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March 27th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

This Sabbath: Parshat Tzav

Violence and the Sacred (Tzav 5775)


Imam Obama” as my friend calls him

U.S. Caves to Key Iranian Demands as Nuke Deal Comes Together

Obama-Netanyahu Hostility is ‘Unprecedented’ in History

Israel Commentary

A widespread perception and I do share it:

NY Democratic Assemblyman: ‘Obama is out of control. Thank God Bibi won.’

“As hackers threaten “Electronic Holocaust” against Israel, one expert says that Israel is the most formidable foe in cybernetic counter-terrorism
Swedish and International news

“The cracked bells and washed-out horns
Blow into my face with scorn….

The drunken politician leaps
Upon the street where mothers weep…

Sweden. The story continues.


“It’s coming from the women and the men.
O baby, we’ll be making love again.
We’ll be going down so deep
the river’s going to weep,
and the mountain’s going to shout “Amen !” ( Cohen : Democracy)

Lady (lyrics)

Margot Wallström’s next feminist foreign policy initiative will probably be applied in Africa. Get ready! Woman’s Liberation coming! Going to sing the Internationale, kick start the Swedish feminist revolution everywhere. Going to be even more famous, the Revolutionary sexual Human Rights freedom, soon going to be preached to the OIC….

Some of the contributors to yesterday’s and today’s Dagens ETC have been fulsome in their praise for Margot Wallström, mostly some old hens who have been cackling since the beginning of the last century, maybe been cackling since the beginning of time, now cackling on about the supposed women’s situation in Saudi Arabia, hoping that practical Old Mother Hubbard will do something about giving the women at least driving licenses this year, whilst the rest of the world, Yemen, Libya, ISIS versus the Shia Muslims & Iran in Iraq going up in smoke and Hezbollah supporting Assad in a Syria that’s still a bloody mess, still in flames.

Apart from having the Ambassadors of Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates recalled home for consultations, exactly what else has Wallström accomplished for Sweden since she became Foreign Minister?

They want to accomplish some of the following objectives worldwide: Man’s violence towards women should stop – “this is where Sweden can lead” and there’s even talk about standing up for all women’s right (world-wide?) to have an abortion. Does she/they have any idea what place abortion has in Sharia Law? Do they know anything at all about Zina,?

I guess that after non-violence to women and Human Rights to abortion they will be pushing for freedom and Lesbian Rights for their allegedly oppressed Saudi sisters, but not before she has “stopped the export of weapons to dictatorships”

Do they know what time it is? Does Ms Wallström think that dictatorships can’t acquire even better weapons from elsewhere? One of the reasons why the European club members may be so zealous about lifting the sanctions on Iran is that they are losing hundreds of millions in trade, on a daily basis. They see sanctions as bad for business. Their business…

It’s possible that should Hilary Clinton be elected the next president of the United States, she will join Sister Wallström in pursuing a feminist, non-military policy, but, non-military intervention? That’s unlikely for even a female feminist US Prez…

Saudi Arabia Begins Military Operations in Yemen

Egypt Says It May Send Troops to Yemen to Fight Houthis

Obviously, there’s going to be a shoot-out between Iran and Saudi Arabia supported by some of the Gulf States that are most concerned about their own safety, stability and survival…

Countdown to a major Sunni-Shia showdown: Iran and Russia demand immediate halt to Saudi-led operations in Yemen

More about this in Debka file


Nigeria world


Before Saturday’s Presidential elections, Muhammadu Buhari’s last appeal to the Nigerian electorate.

Shabbat Shalom everyone!

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Other thoughts. Serious questions uprising

March 25th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Dear Muslim,

assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh !

It’s a fard, fisabilillah, that the adherents of Islamic State pray five times a day,

ihdinas siratal mustaqim


Thee alone we worship; Thee alone we ask for help.
Show us the straight path
The path of those whom Thou hast favoured; Not the (path) of those who earn Thine anger nor of those who go astray

It’s easy to be judgmental. Within the body of created humanity, a common understanding about al Waddud

“He really was not judgmental….

When the Rebbe met Rabbi Israel Meir Lau when Rabbi Lau was still a young rabbi, he asked him what sort of work he was involved with. When he said, “I’m doing work in kiruv rechokim – bringing near those who are far away,” the Rebbe said to him, “How do we know who’s near and who’s far? They’re all precious in God’s eyes.”

And just as Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson said about Jews, so too about Muslims, who are you to say who is nearer to Allah?

