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February 17th, 2017 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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Trump’s Scottish Wallby Bernard Porter

I was replying to my Facebook friend Ramzy Baroud’s

Farewell to Doublespeak: Israel’s Terrifying Vision for the Future

but my reply was getting kinda long, so I’m posting it here:

la hawla wala quwwata illa billahil aliyyil azim !

From Trump’s two-state solution to his final (one state) solution which will signify the end – i-e. when all the real Israel is gathered in one place (I say real – as the rabbi says, “You can’t pretend to be a Jew” although you can pretend to be what Jesus called “children of the devil“.

A nation of priests, a holy nation etc. May the Almighty forgive this one and the rest of us perishable sinners…

To his credit, he has not yet signed an executive order to remove his embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Jokerman trusts in the Great God Almighty, but he fears an earthquake if he does so:

“Nightsticks and water cannons, tear gas, padlocks
Molotov cocktails and rocks behind every curtain”

Trump the Goliath Ozymandias should be more afraid of Hezbollah – they have too many wicked bombs to dump on the Holy Land – they can do that, whereas Trump and Allies cannot afford to nuke Beirut…

From the moment he and his wife stepped out of that black limousine just outside the White House, to the first welcoming huggings and kissings, unto stage two, sharing the podium for the press conference – before their tête-à-tête behind closed doors with son-in-law Jared Kushner completing the troika – I have never seen a Prime Minister of Israel on TV so full of joy as Mr. Netanyahu next to President Trump his best friend ever. For one frightful moment I thought Trump was going to erupt into glorious song, do a welcoming libretto like Placido Domingo – or to the consternation of all declare his dearest Ha-Bibi Netanyahu his new Zaddik Ha-Cohen, his Messiah and an honorary co-president of the United States of America! No wonder the most ardent Israel supporters are thumping one another on the back and beaming “The Obama era is over forever!”. If anybody ever thought that the pussy-grabber was going to be a neutral peace broker, such illusions have now been dispelled forever, or at least for as long as the Donald breathes corrupted air. Arrogance shows its naked face under that mop of peroxide blond hair : “One of the worst deals I’ve ever seen is the Iran deal” he crowed,” My administration has already imposed new sanctions on Iran, and I will do more to prevent Iran from ever developing — I mean ever — a nuclear weapon.” Fact is that Iran will still be there long after the Donald has buckled and kicked the bucket – gone forever, his foes celebrating “good riddance!”

Meanwhile, whilst he’s still here, it should be a present fear for all – since Trumpy takes everything so personally, wears his emotions on his sleeve even when he tweets; but let’s pray that he doesn’t completely lose all self-control – lose his cool completely – remember he has his finger very close to that nuclear trigger. Then there’s the coming showdown with Kim Jong-un of North Korea. It could begin with North Korea telling Trump that his mother is not so great – something like that – and Trump of course will tweet that nobody should be allowed to talk to the reigning president of the Great United States like that – and before we know it, without permission from Congress Trump will be signing one of his most infernal executive edicts ever, this time personally declaring war on Kim Jong-un , whereby the whole of that region and all the climate change in Alaska could go up in smoke.

Aquí El Que Baila Gana

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Waiting for the sun

February 6th, 2017 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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1933 and 2017 by Bernard Porter

1984 has already come but not yet gone.

One alarming (sometimes misleading) headline after the other:

Atlantic alliance of hate: Donald Trump and the European far right

Naughty, naughty. Some kind of name ’em and shame ’em

Swedes who are spreading extremist right-wing ideas

Russian nationalists: the EU and NATO could soon be dissolved

a sure sign that the world is soon coming to an end. How soon? Panic question: even if the dissolution is not instantaneous, with NATO gone, who /what is going to assist in defending Sweden? Will Putin’s best friend Trump be on Sweden’s side?

Good: With Trump at the wheel: Time to unravel the mystery of Wallenberg’s fate

Pure Nostalgia: Waiting for the sun

With this darn climate change, summer could be late, could even be (God forbid) that we have no summer at all. In which case we can relax, the Russians won’t attack this year, because according to Anton Johansson the attack will happen after ”an unusually hot summer.” So, after any “unusually” hot summer we had better be on high alert. So far the level has only been raised once – a terror alert, nothing to do with stealth bombing, surprise attack, a blitzkrieg, sudden occupation. One result of this national paranoia is that almost everybody – nearly all the political parties are agreed that Swedish Defence needs more money.

Some sunshine

King Suleimon Alao Malaika

Alh. Wasiu Alabi Pasuma

Sweden : USA’s military exercise Aurora 2017


Africa Cup Final : Super-Makossa Cameroon (The Indomitable Lions ) 2– Egypt 1

This victory although seven Europe-based Cameroonian international stars did not respond to the national call to play for their country Cameroon – in other words we can say that it was Cameroon’s B team that won the African Nations Cup.

