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Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s Christmas Message

December 21st, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

On this day Saturday, 20th December In Chanukah-lit Christmassy Sweden at this stage of still leading the opinion polls as the most trustworthy leader, our embattled Prime Minister Stefan Löfven was impressive, bringing as he did some degrees of warmth and cheer to the people of Sweden with his Christmas message going a little beyond the “open your bleeding hearts” and a little further than France’s Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité and also in tune with the American Dream our Prime Minister has now launched “The Swedish Promise”: the holy Swedish trinity: Kunskap, trygghet och jämlikhet i.e. a community of

Knowledge, security and equality

and at the heart of all this is the core of good Social Democrat philosophy, in the exact words of the prime minister : ”Nar du är som allra svagast samhällets stöd vara som allra starkast” – i.e.”When you are at your weakest the society’s support should be at its strongest” as reported in the text TV

I once heard the same philosophy presented by the then Social Democrat’s education Secretary Erik Nilsson when he addressed us about Social Democrat values within the education sector, to wit that “The strong should help the weak”. Take the same ethic to taxation and you’ll have in this case not Robin Hood but Maid Marian or better still Magdalena Anderson…

There’s not much of the Xmas message of peace on earth and goodwill to all men reverberating between Israel the Palestiniansor in the rest of the Middle East just now

I wonder what the Santa Claus of the New Conservative Party and their allies, General Björklund commander-in-chief of the Liberal Folk Party, Annie Lööf of the Centre Party and Göran Hägglund the Godfather of the Christian Democrats and their friends in the Sweden Democrats are saying about the three wise men / women still following that oriental star are saying about a Happy Christmas for the refugees and internally displaced in and around Syria and Iraq these coming days.

The thing about Speaker Björn Söder and the Sweden Democrats is that the more exposure and publicity you give them, the more popular they become. And now Göran Hägglund will soon be followed by other members of the Alliance in grabbing some of the SD holy Swedish turf by giving slightly more moderate views about curbing immigration to top 80,000 this year (a figure apparently being disputed by Anders Danielson) and thereby stealing few votes from the SD extremists…

In this Swedish Christmas season, a world of elves, gnomes, goblins, a peek into David Icke’s world of reptilians

My favourite journalist Mark Steyn still riding into the New Year

Brother Obama also gives the people of Cuba as much as he can in the way of a Christmas and New Year present.

Less pleasant matters: Mikael Wiehe a man of heart, courage, and good ethics puts it straight with his On Torture

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Thursday, 18th December, 2015

December 18th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

It’s day 3 of Chanukah chag sameach!

Swedish news

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First the good news:

Robert Spencer Announces Candidacy for President of the United States of America!

Just kidding. Jokester. But if he actually had the nerve and all the relevant experience and did intend to take a shot at being Potus of America (US), at least he would be standing with both legs on a no compromise anti-Jihad platform)

Cornelis Vreeswijk: A Cuba

Let’s dance!

That’s really good news: New chapter in US-Cuba relations and not only as a backdrop to the on-going decline of the Russian Rouble as a result of punitive sanctions….

At least the old school Social Democrats must be dancing about Cuba – as much as in the messianic future with the sword of Damocles still hanging over their heads, if they win the 22nd March elections they may also be dancing about their recognition of “state of Palestine” and maybe even voting for that recognition should Sweden bag a seat in the Security Council. I say “old school Social Democrats” because ( ah, nostalgia) some of the old ladies ( veterans) of the Social Democrat party say that they like Stefan Löfven because he is very much an old school Social Democrat. I wonder how the New Moderate conservatives, “the real workers party” react to all this.

Now for the bad news: MEMRI TV

1. Hamas no longer on the EU’s terrorist List

2. Björn Söder is still under fire, has still not apologised but is still hanging on, fighting for his Swedish rights and still sitting tight as 2nd speaker of the Swedish Parliament. In my humble opinion if Mr Söder insists that his statements have been taken out of context then justice could be best served if the whole interview conducted by Niklas Orrenius were to be published verbatim (as recorded by his voice recorder). In the meantime he is being greeted “Shalom” – in the Swedish Parliament in Yiddish – one of Sweden’s official minority languages and in the Sami language, the Sami people being the oldest original inhabitants within what is today known as Sweden. As Israel’s ambassador said at the Kungsträdgården Chanukah celebration this evening, the shalom greeting in the Swedish parliament is a good sign!

In a facebook comment Sweden’s own Bob Dylan and Victor Jara, humanist protest troubadour and songwriter Mikael Wiehe asks with a glint in his eyes, “Är skåningar svenskar?” i.-e are the people of SkåneSwedish?

The people of Skåne

Sweden is a little more complicated than people are willing to admit. According to Demba (Afro-Swedish), the people of Skåne have for some time now had their own flag, do not so much identify with the people of Northern Sweden and would like to gain their independence from Sweden. There’s the Skånepartiet also known as the Scania Party originally founded by one Carl P. Herslow as a secessionist movement which feels a lot closer to Denmark than to the rest of Sweden. I remember in my first few years in Sweden, Thomas Sjöberg of MalmöFF was my favourite footballer – he was a lirare – ball artist ; the first time I heard him talking in Swedish, with that deep Southern Swedish accent, at first I thought that he was speaking another language. When I eventually arrived in Malmö on a series of weekend meditation journeys to visit a friend (Jörgen Rapp) I then discovered that everybody down there sounded like Thomas Sjöberg – and when I finally got to Copenhagen in Denmark, there they also sounded like Thomas Sjöberg, but a slightly deeper shade of Southern Sweden. Well, was it Gustav Vasa who forced them to be a part of Sweden? And, so I’m told, the Sweden Democrats have their main ethnic base down there in Skåne County, and that’s where Jews are still catching some hell in Sweden, in “ Malmöstan

What is still not clear for me – and this only after another Afro-Swede of Nigerian extraction, himself an adherent of Olodumare pointed out to me, that since the Sweden Democrats are really serious about racial and cultural purity then it’s understandable if they should want to reject all foreign imports in the religion department (such as Christianity and al-Islam) and would like to revert to Thor and Odin with future hopes of eventually winding up in Valhalla for eternal life there….

