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Olympic support: Swedish king and queen voted “Most Awesome Monarchs ever” by TMZ

Swedes are often criticized for not expressing emotion openly. And normally the Swedish King would likely win the “most stiff Swede” category hands down. But I guess we can never criticize him for not showing his support for Swedish players. Definitely not during the London 2012 games.

TMZ published this image on their Facebook page last night. King Carl XVI Gustaf is stepping out of his reputation.

king queen grumpy

And we must give Silvia a pat on the back for equally expressive ‘stink-eye’ for the grumpy woman in front of them. Perhaps she’s cheering for the other team?

Go Calle!

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14 responses to “Olympic support: Swedish king and queen voted “Most Awesome Monarchs ever” by TMZ”

  1. Monica-USA :o) says:

    Well at least your King and Queen are their to support their fellow countrymen our President can’t even take time out to support his country. Go Sweden!

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  2. Emerentia says:

    @Monica-USA. Well, your president have to rule a country, our King and Queen don’t have to worry about that, so thay have time to do stuff like this. And I love this picture!

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  3. Monica-USA :o) says:

    The picture kind of reminds me of the three monkeys-see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil! :o)

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  4. Boston Blatte says:

    @Monica. I’m glad the US president prioritizes his duties over a recreational activity. The jobs of Swedish king and queen are to represent Sweden, they have no other duties. This is in fact their jobs (wouldn’t mind that job:-) ).

    I also saw a gif (series of pictures) of the King high-tenning a team player after their win in the semi-final. http://i.minus.com/iCNR9DLxlvj6V.gif

    @Emerentia. I love it too. Always seen the king to be stiff and square. Have more sympathy for him now.

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  5. Monica-USA :o) says:

    Thank you both for explaining that the King of Sweden’s duties are different from the American President. But it is nice to see the King having some fun at the games.

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  6. Boston Blatte says:

    @Monica. The Swedish king and queen are more like the country’s official mascots. They are figureheads and are paid a stipend and given a budget to run their affairs. A newly emerging nation (The US) was smart enough to eliminate royalty and nobility from its society. They’re more like star-bellied sneeches 😉

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  7. Gwen Killerby says:

    I truly wonder what possesses people like this so-called Monica-US, to make all these derogatory remarks about her own President. She knows perfectly well, or at least she should if she’s not braindead that
    1. If Obama had even dared to set ONE foot outside the country, he would be called names like slacker, or lazy n—-, and worse
    2. The First Lady (yes Monica, she’s your First Lady too) had been in London, but this so-called Monica-US conviently forgets that … or perhaps this so-called Monica-US is drinking too much?
    3. Her Fearless Leader Rmoney, after he managed to insult Brits and Londoners, embarrass regular Israelis, insult Palestinians AND worry Polish people everywhere, gets a total pass, from this so-called Monica-US person.

    Oh well. this so-called Monica-US displays just another example of thinly veiled racism, dressed up in fake Patriotism (which will help you ZILCH in your life)

    I’m getting pretty tired with all these racists polluting the internet, and now also the Swedish board. So there.

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  8. Gwen Killerby says:

    Oh and the correct term for the role of the Swedish King is “figurehead”. The Swedish King is the least powerful of all the Crowned Heads of Europe while the Prince of Lichtenstein has wide ranging powers.

    This has been done to split the two roles of symbol and unifying figure and that of de facto political leader. Only the Americans combine them, which is kinda dumb cos it set the man up for an impossible double role, and is the source for much acrimony. QED

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  9. Monica-USA :o) says:

    @Gwen Killerby

    My comments about my American President was in no way racists!! I don’t care if the President was black, white, pink, purple or green!! My point was there has always been our Presidents at the opening ceremonies in the past Olympic Games. Yes I know his wife was there not the same. And this story by Boston Blatte was not about politics hence the reason I didn’t mention anything about Mitt Romney who in my opinion will make a terrible President and ruin my Country even more. He is an embarrassment to us Americans. And as there are some Americans that use the Swedish Local to bash other cultures I am not one of them. I do my best to understand what is happening in other Countries before spouting off. But go ahead and bash the Americans because I guess it makes you feel better. And don’t ever question my Patriotism again unless you are standing directly in front of me and I can defend myself from your acquisitions!!

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  10. Boston Blatte says:

    @Gwen. Monica did a good job standing up for herself, but I have to add that I think your comment directed at her was out of line. It’s ok to dislike or criticize the president without dragging race into it. And for that matter, the whole presidential race.

    Also, fwiw, it’s not only the US which has an executive president (where the head of government and head of state are one and the same.)

    @Monica. Good for you!

    On the point of US presidents and Olympics. I tried to look up which presidents attended which Olympics and from what it seems, more don’t attend that do. Regan was the first to attend and that was when the Olympics were hosted in LA. Not sure which president attended outside the US. Do you know? I still think the US president has no place at the Olympics in the same way the Swedish prime minister would have no business at the Olympics either.


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  11. Hans W sweden says:

    The truth about Silvia the Queen is : The lady in front was a little bit upset by the Kings screaming and didnt know who it was … So the lady turned around to take a look and Silvia the queen gave her the advice to do what she does in the pic that is holding her hand the protect her ears …. Silvia said : I do it …

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  12. Monica-USA :o) says:


    To my recollection I thought it started with JFK all the way through to Bush Jr. But I will research to double check.

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  13. Lars says:

    And the Royal Family will be at TTA Elite Racing Circuit in Anderstorp in 2 weeks recklessly cheering Prince Carl Philip as he takes the track.

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  14. sidney says:

    The truth about Silvia the Queen is : The lady in front was a little bit upset by the Kings screaming and didnt know who it was … So the lady turned around to take a look and Silvia the queen gave her the advice to do what she does in the pic that is holding her hand the protect her ears

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