Anyway, it’s time to celebrate the football champions of Africa with some Makossa !

Super Makossa !


Drum solo 1

Anna Kinberg Batra‘s super flirtation or maybe it’s only a peregrination – a pilgrimage to the heart of king-maker Jimmie Akesson’s SD. Just as Hillary wanted to be first female potus of the US, so Lady Batra is dreaming of wearing the crown as Sweden’s first democratically elected female prime minister. She probabaly wants “to make Sweden Great again!” No doubt about it, she’s power-hungry. Wannabe Marine Le Pen also wants to be – she’s also power-hungry – hungry for power. You can’t say the same thing about our Jimmie. In my opinion he’s a cool dude, he’s not in a hurry. Annie Lööf is also cool and still smiling sweetly, nothing stone-faced about her…

So what else has been happening? The Green light for Theresa May to to pull the trigger for the Great Brits’ exit, article 50 means Brexit.

Trump’s temporary ban on importing any terror into the US from the seven nations that’s he’s put on the list – and the fallout from that. People – at least some people protesting because Elie Wiesel said so : “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.” So, the ones mostly out on the streets demonstrating are the 45% who didn’t vote for Trump and all those who didn’t like him in the first place..and still don’t like him

Went to my doctor yesterday (Sunday) – just kidding and who cares anyway? Went to my doctor this morning, a slight pain and a little numbness in the little finger of my right hand, the one with which I usually point at the Torah when it’s held up for the congregation to behold on Saturday mornings and then everybody looks at the Torah Scroll and points at it with the little finger of the right hand and says, “V’zos hatorah asher som Moshe lifnay b’nay yisrael ai pi Adonai b’yad Moshe” (This is the Torah that Moses placed before the Children of Israel upon the command of Hashem, through Moses’hand).

Now, I interpret the fact that my little finger is feeling a slight pain and a little numbness to mean that Hashem is telling me something. As I told the doctor,I also want to check my blood pressure again, the last time he said it was OK, but this pain in my little finger could be part of the problem, that and all the bad news that’s stored in the conscious and the sub-conscious, adding to the general pandemonium and feeling of insecurity, just watching the bloody footage from Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, and to add to all that Trump’s tirades, sudden, angry, kaleidoscopic twists and turns, his daily tweets, the anti-Trump rage that’s coming through the TV tube (especially CNN
(during the campaign identified by Steve Bannon’s Breitbart as the Clinton National Network) which has its axe to grind with Trump – grinding him on a daily basis – and in Sweden, the constant hysteria that “The Russians are coming” – by air and by secret submarine via the Baltic Sea, Russian frogmen commando units soon landing on our shores. I guess that all this is not good for anybody’s blood pressure, including maybe Trump’s and Chief Stefan Löfven‘s…

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“Love is the bridge between you and everything” – Rumi

January 22nd, 2017 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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Gambia : End of post-election crisis: Gambia’s ex-president Jammeh arrives in equatorial Guinea, safely

Re Gambia : Thought For The Day Saturday 21 January 2017 – by Phoday Saikouba Jarjussy

Love is the bridge between you and everything” – Rumi

The prayers at the inauguration

Rabbi Marvin Hier’s prayer at the inauguration

Archbishop Timothy Dolan’s prayer at the inauguration

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson’s prayer at the inauguration

There were no Muslim prayers


US religion is worth $1.2T/year, topping the 10 biggest tech companies, combined




Before we get to the here and now of President Donald J. Trump’s inaugural address, just because we love to compare and contrast, that’s why there are races, the fastest man in the universe and “Miss World”, the most beautiful chick in the world, the whitest teeth, the brightest smile, the greatest mind, the longest dick, the shortest skirt, the last prophet, the best poet, and so on, here’s the there and then : an archive of inaugural addresses by US presidents from George Washington to the visionary first Black President of the US, Barrack Hussein ObamaYou pass judgement, You decide

And then there are those who don’t respect their own president and expect the whole world to do so, the American president by tradition, known as “ the leader of the free world” – those who don’t respect their democratically elected president, talking about the some forty democrats who promised not to be there and who probably did not turn up for/ at President Trump’s inauguration – maybe stayed home and like me, watched the whole show on TV. Worse than them or just as bad in this era of free speech, the vandals who were demonstrating in Washington DC, doing their 911s on a lesser scale, on the rampage, breaking church windows, smashing store fronts, generally being a nuisance to other peoples property, all in the name of freedom, but when someone else does it they cry terrorism

President Trump gave the Washington establishment a dressing down, gave them his little middle finger, grabbed them by the you know where. According to the BBC,

Donald Trump’s inauguration speech was ‘angriest ever’

There was also Polly Toynbee on Dateline London, praying that Mr. Trump will be impeached sooner than later and thrown out of the White House…

For me, the most memorable line from Trump’s inaugural address was his solemn promise in all its fiery eloquence, determination, best of intentions and I’m sure that he’s not going to let you down :

We will reinforce old alliances and form new onesand unite the civilized world against radical Islamic terrorism, which we will eradicate completely from the face of the Earth.” (from President Trump’s inaugural address )

And bridges are for burning, so don’t you let that yearning pass you by ( J.T. Walking Man)

For some reason best known to him, he did not repeat his two most famous lines from the pledges he has made ad infinitum on the campaign trail :

1. “ We’re Gonna Build A Wall and Mexico Is Going to Pay For It !”