The Christian Democrats are now fighting for their parliamentary survival and hopefully will steal a few votes from the Sweden Democrats. It appears that these good Samaritans are finally wising up and waking up from the slumber probably moved by what their Youth Section thinks, that with regard to immigration, There must be a limit as to how many we can take in

Not surprisingly, followed by the cost-effective Party leader Göran Hägglund’s full page article in yesterday’s DN, with more of a budgetary focus on how to reduce the cost of taking in refugees as also reported in The Local

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If the Sweden Democrats were in power and ruled Sweden?

December 15th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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Racism !

If the Sweden Democrats were in power and ruled Sweden?

If pigs could fly?

If dogs run free

then why don’t we?

You a-go tired fe see me face;
Can’t get me out of the race.
Oh, man, you said I’m in your place
And then you draw bad cyard -
A-make you draw bad cyard,
And then you draw bad cyard.”

Bad Card (Bob Marley)

In Sweden we would be edging towards the beginnings of some kinda

Nuremberg Race Laws

“And the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and He breathed into his nostrils the soul of life, and man became a living soul.” (Genesis 2:7)

And what if the Sweden Democrats had their way and every person who was not Swedish for ten generations back was deported to goodness knows where, where would the Great Sweden be then? Would even the buses and trains and hospitals work? Tourism? Who the hell would want to come here for a visit?

Forgive me.

I had always thought that the Sweden Democrats were a bunch of naïve, mis-educated human beings, simpletons who were a little xenophobic and felt that their culture was under threat of being overwhelmed by a little soukous, the English language, rock-and-roll, soul , jazz, reggae, rap , halal meat and al Islam.

And the other fear: black and night, Black on White, White on Black making babies.

Now I know better.

This morning on starting my computer on the MSN webpage, I was completely taken by surprise, first by the little whopper, the SD’s whippersnapper Kent Ekeroth.

In that interview with him in Judisk Krönika nr 6 2010 in which he says that Jews are suckers for Muslims, he goes on to whine about his early days, how as an innocent little schoolboy growing up in a little town in Sweden he was bullied / mobbed by some foreigner schoolboys. Obviously that is the genesis and the crux of his discontent and something that he can never forget or forgive. So, he now wants to register all Swedish prisoners who have one or more foreign parent by the ethnicity or the foreign or previous nationality of the parent or parents.

What if somebody politely told him that the majority of Swedes who are in Swedish prisons are Sweden Democrats and Sweden Democrat supporters? Should they also be registered as such?

His boss Jimmie Åkesson is on sick leave and so Björn Söder, Deputy Speaker of the Swedish Parliament and a Sweden Democrat to boot, like a full-throated bullfrog but not in a voice reminiscent of Pavarotti, whines most unpleasantly about “foreigners”….

But the big shock was yet to come and did come with the headlines on page one of Dagens Nyheter: in bold letters: Actually, Björn Söder is only saying the same thing that Erik Almqvist the iron pipe-wielder told the comedian Soran Ismail the night that he attacked him with an iron pipe: ” It’s not your country, it’s my country!”

Niklas Orrenius should be given a special award for his investigative reporting and especially this one with which he has given eyes to every Blind Bartimaeus of Sweden as to what awful things the Sweden Democrats actually stand for – some of the details are here:

NATIONALISM WITH A SMILE (the smiling nationalism

Lena Posner Körösi the chairman of the Jewish Central Council in Sweden, reacts strongly

Other strong reactions from Maria-Pia Boethius

If there is freedom of speech in this country – then Björn Söder must resign

If there is something in Sweden, known as hets mot folkgrupp – hate speech
and this is the type that even Jesus would not forgive – then there’s not a second to be lost: Björn Söder MUST RESIGNof course he must – before the Swedish Parliament becomes the laughing stock of all Western Democratic Institutions. For him to stay as Deputy Speaker of the Honourable Swedish Parliament would be a travesty of our values, of the foundations of Western Civilisation (the Greeks, the Romans, the Judeo –Christian ethic) and his continued presence as speaker would besmirch the reputation of the Swedish parliament and the people of Sweden in the eyes of the international World Community of Nations who otherwise hold the Swedish parliament and the wonderful Swedish people in such high esteem.

You could say that I’m an Anglophile and that’s why I say that it’s impossible that the speaker of the British House of Commons would embrace the kinds of views expressed by Björn Söder and still retain his position in that Honourable House.

