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Sambo Online Application

Your experiences

post 11.May.2012, 11:32 PM
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hello im from Ecuador.
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post 12.May.2012, 08:55 AM
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congratulations josadec i hope you will enjoy in Sweden
why you wait for the UT card? can you travel without it?
thank you
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post 12.May.2012, 10:29 AM
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Yes I applied for my sambo early January, the 9th actually, and got my decision on the 13th of March via a email from my embassy. My partner filled out his details a few days after I did. The 16th of Jan the lady at my embassy got me to fill in the old form hoping that I would not have to come in for an interview, as I had to fly to the embassy.The 10th of February I got a call telling me I was required to come in for an interview, there they did all the stuff for my card( proof of visa/residency). I went to the embassy on the 15th of feb, and had to bring all the things I attached to my online application passport pages(stamps), two photos, and my single status form, I think that is it. On the 8th of March I actually got an email asking for more photos which I did not reply to till the 9th, which I stressed out about as we didn’t have any more. I was asked to forward the photos that I had showed in my interview, (I do think they should have gone with my stuff in the first place and was a mistake for the lady at the embassy) but stressed I got the name of the person in charge of our case in Sweden, and got my partner to call, the phone was busy and she actually called him that same day to clarify the number of days we had meet, and told him there requirement is for people to have meet for a total of 5 days, it is fine and we should have an answer in the next few days, Which was the 13th of March and a few weeks later I got an email asking for an address for my card to be sent to. All in all it was very easy our saturation is that i have lived in Sweden for 1.5 years before, and meet my partner but had to be in my home country for family reasons so now I am finally going back to Sweden. I don’t go till June so can’t help with the “ when you get there” story.

Oh and sorry yes the case number you enter online is the Dosser number, and it only tells you your case has been receaved and that you have a result no actuall facts
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post 15.May.2012, 02:04 PM
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Could anyone help me on how to call the Migration because all they have is a Swedish form don't they have an English one? And every time I called them after hearing the swedish operator that I don't understand the call will going to end.. pls help me
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post 15.May.2012, 08:02 PM
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http://messaging.bigpond.com/getattachment..._0.pdf?name=T91 FORM FOR PERSONS WHO ARE PLANNING TO MARRY OR COHABIT AS WELL AS THEIR ACOOMPANYING CHILDREN.pdf&inline=t

this may be what your after if it works
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post 22.Oct.2012, 01:09 PM
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My experience as follows:

Applied on 16 september
My partner filled his questionnare on 22 september
Got a mail requesting to book for an interview on 2 october. Got my interview date on 22 october.

And today (22nd october) I was at the consulate for the interview. I wasn't asked any control questions, which made me suprised. I prepared lots of documents (screen shots, emails, photos etc) and put them in my laptop. They never wanted to see them. The interview was really short. They just asked why I want to move and when I intend to move. They took my fingerprints and biometrics. That's all.

Actually I worried because the interview was really short. aaaaaand I got an email just 2 hours later which saying I should call the consulate to hear the final decision. Even the lady at the consulate was surprised. We laughed together. Yes, I got approved! Just in 2 hours, unbelieveable. Now I just have to wait for the UT card.

And a little backgroud of my relationship:

We met online 8 months ago, we are together for 6 months and had 3 meetings. I visited my partner in Sweden and we were together in Sweden for total 28 days and easily got approved. But I uploaded 7 pics of us, combined the photos into 3 photos. I met his family too. Maybe these affected for the quick approval.

Actually we were really worried about not getting the permit, because I read here a lot Migrationsverket doesn't consider short relationships serious. Our relationship is definitely serious and we mentioned on the application form too. We both stated we want to start a family in the future.

I'm just really happy for getting the approval just in 36 days, which is unbelieveable for me.

I wanted to share my experience and wish luck for other couples!
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post 25.Oct.2012, 07:41 AM
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QUOTE (GreenPrima @ 6.Mar.2012, 03:01 PM) *
Hello everyone, As promised, I am back with the updates. I got my decision in the mail today . I am approved for UT based on Sambo. The decision was made on March 1st. To giv ... (show full quote)

Pretty fast! Congrats..

I am on sambo also, and now been here sweden for six months as a tourist, And i am going back to my home country to apply moving someone to sweden Via Online Application. Which we believe Applying to the web make more faster.
I will leave sween next week Wednesday and i am going to apply online Nov. 5 2012 as we plan to be.

I am wondering what documents you attached in application?
the question you got? and question in your interview...? i just want to be pretty sure. as i know i am already prepared.
for sure they will asked basic about our relationship and his family and some background and his work or friends right??
is it the same day of your inerview you submit you biometrics?

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post 5.Nov.2012, 06:23 PM
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im very sad because the three months will end in two days! 7 november and i applied 7 august! my partner is in malmo and me in casablanca and it makes me very sad , and depressed sad.gif and today we called the case officer but appearently MV gave as a wrong number! and on MV they say she is out of her office but that she will be back the 7 november at 10 sad.gif i mean its about peoples life why are they being so slow? is it about the asylum seekers , i dont care, i wannna be with my man , plz say something that might help me understand
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post 5.Dec.2012, 03:20 PM
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hi everyone! Just want so ask you guys, because its making me very confuse right now. I have applied for a resident visa on Oct 5, 2012, had my interview on Nov. 21, and today I got an email from Sweden migration board that my APPLICATION HAS BEEN SETTLED. Do you guys know what does it mean? Even my fiancee is confused because he dont received yet any message from the migration.
Thanks smile.gif
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post 5.Dec.2012, 03:53 PM
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Sounds like good news to me smile.gif

I'd call MV to see if they can say something about it.
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post 5.Dec.2012, 08:21 PM
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QUOTE (RoseMats @ 5.Dec.2012, 03:20 PM) *
hi everyone! Just want so ask you guys, because its making me very confuse right now. I have applied for a resident visa on Oct 5, 2012, had my interview on Nov. 21, and t ... (show full quote)

Where are you from? if MV say your application has been settles probably means you have been granted the permit,just saying i'm not sure.

I will be applying online later this month myself,i would love to know if decision will be taken within 3months to those of us from the sahara,it seems it works more faster for people from US and AUSSIE.
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post 9.Dec.2012, 06:50 AM
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hi again everyone! I came from Philippines but I applied my permanent visa in Riyadh hence I am currently working here in JEddah as nurse.
Guess what guys?? Few minutes after I posted my questions here, my BF called the Migration and we got a good news that they have granted me a 2 years permanent visa.
So guys, it took only overall of less than 2 months and we got an answer.

Guys for your info! please bring an ID pictures when you will have a personal interview. Its not written on their page as their requirements. But they asked me one copy of my ID pic for their record ( lucky me, I had an old small ID pic in my wallet smile.gif

Im just waiting for my UT card and I have already booked a flight and submitted a resignation paper to my employer.

GOODLUCK everyone smile.gif
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post 9.Dec.2012, 02:09 PM
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Congratulations RoseMats.

Out of curiosity, can I ask how long it took before you could set up an interview?

About the ID pic, it's weird, they're supposed to take photo of you along with the other biometric data.
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post 9.Dec.2012, 03:32 PM
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hello rose , congratulation it's not visa its residence permit . you are lucky . i applied 7 august and still waiting because they decided to reorganize sad.gif i wish they could be more fair sad.gif now it's more than 4 months

do u know where was your case? was it in malmo?
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