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Lucia traditions: Old, new and unPC star boys.

luciaYesterday was the official Lucia Day when Swedish kids are supposed to rouse their parents in angelic singing, candles and saffron baked goods. According to my Facebook research (FB is the modern day validation resource for “I know some people,” but in real time.) only one guy got the morning show and one Swedish family is contemplating whether or not they ought to take up the tradition next year.

In other words, it’s been left up to corporate offices  and school programs to carry on the tradition of the Lucia procession.
I got a good chuckle out of Cyndee Peters’ blog entry describing how her first encounter with Lucia traditions scared her.  I would imagine the boys’ outfits would have been the shocker to see. However PC or not it is to say, those Star Boy (stjärngosse) outfits look like the choirboy section at a KKK rally

star boy

I’m glad that kids today, especially the boys, are more likely to be dressed up as santa helpers or gingerbread men.

On that note I leave you with one of the most beautiful season’s songs, the theme song to Lucia.  Link to a lovely on YouTube. rendition.

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24 responses to “Lucia traditions: Old, new and unPC star boys.”

  1. me says:

    They do not look like KKK members. That’s silly. Now the Easter celebrations in Valencia… http://www.valenciavalencia.com/culture-guide/semana-santa/ku-klux-klan-semana-santa-spain.htm

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  2. Marcia O'Donagh says:

    They do look like KKK members if you are a dumb american housewife. Why does The Local associate itself with this type of body-numbing blogs? must be desperate.

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  3. Guest says:

    Hehe. Well I think they do. They’re not usually that fancy and most of the time the hats don’t have stars so the only thing missing is the face covering. 😀 Those Valencia costumes are really something else though. What a riot. 😀

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  4. Me says:

    They scared me the first time I saw them. :)

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  5. Boston Blatte says:

    @me. Wow, yep, those Valencia outfits win the look-alike contest
    @Marcia. It’s not the aim of the blog to attract the “Dumb American housewife” but to trigger the dry humor those who enjoy some wit.
    @Guest. I haven’t seen any star boys this year, but now they always have the stars on the caps.

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  6. Marcia O'Donagh says:


    “It’s not the aim of the blog to attract the “Dumb American housewife” but to trigger the dry humor those who enjoy some wit.

    lol that is the only humorous thing you have have ever written. if only you got it???

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  7. Boston Blatte says:

    @Marcia. Indeed.

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  8. Mr. Puppy says:

    Wow, Marcia. You’re really friendly.

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  9. IKEA Tampa, FL USA did not allow our stjarngossar to wear hats….They also did their best to hide the Lucia procession from the guests. It was unnecessary though as the guests were busy fighting over the scarce food they offered at their IKEA Swedish Julbord Extravaganza.
    read more here

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  10. Boston Blatte says:

    @ Skandinav. I read your blog. I can’t believe they treated you so poorly. But I really enjoyed reading about your annual jul pilgrimages to Kungens Kurva. That’s my favorite IKEA and even though I’m now closer to Barkaby I will still go to the original; I love the circular structure (though you know they’ve renovated it and added on to it.)

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  11. Monark 540 says:

    BB – I like your spin on life here in Stockholm as seen through your eyes. Keep it up!

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  12. Gabriel De Souza says:

    Marcia is entitled to her view and I agree with her. The writing is not funny at all. Are monark and puppy yankee relations. LOL.

    BB = boring & bland

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  13. Malmoim says:

    The first Lucia Day I ever saw I was forced to be in as some kind of initiation/hazing ritual at work. They changed the words of the songs so they were ‘funny’ but as I had never seen one didn’t speak a word of Swedish the whole thing left a rather bad taste.

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  14. Boston Blatte says:

    @Malmoim. Sorry to hear that, though it does surprise me. I don’t know Swedes to be deliberately overtly offensive.
    @ Monark540 and Gabriel. Oooh, I got me some controversy. Teehee.