If the Sweden Democrats ruled Sweden, then Sweden would become a pariah state, they themselves persona non grata everywhere, sanctioned, reviled and cursed by the whole world, by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, worse than Apartheid South Africa and Nazi Germany, ostracized from Civilisation, the Vatican, the World Council of Churches, the United Nations, the European Union, the Eurovision Song Contests, the Olympic Games, the World Cup in Football and Ice Hockey, Beauty Pageants, Golf and Tennis, International Trade, many international organisations, and last but not least, the Alfred Nobel Foundation,

In short, Sweden would cease to exist for everybody except the Sweden Democrats and their ilk. If they had their way – to “purify” their nation, just a little later it could be this

Therefore, from my point of view, any talk by any of the political parties about any co-operation with the Sweden Democrats is anathema. The Swedish public and the Swedish electorate must be sensitized and educated about the threat that the Sweden Democrats represent to Human Rights and Democracy – as embraced by the EU and civilised nations of the world community – in spite of which, unfortunately, they might still attain 15% of the popular vote this coming election, depending on how the SD’s “Swedish Nationalism message resonates with the populace. If they sat in Rosenbad as government, next step they will probably want to disenfranchise a whole lotta people of foreign extraction

Statistics about migration to Sweden

World newspapers

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99 days to go

December 13th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

A question answered: Is the Bible a work of philosophy?

99 days to go

Apart from being the Sabbath, today is also Santa Lucia’s day, a great Swedish festival of light – bringing light to these long, dark , winter days.

It’s also three days to the beginning of Chanukah and that continues until what’s known as Xmas Eve. The Happy New Year’s Eve is six days later and then from New Year’s Day ( 1st January 2015 ) to the Election Day is eighty (80) days, during all of which time it’s the Sword of Damocles hanging over Stefan Löfven and other party leaders heads. In advance I’m wishing our prime minister a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

After Santa Lucia, Xmas is coming, hopefully if ye are dreaming of a White Christmas there will be plenty of the gently falling snow and all over town and in the countryside too the Chanukah-like candles will be beaming like the man on the moon and the stars of Bethlehem too will keep twinkling in the windows along with the Christmas tree decorations lighting & brightening up the scene. The contagious Santa Claus shopping spree atmosphere will consume the malls…. ah – I remember the Stockholm Xmas of 1974 with Barry White’s “Can’t get enough of your love babe” streaming in Stockholm’s downtown NK and Åhlens and everyplace you went, causing more rapid sales in the ladies lingerie and perfume sections, husbands and boyfriends humming along with Mr White Christmas loading their Christmas trolleys with presents for their dear ones. I hope that the Roma beggars will also get a fair share of the Christmas cheer…

I’m waiting for the Boxing Day Sales which begin the day after Xmas, to pick up a few necessities like men’s underwear, maybe a pullover and some omega 3…

On Monday, I’m going to place some orders for this book: Counting the Tiger’s Teeth and, still in the autobiographical oeuvre, its distinguished predecessor: a mouth sweeter than salt

More about them later. They are intended as New Year’s presents for some connoisseurs of literature. Coincidentally, the author, Toyin Falola himself, will be celebrating his birthday which happens to fall every year on 1st of January, which is New Year’s Day! So I guess he always gets a two-greetings-in-one: Happy Birthday & Happy New Year!

At this very moment there’s a two line rhyme circulating in my head:

Anna Batra
Margaret Thatcher

(Four syllables each)

So, why do they still say at election time, “May the best man win”?

The Moderate/ New Conservative Party of Sweden may have lost their star players Fredrik the Great & Anders Borg, but think positive : now it’s time to celebrate the opposite of

we’re losing a daughter but we’re gaining a son

Let me snap out of this.

RE – Sweden’s Prime Minister has vowed to go solo at next year’s snap election – he is not sharing a manifesto platform with those he calls his “natural” allies. Everybody in the media in the pubs and in the street is mumbling and grumbling about this, although it’s perfectly understandable that just as the Sweden Democrats are said to be a one issue party, immigration, so too MP/ the Greens it seems have the singular issue of climate change welded or wedded to their heads. But the 22nd March election – despite the recent meeting in Peru – is not about Climate Change- that’s not the main issue, and so although the MP/ Greens may have a faithful core of voters – just like the honourable Left Party, since Climate Change is not the main issue, they may do slightly worse than they did in September. This is also the probable fate of KD (the Christian Democrats) since the Moderate/New Conservative Party under the new & able leadership of Anna Kinberg Batra is deemed to be the major mouthpiece of KD and the other parties of the Alliance. In other words it looks like Sweden is rapidly becoming a two-party system since this is going to be s straight fight between Anna Kingberg Batra and Stefan Löfven. In other words the Christina Democrats (KD) have to work extra hard in order to not completely dis-appear from the radar…

Interesting. Danish ambassador and Caroline Glick exchange verbal blows over EU’s attitude towards Israel

Glick has never been better – the White hot response

When is a swastika not a swastika ? Just the other day our prime minister was blazing hot and hard accusing some members of the Sweden Democrats of having been violent in addition to tarring and feathering them for a “Nazi past”. I was thinking about these things as I read this article When is a Swastika not a swastika?”

So, I ask, where is your heart? You left it in San Francisco?

The Open your hearts scenario is a natural step: when Jews had no place to run to from Nazi persecution and holocaust annihilation ( it’s so good to have homeland Israel) would we have turned our backs on them today – even in their millions?

