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Jubilation. A peacock’s feather now in Margot Wallström’s hat : Sweden wins seat on Security Council.

June 29th, 2016 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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Brexit: So is it ‘good for the Jews’?

The Chief Rabbi was delighted to host a wonderful Iftar tonight, bringing together Jewish and Muslim communities in St John’s Wood

Sweden, Bolivia, Ethiopia and Kazakhstan elected non-permanent members to Security Council (2017-2019) – Italy (2017) and Holland (2018)

The turbulent Middle East is on her plate, not least of all her pals, Israel with whom she has a special relationship (Margot Wallstrom and Israel) and – evidentially – her very real pals the Palestinians and all their allies who must have voted for her. Let’s watch and see how she handles Islamic terrorism as an everyday reality because in her own home turf this is also reality : The Imam Celebrated by the Church of Sweden: “The Jews are Behind the Islamic State!

Is that not incitement and hate speech?

Well, here’s the definitive policy statement by Sweden’s Foreign Minister Margot Wallström (on the same trajectory she could soon be elected First Female Secretary-General of the United Nations):

This is how Sweden is going to make a difference in the Security Council – by Margot Wallström

Sweden wins seat on Security Council

As in Keat’s conclusion to Ode on a Grecian Urn

Beauty is truth, truth beauty,— that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

And that’s all we’d need to know today but for the not so beautiful reality of the unholy Islamic terrorists striking again last night on the 23rd night of Ramadan , one of the holiest nights in the Ramadan month of mercy – one of the possible nights ( 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th, 29th) known as lailatul qadr – the night of power the night when the Quran was sent down – a night believed to be equal to more than a thousand other nights, this time striking terror at the heart of Ataturk’s Airport in Istanbul, killing 41 innocent people and injuring another 239 innocent fellow human beings – same style but better planned and co-ordinated than when they struck the last time at the Brussels Airport on 22 March 2016.

May the souls of their victims rest in peace.

From tragedy to the mundane.


The fallout from Yesterday’s main soccer attraction continues with lamentations on the loss of Empire such as Bernard Porter’s hyperbolic lamentation; imbued with the excellent British qualities of understatement and self-restraint, proud English weeps : The British Empire had no definite beginning. It just sort of emerged out of the gloom. Nor did it have a definite end – until yesterday.

and put-downs such as

Where England a country with 54 000 000 inhabitants gets its ass whipped by Iceland, a country with a population of a mere 320 000

Reminiscent of a certain Arab-Israel war of which it was said that

Never have so many had their butts kicked by so few.

Should performace – including sexual performance and reproductive skills be judged in terms of the proportionality of populations then it’s not only Liechtenstein and Tuvalu who would like to defeat China, the undisputed world champion…

And there are other kinds of matches that we could look forward to, such as USA – Russia, Russia – Ukraine, and hypothetical international friendlies between the ethnic enclave Biafra (phantom or real) and the remains of a former Nigerian Empire, Federal in nature or one between Israel and the hypothesized future Islamic Republic of Palestinians (although, sadly, Israel cannot play in any Arab Countries – or in Iran, the official, very unsportsmanlike reason having been given that “the safety of the lives and limbs of the Israeli players cannot be guaranteed in the soccer arena or outside of it”. More than likely after the first ten minutes of play about five red cards would have already been awarded for violence and the Israeli side would have by then been reduced to seven brave men.

Talking about hate speech, this is how mathematics was being taught in some schools in Gaza: Subtraction : You have seven Israelis and you wipe out five of them, how many remain? As bad as South Africa’s PAC (Pan African Congress) who had as policy, “One bullet, One settler

This opens up another Pandora’s box : Politics and sports.

But this takes the biscuit – of course coming from an Englishman, “anti-imperialist”(British to the bootstraps) even if because of the accidents of history he may be the first to deny

“Tis a glorious charter, deny it who can,
That’s breathed in the words, “I’m an Englishman.”

