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The last day of September

September 30th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

The summer’s over. Not almost gone – it’s gone

– just like the Alliance asking

“Where will we be
When the summer’s gone?”

- and Fredrik the Great Reinfeldt it’s said is also gone – not “out like a light “ but out and gone – like Buster Douglas

gone – but at least we can show some appreciation
for all the good things that he’s said and done!

You can’t say that not much has been happening, although like a bitter old Negro up to this moment Mr. Löfven is refusing to shake hands with his landsman King Jimmie or to beg him for some budgetary assistance when the push will come to shove? But even King Jimmie has said that “no one wants a new election” – even though it’s being speculated that if there is a new election Jimmie’s SD will even improve on their last performance…and if it shall come to pass that they do, it can only mean that they would be stealing even more votes from the other parties…

Latest : Unemployment insurance raised to be 80% (of the unemployed person’s usual salary

Iron man Löfven is still working frantically round the clock trying to put together a cabinet for his minority government – he will announce his cabinet on Friday, a government which he hopes will survive into the New Year and the government will not survive if he cannot pass his first budget. To do that (to pass his first budget so that his government will survive and have a long life), he will have to scale back – scale down on some of the lofty election promises and some of what was written in their manifesto – because whatever promises are made have to be financed, whether it’s free lunches or free Viagra for the pensioners or free opera tickets for the philistines

“Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp
Or what’s a heaven for?”

That’s what happens – some parties go into the elections, handing out all that free Christmas pork, promising everything, that the sun will shine in the winter, and we and the Green People will keep our souls and bodies warm even without nuclear power.

Otherwise, it’s congratulations to Carl Bildt’s old antagonist Urban Ahlin who will now be establishing law and order as the speaker in the Swedish parliament. As the Social democrats shadow foreign minister for many years, and a very battle-ready, aggressive and incisive one at that, from the podium in the Swedish riksdag , it’s a surprise that he’s settling for the post of speaker which no doubt he will fulfil very well, he has the experience, he knows the procedures and he himself is a good speaker and in any case at no time whatsoever is the Swedish Riksdag
as rowdy as the British House of Commons can be; even as I write this, in my mind’s ear I can hear Betty Boothroyd appealing for oh-der!

In my minds eye I can also see Urban Ahlin shooting from the hip, as usual…

Today, King Carl XVI Gustaf formally opened parliament

What else has been happening? Not much, well there’s the so called “nigger cake” revisited

What else?

The man of the moment : Narendra Modi

“Nature and Nature’s laws lay hid in night:
God said, Let Newton be! and all was light.”

At the United Nations which is not always so united,

Sweden has spoken

Netanyahu hath spoken

Abbas has also spoken

If you go by the Zionist media you will believe that even at the UN Abbas was glorifying terrorism.

Torbjörn Tännsjo the practical philosopher hath also spoken thusly:

Two people in one state may be the way to peaceful solution

The Islamic State is still far from EU borders, but by the time everybody in the Middle East will be engaged in Syria, the end will be near.


And lastly, the Ibrahim Index of good government in Africa, 2014

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Not much has been happening

September 22nd, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Dateline Speculations about Scotland, before the referendum

Mark Steyn’s post-mortem on the Scottish Referendum, also written before the referendum : “the real problem with Scots nationalism – the shortage of Scots…”

Doldrums after the Swedish Elections.

Mr. Löfven has till noon, 26th September to put together a viable government.

If he doesn’t meet that deadline, then what’s the next stage? Will he be given more time?

On his bare feet Iron man Löfven may have to walk across on red hot coals to obtain the very minimum support required to pass his first budget – failing which it’s the general understanding that they may not necessarily be birds of the same feather, but the Alliance with the support of the Sweden Democrats are poised to vote against any possibility of Mr Löfven being appointed Sweden’s next prime minister…

Whatever happened to “winner takes all”? The popular understanding is that there is no winner and that if there is a winner then it’s the Sweden Democrats – and that King Jimmie is patiently sitting on his throne, in his office, waiting for the begging to begin and for a good proposition to come crawling over, maybe even pleading for forgiveness (for all the hard words that have been said) and understanding (for the crisis “we” are in…)

Post election doldrums, but in the tumultuous autumn skies, no firecrackers, and fortunately, no exchange of friendly fire :

Russian fighter jets violate Swedish airspace

Carl Bildt calls a crisis meeting (Emergency)

(That should get all of Sweden’s political parties all together and of one mind when it comes to passing whatever astronomical figures for the defence budget.)

