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Commuting deductions and carpooling.

Confused about the system

post 6.Feb.2013, 10:07 PM
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Hey everybody!

I am a little confused about deducting commuting costs.

Soon I will move a little further away from Stockholm where my work is.

74km to be exact.

I know to qualify for the deductions there has to be a 2 hour time save on the journey.

Public transport takes 2 hours and 30 minutes one way and via car it takes 55 minutes.

So I know i qualify. But thats all I know about it. Are there any other limiting factors?

Both my girlfriend and I are working in the same place.Could we both deduct? Even though we are using the same car.

Heres how I have calculated the deduction :

(15mil per day*18,5*220 workdays yr-10000)*0,3= 15825 per year tax return.

Please let me know if I got it right.

Thank you in advace,
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post 6.Feb.2013, 10:37 PM
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No You both cannot deduct, you might be caught in a control. Sometimes they want to do a control check, and for that they may request You to prove the car has driven that distance within the year, including a distance allowance for private use) and all the receipts for fuel, and now they are even more sneaky by sometimes asking for the insurance cover and what annual distance you have told the insurance company you are travelling by car biggrin.gif

When entering into the tax declaration you put the full annual amount, and Skatteverket will do the rest.
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post 6.Feb.2013, 10:48 PM
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... biggrin.gif ...and by full amount I mean the 15 * 18,5 * 220 working days = 61.050:- ...and make sure it isn't just a rough calculation for days travelled to work, as they may want to check that also in a control!
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post 7.Feb.2013, 09:28 AM
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What happens if you use more than one car to travel to work? Also if the other car does not belong to you, is the allowance higher?
With regards to purchasing fuel, is proof of purchase for petrol/diesel allowed by showing a bank account with the purchase shown enough or do you have to have an actual receipt from the station. The station where I fill up is not manned and sometimes you cannot have a receipt due to the fact the machine has run out of paper. But you have to pay by card so the transaction is on my bank statement.

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post 7.Feb.2013, 10:05 AM
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The allowance is the same, it is only different between private and company car (where you pay the fuel). If you borrow someone else car then if they do a control-check on your declaration you will need to be able to provide the same evidence with regards the distance travelled etc... as-if it was your own car, the same also applies if you sell your car and buy a new one during the year, evidence is needed for both cars.

If you have a petrol card, then the statement you get for that is enough proof, so following that if you dont have receipts and you paid by credit card it should be ok to use the statement as proof of petrol purchases, assuming it is clear that it was a garage/petrol-station.

They don't control every declaration, but it wasn't that long ago they did a blitz on declarations claiming back travel to/from work ...so one never knows if you will be checked or not.

Remember, you can also claim back other charges that are incurred, the congestion charge in Stockholm for example. wink.gif

...and remember it is not a tax deduction as such, the total amount is used to reduce your income that income tax is charged upon, so you even after Skatteverket deduct the initial 10.000:- ...it doesn't mean you get back the rest, it is deducted from total income then tax calculated. It is one of those wonderful things that shows the Swedish Tax System is not exactly socialist biggrin.gif ...since the more you earn, the more tax you pay ...but also means that a larger percentage of the deductions you get back! If I earn more than you, and we had exactly the same travel cost ...I would get more returned of the deduction than You biggrin.gif
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post 7.Feb.2013, 03:16 PM
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Location: Värmland
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Well, that sounds fair eh? wacko.gif
I only started my job in July and worked 155 days from July to December, but actually travel 12 Swedish miles a day, so even getting some allowance will be good. With petrol prices yoyoing all the time, it is costing more and more just to go to work! I have to work a mimimum of 2 hours just to cover the travel costs. Would be nice to get a bit of that back, even if I do have to wait for it.
Thanks for the info.
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