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Historical landmarks, 26th June – 30th June 2015

June 28th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

On June 19th- 20th it was

Eritrea: Europe Wide Demonstration against the UN Commission Report on Human Rights
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Another take on Ramadan

“Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments.” (Sonnet 116)

1. Today, it’s according to the law of love: anybody can marry anybody, a man can marry a man and a woman can marry a woman (so, we’re going to see a whole new dimension to love/erotic poetry):

New same-sex marriage law throughout the United States

I don’t know what Jesus or Billy Graham would be saying about this latest legislation today, or all of what Pat Robertson is now say-ing. I don’t know how prevalent homosexuality was in the world in Jesus’ lifetime and as far as Christianity is concerned all I’ve heard is the story of a woman who was taken in adultery and was at the point of being stoned to death (a Judaic judgement) when Jesus requested, “let him (or her) that is without sin throw the first stone“ at her – and his teachings about marriage and the resurrection in the gospels of Messrs





where some altercations occurred between Jesus and – not the Pharisees
(the ancestors of today’s orthodox rabbis) but the aristocratic, priestly Sadducees (who don’t believe in any resurrection) about when they all get to heaven after “the resurrection”, which man would eventually be the husband of a woman who had been married seven times. (I must confess here and now, that at this point I’m thinking about the terrorist suicide bombers and the alleged Islamic promise of their heavenly reward of seventy-two holy virgins each, all at their beck and call, and the teachings of a contemporary orthodox rabbi and what he describes as the horrible sin of homosexuality – why it exists and what to do about it

Because the US is the world leader in fashionable trends, the Supreme Court’s philosophy on same sex marriage will soon be spreading throughout the world and that includes the Muslim world and some areas in Africa and diaspora where the resistance to same-sex marriage is not going to go away anytime soon. Breaking News (Imagine the implications for heavily populated countries like India and China – and the potential effects of such a ruling on population growth and control!). Only time will tell how easily the Hindu Civilisation, the compassionate Buddhists and even people who have no formal religious beliefs are going to absorb this aspect of freedom, free will, equality, diversity, given the right to choose, the legality and the integrity of such choosing

2. On the same day that the Supreme Court of the United States was busy proclaiming sexual equality in diversity, Brother Obama was also busy delivering a landmark funeral oration at the funeral of the martyrs of the Charleston Church Massacre, sometimes sounding emotional, expressing some views on brutality, racism etc…

3. An African American woman Bree Newsome made history by climbing up a 30 foot pole to take down the Confederate flag that was flying in front of the South Carolina State House. Right up the pole, “In the name of Jesus, this flag has to come down”, she famously declared before taking it down.

4. Terror in France, Tunisia and Kuwait

Some mega terror attacks on US territory must surely be in the ISIS pipeline. One can only foresee (not prophecy) that if things really get out of hand it might even get to a stage of Muslims’ internment in the US, just as what happened to the Japanese people living in the US after Japan attacked Pearl Harbour

5. Turkey and Israel to mend relations? That would be good.

6. The ultimate doomsday deadline is only two days away : on 30th of June, 2015 a clean and clear nuclear deal with Iran must come through – no one knows exactly what consequences there will be if a good deal is not reached. At the bottom of all this, there is the reasonable or unfounded fear of the nuclear annihilation of Israel and the US (and some other important countries by a nuclear power like Iran – and the fear of Shia Iran’s increased influence and military presence in the Middle East in particular. From June 30th 2015 onwards I will be paying close attention to these pages

With regard to Israel there is this item by Mark Twain, yes, Mark Twain

7. Freedom Flotilla 3 set sail for Gaza yesterday

8. Greece from where we derived the word “Democracy” – now it’s

The Greek debt crisis and its deadline (30th June, 2015)

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We great

June 27th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Walloped Denmark

Sweden 4 – Denmark 1

In the final we are going to meet another great side, Portugal who have also shown greatness by demolishing Germany :

Portugal 5 – Germany 0

In case you are wondering who is greater, Sweden or Portugal,
the question will soon be finally answered on Tuesday, when we beat Portugal !


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It’s not looking too good

June 25th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Law of the jungle: Fracas in Nigeria’s House Of Representatives // National Assembly

Swedish and International News

It’s not looking too good

I don’t know why in Sweden, there is an opinion poll almost every other week, a sort of fortnightly electoral barometer – like a fortune-telling yo-yo showing the up and down popularity trends, as if the Swedish electorate is that mercurial, being thus blown about by every little wind or gale – sometimes the gas leakage being attributed to some little thing that he or she said. So what would a tsunami said, do to such opinion polls – get Anna Kinberg Batra fluttering at 50% of what can be counted as confidence being reposed in her? And corresponding grief for Stefan Löfven… “My loss will be your gain”?