His current distress: remorse at the loss of Empire (it’s worth a repeat):

The British Empire had no definite beginning. It just sort of emerged out of the gloom. Nor did it have a definite end – until yesterday

And then just as those who want a recount of the referendum votes just to make sure there was no hanky-panky and the British minority clans who are still praying for a new referendum that would beat Brexit, there’s some potential here :

Petition: Iceland v England: If we lose the game has to be replayed.

Brexit – in Sweden and elsewhere the markets are recovering from the initial shock

Maybe because of the very insular nature of the British Isles, Europe has always been referred to as “the continent”. Consider Joseph Conrad here (chapter 1,introducing Mr. Verloc: “He generally arrived in London (like the influenza) from the Continent, only he arrived unheralded by the press….”(The Secret Agent)

More Brexit News:

George Soros (global Hungary) : Brexit and the Future of Europe

Though a glass darkly, just like Blake’s England as The New Jerusalem

S?awomir Sierakowski (Poland) : The UK Will Survive,but Europe Won’t

No news is good news. That’s why it has been a little quiet on the Hillary ClintonDonald Trump front, the lull before the storm, but the race is still on .

Trump and Hillary reactions to Airport terrorism in Istanbul

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” Mountains do not separate spirits which are loftier than Mountains” (Marsilio Ficino)

June 28th, 2016 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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Gatestone Institute

Good news : Israel and Turkey are friends again

Listening to José Antonio Escobar, right now

Last night (about four hours ago) it was glory for Lars Lagerbäck’s lads as they established Iceland on the world football map and a place in football history when they defeated the nation that gave football to the world, England – about whom we do not say, “How are the mighty fallen” because they did fight tooth and nail, dominated most of the game – no reason for the STV commentator (a lady) to say that England played “a mediocre game” when we must give praise when it’s due – that in spite of the cold shower – that early penalty which Rooney – once upon a time, Sven-Göran Eriksson’s much vaunted “secret weapon” scored in the 4th minute – enough to dishearten any men made of less than Viking mettle – since according to the bookies England was tipped to win – but the valiant lads whose poetic ancestors produced The Eddas battled on heroically and within a minute Ragnar Sigurdsson equalized and a few minutes later – some brilliant passes there and Kolbeinn Sightorsson shot Iceland to the quarter finals and to glory with that second goal.

It’s not easy. Mr. Prime Minister loses a referendum does the honourable thing, resigns, England gets knocked out by Iceland and England’s coach Roy Hodgson (end of surname sounds a little Icelandic) resigns on the spot. Cheer up Roy. You can’t please them all. Ungrateful buggers! As Fritz Perls put it, “to suffer one’s own death and rebirth is very painful”. Remember that after winning the War Sir Winston Churchill lost the General Elections of 1945…


London-Based Islamist Cleric Hani Al-Sibai on Brexit: “Why shed tears over the EU?! We have prayed daily for their dispersal. ‘This is the Divine Secret, they Will be too busy to deal with us for a while’

The Fallout continues.

Sweden is badly hit

He who feels it knows…

The unanswered question from The Guardian : Who will be next to leave the EU ?

1600 hrs.today (Stockholm Time) the voting will commence and hopefully, shortly thereafter the international headlines will announce it : Sweden secures a seat on Security Council

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The future of the world, the EU and Brexit the irreversible

June 26th, 2016 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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Gatestone Institute

Israel and NATO getting closer

Getting it right : some immigration figures from the United States

Unfortunately, Northern Ireland fell to Wales yesterday – another home-goal – Ireland’s Achilles heels this time around too, similar to the home-goal (self-goal) that Ireland scored against Ireland when they met Sweden. I have relatives in Wales, the Risch family among others and an old penfriend Martin Yeo, and I myself did after all attend a so called Prince of Wales Secondary school – opened by the then Prince of Wales in 1925, but for me it was essentially a match between a Wales inspired by Dylan Thomas and Northern Ireland inspired by all the eloquent literary greats of Northern Ireland , James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Seamus Heaney, Tom Paulin etc – and naturally an undivided Ireland would include and embrace the likes of George Bernard Shaw.

