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What’s happening? The utter destruction of Syria

October 7th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Latest Swedish and International News

Don McCullin was on BBC Hardtalk this morning


Göran Hägg is no longer with us

Henning Mankell has also passed on to eternity.

I remember him and Lasse Berg telling about their Africa experience at ABF – and on that occasion a lady from the audience asked, “Is it true that there are cannibals in Africa?” – No laughter – not a laughing matter, I thought of straightening her out myself, but Sidney (Big Brother) beat me to it, taking it upon himself to reply to the question which if I remember correctly was addressed to Messrs Mankell and Berg, Sidney, gently : “I wish that there were cannibals in Africa, then they would have eaten you up!”

But I remember Henning Mankell most, not for Wallander but for his participation on the ship to Gaza

He has said it all (he was writing to the last) : “Eventually the day comes when we all have to go

Sooner or later. If we were personally in charge of life extensions many of us would be procrastinators; that’s why some of the religious folks are already praying for “eternal life” long before “it” happens.

May their souls rest in perpetual peace…

Tomorrow at 1.00 p.m., Sara Danius, Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy will announce for the 108th occasion, the winner/s of the Nobel Prize in Literature.

It would be crazy-mad to give it to Salman Rushdie.

It’s either getting better or it’s getting worse
As the saying goes, we are either part of the problem or part of the solution.
“…is your heart made out of stone, or is it lime
Or is it just solid rock?”

Al-Quran: 2:74: “Then, even after that, your hearts were hardened and became as rocks, or worse than rocks, for hardness. For indeed there are rocks out of which rivers gush, and indeed there are rocks which split asunder so that water floweth from them. And indeed there are rocks which fall down for the fear of Allah. Allah is not unaware of what ye do.

From a friend, Mighty Carlos’ Facebook page: Three photographs not of Syrians but of Europeans desperate to get to North Africa during the world war. Ahmet adds, “So next time you think of closing the borders you might want to check with your grandparents…”

Suddenly We Europe are made to be aware of the tremendous open-hearted humanitarian contributions that TURKEY is making and has been making, all this time: receiving two and half to three million refugees whilst some heads and peoples of other European countries are still whining about having to receive their little quota share of less than ten thousand souls!

Ah Turkey! Beautiful country! If only Turkey did not have a Kurdish problem!

Still ringing in my ear:

If anybody give a damn
About the war in Vietnam
Stop the war Right Now

During the Vietnam War one of the cries was STOP THE WAR but we hardly hear that cry about the brutal war in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen…

Do you realise what you’ve done?”Putin addresses UN 2015

Enter Russia with a few surgical strikes on the enemy, very dangerous enemies: ISIS wants to make a few dirty bombs

US, allies short on options as Russia and Iran flex muscle in Syria

The coalition acquires more fire power: Chinese jets due to join Russian air strikes in Syria

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Wonders never cease.

October 4th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

The Latest Swedish and International News

Money (golden calf)

Nine-teen trillion

World University Rankings 2015-2016

Precision bombing accidentally targets the hospital in Kunduz.

If we heard Vladimir Putin giving the ultimatum, “Either you’re with us or you‘re with the terrorist rebels!” we would have heard correctly.

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

First US-Russian air clash builds up as Moscow orders US planes to exit Syrian air space

Maybe, on the path to a negotiated peace, Russia will singlehandedly or with the cooperation of the like-minded, establish a/some no fly zone/ zones?

Russia in Syria: Putin Fills Strategic Vacuum in the Middle East (But hasn’t Uncle Sam been in the thick of every military thing since the beginning?

So, whilst Russia is wiping out the rebels the US could shoulder their share of the oppressive burden by taking on IS, or is little IS too much for the combined forces of the Mighty United States & NATO ?

We will just have to get used to it. Not so scared, Russia’s peace partners the United States have had their fair share of kicking ass everywhere; in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, of late Benghazi here to personally, forever haunt Hillary Clinton – it might cost her the presidency, Hillary who Trump has told to keep quiet: “She can’t satisfy her husband” – (she hasn’t responded to his multi-dimensional) and before that, Bay of Pigs, Cuba, Korea, Vietnam, bombed Japan, but even Trump is still scared stiff of China.

Hehe, America want to make friendship with China, stop the illegal intercontinental digital business and thrive in exchange trade, balance of payments and friendship…

Russia only has one naval base out of Russia and that base is in Syria. Russia’s one and only.

Syria: Thoughts on the Russian Air Support

According to SÄPO there are 125 Swedes fighting for IS: 90 men and 35 women….

