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1st September

September 1st, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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Germany kick-started the 2nd world war on 1st September 1939 with the invasion of Poland.

The world is getting more and more complicated. Just now, the whirlwind of political events in Sweden is enough to make a man dizzy.

In the words of our Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt who may have been telling the truth, the Russians may still “lack the capability to attack Sweden” but on this 1st September 2014, you don’t have to take my word for it that things are getting out of control and that the next world war is just round the corner and about to begin between NATO and Russia – and then the war and weapons will spread to the Middle East for the final conflagration. ( BY the way I’m not prophesying only declaring the direction of the wind…as we continue to live in a world of cause and effect…

Nuclear Pakistan is about to go the way of Egypt – bring the army back to powah, and in true presidential spirit, if she does indeed become the first female prez of the US, Hilary Clinton might inherit the wars that Brother Obama may shortly embark on and keep Iran going nuclear burning on the backburner…)

Ukraine to seek NATO membership

Is this not a provocation to their own detriment – indeed perdition – from the guys in Kiev and will this not precipitate the dismemberment of Ukraine and their own demise?

If there’s going to be a war between NATO and Russia in that Russian sphere of influence, dear Swedish citizen, what part would we like Sweden to play? Would my man Jan Björklund like us to join NATO immediately, so that we can jump into the fray?

The Kippah March against anti-Semitism in Stockholm

The DN frontpage headline with a nice photo of the Stockholm thousand man & woman march against anti-Semitism got me humming The Happy Wanderer

First time I listened to this song (when it was new) I thought about “the wandering Jew” who now once more, has his own country…

(Stefan Löfven looks good with a kippah on his head – but I think that he is going to pay dearly for this public display, on 14th September and that the anti-Semites are not going to vote for him because he put that kippah on his head…)

The good news: Gustav Fridolin and Åsa Romson’s political views resonate with many of Sweden’s youths that I’ve talked to the past couple of days – as does Stefan Löfven’s 90-day promise to unemployed youths…

Sounds and looks grim : THERE IS NO DIPLOMATIC SOLUTION. What then?

Mr Netanyahu hopes that Mr Mahmud Abbas will “Divorce” Hamas

Of course that could be easily done, all Mr. Abbas has to do is to say “Talaq” – three times, preferably on three different occasions with an interval between the first , second and third uttering of the fateful word Talaq! If Mr Abbas is in a hurry – as they sometimes are in Pakistan, then he can say talaq, talaq, talaq on one and the same occasion and thus dissolve the union – in the case of Mr Abbas, the dissolution of the unity government – and I’m sure that the terrorists in Hamas do not like the idea of being referred to as Mr. Abbas, or Al-Fatah’s “wife” or “wives”

Their real name: Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati wal-Jihad

From that to something lighter. This morning, I encountered the following article with the rather ominous title HOW I RESIGNED FROM THE “ONE MAN – ONE WIFE” CLUB. T I don’t suppose that thee feminists think it’s funny.

Sweden is not a particularly religious country and that is why we are still one of the world’s leaders when it comes to sexual freedom – which includes freedom of association. At the same time there are some people who laugh and say that as far as sexual freedom is concerned Sweden is not so mellow, that the purchase of sexual favours is a criminal offence and I imagine that Muslims who would like to explore some of the matrimonial possibilities given to them to the fullest extent possible are not permitted to do so – I’m talking about the legal limits imposed by Islam: a maximum of four wives.

The Bible tells us that the Almighty created Adam – and then Adam’s wife Eve, as a helper. That the Almighty only created one Eve for Adam. So, how come that by the time of King Solomon the wisest man who ever lived his wives were supposed to number about a thousand?

It’s been fast and furious these past two weeks and in the last two weeks before the showdown on September 14th, it’s getting even faster and more furious with the number of TV programmes featuring this and that party leader in question and answer programmes, interviews, mini-debates, discussions, making new promises. The only thing that I haven’t heard so far is any of the politicians swearing to God or on the Bible or being prepared to take a lie-detector test that what they are saying is true or that they intend to keep their promises. But there again apart from maybe Fredrik Reinfeldt’s good friend Abdirizak Waberi one of the few who I expect to say Walahi when he is speaking the truth and making any promises that he intends to keep – for the others on the various party programme platforms, that is not their tradition, especially when they are lying, or making promises that they know they cannot and don’t intend to keep. You want me to give you a few examples of calumny ?

