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October 26th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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News from Israel

Dayan Ha Emet.

On October 12th it was an outpouring of grief with the loss of Ali Mazrui

The 25th October, Jack Bruce

has moved on to the hereafter…


As early as the last decades of the last century it was common knowledge in military strategic quarters that he who controls the oceans and the seas is in charge. Of course this does not diminish the importance of air power. I have often thought about this when people start sounding off about the impasse over Iran and their alleged ambition to become the world’s next great nuclear power – thinking of the fleet of nuclear tipped submarines stationed just off the coast of Eritrea and elsewhere and the damage that they could do (God forbid) and not only to Tehran & Qom. And that after the first wave of really ferocious allied bombing the entire Iranian fleet would find their final resting place in a watery grave at the bottom of the Persian Gulf.

He who controls the oceans and the seas.

Here’s another kind of control:

”Melodies, that flow like the breeze
Through the trees, like my forefathers
Command the wind and seas
With my jungle music”

( Jeru The Damaja – Jungle Music )

But back to our own home waters.

About the brazen submarine intruder or intruders it’s a pity that we couldn’t have said of it or them,

”WEE, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie,
O, what a panic’s in thy breastie!”

Sure, along with the whole nation I’ve been following the news this past week, following the trials and tribulations of the Swedish Navy, the hopes and uncertainties that accompanied the wild-goose chase after enemy submarines lurking in the nearby waters of the Swedish archipelago. What a glorious dénouement it would have been if after spending twenty million Swedish crowns on the mission, Anders Grenstad could have finally said

We got you ! You’re under arrest – you have the right to make one phone call or remain silent so you better shut up !”

“The biggest military operation since the Cold War has ended. A week of reconnaissance at a cost of just over 20 million. Result: “We do not know for sure what it was,” says operational chief Anders Grenstad” (Mikael Delin, in this morning’s DN, print edition)

Not Veni, vidi, vici – not exactly, but whoever is behind the submarine incursion must be laughing heartily or maybe only laughing quietly. He or she came with impunity, navigated past the booby traps jumped up like a dolphin to be snapped by some photographer who happened to be at the right place at the right time and then like a thief in the night, the submarine (if indeed it was one) slinked away and is now safely out of sight – or are they still there, as in First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is ?

It’s serious. National security is never a laughing matter

I finally got a true picture of the lay of the land when I went through Richard Swartz’s star article in Dagens Nyheter, a very self-critical article – self-critical but far from impinging on t-reason, that “Alice in Wonderland seems to have visited the Stockholm archipelago ” … and the authorities are busy announcing what has been achieved (precisely what has not been achieved) and incompetence is now being touted as competence, defeat has now become success… What looks like totally fruitless activity would nevertheless still have given rise to “pride” and sent a “strong signal” to the world that Sweden is ready to defend its territory. One wonders if the signal is not the direct opposite”(Richard Swartz)

“It can happen very quickly. Last Thursday the little country’s Finance Minister started the parliamentary budget debate by talking about Sweden as a “global model” before she made an inventory of the country’s problems that’s mostly about the children, school, women or jobs. Not a word about defence and the archipelago …..not a pip about this from the minister or about the consequences of the Swedish government not having control over its own territory, that its sovereignty, at least in the physical-geographical sense is questionable.” (Richard Swartz)

There are still conflicting reports, such as ”Submarine hunt in the Stockholm archipelago is cancelled after threats from Russia

Even Finland is critical of our lack of success in attempting to apprehend this latest foreign submarine incursion into Swedish waters.

About the budget that’s still hanging in the air -. to some extent, like the sword of Damocles over the government’s head, this unusual headline caught my attention:

Budget without money

The very first paragraph dispels a widespread misunderstanding…


So religion plays such an important part in determining who is going to be Brazil’s next president.

Surprise ! surprise! In spite of the Pope’s recent visit the ”Free churches” are still in the ascendancy in South America’s superpower ! About religion in Brazil I’ve noted the flowering of Shango and other Yoruba cults in Brazil, in Liberation Theology (still not a major force in the Roman Catholic Church) and in Bishop Dom Camara who famously said, “When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist” – And more recently the insights provided by Stephen Sackur who conducted a series of Hardtalk interviews with some select Brazilian peronalities just before the world cup kick-off and – inevitably the Ghettoization of Brazil’s big cities and attendant problems cropped up along with a socialist oriented solution which presented itself in these interviews. So I’m surprised that there’s a lot of wind in the sails for Aecio Neves even after the latest corruption scandals at the door of the incumbent government …

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Telling it as it is : Rabbi Sacks, Fredrik Reinfeldt, Björn Ulvaeus

October 24th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Of course, in that order. Respect.