British Fighter Jets Intercept Russian Planes

The usual tirade: Pope Francis urges Muslims to condemn Extremism

Syrian refugees

As Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said, Open your hearts. You must open your heart and let some love and compassion in…

US continues to curb its involvement in Middle East

US Reportedly Giving Hezbollah Indirect Military Aid

Perhaps this line is relevant here: “This reality alone calls for a more positive reception for movements which seek alternative political paths and arrangements” ?

One and four (i.e. the Alliance + the Sweden Democrats)

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September 19th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

National Scottish Newspapers

Scotland’s Independence

85% voter turnout

Yes to Scottish Independence : 1, 616, 989 (45%)
No to Scottish Independence : 2, 001,926 (55%)

A difference of 10% for staying in the UK

A special prize to Dundee who voted overwhelmingly YES!

Not a time for tears.

If your throat is feeling a little dry, the whisky is still flowing from the distilleries and so is the oil from the North Sea…

Yes, Scotland has decided

Here’s an extract from The Local’s latest newsletter: ”Sweden also had its say on the Scottish independence debate and we asked readers with links to Scotland and Sweden what they thought about closer ties between the two Nordic neighbours.

In June, Paul Johnston the British Ambassador to Sweden had written Scotland: the best of all lands and the best of all worlds

The marriage union continues, like the marriage between heaven and earth, between the sea and the sky: “For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part, from John o’ Groats to Land’s End.“

Till death or at least for this generation … because time without number the people of Scotland were told that the referendum is a “once in a generation” opportunity and at the same time that if Scotland ever voted Yes, then Scotland and Scotland’s flag would never ever again be able to return to the family fold of the Union Jack – the very sight of which makes people feel so emotional .What was not clear is whether or not in the eventuality of a Yes vote, the No Sayers would continue to experience the emotional thrill of singing God save the Queen (& Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh)

We can safely conclude that the historical weight of three hundred years of the very ties that bind the four nations of the United Kingdom, were too strong to overwhelm those Scots who wanted or still want to go it alone. Since 44% voted no thanks and 55% voted yes to Scottish independence, you can say that at the moment Scotland is a divided nation even if the outcome of the referendum will be respected by the nation (there will be no “intifada”, no suicide bombers.)

As Alex Salmond the leader of the Scottish Independence campaign said this morning,

Above all thank-you to Scotland for 1.6 million votes for Scottish independence….. I accept that verdict of the people and I call on all of Scotland to follow suit in accepting the democratic verdict of the people of Scotland.”

If the spirit of Alex Salmond reincarnates within the next two generations, maybe he will then continue the struggle for Scottish Independence. For now, “to repair the divisions” extra powers that have been promised will be devolved to Scotland and now there’s even more pressure (and momentum) for even more power to the Scottish government which currently has “spending powers but not tax-raising powers”. Soon, Wales and Northern Ireland will be demanding the same kind of powers.

The Scottish Centre for Constitutional Change remains an important institution…just as there will always be what is referred to as Scottish Literature, not to mention traditional Scottish music

It was security vs. uncertainties about the unknown future, especially after the economic scare campaign. The historical weight of the three hundred years of the very ties that bind together are sometimes too strong to overwhelm.

A similar outcome awaits any state upstart in the US – wanting to have “a referendum” about “Independence” from the rest of the United States of America – except that it’s a non-starter since the US is a Perpetual Union and the US constitution does not give that kind of opportunity

The Catalans are impressed by how peacefully the referendum went and hoping in turn for a peaceful transfer of power (independence/ Self-Government). Don’t know whether the Nigerian Constitution would permit a peaceful referendum for the dissolution of what is sometimes referred to as the Lugardist experiment so that some of the larger nations within the nation of Nigeria (Biafra, Oduduwa
or the seedlings of Boko Haram’s Islamic Caliphate) can secede peacefully or be given greater regional powers /autonomy, if the majority of their people so desire. However, the last national conference agenda had everything on the table but the dissolution of Nigeria a nation that was born in 1914…

