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A frigid tundra for hot sex?

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On Wednesday, the New York Times ran an entertaining and educational piece detailing some of the history behind Scandinavia’s reputation as a bastion for sex.

Filed from an Oslo art exhibit at the Office of Contemporary Art entitled “Whatever Happened to Sex in Scandinavia?”, the article ponders whether Scandinavia has lost some of its lustre when it comes to being the capital of carnal knowledge.

What did happen to the image of Scandinavia as the frigid tundra of hot sex? [...] How did Scandinavia turn from “Maid in Sweden” to Ikea, from the purveyor of earnest free love into the purveyor of affordable love seats, from the home of Christina Lindberg (the maid) into the home of Abba?

A pressing question, indeed.

Another question we have is whether the exhibit will be making its way to Stockholm which is, after all, the Capital of Scandinavia.

5 Responses to “A frigid tundra for hot sex?”

  1. Skottie holmes Says:

    Hmm Scandinavia a bastion for sex. Somehow I dought it. I would guess Germany is moreso. Anyways Im from America and I just might check this Stockholm out this summer and see how many times I can get laid and THEN Ill determine if this joint is as cracked up as they(Swedes) think it is

  2. HairySwede Says:

    the most interesting part of that article was the view that by making sex so natural it has taken away from the idea of dirtiness that americans seem to like.

    different strokes for different folks. literally in some cases.

  3. Sam Says:

    I think,every kind of comfort and romance should be specially made for newly married and married couples

  4. mart Says:

    humm girl Scandinavia :)

  5. john Says:

    It was always a myth IMHO. However, Swedes have not had as much fear of nudity and sexual themes in cinema that pervades US culture…. i.e. “I am curious yellow” was considered porn in the US IIRC…… this may have created the myth….
    Having lived in Sweden for 30 years I can say that getting hot sex was just as easy in the US, but obviously, the beautiful blondes were in short supply….

    OTOH, early 1980′s in Sweden were a topless nirvana for us boob-obsessed guys…. this fashion is regretfully gone….. go figure…

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