Rabbi Sacks ’s commentary is on the eternal Torah (in their own special ways to some extent also recognised by Christianity and al-Islam) and the words of the eternal Torah (sometimes said to have laid the foundations of Judeo-Christian ethics and civilisation) precedes all of us, and all of us includes

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks (former Chief Rabbi). Starting with the Rabbi’s word’s of wisdom about this Sabbath’s Torah portion Noah – the evolution of man’s self-consciousness (from the moment Adam realised that he was “naked”) and the Torah directions through which man was to evolve from self-ish -ness all in his commentary entitled From Nature to Covenant

cf. Of relevance to all humankind :The Noahide Laws/ Laws of Noah

Vilhelm Moberg the author of The Emigrants followed by his The Immigrants ( translated into English as The Settlers (about the two phases of Swedish emigration to the United States of America

He is one of the most widely read of Swedish writers, and those two novels have resulted in three films starting with The Emigrants directed by Jan Troell and starring Allan Edwall, Max von Sydow, Liv Ullman and Eddie Axberg, et al.

In chronological time, he too precedes Fredrik the open-hearted Reinfeldt
who because of his historic appeal to the Swedish people to open our hearts to each other, to our brother and sister refugees, deserves to be known as the open-hearted as much as King Richard is known as the lion-hearted). Christmas is coming, the time of good cheer and Santa’s heavy spending, it is the season of the Chimes of Freedom flashing isn’t it?

In my opinion given that no one is too big or too little, Mr Reinfeldt should be awarded the Swedish Martin Luther King Prize!

I think that I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Fredrik Reinfeldt should be awarded the Swedish Martin Luther King Prize for 2015

(As for those who would like to object to my suggestion, and those who are filled with xenophobic hatred and intolerance, they should deliberate on one of the maxims of Black Radical Congress it’s now a popular phrase, the one that goes “free your mind and your ass will follow

Precedes Abba’s Björn Ulvaeus one of the kick starters of Abba and echoing Fredrik the Great Reinfeldt, last but not least, Björn Ulvaeus says “Sweden must show warmth and tolerance

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It could be their first budget, it might well be both their first and their last…

October 24th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Swedish news

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Sweden: Europe News

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As I was saying, it could be their first budget, it might well be both their first and their last…

Like Marley’s Natural Mystic :

“If you listen carefully now you will hear.
This could be the first trumpet, might as well be the last:
Many more will have to suffer,
Many more will have to die –
don’t ask me why.”

The Budget

The budget debate started today will continue and in December the Swedish Parliament will vote on the immediate future / fate of the current minority government.

Today, nice guy Erik Ullenhag was so incisive…he was nothing less than pungent !

At this stage I’m humming Nat King Cole’s When I fall in love (it will be forever – or I’ll never fall in love) and have got to the part that goes

“In a restless world like this is
Love is ended before it’s begun
And too many moonlight kisses
Seem to cool in the warmth of the sun

Consider this one :

By Recognizing “State of Palestine,” Sweden Could Harm Palestinians

Over there in the Holy Land it’s never a dull moment :

Police to Restrict Temple Mount Entry on Friday

Sweden’s security service says up to 150 people have left the country to join IS militants in the Middle East.

Over here in Mama Svea, all it takes is the security service to raise the terror alert temperature by just one degree Celsius or for someone to say they saw a Russian submarine to give the whole nation and the Swedish navy the jitters. For all we know as for the one who “saw”, it could have been a case of cheeba cheeba

Personally, in spite of their “recognition of state of Palestine” declaration I still hope (but do not pray for it) that the Löfven-Wallström government won’t be a short lived one. As for the sun, I haven’t seen it for some time now and I’m still trying to figure out if it was this last long hot summer just past that the Norwegian seer Anton Johansson was talking about in which case if his vision is true then it follows, just as day follows night that the Russian attack he was talking about could be imminent.

However, with climate change, we will have to be ever on our guard, one hot or hotter summer after the other – be ever on the ready and on the lookout with our binoculars and telescopes – who knows, some people might even see a flying saucer or two and some other unidentified flying or water objects before the attack which may never come after all. After all the anxiety and the hype such stress must be surely taking a toll on the public heath

I just watched this debate on TV about the media coverage of the submarine sighting in which former minister of defence Anders Björck appeared to be the calmest and most balanced person in the studio, at least he was not being “vision-ary” – but there again I’m biased. I’ve always liked Anders Björck, ever since that moment of chutzpah when he told somebody that it was a pity her father had not used a condom…

One solitary submarine – apparently not even flying an underwater Russian flag – takes me back to this line from Bob Dylan’s Spirit on the Water

where he croons,

“You ever seen a ghost? No
But you have heard of them”

That’s what this submarine search has turned into: ever seen a ghost submarine? No? – But you have heard about one. Enough to give me and the rest of Sweden a national trauma…

“Is this a dagger which I see before me,
The handle toward my hand? Come, let me clutch thee.
I have thee not, and yet I see thee still.
Art thou not, fatal vision, sensible
To feeling as to sight? or art thou but
A dagger of the mind, a false creation,
Proceeding from the heat-oppressed brain?”

