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19 year old asking for info!

Wanting to stay in Sweden for a year (ish)

post 7.Dec.2012, 04:17 PM
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Have been looking at these boards for some years now and the attitude still amazes me. Is there really any need to be so vicious and spiteful to people posting asking sensible questions? I get it that the same issues seem to be asked every week and it can get a bit tedious for regulars but come on!
If it gets to you that much just don't read it? you can pretty much guess from the title what its going to be about.

Name calling and sexual references just because the poster actually gave some information about themselves in their post, its a sad indicment on some of you who feel the need to do this?
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post 7.Dec.2012, 06:45 PM
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Very well said. I've actually had enough of it and it has driven me away from posting because of the sheer viciousness and hostility. I actually tried to unregister from the site this week but I can't find the option to do it.
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