An Egyptian teacher – a devout Sunni Muslim tells me that by definition, “A Muslim is someone who does not tell lies”, although in this case it was his pious way of attacking the Shia and Taqiyya and of course kitman.

gives fourteen circumstances in which lying could be useful (was it before or after Rousseau that the saying ” All is fair in love and war” gained currency? Thankfully, the saying did not degenerate to “All is fair in war and politics”

I’m listening to Stefan Löfven laying out the Social Democrats position about ISIS – he thinks that it’s important that the Security Council meets and decides to use some military force down there “It’s the only way to stop them” said Mr. Metal about five minutes ago. I thought that his interviewers next question would be “How many of our Swedish boys and girls would you be willing to commit to such a military mission to stop the nonsense down there in Iraq and Syria?”

But we haven’t got to that stage yet. The man hasn’t even won the election yet – and if he does there’s what’s known in Swedish as all the “kalabalik” and also what is known in ordinary English as “horse-trading” – as to how they are going to sort things out in order to have a stable government when it comes to passing the kinds of budgets everybody’s promising today. With King-Maker Jimmie Åkesson already sitting comfortably as King Jimmie – if only his party had not been tarred and feathered as a “racist” party, then after the elections King Maker- Jimmie would be sitting comfortably at home or in the SD office and waiting for Stefan Löfven and Fredrik Reinfeldt to be crawling to him on their soft under-bellies, to beg him to enter a party partnership – coalition with him…

DJ Arafat


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Sweden: Two weeks before the elections, the Neo Nazis are marching…

August 31st, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

One thing is sure, most probably the only place on earth where they would not be granted a police permit to either dance, demonstrate or to settle : Israel .

The Nazis themselves would long ponder the fate of Eichmann and his ilk before deciding not to crawl through any of those terror tunnels from Gaza into Israel proper. Eternal vigilance is always on the lookout

Hitler is their patron saint.

Last week they marched in Malmö and yesterday they marched in Stockholm

Whilst our Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has been busy exhorting the Swedish people to open their hearts and have compassion/empathy for the refugees that will be granted asylum in Sweden, the Nazi party believes “Enough is enough : Stop the Islamists at the border !” (They could have taken a page out of Europe News : Sweden

Here they are, the SVP — “The Swedish people’s Party” a Nazi party and you may be in for a shock: here’s their ten point Nazi programme for Sweden, starting with

“1. Sweden will continue to be Swedish: Only people, who belong to the western genetic and cultural heritage, where the ethnic Swedes included, must be Swedish citizens.” (Next stage, (God forbid) Sweden should/will only be inhabited by those who are genetically clean? Before the machine takes over, the genetically impure shall provide manual labour only and do menial jobs. The brain work will go to the pigs and they only, the Swedish Master Race, shall taste the fruits so bountifully provided by the Almighty, hard work and the taxpayers sweat blood and tears. It is this Swedish master Race that shall drink the milk and pluck the apples.

That’s how it is. As soon as they call themselves Master Race
the monkeys go out looking for a slave…

You would think that with such an agenda, they would not be allowed to operate as a political party. Since the UN has expressed concern about the way that the UNHCR features in the Sweden Democrats’ election campaign, there is all the more reason to object to the existence of the manifestly Nazi SVP, but in Sweden Nazi parties are legal. According to our Minister of Justice Beatrice Ask, we have another way of dealing with this kind of phenomena, through the Swedish Laws that deal with Hate Speech.But doesn’t Jimmy Åkesson equating Nazism with Islamism fall into the same category? Debateable? Are you debate able?

Here’s something to chew on : The Sweden Democrats are closer to Swedes’ Party (Nazis) ideologically than the other parliamentary parties.

You wanna debate that too ? The SVP could steal some of the SD’s folks you know!