2. I’m gonna move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s everlasting capital : JERUSALEM” –

which would make many of the ardent Muslims and all of he terrorists see red (blood). Perhaps that’s what President Trump wants to provoke – that they see red and act upon their jihadist emotions and then, with the use of overwhelming force, completely eradicate them from the surface of the earth – those words echo the exact wording where the the Almighty in the Hebrew Bible talks about Amalek :Trump on the trajectory of fulfilling prophecy:

The Lord said to Moses, Inscribe this [as] a memorial in the book, and recite it into Joshua’s ears, that I will surely obliterate the remembrance of Amalek from beneath the heavens” (Shemot/Exodus 17:14)

Albeit, the Almighty’s “obliterate the remembrance of Amalek from beneath the heavens” is a little stronger than President Trump’s solemn promise of “eradicate completely from the face of the Earth

Devastating : Trump and Crowds ( Porter’s Pensées)

As for me, it’s

“Sail on home to Jesus, won’t you good girls and boys.
I’m all in pieces, you can have your own choice.
But I can hear a heavenly band full of angels and they’re coming to set me free…
( Country Road)

As Leonard Cohen put it:

“I’m sentimental, if you know what I mean
I love the country but I can’t stand the scene.
And I’m neither left or right
I’m just staying home tonight,
getting lost in that hopeless little screen. ” (Democracy is coming to the U.S.A.

Yes, QED16, Shakespeare and Shaw indeed, the braggart who according to Major Von Bradshaw our English tutor in the fourth form (that is when we were about fifteen years old), I still remember his voice quoting Shaw going on about Sheikh Speare : “There is no writer in English literature, not even Sir Walter Scott who I more despise than Shakepeare, when I match my intellect against his own” That was some rigour for you, your rigor mortis.

I took some “English courses” at some university, only English for four years, from Chaucer all the way past T.S. and then unto some of these things, unto one of Pär Lagerkvist’s most famous poems and past him too:

Ångest, ångest är min arvedel,
min strupes sår,
mitt hjärtas skri i världen.

translated into English here by Maria Haskins – maybe not the best of translations – I would translate line two as

“ the wound in my throat” …

Here’s another portentous poem of his, translated into English :

The boat of life

probabaly conjures for you in your existential moment of woe, an image of a lonely Viking sailing all the way to Valhalla, to the pot of gold that you’ll find waiting for you at the end of old man Noah’s rainbow…

If all of the above is far too depressing
then music is the best medicine:
try your hand
as the other poet moaned, “If I forget thee O Jerusalem let my right hand lose it’s cunning” (in playing the harp
or maybe you prefer something more sublime : another sea of emotions

For smaller diversions looka here

In Sweden, the Social Democrats are moaning that
Jacques Cousteau could never get this low:

Anna Kinberg Batra in bed with Sverigedemokraterna

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“Among which are preservation of life, and liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” ( Thomas Jefferson)

January 18th, 2017 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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Jammeh at the brink of the abyss in his country:


It is being speculated that President Jammeh may flee to Morocco, but Mauritania is a lot closer.That’s where Saddam sent his family when he was under pressure. The ultimate destination for him could be Saudi Arabia where “His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular” was granted political asylum and where he breathed his last breath in 2003. It’s also where Tunisia’s ex-president Ben Ali was granted asylum a few years ago. President Jammeh on the other hand is of another calibre…

Good news from Morocco

Theresa May’s Brexit vision

Vladimir Putin says that they are “worse than prostitutes

President of China cheered like a rock star at Davos

I recall this video in which according to the late Dr. Khalid al Mansour Nixon called Brezhnev and proposed to him, “why don’t we get together, we can gang up on China, don’t forget that we are White men and he is a yellow man!” The same cycle seems to be in swing again, as can be seen from Trump’s vicious anti-China rhetoric…

Black Man

Interesting: What Africa should expect from a Trump presidency

Two good Trump articles from the Swedish press:

1. Åke Ortmark : That’s why Trump’s policies become less terrifying than he himself

2.Jackie Jakubowski: Donald Trump is no friend of the Jews

4+5= 9, the perfect number! Less than two days to go : USA’s 45th president Donald Trump’s inauguration. What to expect?