Yes, the quality of literary output contributes to how I rate nations – and of course no one can rival the Torah the Almighty’s special piece of Literature which occupies the most exhalted place in Israel… and then there’s The Tanakh, who or what can beat that?

A country’s musical culture is also of great importance

Let me continue on this positive note – in our Sweden – still a member of what remains of the EU, from the 23rd June, this heart-warming DN portraiture of His Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf & Queen Silvia, sharing their thoughts about their children, their grandchildren (the future of the Swedish Monarchy) and Sweden’s responsibilities for refugee children...

In the UK Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II who is also the titular head of the Commonwealth has just celebrated her 90th blessed birthday and her sixty three (63) plus years on the throne.

The good people of Britain have spoken and believe it or not Brexit have won a stunning victory. The world is still stunned and will soon enough be recovering from the shock and awe – intrigued that Brexit won the day although Scotland and Northern Ireland – predictably – voted tactically in their own interests. Scotland very well intends to stay Scottish and voting overwhelmingly (63%) to stay in the EU as the UK gets out, implies a fresh referendum for Independence and negotitions for a fresh entry into or staying in the EU. In Northern Ireland it looks like Sinn Fein could also be calling for a referendum to unite Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland…

Yet the world over, the results are not being greeted by overwhelming enthusiasm of the sort that we saw here of Guðmundur Benediktsson an Iceland commentator celebrating the late goal Iceland scored against Austria.

Earlier on on the referendum night Nigel Farage had been low-key, giving the impression that the EU-stayers had managed to “edge it”, and I suppose that therefore later on, the sweeter the victory – champagne must have been popping, fireworks crackling in the night sky of Britain’s New Dawn, new Independence Day and the folks dancing to

God Save the Queen

Rule Britannia, Britannia Rules the Waves !!!!!


Auld lang syne

In al-islam the word “talaq “ (I divorce you) should be said on three occasions with a reasonable thinking time interval between the occasions, although nowadays in Pakistan the enraged husband says talaq three times – at the one and same time and occasion : Talaq ! Talaq Talaq! and gets done with it.

France’s Foreign Minister is urging the UK to “ trigger” Article 50

I don’t blame him since he himself might soon be having to pull the trigger on Article 50 because according to the Gatestone Institute, the latest opinion poll in La France indicates that 88% of those asked are pro Frexit and would like to leave the EU, immediately

Like an unhappily divorced wife Juncker wants negotiations to start immediately – what he is actually saying is that he does not want any more delay, Britain should exit the former marital home and all of its privileges – as quickly as possible as in “ Hit the Road Jackand don’t you come back no more, no more no more . But Germany’s Angel Merkel is kinder, she says “there is no need to be nasty

And moreover, it would be unreasonable to expect that the Prime Minister who campaigned against quitting his beloved European Union should lead the quit negotiations.It would seem proper that there are at least early elections after the next very temporary caretaker government – and that before or after the next elections, David Cameron’s rival at Eton, Cambridge and the Conservative Party, British bulldog Boris Johnson and his team would be the most fitted to lead Brexit negotiations since it’s improbable that The Labour Party which is now in total disarray with ten (10) members of Corbyn’s shadow cabinet resigning – deserting him immediately after his sacking of dear Hilary Benn his shadow foreign minister and a former very good minister of overseas development in Tony Blair’s government

BBC : Brexit resists

Israpundit : More on Brexit

Reactions to Brexit have been pouring in from all over the world beginning with Germany’s Sister Angela Merkel the economic powerhouse of the EU, France, the former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and, Obama who had crossed the Atlantic with the express purpose of lecturing the Brits on what they should do and had taken it upon himself to even threaten them as the first Black Pharaoh of America, that if Brexit were to win, then Britain “would have to stand at the back of the queue” thus inadvertently contributing to Brexit winning, since – elementary political psychology dear Watson – Brits do not much appreciate Negroes from their former colony of either Kenya or America, telling them what to do – “otherwise they will have to stand at the back of the queue” was an unsolicited piece of advice that got the man with the distinguished blonde mop of hair on his head to react, “F$$UK you!”

