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The elections are over and the winner is Jimmie Åkesson

September 15th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

King Jimmie !

He’s waiting for some a’them to be crawling over to him on their hands and bended knees, to pay homage and to say p-l-e-a-s-e, are we not your brothers and sisters? Have mercy…( Some athem might even do that, in stealth by night…

You can say what you like about the Sweden Democrats (a legal party, law-abiding – and therefore not breaking any Swedish law).

In a nutshell, what can be said is that after months of struggle, Jimmie Åkesson is now singing and dancing to Magic Sam’s I feel so good

Jimmie & Annie.com

Surprisingly (I was surprised) that Småföretagarnas Annie Lööf has also done quite well – considering that just six months ago, according to the opinion polls her Centre Party was falling apart and hovering just below the 4% line of extinction – and still smiling (like a Cheshire cat) – from that to being the leader of Sweden’s 4th largest party is no mean feat, Annie.

I would like to shake your hand…

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Swedish elections : Regime change but difficult days ahead in forming new government.

September 15th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

The Swedish National Anthem

The Swedish Election Results

You won’t find the truth here, but the current truth is that Fredrik the Great Moderate has abdicated and if you don’t believe it then just listen to his concession speech which is both so forthright and so gracious and to Iron Man Löfven’s victory oration!

We must all admit that during his tenure of running with the baton, he served the nation as a great moderate and a great prime minister of Sweden and leader of the Alliance and will long be en-scrolled in all the good history books.

People saying this and people saying that, but as explained to me by a veteran political commentator, in the long run what it all boils down to is that after some time the Swedish people get tired of seeing the same old faces, day in day out, week after week, month after month and year after year, telling them where it’s at and telling them what to do. Eight years in the saddle, would seem too long, even for an African president and even more so for a Swede….

And as I predicted the Sweden Democrats will land at least 13% of the popular vote. And are now Sweden’s third biggest party.

This absurd parallel just suggested itself to me: that 13 % SD vote in Sweden is roughly the equivalent of the African American Population in the United States of America (13% of the US population)

And so I leave you with your own diagnoses, post- mortems, solemn promises and sombre conclusions..

( to be continued )

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14th September, the day has come, is finally here…

September 14th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg


Last night there were all kinds of little parties going on – this evening after the polling booths close, at the various party headquarters and at home, restaurants, hotels, pubs, most of the country will be on tenterhooks, watching TV as the results start coming in at 20.00 hrs. By midnight we will know the results….

Carl Bildt’s statesmanlike article in DN outlines his views on immigration and the Sweden Democrats.

The refugee problems have increased since Jimmie Åkesson was last in Jordan: increased refugee problems close to home

What is certain is that welfare can not only be restored, it must be reinvented – Nathan Hamelberg

I voted half an hour ago at a few minutes to three. As usual the various party representatives were all lined up and on the ready with their ballot papers outside the polling station, hoping that the next voter would pluck their ballot papers from them. There were no queues where I voted, a quick ID check, I did my duty, I cast my three ballots, one for parliament, one for the Stockholm District and one for the County Council…

Swedish news

Dagens Nyheter

Svenska Dagbladet.

Radio Sweden

SVT Text

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two days to go

September 12th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

no problem…


The big question

Five possible election outcomes

I haven’t voted yet, and it just occurred to me what if I pass away today?
And what if I voted yesterday and then I pass away today – will my vote count?
When will all the overseas votes be counted? How many overseas votes are there anyway?

All the Friday news just before Sunday’s election is in the main Swedish papers, Svenska Dagbladet and Dagens Nyheter.

It is only at this late date that the DN headlines inform us that “Åkesson’s calculations about immigration are unrealistic” – that although Åkesson & SD would like to drastically reduce immigration to Sweden by 90%, this cannot be done without violating several international agreements requiring that Sweden accepts her share of refugees for example (and Sweden has been doing more than her share). It’s not that Jimmie Åkesson outrightly rejects PM Reinfeldt’s empathic request that we all open our hearts – Mr Åkesson would much prefer that Sweden does not import any more problems from the Middle East and other faraway places and that instead, Sweden should contribute financially to the settlement of refugees in refugee camps in the regions close to where the wars and persecution of the refugees is taking place. Mr Åkesson has made a study trip to some of the refugee camps to see for himself what can be done there, and he probably realises that Lebanon and Turkey are currently overwhelmed by the influx of refugees from Syria and Iraq and need a lot of international funding, to be able to cope with the current levels of refugees.