Well, Cornel West has not been happy with Brother Obama’s eight year tenure at the White House:

Cornel West on Obama

Cornel West is very hostile to President-Elect Trump

My own personal fear is that with the US security agencies being by tradition so anti-Russia, a blowback from the Mccarthy era, it could be only a matter of time, but let’s hope that it doesn’t get to the point where the US media orchestrates a campaign against Trump’s and the USA’s First Lady Melania Trump, accusing her of being a “Russian agent” in the White House. In the US, the levels of hatred and distrust are so dangerously high, just like the very poisoned atmosphere that led to the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.

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January 16th, 2017 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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Trump could be the best thing that’s happened to China in a long time

GPS Panel on Trump’s World View & The World’s Trump View. (Richard Haass, John Avlon, Bernard-Henri Lévy, Tony Brenton (former UK Ambassador to Russia

Beauty : The BBC features Hafez


I’m always impressed by the BBC, especially with this piece:

The mystical poet who can help you

In dribs and drabs, this diary of sorts, continues.

Gone: John Berger

Gone: Zygmunt Bauman

I have set this poem to music (song) Cassandra’s Answer (not daga daga )

“I met one man who was wounded in love. I met another man who was wounded with hatred.” (Nobel Laureate Dylan)

Recently, came across the word vulnerability in this treasure trove :


featuring Ernesto Pujol

in conversation : Vulnerability as critical self-knowledge

So, where is the “lamb of God”?

It’s a question that I would like to ask Pastor Joseph Prince

Be still and know that I am God

Jesus on prayer


“And Jesus was a sailor
When he walked upon the water
And he spent a long time watching
From his lonely wooden tower
And when he knew for certain
Only drowning men could see him
He said “All men will be sailors then
Until the sea shall free them”
But he himself was broken
Long before the sky would open
Forsaken, almost human
He sank beneath your wisdom like a stone “ ( Cohen : “Suzanne“)

Israel- Palestine Paris Peace Conference

Margot Wallström is happy with the Conference, says it gives a
clear signal to both sides not to make any unilateral moves :

Speech by Margot Wallström, Sweden’s Minister for Foreign Affairs at the conference for peace in the Middle East, Paris 15 January 2017.

All hell waiting to break loose: Mahmoud Abbas’ advisor on Religious and Islamic Affairs, Mahmoud Al-Habbash, here spitting fire at president-elect Trump and his troops:

Moving US embassy to Jerusalem would be “a declaration of war on all Muslims”

USA: A full transcript of NBC news’ Meet The Press 01/15/17 in which veteran Civil Rights icon Rep John Lewis who ought to know better – surprisingly – wants to de-legitimize President elect Donald Trump’s election : “I don’t see the President-elect as a legitimate president” he chimes and is roundly rebutted by Reince Priebus who sets the record straight :

Look, here’s the thing. I think that, Chuck, it’s shocking that Congressman Lewis, who is a civil rights icon and is a person who’s championing voting rights, which actually question the legitimacy of an election in this country in starting this firestorm. I mean the truth is Donald Trump won 30 of 50 counties. He won about 128 out of the 159 counties in Georgia. He flipped 200 counties that Obama won and had the biggest electoral landslide on our side of the aisle since Ronald Reagan.
I mean I get, you want to go back and forth on tweets. But the truth is it’s irresponsible for John Lewis, historic as he is, to have done this. And the other piece of this, Chuck, is that Barack Obama should step up, as well, and call it what it is. It’s wrong what is happening. It’s wrong how some of these Democrats are treating President-elect Trump. We have a great relationship with the White House.

Enthusiasm: Looking forward to Trump’s inauguration: Choc Stars : Sabina (1989)

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Hell is waiting to break loose, but Trump has not yet moved the his embassy to Jerusalem…

January 12th, 2017 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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President Obama’s farewell address

President-elect Trump’s First Press Conference

Hmmm…Politico: Ukrainian officials secretly target Trump, helps Clinton during election

Back in 2013 the truth was this : Obama (the rascal) eavesdrops on Merkel

2017: The going was rough, almost brutal: Rex Tillerson confirmation hearings

Tel Aviv?

This evening in Stockholm at ABF: Cuba after Fidel Castro (arrived at the venue at 17.50 and the place was already fully-packed with dozens of people outside and a few hundred more (late arrivals) still on the way..

Re- Resolution UN Security Council 2334, I received this important update from AICE (The American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise (AICE) :

Does the Geneva Convention prohibit the construction of Israeli settlements?

The Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits the forcible transfer of people of one state to the territory of another state that it has occupied as a result of a war. The intention was to ensure that local populations who came under occupation would not be forced to move. This is in no way relevant to the settlement issue. Jews are not being forced to go to the West Bank; on the contrary, they are voluntarily moving back to places where they, or their ancestors, once lived before being expelled by others.

