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May 27th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Sometimes (we freely admit) emotions play an important role in the world comedy. That with every outrage, emotions overcome judgment, and judgment becomes policy : That various degrees of attachment to universal norms and notions of justice, human rights, democracy emotions overcome that reason :

some more holy dogma or no dog-ma at all
That which was writ
The Holy Script
The raison d’etre of It’s existence…

Some of the detractors have already given Mrs. Hillary Clinton a new title: Hillary is a liar!

She may have a hard time proving the opposite or in producing a clean bill of health about all the big and little affairs. No one is perfect. In the later stages of the Democrat Primaries the candidates were asked what their weakest point was. Brother Obama said that he had difficulties maintaining a tidy desk; Mrs Clinton lamented that alas – poor Hillary – her weakest point she said is that she wants to be president of the United States of America.

Thereupon it dawned on Brother Obama (bless his heart) that if only he had understood that is what was implied in the breadth of that question then he would have confessed his weakness for always wanting to help old ladies across the road…

White lies are the sort of lies that White people tell. And the people of color, what kind of lies do they tell? Who dominates African Studies?

If the nuclear deal falls through (e.g no to sensitive inspections) in their hearts the Mullahs in Tehran should have much to worry about : much action from the Next Republican President of the United States of America

Same title awarded to The Rt. Hon Tony Blair : Tony B-liar

Same tribe as Christopher Colombus

Some hope for Africa: Mohamed Ibn Chambas on BBC Hardtalk audio, 23.25 minutes, good sound quality)

Swedish and International news

Music history :


Beni Haminanko



Breaking news: Former Tunisian President to sail on Freedom Flotilla to Gaza. Maybe the Hon. Minister Mehmet Kaplan would himself like to join him, to join forces with as important a person as the former President of Tunisia, to sail together on the next historic voyage of the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza ?

If Margot Wallström and Prime Minister Löfven would like to risk letting him off the leash that is, by giving him that kind of unilateral freedom that ideally he would really like to enjoy; in spite of which, true to his commitment, especially after the recent devastation of Gaza – with the ferocity of the IDF’s systematic destruction of life and infrastructure – and those tunnels – almost rivalling the earthquake in Nepal in their sustained intensity.Enough reason for Hon. Kaplan to be feeling not guilty and even more solidarity, mourning the heavy Palestinian loss of life and property in Gaza and that he ought to put in a personal appearance, like he did the last time. Gaza is in need of reconstruction and reconstruction materials – including tunnel-building cement – more than ever and the people’s broken lives have to be put together again. Even the most heartless people on this earth cannot deny this.

This time be a brave one, like that woman Margot Wallström, the most popular of all the cabinet ministers. Like Olof Palme leading that demonstration against what the USA was doing in Vietnam, arm in arm with North Vietnam’s Moscow Ambassador Nguyen Tho Chan


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Everything we hold dear

May 26th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

And He (the Almighty) said, “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?”

The astounding news (go tell it on the mountain):

Children of immigrants are more likely to get higher grades in school

Everything we hold dear = the dear truths we hold and no way around it, it sounds like a re-wording of the preamble to the historic text known as the United States Declaration of Independence :

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

I guess these are universal principles, the Russians too must hold these truths. What about the terrorists?

I met an old friend in the tube yesterday (from North Africa, a pious Muslim guy that I respect; I had lunch with him about three months ago(spagetti and tomato sauce) at his home. I was talking to one of his Muslim brethren from Bangladesh when he plumped himself down and joined the conversation. The second thing he told me was that Islamic State – they were extremists. Already foaming at the mouth, the anti-Semite could not resist: the next thing he told me was this:
The Jews lied!” Lied? “Yes” he steamed on his throat on fire with ire, zeal, religious fire :
“They lied !”
“They said that Ezra was the son of God!” he piped on ….. “Oh”, said I, “maybe it was only a manner of talking by which they could have meant that he was a very holy guy”. Before I could tell him, “you don’t have to take it too literally that his mother was sired by some holy sperm from heaven…” he was already really angry, “Wallahi! They lied, they lied!” he repeated, grabbed his bags and took off to stand by the door, got off two stations later. Erza son of God? He is probably not as angry with all the terrorists who are pre-eminently not sons of the Almighty!