If immigration cannot be so severely reduced, then those voting for the SD party line are wasting their time and their votes, are they not?


Bankers fear that if Scotland goes, Britain could exit the EU

Middle East : I don’t know what you are seeing, but all we’ve been seeing the past decade is Muslims dying – the death toll now over 2 million killed during the last decade. In Iraq alone 1,455,590 Iraqis have already been killed since the US invasion of Iraq…

Turkey backs out of US-led war on IS. Germany, UK say no to air campaign


In the 2nd Congo War more than 5 million Africans have been killed.

The deadly Ebola threatens more lives in Africa

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11 September 2014

September 11th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Ki Tavo

Ki Tavo (topical insights)

Sweden: The survival of the fittest : Three days to death and resurrection. Not everybody will resurrect. Woody Allen says, “It’s not that I’m afraid to die. I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” It’s not only politicians who think in exactly the same way about whether they will be in power or not, when the dust finally settles down.

Dagens Nyheter./ The Daily News. gives the impression that the left’s Jonas-the-not-for-sale Sjöstedt has the Social Democrat’s Iron-man Stefan Löfven up against the wall and is pushing him hard, with Marxist rhetoric. He hasn’t gone for Mr. Löfven’s jugular yet, nor has Mr. Löfven seen fire flaring from Mr Sjöstedt’s nostrils, not yet, but he sure soon will, after the elections. Mr. Löfven knows this, that Sjöstedt is only making a little noise now (trying to show the undecided that he Sjöstedt is his own man) and will make a much greater noise later. Mr. Löfven is certain that Sjöstedt will be making a lot more noise – after the elections and trying to grab as much power and influence as possible when he (Sjöstedt) ultimately gets swallowed by the Red-Green coalition, if things go their way…

Scotland :

Balmoral Castle where Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II usually spends much of her summer vacation with Prince Philip (the Duke of Edinburgh) who is sometimes photographed decked out in his kilt),

there’s Robert Burns all that music, our whisky people in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee and in this vale of tears, what they feel being Scottish means ahead of the Referendum.

David Cameron: “I would be heartbroken…


Obama and ISIS

Oscar Pistorius : Murder verdict ruled out (Pistorious cries when he hears this)

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In Scotland too

September 10th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

the Referendum
is experiencing problems about undecided voters.

The headlines are many:

Cameron warns Scotland!

Cameron threatens Scotland

(with the pound!)

He says that an Independent Scotland must also abandon the £ British Pound.

He thinks that when you threaten a parsimonious Scotsman’s economy you’ve got him by the coin purse

Whilst we are waiting

Johnny English Reborn

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The undecided voter

September 10th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Some peace and quiet

7.3 million People are eligible to vote, 200,000 more than in the last general elections in 2010, and that 200,000 more comprises a young crop of first time voters, some of them already registered full time, as part of the army of the unemployed, augmented by what in popular culture is known as “immigrants”, Jimmie Åkesson’s people, mostly from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, the rest of the troubled Middle East, North Africa, Eritrea and Somalia, who are now qualified to cast their ballot to decide whither Sweden – and for better or worse, they are here to stay. Ok Jimmie, so they don’t like the climate change and they might have to hibernate this coming winter, but they ain’t gonna emigrate from this their safe haven…

The latest public piece of information (from the near omniscient media) is that there are a million (1,000,000) voters who have not yet decided who they are going to vote for and so, such being the state of the electorate, all the parties are out fishing with all kinds of bait. The latest about the free election Christmas pork being handed out, is that the Social Democrats are promising free museum visits. (Reminiscent of Mark Antony reading Caesar’s will – at long last, free libraries, free theatre and opera tickets and some shares in the taxpayers booty:

“Moreover, he hath left you all his walks,
His private arbors and new-planted orchards,
On this side Tiber. He hath left them you
And to your heirs forever—common pleasures,
To walk abroad and recreate yourselves. “

I guess that if the Christian Democrats’ Göran Hägglund were not a holy man, he too could be out on tour, on the election circuit, promising the keys to heaven and the heavenly kingdom

Göran Greidar (Socialist) has an article in yesterday’s Metro in which he advises the undecided would be-voter what he or she should be voting for.