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  15. Joosep Koivulainen says:

    Not the place to abuse BB as am sure she does her best and for free…..but it would be nice to see some originality in the blog….. but previous efforts show that is not the purpose of the thread and it does look like it is written for the less worldly of U.S citizens. KKK comments would have been expected 30 years ago in the tabloid press. Not sure that this type of writing is valid here in Scandanavian countries as we do not share the mentality.

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  16. Boston Blatte says:

    @Joosep. You’re sweet, so thanks but I welcome the criticism. And yes, it’s pro bono so I’m not quitting my day job. As for my US compatriots. Well, I do enjoy to quietly observe the loudly expressed underestimation of the population-at-large. It’s like watching children play.

    And fwiw to state the [apparently not so] obvious, the KKK comment is a giggle, not a criticism. But y’all don’t know me yet, so I guess I can’t expect everyone to see it.

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  17. Streja says:

    I think BB was a Brit in her former life. 😉

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  18. Sarah says:

    I personally enjoy your blogs, BB, every now and then there is a great sarcastic comment that really gets me giggling. I guess sarcasm is becoming a forgotten art.
    I do agree about the KKK thing though, just put a little veil over their faces and voila, we’re back in the 60’s, hahaha.

    As for all the “it’s not funny at all” comments, if it’s not your style of funny, that doesn’t mean other people don’t find it amusing. Just like some people like pea soup and others don’t. And there’s no need to be nasty about it either.

    BB, keep it up, I enjoy your blogs. :)

    (No Man’s Land blogger)

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  19. Boston Blatte says:

    @Streja. I wonder what I might be in my next life.
    @Sarah. I’m glad the straggler now and again can giggle along with me. I hope there’s the odd sniggerer too. But it’s not for everyone and that’s ok. Personally I enjoy the hecklers; makes for good follow up.

    I also get a kick out the resemblance of the starboy cap to the dunce cap. Nonetheless I find it charming and have tried unsuccessfully to get my own sprog to don the cap.

    I liked your blog entry moment about feeling like you were a traitor to your background by liking something. I remember the moment I got my first “OMG, are you turning Swedish?” when I sympathized with a pragmatic action to an emotionally charged situation.

    And why wouldn’t an African like snow?

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  20. SarahRF says:

    Well being an African, I saw snow for the first time when I was 11 years old, and that was only because of a freak weather mixup. We had to drive a couple hours to go see it too! I’m warm blooded, love the heat, it’s never too hot for me, so by liking cold… it just felt weird.

    I’ve had moments like that too, when I realise how Swedish I’ve actually become. Kind of scary sometimes, since I don’t consider myself Swedish at all.

    Hecklers can be fun, though I generally dislike the ones that heckle just because they can, ie saying “it’s not funny”. If they have a valid point or opinion difference, then it can be interesting. Otherwise it just annoys me.

    My only experience with the dunce cap has been through American cartoons and movies. I was spared that punishment in school, thankfully!


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  21. Ck says:

    don’t really remind me of KKK reminds me more for mages\sorcers merlin type of outfits

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  22. Susannah says:

    What’s the “Dumb American Housewife” comment?
    Is that how you see our stay at home wives and mothers who are doing the most important job in the world – raising the next generation?
    If so – you need to really get to know some of them.
    Don’t believe everything you see on TV, folks!

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  23. hedley says:

    I would sound hard but KKK and other racist movemnet have deep religion “support”. According to their wacky religious view, black people (asian and other immigrants) are people who belong to the land of their ancestors (Africa, Asia, Latin America) according to a “divine command” that they are executing. Search in youtube “The Oppressed Become the Oppressors” in order to support my view.
    Common uneducated “American” usually do not understand anything about the religious background of KKK. Of course, St. Lucia story is an extraordinary claim, but they outfit are not connected to KKK (they could be simmilar), but the Spaniard do (It may be since this religious command, they are trying to execute).

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  24. realy super post…..so impresive…..i like this post very much.

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