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“Artist Lars Vilks prisoner in his own country” Poor Lars Vilks.

November 28th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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As this is not the time for what Sir Winston termed the terminological inexactitude , in the next blog entry I’ll get round to the delicate matter of pointing out with precision, the fallacies in Big Daddy Löfven’s statements of support and explanation of Margot Wallström’s latest faux pas. This should be dutifully followed by some comments on our Honourable Prime Minister’s public confession of,

Jag måste tyvärr ändå säga att Sverige nog har varit naiva” (“Unfortunately, I must still say that Sweden has probably been naïve”. Not him or the government, but Sweden, collectively, Sweden, We Sweden, all of us, people and country. Jimmie Åkesson says that it was not at all a matter of naivety, it was just ignorance pure and simple. Jimmie Åkesson is not a big fan of his Prime Minister.

Exactly what Jimmie Åkesson may mean by ignorance is another matter altogether.The Devil’s Dictionary has its own definition

: “IGNORAMUS, n. a person unacquainted with certain kinds of knowledge familiar to you, and having certain other kinds that you know nothing about.”

In any case, the PM is the leader in government and in that capacity, acting as our High Priest was confessing this naivety or ignorance or whatever on our collective behalf as in the Confession which goes, “We have left undone those things which we ought to have done; and we have done those things which we ought not to have done; and there is no health in us.”…

Bob Marley explains it all in The Heathen

Bob Dylan says here

“That even Jesus would never
Forgive what you do.”

And if he (Vilks) wants to award himself unlimited artistic license (limited only by his ability/lack of ability at the sunset or moonshine in his imagination) then on this occasion I’m content with awarding myself limited poetic license to express what’s on my mind. He should know that we still live in a world of cause and effect. And as the Swedish proverb goes, “Som man bäddar får man ligga” – the English equivalent being, ”As you sow, so shall you reap

In Vilks’ case the Muslims are after his blood – they want his blood, they want him to pay the price in full, they want him to reap the whirlwind of eternal damnation

It was not so long ago that Jean Claude Juncker said, “I will say to the Greeks who I love deeply: You mustn’t commit suicide because you are afraid of death.

Indeed one of the most famous holy sonnets of the great English Poet John Donne is his

Death be not proud

Death, be not proud, though some have called thee
Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so;
For those whom thou think’st thou dost overthrow
Die not, poor Death, nor yet canst thou kill me.
From rest and sleep, which but thy pictures be,
Much pleasure; then from thee much more must flow,
And soonest our best men with thee do go,
Rest of their bones, and soul’s delivery.
Thou art slave to fate, chance, kings, and desperate men,
And dost with poison, war, and sickness dwell,
And poppy or charms can make us sleep as well
And better than thy stroke; why swell’st thou then?
One short sleep past, we wake eternally
And death shall be no more; Death, thou shalt die

Yet John Donne himself in real life, one version of the story is that when he realised that he was finally breathing his last in all humility, he hastily called for the Catholic priest to administer the last rites…

In our youth we feel immortal – ready for anything and as you can see it’s mostly young people that are ready for jihad (have you yet heard of any old men who became suicide-bombers?) That may well answer the question of who hungers more for the virgins of paradise, the old men or the young men? I ask because I don’t know). The Torah lists those who are unqualified to fight:

5. And the officers shall speak to the people, saying, What man is there who has built a new house and has not [yet] inaugurated it? Let him go and return to his house, lest he die in the war, and another man inaugurate it
6. And what man is there who has planted a vineyard, and has not [yet] redeemed it? Let him go and return to his house, lest he dies in the war, and another man redeems it.
7. And what man is there who has betrothed a woman and has not [yet] taken her? Let him go and return to his house, lest he dies in the war, and another man takes her.”
8 And the officers shall continue to speak to the people and say, “What man is there who is fearful and fainthearted? Let him go and return to his house, that he should not cause the heart of his brothers to melt, as his heart.”
(Deuteronomy 20:5-8

Dan, an acquaintance from Morocco was in the Six Day War; he was only twenty at the time and when he heard the call, he was ready to roll. When you’re twenty come snow or slime, you’re ready to roll. When I was twenty and saw a forty year old talking to my lady it was never a cause for worry as my thought then was, “He’s just wasting his time. What can he do?” Now of course I realise that I could have been wrong: Some forty- year olds can perform even more than some twenty year olds, can out-perform some twenty year olds and that was long before the era of Viagra – although in Africa there are supposed to be even better herbs (and ecological too). In my day if you wanted the White Man to be your best friend you showed him one of these “secret herbs” such as gagai - and told him not to tell anybody, that you are only letting him into the secret because he is special. You tell him that with gagai you’re going to make her sweat so that she will be needing to have a glass of water by the bedside table. And of course later on if he becomes your neighbour, you’ll probably be the last man he wants to see talking to or merely joking with his girl-friend or his wife.