On the same theme Johannes Åman asks in today’s DN,

But how much can you say with just one vote?”

Well, that’s how it is mate, it’s one man one vote

Re- the undecided voter

How many days to go?


Bili !

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Monday the 8th of September, Sweden, Scotland

September 8th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

The pride of Sweden: Swedish Film Director Roy Andersson awarded Golden Lion at Venice Film Festival 2014

Old news

Some say that we are privileged to be living during the last days, that if we were not here in the beginning, then at least everybody will have a ringside seat as at the end, we all go down together…

“I and I
In creation where one’s nature neither honors nor forgives
I and I
One says to the other, no man sees my face and lives” (Professor Dylan)

This news requires primordial thinking and critical understanding; it’s like a tale out of Uncle Remus & the Malevolent Rabbit

First he (the trickster) slaps you in the face and then demands that you turn the other cheek or repent. A doleful bargain that you just can’t resist.

World :The latest : Ukraine President Vows to Defend Key Port (against cruise missiles from air, land and sea)

I should like to apologise about a mistake I made repeatedly – I must have got carried away (I can’t remember how) in associating St. Louis, Missouri with Louisville, Kentucky as the birthplace of Muhammad Ali. Associatively thinking, I must have got carried away emotionally,by the flames in Ferguson, St.Louis, Missouri, and there you have it.

In his Sunday editorial, it’s a mystic, logic, formula: Peter Woldarski says that repeating something enough times leads to that thing’s normalisation.. (such as that some men are more equal than others…)

Sweden : It’s this “inequality” that Mikael Wiehe and the Cartel are angry about and feeling very oppositional: “We are not Shjit” they complain and sing. The inequality in question often masquerades as “poverty” … first world, second world and right here in Sweden what one of the Naipauls refered to as the “turd world” and relatively speaking, considering the inequality between poverty and riches, the alleged ghettoization and marginalisation of youths in this country, said to be visible in certain immigrant sections like Husby and Rinkeby, could qualify for that third/ “turd” world category. Is it any wonder that when the radicalized and frustrated energies of the youth protest move-ment in Husby finally erupted, the Islamophobes were quick to mis-label it “the Muslim Riots in Husby” ?

As a European, which do you think is more important, the Swedish Elections of 14th September or Scotland’s Independence Referendum on 18th September?

You yourself can answer the silly question, as a Swede and as European and in this distinction there should be no schizophrenia – or any kind of conflict to what is possible: dual loyalty.

I guess you’ll say that both are important. Let the Swedes be left to take care of their own shjit in peace, and let Europe also take care of our collective sshjit in peace and tranquillity.

The impact of whatever outcome of the Swedish Elections will mostly be felt locally whereas the outcome of the Scottish Referendum – whichever way it goes, will have registered the divisions established by the ratio of “yes” to “no” votes. If yes, will they keep Her Majesty the Queen ? Will they keep the £ British Pound Sterling? Will they join the EU or NATO?

I guess that if it was the Skåne region of Sweden that was holding a referendum for secession from Sweden, or if it was the ambitious, radical Muslims down there in Malmö who – in anticipation of the word-wide caliphate were demanding a referendum in their own corner down there in Skåne about cutting loose or declaring that part of Sweden as their Islamic Caliphate with Malmö as its eternal capital, it would be another kind of question altogether. Jimmie Åkesson and his lieutenants in the SD would be leading the crusade against the insurgents in the Malmö Caliphate. The trinity of Reindeldt, Löfven and Hägglund, along with the Archbishop of Sweden would probably be supporting Jimmy the kingmaker Åkesson’s crusade at such a crucial moment

They have had their duel. The debate was declared open – and immediately – there were sparks as St. George’s Fredrick the Great Reinfeldt crossed swords with the man whose symbol is the rose (Stefan Ironman Löfven) and after the crossing of swords, they then settled down to exchanging blows.

