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BouncE flash mob tribute to Michael Jackson in Stockholm. I would never have thought it possible.

Either times are a-changing or Michael Jackson really holds influence on Swedes because I wouldn’t have believed you could get people to dance in central Stockholm. Definitely not as an ensemble. And yet, the proof is unmistakable in this YouTube clip.

Dance sensation group, BouncE, organized this flash mob (new term for me, too) tribute putting together very impromptu choreography to Jackson’s Beat It and getting the crowd at Sergelstorg and Central Station to pull it off. (You really  just have to watch the video.)

I am not surprised that the Dance cooperative BouncE could either conceive this or pull it off. They’ve been making dance waves in Sweden for over a decade. They’re really just a band of dancers from all sorts of dance disciplines who got together to do funky dance stuff. Some of the founders have formal dance training and others have just got street hip-hop roots.  They’re the dance world’s equivalent to the garage rock band. I got to meet them back in 2003 before their smash hit performance “The Score” kicked off. It sold out Dansenshus for extended  months on end. A truly amazing performance.

Back to my surprise. Swedes aren’t public, collective dancers. They don’t get up and volunteer to do flash mobs. They won’t march on the capital to beat down the prime minister’s door. They’re rather low-key, shy and publicly reserved people.

Well, at least we now know they’re capable of the first two phenomena which I needed to see to believe it myself –a pity not live.

Look out Reinfeldt. Your countrymen may very well surprise you too someday. I now believe anything is possible.

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6 responses to “BouncE flash mob tribute to Michael Jackson in Stockholm. I would never have thought it possible.”

  1. STACEY says:

    low-key, shy and publicly reserved people…this is how they describe the swedes …so it is kinda weird to think they broke into a flashdance mob.

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  2. faviuz says:

    Well, this is a site dedicated to Michael



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  3. christina daugherty says:

    Need to get a hold of the group BouncE. Want to do the smae in kentucky

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  4. Boston Blatte says:

    @Christina. They’re no longer performing (as a group) from what I understand. They had their final show in the spring.

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  5. Boston Blatte says:

    @ Christina,
    Here’s their website. They list each of the members by name. You could try to google their contact info. http://www.bounce.nu/. Good luck

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