I was thinking about this when I put Kairos 4tet’s Everything We Hold
on our Bang & Olufsen, this morning. A very refreshing jazz album indeed, released in 2013…

Of course, although we (Sweden) hold the aforementioned truths to be necessary for our own survival and the survival of humanity, there is no unanimity among us about the Almighty Creator’s role in the present scheme of things as I was unpleasantly reminded at about 5.am this morning when I read the DN’s Insidan/ Inside entitled

“Swedes believe – but not in God”

On the other hand, if all the sirens were to go off – the kind that used to send the good Israeli citizens of Sderot scampering helter-skelter for cover in the makeshift bomb shelters – and Radio Sweden were to announce at the same time that a swarm of Russian warplanes had been sighted, rapidly approaching Swedish Airspace and had not changed course when two of our Gripen Jets had challenged them, I believe that even the diehard Marxists who say that “religion is the opium of the people” along with the atheists who use the dollar on which it is written “In God We Trust” as legal tender, along with the Seven Day Adventists, the Swedish Lutheran Bishops & Priests, the pious Pentecostals, the apolitical Jehovah’s Witnesses & the Sunni Muslims too would be praying fervently to the Power that Be to avert the coming tribulation.

And the rabbis? When they see the red sky some of them will forget all about moloch and the golden calf and only be expressing regret that they had not all made Aliyah earlier, because now, this is the reality and Swedish opinion on these matters, matter:

Whereas the Arctic Challenge Exercise 2015 notwithstanding,

the intention is not to provoke Russia”

and whereas there are exclamations and questions and some talk of

Swedish duplicity about NATO !

Why not examine the NATO question? !

Wallström has to answer questions about the so called free zones” !

Raising the game on NATO !

And of course (inevitably) : Questions concerning the Baltic States !

Whereas the entire above are matters of serious concern, today, this is the reality:


Let us hope and pray that they do not stray into Norrland which is internationally certified as Swedish national airpace

Apart from the suicide bombers, everybody wants to go to heaven (if there is one) but nobody wants to die.

The Rt. Hon. Carl Bildt at least is not supposed to be nonplussed about all these adventures in the sky…

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From black to blue…Cool

May 25th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

That’s what happened when I turned on my computer just now. I think that the peeping tom doing his regular surveillance work must have been on the ready and standing at attention waiting for me to begin. I did begin the begin, was typing along in the beautiful colour black and then suddenly through no move on my part, suddenly the lettering turned to blue. Yeah. From black to blue. Cool. The lettering now probably singing like Louis, “what did I do to be so black and blue?”

But those letters of the alphabet had better cheer up. Blue after all is one of the national colours. Blue eyes, some kind of yellow ochre Van Gogh hair, like the new beer they introduced at the Systembolget (Anno 1998) some kind of nationalist beer

it’s known as Blågul (blueyellow)

with five yellow crowns on blue and five blue crowns on yellow at the top and on the can the following words printed alternately in yellow and in blue:

En Svensk Klassiker
Med Stryka Och Karaktär

Which translates

A Swedish Classic
With Power and Character

In one of the opening scenes of Aime Cesaire’s A Season in the Congo the president is given the sound advice that if he wants to keep the people happy he had better build more beer breweries. To this day in the Congo it is competing beer breweries that do most of the music promotion…

Character : David David Miliband

From that to other news, a bit depressing actually, Fareed Zakaria
brimming with pessimism:

1. Britain resigns as a world power by which he means that the Great Brits are reluctant to sing along with the likes of Senator bomb bomb bomb bomb, Johnny McCain…

But No Sir: Charity begins at home….