I haven’t read the Swedish papers the last two days and will do so shortly and get an update on what melody Prime Minister Stefan Löfven the unafraid is now singing – and maybe more importantly what the leaders of Sweden’s other political parties are praying (the prayerful ones among them)

A few months ago Jimmie Åkesson penned a debate article in Svenska Dagbladet, arguing in favour of the notion that “Sweden should vote on withdrawal from the EU”. Will it be Sexit or Swexit?

Today (the latest opinion polls on the matter) the majority in Sweden is for EU membership the present score being 52% for and 31% against….

It seems that the world has been mostly reacting to what some refer as the “financial market collapse” in the aftermath of the Brexit break out – some of them more worried about Britain’s future than the Brits themselves are worried.

As Alex Deane explained on Dateline London BBC Program of 26-6-2016

“ The market didn’t crash, the footsie finished higher on Friday than it was last Friday – the £Pound Sterling is what it was in February … currencies go up and down , like markets go up and down, like some people overreact to events in both a positive and negative sense – and there is an underlying stability to the British economy which is unchanged now to what it was last week…”

There’s the global trade opportunities knocking at the door, China waiting to invest and Brirtain still has business partners in the EU – partners that the EU authorities don’t want to hurt even if at the same time the EU does not want to make too many concessions to Brexit, so as not to encourage the much feared domino effect…

On a lighter note:

Blackass by A Igoni Barrett – it’s about a Nigerian guy who wakes up in Nigeria and finds to his great surprise that he has been magically transformed into being an Honourable White man – his whole body is turned white except for his ass – therefore the title of the novel, “Blackass” and very funny too as he naviagates life in Nigeria in his new skin. It’s – highly recommneded reading

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Waiting for the outcome of the UK Referendum.

June 23rd, 2016 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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Gatestone Institute

Israel and NATO getting closer

And just a few days ago this headline took me by surprise :
Will Russia Become the Sole Guarantor of the Jewish State?

Indeed, it’s Decision Time

“Want to get married? Do it now
Tomorrow all activity will cease
You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace”

For many people the main problem could be getting out of bed in time to vote; as Lou Reed said,

“I see the Sword of Damocles
Is right above your head
They’re trying a new treatment
To get you out of bed”

And if Brexit gets it (unlikely as it seems) then we (Sweden) must begin to prepare some adjustments to our fate: A nightmare scenario for some of Swedish Business

At this point I hate making any predictions, not that it ever matters – unless you are a sooth-sayer, having learned the hard way, predicting a 3-1 victory for Sweden yesterday and the less said the better, I turned off the TV exactly after the ref blew the whistle that it was all over – spared myself the torture of expert post-mortems on what happened and what should/ could have happened if only etc.

Good News Africa : “Thabo Mbeki and the African Renaissance: The positive portrait of Mbeki is the positive face of Africa” By Toyin Falola

Morning has broken , Thursday morning, 23/ 6/ 2016. It’s really “the morning after” the Day of Judgement on the football battlefield and Johan Esk (wonderful Swedish sport’s journalist) has the last word. End of story : It’s now over

John Coltrane : After the rain

Over there in the British Isles, for some it’s doomsday. For some others it could be “Independence Day” – independence from EU colonialism, bureaucracy and oppression. Somebody’s going to win. Let’s pray that it doesn’t rain today because it’s the final spurt in the hunt for the still undecided voters , and it wouldn’t be fair to blame it all on the weather or on climate change…

Here’s a good one: “Considering how the West likes to solve problems in the rest of the world, I think we should split the UK: one side in the EU, the other out. And we can call the two countries Leavia and Remainia.”(Karl remarks)

How to interpret this : “The number of British nationals applying for Swedish citizenship has increased significantly in the first six months of this year. The first half of last year 276 Britons applied for Swedish citizenship, compared with 481 during the period January – June this year, according to figures from the Swedish Migration Board. There is an increase of 74%. If the increase in the number who apply for Swedish citizenship is due to today’s referendum is unclear” (Dagens Nyheter. )

“…the referendum has developed into a class issue.”