Indeed, when the submarine sightings become a national psychosis and the persistence of the search (never give up determination) becomes an obsession – as if the sub would be hanging around forever, to be discovered in Swedish waters, is this fear enough to throw us all into the arms of the NATO Guardians? I’m only asking.

But from the phantasmagoria of pirate submarines in the deep blue Baltic Sea to a much closer reality which is there for all to see

The national budget!

Will the government swim safely back to base (the cabinet office) after the voting on the budget or will there be new elections in the spring?

Are the Sweden Democrats sure that they would like that? (A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush – that must be what all the other parties are thinking too. There is no guarantee that they would fare any better, they could even do a lot worse…

I ask, because at this stage it looks like it will all depend on what the Sweden Democrats decide to do – if they decide to side with the Alliance as they have done in the past, then it’s curtains for the government.

The always succinct Lena Mellin has spelled out the no uncertain terms for the worst case scenario:

Then the government must resign !

Good news: Keep your eyes on an India that’s GROWING

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The Budget will be presented today

October 23rd, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Swedish news

Dagens Nyheter

Svenska Dagbladet.

Radio Sweden

SVT text

Unlike the out of the blue Löfven-Wallström announcement that so took us and the whole world including Mahmud Abbas & Hamas by surprise, that Mama Sweden shall “recognise” state of Palestine – an announcement that was made prior to any parliamentary debate whatsoever, today, Magdalena Andersson shall announce the contents of her budget, it shall be debated, recognised, amended and approved or thrown out of parliament, rejected.

In the past couple of weeks the Social Democrat – Environmentalist Party coalition, sometimes with the approval/support of Jonas ”not for sale” Sjöstedt’s Left Party, has been announcing a series of promising proposals, all of which need financing. Today, we will see how these proposals translate into budgetary propositions that the minister of finance Magdalena Anderson is going to present to the Swedish Parliament for their perusal and endorsement, not rejection. She’s aiming at stage two of the sweet election victory since many of the election promises can only be kept if the budget, even as a slightly watered-down version of pre-election ambition will successfully sail through parliament.

The threat of this government’s very first budget being torpedoed is more remote today than it was yesterday or just after the election results had been declared and this is because, (a) Best friend Jimmie Åkesson is on sick leave (exhausted) so he will not be there to personally lead and deliver the Sweden Democrats’ uppercuts and jabs to certain areas of the budget such as how much shall go to financing immigration and to the budget as a whole and (b) The main force of the Alliance opposition, the Nya Moderaterna (The New Conservatives) are for the time being leaderless – Mr. Reinfeldt, the backbone of the Alliance is not there to gather the flock together into one cohesive, unified opposition force with the kind of permanent agreements that was touted as their forte just before the elections. Already there are cracks in the Alliance – my man Jan Björklund was complaining about the supreme leader of the Alliance Hon. Fredrik the Great Reinfeldt in yesterday’s Dagens Nyheter, that The New Conservative Party of Sweden was responsible for slowing down/applying brakes to the Alliance – responsible/ to blame for the Alliance’s lack of spectacular success on September 14th this year…

I wonder how Anna Maria Kinberg Batra the new Conservative leader waiting in the wings is going to respond to that. She will probably not take kindly to the sentiments expressed by Mr Björklund, if she is going to soon be taking the oath of new leadership as Fredrik II – she who will give continuity to the Great Fredrik’s legacy…

No one can predict exactly how Annie Lööf & Centre Party are going to vote, if she is going to give in to the Iron man’s wooing or toss the whole budget out of the window, simply torpedo it and him like an enemy submarine

This one thing is sure : That when it comes to the defence aspect of the budget, sky’s the limit! I’m sure that even if it were to be put to a national blue litmus test, i.e. a referendum on how high to jump with regard to how much should be spent for a reasonable (capable) defence of the nation from any preying submarines – at such a time as this it would most probably be Sky’s the Limit although for the moment Swedish defence is not being tested in the sky but only in our own backyard in the glorious summer holiday’s archipelago, rimmed by the horizontal sky and the Baltic Sea beyond which we have our neighbours, Russia, Finland. Norway, and the states on the shores of the Baltic Sea, namely our neighbours in the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

If the Alliance was still in power and Carl Bildt was still Foreign Minister you can also be sure that by now the hysteria would have reached a fever crescendo pitch with The Russians are coming!!!!!!!!!!!”</a>

Sweden , the Russians are coming!


We the Swedish nation are holding our breath and following the course of events as the Swedish Navy continues it’s search for one solitary enemy submarine a ghost submarine which if indeed does exist, they say is badly damaged but has still not been located. What is still not clear is whether or not the mission has entered the more dangerous stage of mission search and destroy….

Other news:

This doesn’t make sense: French Jewish Leader Indicted for Calling Dieudonne ‘Professional Anti-Semite’

Rabbi Marvin Hier: ‘U.S. is Rewarding These Perpetrators’

More Sound and Fury about New Jerusalem Housing Developments.