2. Fareed Zakaria again : The post-American World (published in 2008)

In the area of Strategic Studies things must have changed a lot since circa 1971 when I had some idea about the matter – it was around the time when many Africans and some other third worlders were still more interested in doing their PhDs on Elizabethan Studies, Shakespeare, Milton, Jane Austen, the Bronte Sisters and were leaving it up to the Americans and the Brits to cover strategic areas such as Trade Unions and the Military. And then one day the question popped up very dramatically – it was in Ghana: So, who is funding these strategic studies, what are their aims and to what use are they being put?
Swedish and International news

Very Good News: Israel: A mighty Mazel Tov to him:

Ambassador Dore Gold appointed new Director-General of the Foreign Ministry of Israel


Sweden: It’s a really great event and a good sign too that there are no protests about the NATO led exercise in the North of Sweden

Arctic Challenge Exercise 2015 (ACE15)

A few pictures of the friendly planes in our Northern Skies

The 12 day long Arctic Challenge Exercise which began yesterday signals that Sweden will not bow down to Russia

And now it’s up to you to answer the mystery question:

Why did the Taliban go to Tehran?

Maseke Ya Meme

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May 24th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Today: Shavuot – the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai

Today: Ethiopia goes to the polls

Here, Peter Wolodarski interviews the President of India, the world’s largest democracy. He will be visiting Sweden this coming week…

Ramadi (nothing to do with Lord Rama)

Other heroes: The Shia militias which along with what’s left of Iraq’s regular army will be taking on Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s Islamic State terrorists whose aim is to consolidate – if only they could, the Anbar province and then to take Baghdad.

US and Hizballah coordinate spy drone flights over Qalamoun, share US combat intelligence

Former UK army chief: Send 5,000 ground troops to fight ISIS

BBC: Iraq Forces lack will to fight – understandably , the Sunni elements in the Iraqi forces are reluctant to fight ISIS since they too are completely Sunni – and they would much prefer to fight the devil instead

Heroine: A very brave and committed woman by the name of Ronahi Avsin – a Kurdish fighter on two fronts

Social media is about making others lose” – Nathan Hamelberg

And starting tomorrow 25th May and lasting twelve days is the Arctic Challenge 2015 in which Sweden will be participating in jet exercises with NATO members (100 planes in the air!)

Some great rapping by Timbuktu: Nolltolerans


As soon as I turn on my computer – you can call it extra sensory perception if you will or in this era of the busybody’s mass surveillance, the sort of paranoia that fulfils a psychological need – but I have this uncanny feeling that there’s always somebody there, waiting. Of course, I have incontestable proof of this precognition, almost on a daily basis but I’m no terrorist so I don’t worry about exactly who they are.

On putting on my computer this morning here was I, at first staring at the blank white page of Microsoft word before scribbling all of the above and before any of that, thinking of Robert Burns’ To a Mouse

So, in the same vein, “all is vanity” and I write to my imaginary friend, in verse or to make it all rime would take just a little longer, like lines to Ramona. As Touchstone the clown said, “much virtue in “if” and of course there’s some redemptive virtue in “like” too…


Hello Barrow –

Today I can make three predictions (not prophecies) about what shall come to pass in the Middle East – almost making everything else that could be said to become irrelevant.

Are you already here to see how I will fill this space with the freedom of speech which you pretend to espouse but which you deny me?

One-eyed jack in the land of the blind of what are you afraid? Your image as king of your little cyberspace kingdom or empire, tarnished? How could that ever be? By saving myself from me? The world is 6,000 years old man, almost as old as you, older than Adam and certainly a lot older than the CIA guys I knew in the jungle and elsewhere. I can smell their eau de cologne a mile away…

Let me tell you this: On the planet of the apes, I won‘t interrupt your show as you “elevate” the conversation – your pretty inter-lectual conversations on the terms that you set within the spider-webs that you weave in your bringing what you believe to be your civilizational light to darkness, and you can have some fun, you can quote Mudimbe and Foucault and Mbembe to the flock as much as you want, as your holy reference points. And then I wonder whatever happened to the aesthetics of conceit, and what happened with chapter 3 “The Aesthetics of vulgarity” – can we quote some of that too from his “On the Postcolony “?

I’ve seen it happening elsewhere and it’s always some big white hairy ape carrying a can of light to darkness, the guardian of the universal mind so to speak and that’s what happens when the cat’s not around, undeterred, the little white mice suffering from a neo-colonial complex are at liberty to take over completely and are promoted to become little company directors – you choose, you nominate, you recommend and in no time at all we have the Adis, the Ochis, Idis and the Kongis etc. bestriding your biosphere and with regard to “what we say goes” what about the Chomsky?