It was Harold MacMillan who spoke of “the wind of change“, blowing over Africa

Today I too feel a little wistful… Scotland is not and has never been a colony of England, and in colonial West Africa and especially in Britain’s first colony in Africa – Sierra Leone even established the village of Aberdeen (In the early sixties of the last century, things worked – electricity, water supply, a civil service built on meritocracy, well-staffed schools, good Health Care at least in the capital, a couple of dentists, opticians, private doctors, a running railway system, and in Freetown when I returned from England there were red double-decker buses providing public transport, perhaps because there were still a few thousand Brits in the country, mostly teachers, engineers, doctors….
Well, here’s some colonial nostalgia: from “Norman Sherry’s “The Life of Graham Greene, Vol. II, page 103 :

“On Wednesday ( 7th January) he was again left on board and played chess with Kitzkuran; “All religions say a man must have a woman two times a week.”
(From Graham Greene’s letter to his mother, 2nd April 1942.)

On page 101, “……in Freetown, Graham Greene, Englishman:

“ He was seen sitting in the Park with two little black boys…..The boys were offering him singing and dancing:
“Gentlemen & Ladies?”
“How old?”
“Oh fourteen to twenty-four”
“And drinks?”
“Whisky & gin & port”
“All drink expensive now.”
“Is there anything else you can do?”
“There are ladies”
“Cheaper than London”
“Ten shillings.”
“Oh no. You no get girl for 10/- in London.”
“Fifteen shillings?”
Yes all right.”
He went off with them.”

From “The Life of Graham Greene (Vol. 3 ) By Norman Sherry

“In late 1967 Greene went off with his friend Mario Soldati to Sierra Leone and wrote for The Observer an article with the compelling title “The Soupsweet Land” about coming back to the place where he had worked for MI6 during the war. He was returning for a happy visit though his enjoyment is not evident in the photograph taken there, showing a tall slightly forbidding Greene and Soldati, confident and at ease in West Africa”

“ On this Greene’s third journey to West Africa, he and Soldati visited the University of Sierra Leone. We see Greene in photographs standing among students and the Vice-Chancellor Davidson Nicol – to whom Greene had been kind when that young man was at Cambridge.”

Page 508:

“ In Sierra Leone Greene and Soldati – visited brothels together and smoked opium.”

The paragraph continues with a visit – rather a re-visit to the famous City Hotel which is one of the place actors in his Sierra Leone novel “ The Heart of the Matter”

Page 509:

” Greene: “ Coming back to Freetown and Sierra Leone last Christmas; I thought I belonged to a bizarre past which no one else shared. It was a shock to be addressed by first name on my first night, to feel a hand squeeze my arm, and a voice say, “ Don’t you remember me, we met in Pujehun? Lets have a drink at the City.”

Further down the page

“ Greene and Soldati went to Midnight Mass, and he recalled the priest he knew during the war, Father Mackie (Who used to teach Creole)…..And Greene, always observant noticed:

“ The girl in front of me wore one of the surrealist Manchester cotton dresses which are rarely seen…….the word “Soup sweet” was printed over her shoulder, but I had to wait until she stood up before I could confirm another phrase: “FENELLA LAK GOOD POKE

Father Mackie would have been amused, I thought, and what better description could there be of this poor lazy lovely country than “Soup Sweet” ?”

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Breaking news: Löfven, Lööf, Sweden Democrats

September 18th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

The Scots are out in full force! We won’t know until tomorrow morning, but the whisky will continue to flow all night – then we will know with either joy or sorrow.

What we do know at this stage is that the Scots take money matters very seriously.

The breaking news is about Sweden

It’s all in the updates (the Swedish newspapers on the web are updated with the latest, constantly, throughout the day – and night):

Dagens Nyheter

Svenska Dagbladet.

Radio Sweden

SVT Text

Breaking News 1 : Swedish Social Democrat leader asked to form government

Satisfied with Mr Löfven’s preliminary investigations into whether or not he thinks that he has enough parliamentary support to form the next government the speaker of the Swedish parliament has now given him the task of going ahead with that mission “of looking into the conditions for building a government of the Social Democrats and Green Party” and reporting back to him by noon on Friday, 26th September…

Breaking News 2
: How is the romance and or wooing going? (I can’t help thinking of the emotional chemistry between Ted Heath and Margret Thatcher

But this is something different, perhaps worse:

Lööf laughs off Löfven’s ‘comical’ advances

Annie Lööf has made herself absolutely clear in the TV programme Good Morning Sweden: She will not be part of a Social Democrat government coalition, and moreover she will NOT give an ounce of support for Mr. Löfven’s budget. This she says is because the Social Democrat budget is based on all that she and her party have fought against, such as the tripling of employer’s fees, the tax on trucks, greatly increased tax on petrol/ gasoline, doubling the restaurant VAT and RUT deductions and she cannot support such a budget proposal. Queen Annie has spoken and for the time being it does not seem that Mr. Löfven has the magic key with which to open her heart or to get her to change her mind.