In the month of September alone, 24,000 refugees registered for asylum in Sweden

Living here, I do not recognise the Sweden that Ingrid Carlqvist hard-core describes as

Sweden: ‘No Apartments, No Jobs, No Shopping Without a Gun’

Sure, there are logistical necessities – dealing with emergencies. Is it that bad? Big blonde and blue yes thou shalt not exaggerate. Or flaunt what is voluntary as an unwilling mass conscription! Elsewhere she would like us to believe this or leave it:

Swedes’ Homes May Be Confiscated to Accommodate Asylum Seekers

The Sweden Democrats shadow budget wants to save the state 208 billion Swedish Kronor the next four years by downsizing the intake of refugees and the expenditures that would be incurred in their government’s efforts to improve on integration …

Over there in the US, there’s Dr. Ben who passed on to the peace of the Hereafter earlier this year and there’s the Republican presidential hopeful joker Dr. Ben Carson who is obviously opposed to the idea of reparations for slavery if indeed he has ever said what he is reported to have said

Actually slavery was the best thing that could have happened to us. Because of slavery blacks were brought to America we met the Christian faith. We met Jesus Christ. If it were not for slavery we would all be in Africa, hanging from trees and worshiping Allah. God always gets it right!

Schmuck & scumbag, I filthy free gonna delete what I wanna delete.

Every homosexual person is a son of God!”, according to the theology of Monsignor Krysztof.

The United States-Sweden connection : Had no idea how extensive Donald Trump’s business dealings are, until reading in this morning’s DN special issue, the unlikely story of

Donald Trump versus a Swedish Company, Vattenfall

It’s good to be seeing al-Jazeera anchor Folly Bah-Thibault sometimes hosting the news again…

Some of these opinion polls. The latest one is that Prime Minister Stefan Löfven the good shepherd, is most trustworthy when it comes to taking good care of the Swedish flock in the case of an emergency, more trustworthy than Mrs Anna Kinberg Batra who has no prior experience whatsoever when it comes to taking care of such a large Swedish flock even in ordinary times, either here in Sweden or internationally – and this despite the fact that she speaks good Dutch….

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Pope Francis as world leader

September 27th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Walt Whitman – the inscription that kicks off his Leaves of Grass:

One’s-self I sing

Pope Francis address to the UN

Catholic Countries

NATO members

Sweden’s PM Stefan Löfven’s address at UN Summit

Latest Swedish and International News

World leadership goes hand in hand with moral authority and that’s what Jesus, his rock Peter the first Pope and in this age his latest successor Pope Francis 1 is not lacking, even if in the spirit of “Those who use the sword will die by the sword” the Vatican does not possess or wish to possess any nuclear weapons with which to defend the lives of the Christian flock or to protect the material possessions that Jesus spoke of

Nor can nuclear weapons protect anybody from God’s wrath.
The nuclear weapons by themselves alone cannot enhance moral authority or coerce the less powerful into submission – and here I’m thinking of the tradition of the Almighty holding a large rock over the children of Israel threatening to drop it on them unless they agree to accept the Torah.

In the view of many observers, measured by his words, His Holiness Pope Francis 1 has now entered the political domain, his latest encomiums being on the importance of the family (reminiscent of the Christian Democrats KD’s Alf Svensson) and weighing in on the sensitive issue of immigration in the United States – telling his Latino flock to be proud of their traditions and their contributions to enriching and sustaining the United States of America.

Just a day earlier another world leader, Nobel Peace Laureate President Obama was harping on the same theme when addressing China’s President Xi Jinping whose visit coincides with that of Pope Francis.

Barack Obama: “Chinese immigrants helped build our railroads and our great cities. The United States is enriched by millions of proud Chinese Americans

The extent to which Pope Francis’ ethics and advisory opinions on issues such as immigration will impact on US politics cannot be easily assessed. On the surface, it would seem that Donald Trump has been hard hit by the Pope’s Christly, compassionate approach to the immigration issue – not that it was the intention of the kind, beloved Pope to hit Mr.Trump where he will feel it most. Far be it from the Pope to be vicious in his criticism, appealing as he does to the higher conscience of human nature and Mr. Trump himself a Christian – Presbyterian – is probably closer to Jesus than you think – I watched the CNN coverage of his visit to the Mexican border, watched him as I hummed Marty Robbins’ El Paso
which begins,

“Out in the West Texas town of El Paso
I fell in love with a Mexican girl”

One thing’s for sure – the next president of the USA will probably have to sweep Florida, California and Texas. Trump is still leading double digits over the tawny dark horse Carson who does not at all sound presidential or 1% as charismatic as Barack Obama – so let’s count Carson out – he may be a cool brained logician but not a politician. Since Lincoln (a Republican) ended slavery, the Republican Party has not been lacking in Black Republicans but Carson is obviously not it – and so far does not impress as one who has the potential to harness the African American vote for whoever will be the Republican front runner in the race for the White House – and as for the Democrats, my view from Stockholm is that Hilary is not it and there’s no one on the horizon: check it out

The New Repression: If Only Sanders Were More of a Corbyn and Less of a Clinton

Sweden: The big grizzly bear, Russia is still at the top of the defence agenda. Increasingly so, now that the Social Democrats’ traditional partner the Centre Party has changed colour from NO to NATO to a most positive YES – which means that all four Alliance Parties are now YES TO NATO.