Not at all my kind of music but I did listen to him and the Australians and the guy from Cyprus but Måns Zelmerlöw was the man of the Eurovision night and he won with this song: Heroes

Just Before that Ireland had declared with a resounding 62% YES vote for same-sex marriage.

That’s alright with me too, as long as they don’t start proselytising and converting the little people in their kindergartens.

Very surprising coming from a very Roman Catholic country. I guess that there is going to be much greater resistance in Jamaica and in Africa North of South Africa and in all Muslim countries. And Israel? Well Tel Aviv is already the Holy Mecca of the Gay and very proud of it. Indeed!

You’re going to Sodom and Gomorrah
But what do you care? Ain’t nobody there would want to marry your sister
” (Jokerman)

If things are going to change much when their Messiah comes, that’s another question that maybe a referendum will not be allowed to decide.

Oddly reminded of these Leonard Cohen lines :

“It’s coming through a hole in the air,
from those nights in Tiananmen Square.
It’s coming from the feel
that this ain’t exactly real,
or it’s real, but it ain’t exactly there.
From the wars against disorder,
from the sirens night and day,
from the fires of the homeless,
from the ashes of the gay:
Democracy is coming to the U.S.A.”

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Happy Birthday Pippi Longstocking!

May 21st, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Swedish and International news

It’s Many Happy Returns of the Day to Pippi Longstockingmundi fortissimus puella – the strongest girl in the world, on her 70th birthday !

Ocho : Coco may may

The celebrations actually started yesterday; at least that’s when I started celebrating, after going through Expressen’s special 24 pages Jubilee edition devoted exclusively to Pippi Longstocking, THE WORLD’S STRONGEST GIRL!

Today’s front page of Dagens Nyheter’s Culture pages is also piping hot: CONGRATULATIONS PIPPI !!!!

I don’t want to be too long about this, but one thing you must know about the Swedish woman’s psychology, Swedish woman’s psyche and at least certain types, the femme fatale, other types, from the churchly devoutly Mary Magdalena types to the Margot Wallströms (but not Hillary C or those who don’t make the lads tremble in their breeches) Mrs Browning, the rebels, the adventurers, the revolutionaries, the iconoclasts and extremist feminist brands: Along with their mother’s milk they were reared/ brought up on Pippi since they were tiny tots. So, as to the rest, you can experience or go figure…

Apart from Pippi Longstocking, in real life one of the strongest lasses in the world is Sweden’s Sandra Lönn – European and World Champion in weigh-lifting, also most likely inspired by Pippi when she was a little girl…

Astrid Lindgren the creatress…her “unknown sides

Two classic books for children ages 8–12 by Astrid Lindgren, author of the Pippi Longstocking series.

To be released on 26th May, 2015:

Seacrow Island

Mio, My Son

More voices: Freedom

Meanwhile in Iraq and environs where it’s a man’s world:

We’re ridding the world of polytheism, and spreading monotheism across the planet” (ISIS preacher)

China warns US surveillance planes to leave islands sky

Iran in the news again

and in Europe it‘s The European Migration Crisis

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Re- “Europe’s tide of migrant tragedy can be stemmed only in Africa” (1)

May 20th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Latest Swedish and International news

¤ EU to launch Mediterranean naval mission to tackle migrant crisis

Cogito ergo sum ?

When she or he is

not busy being born




And it’s not just about infant mortality rates

The stream of immigration started long ago, to wit, listen to Dr. Alban’s nostalgia,

Hello Africa

Best line there: “Why be humble? I just came straight out the jungle!”