On a more positive note, Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven in a blockbuster interview about the UK Referendum and the EU says; “I’m not afraid that Europe is about to burst

Good for him that in this Holy Month of Ramadan our leader is not afraid. It tallies with this verse of the Holy Quran (Pickthall translation)

“Lo! Those who believe (in that which is revealed unto thee, Muhammad), and those who are Jews, and Christians, and Sabaeans – whoever believeth in Allah and the Last Day and doeth right – surely their reward is with their Lord, and there shall no fear come upon them neither shall they grieve.”

On a lighter note, Hillary. In 2008 she said that her only weakness was that she was a woman and wanted to be the next US Commander-in-chief and first citizen of the United States.For sure, she’s not afraid of Putin either…

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A news round up …

June 22nd, 2016 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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Owns 99.5% of the Middle East and can’t live with the fact that the Jews only own 0.5%

Gatestone Institute

Google honoured

This is serious : Western Journalism : Obama tried to hide ISIS references From Orlando Shooters 911 Call?

The good news with congratulations from the whole nation and wishing them many many more years, together : On Sunday, 19th June, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary

40 being such a significant number of years : a generation in the Bible being 40 years….

May the Almighty be pleased with them : fruitful and multiply, children and grandchildren…

May The Almighty shower more blessings upon them !

In a few hundred years from now students of Swedish history will be reading about them in the chapters known as Modern Sweden

Sweden : Neutral news : According to the latest opinion polls the coalition of opposition parties known as “The Alliance” is now greater than the government . But these opinion polls have a tendency of going up and down; what’s important is who will be greater on election day on the 9th of September, 2018

Sweden : In the aftermath of what some critics have referred to as being the invasion of Europe by refugees mostly from the Middle East, yesterday the Swedish Parliament voted for new, much tougher asylum laws

Once upon a time the Sweden Democrats had a monopoly on being the tough nuts on immigration, but now, with the exception of the Left Party, all the other mainstream parties in the Swedish Parliament have moved much closer to the positions that were once exclusively the Sweden Democrats who alone were being vilified as being “xenophobes”

Football news : a change of heart and judgement with regard to Lars Lagerbäck the former football coach of Sweden and later on his fiasco as coach of Nigeria for the last world cup tournament, earning him the name “Lager Beer”. It’s a nice surprise and much respect that he has done wonders with our Scandinavian brothers in Iceland who are now playing as confidently and as purposefully as Cameroon did in 1990..

And tonight it’s do or die for Captain Ibrahimovic and the lads, against Belgium, kick-off at 2100 hrs. The Dagens Nyheter’s front page banner proclaims that the dream should not end tonight. I predict a 3-1 win for Sweden…

Another Sword of Damocles is hanging over Europe, hanging over the UK referendum on EU membership

Will Britain leave the EU or won’t she? My most trusted source, for making sense of it all, Bernard Porter’s Blog has been deliberating on the matter on an almost daily basis the past couple of weeks. Now it’s head or tails: three days ago, it was “This dreadful Referendum

We will know tomorrow. The fear of uncontrolled or uncontrollable immigration has been mostly about immigrants/economic migrants from East European Countries said to be largely prepared to work for half-price/ slave wages, but Labour’s last minute desperate house to house campaign suggests that Her Majesty’s UK won’t be leaving the comfort zone known as the EU, especially having received some drag help from the murder of Jo Cox a let’s stay campaigner, not to mention all the uncertainties about the future of the UK’s economy, if or when she leaves. So it all boils down to voting to continue with life as it is (the devil that you know) or voting to leave and to enter that which David Cameron terms “irreversible” by which he means Prince Hamlet’s “undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveler returns” i.e the devil that you don’t know , the determinant being how it will affect each and every citizen x’s economy, personally…

And for our peaceful and peaceable nation Sweden, some conciliatory sounds coming from Germany, about NATO : Frank- Walter Steinmeier warns NATO against ‘warmongering’

To crown it all, Fareed Zakaria GPS of 19th June on Trump and his exclusive interview of Russia’s strong man, Vladimir Putin….