Support for NATO membership now at 41 % for and 39 % against, it’s being predicted NATO membership will be one of the main issues in the 2018 general elections. But 2018 is so far away and the way that things are moving now, there might be occurences in the near future, compelling Sweden to decide to be or not to be a member of NATO long before 2018…

Imagine if the Vatican started issuing directives to EU states about NATO membership! But Italy is already a member.

To me, it looks like Israel is in trouble:

Netanyahu meets Putin: Israeli-Russian Military Coordination Already Underway in Syria

Russian marines join Hezbollah in first Syrian battle

One day, Israel may also apply for NATO-membership (you touch a single hair on my head and the full force of NATO will come crashing down on your behind) and I see this clearly after reading the Brother Nathanael version of the meeting between Putin and Netanyahu entitled

Putin Sends Bibi Packing

which sounds like tidings of great joy to the ears of the Supreme Leader of Iran and Hezbollah’s Sheikh Nasrallah

29th of September, 2015: Putin warns Israel about targeting Iranian targets in Syria

Q&A with Noam Chomsky on U.S. Foreign Policy, Iran, Donald Trump & More

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“Man proposes, but God disposes “ (Thomas à Kempis)

September 25th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

This Sabbath, the song that Moses taught: Haazinu
Re – When the saints go marching in : in the US, Catholics are feeling very strong just now and for some time to come will be basking in the after-glow of the Pope’s visit. Catholics count Joe Biden and John Kerry among their number, feeling very strong right now. Which doesn’t mean to say that Donald Trump also a descendant of immigrants, is feeling weak. I like Donald Trump.

Swedish and International News
As the saying goes, “Man proposes, but God disposes

Yom Kippur has come and gone – during all of which man’s plans came to nought as man has been laid out since last Sunday and up to this moment – down and out with severe sciatica pains from the left buttock down through the left thigh and now the pain is bulging out – trying to get out through the calf – all caused I’m sure, by my sitting down a minimum of a few hours at a stretch at the computer and another couple of hours in my musical armchair, almost on a daily basis. Sitting is now painful, so is merely standing. Walking is even more painful.

I quite understand that the age of the bones has something to do with the sciatica pain and that from day one even baby bones don’t get any younger and that by 50 and still feeling fit as a fiddle/ strong as a horse, lion, you first discover the relevance of the medical term osteoporosis and start taking appropriate action (calcium – and now magnesium) – and if we are to go by the kinds of medical information you get from the internet, you might find yourself phoning for an ambulance or taking a taxi to the nearest emergency unit, for anything, from a pain in the arm or shoulder (said to be the first sign of an impending heart attack) to a ringing sensation in the ear. The Jesus people say that “all sickness is from the devil” – this includes myopia – and even less comforting is the culmination of the idea that “the wages of sin is death”. No escape. Can’t get out of this life alive.

Woody Allen says that it’s not that he’s afraid of death, it’s just that he doesn’t want to be there when it happens: “I’m not afraid to die, I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” Question is, who really wants to be there when it happens? Here on earth no special place called heaven where you can be given an external/eternal life extension and special sanctuary or asylum. True: apart from some of the saints, most people want to go to heaven but without having to die first. Wouldn’t it be perfect if we could consciously – in a youthful body – transit from here to eternity? Like purchasing an air ticket – the pilot/astronaut flying people directly to heaven and back to collect those waiting in the queue.

Food for thought: Jacob wrestled with an angel till dawn dislocating his hip in the process, as a result of which to this day the sciatic nerve is not kosher, but more importantly after wrestling with the angel (Esau’s guardian angel) Jacob is given the blessed name “ISRAEL”

And what is a little pain in buttocks, thigh and calf compared to the tragedy at this year’s Hajj tragedy in which some 717 pilgrims were martyred and over 800 injured? May they be granted Paradise! Jannah!

The tragedy in Mecca is casting a shadow over the Pope’s visit to the United States, culminating in his sacred words in the US Congress: “God bless America!” – words which probably, spontaneously set His Holiness Pope Francis 1 directly at loggerheads with Iran’s Supreme Leader for whom the US remains, “The Great Satan”, a very special status in Iran’s demonology

I don’t remember Benjamin Netanyahu ending his address to Congress with a similar blessing – maybe he did (“God Bless Israel & The United States of America” / “God bless the Speaker, and the good people of the United States…

Sweden of course does not belong to Islamic Iran’s Satanic category and the minute we are told something like that we will probably cease doing business with Iran – even those who have already sold their souls to the devil should cease…

Many important events such as the latest Government budget, the EU meetings, their humanitarian agreements and disagreements about sharing the refugee burden (Hungary’s foreign minister Peter Szijjarto explains his country’s position in BBC Hardtalk – soon enough the Sweden Democrats will be lapping up some of his reservations about the EU refugees deal, but what takes the biscuit is a facebook item I encountered today, featuring Ben Carson. The soft-spoken sometimes to the point of being inaudible, Dr. Benjamin Carson, the Republican wannabe president after Brother Obama

Dr. Ben Carson on the race issue in the US. Outrageous. Sounding here like a little uncle tom:

Before Obama, people barely noticed skin color; that goes back 150 years. Blacks were happy and grateful for what we were given.” (Benjamin Carson)

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The Pope’s visit to the US and Syria, the source of Europe’s refugee crisis. Will things get better before they get worse?