Believe it or not existential conditions are much worse than this

it is the refugee’s song: here’s one: African Citizen

and the latest one: Exile

We have to look into this matter, seriously, and see what can be done about it. We ought not sneer at the Sweden Democrat line that a good practical approach would be to spend more money on ameliorating conditions in countries where refugees usually come from and also in investing in the neighbouring countries of war zone areas that are usually the refugees’ first port of call in their long Golgotha travels to the safer havens of heavenly Europe where the grass is supposed to be much greener and like the streets of heaven, paved with gold…

The assumption is that the Atlantic slave trade
is over and today has been replaced by the slave wage
and still everybody including non-white people still wanting to go to America
but if only things were a lot better in Africa
where today even the elephants
are no longer safe…

Normally, nobody would want to risk their lives getting to Europe in unseaworthy boats mostly sinking in the Mediterranean Sea, bringing premature ends to dreams of a better life in Europe.

By analogy, if on the whole things were a lot better in the world even the suicide bomber and indeed some of the holy men and women of God would like to tarry a while longer down here on earth and some even resist the temptation of a better future life and seventy two houris each in paradise…

Europe’s tide of migrant tragedy can be stemmed only in Africa

The biggest question is, what is Africa and Africa’s leaders and the African Union doing or going to do about it?

Personally, I would like to hear for example Yahya Jammeh’s views on this crisis, as he is a man who never fears to speak truth to his own people or even to world powers as he deems it fit…

Coming soon: A peaceful or not so peaceful transition in Zimbabwe. It’s a good place to start as that is where most of the immigrants to the ANC’s South Africa come from. “In an exclusive interview with BBC HARDtalk, Zimbabwe’s influential and outspoken Information Minister Jonathan Moyo has warned that recent violence in South Africa directed at foreigners could “sow the seeds of genocide“.

Some insights into the situation as Professor Jonathan Moyo battles with Stephen Sackur

Yesterday’s BBC Hardtalk was Stephen Sackur visiting a refugee camp of mostly Congolese immigrants in South Africa. One of the good things that has come of Congolese immigration to South Africa – especially Congolese musicians, is the resultant new infusion of Congolese music a cultural confluence/ fusion of mostly soukous and ndombolo meeting South African kwela and of course jazz, something even more exciting than what happens on each side of the border which separates Angola from the Congo and what happens with cross-borders music as between e.g. Guinea and Senegal and the other countries surrounding Mali which was the heart of the Mali Empire

A few preliminary thoughts, as European Union policy takes shape in order to combat the boat tragedies of Africans drowning in the Mediterranean Sea just outside of Italy:

Three speeches by Thabo Mbeki:

1. I am an African ( 1996)

2. I am my brother’s keeper ( 1999)

3. “With heads bowed in shame“: Thabo Mbeki’s 2008 xenophobia speech

Heaven knows what Hon. Desmond Tutu has been thinking during all this. Probably still blaming the devil

And most recently (today) Pravin Gordhan South Africa’s Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs says that “only seven people have died“ and explains why he believes that Xenophobic violence “should never happen again

I Should soon be turning our sights to other parts of Africa from where people are fleeing to Europe, places like Senegal and Nigeria from where the rich ones still send themselves and their sick relatives “overseas” for medical attention, Libya, Eritrea and the Sudan, refugees from the latter two countries creating the bulk of the illegal immigration crisis in Israel – as if they don’t know that Israel has enough of internal problems already, Israel being only twice the size of Africa’s smallest country, the Gambia

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Badly needed in this world: Ahimsa + Peace + Love

May 19th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg


Latest Swedish and International news

Puppet Opera

Shahram Nazeri – Kurdish singer from Iran – (did you also see him perform at Södra Teatern some years ago? Here’s some sung poetry

Badly needed in this world: Ahimsa + Peace + Love

And I am conscious that the plus sign looks like the sign of the cross

They say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions; so whether it is the love that leads to




is the starting point that leads to the peace is not the question, since we can start anywhere and I think that it is best to start with the love since it is written amor vincit Omnia

Egypt’s ousted President Mohammed Morsi along with one hundred other Egyptians have been sentenced to death after a mock trial. The psychological torture and the daily uncertainties and worries about the future during his long detention and imprisonment without trial are enough to make even Amnesty International and maybe, also Margot Wallström and Human Rights Watch weep…

Yesterday, I also received this letter from Barack Obama and replied with one word: BRAVO!