Rabbi Sacks weighs in on the immigration issue (in the UK):
Lord Sacks: There can be no place in the immigration debate for xenophobia and the appeal to fear

And since this is getting kind of long (with due consideration for my own attention span) I jump to this other Friday article in the Swedish press:

Do not abandon Reinfeldt’s open asylum policy

Some of the mumbling and grumbling I was referring to earlier:

Stefan Löfven’s gambit surprises experts

Said of Stefan Löfven “politikerna som ändra sig är inte uppskattade /

” politicians who change are not appreciated” – according to Peter Esaisson Professor of Political Science at Goteborg’s University

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Today in History: Nobel Prize Award Ceremonies & fabulous Banquet, live on TV

December 10th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Today in History:

Oslo: Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony (and Nobel Peace Prize Concert

Stockholm : Nobel Prize Award Ceremony & fabulous Banquet, live on TV

The banquet in pictures

BLOG: Nobel Prize Ceremonies 2014


Swedish news

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World newspapers

After watching six programmes of Beyond Magic with DMC on National Geographic Channel UK – I would like to nominate Drummond Money-Coutts
for the Nobel Prize. The only problem is that I’m not yet sure which category of the Nobel Prize he would best fit in. As to the Alternative Nobel Prize/ Right Livelihood Award he would fit in to all categories the moment he starts transforming water into wine and out of thin air multiply the handful of flour into thousands of loaves of bread to feed the hungry multitudes.

Trust the BBC to ask the same question twice (the double question):
Why is there something rather than nothing? Why does anything exist?

Why is there evil? Terrorism? Poverty?
Why are there false prophets and false messiahs?

A liar is a liar is a professional liar.

I like this one:

“A member of one synagogue said to a member of another synagogue, “Our wonderful rabbi talks daily with the Almighty!”
How do you know?” asked the other man
“He told me!”
“He might have been lying.”
Nonsense – the Almighty wouldn’t talk daily with a liar

Just saw the usually gorgeous Zeinab Badawi resplendent in evening dress talking to one of the STV reporters covering the banquet. I wonder which cat in evening tails will be doing the foxtrot and the waltz with her tonight…

Will return to the TV when the dancing kicks off. Let them have their time in the moonlight…

Whilst the Nobel People are dancing, these terrible things still happening in our world:

ISIS Executes Homosexual by Throwing Him off A Rooftop and Then Stoning Him

Saudi Columnists: There Is Anti-Shiite Incitement in Our Country

Rouhani: Oil Price Drop is A ‘Plot’ Against Us


Palestinian minister dies after confrontation with Israeli police

This day in history

Yesterday, I watched BBC Business edition with Tanya Beckett (sometimes saucy, nice and saucy but never strident and combative or braying like that Amazonian woman that I particularly dis-like):

The gap between the rich and the poor is enormous and getting bigger

(Everywhere, the population’s increasing and on the whole the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer; there are also the in-betweens…

Syrian War – appeal to other countries to take in refugees

The figures given here for Sweden are grossly inaccurate

This year it’s supposed to be about 79,000 and next year 110,000 refugees are expected to be taken in by Sweden

In the Swedish political arena things are happening. Happening fast. Between now and the 22nd March General Elections anything can happen. Although it could be difficult to imagine, the way things are going now, erstwhile political enemies may even be soon getting married, like the marriage between earth and heaven at the place where they meet beyond the deep blue horizon. One of the good things that’s happening – thanks to the Sweden Democrats – is that the immigration issue is now pretty much centre stage. Assuming that it will be a straight fight between open “your hearts” and the Sweden Democrats, wisely, the Moderate Party under its new leadership/ management will probably be moving a little in the direction of the Sweden Democrats in order to recover some of the voters that the Sweden Democrats stole from them (The Moderate Party) just on this issue – the immigration issue, the last elections on September 14, 2014… Therefore, today’s text TV informs us:

M-politicians want fewer refugees

Needless to say the party pundits are keeping a sharp eye on the demographics. So far it seems to me that many immigrants that I know will be casting their ballot as a vote against my best friends, the Sweden Democrats and this means that they will be casting their ballot for alternative immigration policies. The “ open your hearts” policy should merit winning the Nobel Peace Prize, the Rev. Dr Martin Luther King Prize, the Mother Teresa Prize, the Mahatma Gandhi Satyagraha Prize, the Good Samaritan Prize, the Brothers & Sisters Keepers Prize or even – arguably – the Nobel Economics Prize. However, even if before elections when it comes to making promises, sky’s the limit and some politicians like making promises that they know they don’t intend to keep. Advisedly, the Open Your Hearts and open them without limits is as a rule a good policy, even if an extreme policy, but even the most generous asylum and immigration policy must have points of saturation, depending on the economy. So, this election will boil down to a competition between the desirable, the feasible and the reasonable budgetary limits that will determine how generous the asylum politics will be and the voter wants to see what differentiates the different party immigration policies, one from another…

One of the things that Anna Batra has going for herself is that this time round she’s likely to bag an extra 3-4% of the voters who are looking forward to Sweden’s first ever female Prime Minister, considering that Sweden which has been a leading light in Scandinavia is now lagging behind, to the extent that Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland have all had their female prime ministers, while Sweden is still waiting

Sadly, no official Sweden Democrat guest at the Nobel Banquet this evening. And thus they suffer martyrdom for their cause.

Somebody’s song

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December 7th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

“Disillusioned words like bullets bark
As human gods aim for their mark
Make everything from toy guns that spark
To flesh-colored Christs that glow in the dark
It’s easy to see without looking too far
That not much
Is really sacred.” ( “It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding

Swedish news

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Radio Sweden

SVT text

Europe News : Sweden
Commentary Magazine
FirstAfricaNews (Nigeria)

Nigeria World
Albert Einstein: The Negro Question

It’s some comfort to know that our Sweden is not like the US of those days or even the Ferguson-New York US of today.

