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Living in the Stockholm area

Sweden Housing, taxes, etc.

post 9.Jan.2013, 06:08 PM
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To be honest with you, 770k SEK a year is such a super-excellent package. I can conclusively say that out of all the technical IT workers (Architects, Developers, Testers, Designers, Security Specialist,...etc) less than 10% of ll of them will get a similar offer such as yours. The bottom line is, You will never ever get a better offer in Sweden than this one. Nevertheless, The main concern as you stated is: Is this package enough for the high life standards that you are used to it, and the simple obvious answer is: BIG NO.

As a technical IT worker, The only way to get a higher salary than your offer in Sweden is being a consultant and get paid by hour, then again, It might be argued that such way of working (Freelancing) isn't a stable and guaranteed way to bring home the bacon.

BTW JL, Just out of curiosity, What kind of field in IT are you working in? Which technology or position?
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post 9.Jan.2013, 06:38 PM
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QUOTE (Learner2011 @ 9.Jan.2013, 06:08 PM) *
To be honest with you, 770k SEK a year is such a super-excellent package. I can conclusively say that out of all the technical IT workers (Architects, Developers, Testers, Des ... (show full quote)

Where you are wrong is that we are talking about (inner) Stockholm here and not Sweden in general. This definitely changes the whole story - 770k SEK is nothing special for an expert. In my opinion, the OP should re-evaluate and attempt to negotiate a better deal (say, 1M SEK, if that changes anything).

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post 9.Jan.2013, 07:08 PM
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QUOTE (lvivien @ 8.Jan.2013, 09:58 PM) *
The weather is awful, almost always rain/snow or at least very cold wind, the child cannot go out normally dressed.

If you are so well off, proper outdoor clothing for your children should be no problem. Swedish children play outdoors around the year. Most of them love it (i did). The rest is just your prejudice coming from a different climate.

QUOTE (lvivien @ 8.Jan.2013, 09:58 PM) *
they not even have a drogerie, not any kind.

There's nothing in a drogerie that you can't find in a Swedish supermarket, pharmacy, or cosmetics store; just different categories than what you are used to. To non-central Europeans, a drogerie seems like a weird supermarket without food or a pharmacy without medicine.

QUOTE (lvivien @ 8.Jan.2013, 09:58 PM) *
And the health care system is very bad. They say its free, but actually you should always pay, even at family dr, and it is very difficult to get to a dr, just nurses everywhe ... (show full quote)

If you are so well off, a few thousand crowns a year (at the most) should be no problem. As I've said before on this forum: If you are unhappy with your vårdcentral, just switch. You are not expected to loyally choose your closest government-run one.
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post 14.Feb.2013, 10:37 AM
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QUOTE (Learner2011 @ 9.Jan.2013, 05:08 PM) *
@JLTo be honest with you, 770k SEK a year is such a super-excellent package. I can conclusively say that out of all the technical IT workers (Architects, Developers, Testers, ... (show full quote)


My area is Designing/Implementing Virtualize Systems and designing Backup solutions for Virtualize environments(included vCloud systems).

And honestly I don't think that 90k euros is a big package. If included some housing, or any expat package it can be interesting, but since was not included. But anyway I declined the offer(but they have return again recently to convince me).

A senior specialist will get more than that in any other country. Even in UK you can get more than 100k.

Has a freelancer yes you can get lot more than that. I worked has a freelancer for 7 years. So I know what are the rates for freelancers(in area) in most of the countries in Europe(don't plan to go to freelancing).

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