In addition, those territories never legally belonged to either Jordan or Egypt, and certainly not to the Palestinians, who were never the sovereign authority in any part of Palestine. “The Jewish right of settlement in the area is equivalent in every way to the right of the local population to live there,” according to Professor Eugene Rostow, former undersecretary of state for political affairs.1

THE SETTLEMENTS do not displace Arabs living in the territories. The media sometimes gives the impression that for every Jew who moves to the West Bank, several hundred Palestinians are forced to leave. The truth is that the majority of settlements have been built in uninhabited areas, and even the handful established in or near Arab towns did not force any Palestinians to leave. ”

1. Eugene Rostow, “Bricks and Stones: Settling for Leverage,” The New Republic, (April 23, 1990).

Meanwhile, on the ground,the grim realities continue : Israel : Home Demolitions

Hell is where the hatred is

Brother Nathanael the evangelist is probably happy about this :

A big, untold story

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Something good, out of Africa (on reading about Wale Adebanwi’s appointment as Rhodes Professor of Race Relations at the University of Oxford)

January 10th, 2017 by Cornelius Hamelberg

At 3 a.m Stockholm time, Brother Obama’s farewell address will be broadcast live on SVT hemsidan

President Obama’s Farewell Address

Radio Sweden

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Ramzy Baroud//The Palestine Chronicle

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Today in history : The Funeral of a great son of the Islamic Revolution in Iran :Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani

If I forget you, O Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its skill !

Feel free. Ramble! Ramble on! Right on ! Everybody’s singing this song and me too: I want you

One of the West’s most vaunted values is “freedom of speech”; elsewhere you say something such as ”Black power’s gonna get your momma” and they want to shut you up or shout and shoot you down, pass a fatwa or put a contract out on your head; I guess that in a place like Saddam’s Iraq you get executed – on the spot – for saying something like “Black Power is going to get your mother”; however, today it’s too late to say that kind of thing in Trump’s not so great or Almighty America, great expectations, now that he’s bristling with the best of intentions, hell-bent on making America Great Again – starting with ancient Israel and Judah, now – so they say – the only oasis of democracy in the Middle Eastern desert and America’s main satellite state there, Star of David and the star-spangled banner together, Jerusalem’s plus Hymie town that’s six plus six million people!

Well, here’s some news for him (Trump)- which should please militant Islam no end, some bad news from Johan Galtung the man who predicted 9-11: he says that America is going to collapse by 2020 and it should be good news for radical Islam, since radical Islam believes that America is only going to be great twice and that when America goes down – that – God forbid – will be the end of Israel, America’s 51st state which America has promised – according to that Dylan song

to protect you and defend you, whether you are right or wrong

Quite an interesting guy this Julius Lester who coined that headline
“Look Out, Whitey! Black Power’s Gon’ Get Your Mama! “ – yes my ass is still black and proud and so was Lester’s when he wrote that in the late militant sixties. People don’t write songs like that any more; later on, he (Lester) converted to Judaism

When you are being funny, that’s when they want to take you seriously – even when talking about Swedish culture, which after all is not just an abstraction but consists in people, traditions…

Please don’t get me wrong – as Nina Simone crooned, “Please don’t let me be miss-understood”, I said “Out of Africa”, like the Prophet Moses – if he indeed ever existed, he was born and bred in Africa – in Egypt – out of Africa, nothing like Keith Richburg’s “Out of America” in which he recounts the sickening feeling that gripped him as he watched dead bodies of Rwandan Brethren floating downstream – and the spirit of gratefulness that passed over him at which point he broke down and wrote, “Thank God for slavery“ whilst under his breath he muttered, “there but for the grace of God go I “, floating down stream with the other Rwandan dead bodies, man’s inhumanity to fellow men.

I said, “Out of Africa”. Nathanael quipped in the so called New Testament- the New Testament, so called, “What good can come out of Nazareth? “ It was in the bad old days of the colonial period in the Middle East with the Roman sometimes military occupation and control of what was then Palestine. There, then too there were zealots (Zionists). If you think that was funny, the answer to that question – as testified by a few billion brilliant souls past and present was no less than “the redeemer”- of a lost world a world which as we can all see, is dithering, believing that might is the only right and the only light – having lost what it maybe never had and is mostly in need of, namely a moral compass.

And maybe, not everybody is willing to look upon Jesus of Nazareth as their redeemer – as even these commandments still stick in the eye, anyone wanting to take him or her away from his or her ancestral religion: hostile/hostility/not missionary-friendly :

37. Not to love the missionary–Deuteronomy 13:9
38. Not to cease hating the missionary–Deuteronomy 13:9
39. Not to save the missionary–Deuteronomy 13:9
40. Not to say anything in his defense–Deuteronomy 13:9
41. Not to refrain from incriminating him–Deuteronomy 13:9
( Source )

In the era of racism and racist presumptions, racist perceptions, arrogance, political crooks, fakes, charlatans, not least of all in Sweden (a lot more about that some other time) another breath of fresh air :

Wale Adebanwi

who I read this morning – like a personal dream come true, has just been appointed (anointed) Rhodes Professor of race relations at Oxford University

Mighty Congratulations to him!