Words are sometimes used as weapons. I once knew a Swedish woman who, every time she disagreed with me would tell me that I was a “psychopath”…”psykopat”. A very powerful word ….

Another friend (African-American, artistic, musical), whenever I would begin by saying, “We the Black people” in our usual assembly of diverse Africans, African-Americans, Caribbean, South Americans and a few Europeans , he would pretend to be irritated and start shouting for everyone to hear : “Don’t come here with your racism !” – as if he was suffering from a bipolar disorder.

Some people use words any way they like, as if words are devoid of agreed upon meanings.

Neo-fascism: definition

A man says, “Black is Black, I want my country back” and you call him a neo-fascist?

I’m mulling over Sweden’s current Minister of Finance Magdalena Andersson and Sweden’s current Prime Minister Stefan Löfven now telling us that Sweden’s third largest party in the Swedish Parliament, the Sweden Democrats are “a neo-fascist party”, and telling us this, only after the Sweden Democrats torpedoed their budget , and not before.

I cannot say that I agree with our Prime Minister and his Minister of Finance about this labelling. Moreover, the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats are likely to win even more sympathy and more seats in the March 22nd Elections, perhaps, precisely because of this new labelling.

Fredrik the Great Reinfeldt has probably made matters a lot worse with his latest, a continuation of his general “open your hearts” appeal, this time by saying that there’s “Plenty of space in Sweden for refugees” – a perception that is going to make the anti-immigration people see red, since it’s not only space that immigration is all about – as someone said in the Local’s discussion thread:

Using Reinfeldt’s statement, one could also state that there is a lot of space in the Sahara or in Siberia. It is not about having the space but about having the infrastructure in place and if Stockholm already has to build 5,000 apartments per year over the next 10 to 20 years just to meet the current demand, then there is not the infrastructure in place

The anti -Sweden Democrats propaganda has only just begun, with Dagens Nyheter leading the charge with this article in today’s DN :

SD is a danger to Sweden

But can Santa himself believe that, that the SD are dangerous?

So, the 22nd March Elections is partly going to be a referendum on immigration. I think that this time, the Sweden Democrats are going to poll at least 15% of the popular vote. If Jimmie Åkesson recuperates in time to join the campaign when they go on tour – all they have to do is present themselves as the martyrs and emphasise their empathy with the unemployed, poor suffering Swedes in their hundreds of thousands – (importing more unemployment – taking more care of them than us) as a result of which the sympathy vote will jump to 17%-18%

OK, so for quite some time now people have been saying all sorts of things about the Sweden Democrats which is still a legal party in Sweden and their special mark of distinction is that like some other parties in the European Union countries, they are anti-immigration, a point of view which has not yet been criminalised. At this juncture it’s appropriate to point out that in Greece, the Golden Dawn party
has been criminalised – mainly because they turned to criminality and indulging in violent terrorist activities.

In the light of the demonic characterization of the Sweden Democrats, whilst Löfven-Andersson-Wallström are still in office and one of the Sweden Democrat MPs is Speaker in the Swedish Parliament, I wonder how the Löfven government looks upon their good friends Mahmud Abbas, Hamas and the rest of their so called unity government who insist that there will not be any Jews or Israelis in their state of Palestine.

What else is happening in that region : Iran bombs ISIS

Sami Zeidan, al-Jazeera’s younger edition of CNN’s Jim Clancy leads a discussion of Iran’s role in this affair

More problems possibly looming in the horizon:

Egyptian army

Some hope yet of peace in the Middle East

The latest SKAVLAN (mostly in English): Stefan Löfven, English funny man John Cleese, Ski Champion Aksel Lund Svindal, Hiroshima bomb survivor Setsuko Thurlow, and the humble Nobel Prize winning couple Edvard and May-Britt Moser, rounded off with Weeping Willows…

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Two democracies: New elections in Israel on 17th of March and in Sweden on Sunday the 22nd of March…

December 4th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Swedish news

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Radio Sweden

SVT text

Europe News : Sweden

United With Israel


The Jewish Press

Israel News

Frontpage Magazine

Real Clear World

The Sweden Democrats the King Makers have struck a deadly blow! Cheers!

It serves Mr Löfven right. I can’t understand Mr Löfven’s reasoning since it’s not backed by the laws of psychological probability. They treat the Sweden Democrats, Sweden’s third biggest party with utter contempt, ostracise them as if they are lepers in their own country (Sweden) and on top of all that expect the Sweden Democrats to robustly support their immigration budget. In my humble opinion that is an unreasonable expectation on the part of our prime minister.

Not Just Israel: Swedish Coalition Dissolves, Elections Called

Compared to the Globe and the dramatic theatre that’s often what happens at the British House of Commons and even the Lords, the Swedish Riksdag is usually a boring affair, but not yesterday and the master of ceremonies, Speaker Urban Ahlin himself was supremely cool. It’s all there on yesterday’s SVT Forum and hopefully the protocols will soon all be available on the website of the Swedish Parliament.In between listening to some flamenco music, I watched it all on TV.