As you may have not observed, even mainstream definitions of Islamism and its political agenda tend to fall within the broader category that co-incidentally defines Islam – not moderate or temperate Islam, just the one and only foundations called Islam and that includes Islam’s world-wide mission to convert the infidels of Dar al-Harb. It is in this aspect of ambition (the self-defence and expansion of the Nation of Islam) – that basic Islam has legislated about Jihad, Islamism’s main scriptural weapon and distinction, since Jihad is sanctioned by the Quran is fard and incumbent on all Muslims (men as well as women).

Malcolm X popularised the “by any means necessary” action concept in all of the Black Neighbourhoods and beyond. Unfortunately, some people and groups take ” by any means necessary” as a slogan, and quoting Malcolm as the Bible or the Holy Quran – since Malcolm (“El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz“) was a Muslim, have imposed extremist interpretations of Malcolm’s words, just as they often do, with the Holy Bible and with the Quran…

As to the ethics of Jihad

even non-Muslim purists and anti-Islamists say
that terrorism should not be practiced by those who pray five times a day –

Terrorism ought to be excluded from the duty of performing any of the categories of Jihad , the most lethal being with the sword, but not least in conscience, when the use of the sword is not the best option, then at the very least, protestations in the heart (against injustice

Stockholm: Thousands demonstrate against the Neo-Nazi SVP

EXPO, the Swedish anti-racism magazine also covered yesterday’s demonstrations

There are hooligans everywhere: George Galloway beaten in street attack

This is probably going to make Galloway even more aggressive than before.

About the ethics of war, here are some comments on Shoftim, last Sabbath’s Torah Portion: The ethics of warfare from a Torah perspective..

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It’s gonna take a miracle

August 28th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

My peaceful morning was marred when Dagens Nyheter finally arrived this morning and I took in the front page headlines that Prime Minister Reinfeldt’s speech about us opening our hearts has had “no effect” on the Alliance’s popularity according to the opinion polls.

What has Mr. Reinfeldt said to merit no effect? It’s amazing that his appeal to our sense of compassion/empathy/ solidarity has had no effect – although he did not preface his appeal with something like

“You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things!
O you hard hearts, you cruel men of Rome…”

Cheer up everybody, today, fifty one years ago on the 28th of August the Rev. Dr Martin Luther King delivered his “I have a Dream” to the over 200,000 Civil Rights demonstrators who had marched with him to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. The Martin Luther King spirit will be surveying the dark things that are happening in Ferguson, Missouri right now.

I feel that it’s the same “open your hearts” spirit that was speaking through our PM Fredrik Reinfeldt and although the opinion polls remain constant, the reality of our prime minister’s appeal will surely sink into our hearts a little further, as we watch the rapidly deteriorating situation in Ukraine, Libya, Iraq and Syria.

Faith in prophecy yes, but all this yada yada about Gaza does not increase one’s optimism about the immediate future.

Back in time: It’s gonna take a miracle

Things are moving so fast now that it’s difficult to keep abreast of events. Yesterday’s news gets so rapidly outdated whether it’s about School Reform, Health Care or the Unemployment Figures, with the army of the unemployed so steadily on the rise.

Let’s give another round of applause for the next slew of desperate election promises (like the traditional Swedish Christmas Ham) this time with the party leaders acting like Santa Claus and asking the electorate what they would like for Christmas. What is next on the agenda? A Free garage for everyone who wants to park his car? Free Viagra for the old lechers? Zero taxation for pensioners? A doubling of student loans repayable without interest?

This is what I’m listening to right now: Boogie Stupid

If the Alliance kicks the bucket this election the post mortem report will begin like this: That they did too little, too late. After sitting in power for eight years why did they wait till such a late date to be taking out new promises? What had they been doing all this time? And then a question that could haunt them forever: Would things have turned out better if Anders Borg had been elected party leader to lead the party to a third term? But it’s not just the Moderate Party that is suffering at the opinion polls – if they’re not careful their Alliance Partners, the Christian Democrats and the Centre Party could be deserted for the Greens, thrown into the dustbin, left in the lurch…

I’m not a racist and considering my humble background, I hope that saying out loud that in my opinion Jimmie Åkesson & the SD have given us some reasonable budget proposals does not make me a xenophobe in the eyes of those who ought to know better.