But back to the main concern: In today’s DN there is a ten page-page feature article about the coward , coward as per definition.

The charges against the unrepentant Vilks fit him like an OJ Simpson glove – in the case of OJ it was a matter of “If it doesn’t fit you must acquit

And as to Mr. Vilks’ present fear these lines may also apply to him

For them that think death’s honesty
Won’t fall upon them naturally
Life sometimes must get lonely
” (It’s alright Ma)

Well here’s the article, ten long pages about his suffering:

Vilks held prisoner by the terrorist threat

I pity him.

Al Wala’ Wal Bara’

Serves him right. Let him stew in his own juice. That will teach him a lesson.

But the end is not yet. What he has done must be constantly afflicting his mind. I for one fully endorse what Brother Obama said at the UN back in September 2012:


The future of course extends beyond our allotted life-span of three score years and ten and living on “extra time”. As for those who aim at eternal salvation, from the Islamic point of view (and Vilks of course is free to believe or disbelieve this (artistic, philosophical and intellectual freedom),that according to al Islam the torments of the grave await him

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One Swedish word to describe the organised confusion: Kalabalik

November 27th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

The Latest Swedish and International News

USA. The brutes.

More infamy from the USA land of the free: More Police brutality

More Police brutality in Brother Obama’s hometown, Chicago

US cop guns down seventeen year old Laquan McDonald in cold blood

Ta-Nehisi Coates on Police Brutality: “The Violence is Not New, It’s the Cameras That are New”

Sweden : 14,000 out of the 21,748 illegal immigrants that were about to be deported disappear without leaving a trace

A Major world event (excuse the typos etc.) : Pope Francis in East Africa

Astounding: Mr. President bites the bullet : The Gambia bans female genital mutilation


An issue that would invite endless debate in our country Sweden:
What right do countries have to exclude some would be immigrants?

Timeline photos White House


I hope that it never gets to a point where Sweden shoots down a Russian plane. I doubt that Sweden would dare to do that outside certified national Swedish airspace. Did you see how calm Vladimir Putin was? It was time for him to bang his shoe on the podium like Nikita Khrushchev, but he didn’t, he only spoke beautiful Russian, softly. Now if any nation in the Syrian skies had shot down an American bomberplane, the pressure on Brother Obama to talk and act tough would have been enormous. Pressure from the Republicans, pressure from Bill and Hillary Clinton, maybe even pressure from baby Lewinsky

From Brother Nathanael: More distressing news:

Why the Jews Love Hillary” (some of them)

A useful reference work

Ingrid Carlqvist is at it again:

Sweden: Rape Clinic for Men, Publicly Funded “Virginity Tests

Sweden’s Muslim Christmas Show

In Swedish the word is Kalabalik

I intended to point out the fallacies in Big Daddy Löfven’s defence of Margot Walltsröm thoughts about the terrorist violence in Paris and I should get round to it after the Sabbath, even if that palaver with Israel seems to have subsided at least for the time being until something else crops up. In the meantime I have been expecting some thoughts – at least a little squeak from foreign minister Ms Wallström about e.g. Saudi court sentences Palestinian poet to death for renouncing Islam

I’ve refrained from updating this blog the past two week because it’s been like

And don’t speak too soon
For the wheel’s still in spin
And there’s no tellin’ who
That it’s namin’

The past three weeks in Sweden have been a roller coaster. Things have been moving so rapidly, the state apparatus like a huge, crazy, three-dimensional kaleidoscope spinning out of control in our own country, on our own planet Aniara hurtling through space….