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Orlando massacre. Man’s inhumanity to man. World mourns

June 16th, 2016 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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The world recoils from the senseless, exceedingly cruel, the horrendous massacre at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida

Terror in Orlando and the 10 Commandments

In the last days of the Pride Festival there in Orlando 49 souls, 53 wounded

The victims of the massacre at Orlando

More terrorist attacks expected in France

Without a doubt there will also be more terrorist attacks in the United States before the American Presidential elections.

A relevant discussion in the London Review of Books: Gay Pride after Orlando

Now if it had been a Christian boy that had committed the same mass murder inspired by hate preacher Pastor Roger Jimenez then there would not have been any talk of radical Islam

But now, in cold blood a Muslim man intentionally purchases guns and ammunition, travels all the way from his home town New York to Orlando, Florida to satisfy his devil and some people want to say that neither the devil nor his religious belief has anything to do with the evil that he has just committed, possibly motivated in part by guilt at being both gay and Muslim – a possible cause for self-hate since Islam is against anyone being gay – and also motivated by revengeful feelings against a US where Islam is daily being demonised, a US that is still bombing the country from which his parents immigrated etc. etc. etc.

Getting it right.

1. Islam and anti-Gay laws

Gays Must Die ! says preacher at Orlando Mosque

Dr. Sekaleshfar on Islam and homosexuality

Four Questions To Consider on Orlando Massacre

Since the horrific massacre:

1. Donald Trump’s Statement on the Orlando Massacre

2. Donald Trump’s speech after the Orlando massacre

On CNN listened to Trump’s man Rudy Giuliani’s take on the Orlando Massacre

Have not yet heard
what Hillary
will be saying
after the next couple of terrorist attacks
that are going to be perpetrated
in the United States

Stanley Sjöberg ought to condemn the Orlando masscare, even in Jesus’name

May the Almighty save Sweden from hate speech and terror….

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Quo vadis?

June 10th, 2016 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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Owns 99.5% of the Middle East and can’t live with the fact that the Jews only own 0.5%

Gatestone Institute

Rabbi Sacks latest commentary : The blessing of love (Nasso 5776)

May Heaven protect us all at the UEFA Euro 2016 in Paris

It’s not if, but when comes the next terrorist attack? In the Muslim countries of Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan etc there are wars going on and terrorism committed on a daily basis even during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. If Muslims can fight against other Muslims like that then how would Muslims not fight against non-Muslims (non-believers) for whatever supremacy it is that Muslims are fighting for?

There are those who say that Islam is not the ideology that feeds terrorism; if that is correct, then what is the ideology that feeds terrorism ? It’s the kind of subject matter for an intelligence squared debate

It’s easy to anticipate, the beginning, middle and end, in fact all sides to such a debate but no one can worm himself or herself away from the fact that it is the religion Islam that is the main source if not indeed the main inspiration for a Muslim’s terrorist activities even if the terrorists themselves say that it is the forces of nature that are at play and not al-islam per se….

Going through this list of Critics of Islam as a political or military ideology does not contribute much to answering the questions above – the answers are embedded in the very precarious situations such as the power struggles that have been and that will probably continue in the future. I was telling a friend from Iraq (briefly) the contents of this SvD article, to wit that the Saudis are more afraid of Iran than of IS, because once Fallujah is liberated from the claws of IS Iran will then have a direct road to Beirut, and his brief response was, “Don’t believe everything that you read in the newspapers!” If he was not in such a hurry, I guess that he would have added, “Don’t believe everything that you read in the Bible – such as that Jesus died on the cross, because as the Quran says,

They should not boast (the Jews) that they killed Jesus, the son of Mary, the messenger of Allah “And they did not kill him, nor did they crucify him; but [another] was made to resemble him to them. And indeed, those who differ over it are in doubt about it. They have no knowledge of it except the following of assumption. And they did not kill him, for certain.”…

Trump has condemned the terrorist attack in Tel Aviv and from his rival Hillary these words: ”I condemn the heinous terrorist attack in Tel Aviv today. I send my deepest condolences to the families of those killed and I will continue to pray for the wounded.”