Breaking news 3 is a scandal. It is all about principle: You can say what you like about the Sweden Democrats but they are a legal political party and in fact the Swedish people’s third largest party in the Swedish Parliament and are therefore entitled to supply the Swedish Parliament with a speaker,

a Sweden Democrat speaker of the Swedish parliament.

The Left’s Mr Sjöstedt doesn’t like this, but the New Moderate Party’s parliamentary group leader Anna Kinberg Batra and her Alliance companions think that the Swedish Parliament must respect and be faithful to the parliamentary tradition. (Is it possible that at some future date, should the SD become Sweden’s largest party in parliament, some people might have similar objections to appointing Jimmie Åkesson prime minister?

The Sweden Democrats now know who their friends are and those who are most hostile to them and will probably remember this when it is time to vote for the budget, although Mr. Åkesson has said that no one is in a hurry for a new election. There too he is not only being cautious: if there is a new election some will do even worse than they have done now…

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Thursday 18th September, 2014-09-18

September 18th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

The polls open at 7 a.m.

Local discussions

Ha’aretz weighs in on the issue : The implications of an independent Scotland

As the man said, open you hearts. (Talking about intense nationalism

All God’s Children Got a Home in the Universe

Good news Sweden: It’s unlikely that the Löfven government (when it eventually takes shape) will be toppled in December. They’re going to pass that budget. Löfven and Sjöstedt probably had their peace dinner and a glass of wine this evening and are laughing merrily again, like old friends.

The departure of Mr Reinfeldt as leader of the resistance and especially the resignation of his minister of finance from politics won’t stand in the way of passing that budget – even if the Sweden Democrats hate the cost of maintaining the current levels of immigration. Since they (the Sweden Democrats) say that when it comes to the budget, they would be likely to vote for the lesser of two evils – and it’s clear that since the day that Prime Minister Reinfeldt appealed to the Swedish nation to open their hearts for immigrants and refugees, the prime minister became the Sweden Democrats’ enemy number one and that it is this their hatred for Mr Reinfeldt that makes Mr. Löfven the lesser of two evils in their eyes (less of a humanitarian love-bird and therefore less expensive) – although the Sweden Democrats have usually supported the Alliance’s budget propositions in parliament.

And then there’s Mr Sjöstedt who insists that the services that are provided for settling immigrants refugees should not do “profit making“… and talking about “expensive“, his motto is that certain aspects of the welfare apparatus are “not for sale!”. However, it is not clear whether that means footing the bill for the refugee intake becomes less expensive when services are “not for sale


We’ve almost got immune to the media vituperations of Islam and lack of Muslim leadership, as if all we have to do is to wait for the next round of suicide bomber to confirm the worst.

Do these terrorists really believe that they will be rewarded with paradise and 72 virgins each, for all of their atrocities?

Good news Nigeria and Islam in Nigeria:

A force for good: The new Emir of Kano, Nigeria, Muhammad Sanusi II speaks

A reformist voice : AbdoulKarim al Soroush

Kahil el’Zabar

Inyoni Iya Phapha

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Annie Lööf

September 17th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Queen Annie

At this stage of latest developments in the void (tomt plats) created by the Great Fredrik’s mournful tones of no regrets as the dramatic, mournful tones of voluntary self-dismissal echoed with disbelief, in our ears, and in quick dramatic succession, following faithfully, at his heels, his ex-pony tail lap dog Anders Borg, so recently renowned as the EU’s best minister of finance, the man that many thought was the Great Fredrik’s crown prince, the heir apparent and now, so suddenly, the announcement that both of them are washing their hands off party politics, maybe for all eternity.

Some of the cruel ones will say that after defeat , when the party was down and at its moment of greatest need,they ran away from the leadership scene with their tails between their legs.

They couldn’t take it no moe.