The result was a short period of calm, but nothing like the day – or rather the morning after Olof Palme was assassinated – shot in the back at close range as he walked home from the cinema with his wife Elisabeth, right there on Sveavägen in downtown Stockholm, a five minute walk from where I lived – the whole of Sweden was in shock – and a few days later the phantom picture, said to be that of the assassin was in circulation and people were seeing remarkable resemblances of the said assassin everywhere, in the tunnelbana (the tube) on busses, in crowded shopping centres. Just as when last week – on Monday there was a news flash, some kind of unofficial terror warning for everybody – especially civil servants to stay at home and that anybody going to the Swedish Parliament on the following day (Tuesday) would be doing so at his or her own risk and I thought, another Guy Fawkes coming – maybe some terrorists are going to blow up the Swedish Parliament tomorrow, maybe bomb the monument from the air, maybe by drone? And the very next day (Tuesday) SÄPO called a press conference and made the astounding announcement that kept us all on our toes, our eyes popping out of our heads in vigilance. Know dear citizen or non-citizen that SÄPO is not our enemy nor is SÄPO or any other human being or organisation of human beings omniscient. Yes, the following day (Wednesday) SÄPO put out the picture of the terror suspect, one Moder Mothanna Magid said to be dangerous and on the loose – in Sweden or on the way to Sweden to commit some terrorism – the terror alert throughout the Kingdom was raised to level 4 – the highest level yet, and after what the world had just seen of terror in Paris, every heart and soul – and every body – was on high alert. It’s probable that some people looked under their beds before turning off the lights to go to sleep – as I sometimes did in Nigeria – looked under bed to make sure there was no snake curled up there and waiting to strike or bite just when I was most vulnerable and unawares…

Now people are saying this and that about SÄPO; some people are just plain stupid, some even think that they are smarter than SÄPO, but how can that be and what do they know? It can be because they look at the cause and not at the effect: some people are still angry with SÄPO scaring the hell out of all of us just because the aforementioned most dangerous 22-year old Moder Mothanna Magid, turned out to be a sweet and innocent boy and not at all guilty when he was finally apprehended in Boliden living in a refugee apartment, peacefully living under his own name, not armed and not at all dangerous.But the level 4 terror alert remains. So please let’s not relax into complacency, not yet – it could just turn out to be the calm before the storm, before the terrorists strike. Remember the 2010 Christmas bombing? It will be a lot worse the next time.

The effect of all this worry and stress is that in the general Swedish consciousness, Swedes and foreigners alike are aware that there is at least a theoretical possibility that among the many refugees could be one or two or even many potential terrorists (in the 1980s some of Saddam’s men (and women) were already here). For this heightened awareness we must apologise to Magid but we must thank SÄPO. And who do you think is keeping us safe? Please be grateful.

Kalabalik. Yes, that’s the word that best describes the last two weeks in Swedish History, the history of immigration and refugeeship, from open your hearts (“a friend in need is a friend indeed”) to stop them at the border and if possible – if their papers are not in order then send them back – back to from whence they came, to where they first arrived in Europe. The rest of Europe have to do their share thunders Sweden’s Prime Minister who is now the leader of the choir, the choir master, and Batra, Lööf, Romson, Busch, and my man Björklund the leader of the Liberals echo back – yes stop them at the gate before it’s too late . At this point only Lefty’s Jonas Sjöstedt is blowing against the popular wind. And as for Jimmie Åkesson and his “I told you so”, like it or not, his prophetic status has now been enhanced – at 26, 7% he is now the most popular and trusted party leader in Sweden and smiling. He doesn’t even have to say anything (the Swedish government and the rest of the opposition minus Sjöstedt are all scrambling to adopt Sweden Democrats‘ anti-immigration policy – as much as they possibly can – failing which there would be a crisis in government and fresh elections, after which Jimmie Åkesson would be seated on the saddle as Sweden’s next Prime Minister. Which reminds me, there are elections in France on the 6th of December – and as you can rightly guess after the latest terrorism in Paris the National Front is going to do very well in that election.

It could get like this in our Sweden: Check it out:

Geert Wilders: Let the Dutch Vote on Immigration

The latest from our Jimmie Åkesson is that just as Donald Trump in the US wants all Muslims registered so too to be on the safe side, Sweden’s Jimmie wants all the Muslim people’s opinions in Sweden registered – to determine the extent of dangerous radicalism/sympathy for militant Islam and if need be to weed out potential terrorists. It could be something like the McCarthy period in the US under Trump and Sweden under Åkesson – and it is a possibility – all that’s needed is a major terrorist attack in Sweden and one more in the US – the new surveillance laws would then be a fait accompli.