What says the Quran al Karim and the traditions of the prophet of Islam, salallahu alaihi wa salaam about who is near and who is far from Allah sub han t’ala?

Some say, “Heaven is a zillion light years away”.

What’s clear is that it’s the beginning of the end of unlimited space for freedom of expression by extremists and riff-raff artistic curs like the hyena Lars Vilks and his ilk.


Night was paper and we were
“ Did you draw a face, or a stone?”
Did you draw a face, or a stone?”
I did not answer
nor did she. Our love
our silence – has no inroads
like our love – no road leads to it”

From Adonis – selected poems

I have considerably revised my opinion of Adonis with this English translation which among other accomplishments tidies up and polishes some of the more diffuse – diffuseness and scattered interior decorations. The translation also makes concision of some of what (for lack of a requisite acculturation) may have formerly impressed me as symptoms of the prose poems of the Arabic hyperbolic and other rhetorical and emotional extravaganzas; but always with Adonis, at the centre of his mental exodus, the human spirit whether heroic in exile or helpless, or forlorn…

Perhaps he will be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, this year. So long after the so called Arab Spring, it’s another face of Edward Said that should ignite some more of the Arab folks and the Palestinians in particular, increase the temperature and self-consciousness of Arab/ Pan-Arab nationalism.

The shock of such recognition (The Nobel Prize) by popular acclamation could help further transmit some electric intellectual currents to even the remote Egyptian journalists.

Adonis’ work being awarded the Nobel Prize at this juncture of Middle East history, would be something for “Heroic Materialism” and the world’s diverse human consciences to dilate upon even as their hearts move into power politics and body and soul, militarily want to determine who should be in charge of everybody’s destiny…

Wa Salaam

P.S. The big noise made about the alleged “Clash of Civilisations” has been followed by more thunder and a blitz of documentaries about the rise of Western Civilisation in particular

I’ve just watched Jonathan Israel in Global Axess on the subject Civilisation and the State of Nature full of surprises for even the modern Believer.

In my view this has not been compensated by enough programs about Islamic Civilisation, although it is less of Islamic Civilisation and more of the very tragic contemporary events in the world of Islam that’s causing some of the Islamophobia in the West…

It’s a tough question

On the way to the presidential elections in Nigeria, some debating (1st Session)

2nd Session

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Re – Greatest respect for the bomb…

March 25th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

News sources

Understandably, Sweden, so far away in the North and for the time being, not within ballistic nuclear missile range, is expressing less concern. After all Iran has never threatened to wipe out Sweden from the map or from the surface of the earth.


If Russia did the same kind of growling about wiping out, it would send shock-waves throughout the entire population of Sweden…

Even as “the deal” with Iran continues its journey, lurching through one deadline after another and through more twists and turns, we are told by the most concerned nation Israel that is being threatened with nuclear annihilation, that no deal is better than a bad deal.

There’s the other nation that feels itself in the main line of fire if Iran goes nuclear, not Jewish but Sunni, so the news goes today : Saudi Arabia could buy the bomb

And how would Margot Wallström like that?

Not Maggie the maggot but Cassandra’s answer

Suppose they don’t arrive at a deal with guarantees that the deal will continue to be honoured even by the next Supreme Leader or whatever – what happens then?

A few more weeks or months of more wrangling…?

Recently thinking about Iranian deadlines passed (missed opportunities) and these words :

Similarly, because of the Rebbe, I have stopped using the word “deadline”, substituting instead “due date”, the first term – which is so widely used – connoting the end of life and the second, life’s beginning” - Joseph Telushkin in his preface to Rebbe)


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Our world, today…

March 24th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg


Angelo Debarre……

Latest News

Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf holds talks with Sweden’s foreign minister about Saudi Arabia

Prince Saud Al Faisal
, Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister is worried and says : Don’t Give Iran Deals it Doesn’t Deserve

This is not looking too good either:

The conflict

Arab Press Harshly Criticizes Obama Administration For Allying With Iran, Turning Its Back On Arab Friends, Leading Region To Disaster

Iranian Leader Khamenei: Death to America; Obama Is Trying to Turn Our People against the Regime

Nigerian Muse

If Nigeria’s presidential elections go well on Saturday, 28th March, then a disaster would have been averted not only by Nigeria (“Africa’s sleeping giant”) but also by the region as a whole, especially now that the price of oil, Nigeria’s main export commodity has fallen, even as the population that depends on oil money is ever steadily increasing…

President Obama’s message to the Nigerian people. I wonder how many of Nigeria’s peoples will actually listen to, hear or get the message…

Still hot (lover’s quarrel between Israel and US)

This too is a world problem and more has to be done:

I’m used to seeing turtles, dolphins, sharks and big flurries of feeding birds. But this time, for 3000 nautical miles there was nothing alive to be seen.”