The sheikh had told him to stop going to the mosque and to stop eating meat, as that was making him more aggressive. If you think of that as extreme then read this about what happened in China.

Not even the Great Satan would dare to do that.

Sweden : At Ladbrokes, the odds for the Swedish Elections, have changed perceptibly !

Foreign Policy is at the bottom rung of the ladder of election issues in Sweden at this time of the year, because with Ukraine and Gotland and Russian planes just over the horizon, there’s not much else to talk about, is there?

However, I’m still looking forward to a duel between Mr Bildt and that his Social Democrat interlocutor who likes to shoot from the hip…

I and I often reads the Swedish newspaper as blips of Swedish history (no calling names, but some of it some of it filled with sanctimonious or national bigotry laced with the saintly aura of all kinds of propaganda viewpoints and “reports”” surveys.

Dag Hammarskjöld standards.

On the other hand the conglomerate of Swedish newspapers and the Swedish media at large (considering their own interests and not without cause) are capable of going on a witch hunt. They can demonise. Just ask Jimmie Åkesson & the Kingmakers.

Is it genuine mass hypocrisy or just mass national piety?

Bear in mind, “The following funny story told to me by the Princess Lilian also depicts how foreigners may view the Swede’s drinking and speechmaking. A Frenchman, a Swede and a Norwegian were sentenced to death and the day before the execution they were granted their last wishes. The Frenchman asked for a three course meal followed by a cigar. The Swede asked for a dinner and also wanted to make a speech. The Norwegian’s last wish was to be executed before the Swede began his speech.” (Source: Swedish customs in everyday situations)

More history:

I read in yesterdays Expressen that some of Hitler’s people were among the Founding Fathers & Mothers of the Sweden Democrats.

But it’s not only the Swedish papers; take for example this Guardian article about the sword of Damocles handing over the UK’s head.

Whichever way the referendum goes, the Scots are reputed as parsimonious folks, it’s a national characteristic, a national virtue and I should know since my step-father John Patrick was Scottish and he was no exception. They know how to take care of the economy.

The other day someone was trying to sell me the line that “South Africa is not a country” because South Africa does not have

1. A name.
2. A Flag (the rainbow was supposed to be a transitional symbol)
3. A National Anthem (that Nkosi Sikelel is the “African National Anthem”)
4. A New – ( national) currency
5. Certain Laws…

Awesome artillery fire from the very first paragraph:

Alistair Darling seems to be a sucker for punishment. He was chancellor of the exchequer on the blackest day of the global financial crisis in the autumn of 2008, when the Royal Bank of Scotland was forced to tell the government that its cash machines would run out of money within three hours. Six years on, Darling has another exceptionally tough job: fronting the campaign seeking to prevent Scotland voting for independence on 18 September as the polls show support for his side slipping.”

To prevent his side slipping down the slippery slope…

What would independence really mean for Scotland’s economy?

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So, all the world’s a stage?

September 6th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Ebola: Petitioning Rt Hon Justine Greening, Secretary of State for International Development

Ok, so be it:

All the world’s a stage
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances “…

Elsewhere Old Bill talks about

a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing

Ok, so every dog has his day to bark…

On the world stage presently: Obama, Putin, Kerry, Cameron, Merkel, Netanyahu, al Khamenei, Al- Assad, al-Baghdadi, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan (thanks to Boko Haram), and last but not least, NATO’s Turk, Recep Tayyip Erdogan…

On the Swedish stage: Reinfeldt, Löfven, Björklund, Hägglund, Sjöstedt (“not for sale”), Fridolin & Romson, Jimmie Åkesson, Annie Lööf

The Swedish Election Temperature:

Horror figures for the Social Democrats

Unlike Neil Kinnock who in 1992 had taken his Labour Election victory as for granted several weeks before election day and was already cruising around in a Prime Ministerial kind of car and already acting and talking like the UK’s next prime minister, the Social Democrats’ Iron John, Mr. Löfven is obviously worried and not taking the post of Sweden’s next Prime Minister as for granted, not yet…

From one unknown to other unknown and the idle speculation is genuine concern and is not meant to be diversionary:

Hate Speech and religion. Where does it begin? When will it end?