The prissy Polonius advised, “Neither a borrower nor a lender be” and someone else said, that “gambling is a way of buying hope on credit”, however, for those who want to try their luck at making money at Ladbrokes about the Swedish Elections, the news is that the odds have changed but as they say about every election in the US, “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings” – and this applies to Little America too. All the Alliance can do – short of singing “We shall overcome” at Rinkeby with Birgit Friggebo is to pray for a good wind in their sails the remaining days in the countdown to the Armageddon and their uncertain fate

It’s the countdown to 9-14. Seventeen days to go. Between now and then we will begin to see pouches and bags under the eyes of some of our politicians – bags of worry, bags caused by sleepless nights worrying about the future, since some of them will have to report to the unemployment office or in any case be looking for a new job, if they don’t make it to Parliament due to the people’s verdict on 9-14 (not to be confused with 419)

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Updated : Jimmie Åkesson on a winning streak etc…

August 26th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Galgeberg Suite & Tears Transforming

This is not some of the election Christmas Pork that is being handed out by left right and centre. With these sort of rational proposals, Mr Åkesson is on a winning streak.

Mr Borg can counter Åkesson with the assurance that we can afford to play a responsible role in response to suffering, in the world – even if the SD will enjoy sound sleep and no pangs of conscience by drastically reducing the number of asylum seekers that can be helped, here in Sweden

2011 Vienna

Other news: Hamas, Islamic Jihad Leaders Come Out of Hiding as Truce Begins

Hamas, was it really worth it?

After 50 days during which 6, 000 tons of bombs were dropped on little Gaza, along with the thousands of Israeli missile strikes causing over 2,000 Palestinian deaths and six billion dollars worth of destruction to Gaza’s terror networks, launching sites, control-and-command centres, a few bunkers, and other non-military infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, 17,000 homes (according to a UN estimate), various other properties, private residences, offices, administrative buildings, the main Israeli-fuelled electricity power station, UNHCR centres and prayer mosques, and a church (probably the only one in Gaza), from which Hamas and the Iranian-sponsored Islamic Jihad were hiding and firing, a so called permanent truce has been agreed on and so as to accomplish the goal that Mr Netanyahu set out,“Either Hamas will stop the rocket fire or we will”, the de-militarisation of Gaza is on the negotiations and talks agenda, which is due to take place in a month’s time.

Upon the establishment of the ceasefire, I can say that there is a major military achievement here, as well as a major diplomatic achievement for the State of Israel. Hamas was hit hard and it did not receive even a single one of the conditions that it set for a ceasefire, not even one” (The Prime Minister of Israel)

Qatar is offering to help rebuild Gaza. I guess that, open-hearted and with one final generous flourish, to put our money where his mouth is, Fredrik the great Reinfeldt or Cal Bildt will soon commit a few hundred million dollars worth of the Swedish Taxpayers Money to Gaza’s ailing economy. Jimmie Åkesson will probably prefer that the Alliance donate $400 million to Gaza – over there – I’m sure that for not entirely xenophobic or islamophobic reasons alone he would balk at the prospect of the Alliance or any other Swedish Government for that matter, taking in 45, 000 refugees from Gaza.

He says that “it’s the economy, stupid”, the possible breakdown in law and order and the threat to Swedish culture and the Swedish way of life as we have known it since before Christopher Colombus discovered America..

The priority for the post-war reconstruction money is for building playgrounds, schools, hospitals, rebuilding local industries and rebuilding people’s shattered lives, people’s shattered houses and all the non-military infrastructure that has been demolished and which we are told will take at least eighteen years to rebuild.

The fishermen must be happy that their fishing rights have been extended a few more miles but the harbour (which some already fear would be used to import hardware from Iran) is on hold, at least for the time being…


Good action

2004, Lugano

Latest development in Nigeria : Shekau declares Caliphate

Pamela Geller has more (So, on the concrete side Model T Ford) and on the more supernatural science side David Icke, get ready). Mark Steyn, sharpen your pen.