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Margot Wallström tells us all that she has “The greatest respect for Islam”

March 21st, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

When I saw the SvD headline about Margot Wallström’s “Greatest Respect for Islam”, I thought that perhaps, like Saul on the road to Damascus, in her case she had seen the light and was probably now on the verge of converting to the deen or had converted, but I was mistaken.

There’s still some small comfort that at least that unrepentant Swedish scoundrel Lars Vilks has not been penitent enough to say ditto, that he too has “The greatest respect for Islam” or apologised. He does not seem to care that he may end up in Jahannam along with others of his ilk

At this stage, the United Nations is not yet a World Government, so all the positive, good-willed forces should be trying to heal the rift caused by Margot Wallström’s feminist initiative approach which today with her as FM, is the main driving force behind Swedish foreign policy towards the internal state policies of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It’s all too easy to see and to say that our foreign Minister is interfering in the domestic affairs of the heartland of al Islam in which, not Swedish Law but the Sharia Law of Islam, believed to be Divinely ordained, prevails.

If we had Ayaan Hirsi Ali instead of Ms Wallström as foreign minister how much different would she sound? In my view, our Foreign Minister’s claim that her criticism of Saudi praxis “has nothing to do with Islam” is disingenuous and that’s putting it mildly, when Islam is the foundation, the letter and the spirit of the law in Islam’s Holy Land.

In all the printed literature that I have read so far, about Human Rights and Islam, starting with Sultan Hussein Tabandeh’s A Muslim Commentary on the Universal Declaration of Human, apart from the general aspects of dhimmitude, only two articles of the Universal Declaration, namely article 18 and Article 19 pose any problem to the non-Muslim…

Since Ms Wallström has declared her abiding respect for Islam as a world religion, we should all note that hopefully her aim is not to transform the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into a kingdom that begins to resemble a Western Kingdom, such as the Kingdom of Sweden – such as doing away with hijab and burqa, halal slaughter, the circumcision of baby boys, and by populating the scene with the prevalence of beach bunnies on the Saudi beaches, female taxi drivers, kissing and what not in public, gay marriage, lesbian marriages, and of course no prohibitions on the consumption of alcohol in private residences, in restaurants, pubs and hotels that the Swedish government would normally grant a licence to operate.

It’s very serious, such a very sensitive issue. It’s surprising that with the wealth of knowledge about Islam, and with people like Ingmar Karlsson , the former Swedish Ambassador who became Muslim, to consult with, and seasoned people like Professor Jan Hjärpe to give sound advice – and – Sweden has produced a prodigious political psychologist such as Professor Jim Sidanius and there must surely be many others such as him, produced by Stockholm University, yet Sweden is unable to deal with this matter deftly and with great respect !

The media is full of it – full of the fallout from Margot Wallström’s diplomatic indiscretions – Arab News : Margot Wallström and in Sweden she is being summoned by the Parliamentary Constitutional Committee to answer some questions :

In less than half a year, the Foreign Minister has incurred more reports than her predecessor Carl Bildt made throughout the last term in office, says Committee’s chairman Andreas Norlen (M).”

In Friday’s Economy section of DN the news was that The Arab World’s criticism (of Margot Wallström) is growing

Two days after she was denied the opportunity of lambasting Saudi Arabia at the Arab League Summit in Cairo, she (the government) tore up the military co-operation agreement with Saudi Arabia and yet, obviously the way forward as I see it and all the more reason for military co-operation with Saudi Arabia is to fight the Jihad threat posed by Islamic State who would like to replace all of the Islamic countries with a Caliphate headed by their leader Caliph al-Baghdadi.

So it was gladdening news to read today’s front page headline news in SvD Sweden speeds up operation against IS – that before the beginning of this summer, the Swedish military could soon be in place in Iraq fighting alongside the coalition against the Islamic State…

Before passing judgment of course Wallström must be given a fair hearing either here or in a court in Saudi Arabia

Here’s a synoptic view of the parliamentary debate in which our foreign minister explains on behalf of herself and the Swedish government and people who she represents, exactly what she is about.

As Ingrid Carlqvist opines in Dispatch International,

Margot Wallström has opened Pandora’s box

And so she has….