The past couple of post-election months we’ve got to understand that at best those figures are only temporary – ephemeral – like snowflakes and that when the workers (Stefan Löfven and Jonas Sjöstedt’s men and women) return from the industrial holidays, Stefan Löfven will probably be on top again…

We have today’s DN declaiming drastic figures for the decline in confidence for Stefan Löfven as if that little blip in itself should herald the next general election – so soon after the last one. In December when Mr. Löfven’s budget was defeated he (the PM) called for snap elections but the Alliance (the parties that made up the governing coalition – now in opposition) were not in a hurry to take any chances , not exactly cowardly – as Rabbi Sacks just explained in another context – expounding on this coming Sabbath’s Torah portion (“Too much fear makes me a coward, too little makes me rash and foolhardy, taking unnecessary risks. The middle way is courage.”)

So, where is Batra & Björklund & Annie Lööf’s courage? If their confidence & popularity trends enjoy an increase in good fortune will they show their collective courage by voicing some optimism and suggesting that Mr Löfven bite the bullet and call for early elections?

You may have noticed that I did not place the Christian Democrats (KD) side by side with the other three in the Alliance and this is because the KD are in need of salvation, dangling as they are at round 3% of the popular ballot. If elections were to be held today, they’d be in the hell fire or as the iconoclast would put it, they’d be in shit creek…oblivion…outta parliament… unlike the once bad guys now getting better every day, with our daily prayers…

About a week ago the Sweden Democrats were said to be at a record 20% popularity, Sweden’s third largest political party from 13% to 20% and standing head and shoulders over “the smallies” i.e. the Liberal Folk Party, the Greens, the Left, and the Centre Party. Of course the migration/immigration discussions and debates is the wind in the SD sails.

More seriously, other areas far beyond Götland:

Martin Gelin on Charleston and the Confederate flag

Read carefully and see if you are going to believe this:

European Islamophobic Networks influenced Roof to Kill in Charleston

(The devil made him do it)

Wars are won by weapons, but peace is won by ideas” – Rabbi Sacks

One thing is certain: The more wars there are, the more quickly the Messiah will turn up…

The Shia also have this idea – that things could really get so bad that Imam Mahdi (alaihi salaam) will have no choice but to declare his presence.

If the Messiah (the Jewish Messiah) were to appear today, within a very short time he will probably be addressing the Knesset – and in no time at all Ban Ki-Moon will be demanding that he address a very special session of the United Nations.

The UN ought to be a good place for gestating such ideas and the Nobel Peace Prize committee too ought to be keeping a more open mind about such considerations because things are getting out of hand: Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi says that his followers must increase terror attacks this holy month of Ramadan!

C’mon now, what did Blake mean by,

Prisons are built with stones of Law,
brothels with bricks of Religion

Dylan is quite clear about what he means by

And don’t go mistaking Paradise
For that home across the road

This is not a sub text:

Massacre and Media: ISIS and the Case of the Sunni Arab Shaitat Tribe

And over there in the UK, what kind of British civilisation do they think that they are portraying?

I’m unspeakably incensed by such barbarism, feel that I’m acting locally, I just signed this Petition Protesting London Neo-Nazi March and Burning of the Talmud.

For Sweden, a topical question indeed since we have roughly over 200 people who have travelled all the way from Sweden to join the Islamic State Warriors:

Why join Islamic State?

Latest bad news: Aerial Drone from Gaza Crashes in Israel

Now, if it was the other way around, that an IDF drone had inadvertently been misguided by its compass and crashed into Gaza, you would be hearing some more misguided hullabaloo from HAMAS…

More evil news

An equally important insight by Ingrid Carlqvist – and one can’t help but wonder about the Muslim Warriors returning either permanently or temporarily to Sweden after some jihadist actions in the service of Caliph Abu Bakr Baghdadi with the following intention

Sweden: “A Place to Islamize

I must take up some matters that she has laid out in the above polemic that I strongly disagree with:

1. “Björn Norström notes that Sweden’s Foreign Ministry obviously has problems supporting the claim of Islamic contributions to civilization, for which Wallström says she has the “utmost respect.”

Here are some (Contributions)

By far, the most pressing matter now and of the near future is Iran

Me? I’m getting to know Simon Armitage a lot better…have been travelling with him from Xanadu (1992)

(To be continued…

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“The Messiah Has Arrived!”

June 22nd, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

The buzz of buzzes you’ve been long expecting : “The Messiah Has Arrived!”

From the Nile to the Euphrates, including parts of Syria, Lebanon and the Milky Way !

” The Jewish Messiah has arrived” will only cause the Arabs, especially those living in Gaza, Judea and Samaria, to feel nervous.