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Nothing miraculous about this most outstanding event

August 25th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Nothing miraculous about this most outstanding (& astounding) event that took place in Mama Sweden, just the other day:

A unit of the mounted Swedish police cavalry charged into the crowd of good people who had gathered together peacefully, united to demonstrate against those marching for Nazism. The policemen–on-horses rode rough shod over them, over the peaceful demonstrators , causing many of them grievous bodily harm…

Holy cow !

View image


Over there in the USA, a war zone history:

Open Season On Cops Shooting Blacks In Missouri

Zaire 1974

Christopher Columbus

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Nationalism, patriotism, internationalism, solidarity

August 25th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Should we not pray for the salvation of wanton sinners?

I’m sure that whereas the late Archbishop Nathan Söderblom would have disapproved of Jimmie Åkesson and his merry band of men and women, whole heartedly and most sternly, he would most probably only have had words of praise for the most readable sermon that I could glean after zapping through Sunday’s DN and SvD, namely Peter Wolodarski’s overview of Swedish election histrionics

I heard the young man from Banjul say, “It’s down here in my passport, Nationality: Swedish!” At the arrivals hall in one of the European capitals he had joined the queue for EU Citizens and was asked by a toubab standing right behind him whether he was not standing in the wrong queue, looking so black and blue?

– or as Sherman Adams once asked about another brother, how could somebody so black and blue, be so smart and true, so yellow and blue?

He could as well have quoted Lady Macbeth:

“My hands are of your colour, but I shame
To wear a heart so white.”…

Dr. Samuel Johnson, “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel”?

Given the various definitions of solidarity, the Sweden Democrats could very well appeal to feelings of patriotism or nationalism and claim that they are in solidarity with Sweden and the Swedish people.Their only problem is that unlike the Jewish people who claim either direct spiritual or physical descent from Aba Abraham (even if today you would think that the Jewish people (also from Adam and Eve) come from everywhere) – apart from Adam and Eve , the Swedish people do not claim a common ancestor.

The only other problem that the Sweden Democrats could have when it comes to a legal definition of “the Swedish people” or in answering the question “Who is a Swedish person” is that about a million Swedes presently living in Sweden are either wholly or partly of foreign extraction and as we’ve heard time without number, the Sweden Democrats are not in a hurry to increase the number of naturalised, acclimatized or acculturated “New Swedes” by a generous, open-hearted refugee asylum policy. Right now it’s immigration and the financing of this generous asylum policy that is on the agenda and being so fitfully discussed in the run up to the elections…

May the best man win.

In this context, the best man means the best man for Sweden and the Swedish Diaspora.

I’m thinking all of the above after watching a TV programme (last night) about the Normans – whose ancestors were Scandinavian Vikings – even if anyone in the Sweden Democrats would like to deny them and their descendants their ancestral rights, not to mention the 1.3 million Swedes who emigrated to the States and whose descendants are now mostly to be found in the Chicago area and Minnesota. Should they not enjoy a right of return if they so choose? (smile)

About some of the goings-on in the volatile Middle East, it’s being said all the time now, that ISIS is much more brutal than al-Qaeda - al-Qaeda who nearly blew up the Pentagon on 911.

Well, the media is always enthusiastic about grading Muslims and terrorists – always talking about “Moderate” Muslims” , “Moderate” terrorists, terrorism. Here’s a term that has never been employed – not even in a war situation…leaves you wondering about The Lord’s Liberation Army, so called – are they moderate or just a bunch of armed savages?

Interesting news: The best of bedfellows: Iran teams up with the Great Satan, against ISIS

It should be even more interesting to see how it all plays out when ISIS/ Islamic State eventually pays a courtesy call on Israel (since they would like to incorporate Israel & the al-Aqsa Mosque into the Caliphate) – so it should be interesting to see if there will be a re-alignment of opposition to such a move, i.e. if it will be the great Satan, the little Satan allied with Hezbollah, Iran and President Assad versus ISIS / Islamic State…

Awesome dates: 911
Swedish Elections: 14th September
Scottish referendum: 18th September, about which even given its brevity, the utmost clarity so far, about “let’s stay together” has appeared in The Local with Scotland: the best of all lands and the best of all worlds

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A lot of politics and a little rhetoric…the plot thickens…

August 23rd, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Other matters: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Ferguson Protests Are About Class, Not Race

Could it also be said that any protests and riots about the Nazi youth who stabbed Fidel Ogu and the Husby riots erroneously labelled “Muslim riots” could essentially be about class, not race or religion?