Another recognition of “state of Palestine” this time lots of land, a state with recognisable borders

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Sunday evening: still searching for that damaged Russian submarine…

October 19th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Not much progress to report so far. In the Northern hemisphere the Swedish navy is still searching for the damaged Russian submarine in Swedish waters

Question is if or when the searchers apprehend the damaged submarine, what will be the next move? I ask because way back (can’t remember the exact date) a foreign submarine was fished out of the water and for some reason or other was released

In the Middle East it’s False Rocket Alarms in Israel’s South

It could have been worse – imagine what could have happened if the IDF had spontaneously fired at the source of the rocket fire….we would then be back to square one.

About the recognition of the state of Palestine,

A diplomatic storm is coming in January’. Will Obama use his veto?

What would or will happen if the Pals unilaterally declare a state of Palestine?

Giant Steps

Something to think about : Sweden wants a seat in the Security Council

One more thing to think about: Imaginary Time

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A breath of fresh air…

October 18th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Swedish news

Dagens Nyheter

Svenska Dagbladet.

Radio Sweden

SVT text

A must see very moving interview, the much needed breath of fresh air :

Evo Morales: A man of the people
(translated into English)

Source: al -Jazeera

One Day with President: 24 hrs with Bolivia’s Evo Morales ( An RT Documentary)

The Popular Base That Took Evo Morales To Power

Evo Morales

Brings some of the dreams of Chile’s Victor Jara to fulfilment

Since in some cases, ”truth is stranger than fiction”, either we will have to content ourselves with the voice flamboyant, the surrealistic magic voice of Augusto Roa Bastos : I, the Supreme – or – moving from fictional South America to what could sound like the synopsis of a chapter from a modern Gulliver’s Travels waiting for the combined skills of V. S. Naipaul, Paul Theroux and Evelyn Waugh to depict the state of affairs in a fictitious African country in which the government is headed by Mr President the Mafia Chief & the other senior gang members comprising his cabinet – all of them protected by his thugs otherwise known as the military, i.e. the national army – and on the surface of it all a very prim and proper order of things indeed, such as if it’s democracy ye in the wild west are looking for or would like to judge them by then voilà, as you can see they have just held (arranged) an election, on paper, every four years, all according to the holy constitution but massively rigged of course under the very noses of the so called “election observers” who are never in a position to observe the stuffed ballot boxes or what’s under the carpet or to witness what transpires in transit, during the transportation of the ballot boxes from the polling stations to the counting houses, under the armed guard of the aforementioned police and military – or the blackout – as the lights went suddenly out in the house of counting during which brief spell of darkness the black magic took place as like lightning more ballots miraculously disappeared from one ballot box and entered into the incumbent party’s already stuffed ballot boxes (nor does the incumbent ever distinguish between the national treasury and his personal pocket) and in the eventuality (a frequent occurrence) of the number of votes cast and counted exceeding the number of registered voters in any given ethnic stronghold, the dumping of the excess votes into the river of course, all dutifully supervised by the Mafia boss’s benign military and police thugs.

Sweden takes on ebola

Nobody is ever going to be given such a name , not even an unpopular African leader…

With regard to the state of the post-colonial states in Modern Africa, the wisest person I know says that instead of talking about how bad it is we should be talking about what to do about it.

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak spells out some of the problems facing post-colonialism in Can the subaltern speak?

But back from morbid fantasy to democratic Sweden:

In Skavlan Magdalena Andersson turns out to be a very likeable person after all and as for her being sharper than a Wilkinson razor the explanation to that is not merely that she studied economics at Harvard. However, she insists that the state coffers are empty, that the Alliance left Sweden in a lurch and that Sweden is currently borrowing ten million every hour to keep the ship of state afloat….

Other news :Aminatta Forna will be at International Writers@ Modern Museum, Stockholm, 24-26 October 2014

This is from page 257-8 of Aminatta Forna’s “The Devil that danced on Water”:

“Six years later I called on Sir Banja with the purpose of discovering what the two men had discussed during my father’s visit long ago. Sir Banja told me an extraordinary story. He claimed to have had contact back in the 1970s with Yasser Arafat, as well as Mad Mike Hoare, the infamous South African mercenary whose name has for ever been dishonourably linked with the Congo and the war that culminated in the murder of Lumumba. Arafat, he said, had offered to train forty fighters in Palestine to depose Stevens. …”

Sad to learn that Jimmie Åkesson is on sick leave for exhaustion . We wish him a speedy recovery…

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Breaking news: “foreign underwater activity” in the Stockholm archipelago

October 18th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Foreign underwater activity” in the Stockholm archipelago

This news throws us back to an earlier period 1980 – 1995 when there was an upsurge of foreign submarine activities in Swedish waters

Swedish news

Dagens Nyheter

Svenska Dagbladet.