Zionism reversed Jewish historical passivity to persecution and asserted the Jewish right to self-determination and independent survival.”

2nd September, 2014: Diplomacy in action:

State Department Hosts Roundtable on Anti-Semitism with American and European Jewish Leaders

There are many who say that religion is the cause of much conflict and grief in this world and that if there is indeed life after death, some of the religious warriors would like to continue the fight even after death and the 72 virgins. In my opinion, the soul will arrive at its destination propelled by the inclinations which dominated its lifetime in a body… so it really looks like if you are the warrior type, at the end you’ll probably wind up in Valhalla

As mentioned earlier, in Sweden right now, according to the latest opinion polls, only 4.5% separates Stefan Löfven from disaster. The Great Fredrik’s Alliance has closed the gap miraculously and if the momentum continues – and if Russia gets to rattling the sabre in the next couple of days – this is bound to affect the Swedish Elections and will probably get more votes for the Liberal Party (FP) and its leader, Education Minister Major Björklund who says that Nato would accept a Swedish application for membership IMMEDIATELY….so there is a fifty-fifty chance that the Alliance could stay in power after the dust from the election battle settles…


Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri to start terror operations in India

Senior Leaders of Islamic State Eliminated in Airstrikes

Two conflicting reports:

Wonders never cease, first that Iran approves joining forces with the Great Satan to fight a common enemy:

Report: Iran Approves Joint Military Action with the Great Satan against Islamic State

But, The Great Satan says that he has ‘No Plans’ for Joint Military Action With Iran

Whatever next! Next you’ll hear them saying that they would like to have nuclear co-operation with the Great Satan to send any joint enemies to Jahanam

Looking for a peaceful solution:

The always very philosophical Shimon Peres just before reaching the seventh stage, proposes ‘UN for religions’ to Pope at Vatican

Is this a good idea? Would it increase or lessen tensions? Would there be any fist fights or declarations of war at the world parliament of religions or “the UN for Religions” ? Will the Christians be willing to turn the other cheek?

Also, I’m thinking of the proportional representation of the various faiths …and

they are many

in which case some religions will be vastly outnumbered – in other words, will be voted down and that‘s why at this stage if al-Fatah’s Chairman Mahmud Abbas does not compromise now that his peace partner HAMAS is mortally wounded and the Palestinian cause presently has a lot of sympathy, M. Abbas’ only hope is the United Nations where the OIC Nations are most likely to support his cause…

In the UK in 1992 the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain was founded… I guess that ultimately – (very ultimately) since they have already bought ( purchased) a few churches and converted them to mosques, it’s natural that with that sort of success as a background, and getting more and more ambitious, they would like to convert Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral into mosques and to transform the British Isles and the British Monarchy into what an early map of EURABIA ( perhaps too forward-looking) identifies as the Sultanate of “North Pakistan“ and in a projected later map (circa 2025) as “Saudi Britannia

Such calculations are surely jumping the gun. Bat Ye’or the alarmist progenitor cooked up the term Eurabia( EU-Arabia) long before the ambitious Caliph Abu Bakr Baghdadi started his peregrinations in all directions – and there is no indication that he is likely to succeed with holding on to territory currently under his control or expanding that control to embrace the heartland of al-Islam. Without success in the heartland the prospect of a world-wide caliphate is less than zero….

Sweden. Religion and politics
At this stage in Sweden, we have for example the KD (Christian Democrats) – and if you don’t believe me you could ask the SD whether or not it is a good idea to have an MD (Muslim Democrats) – as a political party when there are enough Muslim citizens in the country, to give such a party a fighting chance in a Swedish national election. At such a time it should be expected that there will be more Swedish Muslims voting for the MD, than Swedish Christians voting for the KD, and that is more than sufficient grounds for not only Jimmie to take displeasure at the idea and St. George (in Swedish St. Göran) – he who killed the dragon) to fear that someone called Muhammad would soon be the next prime Minister of Sweden….