Rambling on my mind

“The ability to create a majority for his policies in parliament”: Löfven 42% – Reinfeldt 32%
“Instilling hope for a better future for us who live in Sweden”: Löfven 49% – Reinfeldt 28%

Source: Ipsos questions to 1,540 voters, 7-18 August this year…

My countryman Jimmie Åkesson has a few questions on his mind

About immigration, cheers mate, here’s the best answer: It’s costly, but we can afford it.

Now that William Hague is no longer the UK’s Foreign Secretary all we hear is the gaping silence that was once filled with his measured words, whether about Iraq, Gaza or Ukraine. It could soon be Carl Bildt’s turn – not for oblivion but for even greater things….Permanence is only temporary, so nowadays you don’t have to be standing in a politician’s shoes to know that “a week is a long time in politics” or that you could be here today and gone tomorrow.

Indeed, one week, he may find himself insulting our neighbour “Russia lacks the capacity to attack Sweden” (not even Hamas lacks the capacity to attack Israel or al-Qaeda to attack anywhere) and before the week is over all kinds of aircraft flying over Gotland and some new rumpus about more money to Swedish Defence…

Brother Obama rode on the crest of a popular wave called “change” which took him all the way to the White House. Over here even after donkey’s years, the word “change” is yet to enter the Swedish political vocabulary. The Social Democrats don’t use the word either, perhaps out of a fear that should they use the word, change, in the general imagination, could only mean back to the social security provided by Social Democracy – whatever hard times may lay ahead, as in the past, that we the people of Sweden have known most of the last century and the first six years of this century. The Social Democrats and those whose hearts are to the left complain that it has been statistically shown that during the past eight years of the Conservative–Centre-Liberal-KD-Alliance, the poor have become poorer and the rich have become more filthy rich…

6 There has been only small increases in income inequality since the coalition government took office (h). It is true if we look at overall measure (Gini coefficient) on the distribution of disposable income between households. The changes were much greater in the 1990s. In contrast, the assertion is not true if you look at the lower part of the income distribution. Since 2006, the relative poverty rate (the percentage of people with less income than 60 percent of median income) has risen sharply.” ( Professor Lars Calmfors)

If a week is a long time, then what is a year? Mr. Reinfeldt has been Sweden’s Prime Minister for two terms, almost eight years now. True, his contemporaries such as Yoweri Museveni did accomplish a third term – after amending the constitution to give himself a third term, since the old constitution stipulated a maximum of two terms for him. It’s as if, if the law doesn’t suit you, you change the constitutional law, to what is comfortable for you. Nor should we forget that Museveni’s octogenarian African brother, now turned nonagenarian, His Excellency Robert Mugabe is still praying for a life extension and one more – just one more term as President before the fire expires. In his case, he’s said to be grooming his wife Grace Mugabe to inherit his millions and his presidency after he kicks the bucket. But that’s King Bob’s Zimbabwe, over here in Sweden – I can’t, cannot imagine our own Fredrik the Great grooming his Filippa Reinfeldt to take over after him, as Sweden’s first female prime minister, after he himself departs to Valhalla (life after Rosenbad) (Personally, I would think that just like with Hilary Clinton, it could be Slick Willie trying to slip into the Oval Office, one more time, this time, through the back door.)

I just love this sentence, it’s a classical example of the Parthian shot and it’s a question that the opposition will be asking during the remaining three weeks of their promise-everything, do-or-die election campaign. The question is for the Alliance’s commander-in-chief Freddy Reinfeldt and the question is posed by SvD’s Göran Eriksson, slightly reworded here, by me, since he was writing in his mother-tongue Swedish:

One question that Fredrik Reinfeldt has avoided and been spared so far, is why is it that in 2006 when he was in the opposition, prior to his becoming Prime Minister of Sweden – unemployment was described by Mr. Reinfeldt as ”mass unemployment “- a term he does not use to describe an even higher unemployment rate today.