Last night – a few minutes after midnight I was at Galway’s (an Irish pub on Kungsgatan) and quite impressed listening to a guy singing (like Bono). Must return to the scene of the song…

Right now, wishing everybody SHABBAT SHALOM!

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Sweden on high alert – Level-4 terror alert, the highest level ever. Terror fever. Latest developments

November 20th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

The Latest Swedish and International News

So swiftly the sun sets in the sky
You rise up and say goodbye to no one
Fools rush in where angels fear to tread
Both of their futures, so full of dread, you don’t show one
Shedding off one more layer of skin
Keeping one step ahead of the persecutor within
” (Jokerman)

Perhaps, that night, it was no coincidence how carefully the terrorist jihadists chose their main target, the Bataclan theatre (said to have been Jewish owned just two months previously) and their victims. From their Jihadist point of view the theatre represents exactly the kind of freedom that they call decadence – Wild West decadence and just that night it was an American band, Eagles of Death Metal in concert. It must have been a pretty young audience…

(to be continued…

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Vive la France ! Liberté, égalité, fraternité! The latest Paris massacres are said to be France’s equivalent of 911.

November 16th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

The Latest Swedish and International News

Swedish perspectives can be interesting at times. Compare and contrast Margot Wallstöm’s with Carl Bildt’s.

By mid October this year, the headline was “Margot Wallström condemns Palestinian terror on Israeli civilians ! ” What has been happening since then?

Margot Wallström, wake up and smell the coffee: Israel lives side by side with terrorism on a daily basis. And there we go again: Israel calls up Sweden’s ambassador after Margot Wallström’s statement linking the conflict between Israel and Palestine to the radicalisation of youths and terrorist attacks in Paris.

I don’t understand it – but there again there’s much that I don’t understand. It would appear that according to her, Israel is to blame as the first cause or one of the causes of the terrorist attacks in France. Is that the unique Swedish Foreign policy perspective on the Paris Massacres? Are such comments from our Foreign Minister designed to ward off evil and to help stave off terrorist attacks on Swedish territory? Not ruling out the way that news about Israel, often so inaccurately reported is sometimes at the bottom of misunderstandings. Just take a look at the endless stream of corrections, here in CAMERA

The battle (a war of words) between Margot Wallström and Israel continues

At the G-20 Summit, TERRORISM is at the top of the agenda

Is our Wallström going to repeat her theory there? I think that she will be shouted down if she does…

You (whoever you are) must admit that HERE, Brother Nathanael makes our Margot Wallström look like an innocent, little suckling. From the beginning, I suspected that’s what Brother Nathanael was going to say, that all the Jews stayed home on Friday night…

And what do you think about this formula: France must offer Land for Peace

It was 911 that moved US Military Might to the source of the terror, the Taliban supported terror-headquarters and to eventually carpet-bomb what was believed to be to Usama bin Laden’s last hideout, the Tora Bora Mountains and caves in Afghanistan.

Paris the heart of the French Republic is traumatised. So is the rest of Europe. “It’s the worst kind of war, because the terrorists are waging a war against us civilians. Against us ordinary people in our own quarters.” Just now, tourists are afraid to go out sight-seeing in Paris. “European cities risk becoming a new front in “the war against terror

What to do?

France has just declared war on ISIS.

France’s own 911 has galvanised the French Air force into retaliatory strikes which President Hollande has promised will be “pitiless”. It sounds like France is ready to fully apply the General Patton War philosophy (hit hard, constantly, relentlessly…

Without the need of a debate in the French Assembly or the United Nations, the people of France are unanimously behind whatever measures the French Government will take to provide the people with much needed security.

If that is any consolation to us in Sweden in this era of European Unity against terror, the news that ISIS has France at the top of their targets list
could mean that Sweden is somewhere near the bottom of that list – but we shouldn’t take anything even uncertainty as for-granted: Sweden’s Chief of Security: We’re keeping an eye on certain individuals

No, we shouldn’t take anything for-granted. Nor is this very reassuring:

Sweden’s preparedness for terror is the worst in twenty years and in fact, has become increasingly worse!