The cartoon on page 2 of Saturday’s SvD is about Zlatan, Sweden’s crowned Football King

Zlatan has blown up his ego to pure cosmic dimensions” and talking about himself in the third person etc… “ Soon he may well start using the Royal “We”: “We Zlatan Ibrahimovic, with God’s grace make it known that the referee is an idiot ! ”

The same insights might as well extend to Margot Wallström, Sweden’s uncrowned Queen of Diplomacy. All she may have to add is a “With God’s grace” if it is “victory” that she’s after, although when she says “ We” I don’t think that she is using the Majestic Plural - just as in the Holy Qu’ran, Allah sub han t’ala speaks in the Majestic plural…

This is very important:

King Carl XVI Gustaf is concerned about the last few days of Sweden’s conflict with Saudi Arabia and wants to help solve it.” – That’s really good news, but as usual some besserwisser reactionary forces would like to stand in the way: here

I was very surprised when I read The autobiography of H.I.M Haile Selassie (in two parts, translated by Edward Ullendorff) about the good relations between the Emperor of Ethiopia and our King’s great grandfather…they were good friends…

We know that Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales and heir to the British throne has good contacts with the Saudi Monarchy and I guess that we could safely surmise that if the UK’s government were to find itself in a similar crunch, there surely would be no objections to Prince Charles’ input, an input that would also be good for business.

We live in a world of cause and effect and here’s an analysis of Wallström’s arguments for what she hopes or had hoped to achieve with her pronouncements. Philosopher Dan Munter concludes,

Had the government used such a decision-making method, all the later speculation would have been avoided, and Stefan Löfven and the government would have emerged as both more intellectually honest and competent
Bad news

It’s akin to this kind of situation:

“During the Vietnam War, an officer was training a group of recruits
in the tactics of attack and defence. After discussing different types
of emergency situations in which they might find themselves, the
officer asked Private Caplin, “ Suppose you are alone in the jungle
and a Viet Cong guerrilla jumps out of hiding with a huge knife in his
hand. What steps would you take?”

He replied, “ Huge steps, Sir – very huge steps!”

About power relations, vis-à-vis Israel and the United States:

More food for thought:

“An American Jew and an Israeli met in Paris in the Cafe de la
Paix. The American asked, “ Do you know the United States?”
“ I’ve never been there ,” answered the Israeli.
“Have you ever heard of the Empire State Building?”
“ Of course!”
The American said proudly, “My Father built that! And have you heard
of the Brooklyn Bridge? My father built that too. And who do you think
built the White House in Washington? My father!”
This was too much for the Israeli , who said, “ And you I’m sure, have
heard of the Dead Sea?”
“But of course! What about it?”
“Well, let me tell you – my father killed it!”

Speaker Boehner to visit Netanyahu

It will be “We control America” until Obama’s presidency runs out.

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The people of Israel have spoken

March 19th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg


Israel has spoken.

The people of Israel have decided.

What is less clear is exactly how Margot Wallström is reacting to the latest updates in history, beginning with yet another feather in her diplomatic cap with the United Arab Emirates recalling their ambassador to Sweden back home to Abu Dhabi – perhaps indefinitely, thanks to her ineptitude

and more importantly, how does she feel and what is she saying to Habibi and other Palestinian friends about a PM dedicated to No-State-of-Palestine, winning such a resounding victory. Has she sent the PM a congratulatory message?

As for Barack Hussein Obama, he, maybe, is not happy.

But, why shouldn’t he be?? Because another democratic country sharing the same values as the US, chooses who they want to be their leader? Because Netanyahu was to address and did address Congress about the nuclear threat that may be posed by Iran to the survival of the people and State of Israel?

PM Netanyahu is celebrating whilst some of the despondent and disappointed are slowly recuperating and getting themselves prepared to face the reality.

India’s PM Congratulates Netanyahu in Hebrew

US threatens Israel with end to diplomatic cover.

Paul Ryan: Obama made a ‘HUGE mistake’ ‘dissing’ Prime Minister Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu on State of Palestine

Obama congratulates Netanyahu

Opposition to Obama’s Iran Deal mounts among Middle East Allies and in Congress, including many Democrats

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Israeli Elections : Mazel Tov! Benjamin Netanyahu celebrates landslide victory

March 18th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Benjamin Netanyahu

is the man of the moment.

Aurora borealis

Congratulations pouring in from all over the world

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The day before the morning after the Israeli elections: Who will lead during the Apocalypse?

March 16th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Daily Alert

Stand firm or feed worm.

Without security, no economy.