September 24th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Latest Swedish and International News

His Holiness Pope Francis 1 is much loved. Just ask Brother Obama.

Re – The Pope’s visit to the US

Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s” and the clarion call to help war refugees: rend your hearts not your garments

Since Pope Francis is evolving on the world stage as a no holds barred political Pope too, hopefully he will say a few words about Assad being the protector of Christians in Syria.


Most problems are best solved at source, not destination. Here too, the bleeding must be stopped at source: Damascus

What’s Sweden’s international role in all this?

Stage 1: Netanyahu meets Putin: Israeli-Russian Military Coordination Already Underway in Syria

Stage 2: Russian marines join Hezbollah in first Syrian battle

Stage 3: WW3

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From zero to NATO

September 21st, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

There is no bull in Peter Wolodarski’s editorial which is a dire assessment of our predicament and as if in response to Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist’s insistence that Sweden maintain neutrality as a position the editorial piece concludes:

The strongest protection for Sweden would be that together with Finland we join NATO. And to thus really be part of the cooperation that Russia already sees us as being a part of.”

As we know, there’s always resistance to good ideas. Much stronger than the feces of a bull is “the devil’s dung

Red line

“the cooperation that Russia already sees us as being a part of” is not the same as full NATO membership.

Bottom line: The friendly warning

The military importance of the island of Götland

Future shapes of luxury

imagine if migrants and refugees could travel to safety in one of those…

Nothing like submitting to quotas or proportionality in sharing the refugee burden, considering the US’s active military presence in most of the areas where the refugees are fleeing from, big economy, respect for democracy and the rule of law, lots of space, peaceful, law-abiding cities, the US to admit just as many refugees as “little America” (Sweden) a few thousand more refugees “on the unarmed road of flight”

Our taxes, where do they go?

Elsewhere :the law flexes some muscle

Pope Francis on the way to the United States . Well, all eyes and their cameras will be on the United States. Vice-president Joe Biden is a Catholic and so he will be pretty much centre-stage occupying much media space welcoming and showing hospitality to His Holiness, after which he may decide to toss in his hat and announce his intentions for the US presidency. Personally, I prefer him a thousand times to the highfalutin Nancy, always putting on airs with that her grandiose 1960s peace corps mentality.

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As the EU disintegrates between East and West over refugee quotas, Sweden inches perceptibly forward, from zero to NATO

September 20th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

A very short parashat: Vayelech


Swedish and International News

Devoted to terror.

Second World War: refugees

As the EU disintegrates between East and West over refugee quotas, Sweden inches perceptibly forward, from zero to NATO

2015: Refugees worldwide facts and figures

Sweden responds to the refugee crisis. … in spite of which/ because of which the Sweden Democrats surge in the opinion polls and are now far ahead of any other political party.

EU: East versus West about refugee quotas

Knocking on Heaven’s door, it’s open 24 hours a day:

Sweden’s romance with NATO is now entering stage 2: Firm commitments.

“well I am the one who loves
changing from nothing to one.” (LC)

It happened so rapidly, these two stages:

Stage 1: Sweden: more people want to join NATO than to stay out

Stage 2: Sweden joins Joint Expeditionary (NATO) Force

Zero here defined by what the former Supreme Commander of Sweden’s Armed Forces said not too long ago : “We can, at best and in five years, defend ourselves in one place for one week.

And Russia has not issued the ultimatum “either you’re with us or you’re with the terrorists”/ “Ya either got faith or ya got unbelief and there ain’t no neutral ground” and perhaps, therefore Stage 2.1

Of course there are many types of bullshit

Isn’t “positive” bullshit common?

Rhyming neatly with Berglin’s hoopla about “negative bullshit” – distinguished bullshit, is Bert Jansch’s serious song, I have no time coupled with Harry G. Frankfurt’s philosophical reflections on the term as variously defined by him, and indeed the “barnyard epithet“ made famous first by Lenny Bruce and then reinforced by Spiro Agnew

And it (bullshit), being so clear and concise, it should come in both handy and useful as one of the all-time expletives to be wielded and hurled with intentional effect by straight-talking Mr. Trump as he rampages on the nationwide campaign trail, these coming turbulent months.

