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Apartment hunt rant

A broken system?

post 4.Feb.2013, 05:00 PM
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Well to be honest I think the best strategy in Sweden to have a roof over your head is just to BUY.. it is amazingly simple to buy and the risks (market value loss namely) are easily outweighed by the benefits if you dont but too expensive (up to SEK 1,5-2 mln).. When I got here in March last year I didnt even look for an apartment (although i was lucky to get one for around SEK 10k through a connection) but I straightforward applied for a mortgage, and I was a happy owner of a real estate within 3 months of arrival. Yes of course there is an issue of downpayment, or the lack of it thereof.. but it can easily be overcome by getting a so called "top loan" or just straightforward general loan given that you have an average income of SEK 20k and up for a single person. Even despite the higher interest rate on the general or top loan, it still is a money and time saving endeavour to buy.. So i think you had better consider buying.. good luck!
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post 4.Feb.2013, 05:51 PM
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I have considered this too LockStock, though I have misgivings, purely personal and wrought through lack of experience no doubt. I may have some further questions about this approach in the future here - did you go through any particular agency for advice? I have an issue with downpayment of course, especially after my recent move. My main misgiving is in case I decide to leave or my contract is not extended. I may wait to explore this option when I have better guarantees on my future here in Sweden - or am I being too cautious?
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post 6.Feb.2013, 03:58 PM
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QUOTE (LockStock @ 4.Feb.2013, 05:00 PM) *
Well to be honest I think the best strategy in Sweden to have a roof over your head is just to BUY.. it is amazingly simple to buy and the risks (market value loss namely) are ... (show full quote)

I just checked out the possibility of pursuing a mortgage option with SEB, and their policy is that they do not allow for a general or top loan to cover the downpayment. Furthermore, they told me that if I were to get this loan from another bank it would appear on their records when I applied for the loan, which then nullifies my mortgage application. Is this a regular thing here in Sweden? Any forum members out there with a similar experience worth sharing here? Any advice on where to turn to solve this?
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post 7.Feb.2013, 03:28 PM
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Yes it is quite true. Also If you have any kind of negative credit history can effect your future for example a missing bill from your installment of IPhone or any library book you did not return.
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