Yesterday, it was the mother of all battles. Ah, Anna Kinberg Batra ! She was pungent, sharp, sometimes vicious, no love for the enemy, the master of the moment and a new definition of repartee. They say that to be a real poet you have to have a “vass tunga” – a sharp tongue. She’s got it – and so has her King David. Birds of the same feather. But there is a danger. The underdog syndrome. If you remember the match between Vad- säger-de?-Jag-hänger-inte-med Thörbjörn Fälldin and Olof Palme (painful to see) in which Palme annihilated Fälldin, gave him such an intellectual thrashing and then tap-danced in triumph over what remained of Fälldin’s dilapidated carcass/ corpse sprawled on the floor right in front of everybody – and the unforgiving Swedish public felt so sorry for Fälldin that they voted for him and he became our next prime minister…

Surely, the kind of battering that Batra started with yesterday, can’t go on, is not sustainable without her having to pay the price, because the Swedish, just like the British, have this sense of sympathy for the underdog, and in this case the underdog is the beleaguered Stefan Löfven and his very defensive Mary Magdalena. You are permitted to hit, but not too hard. I don’t feel sorry for Stefan Löfven himself – he was so sure of himself and replying to the Englishman’s question in yesterday’s press conference it was a very composed Mr. Löfven sounding more confidently American (not Swenglish) and naturally not imitatively more in charge of his pronunciation than either Carl Bildt or Fredrik the Great Reinfeldt.

Yesterday, as impressive as Batra was the young and passionate firebrand Erik Ullenhag that emerged on the podium. He is not old enough yet, but I’m sure that after Birgitta Ohlsson, in his time he will be the leading contender for leadership of the Folk Party.

The 15th is the Ides of March, and if all goes well, at the heart of a turbulent Middle East currently awash with weapons and controversy, new elections in Israel will take place on the 17th of March, 2015. Hamas says that it’s a triumph for them. Hamas Hails Coalition Collapse as ‘Victory

I wonder what they say about the collapse of Magdalena Anderson’s budget.

What I say is that yesterday I was feeling sorry for Magdalena; she was on the ropes, taking such a battering from Anna Kinberg Batra and she was only moments away from bursting into tears. I’ve never seen anything like it. I would have much preferred that Iron man Löfven himself had taken the battering by the well trained and exceptionally aggressive Anna Kinberg Batra.

And that was only the first round. There are many days ahead till the new doomsday deadline of Sunday, 22nd March of the next Happy New Year for Swedish Social Democracy and the Climate Change’s Milieu Party without the support of Jonas Sjöstedt and the merry men of the Left Party who look upon Löfven as a traitor. The way I look upon Snowden.

Who knows, if Mr. Löfven, “He who decides everything” comes back as The Power, he might even want to give Khaled Meshaal asylum, if he wants to come here, maybe set him up in Hallands län, as the new Halal Land.

I say “He who decides everything” because unlike the other countries like the UK, France, who have debated the matter of state of Palestine – and taken non-binding votes on the matter, in the case of our own Iron Man without any such parliamentary debate he was quick on the draw bypassing what is constitutional law and declaring that “Sweden” recognises state of Palestine. I don’t have any objection to anyone recognising the contours of the sun or the craters on moon which are both out there, up in the sky for all to see and you don’t have to convene parliament to discuss, negotiate or debate or vote on their existence…

#Abbas Shuts the Door to Negotiations with Israel#

There’s seldom any excitement about elections in that Middle East – elections, such as they are, the people may or may not decide but usually, come what may, elections come and go whilst monarchs, presidents and dictators, democratically elected or not, stay, or better said, stay put. In the bad old days Iraq’s strongman Saddam polled 99% of the popular vote, not that it can be said that those bad old days have now been replaced by better days, with ISIL at war and declaring an Islamic State within the borders of Iraq, Syria and the whole region, over which they propose to erect or better said restore what in their apocalyptic vision will be the resurrected caliphate

For now Löfven and Wallström don’t have to worry about the Black Flag being raised over Stockholm, Sweden any time soon, right now they have other worries at the front and the behind of their mind and I guess that the future of their state of Palestine is not one of their main concerns. They are still the government of Sweden but have not been able to get enough parliamentary support for their very first budget and so the first budget of the so called Palestinian Unity government of Fatah & their brothers-in-arms Hamas is something that the Palestinians and not their financial backers will have to decide.

Weeks and months before the elections Fredrik Reinfeldt had repeatedly asked Mr. Löfven, are you sure that you and your coalition partners are sufficiently on the same page to be able to even pass your first budget? Now we have the answer.

Much can happen between now and 22nd March. All possible manner of scandals can hit the SD and the Social Democrats before that date. The fate of the KD Christian Democrats is also uncertain. The media is going to play a crucial role in determining who wins the next elections. Ever since Mr. Reinfeldt resigned the media has been loaded against Mr Löfven. But I think that Mr Löfven has taken the best of all possible options by putting the budget on trial with the Swedish electorate as the judge. It’s a sort of referendum on the budget – not on the state of Palestine. All the Arabs etc. are going to vote for Mr Löfven of course, along with all the anti-Zionists and anti-Semites , plus all the pensioners who his budget proposals guarantee a better deal (a few extra crumbs in the pocket) whilst all the xenophobes are going to vote for the Sweden Democrats – and they have a lot of wind in their sails just now with the kinds of serious concerns and discussions on immigration taking place in the UK and France among other EU places…

Hopefully, the pre-elections discussions will focus on Immigration,
on the continuation and viability of the Swedish Model which is an inspiration to many and the future of the Swedish Welfare State

Good news: The various parties are more or less all in agreement about the defence budget. One more secret submarine visitation, especially after Putin’s “Remember lessons we taught Hitleraddress to the Russian Nation, should have succeeded in putting the fear of Russian capability into the hearts of potential enemies, to the extent that it will be sky’s the limit and all of Sweden’s parties from the extreme right to extreme left will agree to whatever extra astronomical sums of money must go to Sweden’s defence capability…

One last little thing: Voter turnout. For those who intend to wait until the 22nd March to cast their ballot, it may all depend on the weather. As for me, in principle I do not go out when it is more than 20 degrees below zero but if the temperature on 22nd March this year is anything to go by then in most of Sweden we will be experiencing early Spring weather, there are those who will be sitting on the steps of the Concert House in Stockholm, eyes closed, faces turned towards heavens, the rest of us may be humming Here comes the sun and if we all survive this winter which in these unpredictable days of climate change could very well be a nuclear winter, I’ll probably be listening, humming, singing The Curragh Of Kildare and missing Bert Jansch…

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Tomorrow will soon be here.