Compared with some of the main actors in the Middle-East and North Africa, we (Sweden) are as close to Ahimsa as can be. Which other prime minister or European head of state apart from Fredrik Reinfeldt has exhorted their people to open their hearts to receive refugees?

And that too has its benefits: If it’s true that “the present now will later be past”, then here’s some good news:

High immigration rescues Swedish pensioners

This is an excerpt from The Local’s newsletter dated 15th May:

“Sweden’s immigration policy dominated the headlines this week as the latest figures showed the Nordic country had processed more asylum applications per capita than any other EU nation over the past year — a total of 81,325. We interviewed Justice and Migration Minister Morgan Johansson as he backed proposals announced in Brussels for a more even distribution of refugees between member states.”

The facts speak for themselves: Immigration to Sweden

Five stars for Morgan Johanssson !

Add to that the constant stream of destitute Roma people to Sweden and their living on the generosity of the general public…

Meanwhile, in Iraq, the US continues to pound Islamic State fighters from the air and they are doing so as and when they like since Islamic State does not have an air force – so, it’s difficult to see how they (IS) will be able to hold on to any territory overwhelmed by their ground forces, and that includes Ramadi, especially if Shia militias backed by Iran come muscling in, as a result of which, in no time at all the regional war between the Sunni and the Shia is exacerbated and considerably expanded : Yemen, Syria, Iraq.

A tough question: Why Does Baghdad Let ISIS Keep Winning?

No matter where they are fighting, whether it’s Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya or Yemen, it is mostly the most able-bodied, brave young Muslim men that are overwhelmingly being killed, their countries getting weaker and weaker, decimated, peace finally and ineveitably on it’s way when they are completely exhausted, destroyed. Sad. So sad.

Islamic State have their sights set on Baghdad and as I heard a TV commentator opine yesterday, Caliph Abu Bakr’s surname al-Baghdadi is not for nothing. He probably intends to establish himself firmly on the Arabian Peninsula with Baghdad as his main base from which to eye Mecca and Medina and maybe even Mashhad (but I doubt that he would ever succeed with the latter even if his name was Umar…)

However,in the Islamic Republic this sort of persecution is still going on . Sad, very sad. Is that not injustice?

Finally, there’s this compliant about Jesus Christ’s Vicar on earth, from some concerned people of the Holy Land, that Pope Francis is aligning himself against Israel

It may be that the two Palestinans that were recently canonized by His Holiness are laughing at this complaint..

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What a morning!

May 13th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

From Tehran with love: a picture worth a thousand words

Beautiful India : The Colours of Yaman

A rabbi gives a lecture on Satan

Latest Swedish and International news

“Only a matter of time ’til night comes steppin’ in”:

This doesn’t look too good either: Video of demonstration in Tel Aviv (Over here in Sweden, Germany etc it would be the Neo-Nazi scumbags, xenophobes and islamophobes that would mostly be shouting the same sort of things)

Iran : The coming showdown on Yemen, phase two

Phase Three is the cemetery, remember?

My Lord What a Morning (autobiography – Chapter 13 : p.147ff : Scandinavia) and what an extraordinary morning it has been going through this series of bad early morning news items, enough to rattle your nerves:

Not killing me softly or with his bomb, just Killing us but before we die and we are verified and confirmed verily dead, just this little sign of hope : Here

Please, let’s not rejoice too soon, the threat is not over yet:

Merkel: Nuclear deal with Iran unlikely.. and then what?

In the meantime everybody is telling me how strong and powerful Israel is, that militarily little Israel is stronger than all of Israel’s Middle Eastern enemies combined – to which ignorance usually enquires, “You mean that Israel’s enemies can be deterred or annihilated/ wiped out, if Israel so chooses?” All someone has to do is push the button?

There was a time I asked such a question and the reply came from someone almost as ignorant as I am – ignorant, but he was convinced or maybe trying to convince me when he said, “Baghdad will burn!” – But that was long before Saddam was hanged, and poor Saddam, I don’t remember him threatening to wipe out either the Great or the Little Satans before he himself got wiped out. Is that what the world is coming to, to wipe out or get wiped out yourself?