By popular consensus, Israel is the only ocean of democracy in the Mid-East…and yet for the Pals the outcome of the Israeli elections will only signal a new Nakba, another round of confrontation (within holy territory) which eventually could spin out of control thus necessitating such an insurrection being dealt with with justice (justly). Most of the Palestine State sympathisers that I’ve met, say that Justice and justly has only one meaning for them : that Israel, “ends the occupation”

The Arab Union is slated to capture 13 seats (A possible coalition with Hertzog’s Zionist Confederation? I’m only asking. If such a union is possible what kind of credibility would Hertzog have then? Does it translate into “a vote for his Zionist is a vote for the Arab Party?

Let the fools speak and the wise give no answer

No doubt, Margot IKEA Nyberg is not indifferent to all the latest on-going developments in the Middle East.

Israel Votes: Israel national news

Will be looking at the post-mortem analysis of the Israeli elections by Professor Paul Eidelberg

Dr. Robert Fors: Status song

Habib Koite : Sirata

Your song

Soukous Koumbela

Israel and Palestine forming up a conga line
The Ayatollah and the Pope
Doing a limbo under a rope

Global Carnival

Easy : Caribbean Jazz Project


TPOK 1975

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Re – How many crises can Swedish foreign policy withstand?

March 15th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

I thank the Almighty that I don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to say the word Swede or Swedish as many times as I like!


Sex kills ?

Peter Wolodarski is asking a question that must surely be weighing heavily on not only our Prime Minister’s good conscience but on the good conscience of other Swedes and non-Swedes alike :

How many crises can Swedish foreign policy withstand?

Answer: After the collapse of the Swedish krona, three more diplomatic crises with great foreign nations (Russia, China, other members of the Arab League) recalling their ambassadors home for consultations, because of her ineptitude, Margot Wallström will finally be transferred to the role of deputy prime minister in which position still pushy but a less strident, vociferous & self-righteous, Wallström is likely to do less harm to Sweden’s international relations.

I had thought that the current speaker Urban Ahlin was doing a good job from the opposition benches, shootimg from the hip, duelling with Carl Bildt and that he was the party’s natural choice of shadow cabinet minister of foreign affairs – even since even before Margot Wallström was bigging herself up, beefing up her profile as special UN envoy against sexual violence a job in which she was succeeded by Zainab Bangura. We should like to hear from Wallström more about combating the sexual violence being perpetrated by ISIS and the sexual violence still being perpetrated in the Congo – and the harassment of Denis Mukwege

To some extent Wallström is true to her Social Democrat pedigree. The photo of her marching arm in arm with Tahiti’s leader of the opposition against France’s proposed bomb test in the Pacific Ocean is in a small way reminiscent of photos of Olof Palme marching with North Vietnam’s Moscow Ambassador Nguyen Tho Chan against the Vietnam War , in Stockholm, in1968.

There is no dearth of suitable candidates of the old Social Democrat School, people like Jan Eliasson and Pierre Schori still in the background dishing out advice to the comrades. Just before the last elections with the tragic loss of Anna Lindh, Wallström was the kind of heavyweight former name in Swedish politics that the Social Democrats needed and at first seemingly reluctant, she was eventually prevailed upon/enticed by the Foreign Minister portfolio and from there (on the dream trajectory) to the post of Secretary-General of the United Nations, but that is permanently in ruins right now.

In the old days we had someone like Karin Söder, and now we have “men who can’t hold their peace and women who can’t control their tongues!”

The poverty of imagination is startling – not Hirsi Ali ( I detest her as much as I detest Lars Vilks ) but honoured Palestine-State guest Margot Wallström at one moment the darling of the Arabs, actually wanting to lecture the assembled dignitaries of the Arab League in Cairo, on that which according to her, they know not: the shortcomings of Human Rights in Islam …Whoa!

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The beat goes on

March 14th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Graven images

But they are everywhere. As the legend develops, there will soon be a few of Barack Obama as avatar, in various parts of Africa – and as for the Hindus who claim that Westminster Abbey is an ancient Hindu shrine, you may confidently reply that the future has more years ahead of it than the past, according to the prayer that ends “World without end” to which many say “Amen”

So, why the fear of nuclear annihilation?

This statue is a magnificent tribute to one of the most towering figures in the history of world politics and by putting Mahatma Gandhi in this famous square we are giving him an eternal home in our country” , says Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron.

(It’s also good for business.It probably means that the Indians are going to vote overwhelmingly for Mr Cameron’s Government. Not so sure about the Pakistanis of the same sub-continent.)