There’s Honest Reporting, there’s also honestly speaking and putting it straight: Later this evening, Lefifi Tladi (South Africa) told me, ”We don’t need tribes, we need nations” (and I guess, good relations) and that “when you talk about national identity you are talking about its creative consciousness ….( artists). He added, “This consciousness must be committed!” Naively, I asked him, “Committed to what?”

He said much more.

As for me, the memoirs I’m working on is all written in the present tense.

Present Tense

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9 days to the Swedish Elections and the survival of the fittest

September 4th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

On Leadership: Against Hate

It’s not as if we’re ever likely to see Reinfeldt exchanging blows with Löfven right there in the TV studio, for the simple reason that they are not pugilists (like these guys

No fist fights in the Swedish Parliament. We are a civilised lot.

(I’m wondering how the Kiev people are going to fare this nuclear winter without any gas from Russia… “Somebody could freeze right to the bone”. We can already ask Petro Poroshenko the king of chocolate, whose fault will it be?

Peter Wolodarski in conversation with Fredrik Reinfeldt

It’s about survival


In our Swedish multi-party democracy, there would be infinitely less confusion and speculation about building an effective (not lame duck) government after the elections – if the equilibrium provided by our multi-party democracy system morphed into a two party system, such as that of the United States. You either win the presidential election or you lose it. If we had such a system today (and here we have to imagine) Fredrik Reinfeldt as leader of the Republicans and Iron Man Stefan Löfven standing in for Barack Obama, as the challenger, then there would be no confusion after the elections.

The current rate of political events in Sweden is so rapid that the effect on consciousness could be said to be sometimes kaleidoscopic. Medically and psychologically speaking you could be diagnosed as dizzy, possibly, catastrophically so, to the extent that you lose a certain sense of location in time and space…

Even when you are on full alert, there are so many things happening simultaneously in the various political camps, pumping, pouring out of their propaganda machines – new last minute promises, counter promises (“We will give more money”) claims, counter-claims, new claims, new positions, accusations – but as yet no major scandal – of course not about mistresses (a common phenomenon) or that someone got laid out of marriage but about anyone not having paid his taxes…

You can read about the confusion: it’s all in the news,

in Svenska Dagbladet

on Radio Sweden


in the Daily News :Dagens Nyheter

There are those who say that it’s already “like a bloody circus!”

In more positive terms, the confusion is often regarded as “problematic” (noun and adjective) by a usually distraught Swedish intelligentsia who – given the diversity of their opinions and indeed their wisdom, may or may not be able to sufficiently impact on what is to be, to change the course of history in such a way that it will determine the direction that Sweden is likely to take/ re-take after that date with fate: 14th September, 2014

They have ganged up – they say on principle – so there is a consensus among the Alliance and the major opposition parties, that the Sweden Democrats are bad news and that although they have no objection to obtaining their parliamentary support when trying to pass their various motions and budgets, entering into any formal coalition with them would be betraying those principles and the Swedish people who reposed their confidence in them and voted for them based on that understanding..
Employment and education are keys to integration.

Anti-immigration is King Jimmie’s altar piece whilst medmänsklighet (solidarity) is the Prime Minister’s forte.(“The great leaders make people better, kinder, nobler than they would otherwise be. That was the achievement of Washington, Lincoln, Churchill, Gandhi and Mandela” (Rabbi Jonathan Sacks)

Mr Åkesson argues against “the more the merrier”, that there are masses of immigrants who are already here and are already underemployed and that an annual 50, 000 more immigrants will primarily add to the already insurmountable unemployment figures, not to mention, says SD, the cost of taking care of all their needs until they can join the unemployment queue, receive social welfare or stand on their own two feet…

Since immigration and unemployed/ unemployable immigrants is a reality that seems set to continue and to even increase, this article in today’s DN needs urgent attention:

This is how the highly educated immigrants can get jobs faster

World: Corruption costs poorest countries $1 trillion a year

Middle East : Ya’alon: It’s ‘expensive’ to fight terror, Gaza operation cost $9 billion

Happening in Wales: The NATO SUMMIT

Global Research

Arab News

Frontpage Magazine

Real Clear World

Information Clearing

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