O how are the mighty fallen – the greatly feared Saddam found hiding in a hole in the ground. Indeed, greatly feared – an Iraqi guy that I worked with in the later 1980s told me that Saddam once came to their office and that when one of his collegaue saw Saddam in person , he started trembling uncontrollably. Saddam asked him, “Why are you trembling? What guilty feelings are making you tremble so uncontrollably when you see me?” He ordered some of the people who had accompanied him on the visit to take the man who was trembling away and to shoot him.

The great Gaddafi, no place to run to, he too apprehended hiding in an underground tunnel in his own country.

and al-Qaeda’s Supreme Commander apprehended living a peaceful, secluded family life in Pakistan

Never say never. It’s even more understandable after watching this documentary on the Six Day War

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From Stockholm, Monday, 11th May, 2015

May 11th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

This is not America

Barack Obama in 1995

THE NEVER-ENDING discussion on race and racism in the Mighty States continues

Latest Swedish and International news

On the lighter side :Eliane Elias : Bossa Nova Stories

Last night’s party leader debate on STV 2 Agenda 10/5/2014 was a boring event as far as new content or any conclusive resolution on the matters discussed is concerned, but certainly not lacking in dramatic quality. I watched the debate on immigration, the housing shortage and unemployment before turning off the TV having had enough and not wanting to hear any more from or by anybody in that studio. I would have continued to listen if they had chosen to sing their parts instead – at least then it would have been some kind of dramatic opera instead of just some more soapbox theory, permanent residence permit on arrival versus temporary residence permit for refugees until they land their first job within the first three years.

That’s being a little too hard on the poor refugee don’t you think, Anna Maria? Too hard even for an iron lady. And what if they get a job just a month before the three years is / are up and then get fired after three months? For crying out loud there are hundreds of thousands of natural born Swedes in full possession of mother tongue competence who continue to be unemployed even though the prospective employer can’t pull the wool over their eyes with the “but you speak Swedish with a foreign accent” or the sometimes unstated reason: “you speak good Swedish but it’s a pity that your name sounds so foreign and so un-Swedish” … like Batra.

The government should set up a commission to look into the matter of how best Sweden can take care of the newly arrived refugees from among other places, Syria.

Here’s the latest news on the EU quota proposals (Hungary, Slovakia and Estonia think it’s a bad idea)

Back to last night:

The Conservative – New Conservative’s Anna Maria Kinberg Batra acting as commander-in-chief of the opposition Alliance Forces was doing her very best at battering Stefan Löfven and the king of the reds – Jonas Sjöstedt – and there was an unprecedented number of interruptions and interventions by the moderating duo Anna Hedenmo and Mats Knutson who to my consternation did not at all appear to be neutral and took every opportunity to violate the holy Swedish principle of “tillåta att man tala till punkt” – a person must be allowed to speak without being (rudely) interrupted in midstream…

It was many a nice try, but no cigar: the compassionate Jonas Sjöstedt ’s preamble/preface to his argument didn’t sound too sincere either, starting as it did with his lamenting “How I miss Fredrik Reinfeldt!”, he sounded like the late Chairman Arafat

“The peace of the brave
Not the peace of the grave” -

mourning the loss of his peace partner Yitzhak Rabin.

But the lumpenproletariat‘s Chief Sjöstedt was only missing the Great Fredrik because one the last of the great things that the Great Fredrik did as Sweden’s Prime MInister was to exhort the Swedish nation : You must open your hearts “ – to receive refugees and now what a disappointment that there was new party boss Anna Maria Kinberg Batra the Great Fredrik’s successor, standing there, sounding so hard-hearted and as it were, diametrically opposed to the Great Fredrik’s humane exhortations and thereby taking a few major steps towards synchronising with the Sweden Democrat position – ostensibly in an attempt to win back some of the Swedish electorate who have traditionally voted for her Conservative Moderate party but have since deserted the party in disgust, attracted by the Sweden Democrats’ hard line on immigration.

A fresh look Jimmie Åkesson (looking fully recuperated from burnout) was the only exception. At least he was being consistent or so I thought for a few seconds but PM Löfven wasted no time in bringing him (Åkesson) to heel, charging him with hypocrisy and with having just voted for his (Löfven’s ) immigration budget proposals.