From time to time, it is necessary to point to the more than occasional African luminaries in the night sky. All are born, from time to time we lose some to the hereafter such as the late Sir Olaniwon Ajayi, here so beautifully eulogised by the aforementioned Adebanwi in Goodnight To A Moral Beacon – an inspiration and role model to us all !

# Exploring the Implications of the Historical Appointment of Wale Adebanwi as first Black African to the Rhodes Professorship in Race Relations at Oxford in the Era of the Rhodes Must Fall Movement at Oxford

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Our world today. A Happy New Year is everyone’s wish (apart from the terrorists).

January 9th, 2017 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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Ramzy Baroud//The Palestine Chronicle

Brother Nathanael//Evangelist Nathanael

World Newspapers


Yesterday, according to the IRNA news agency,Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani passed on to the Hereafter. May the Almighty be pleased with him.

The Gambia: Tomorrow the judges will give their verdict. The US authorities have requested that their US citizens leave the Gambia before the judges’ verdict since their verdict – according to the US authorities, is likely to result in violence erupting in that little but vibrant country.

On Wednesday – 11/1/2017 ECOWAS leaders plan to meet President Yahya Jammeh of the Gambia – to request of him one last time, to step down or else face some gunfire…

Last year, Gambia was at position 123 out of 167 countries measured in the Transparency International corruption index

Sweden was in position 3, whilst Nigeria was at position 136 …

What I jokingly refer to as “advanced philosophy” does not begin with Baruch Spinoza or with torah min hashamayim or with Torah misinai

In Sweden it’s mostly paranoia fanned by the media, infused with decibels of hysteria about how ill-prepared the country is, should Russia decide on a blitzkrieg against the kingdom of Sweden, one of God’s kingdoms…

This hysteria, already causing so much stress and endangering the nation’s emotional health and well-being, has not yet got to the point of requesting non-combatant citizens to start stocking up on food or informing the general population as to where to find the nearest bomb shelter. In the meantime, the doomsday preachers have been telling us for some time that the end is near. All I know is that Muskö can take a nuclear hit, but is there enough space for all of us to take cover there? In God we trust and in time of nuclear crisis may the Good Lord provide a nuclear shelter for even his children among the unchosen people, not to mention His chosen people, before and after the Holocaust, since it is written in The Talmud, Kiddusihin 39B;

One must never stand in a place of danger expecting a miracle to protect the faithful

I expect the Liberal Party to shoot up in the opinion polls, since the party leader, my man Jan Björklund,formerly a major in the Swedish army, with the Swedish military and Swedish peoples’ survival close to his heart, is requesting astronomical sums of money to refurbish and ensure better Swedish defence capability and in doing so is guilty of adding to the general hysteria and anxiety when he says that

Sweden must start rapid rearmament – implying that there is no time to lose…

The fallout from Resolution 2334 continues.

Transcript of James Baker on the Israeli settlements (after the commercial break)

Transcript of James Baker on moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

I suppose that what happened yesterday, a Palestinian truck driver mowing down four Israeli soldiers and injuring several others, has something to do with it and that he probably didn’t have to be “inspired “ by ISIL/ IS /ISIS to do what he did – after all thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of his own Palestinian people, mostly innocent civilians, have been killed, maimed and displaced by the Israeli military, in the past one hundred years or so.

But I can understand Prime Minister Netanyahu looking for faraway inspiration, when the reasons are much closer at hand, in fact, right at his doorstep, under his feet.Netanyahu doesn’t have to be a prophet to understand or to prophesy that no matter what, more is to come: Al-Baqarah Verse No:191 is probably more than enough holy inspiration since it exhorts the Muslim faithful,thus (call it incitement if you want):

And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter. And fight not with them at the Inviolable Place of Worship until they first attack you there, but if they attack you (there) then slay them. Such is the reward of disbelievers.

Mr. Netanyahu refers to IS as the source of inspiration to maximise the fallout (symapthy) by linking that act of terror to IS and to say that not only in Europe but in Israel also, that’s what Israel too is fighting (“the same fight”) As for what is ahead for the Israelis living in the Middle East it will be more than a matter of “Trust in God but keep your gun-powder dry

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The fallout from Resolution 2334 and Kerry’s Two-state solution overture

December 29th, 2016 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Radio Sweden

Information clearing House

Global Research

Democracy Now


Ramzy Baroud//The Palestine Chronicle

Brother Nathanael//Evangelist Nathanael

World Newspapers


John Kerry’s Middle East Policy Speech

Trump says just wait till January 20th when he takes over as commander-in-chief, from that date on change will come…

We in Sweden are very concerned about peace and tranquillity in the Middle East and between Israel and the Pals in particular. A just and equitable peace is no joking matter. You may be a believer, an unbeliever, even a disbeliever you may even be qed17 or a Professor of English or something less, but The Almighty is fully aware of what’s going on and I’m sure that He is not happy with the Amnesty International and the Human Rights Watch reports about what is happening in His Occupied Territories and in the rest of His Holy Land. Fact is that the Joos still refer to the West Bank as Judea and Samaria and – I guess- the intention has been to build all over it and to take it. Take it all. And that’s why they are angry that someone other than The Almighty is telling them to stop building, that it is an obstruction to peace, is against the law – and as for Resolution 2334 it says that all the settler/ house constructions that have occurred after the 1967 Six Day War have all been in vain, because they are illegal – according to International Law.