Radio Sweden

SVT text

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It’s finally here, Friday the 17th October, 2014

October 17th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Soon it will be over…

Swedish news

Dagens Nyheter

Svenska Dagbladet.

Radio Sweden

SVT text

Breaking news : Obama and Löfven discuss ebola

Obama and Löfven discussed ebola

Did they also discuss Russian Warplanes getting dangerously close to violating Swedish airspace, over the Baltic Sea? Recognition of state of Palestine? I wonder.

Putin: Nazi Virus ‘Vaccine’ Losing Effect in Europe

Even for those of us whose time reference has been mostly centred on Big Ben and Greenwich Mean Time (the zero degree meridian that cuts through London and Accra), as always, the sun rises in the east and sets in the wild West.This means that Friday is already here for most of us on this Swedish part of the hemisphere, whether for you Friday begins when the sun takes a dip over the horizon maybe even dips into the sea in which you’re swimming or the next day begins when the holy hour tolls twelve in Stockholm City.

I had to smile a wry smile when I read this first sentence about how things could be in Jerusalem this Friday although it’s not a laughing matter.

It’s not very comforting this on going fighting between the great grand children of Abraham. Some of the pessimists say that there is never going to be peace. Since it’s not going to be everlasting war either, when peace finally comes they will be shaking hands all day long. If you remember, for the 1998 meeting in Maryland, Ariel Sharon had vowed that he was not going to shake hands with Arafat. All Israel was tuned to the TV news that evening to see if Arik was going to shake hands with Arafat or not. Well, he didn’t shake hands with Mr Arafat. Curiously enough, when the brisk and burly Sharon entered the room (I witnessed this on TV), Arafat stood up, stood to attention and saluted General Sharon, it was a military salute – and that was all. Madeleine Albright reports here about what happened later when it was time for the peace dinner…

I’ve been trying to figure out why things went the way they did and concluded that Mr Arafat was displaying good adab – i.e. as on one occasion when the Prophet of Islam (s.a.w) was asked “Who is the best Muslim?” He answered that, “It’s the Person who greets first

So, please , it’s not the time for despair. Cheer up Stefaqn Löfven, cheer up Margot Wallström, there is hope yet and this is a prelude to future amicable relations

Now to these outstanding matters: re- what we are told is the state of Sweden’s economy after the demise of Anders Borg, once upon a time the EU’s undisputed best Minister of Finance – well, Magdalena Andersson had wrongly and woefully misinformed us that “lädorna är tomma” that the treasury that she inherited from the Alliance Government is EMPTY – sending shockwaves of panic through yours truly. It’s the kind of transfer of power that would be credible in some kind of third world country, but not in Minister of Finance Anders Borg’s Sweden.

Ministers of finance even those with the penchant for the occasional poetic flair should be more circumspect in talking about the state of their country’s finances since both voter and consumer confidence is so very important, is at stake. That kind of statement could have led ignoramuses like myself to panic that Sweden was now running on empty, when in fact she was only speaking metaphorically, this time effectively employing hyperbole with which to inflict damage on the Alliance and on Ander Borg’s credibility as a once worthwhile minister of finance…

We’re waiting for a very final clarification of the actual state of Sweden’s finances even as the government embarks on a new spending spree on railways and house construction among other costly projects…

Re – The speculations about the one horse race to replace Fredrik the Great Reinfeldt will continue till 7th March when the election of the new leader of the New Conservative Party of Sweden will lay all speculation to rest. For the time being there’s not much to speculate about since it looks like the only horse (mare) that’s running is one Anna Kinberg Batra – not a very exciting race, especially not at Ladbrokes. Between now and then we will hear and read endless encomiums about the Great Fredrik’s legacy – indeed a great challenge for the lady who would like to live up to or continue that legacy…

I’m happy. Susanna Birgersson does Justice to Mehmet Kaplan. I cannot help but agree with her completely. Mehmet Kaplan should not be unjustly accused – and I hope that he too will be invited to the Nobel Banquet…

About the disappearance of the ministry of integration which was once so ably manned by Erik Ullenhag and before him Nyamko Sabuni , we’re told that the rationale is that what is needed is jobs, jobs and more jobs, that integration will take care of itself – and of course we must remember that even after the man or the woman gets the dream job, integration is a purely personal decision, that there are people who don’t want to integrate or assimilate and there is plenty of evidence for this. About our new minister of culture and democracy – well, as to the culture part of it, I find myself moving more and more into classical music maybe thanks to the Mezzo TV channel…. I would like to see more of the taxpayers money equally sprayed on acquiring more music for our libraries. I ordered Jimmy Dludlu’s “ Afrocentric over six months ago and there’s still no sign of it appearing. Next week I’m going to recommend that Kulturhuset acquire Johan Hedin’s Innersta Polskan – he too needs greater exposure to even the immigrant public since everybody understands the language of music – not just Ale Möller. We would like to see more of Hedin, live and direct. I have a list of preferences about a mile long, one more reason why my heart is worried when I hear Mary Magdalena saying to the potential bank robbers that the treasure chest is empty….