I prayed in advance, that he would go berserk, even ballistic on the Iran Nuclear Deal – and expecting some bombast and unforeseeable theatrics, that’s why I stayed up all night to follow six hours of the Republican CNN debate (1st and 2nd round) to just hear Trump sounding off and Trump did surprise everybody when he said that he would talk/make friends with Putin (and what about with Netanyahu?) – and there are clear indications of the Republican stable getting ready to line up to testify their loyalty to AIPAC) …but to my great disappointment he did not use the term “bull” – not even once, instead was charming and courteous towards Carly Fiorina the only Lady present. Straight from his heart – possibly – he really wanted to compliment her for not looking like old hag Hillary, but not quite sure whether she would take that as a blessing or compliment and probably not wanting to risk taking some unnecessary flak from her live and direct on nationwide CNN – he resisted the temptation to let go, maybe even feeling for some moments that he would like to make her his vice-president/ running mate. He praised all the ladies as beautiful (to the great disappointment of Hillary Clinton) but now, hopefully he will flay Hillary with it (the word) – now that the sanctimonious Hillary wanna-be-first-mama president of the United States sitting in the oval office (with old Bill as her “The First Gentlemen” / papa B. Wily Old Bill thereby entering the oval office for a third term, this time, through the back door.

Buoyed by her debut on the Jimmy Fallon show – dresed in pink and acting chic, she has meanwhile taken significant time out to pontificate at some length about some guy who asked Mr. Trump a question about Brother Obama who he described as “a Muslim” – causing dear Hillary to take such offence! Hillary consequently taking to the pulpit to defend her president with her long-winded (sanctimonious) condemnation of her dear Donald for not reprimanding and correcting the questioner about Brother Obama’s real religious identity / affiliation, first and foremost as a brother of Jesus and not of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad ( s.a.w) or Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Maliciously or without guile, labelling or accusing a sitting US president (a self-confessed Christian) of being “a Muslim” is never without special effects and the fallout & ramifications are inevitable, “a Muslim” being a euphemism for the president of the US either being soft on “the war on terror” or soft with the Iran nuclear deal…..a very big deal….

Ali da malang

Islam : Pakistan

Like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (Pakistan) here’s some classical musical expression from the Sabri Brothers:

Ya Habib (Oh my friend!)

There is great dignity and honour in being a Muslim. It is both a spiritual path and a political & ethical identity under the one and only Almighty. Even the Great Satan knows that the great Sufis of Islam belong to a great tradition.

My Better Half just asked me what I was laughing at and I marvel how easily Hillary accommodates same sex relations within the bosom of Christian social ethics. I was not laughing about Hillary’s fumbling with Benghazi, one of the contributory causes of Europe’s refugee problems.

On that day her ears, hands, mouth, feet and mind will testify against her.

There is much talk about the Swedish tradition of taking in refugees.

Swedes are wonderful people – but the rest of the Nordic (Scandinavian) countries are squabbling about how many refugees they are willing to absorb

Elsewhere: Problems about the rule of law

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A bird’s eye view: From Days of Awe to Pikuach Nefesh and the days of the Europe refugee crisis which is spinning out of control

September 15th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf gave an emotional speech on behalf of refugees at the state opening of parliament .

HM the King’s speech at the opening of the Riksdag on Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Swedish and International News

This world has not always existed for all eternity
And the next world?
The Almighty is also the King of gravity…

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi explains What Is Rosh Hashanah?

The high point: Thirty blasts of the shofar

Rosh Hashanah service

Psalm 32

Rosh Hashanah: The anniversary of the creation of Adam and Eve also the day of judgement of the whole of creation, a judgement to be sealed ten days later (22nd /23rd September) on Yom Kippur

Wednesday: The Fast of Gedaliah

The obligation of Pikuach Nefesh – trumps everything!


Brother Obama said it : “We are of one tribe, the Human Tribe!” – without exception, the descendants of the first married couple, Mr. Adam and his wife, Eve…

Praying for Results

Prayers for peace in the Middle East must include prayers to end – not just the schism between Shia and Sunni, but prayers for peace and a spirit of Brotherhood between and amongst all Muslims. And of course that such Muslim unity should not be assembled against their sometimes perceived common enemy, the Jews.

News: Netanyahu urges action to stop Middle East disintegrating

I tremble and the heart palpitates uneasily but I have not broken down into a cold sweat to read this:

Great Torah Sage Chofetz Chaim Predicted WWII a “Child’s Game” Compared to Third Great War before Messiah

And who are you to question the Divine Plan?

In the Holy Land: Radical Islam is on the march (now if Iran already had the bomb, would they not be even more emboldened?)

Palestinian terror surges in Jerusalem: An Israeli killed, pipe bombs for Temple Mount

From the Days of Awe to days of the Europe refugee crisis , other everyday problems and other crises in Sweden and in the world.

For the refugee it’s been a long way from anywhere like heaven to your town, this town.

