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Všlkommen till Sverige

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

So, I’m new here. One month into the process of becoming a Swede, for all intensive purposes. First thing that I think has killed me is explaining myself. I get ultra sick of people saying, “So why Sweden of all places?”. It’s like they think that they Sweden is a crappy place. If someone told me they moved to New Orleans in the US, I’d be wondering why – but then it has the glamor of the Hollywood stars that have moved there for the renaissance stage and it also had 10000 unsolved murders in one year.

Then comes the next standard question, “So you moved here for the big breasted blondes?”. Which also drives me nuts. Are you to assume that I didn’t have any good looking women to choose from in Seattle? Big news for all of you, there are beautiful people everywhere. For a really humble place, there’s a lot of people who act like this is the seat of all the most beautiful women in the world and that all that a man could be here for is a piece of ass. It’s sad. I’ve never really dated for looks and yet I’ve just happened to end up with some really gorgeous women over the years, while I was in the USA and Canada.

Then we get to the “What do you do?”, well I usually say, I work on email servers – which is correct. Though in all actuality there are about 500 people or so in the world that are at my level for dealing with the product I deal with. I didn’t get here because I was a cheap scab worker from a foreign land, I decided to be here and I had great qualifications for any company that could use me for the work I do. You probably have no idea of what I do and I don’t really care if you know. Just talk to me about something good, I can talk work and enjoy it, but not as the only topic.

Politics come up too. I’m a very liberal person from the US and a good part of my reason for moving here is that no one really tries to push the line that socialism is crap here, whereas it’s touted as the great evil in the US while we have the economy running out of control and leaving tons of people sleeping in their cars outside of WalMart (a giant chain store). People can think I’m bullshitting about how bad it is in the US, but I’m learning to walk down the street and not be looking over my shoulder at all times for the risk of being attacked. Yes there are a lot of safe places in US too, but I like being in the city and there’s not a lot of American cities that are safe places to wander at night – actually none that I can think of.

Oh yeah, where do I live. Yes, I got into that great neighborhood in _______. The one you wanted to get into living in, but it was a little too expensive or you couldn’t find anything. I don’t know why or how, but I did it. Perhaps I was just looking for a cheap place to live and I found something.

Do I know how to speak Swedish? I’m working on it.

So, if you run into me on the street and you’re wanting to say Hi or introduce yourself, please know that I’m really more keen to talk about something like music, sailing, kayaking, philosophy, books, unicorns or whatever other than all my basic information. And if you’re a gorgeous woman, I’ll notice – but I really care more about what you have to say more than what you look like – we are in Stockholm after all, there’s a lot of beautiful women.

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