December 2nd, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Who wants fresh elections?


“From Broadway to the Milky Way
That’s a lot of territory indeed” (Bob Dylan)

So is from Harry Martinson‘s Aniara: A Review of Man in Time and Space(1956) to Wole Soyinka’s The Magic Lantern ( 2014)…

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Oh Happy day ! Yesterday afternoon quite accidentally I met the great man Hamdi Hassan once again and he was looking great!

Self-composed, fresh, smiling, immaculately dressed like a top executive, in fact, looking presidential, and it brought some relief to my heart because I haven’t seen him for over a decade and since there’s such a dearth of information about everybody Egyptian, for all I know he was either in the States or locked up in one of el-Sisis’s underground prisons or secret torture and execution chambers – for just being a political scientist and researcher or for even writing articles for which those three unfortunate Al-Jazeera journalists are still lingering in an Egyptian prison. So you can imagine how happy I was to be basking in the sunlight of Hamdi’s expansive smile, yesterday afternoon.

For me his greatness is founded on occasional conversations we had at Stockholm University some twenty years ago when he was working on his seminal The Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait – and that’s a real book and
– published by Pluto Press (when it comes to the Middle East, they’re special!)

I’m so grateful, because before he could say anything I proposed to him an explanation of exactly what I believed had happened whereupon he informed me that he was just back from Egypt and gave an enlightening analysis of what had happened, is happening and most probably will be happening – as a result of which my earlier understanding – paranoia about Sinai, conspiracy theories, call it what you will, all evaporated completely and was replaced by light upon light!

Hopefully, what I fear will not happen (such as Jordan currently growling about the Temple Mount and threatening to tear up the peace treaty with Israel, my other prayer being that Egypt should continue to be at peace with the Holy Land…

A valuable resource about what’s happening and what is likely to be happening in Egypt is to be found in Hamdi Hassan’s Forum /

As a consequence of this short meeting with Hamdi, Hamas rethinks is even more comprehensible…

The saying is that “the barking dog never bites.”

Tomorrow, we will know whether this is true of all barking dogs or only a few. Whether the Sweden Democrats are going to vote for the government’s budget or not. If they do, then they are going to lose credibility among their most ardent fans, some of whom will never ever vote for them again, if they should wag their tails in support of Magdalena Anderson’s budget.

Upbeat : Stefan Löfven: Out of the question that I would remain

That barking dogs never bite is not such a foreign Swedish or Swenglish expression either. Some in the Muslim community were extremely annoyed with the illustrations in Torbjörn Säfve‘s “Var inte rädd”, a lot lighter than Quest for the Red Sulphur: The Life of Ibn Arabi , Mr. Säfve’s being a fictionalised version of the life of Ibn Arabi, immensely readable and credible, although some Muslims were outraged by illustrations in the book depicting the wives of the Prophet of Islam (s.a.w). It was during the period when the atmosphere was somewhat poisoned by the extreme form of literary criticism that had greeted Salman Rushdie’s “Satanic Verses”: the death penalty! In the days, weeks, months and years that followed, there was a flurry of P.E.N. club activities, spearheaded by people like Per Wästberg and Arne Ruth. At one point I was very much afraid for the life of MrSäfve and that we could have one more literary bonfire like the one at Bradford, and one more death penalty for heresy after Mr. Säfve said, and these were his exact words as quoted in a Swedish literary magazine (my translation): “Don’t worry about these Muslims: they bark a lot but they won’t bite!”. Well, at least it wasn’t as bad as Reagan calling out Colonel Gaddafi as “a mad dog!” As it turns out, Mr Säfve was right. He survived. Not unexpectedly, since that’s how the title of his fictionalised tale of Ibn Arabi, Var inte rädd translates : Don’t be afraid.

On my way home after a meeting arranged by one of the anti-death fatwa committees, I met Mr. Säfve at the top of the stairway, just before the junction of Rådmansgatan and Hollandagatan and our short chat ended with this question which he asked me, his Parthian shot: “Is there anything that is so holy that we are not permitted to talk about it?”

I refrained from saying anything about the Almighty’s Ineffable Name, since that could have led to some blasphemy from the lips of the Ibn Arabi’s good friend, Mr. Säfve, the unafraid…

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The world today, 25/11/2014…

November 25th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

The Human Clay

a poem by Ilya Abu Madi

translated by Issa J. Boullata

Pictures of the Stockholm subway system

Sweden: Fredrik Reinfeldt on TV talking about the future of the labour market

Taking off where Mr. Reinfeldt left off with the message that the people of Sweden must open their hearts, in his address to the European Parliament, His Holiness Pope Francis complains about the treatment of immigrants...