In order to know what more to expect here in Sweden, hopefully we shall be hearing some more from Swedish terrorist expert Magnus Ranstorp and he will help to keep hope and alertness alive. The latter – alertness, vigilance is necessary for you and me…

A few people in the Swedish media are saying that the terror attacks have succeeded in creating a we and them mentality. There’s the still unconfirmed report that one of the jihadists was a Syrian who passed through Greece as a refugee. Solely based on such a passport being found at the scene of the crime. But that is enough reason to make many able-bodied male asylum seekers suspects since no one wears the mark of the beast on his forehead
proclaiming “I am a Jihadist!”

Opinion maker-in-chief Peter Wolodarski’s Sunday homily is that we must be courageous: We must not be paralyzed and let fear take over

The Economist: Europe’s response to the Paris attacks is different this time: “Je suis Charlie” was about free speech—but now the issue is migrants

Europe’s best defenses is to protect the right of asylum and open the safe routes for people fleeing,writes Stefan Jonsson.

If it’s visionary sanity that we are looking for in this matter, then we need look no further: Carl Bildt has never been more on the ball than with this his article in today’s DN – it ought to also appear in the New York Times: “The Arab world’s convulsions will continue for a long time

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It’s Islamic State versus Western and every other Civilisation

November 15th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Latest Swedish and International News

In Europe the line is drawn:Islamic State is at war with Western Civilisation Them versus us. Which side are you on?

Islamic State is at work sowing the seeds of terror and reaping the harvest everywhere. They are at war with Shiites in Lebanon: Twin Suicide Blasts in Beirut’s Shiite Suburb Kill 43

It’s Islamic State vs La France

Syrian who passed through Greece as refugee was one of Paris killers

They will wholeheartedly agree with Pamela Geller on this one:

This is war


The first of the storm”, says Islamic State

It will soon be Sweden’s turn, since Sweden is training troops that are fighting against Islamic State. It could be a lot worse than that lone suicide bomber only succeeding in blowing himself up and nobody else on Drottninggatan in the Middle of the Stockholm Christmas rush hour shopping back in 2010. That’s how he intended to wish the infidels a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, take as many of them as possible with him to the hellfire.

Maybe, it will get a little better before it gets a lot worse in Sweden. Ingrid Carlqvist I’m sure won’t agree but I’ll have to ask her. Here she goes again, very emotional : Sweden Descends into Anarchy

Sweden’s Self-Inflicted Nightmare

Perhaps, not surprisingly, due to the refugee crisis situation, Jimmie Åkesson is now the third most powerful human being in Sweden (the most influential being Prime Minister Löfven, followed by number two, Stefan Ingves the Governor of the Central Bank.)

A growing fear

After they have all said what they have to say, patriotically, humanely, Euro-poetically (on the level of just saying) for me the Swede of the week is ALF SVENSSON a man endowed with Chesed a man who has opened his heart (a Hindu Guru might say that his heart chakra is open) and that’s what imbues his views on the refugee crisis situation HERE – with heart he looks and sees not just a lumpen crowd (of misery and hope) he sees the individual human being, each with his own story/history, in that crowd and standing almost on the same side as Alf Svensson is this good piece of news: not as good as some of the guys in the gospel, but good enough: Muslims condemn terror attacks in Paris

Meanwhile, over there in the Holy Land, Abbas refuses to condemn the murder of Israelis

By now Pat Condell (“The rape of Sweden”, “the invasion of Europe” etc.) must be besides himself, seething exceedingly, and a little more than usual must still be foaming at the mouth in distress at the perfidy of the IS terrorist massacres in Paris.

The Last Word on the latest Paris Massacres goes to Brother Nathanael of “New” Testament fame

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The refugee crisis continues.

November 12th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Latest Swedish and International News

The refugee crisis continues.

Hitler complains

On the 10th November, FOX Business Network hosted the junior section and the senior section of The 4th Republican GOP Debate

Everyone who could, took a swipe at Hillary Clinton. The debaters at least agreed about one thing : that Hillary Clinton would be bad for America. According to Mr. Trump, “she’s the worst Secretary of State in US history” He has earlier on denied tweeting “If Hillary Clinton Can’t Satisfy Her Husband What Makes Her Think She Can Satisfy America?” That it was apparently tweeted by one of his staff…

Trump’s Deportation Force by which he intends to forcibly deport 11 million undocumented immigrants from the country.