It’s not as if after the election results are declared valid, there will be a constitutional crisis if the Red–Greens are in the majority, Prime Minister the great Fredrik automatically resigns as prime minister and then lo and behold the former great prime minister discovers as he has already warned us, that Mr. Iron Löfven and his Social Democrats who have licked their wounds and waited eight long years to retake power – that former Prime Minister Reinfeldt then discovers that he is stuck in his belief that S. Löfven does not command enough parliamentary support to pass a single budget – and therefore Mr. Löfven should not be permitted (by whom?) to be Sweden’s next prime minister?

I think that there would then be war in peaceful Sweden (of course, without any blood being spilt) – but don’t take my word for it – the date with fate is only twenty two days away. Till then another word that those politicians who believe in it should be using a lot more often – and not just about opening our hearts to welcome refugees – is the word solidarity!

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Sweden: The temperature of the election fever is slowly rising.

August 22nd, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

“Well the sun is surely sinking down
But the moon is slowly rising
So this old world must still be spinning ’round
And I still love you” (You can close your eyes)

The moon is a piece of cheese made out of election dreams (I almost wrote “erection dreams”) – In Swedish the piece of cheese (election promises) is named after a piece of meat, “Valfläsk” in a country where (no pity for the pigs) pork is a halal delicacy and the best of the West – the best that the West has to offer or at least the best of what both Mr Reinfeldt and Brer Löfven have to offer and these are the wares they peddle and are so passionately trying to sell an electorate that refuses to be gullible or to fall for even the most eloquent of serpents and travelling salesmen. In their eyes, you may fail to observe that wicked, crooked look you saw in the eye of Richie Milhous Nixon – friend of mine baptised him “Muhammad Eichmann Nixon” Other friend said that George W’s eyes were always focused, looking down the barrel of a rifle….

This past week the main focus has been on how refugee immigration should be financed.

Cornelis Vreeswijk – Because of Emigration Lyrics

Now available on the internet edition : Ewa Stenberg : This move hurts the Social Democrats badly

We can hear the night watchman click his flashlight
Ask himself if it’s him or them that’s really insane

Some of the racists say that they have statistical evidence in support of their prejudice that the overwhelming majority of asylum seekers seek the Alliance’s safe haven of Sweden in order to line their pockets by qualifying as welfare parasites – destination : Sweden : parasitism as ife’s main goal. Destination Sweden, thanks to improved (more generous) welfare conditions – parasitism is the main mission and accomplishment for most immigrants and asylum seekers, so say the retards and the chronic nutcases.

The peddler now speaks to the countess who’s pretending to care for him
Sayin’, “Name me someone that’s not a parasite and I’ll go out and say a prayer for him

Not that parasitism is and of itself an incurable sin – for example, poor Joseph Brodsky who had otherwise not done the USSR any harm, was at some time during his existence, charged with parasitism

So, where is Friar Tuck?

Jonas Sjöstedt must be a happy reincarnation of either Robin Hood or one of his Merry Men. He has been impacting heavily on the immigration/ taking care of immigrants debate, not least of all with these his two articles

Time to stop the hunt for profit in refugees’ reception” (SvD 18/8)


Profit collected by Welfare Company will be gone in January 2017” (In today’s DN)

But by far the most striking single page in today’s Dagens Nyheter is the whole page advertisement (I know that you hate their guts and not just their guts), yes, a full page advert by the Sweden Democrats in which they do ask some pertinent questions…

After the people have spoken with their ballots – or even before the people have spoken, Messrs Reinfeldt, Björklund, Loof and Hägglund are already digging their post-election trenches armed with their doctrine of joint belief in their principles and their declaration of rebellious intent :

WE WILL NOT ACCEPT a “government” that will not be able to pass a budget (they will not accept without a fight ; if they lose, they’re going to fight.)

Sounds like the rumblings of an incumbent African government which wants to sit tight until Jesus of Nazareth returns.