Some good news: hela sverige skramlar

On the 29th of September Sweden’s songster elite will be giving a benefit concert for refugees

Consider: “In Laurence Leamer’s “As time goes by – The true image of Ingrid Bergman” is mentioned a booklet published by the government in 1914 about how Sweden was then a country which “enjoyed an unusual degree of ethnographic homogeneity”. Of Sweden’s 5.5 million inhabitants only 40, 000 were of foreign origin.” (From Ingrid Bergman’s unknown immigrant background)

Remember Dudley Moore’s “Stupid White Men …and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation!” ? Now, in 2015 someone else begins his essay with these words:

When I was a white man, I never understood the inherent privilege of my race.”

In any case, hopefully, the US presidential campaign trail is going to be a very long and exciting one, and as usual the whole world’s eyes are going to be focused on what’s going on over there. Maybe, Trump will be able to raise the extra cash the way that Barack Obama did in 2008 when low- wage earners and other members of the working class contributed their widow’s mite to his campaign fund in order to be able to keep up with the Texas billionaire class…

Still in the US, the leader of free speech and the free world, they (the Republican media) haven’t started to dismantle her yet and Hillary is already sick and tired of Trump’s claims and the sort of low blow that I have never seen in Swedish politics: In April, Donald was on the offensive again with a tweet that Hillary Clinton “can’t satisfy her husband” followed in July by his bulldog charge that “What Hillary did is criminal” another claim that is not likely to resonate well with either Bill or Hillary’s supporters.

At the Republican’s debate on tomorrow Wednesday, Trump is sure to fire some controversial shots that will steal all media space on Thursday when he’s sure to overtake everybody else including Hillary…

Trump is a stark and passionate representative of resistance to what he calls “illegal” immigration and in Dallas, Texas, has empathised with his crowd, “You People Are Suffering

In Martin Gelin’s very insightful article in DN of 15/9, The lost working class is Trump’s trump card , America’s Mr. Trump is compared to Sweden’s Mr. Jimmie Åkesson (“Matthew Yglesias, a political analyst at the news site Vox, calls Trump a US Jimmie Åkesson.”)

Now, assuming that he bags the nomination ticket, what remains to be seen is whether without the Latino vote Mr Trump is going to triumph – as the next president of the United States and Sweden’s Herr Jimmie Åkesson is going to be Sweden’s next prime minister or if he will have to content himself as mere minister of immigration even as the migrant crisis – the invasion of Europe by migrants mostly from the Middle East, continuously “threatens to break the European Union”

An essential difference between Trump and Åkesson is that Trump is at least, all for qualified immigration he wants skilled labour – immigrants with skills , something that borders on Canadian Immigration Policy

This On Stockholm’s streets is from February this year and it just crossed my mind – this very moment – what about the beggars from Romania should they not be given asylum (economic) and the opportunity to settle here?

It is a humanitarian crisis. Here’s one of many personal histories:

A refugee family’s long, hazardous journey from Damascus to Stockholm in 35 days

The Immigration & Multiculturalism watchdog called Europe news is very concerned about the refugee crisis, not only in Sweden

Even His Holiness Pope Francis 1 has expressed his misgivings, at least his well-grounded suspicions that terrorists could sneak into Europe with Mideast refugees. Could, would, can, are doing so…

It is a humanitarian crisis and there is advice aplenty, advice that is sometimes not very sympathetic – as in the many cases of Muslim Immigration and How to Handle It

Hans Rosling has summarised the preferred ethic to the dilemma: “It is terrible hypocrisy”, he says, “Send a ferry there and help them across instead of saving them first when they are drowning

It is a humanitarian crisis and out of the darkness Susanne Najafi and her colleague Emad Zand are shining a light: in the spirit of Raoul Wallenberg they intend to charter planes to airlift refugees to Sweden

Our former PM, the Great “Open your hearts” Fredrik Reinfeldt “warns” our current Prime Minister Stefan Löfven about the refugee crisis.

I haven’t watched any TV for a couple of days now – so I really don’t know what they have been beaming but in the wake of the latest report about plummeting standards in reading comprehension , maths and basic IT in our Swedish schools, this DN editorial under the subheading “newly arrived pupils” entitled Close bad Schools caught my eye.

I wonder how my man Jan Björklund the Liberal Folks Party leader is reacting to the idea.

It’s a popular reaction. In Israel where quality education is a premium (science and innovative technology), just now there is a clamour about 10, 000 students attending unregulated Haredi Schools in Jerusalem

After Yom Kippur B’ezrat Hashem, I intend to proceed to part 2 of How does a foreigner view Sweden? Till then it’s good to fortify oneself with the understanding that Multiculturalism is as Swedish as can be

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Erev Rosh Hashanah / New Year’s Eve, 5776….

September 13th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Latest Swedish and International News

In Stockholm, Erev Rosh Hashanah candle-lighting kicked off at approximately 18.57 this evening.

Rabbi Sacks’ Rosh Hashanah Greetings.

A message for Rosh Hashanah 5776 from Rabbi Sacks

Shana Tova! Wishing everyone a Happy Rosh Hashanah, a year sweet as honey….