Can’t help thinking of Raoul Wallenberg…

In the twinkling of an eye – the sheer record numbers of daily arrivals, roughly 2,000 every day (to register, provide accommodation, food, warm clothes etc.) Already- not enough beds, the social services overwhelmed and at the point of collapse – before the situation gets completely out of control (like Hungary and other like-minded) Sweden institutes border controls

Germany: refugee crisis

Lebanon: refugee crisis

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11-11: Sweden the new Mecca for refugees.

November 11th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Latest Swedish and International News

Think positive!

Rwanda’s good neighbour Burundi is on the brink as inter-ethnic tensions break, violence escalates, mars multiparty democracy in that country…

Nigeria world many things happening at every front – some complain that the rate of change is slow… finally, Buhari blesses his cabinet appointees, otherwise it’s now all about what Biafra means to many people, and a man – one man, the man of the moment is Nnamdi Kanu presently under custody, languishing in a Federal Nigerian prison. Yesterday, three people peacfully protesting for his release were savagely gunned down by the military & police during an unpermitted peaceful demonstration in Port Harcourt. (More about the cause, later)

More interesting news from Nigeria (population178,516,904) : “The European Union on Monday said 7,436 Nigerians crossed into Europe from Nigeria illegally in the second quarter of 2015”

As you know, there’s the Boko Haram people who want to set up their Caliphate over the carcass of what was once Nigeria, bombing both the mosques and the churches with whom they are displeased; add to that the dissatisfactions of Igbos (“Biafrans” – overwhelmingly Chrisitians) and what we will get is more refugees pouring into Europe

Close the door, they’re comin’ through the window
Close the door, they’re runnin’ up the stairs
Close the door, they’re hangin’ off the ceiling
Those Bah-dah-bah-dah-bah-dah are everywhere

They got into the kitchen, they got into the sink
They went into the cellar and poured themselves a drink
They got on the piano, ran up and down the keys
And soon I was a-standin’ in ‘em right up to me knees

Close the door, they’re comin’ through the window
Close the door, they’re runnin’ up the stairs
Close the door, they’re hangin’ off the ceiling
Those Bah-dah-bah-dah-bah-dah) are everywhere

Now that all the fuss is over, I sink into my chair
This house is all a shambles, but really I don’t care
I’m going to take it easy, try not to think of them
Here they come again!
(Close the door)


It’s a series, the seven wonders of the world
and now it’s Zlatan’s 10th Golden Ball.

Also Lo and Behold, the 9th of November commemorates both Kristallnacht and for other reasons, the historic fall of the Empire’s Berlin Wall

Reagan’s voice is recorded – like not mincing his words, pointing a wand over the red sea and giving a direct commandment:

Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall !”

Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers:

“We must overcome fear” –

Fear and how to overcome it and make the important decisions that must be taken in a crisis was the theme of a conversation about the refugee crisis at Kulturhuset on Monday”

As to who is afraid of the big bad bear, “Thanks to Norway joining NATO, we have been able to have better relations with Moscow” says NATO boss, Norwegian Jens Stoltenberg, in this exclusive DN interview: NATO chief wants to develop cooperation with Sweden

The UK: “Prime Minister David Cameron wants to reduce immigration from other EU countries, and that it will be more difficult for immigrants to be a part of Britain’s welfare. On Tuesday, Cameron explained in a speech what changes he wants in relation to the EU for the upcoming referendum” (Pia Gripenberg explains)

House of commons: David Cameron’s EU reform Speech

Re – David Cameron’s EU reform goals

EU: Financial insecurity: Greece does not meet the conditions for more pay-outs from the aid package. EU finance ministers stop aid payments to Greece

Sweden : The refugee crisis. This evening, I asked my son, “What’s the latest on the refugee crisis?” and he said that was a rhetorical question. Rhetorical or meteorological and no change in the weather

A Record number sought asylum in Sweden last week” (Mostly from Afghanistan)

Most Afghan refugees have arrived from Iran

In my opinion, Sweden today is better than yesterday. Enough to stop the open-hearted Anna Batra in her tracks:

It would take acts of violence to stop the refugees at the borders

According to the latest media reports (exclusive sources of information) it’s not only Anna Batra and “The New Conservatives” that are in bed with the Sweden Democrats and not the potentially legal and illegal immigrants/ refugees. The name of the game is Zero Tolerance: stop each and every one of them (the refugees) at the border. As the head usually follows the tail, so Batra is followed by her various Alliance partners, in order of importance (according to the latest opinion polls) Annie Lööf & the Centre Party, Jan Bjorklund leader of the Liberal Folk, and the beleaguered Christian Democrats, Ebba Busch & her party still on the margins of extinction@below 4%, desperately trying to be relevant. It’s them versus the most commonsensical Middle-of-the-road Social Democrats efficiently requesting that all EU members do their fair share in addressing the record influx of refugees to Sweden, mostly from Afghanistan, followed by Syria.

