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Thanksgiving Stockholm Style: Any which way you choose.

My 6kg (12.5lb) turkey was delivered on Thanksgiving Day.
It’s a regular work day here in Sweden. American Thanksgiving doesn’t exist in Sweden (no surprise there) but Americans carrying on the tradition of Thanksgiving does exist.

Some of my American friends did Thanksgiving Day up right and even took the day off from work to celebrate on the day. Our family normally postpone to either the Friday or Saturday. This year I’m hosting for the first time in a long time this Saturday night. We’re a little gathering of Swedish/American families who have been bonded more as a variation of family rather than mere friends. Some things bind people who normally would probably not ever have gotten to know one another.

There is one thing I’m particularly thankful for this Thanksgiving. I am thankful that I can afford the 95kr/kg ($6.50/lb) price tag of that darn bird.

Doing up Thanksgiving in Stockholm costs and wing and a drumstick. Good thing we don’t do bird for Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving to those here and there.

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7 responses to “Thanksgiving Stockholm Style: Any which way you choose.”

  1. shawnna says:

    I can’t believe the price difference from Uppsala to Stockholm. I found turkeys for 59kr / kg at Coop Forum.

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  2. Boston Blatte says:

    I have to admit that I didn’t shop around much because Taylors and Jones were taking orders and delivering fresh ones.
    Have you had your Thanksgiving already? Did it come out good?

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  3. Monica says:

    Happy late Thanksgiving from the States to you in Sweden.

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  4. Boston Blatte says:

    Thank you Monica.

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  5. Evans-Luong says:

    @Shawnna: A Turkey in Coop Forum??? That’s awesome. I have celebrated Thanksgiving two times in Sweden and surprisingly I could never get a Turkey.I could not find anything like Turkey in CoopForum Jonkoping. I used 3 chickens as the substitutes. I just had a great Thanksgiving weekend with my gf and Swedish family in the countryside.

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  6. Ylva says:

    Happy late Thanksgiving!

    I was looking for Americans to celebrate Thanksgiving with last week, but without any luck. :(

    How long have you been in Sweden? :)

    I’ve lived in the US for the past couple of years, and just got back to Sthlm. Such a depressing time of the year. I wish I was back in the States!

    Take care!


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  7. Boston Blatte says:

    @Ylva. Thanks for your wishes. Sorry to hear you didn’t find any last week. You might want to consider joining the American Club, they sponsor/throw events all year. It’s a mix of Americans and Swedes. http://www.amclubsweden.org/. They have a Third Thursday networking event at the Hilton. Next event 17 December. I think you just drop in.

    I’ve been here 16 years as a resident

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