Defeat? After all these years of doing their best?

(After the final party leaders debate, asked about what he thought Fredrik the Great’s Alliance had achieved so far, Herr Löfven was brief : “As everybody can see”, he said, “unemployment has gone up and the standard of education in Sweden, has gone down“)

They resigned. They were exhausted, they had given it all they’ve got. Time to rest.

But not the oars…

For the former leader of the Moderate Party Ulf Adelsohn it is now a political crisis situation for both the country and the Moderate Party and therefore also a crisis for the Alliance to be leaderless, and this he explains so clearly in his article in today’s DN :

A big mistake of Reinfeldt to leave Sweden without an alternative

And so, in the absence of any voluble leader of what’s left of the Alliance (formal or informal), it’s breaking news : Annie Lööf has taken over as Queen Annie. As the leader of the Alliance’s most successful party this election and you can tell by the smile on her face and what she’s saying, that what she says goes…

She may still be feeling a little peeved about what happened the other night when Mr Löfven snubbed her, said that he had already read the document she was waving in his face, more than ten times over more than she had. But now Iron Man Stefan must be wooing her full time, with his Social Democratic rose…

At this stage of the page she has promised full cooperation with Mr Löfven’s budget proposals. She has promised that she will not torpedo him.

And that is the present state of the romance. Tomorrow, who knows, it will have got a little further, as the saying goes, “slowly, slowly catchy monkey.”

Of course, if yours truly was in Iron man’s shoes, at this stage he would be holding her feet, saluting her and addressing her as “Your Majesty” and singing for that piece of budget cheese…

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Tomorrow: Scotland decides

September 17th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Auld Lang Syne,

Scottish Independence, will it be yes or will it be no?

So far, the following Scots have been Prime Minister of the United Kingdom:

George Hamilton Gordon
Ramsay Macdonald
Lord Arthur James Balfour (The Palestine-ians don’t like him)
Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman
Harold Macmillan
Sir Alec Douglas-Home
Tony Blair
Gordon Brown

Famous Scots

Scotland – Scandinavia

Yes or no ?

Scotland independence referendum: What a Yes vote would mean – the experts’ view

Whilst Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II says that she is above politics, Prime Minister Cameron has repeatedly told the Scots that if they vote yes, they can never return to the “family of nations” (The UK)

There is the proximity (good neighbourliness) there’s the over three hundred years marriage to the United Kingdom. On the emotional level the vote should be a resounding Yes, but with so many uncertainties especially in the economic sphere, with ” if unsure, don’t” as a rule of thumb, the pessimists say that it would seem that the NO side will prevail, narrowly (by 3%)

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I väntan på besked – waiting for word about who is going to be who in the new government.

September 16th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Lessons for leadership : GREATNESS is humility (Rabbi Jonathan Sacks)

Good news

not good news

More bad news

On Scottish Independence : Mark Steyn : Kingdom Come, Kingdom Go

Cameron urges Scotland not to rip apart “family of nations”


Dagens Nyheter

Svenska Dagbladet.

Radio Sweden

SVT Text

Frontpage Magazine

# Information Clearing

# Real Clear World

World Newspapers

Global Research

Waiting for Godot about who is going to be who in the new government.

I’ve been searching

The elections have come and gone.
The election has been lost and won.

But we still don’t know if we’re going to have a government or not.

The Sweden Democrats must have also stolen a few votes from Stefan Löfven and that’s why he only got 31% of the Swedish people voting for him, and he knows that 31% is not enough to form a good government or enough to qualify him to face the joint wrath of The Alliance & The Sweden Democrats in the Riksdagen. He needs reinforcements. Who is willing to try?

So he’s walking hand in hand with Gustav Fridolin and Åsa Romson,but what’s that? What does that amount to? That makes them only 38% – not enough to face the collected & collective wrath of the opposition – still licking their wounds after suffering such a humiliating defeat and though they may be temporarily dispersed and in disarray they will soon be re-forming and taking their firing positions, hell-bent on revenge. They intend to make things difficult for Mr Löfven, the Champion & his party.(Even if The Great Fredrik was the first to congratulate with “lycka till” ( “Good luck”) – and he wasn’t talking to the president of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan (how does one wish him good luck and avoid the double loaded gun or pun?)