World newspapers

Commentary Magazine

17.15 pm Stockholm time: More troops being sent to Ferguson Missouri

Iran : The pressure is off:

The EU has extended sanctions relief for Iran until June 30, 2015

Surprisingly, this was not even on the main news headlines of either the BBC or CNN this morning, it was as if nothing noteworthy had happened after more than ten years of non-stop hassle about Iran’s nuclear programme. Not everybody is happy. No wonder Arutz Sheva reports that ”and as Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei crowed that the EU and US had failed to stop his country from achieving nuclear power

Inside Story on al – Jazeera was about Israel: Jewish state vs democracy?

The legal status and the definition of the Jewish character of the Jewish State is going to be a discussion and debate topic for some time to come. In passing, we could also discuss the Arab character of the 22 Arab states and the kind of state that Chairman Abbas would like to preside over since he has already made it very clear that if it were to be left up to him there would be no Jews/ Israelis in a Palestinian State…

Hamas Threatens ‘Holy War’ Over Jewish State Law

True: familiarity often breeds acceptance

Some entries about Sweden in this LRB blog

Vali Nasr ( son of the great Seyyed Hossein Nasr

I listened to him this morning. Not a word wasted. Some sympathy for the devil and more common sense about Iran: Vali Nasr on BBC Hardtalk 27th November 2014...

It will soon be tomorrow…

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Local-ly, global-ly…

November 24th, 2014 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 World Champion !

Congratulations to Magnus Carlsen for successfully defending his title of World Chess Champion !

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Two days ago the following message popped into my e-mail box :

Faith Food Devotional
Giving of Thanks

November 21, 2014

“I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority…” (1 Tim. 2:1-2).

The Word of God is clear on this subject. I believe many Christians have practiced this scripture to some extent, but I believe we have somewhat neglected the “giving of thanks.” God wants us to offer thanksgiving to Him. And we have much to thank God for!

Too many Christians are always griping and talking about what is wrong with our nation. The Bible does not tell us as Christians to do that.

Instead, as Christians we are exhorted to make supplications, prayers, intercessions, and the giving of thanks for our leaders. (It is impossible that our prayers for them would work at the same time we’re criticizing them.)

Confession: I give thanks according to God’s Word for my country’s leaders. I give thanks for this great country.

Source: Faith Food Devotions by Kenneth E. Hagin.
Excerpt permission granted by Faith Library Publications

My reply to the message was the following : And if those in authority are evil people?

There’s the idea that goes, think globally, act locally.

Locally, and depending on where you are you could say that this is a local threat: Very serious hate mail threats against the Gothenburg Synagogue (in the South of Sweden)

As you can see from the hate mail to the Gothenburg synagogue, the anti-Semites are no exception to this mode of thinking, in this instance global anti-Semitism is obviously being inspired by the Jerusalem synagogue massacre, to act locally…

For God and country: When PM Löfven & FM Wallström decided that it was time to declare their State of Palestine, I guess that they must have been thinking locally and acting globally, taking on the big XL toga of EU leadership in Middle Eastern affairs, must have thought that they were acting, responsib-ly, reponsive-ly and global-ly. Not like Ali Baba & the forty thieves.

I said “toga” of EU leadership advisedly; I said toga of EU leadership instead of “mantle of responsible EU leadership” cognisant of the fact that in the good old days of the cold war one nice summer’s day in the 70’s of the last century I popped in to listen to a very passionate Arne Imsen addressing his Maranata flock, it was at a “local” located in one of the back streets behind Åhlens in Stockholm City, and I dimly remember him saying something about the EU being a resurrection of the Old Roman Empire. Arne Imsen was as passionately for the salvation of the people behind the Iron Curtain or “ the evil empire” as some people called them – as much as Carl Bildt in later years has been willy-nilly so vehemently against them, although I don’t think that Mr Bildt would at any time then or now grudge their redemption, after all, whether he likes it or not, we are talking about Holy Russia, basically holy Christian territory…

Backtracking before I myself get lost, and so you see there was I, just a few moments ago, consciously dressing and upholstering our PM’s leadership in Roman senatorial robes in this our 21st century of the new millennium.

I close my eyes now and see Pompey (what we used to call Mr. A. T: Thomas, the rector of the secondary school I attended, since his noble visage looked like the bust of Pompey as displayed in our Latin text book ), and in the resurrected empire I now associate our PM with the likes of Cicero, the great orator, Livy, the historian, Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar. I wonder how he will fare in The Daily Show

I pray that Jon Stewart and his unholy crew don’t mishandle him too badly. I’m thinking about local security (those submarine incursions, John Oliver’s the monster of Loch Ness), Middle Eastern security, global security, the Nobel Prize for Peace

Yesterday, the whole world, I think especially Mr Netanyahu and his government were waiting to see whether the midnight deadline would bring the long awaited Iran nuclear deal. But very early Mr Netanyahu had already made his position clear – first with the red line he drew at the UN and then more recently, still fearful about the existential threat that would be posed by a nuclear weaponized Iran, that NO DEAL IS BETTER THAN A BAD DEAL

And now the no nonsense deadline that should have expired at midnight between 24/25th November has now been extended for ANOTHER SEVEN MONTHS!</strong> Seven months more to continue with their en-richment!

Freedom of speech and all that, if I said exactly what was on my mind when before all this, I heard the breaking news that Chuck Hagel had resigned, I’m sure that the demons would not allow the rest of what I have to say to see the light of day.

I fear for Israel.

Iran’s surrogate Hezbollah say that their missiles can hit any part of Israel, even Dimona

One last little thing : What the prophet of Islam (s.a.w.) said about those carrying the Black Banners (ISIL) – that it will take about 200 years to subdue them….

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