Otherwise, apart from Annie Lööf (smiling like a Cheshire cat as usual) , everybody else was busy being a gnällgubbe (Whining old man/ woman) garrulous, cantankerous, self-contradictory and even dis-honest. I switched the TV off in disgust after all the babble about unemployment – the cornerstone of the Social Democrats succesful election campaign and behold – this morning the text TV headline news is that there are now more people in Fas3 / Phase 3 than ever before!

There’s the saying,

No prospects in sight:
after phase three/ Fas 3
it’s the cemetery…

A Record number of the unemployed participating in Phase 3: The number of long-term unemployed in the much criticized Phase 3 has again reached record levels according to the latest monthly statistics. The Employment Service (AF) shows that 36,275 people are now in Phase 3, which is the highest figure ever. The Phase 3/ Fas 3 measure for the long-term unemployed was introduced five years ago and for years was severely criticized by the Social Democrats when they were in opposition and demanded that Phase 3 should be scrapped and replaced by education/ job training and real jobs. Now, the number of long-term unemployed who end up in Phase 3 has increased sharply.” (Source: SVT text)

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Present tense

May 10th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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Giant steps

More congratulations and Celebration:

Lincoln Awards Honorary Degree to Distinguished University of Texas at Austin Professor Toyin Falola

Photo session

More giant steps – and how I wish that especially in the bigger African nations there would be more devolution of powers – thinking of oil and Nigeria in particular, the amalgamation/ welding together of several great nations and the constitutional umbrella under which they are supposed to be democratically and equitably governed – to every region’s great satisfaction. Greater devolution of powers to the various ethnic regions would ease the sort of imbalances exacerbated by both ethnic and religious tensions, and in thinking about Nigeria I am also thinking of what was once very briefly Biafra just as a Scot – any Scot – thinks of Scotland…

Over there in the United Kingdom that night, even before the full results had been announced, when it was already clear that Mr. Cameron would soon be commissioned by Her Majesty to form the next government, it was all about “one nation, one UK

David Cameron
: “Also we should never in politics duck the big issues, whether it’s dealing with our deficit, whether it is holding that referendum which we were right to hold on the future of Scotland in our United Kingdom, or indeed in the future that referendum that we must hold to decide Britain’s future in Europe.

My aim remains simple, to govern on the basis of governing for everyone in our United Kingdom. I want to make sure that our economic recovery reaches every part of our country. I want to make sure as our economy grows that the poorest in our country can benefit from that recovery and of the chance of work and a stronger future.

I want to make sure there are good schools for all our children, no matter where they live or what their background.

Above all I want to bring our country together, our United Kingdom together, not least by implementing as fast as we can the devolution that we rightly promised and came together with other parties to agree both for Wales and for Scotland.

In short I would like my party, and I hope the government I would like to lead, to reclaim the mantle that we should never have lost. The mantle of One Nation, one United Kingdom, that is how I will govern if I am fortunate enough to form a government in the coming days.”

Ooooooh oooooh oooooh what an election victory! Oi oi oi oi oi!

The first proclamation that Prime Minister David Cameron made after he & his Better Half Samantha had been over to Buckingham Palace to have a chat with Her Majesty the Queen about forming the next government of the United Kingdom – well, here’s

David Cameron’s speech in full!

And now the wheel’s still spinning : Election 2015: with 56 seats in her national bag, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says Cameron must go further on devolution and is already calling for new tax and welfare powers to be devolved to Scotland as a priority !

About the referendum on the UK’s future in Europe, I heard Barroso in effect tell Richard Quest on CNN that the UK is such an important member of the EU that he was sure that the EU would prefer to accommodate some of the UK’s demands – would much prefer that to allowing the UK to quit the EU. My EU expert tells me that then other countries such as Italy might also want to have their share of concessions and that ultimately Germany might then say fack it and fack them! (the EU) – Sollen wir die goldene Gans sein? Sollen wir wie die Gans, die goldene Eier legt weiter?

Some time ago

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