Mahatma Gandhi statue unveiled in London – opposite Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

The beat goes on

What’s this?

The world waits.

Major announcement by Putin awaited in Moscow

Maybe he will announce that Sweden does not have to invest more in self-defence and that we can go ahead and join NATO if we want to. Maybe he will announce what could sound like music to Carl Bildt’s ears, that “Russia lacks the capacity to attack Sweden

Maybe Mr Putin will simply announce his intention that it’s time for Eastern Ukraine and Western Ukraine to again be one country, just like Sweden and Norway were one country, just as India and Pakistan were once one country.

Patrick El Cheikh has made a lot of sense in his opinion piece about all the histrionics surrounding the so called “Saudi Deal”:

Placard Politics makes Sweden weaker

Ah, Margot Wallström!

Maybe buoyed by or still taking some small consolation in the Washington Post article about “her bravery”. So Obama and all the former presidents of the USA are not brave men? (A year ago it was 6:50 Swedish kronor to the American $ – today it’s 8:61 Kronor to the $)

But “fools rush in where angels fear to tread” and the old question is not about Virginia Woolf, but “Who’s afraid of Margot Wallström”? Who knows, it’s possible that Wallström intends to send Swedish troops armed with Swedish weapons, to fight ISIS?

A still small voice enquires,
Sweden, land of the free,
How insensitive can any one person be?
And what is the much touted Swedish value known as social competence?

It certainly applies to diplomatic protocol, doesn’t it? The enormity of unrepentant arrogance borders on stupidity, actually. What kind of speech is she going to make to the Duma if invited, I wonder ?

Was probably inspired by Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress, except that in the case of Margot Wallström (a non-Muslim), she did not get round to addressing the the Arab League Summit in Cairo after all. The only thing to be happy about is that the Saudis saved her by blocking her speech, saved her from making an absolute fool of herself. She most certainly would not have got a standing ovation, most probably would have been booed out of the summit. It’s not done – you (or even Barack Obama) are not invited to address the Arab League Summit in Cairo on something as sensitive as the Sharia rights of woman in Islam or the Sharia Rights of Muslim women in Saudi Arabia, the country that is proud to be the cradle of Islam. Nor do we look forward to Margot Wallström, single-handedly taking on China about Chinese jurisprudence or breaking Sweden’s commercial and other relations with China on that score.

But who suffers? Saudi Arabia certainly has other nations to turn to as far as military co-operation is concerned. I don’t know whether or not any Swedish automobiles run on Saudi oil or if at some future date Sweden will decline sucking any more oil from Saudi Arabia until that country elects a female president, etc etc etc

In 1972, there was a Conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on “Moslem Doctrine and Human Rights’ with delegates of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Justice and delegates from the Council of Europe (there were very learned exchanges between the Saudi scholars and the papal delegates…)

Subsequent to that, something else to take note of: The Riyadh Declaration

The beat goes on


Latest opinion polls on next Israeli elections

Herzog’s Zionist Union 25 Mandates, Netanyahu’s Likud, 21 mandates

According to the Pals, it doesn’t matter who wins, both are b-aa-d…reminiscent of these words of the late Ruhollah Moosavi Khomeini:

America is worse than Britain; Britain is worse than America. The Soviet Union is worse than both of them. They are all worse and more unclean than each other!”


Iran unveils Cruise Missile with 2,500 Km. Range

The beat goes on.

In Nigeria where the elections are slated for 28th March, Muhammadu Buhari is clearly in the lead (Any other election outcome is going to result in unimaginable consequences)

World of diversity: African tribes

European tribes

At the Chocolate Factory

Rivlin Tells Ambassadors ‘Israel is Turning to the East’ (Some African countries are saying the same thing)

An entirely different matter. Assange:

Proverbs 28:1

Julian Assange, two questions: (1) What tribe or “ethnic group” are you and (2) what happens next? Should the trial take place where the alleged crime was committed or should it take place in some foreign embassy in London, where you have been holed up for more than a year now?

Happening today (from TEXT TV):

“Artist Lars Vilks today receives a freedom of speech prize by the Danish
Trykkefrihedsselskabet organization.The distribution takes place in the Folketing Christan Castle in Copenhagen.

“It’s always an honor to receive a prize. But it’s become so that I have
been playing defender of freedom of expression freedom”, says Lars Vilks
The ceremony will be the first public appearance the artist makes since the terrorist attack in Copenhage a month ago. Trykkefrihedsselskabet was founded in 2004 and is an explicit anti-Muslim organization.”

Beat goes on

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