It’s humanitarian pragmatism, practical realism (different from magical realism – at the touch of a button – stop all of them at the border) -it’s visionary, brilliant, humanitarianly commonsensical: “Sweden can make investments and expand prosperity, whilst we welcome people from other countries” says, the Left’s leader Jonas Sjöstedt & Ulla Andersson, economic policy spokesperson (Some of the dinosaurs still have lingering suspicions that they are “communists”. The response to Sweden’s refugee crisis is bringing out some of the best and worst in some people and producing strange bedfellows: As if in anticipation of the Lefts’ above quoted article, just five days ago Amanda Björkman gave serious reasons for believing that “M (the Moderate “New Conservative” Party has become Sjöstedt (the commie’s) best friend

And this clearly shows the levels of ideological divide that only narrow separates Sweden’s main political parties when it comes to levels of tolerance for refugees and the opening of hearts and wallets for their financing

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They are coming

November 10th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Latest Swedish and International News

They are coming!
The Russians!
Hitler’s not in hell and the Russians are coming!

(Shiftless jigger, that would scare the b-ice out of some of us)

Who did you say is coming?
Many, many !

The Sweden Democrats are unhappy.

Better said, in the name of truth, they are both unhappy and happy –same mind, happy and unhappy at the same time. Happy that they are now in the big time league: the xenophobia league of xenophobes – XLX – it’s now “rumsren” to be xenophobic – as from today, everyone’s a xenophobe or an ex-xenophobe.

Simultaneously, the Sweden Democrats are not happy that the other parties have cut in to their support base are encroaching on their anti-immigration domain, stealing some of their policies and aims. Fearful that it could be to the extent that as the other parties become more extreme in their views on immigration, the greatest nightmare is that they the Sweden Democrats (said to be a one-issue party) could become indistinguishable from the other parties.

Check this out:

Refugee crisis update: New Swedish record broken:

2,160 souls register for asylum on Monday
.( 10, 000 last week)

On the one side, the Sweden Democrats and in bed with the Sweden Democrats but not full membership status yet, their semi-allies the Moderate “New Conservative” Party; as a temporary solution, the Sweden Democrats heartily approve of Anna Batra’s determination to stop all of them at the border until it’s certified that Sweden is their first port of entry since arriving in Europe…

“He was watering the flowers by the window sill
And then he saw them comin’ over yonder hill
Why, there must have been a million of every shape and size
And so I yelled to everyone, “You’d better get inside” (Close the door)

Where does it begin?
Where does it end?

To be or not to be? Especially be sea, Syria is a long way to The Safest Zone (Sweden), so many countries you have to pass through – so – when they reach or have reached their final destination, should they be stopped at the borders –


and then what?

That’s the question.

On the Russia vs Nato-Sweden front, there’s this joint article penned by Margot Wallström Sweden’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Defence Peter Hultqvist: not we shall or we must , but

We are developing and deepening our military cooperation

Not surprisingly (not by stealth) NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is in Stockholm today

On a lighter note the latest inimitable Skavlan (in English):

Rod Stewart

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It’s Sweden is in the world and the world is in Sweden

November 9th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Latest Swedish and International News

This time let’s start with world and come to Sweden later. A world of broken glass.

9th of November : Kristallnacht

Syria :

“All international mediation attempts have failed miserably to stop the war in Syria. But UN Deputy Secretary General Jan Eliasson says that for the first time in years, there is light in the darkness


PM Netanyahu leaves the troubled Holy Land behind to visit the leader of the free world, his good friend President Barack Obama whose Iran deal he had unsuccessfully challenged/ tried to sabotage in the US Congress, without Brother Obama’s permission to make such an address to Congress. He will now say let bygones be bygones and surely be asking Boss Obama for some bigger and better weapons for Israel’s self-defence in that increasingly dangerous neighbourhood.