Around 300,000 refugees are expected to come to Germany this year

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The good and the bad and the wikid

October 16th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Simchat Torah (On Friday)

Swedish news

Sweden: Europe News

Dagens Nyheter

Svenska Dagbladet.

Radio Sweden

Daily Alert

News from Israel

United With Israel

Real Clear World

Oh what a feeling, dancing on the ceiling! The Almighty’s great gift to the Jewish people. Tonight is a night of study of the Torah and tomorrow, the completion of the cycle of reading of the Torah and joyful dancing with the Torah!

Dancing for Joy with the Torah!</strong>

Other good news: Israeli Company Ready to Produce Drug to Cure Ebola

Otherwise it’s only getting worse and worse

In Sweden it’s hate speech but in Britain, Galloway won’t be prosecuted Over ‘Israel-Free Zone’ Remarks

At the end of July it was Hamas invites Hezbollah to join in fighting against Israel now it’s Hamas and Hezbollah are getting together

Consider : The Tyger

So, even on this happy day this is an address to my imaginary friend, in reality a fiend:

Looka here, I’m also flesh and blood. You know how very polite and reasonable and respectful I am; it’s just that I wouldn’t like to belong to anyone’s dead poets society, otherwise, I could take my gloves off you know, I could jazz up and restate my views at a 90% level of satire, I could start by welding my teeth adding iron and steel instead of that dangerous amalgam stuff, so that I start biting and chewing harder, flaring fire from my nostrils and spitting out the chaff. Therefore, I appeal to you to please stop messing with me and please stop messing up my computer and don’t get me angry…

It’s simply unbelievable, at least enough to get one to sit up and take notice, to sit up and take notice of the following and we have to take them seriously , because I believe if the Swedish Parliament were to be dissolved today and re-elections were slated to be held before or after March 5th (when the rudderless Nya Moderaterna would be electing their new captain, Fredrik II) then the Social Democrats would improve on their latest performance by more than 5% and this would be so because of the “We recognise Palestine” spiel and the money that they intend to spend on strengthening the schools that are most in need of strengthening. Many years ago Erik Nilsson the then Social Democrats’ Secretary of education acquainted us with that aspect of social democrat philosophy, that the strong should help the weak, ditto with their Robin Hood taxation scheme which on the whole should resonate well with the length and breadth of the Swedish public, although at the same time, Lady Lööf’s Centre Party – the job-creating small entrepreneurs and farmers party would be likely to steal a few more votes from the other Alliance Parties – and it goes without saying (more bad news for the Alliance) that after such an election King Jimmie’s hand would be even stronger and here we would be talking about at least 15% plus of the popular vote.

Therefore, take note of

A) The new European messiahs, the new kids on the block, the new leaders of all Europe, a man, a woman, Stefan Löfven and Margot Wallström who I have no doubt, sincerely want to bring peace and tranquillity to the Holy Land. Perhaps their Social Democratic fans and of course the Pals mostly see them that way, Mr Peacemaker and Ms non-violence & tranquillity, without any saintly religious auras of course, and I don’t think that they are pretending to be holy – but perhaps only holy poly in the general Swedish imagination or estimation, not that I can imagine that they would have the temerity to start a political dialogue with the Guardian of Israel – after the lesson of Balaam and his ass. (You know that the Archangel Michael is usually the bringer of good news to Israel. There is also the Archangel Gabriel’s special relationship with Israel and of course there is Jesus of Nazareth’s Sermon on the Mount (not Mount Sinai) where he fed the crowd of 5, 000 people on five loaves and a few fishes and blessed them and said, “Blessed are the peace-makers, for they shall be called children of God” So there you have it : Löfven & Wallström as children of God. But I most humbly ask them from where do they get their mandate or inspiration to transform Judea and Samaria into an Islamic Sharia State of Palestine which they believe will then live side by side in peace and tranquillity with Israel? Would such a state refuse to grant visas to al-Qaeda and other like-minded operatives?

Check this out :

“And when it is said unto them: Make not mischief in the earth, they say: “We are peacemakers only!” Are not they indeed the mischief-makers? But they perceive not. And when it is said unto them: believe as the people believe, they say: shall we believe as the as the foolish believe? Are not they indeed the foolish? But they know not”.
(Quran al-Baqarah 2:11 – 2:13”)

The way that the psychologists are prone to seeing it, frustration leads to violence´and that’s what’s most likely will happen if the Palestinians are led to believe that going to the negotiating table with peace partner Israel is a waste of time and no longer necessary, that recognition by Messrs Löfven & Wallström etc will deliver to them all that they want for the time being, and that they don’t have to bother about defensible borders or security for Israel, that the right of return is a fait accompli that comes along with recognition, and of course with an unnegotiated Jerusalem as “their” eternal capital – all that – and when they are eventually disappointed after the hope that has been lit, will they go on being patient or will they return to violence, to holy war – to jihad, with a vengeance?