As to be expected the Israeli government is taking some appropriate measures such as barring 83,000 Palestinians from traveling into Israel from West Bank and Gaza during this Ramadan season.

In the meantime, Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of India has addressed the US Congress – nothing like the publicity that Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu received in March last year when he delivered this address to Congress at the invitation of the Republican House speaker John Boehner…

Yesterday, was the beginning of funeral prayers for Muhammad Ali – 14,000 mourners gathered at his home town Louisville to pay their last respects to him. The funeral will take place later today, Friday (six hours difference between Stockholm and Kentucky )

But the biggest news in the US the past twenty four hours is Obama’s endorsement of his Hillary.

Of relevance:The Legacy of the Obama Administration: An Interview With Noam Chomsky

Robert Reich’s Open Letter to Bernie Sanders

A storm is brewing

Galloway favours Trump over Clinton

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The terrorists are at it again.

June 9th, 2016 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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From the epicentre of the troubled Middle East

Owns 99.5% of the Middle East and can’t live with the fact that the Jews only own 0.5%

Gatestone Institute


A flashpoint : The Temple Mount

Letter to Foreign Minister Margot Wallström

Palestinian terrorists kill four Jews in Tel Aviv

Palestinians celebrate terror attack in Tel Aviv, Saudis strongly condemn

Israel-Palestine peace conference in Paris, my foot.

Dayan ha emet: Stephen Keshi

The terrorists are at it again

Climate change, come shine come rain, this is one of the reasons why “Crooked Hillary” is not going to be the next president of the United States. This of course is provisional, but all that it would take for Trump to get more wind in his sails is (God forbid), a major terrorist attack or two in Greater America and Hillary’s goose would then be cooked.

Of course they (the evil terrorists) would most gladly vote for her – a pussy-soft target for whom they have the greatest contempt. To paraphrase Dylan, to Sodom and Gomorrah, but what do they care, ain’t nobody there would want to marry kuffar like her or her sister – a soft target and therefore less evil than Big Daddy Trump who they fear would not care and would not hesitate to wipe them out in the shortest possible time, get done with it and to hell with the consequences in any hypothetical everlasting fire.

Shalom! Wake up and smell the coffee! To understand the enemy, you have to know how he thinks. It is his thinking that leads to his action.

Not unexpectedly, some of the apostles of the religion of peace, increasingly looking like the religion of peace and terrorism, are at it again. On the third night of Ramadan the month of blessing, mercy and forgiveness, once more dear friends once more, once again – maybe in accordance with their Holy Quran from which they quote what they believe to be a divine command: “cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads”etc

That’s how and why those terrorists who believe that they are the holy warriors of Allah believe that they will be receiving divine blessings of 72 holy virgins each for their terrorism – like Amalek, who did not fear God, perpetrated against the children of Israel

I listened to the pious encomiums of Shaykh Salahuddin Barakat who was one of the honoured guests at the installation ceremony of Ute Steyer, Sweden’s first female rabbi and the new cantor Isidoro Abramowicz at the Great synagogue of Stockholm – the Shaykh’s carefully chosen words expressed the right sentiments – Hum Allah, peace and love between and among the children of Abraham, let loving never cease etc.

Unfortunately, there are so few voices in the theatres of action in the Middle East and everwhere else where they are doing their jihads, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and in Israel where we still have people like this one

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Today the 6th of June is Sweden’s National Day!