Leaked: High Level Diplomatic Communiqué With Israel Reveals The Messiah Has Arrived!

Could it be
Jack the hustler is back?

From the uncertainties about the immediate future to the realities of the present and the past:

Susan Pollack (Holocaust survivor

living testimony


in this morning’s BBC HARDTALK

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Project for Perpetual Peace?

June 20th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Latest Swedish and International News

The Charleston Church Massacre

There are many such church and mosque martyrs in the Middle East and in Boko Haram countries and cemeteries.

If the jihadists had an Air Force and access to some ballistic missiles themselves, then there would be a change in the balance of power in the so called war on terror.

Raynard Jackson (Republican) smiles, moans, is horrified : “America has lost its identity”, he whines, just like the type of tradtitional, stiff upper lip Conservative hustler, the same one that says, “I no longer knows what it means to be an American.” The Great Satan

Why Black men need more White women (May work for Hillary)

Lousy midsummer weather. The clouds were wrong.
They cried all night long.

What are African leaders doing – what can they do – to assuage the tragic migrations of their desperate countrymen who risk drowning in the Mediterranean Sea on their boat journeys to reach the better, safer shores of Europe?

Then in Syria we have a bunch of US-sponsored terrorists under US protection, being supplied and maintained by the poor US taxpayers’ money…

Ramadan Karim Mohamed Morsi. May the Almighty fortify you!

El-Sisi’s politically motivated pervert mock trial and death sentence hangs over president Morsi the ousted, like a funeral shroud, this holy month of Ramadan.

Maybe, El-Sisi too, is looking for plenty of trouble, certainly much more than he can chew?

Home turf : “Ten myths and misunderstandings about the Swedish security policy

So much wilful waffle about calling a thing by its proper name in this instance almost an equilibrium between the contenders for and against Sweden becoming a member of NATO. The in-betweens and un-decided do not know whether joining NATO would be a good thing for Sweden – whether it would significantly increase the unlikelihood of a Russian attack. So what’s best for Sweden? Do you know? Besserwisser, Are you sure? Would the Russians permit this friendship and trust to happen (Swedish membership of NATO) without giving any clear prior indications of membership’s inevitable consequences to Russian strategic thinking about capability…

As a life against death strategy, at least a bomb shelter over our heads should be a minimum requirement shouldn’t it, and then there’s the question of drinkable water and sustainable food supplies? Electricity?

Can’t imagine what Putin or Moscow’s man in Washington is thinking about Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, but over here in Sweden there have been some dramatic diplomatic going-ons between Moscow’s Stockholm ambassador who accuses Sweden of going cold, and Sweden (Margot Wallström) saying that it’s all Moscow’s fault – a typical lovers quarrel of the type we find in How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, more commonly known as Dr. Strangelove

The new Oxford Professor of Poetry

Black Bazar

Ferre Gola

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Ramadan Karim

June 19th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

It’s the beginning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and best wishes of Ramadan Karim to the holy jihadists, Muslim Warriors…

As for the gunrunner – the evil one and their followers, I do not wish them a fruitful Ramadan (one that bears the fruits of empathy and compassion). In this context for the people of heart: the Azan

Quran: Fear them not, Fear Me.

The conspiracy theory currently most actively in circulation and wholly supported by the Qur’an is that the evil one goes around whispering in the ears of mankind, fomenting discord, struggle, dissension, fitna, strife, the wholesale decimation of Muslim populations – therefore this surah

Arthur Rimbaud letting off some steam :

“Yes, my eyes are closed to your light. I am an animal, a nigger. But I can be saved. You are fake niggers; maniacs, savages, misers, all of you. Businessman, you’re a nigger; judge, you’re a nigger; general, you’re a nigger; emperor, old scratch-head, you’re a nigger: you’ve drunk a liquor no one taxes, from Satan’s still. – This nation is inspired by fever and cancer. Invalids and old men are so respectable that they ask to be boiled. – The best thing is to quit this continent where madness prowls, out to supply hostages for these wretches. I will enter the true kingdom of the sons of Cham.
Do I understand nature? Do I understand myself? No more words. I shroud dead men in my stomach…. Shouts, drums, dance, dance, dance! I can’t even imagine the hour when the white men land, and I will fall into nothingness.
Thirst and hunger, shouts, dance, dance, dance!”

( Rimbaud – Chapter 2 – Bad Blood – A season in Hell

preface by Patti Smith

To be continued….