About the future budget ( hypothetical or real) , won’t they cross that hurdle when they get to it?

it’s basically about who will command a parliamentary majority. In the past the so called racist Sweden Democrats have supported Fredrik Reinfeldt and his Alliance on occasions when their (the Sweden Democrats) support was crucial – and therefore, not surprisingly, we hear Mr Löfven accusing the Alliance of seeking (and needing) the support of the Sweden Democrats. . Doing business with the outcast SD.

Mary had a little lamb etc. Over the past few months, the Sweden Democrats now on a redemption mission, have been trying to purify their public, racist image (but not their islamophobic image

Question :How do the Sweden Democrats relate to either the Alliance or the Red-Green’s proposed budget allocations to the Department of Immigration and Settling Down?

(To be continued shortly

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August 21st, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Where else to start but with the troubled Middle East?

And for balance, Al-Monitor

Tempus fugit. Like Hamas rockets and Israeli missiles.

Protective Edge: Three Senior Hamas Commanders Killed in Pre-Dawn Strike

Over here in peaceful Sweden, it’s time to start paying less taxes and paying more attention to the economy pages instead of the kultur pages of Dagens Nyheter, Dagens Industri and SvD..
With the SD twelve percenters totally isolated and out of any possible future coalition, this election has all the makings of a cliff-hanger. And therefore Fredrik the Great Reinfeldt makes two pre-emptive strikes – just in case his Alliance is not the major block after the elections, good and great, Fredrik the Great Moderate turned scribe has taken out a full page article in this morning’s DN, beginning with what could be his famous last words:


aaaaaah power sweet
we will not accept defeat!

Footing the cost of immigration is very much an election issue and here too Great Reinfeldt strikes again: it is a moral issue. Whereas Mr Reinfeldt is all for taking financial responsibility for Sweden’s generous asylum policies, the Red-Greens are divided about the funding of this generosity.

The anti-immigration Sweden Democrats are looking on helplessly as the Red-Greens begin to steal some of their voters and potential voters….

The last word on this issue, goes to Ewa Stenberg’s article in this morning’s DN, print edition: “Utspelet slår mot S ”

” There are four kinds of people: the one who says “what is mine is mine, and what is yours is yours” — that’s a “beinonit” (intermediate-level person). There are some who say that is the kind of people that were in Sodom. [A second type is one who says] “what is mine is yours, and what is yours is mine” — [that's an] “am ha’aretz” (uneducated or low-level Jewish person). [A third type is one who says] “what is mine is yours, and what is yours is yours” — [that's a] “chasid” (righteous person). [A final type is one who says] “what is yours is mine, and what is mine is mine” — [that's a] “rasha” (wicked person (Avot, 5:10)

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United with Israel

August 20th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

United with Israel

Security cabinet meets as dozens of Gaza rockets rain down on Israel

All for one and one for all:


They’re at it again. Eight hours before the latest truce was due to expire, eight missiles were fired into Israel, from Gaza. Most apparently, the ultimate suspension of hostility is no longer on their agenda. Hamas is adamant. From the lull, the devastation, the blood spilled, they are still counting their losses as they arise, but not from ashes and still defiant they sing (and much of the world sings with them):”like the birds in the tree the prisoners must be free!”

Ostensibly, Hamas fire-power logic is based on their certainty about the less than infinite sustainability of that fire power, their futile day and night, non-stop missile and rocket attacks by which they cause Israel to inflict civilian casualties which, if no one was looking, would be the logical outcome of force versus much greater force. For Hamas to be successful they would have to be sponsored by the Arab League – whose foundation members created the PLO.

“Liberman says Israel must take back initiative and ‘bring Hamas to submission’

It’s simple, really, it’s all based on supply and demand. Soon the Hamas stockpile will be diminished to the point of being unusable – like the terror tunnels – but till then they themselves would like to get rid of the rest of what they’ve got by attempting to inflict as many casualties on Israelis as possible – before their stockpile falls into their enemy’s hands.

In Sweden, these are interesting times. The electioneering campaign is now in full swing – some kind of war of the roses … “soulful eyes versus Mr Metal” (as he said to her – before he took her by the arm and whispered in her ear, “Come we go do crime…”

The mettle of Mr Metal? He is made of Swedish steel

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