A question for Löfven and Wallström

The Jewish Chronicle (UK) weighs in

Israel Says UK Palestine Vote Undermines Peace Prospects

Israel Critical of British Parliament Support for Recognizing Palestinian State

Who is listening? Certainly not the besserwisser

Other ideas being floated:

Ya’alon: The Palestinians will have autonomy – not a State

Politics: More cause for distress:

1. Mehmet Kaplan. No smoke without fire. Wasn’t he one of the agitators in the Flotilla to Gaza?

In the print edition of yesterdays DN I was surprised to read the following “Stefan Löfven has taken in an Islamist into his government, someone who has several times now got away with supporting Islamic radicalism, says former MP Nalin Pekgul (a Social Democrat and a Kurd). Such sweeping allegations that one cannot defend oneself against countered the accused new MP, Minister Mehmet Kaplan.

2. Ostensibly, Alfred Nobel has not changed his last will and testament or the spirit and letter of that testament, nor has the Noble Foundation, the executor of his last will and testament made a “new testament“ and they say that that’s why Jimmie Åkesson has not been invited to the Nobel Banquet this year either.

You ostracize him and you make a martyr out of him, in the eyes of many.

He is the leader of Sweden’s third largest party and like Olof Palme who shook hands with Yasser Arafat at the time he shook hands with him, so Jimmie Åkesson too is a human being and a Swede and I’m sure that he is not a supporter of terrorism or terrorists, some of whom must be very happy and celebrating that Alfred Nobel created dynamite.

The Sweden Democrats are a legal Party, they are free to enter any church at any time and yet you drive him away from the Nobel Banquet, in spite of the Swedish state Church which quotes its redeemer Jesus “Suffer the little children to come unto me”- or are they persona non-grata there too? Surely, being severely anti-immigration is not a crime? I’m sure that the UKIP leader who is also anti-immigration is not a criminal either, even if in the opinion of many who look to Raoul Wallenberg as a role model the Sweden Democrats’ attitude to immigration to Sweden apparently falls far short of the ideals of Christian humanism or the idea of a global civilisation. In my humble opinion it should have been proper to invite Mr Åkesson and await his pleasure, see if he would accept the invitation or not, based on the value system that he espouses – and if he were to accept the invitation to the Nobel Banquet which is something of an international event, would that not mean that he was taking the opportunity of coming in from the cold and a clear indication that he was moving in the right direction? Would he be seated – juxtaposed right next to Malala only to shun her? Or would a polite and civilised small-talk or serious dinner conversation with her not affect him at all? If Jesus of Nazareth were the convener of the Nobel Banquet (some kind of Last Supper) would he have rejected Mr Åkesson or not taken that opportunity to teach the parable of the Good Samaritan? In the presence of so many distinguished foreign guests, who are there to be rewarded for working for the peace and progress of all humanity, that coupled with the atmospherics of all the pomp and ceremony, the enlightened ethical speeches, the cheerful toasts, etc. , King Jimmie & Better Half doing the Waltz & foxtrot on the elite dance floor, do you think that all that would not touch Mr Akesson’s heart, but would touch the hearts of all the other party leaders, and all the other invited guests? My friend David says that if King Jimmie were to be invited to the Nobel Banquet, if he didn’t turn up in his tails (like a penguin) he would probably turn up wearing a t-shirt on which is written, “I’m only here for the beer”

I notice that this is becoming rather long and maybe taxing to the average attention span, so I’ll take up items 3, 4 and 5 in my next blog update

3. What we are told is the state of Sweden’s economy after the demise of Anders Borg once upon a time the EU’s undisputed best Minister of Finance

4. Searching for the Nya Moderaterna’s (the New Conservative Workers’ Party) new leader…( A Reinfeldtian) not to be confused with one of David Icke’s reptilians

5 .The ideology continues even with the end of the Ministry of Integration and Gender Equality…

More time – and it’s always time for the Torah, especially NOW and this too is always true: The next Sabbath is always on her way!

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Simple things

October 14th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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Simple things

It’s a good title, but not exclusive. Before Steinar Aadnekvam there was Richie Havens’ Simple Things and – of course – before such simple things there was Albert Einstein who couldn’t understand it all and before him there were other simpletons once living in the present continuum. In spastic fits of what in Swedish is known as “the black sickness” (Jealousy – like the swarthy Othello’s) the sort of negative blackness expression that some anti-racism language purists I’m sure would like to expunge from the poetic Swedish lexicon – in spastic fits my Egyptian teacher used to refer to Einstein as Frankenstein and exalt Arabian mathematicians over him. I would dumbly acquiesce, what else? What he said is surely covered by the theory of relativity! This Egyptian teacher in particular should not be confused with my Egyptian psychiatrist – in Alexandria – who also in a fit of another kind of extreme passion commanded me thus:

“Bring him here now! I would like to eat his liver!”

