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Parking in City on weekends and after 17.00

Is it ok to park in Boende areas for free

post 28.Dec.2012, 08:04 PM
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I am a little bit confused about the parking rules where the term 'boende' is used.
For example, in Solna or Östermalm you see the following

Avgift 9-17
Boende Solna (or Ö)

So if I am not a paying member in one of these communes, can I park on weekends or after 17:00
without having to pay the fee or having Boende stickers? I would appreciate if you could clarify this smile.gif
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Bender B Rodriquez
post 28.Dec.2012, 09:51 PM
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It is a bit complicated but you can think of it as this:

1. A blue P means that you can park for 24 hours or on a weekend.
2. Any additional blue signs are extra rules.
3. A "boende" sign circumvents the normal rules.
4. A yellow sign must be obeyed by everyone.

In your case it means that anybody can park there but must pay between 9 and 17 on weekdays.
People with "boende" stickers do not pay at any time.

Take the following example:
Blue: P
Blue: 2 timmar
Blue: Avgift 9-17
White: Boende
Yellow: Tisd 8-10

This means that anybody is allowed to park for max 2 hours and have to pay a fee on weekdays between 9 and 17.
Boende do not need to pay and can stand for longer than 2 hours.
Nobody can park on Tuesdays 8-10.
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post 29.Dec.2012, 06:41 AM
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Actually even if you have registered your car within the area you DO still need to pay as Boende - it is just at a different rate (currently 50SEK / day).

Other things to watch out for - you can get a ticket if you park your car facing the wrong way.

The streets are cleaned once a week and you almost certainly will get a ticket if you leave your car there during this time - this is also on the sign - it will say something like Ön 9-12.
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