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Is it really that impossible to find a job?

New in Sweden

post 1.Sep.2015, 08:09 AM
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I sincerely believe its hard to find a job in sweden, but it depends on which sector and what kind of job you are willing to take. There is a lack of english speaking jobs but we also have a lack of teachers so you got that going for you. Then again I am not sure if you can convert your qualifications into the Swedish teacher system, you should probably look that up. Since its a 5 year education here.

I suggest you contact the English speaking schools in Kalmar and tell them about your situation and that you are looking for work as a teacher, ask if they have any vacancies available even if its just temporary or part-time/on call.
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post 1.Sep.2015, 12:38 PM
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Much boils down to the fact that more and more Swedes can speak English.
Back in the sixties and seventies there was a considerable need of English speaking folk, as teachers, translators and interpreters. All the adult education societies were offering a wide range of courses in English.
Today they might offer one or two at the most. It is a sign of the times. Today, the need for immigrants to speak more and more Swedish is clearly apparent, or should be. That is one of the reasons that job-seekers have such a hard time of their language skills in Swedish are poor. You simply cannot make it here today without speaking the lingo. Sure - there are a few who get by with only English, but they are in the minority, and sadly also miss out on quite a lot due to their lack of Swedish.
We try to tell folk on these forums that they need to really get their Swedish up to scratch in order to secure employment, yet still many seem to think that they are god's gift to Sweden simply because they have letters after their name but no Swedish.
This is Sweden.
The people are Swedish (well -most as yet).
Their language is Swedish (mainly).
Accept that fact.and adapt, or move elsewhere where your 'skills' will be appreciated.
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post 1.Sep.2015, 07:31 PM
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You will probably have no problem finding work, but finding a normal full time job might take a while. You will get a job working as a vikarie in preschools, fritids and the likes with no problem, but for an actual full time teaching job you will need fluency in Swedish. But I wouldn't worry if I were you. If you want to be a teacher, the shortage in Sweden is such that there will be ways to get you into a fast track to getting a Swedish license. People who encounter problems are people who come from professions that are highly dependant on language and personal networks and that are highly coveted by thousands of Swedish youngsters. For example people with degrees in marketing, PR, development studies, people wanting to work as project managers for international NGOs, etc. That is the profile of 90% of people in a recent publication I saw, telling the story of sad and discouraged highly educated immigrants. It's sad and discouraging, yes, but it's the sad truth that there are far more people wanting these jobs than paid roles out there and being a recent immigrant with limited language skills and local knowledge doesn't exactly make you a frontrunner. But for people with skills and interests in nursing, teaching, IT etc the market looks far better.
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post 5.Dec.2015, 02:02 PM
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QUOTE (magg @ 1.Sep.2015, 07:31 PM) *
You will probably have no problem finding work, but finding a normal full time job might take a while. You will get a job working as a vikarie in preschools, fritids and the l ... (show full quote)

Hi, what do you think about current job market of pharmacist/pharmacy in Sweden? How GOOD Swedish does it needs to take to get hired?

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post 5.Dec.2015, 02:26 PM
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Wouldn't want to mix up a prescription due to my poor Swedish.
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post 5.Dec.2015, 05:49 PM
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There have been cases of Swedish pharmacists reading prescriptions incorrectly, maybe due to the usual illegibility of doctors scrawl, so in truth any errors language-wise could also make matters worse.

Especially when you contemplate the many 'false friends' that exist between languages.
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Lund university students
post 30.Jan.2016, 06:43 PM
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