On the anti-Semitic & anti-Zionist side we have Brother Nathanael. Somehow, Netanyahoo & partners seem to be blowing hard on Brother Obama & John Kerry, but as Brother Nathanael points out, there’s also Britain and France who also voted for Resolution 2334. As he puts it, in his The UN Teaches Israel The Law, “Somehow, with Obama’s conspiratorial activity hidden from all, England and France had their own conspiracy going, raising their hands in affirmation” (to vote for the anti-settlers housing resolution)

With regard to France, Israel’s Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s wrath was inevitable: He Wants Jews to Leave France

From a Zionist point of view, his wrath and his advice is laudable. I support what he says here, wholeheartedly, and I think that all the French Jews ought to leave France for the Holy Land, immediately. The more the merrier and by doing so they reverse the galut dramatically. What are they waiting for? In fact the diamond cutters in New York, the merchants in Antwerp and the assorted bloodsuckers in the rest of the Diaspora should all make Aliyah

now, not later, all gather in the one place once promised by Hashem on condition that they follow the 613 Commandments otherwise known as THE LAW! From France to Israel – NOW! The holy ones to Mea Shearim some of those of the other sexual persuasion to Tel Aviv, the Mecca of the Gay. As the Zionist Nobel Laureate Dylan sang,“to Sodom and Gomorrah, but what do you care – ain’t nobody there would want to marry your sister…Well, the Book of Leviticus and Deuteronomy, The law of The Jungle and the sea are your only teachers...” It could prove to be a little crowded should they all arrive in the weeks ahead and I guess that some of the Muslim Brethren and some of the terrorists still lurking in France will say, “Good riddance!” Others among them may hope that it’s a matter of jumping from the frying pan and directly into the fire and hope to terrorise them on arrival, so that they regret ever leaving the comforts of La France.

Consider (a serious consideration): “The resolution does not make law, and as such, the determinations as to the lack of legal validity of Israel’s settlements are no more than declaratory.” – from The Dangers of UN Security Council Resolution 2334 (2016) by Amb. Alan Baker

Perfidy : Margot Wallström now occupies position Number 8 in Simon Wiesenthal’s Anti-Defamation League 2016 demonology, a table of the Top Ten Worst Global Anti-Semitic/Anti-Israel incidents

By the time Sweden becomes a member of the Security Council next year she could have ascended to a higher position on the anti-Semitic list – about Resolution 2334 all she said was, “I welcome the Security Council’s decision. It is very positive that the Council for the first time in eight years has agreed on a resolution on the peace process. The resolution provides important clarification under international law of the international community’s view of the settlements and is a basis for Sweden’s coming work on the Security Council. It can also help instil hope among young people in the region of a future two-State solution in which Israel and Palestine can live side by side in peace and security,”

Flamenco de Paco de Lucia: Concert in Pula, Croatia, 2006

What to expect? That Kerry will impose his vision on the Security council and 15-0, wring/ wrest a new resolution out of its members?

What to expect is more terrorism in Europe and maybe some more terrorism temporarily allowed to prevail in Israel should Trump violate some of the very terms referred to in item 5 of this analysis, by pre-emptively moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (a foregone Zionist conclusion :Israel’s eternal capital, not a shared capital) and by which terrorism Netanyahu could have won some more sympathy in the US and Europe especially from apocalyptic Christians – and then say what he has already said – something like “We are fighting the same fight : “Islamic terrorism”

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On the cusp of 2017

December 26th, 2016 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Radio Sweden

Information clearing House

Global Research

Democracy Now


Ramzy Baroud//The Palestine Chronicle

Brother Nathanael//Evangelist Nathanael

World Newspapers


Theresa May’s definition of anti-Semitism

King Carl XVI Gustaf’s Christmas Message

Queen Elizabeth II Christmas Message

HRH The Prince of Wales presents ‘Thought for the Day’ on BBC Radio 4

On the Ecclesiastical front :

Pope Francis’Christmas Message

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Christmas Message

What a year, 2016 has been ! First some of the good things

Dayan Ha Emet!

My beloved brother Patrick Johnson. Corinne’s Father, Ville Coleman. A close and a wonderful Swedish relative, Göran Fant. Also gone, Fidel Castro, George Klein.