June 6th, 2016 by Cornelius Hamelberg

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Owns 99.5% of the Middle East and can’t live with the fact that the Jews only own 0.5%

Gatestone Institute

Friday June 3rd, 2016:

The world lost a sportsman loved by the world : Muhammad Ali (January 17, 1942 – June 3, 2016)

Muhammad Ali Dies at 74: Titan of Boxing and the 20th Century

On Saturday 4 June 2016 it was the Stockholm Marathon, here in full

Today the 6th of June is Sweden’s National day

And today the 6th of June marked the beginning of the Month of Ramadan

To Muslims worldwide the greeting is Ramadan Kareem

May war, fitna, dissension, suffering ease and completely cease in all the troubled Muslim lands.

May peace return…

Flamme Kapaya !

Also, on this day ( 6th June, 2016) – beautiful – we witnessed the installation ceremony of Rabbi Ute Steyer as the first female Rabbi in Sweden and the inauguration of Cantor Isidoro Abramowicz at the Great Synagogue of Stockholm

Mazel Tov to both of them and may a successful tenure be theirs….

Coming soon :

The American presidential elections are five months away (November 8, 2016) and as we all know, much is going to happen before that date. Trump and Hillary too will be doing their own fair of saying as they tear each other apart in their fight to occupy the Oval Office. People are already placing their bets on the one they think will win the battle, although it’s a little too early to do so:

Ladbrokes: American Presidential elections

Betting odds on the American Presidential elections

Coming sooner : Brexit

These days, people bet on almost everything and just as happened last year so too this year, some people already have opinions, hopes, day dreams about who is going to be the next Nobel Laureate in Literature and will soon be placing their bets (the winner will probably be announced in the second week of October)

I hope that Jimmie Åkesson will be invited to the Nobel Banquet this year; as far as immigration goes who/ which of the other local or foreign party politicians can claim to be holier than him? Not Trump, not Bill Clinton’s wife, not even Cameron…

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Keeping an eye on the Holy Land.

June 2nd, 2016 by Cornelius Hamelberg

World Torah News

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Real Clear World

From the epicentre of the troubled Middle East

Owns 99.5% of the Middle East and can’t live with the fact that the Jews only own 0.5%

Gatestone Institute

“Well now, would he have wings to fly? Would he be free?
Golden wings against the sky, walking man, walk on by.
So long, walking man.” (Walking Man)

So much water has flowed under the bridge, both here in our NATO-friendly Sweden, in our Israel
and in the forever turbulent Middle East, the Pakistan-Afghanistan-North Africa-North Korea axis, the UK on the verge of Brrrr-exit (a trajectory that I have mostly followed on Bernard Porter’s blog, because he writes from the perspective of a professional historian – as an Englishman, has an Englishman’s inevitable perspectives on Nazi-Germany, and because he loves Sweden). There has also been the near-miss presidential elections in Austria and the persistence of the immigration issue in the rest of the EU since I took a break – on the 28th of March 2016 – from updating this blog for the simple reason that I had been – and am still – following the twists and turns and what was, what is and what has been something like a circus circuit, following the US presidential elections – “the twists and arrows or outrageous fortune”, and you may think TRUMP just as at Purim – the kids eating their sweets and with glee banging on the synagogue tables every time the rabbi utters that genocidal villain’s name (genocidal son of a bitch) “Haman!”,
some of the Trump haters think “ Trump”·

But to me Trump is a regular, straight, alright guy, it’s Dr. Huxtable and slimy Willy Hubbard’s old lady grandma Hillary – the one that Trump refers to as “crooked Hillary
that’s giving me goose-pimples…

So I thought that I would would sit it out (the US presidential elections) skip the daily dose of Race for the White House
on CNN and similar hysteria on the BBC, CNBC and dear al-Jazeera

Jeez! Six months to the US American elections and the whole world has to be on high alert?

For peace of mind just stop reading endless bad news about Hillary and her affairs, Benghazi, Fallujah, refugees, Syria, the nuclear bomb in Pakistan etc sit it out, be otherwise engaged until a winner is declared in November.

But I was wrong. I have been mostly otherwise engaged in this our USA-Africa dialogue series which it would seem is universally anti-Trump, but it took a few anti-Trump posts in this Bintumani Forum to get Bill Coon out of his cocoon

So, here beginneth

round two…

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