The Valley Recalls


From the rhumba palace

El Concierto

His Holiness Pope Francis has spoken to mankind about our moral responsibility for the environment and that includes what’s popularly known as planetary climate change…Tikkun Olam

Since Mr. Messiah Sabbatai Zevi embraced Islam at the Sultan’s Court there are still those who say that it’s for the purpose of redeeming a few sparks from the the bowels of the bottomless fire whose fuel is said to be composed of men and stones…

Tuning up

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17 6 2015

June 17th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Latest Swedish and International News

Royal News. After getting his twenty one cannon gun salute we know that his name shall be Prince Nicolas Paul Gustaf!

On the antiterrorism front, Sweden is considering a law that would ban Swedes from fighting for ISIS

A many splendoured thing

Kaushiki Chakrabarty

As Carl Bildt once observed, the world is a dangerous place to live and is getting more dangerous by the minute. Thinking of Russia’s latest response. Russia to acquire 40 new intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles

It was a little too early to start gloating about the possible demise of the erstwhile unity government of Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Co and Hamas. The relationship has just been granted another life extension by Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

What does Ted Kennedy have that Bill Clinton
wishes he had?
An ex-wife and a dead girl friend.
Source: New Joke

But if she is for America then her enemies have yet to pull the plug on prime time, answering the question Is she good enough, does she have what it takes, to make a strong and reliable president one to provide continuity create an Obama Clinton , not a Clinton Lewinsky dynasty, for posterity

The miracle

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Sweet Sweden : What a wonderful world

June 16th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

What a wonderful world

Come one, come all, like the Hard Rock Cafe,” LOVE ALL – SERVE ALL”, definitely not for the faint-hearted, the Swedish Budget passed overwhelmingly with only two MPs voting against it. They closed ranks and not even the young Folk Party lion Erik Ullenhag voted against it.

Aynur Do?an > Urmiye

Will future budgets pass as easily?

Iranian president says final nuclear deal is ‘within reach’

There are five men flying on a plane. The pilot,
the president of the United States, Jessie
Jackson, the Pope, and a 12 year old kid. The
pilot warns the passengers that they have little
gas left. The pilot grabs one of the four
parachutes. The President says that he has to
lead the country. So, he grabs the second bag.
Jessie Jackson says that he has to lead the black
people and grabs the third bag. The Pope tells
the kid that he’s had a long life and that the
kid should go because he has a long life ahead of
him. The kid says that there are still two
parachutes left. The Pope, in astonishment, asks
how. The 12 year old kid says that Jesse Jackson
took his backpack.

Iran criticizes continuing destruction of Yemen infrastructure

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Glory be to God!

June 16th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Princess Madeleine gives birth to second child with Chris O’Neill !

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Other matters pending: US, UK, the immediate fate of Omar al-Bashir…

June 15th, 2015 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Latest Swedish and International News

On the blessed Sabbath of 13th June 2015, whilst Prince Carl Philip & his Princess Sofia were making matrimonial history in Stockholm, the ambitious Ms Hillary Clinton was busy launching her prospective career as the very first female ever to become President of the Awesome United States of America, promising to spread America’s wealth to all the poor and needy, just like a fairy tale princess straight out of a revolutionary socialist handbook.

Hillary Clinton’s unpaid intern

It’s even less clear what she’s going to do with the president’s special baby known as Obama care, not to mention the on-going police brutality so inadvertently being linked to racism.

As for me, I’m biased and that was even before reading Ishmael Reed’s
Ma and Pa Clinton Flog Uppity Black Man

Personally, I have taken a distance to old lady Ms Clinton since the primaries in which she did not prevail over Brother Obama and still remember her saying (stooping so low) something to the effect that (almost her exact words) : “I’m not going to be the one to talk about Obama’s drug problems, I’ll leave it to the Republicans to do so”

Taking into consideration Brother Nathanael’s views on her prospects it’s too early to count her out, even if Benghazi and the late Ambassador John Christopher Stevens – less than Monica Lewinsky – will be climbing out of the furnace to haunt her.

The elections are seventeen months away and one of the things that she will be inheriting on her plate will be the cold war with Russia turning hot – or even hotter after this summer’s coming war in the Ukraine. About China (in the South Seas) if Professor Jonathan Haslam is right about what he said here (in English) about two years ago, on China as an emerging world power then there should be less to fear about any decline of the US in world affairs…

SIPRI on nuclear weapons

In the UK: The Miliband days are over. So was the brothers’ epic battle worth it?

According today’s DN the candidates for Labour Party leadership are three:

Andy Burnham

Yvette Cooper

Liz Kendall

It’s true that Nigeria eventually shipped Charles Taylor down the river, after granting him asylum but about Omar al-Bashir, it’s improbable that even Oscar Pistorius South Africa – anxious to create a precedent as the good boys of the international community will hand him over and thus create much bad blood with some other African and non- African countries that are friends with the president of North Sudan

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