“The wheel’s still in spin
And there’s no tellin’ who that it’s namin’”

Other deaths

George Michael passed on to paradise last night to join the heavenly choir. What I seem to remember most is his “Too Funky

Tragedy struck. Today, 26th December 2016 is a National Day of Mourning in Russia

There’s also all the individuals who have perished in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, The Middle East, Gaza, the Occupied Territories, the United States of America, Belgium, France, lately, the Congo, there have been earthquakes in Chile, lastly mass murder in Berlin…

The mood of abject pessimism is best expressed by Chidi Anthony Opara of Nigeria and Biafra:

“Everything conspired
Against our Christmas
And New Year.

The ponzis conspired,
The banks conspired.

Even the rices conspired
To became plastic.”

Yesterday too, our Minster of Defence Peter Hultqvist was on al-Jazeera mostly talking about his great fear of the Big Bear.

Remember, at the turn of the last century, there was so much religious fervour and hysteria about the Millennium – indeed a Happy New Year, that Jesus would be coming back on Day One of the New Year 2000. Now, to your dismay, just scour the net and you find it’s almost universal, the eschatologists say watch out, that without a doubt, the anti-Christ will be here on 29th December 2016 which according to them means that Jesus will be returning soon, thereafter.

Whether the anti-Christ appears on the 29th or not, history records that it was the day that God cried and heaven almost fell down on the 23rd when the Security Council voted 14-0 with one abstention by the United States :

UN Security Council votes 14-0 against Israeli settlement construction

UN Security Council Resolution Condemns Israeli settlements

Well, before rushing to pass judgement, here’s

The exact wording of Resolution 2334

The full text of Samantha Power’s address to the Security Council on the resolution against Israeli Settlements

And here is Sweden’s response to the UN resolution

Needless to say, down here on earth Netanyahu is FURIOUS. He believes that Obama is behind the resolution. The feud goes on. Netanyahu is not happy with our Margot Wallström either, he doesn’t want to see her.

Laa hawla wa laa quwwata illa billahil ‘Aliyil ‘Azeem

Some opinionated Israeli reactions to the latest from the UN :

Netanyahu has sown the wind, Israel is reaping the whirlwind

More tjafs about Security Council Resolution 2334

I’ve read lots on the net but there has hardly been any mention of God in all the harangues about this UN Resolution !

Professor Porter has a much more positive approach : Great news for all real friends of Israel that the US is no longer voting against the UN’s Security Council resolution against further Jewish settlements on the West Bank

As for me, the very definition of colonialism strikes a discordant chord

I should like to caution that Trump is not the Messiah , is not even Iran’s Cyrus the Great who was called Messiah by the Jews of those days…

And all is not levity : God’s People :

Amnesty International : Israel

Human Rights Watch : Israel

Talking about Israel, not Syria , or any of “the 70 nations

As far as old Syria is concerned, Palestine is/ was but a province of Syria.Not clear : does Damascus still lay claim to The Golan?

We are the wave an anti-apartheid song by Harry Belafonte from his ground breaking 1988 album Paradise in Gazankulu
To the Palestinian Brethren and Sistren: they can even take all the land from under the Dead Sea, which God killed, but We are the wave

On the lighter side,this whiter Christmas tide , yes of the Dead Sea which God killed :

“An American Jew and an Israeli met in Paris in the Cafe de la
Paix. The American asked, “Do you know the United States?”
“ I’ve never been there ,” answered the Israeli.
“Have you ever heard of the Empire State Building?”
“ Of course!”
The American said proudly, “My Father built that! And have you heard
of the Brooklyn Bridge? My father built that too. And who do you think
built the White House in Washington? My father!”
This was too much for the Israeli, who said, “And you I’m sure, have
heard of the Dead Sea?”
“But of course! What about it?”
Well, let me tell you – my father killed it!”

– so his scripture told him…

Well, as Chairman Arafat used to say, “Next Year in Jerusalem, and those who don’t like it can go and drink the waters of the Dead Sea!”

Which reminds me,

the other day (Tuesday, 20th December,2016) I was sitting in Strängnäs with some friends and listening to Leonard Cohen’s “First we take Manhattan” when it suddenly occurred to me that should one of Trump’s Homeland Security agents forever bugging and forever eavesdropping on potential radical Islamic terrorists, should one of them ever hear one radical Islamic & potential terrorist saying to another radical Islamiist & potential terrorist, “First we take Manhattan” the tails of the homeland security agents would be wagging with excitement and in no time at all, they would be swooping down on the radical potential terrorists like a magnet on to some hardware.

As bad as the secret agent in Graham Greene’s “Our Man in Havana” – our man made some drawings,sketches of a vacuum cleaner which folks back at headquarters believed to be the outline of some kind of nuclear reactor of sorts that was under secret construction in Cuba…

But, all is not levity.

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