It’s not Friday the 13th but Sunday the 13th: The al-Aqsa mosque said to be Islam’s third holiest mosque is again the flashpoint this evening: clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police.

You probably missed this little item: Palestinians in Sweden go on hunger strike for their rights.

911 came and went without incident – without incident in the US (There’s always the fear that the terrorists would like to do a repeat on one of the anniversaries…

Sweden: the man of the moment: Major-General Micael Byden who has just been appointed Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces – described here as “the right man for the job

After Ingrid Carlqvist’s alarming “Sweden: The Defense that Disappeared” it’s a relief that Wilhelm Agrell for many years one of the luminaries at SIPRI – a person that commands enormous respect, contributes to the debate about Security for Sweden with the advice that Sweden should apply for NATO accession, together with Finland. It’s something to chew on.

In the United Kingdom: a name that is on everybody’s lips: Jeremy Corbyn, Labour’s new party leader after Eddie Miliband led the party through that last disaster of an election. Most of Dateline London was a verdict on his potential future. At least there’s this heartening piece of news from before he was elected Labour’s new party boss: Leading economists endorse his policies! . However, there are the following indices stacked against him not least of all from David Cameron. The proposed UK referendum on the EU by the end of 2017, will be very interesting indeed.

The centre of gravity: Re- the Swedish section of the European migrant crisis:

Erik Ohlsson: Many countries indifferent to the refugee influx

Two days ago:Five Russian ships equipped with guided missiles arrive off Syrian coast….

(Putin’s offer to shield & develop Israel’s gas fields predated Russia’s military buildup in Syria)…time to check

US to take in 10, 000 Syrian refugees

“The UNHCR warns that an additional one million people can be forced to flee their homes in Syria thus increasing the pressure on Europe and the EU”

The prognoses have been consistent:

April 28th, 2015: Fewer than expected will seek asylum in Sweden this year – expectations downgraded from 80 000 – 105 000 to 68000 – 88000

July 23, 2015: Sweden no longer attractive as an asylum country

Only 74, 000 asylum seekers expected this year, 2015

Swedish Government promises “A significant commitment” to taking care of unaccompanied refugee children

Sweden: 3,000 asylum seekers/ refugees arrive in Sweden every week

It’s good rationale for increased levels of immigration and you’ve heard it before: Europe in need of a baby boom: Birthrate fall is a threat to economic prosperity: Immigration could avert the disaster.

Probably the kind of nightmare argument (“the more the merrier”) that the Sweden Democrats do not want to hear (makes them see Red, Blue and Yellow) especially do not want to hear that the baby boom population increase is sure to be enhanced by immigrants producing lots of babies “Made in Sweden”…

Andrev Walden: How refugees can get safe passage directly to Sweden

News that should make the Sweden Democrats give a sigh of relief:

The vast majority of the refugees who arrived in central Stockholm for the past week have not applied for asylum in Sweden, said the Swedish Migration Board.

Now while there’s a little tittle-tattle about the distribution of refugees throughout the country, here’s something to think about : that by 2045 every 4th citizen will be living in Stockholm which will by then have a population of three million people (according to a prognosis of the Chamber of Commerce)

It happened today in Sweden: 4, 000 strong Solidarity Manifestation for refugees held in Malmö

Anders Danielsson says that “Building standards, labor market entry and minimum wages are not really designed for the situation we now live in

Latest: Temporarily, Germany closes border with Austria

And now to the refugees closer to the theatres of war:
There are some 630,000 Syrian refugees presently surviving in Jordan

I cannot help but say that the media is firmly in control of some of the lies:The state power of Turkey versus the embattled Kurds

“And when we finish driving,
We can say we were late in arriving.” (Sir Paul McCartney)

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European Africa and Middle East Refugee crisis: Centre stage, on the side of humanity, Germany’s Angela Merkel (the angel) and Sweden’s Stefan Löfven

September 9th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Latest Swedish and International News

Germany, July, 2008

Once upon a time, Fredrik Reinfeldt and Angela Merkel got along quite well together.

News of the moment, new romance in the air (political):

Mrs Germany & the new Mr. Sweden

Angela Merkel (German Chancellor

Stefan Löfven (Prime Minister of Sweden

There’s also this latest from the godfather, Jean-Claude Juncker (President of the European Commission): Juncker calls for ‘compulsory’ redistribution of 160,000 migrants

Will this not provoke rebellion from some members of the Union, led by e.g. Hungary? And – humanitarian or immoral – if they do not like the size of the quota to be imposed on them, in response most likely be quick to claim and assert a sovereign right to determine the extent of their generosity, their own “to be or not to be” brother’s keepers?

I sometimes wonder, which is more powerful, the European Union or the Vatican?


Repeat: Generosity

When Stefan Löfven the Prime Minisiter of Sweden stands at the pulpit that’s what he preaches : a call for Generosity from other countries

Here’s the UK’s David Cameron’s generous response to the migrant crisis:

UK to accept 20, 000 refugees from Syria by 2020.