Even as I write, what’s left of the Alliance partners – those still in the Alliance are rolling up their sleeves and getting ready to head-butt, bust and block, dismember, cripple and maim – wreck whatever may be the contents of Mr. Löfven’s goodhearted budget proposals. With Iron man Löfven only standing at 38% I’m sure that The Great Fredrik is relaxing with the soothing thought and saying this time not about Russian capability but the capability of the Social Democrats and it must be a consolation to believe that “Stefan Löfven lacks the capability to pass a budget !”

Hadn’t the Great Fredrik been telling him not to count on the likes of Sjöstedt for “the great majority”? And now he sees the light.

From the debris and the bitter taste of the ashes the Alliance will rise again even if the air is rife with rumours of the possible defections and of Mr. Bjöklund’s party in particular as being too much in a spirit of co-operation, almost being in bed with Mr. Löfven and the Social Democrats, to help them in this hour of crisis – to build a stable and long-lasting government for the betterment of our country.

The Liberals are not the only feasible defection ( all in the spirit of cooperation & unity of purpose of course (the betterment of Sverige.

Poor Sjöstedt.

They wouldn’t let him into the bunker. On the price tag he must have been wearing his “Not for Sale” emblem and Metal’s Löfven wasn’t buying. As we say in Swedish,” i princip” ( in principle, on principle, sometimes….So help me God.

If Sjöstedt had his way ( in partnership with the Social Democrats) he would like to be the driving force that ensures that the Löfven government is going to reverse/roll back the spate of privatisations carried through by the New Moderates and their Alliance partners between 2006 and 2014…

Political pundits say that by blocking Jonas Sjöstedt’s entry into the cathedral , he is leaving the door open for possible defectors from the Alliance – defectors whose main condition is that on no account do they want to be part of a government which includes a lefty like J.Sjöstedt or his party…

On or off the campaign trail in the US you hear politicians and state officials even basket ball players saying it all the time, ” GOD BLESS AMERICA!” . In Sweden we are not that religious or sentimental…

An interesting article from the Culture pages of DN : Bengt Ohlsson :

Our Stories about Sweden

Thinking of God’s children, ladies and gentlemen, our brothers and sisters, the Sweden Democrats.

Blue is the colour

Kind of blue

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The elections are over and the winner is Jimmie Åkesson

September 15th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

King Jimmie !

He’s waiting for some a’them to be crawling over to him on their hands and bended knees, to pay homage and to say p-l-e-a-s-e, are we not your brothers and sisters? Have mercy…( Some athem might even do that, in stealth by night…

You can say what you like about the Sweden Democrats (a legal party, law-abiding – and therefore not breaking any Swedish law).

In a nutshell, what can be said is that after months of struggle, Jimmie Åkesson is now singing and dancing to Magic Sam’s I feel so good

Jimmie & Annie.com

Surprisingly (I was surprised) that Småföretagarnas Annie Lööf has also done quite well – considering that just six months ago, according to the opinion polls her Centre Party was falling apart and hovering just below the 4% line of extinction – and still smiling (like a Cheshire cat) – from that to being the leader of Sweden’s 4th largest party is no mean feat, Annie.

I would like to shake your hand…

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Swedish elections : Regime change but difficult days ahead in forming new government.

September 15th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

The Swedish National Anthem

The Swedish Election Results

You won’t find the truth here, but the current truth is that Fredrik the Great Moderate has abdicated and if you don’t believe it then just listen to his concession speech which is both so forthright and so gracious and to Iron Man Löfven’s victory oration!

We must all admit that during his tenure of running with the baton, he served the nation as a great moderate and a great prime minister of Sweden and leader of the Alliance and will long be en-scrolled in all the good history books.

People saying this and people saying that, but as explained to me by a veteran political commentator, in the long run what it all boils down to is that after some time the Swedish people get tired of seeing the same old faces, day in day out, week after week, month after month and year after year, telling them where it’s at and telling them what to do. Eight years in the saddle, would seem too long, even for an African president and even more so for a Swede….

And as I predicted the Sweden Democrats will land at least 13% of the popular vote. And are now Sweden’s third biggest party.

This absurd parallel just suggested itself to me: that 13 % SD vote in Sweden is roughly the equivalent of the African American Population in the United States of America (13% of the US population)

And so I leave you with your own diagnoses, post- mortems, solemn promises and sombre conclusions..

( to be continued )

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