as a default, we refer to alces alces as ‘elk.’

    English colonists in North America frequently named local animals after similar, but only distantly related, creatures they knew from Europe. Elks seem to have been a case in point.

    James Savage,

  5. epicurious Says:

    Suppose they’ll serve venison?

  6. jeremiahw Says:

    I have no idea why this is being built, but I want one.

  7. Artist Says:

    The tree will make a great cell phone tower. Maybe they can see elk burgers to get a real taste of the ambuance

  8. Frustrated Fiction - » My Daily Life: November 27, 2007 Says:

    [...] in the concert hall. There’s an observation deck on the head in between the antlers. Check out the video if you don’t believe [...]

  9. Josha Says:

    So if you enter via the mouth, where do you exit?

  10. Steve Sparkenickle Says:

    Okay, how can I make are reservation for dinner. Rather than entering through the mouth, I would perfer to enter through the emergency exit otherwise known as Mr. Limpet.

  11. HairySwede Says:

    It doesn’t get much better than a giant moose staring down at you! I love Sweden.

  12. architecture - Lift im Baum Says:

    [...] Lift im BaumKategorie: schöne Hobbys    Von HerrK um 19:34 Welcom to our virtual tour of the worlds largest moose Världens Största [...]

  13. Shayne Says:

    Worlds Largest Elk and or Moose. What are they thinking? All semantics aside, its only a matter of time until someone hits it with their car!

  14. pete Says:

    Ok, then what is a caribou?

  15. North American Swede Says:

    A caribou is a North American reindeer.

  16. coalbanks Says:

    What next? Kris Kringle & 8 reindeer on the same scale? So much for the wide open natural spaces.
    WOODEN? Hope they have good fire fighting plans.
    Is it bullet-proof?

  17. Joe Noory Says:

    Wait a minute… I think I can smell the exit down this winding corridor!

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