Jazz: Thinking about Mingus’ The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady

Ofttimes it’s the other way around, the sinner saint and the Black lady:

Black and white
Black and night

Wasn’t it Bessie Smith who crooned, can’t remember exactly where,

They wait for me way down in my sin

If you can bring yourself to believe that truth can be faithfully married to fiction and that sometimes, in writing about Africa, truth can be stranger than fiction i.e. a man is writing the truth and you think it’s surrealistic gospel fiction, highly recommended (by me) like at a Jewish wedding where a glass is broken to commemorate the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash,

is Alain Mabanckou’s Broken Glass

Relatively speaking, that’s nice guy Alain Mabanckou, one of my Francophone literary heroes, promoter of the crucible of talent known as Black Bazaar – featuring two of Africa’s greatest soukous guitarists, Caen Madoka and Beniko Popolipo.

There’s also Bob Dylan: Everything is broken

And then here’s our usually peaceable Nobel Laureate Brother Wole Soyinka, some vicious mole of nature in him, now on the warpath with fact, not fiction :

My New Book Will Draw Blood“, he vows to Ogun a Yoruba agent of war, patron saint of taxi-drivers, transformer of iron, thunder and lightning, his sacrificial animal being the dog…

So, who’s afraid of Wole Soyinka? Just one of several instances in which without mercy or compassion, Soyinka thunders:

Of all the loathsome lumps of slime that ever oozed from the sump of human depravity to aspire to human form, none comes close to the two-legged parasite that goes by the name of Abiola Ogundokun

Other positive news of Nigeria, Junior and senior

Junior : for the second year running Nigeria is Junior U17 World football Champions!

Give them another round of applause!

Senior: Nigeria’s Jighere Wellington trounces Queen Elisabeth’s Lewis MacKay 4-0 in the final in Australia to become World Scrabble Champion

Ah Caliban, he can curse, give Mr.Wellington another round of applause!

It doesn’t rain, it pours: on top of all that the other good news is that Nigeria has found more vast layers of oil ! More grease to her elbows!

The UK: I could hardly believe this when I first read it on the front page of Dagens Nyheter, that David Cameron is saying that if the EU doesn’t give in to the demands that he’s going to present to the EU tomorrow then he’s prepared to back a British move-ment to leave the EU! (Like Catalonia leaving Spain….

Mark my words: In both cases , an inevitable danger is that if the head leaves, the tail will be likely to follow….


The final results are not yet in, but the Government is already “conceding defeat”…

Sweden: Prosperity and a reminder of our international commitments:

Dag Hammarskjöld portrayed on new 1000-krona banknote

No new news from Gatestone

Some updates from Europe news

Sweden: Refugee Crisis :

Police powerless in dealing with the arsons.Terrified refugees afraid to fall asleep….

Mary Magdalena. I always think of her every time I come across the name of our Minister of Finance, our brainy, Social Democratic Magdalena Andersson – a good Swede.

She now says that the refugee crisis in Sweden “is not basically financial” and adds some worrying figures:

Not primarily an economic issue” she said on Agenda.If the stream of refugees continues at the current rate as many as 500,000 refugees can come to Sweden in a year.This would primarily entail a practical problem for Sweden, not economically, but it will lead to a greater government deficit. Already in the morning, all Ministries will present-money saving proposals. Andersson says that many municipalities do a fantastic job to receive refugees, but that they are already seeing problems with municipal social services.” (SVT Text)

No two ways about it and I guess that this is the way that the Sweden Democrats see it and it’s not a joking matter either: if the “keep Sweden Swedish” people are not careful, soon the whole world will be here and the potential additional 500, 000 refugees a year would add to the army of the unemployed, not to mention increased xenophobia, racism, anti-Islamism and integration problems.

The last word goes Magdalena’s rival, Anna Kinberg Batra whose dire prophecy is that We in Sweden could be on the brink of a systemic collapse

Is she exaggerating?

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Sunday, 8th November, 2015

November 8th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Swedish and International News

Sweden: Hurry to build

In exactly one hour from now, @2200hrs GMT :

FIFA U17 World Cup: Nigeria vs Mali

What Terrorism Looks Like

Tomorrow the 9th of November makes it 77 years since what’s known in history as Kristallnacht

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