France is set to follow suit and accept an equal number

and as to be expected Israel of course and rightly so
Israel blames migrant crisis on militant Islam

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

According to the only source from which we know what’s going on, the Swedish papers are full of it, starting with Hans Rosling – a usual source of hope and this bit in yesterday’s DN:

A strong voice from the people could have direct impact on policy

The Swedish media is full of good men and women’s’ response to the refugee catastrophe which in the short term can be most easily solved if Merkel and Löfven’s persuasions prevail: a sharing of the burden / obligation, a reasonable distribution of the some one and a half million refugees or so, currently another three and a half million Syrian refugees being hosted by Lebanon and Turkey

So we see, that if Turkey was in the European Union, we would truly be saying that they have been doing more than their share of taking care of refugees in distress, to date, more than Germany and Sweden put together in taking in refugees from Syria – mainly due to proximity, true, and thank God for that and that the Turks did not deem it fit to build a wall to seal off desperate refugees from crossing over the border into Turkey – as Hungary is now doing – building a wall along the border with Serbia – the entire length.

Probably inspired by the Israel’s West Bank barrier, notably to keep out terrorists, Donald Trump wants to do the same in his case to prevent a mass invasion launched from Mexico, by people he calls “rapists”. I hear that he wants to build an electric barb wire fence along the Mexican- American border – to protect the women folk, maybe a fence that on contact could electrocute any potential intruder…

Some of these things makes you wonder whatever happened to
Love your neighbour as yourself – I am the Lord

It’s always like that – at the first spark of gunfire the bourgeoisie are the first to take the fastest means of transportation out of town, usually to where they have stashed much of their capital (it’s fashionable for some people to have a London Bank Account). As fast as an arrow is shot from a bow, Ahmad Tejan Kabbah jumped into a helicopter to Conakry when he heard the first crack of a rifle, so too the exodus from Iran from 1979 onwards, some of the Bourgeoisie and Middle class first – to the safer pastures in the US, France, Germany, the UK, Sweden and Austria, in that order – those who saw that as their best option, especially those who could afford it – like the stipulation for going on pilgrimage to Mecca – if you can afford it

And those who can’t afford it or lack that spirit of adventure to make it by camel or on foot, usually have to stay put….

How are the Sweden Democrats reacting to this mass awakening and expression of Swedish consciousness – solidarity - generosity of spirit in response to the refugee crisis?

After some sober fantasizing about the threat to the survival of Swedish culture and the Swedish way of life, posed by huge numbers of refugees arriving in Sweden, the SD’s next major question is “who is going to pay for all this?” – and those considerations are aimed at their support base…

Amanda Björkman: Refugee crisis shows SD’s xenophobia

The latest report (and I don’t believe it) is

SD politician wants to meet refuges with a machine gun

And then, there are the serious concerns raised in DN’s editorial:

Learn from Angela Merkel

The moral obligation of “sharing the burden” – the world’s burden – ought not exclude powers that are greater than Sweden, Germany, the EU. Even though Iran accomodates millions of refugees from other wars, this time and quite unexpectedly it’s not the Supreme Leader of Iran in one of his ritual rants about “The Great Satan” , it’s Venezuela’s president who accuses the US of being responsible for the refugee disaster that Europe has to deal with

Do, PM Stefan Löfven & Margot Wallström have any views about this?

How do George Bush & Dick Cheney, President Obama and John Kerry respond to the charge made by Venezuela’s president?

Guilty or not guilty?

Normally, would Venezuela’s president have taken the US to the International Criminal Court of Justice and pressed charges? Got INTERPOL to issue an international warrant for the arrest of the US presidents but for the fact that the US is not a signatory of the Statue of Rome?

Anyway, what are the US’s next moves on the disaster?

Right now I’m taking a look at Information Clearing House :

Refugee Crisis: Where Are All These People Coming From And Why?

The last word goes to Hillary (I’m doing her a favour, giving her some positive exposure – she should try to project herself as the feministic, but tough as nails but, kind, considerate, compassionate, long-suffering, wise, flexible old lady, wife of Bill Clinton and mother of his kids, supports US law on same-sex marriage etc (The 91-year-old Mugabe would probably be very excited and manage to go down on his bended knees to beg or pray for her hand) her only weakness being that she wants to be the next president of the United States – so she says something that’s going to make American bulldog, bulldozer Donald Trump who also wants to be the next president of the United States to see red, blood everywhere, when Hillary says that the Iran Deal is Good for Israel.

As a dove of peace she could mean that the peace deal might help delay the bomb and help establish stability/ equilibrium in Syria (check the news), peace and tranquillity as part of a negotiated settlement, a political solution: the partitioning of Syria into new, distinctive administrative regions; short of a complete de-militarisation/dis-arming of all the jihadists who oppose Assad (protector of Christians), the black banner Caliphate-ists mostly retaining their sway over what they control

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