I was scared and enquired, “Who?”

Yitzhak Shamir! “, he thundered, “ I am hungry !” –

This was before the Arab Spring but that was also going back to old tradition – there’s the still unconfirmed tale about Hamza’s liver, but how was I to know that my friend was only speaking metaphorically? He was so angry and his request sounded like that of the Pharaoh requesting that the prisoner be brought to him for immediate consumption (supper)

“What custom wills, in all things should we do’t,
The dust on antique time would lie unswept,
And mountainous error be too highly heapt
For truth to o’er-peer
.” ( Coriolanus)

It was back in those days when the little tiger was Prime Minister of Israel and some of his Arab enemies (Goliaths) used to refer to him as “ The Dwarf”, him too not to be confused with a novel of the same name by Pär Lagerkvist

The statement that I remembered most coming from Shamir was his famous “We are prepared to negotiate forever!” This is understandably a fear that inhabits the minds of some Palestinians like Ahmed Tibi for example – not the fear of freedom by Erich Fromm.

We must understand that there are 650 seats in the British House of Commons and that this means that yesterday’s 274 ayes for a State of Palestine against 12 nays, does not really represent a majority. I saw it all on TV: The House was more than half empty when that vote was taken – and the debate took place between a handful of people, David Cameron and most of his heavyweight crew were not even present. Last night I wished that I was a British MP and could be given the floor for just fifteen minutes. It could have been a storm in a teacup and at the most, the beginning but not the end of the matter, since the jinni has now been let out of the bottle…

In a similar vein, the Swedish minority government’s proposal to recognise state of Palestine may be popular on the air waves but technically even prime minister Löfven’s appointment was confirmed by 138 votes for and 154 abstentions

This means that this minority government could be sitting like a lame duck government when it comes to passing some of their cherished propositions; in today’s Dagens Nyheter for example we read that the government could be living in their last days, that there are dark days ahead and the Government is already facing difficulties should the opposition decide to unite and vote down Mr. Löfven’s very first budget at least according to this report that The Alliance is now on standby and ready to torpedo Andersson’s budget !” Maybe, that should serve them right for recognizing “state of Palestine” ? At least it would not be too far-fetched to attribute the fall of the Swedish Social Democratic Government to God’s punishment, if I were to think along the lines of the late great Rabbi Ovadia Yosef who in his lifetime attributed Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans in the United States as God’s punishment for Bush’s support for Ariel Sharon’s disengagement from Gaza. In which case the Swedish parliament may have to hold collective prayers across the kingdom of Sweden to be saved from the Almighty’s wrath and the impending punishment to be visited maybe even more strongly on the Stefan Löfven – Margot Wallström government for daring to give even a square inch of the Holy Land to a so called “state of Palestine” – if they do not repent, but only time will tell…and the punishment could take place either here or in the other place, posthumously

There are some other simple things that simply don’t make sense, since man does not willing contribute to massive self-destruction. Take this for example:

Israel Ships over 600 tons of construction materials to Gaza despite ample evidence that it is already being slated for more terror tunnels

Does it make sense to you? If the evidence is clear then what is the justification for replenishing the enemy with such supplies?

You would have thought that it’s one step at a time but Palestinian Authority and Hamas want Commons vote to become UK’s official policy. Maybe before Ed Miliband takes over after the UK General Elections in May, 2015.

One of the factors that the Pals will have to contend with is The Gatekeepers – a factor that was alluded to in last night’s House of Commons debate..

I have followed Israel-Palestine matters almost round the clock since January 1986… and today can say that if there is a representative Palestinian whose opinions I most understand and sympathise with it’s the articulations of Dr. Mustafa Barghouti

The fallout from the Commons vote begins with the media blitz’s feeble beginnings of a mighty rumble which will progressively grow in intensity, starting with this:

Jihad Watch

Under pressure, terror in the UK or terror in Sverige would inflame the general public and cause a re-think although mere thinking is not the solution, nor are boots on the ground.

My greatest fear just now is that I know that what’s happening in Iraq and Syria is a prelude to an all-out war between Sunni and Shia in that awesome Middle East the minute that Iran comes stepping in, guns blazing – and the question is, where will little Israel (the last outpost of Western Civilisation in the Middle East), where will little Israel be in all this, since “iron dome” will not be enough…

The answer is to be found in bitachon and in the fulfilment of the Redemption that the Almighty has assured.

- As Abraham said to his son Isaac, who had asked, “ Here are the fire and the wood, but where is the lamb for the offering?”
- “ God will seek out for Himself the lamb for the offering my son”, said Papa Abraham.
- And the two of them went together. They arrived at the place which God indicated to him. Abraham built the altar there and arranged the wood; he bound Isaac his son and placed him on the altar atop the wood.”
- (The Akeidah

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