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The term "Black People"

A gross generalisation

post 24.Feb.2013, 02:27 AM
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Africa is HUGE. Africa contains a huge plethora of ethinic groups with their own rich genetic and cultural history. Africa and African people are more diverse than Europe has ever been. Including bleeding Atilla the Hun. Lumping them together as "black people" is exceedingly arrogant and exceedingly annoying. Please, avoid that term in the future and be more specific when making another racist topic on TheLocal? If you happen to be an African American then say so instead of saying "black people". Your experience has very little relevance on sweden since most African Americans are not stupid enough to migrate to this sorry shithole.

Truly, why not enlighten your fellow thelocallers on YOUR culture. YOUR heritage. Why not engage in some traditional Cultural Emperialism? A person writing about something they truly know is most instructive and most intriguing and a boon to behold.


Most people on thelocal know me. I will not like your presence here any better. But at least we will be using exact terminology when we engage in disliking one another.
And yes, "svartingar" is today categorized as a derogatory term by our masters in the "cultural" "elite", ie, drooling wingnut deranged leftist extremists. Which is the friggin point! So stop bleeding using it?
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post 24.Feb.2013, 06:23 AM
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Why don't you do the same when you refer to "immigrants" in Sweden.
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post 24.Feb.2013, 08:40 AM
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I realized it was a silly thread. Apologies. Obviously we do both.
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post 24.Feb.2013, 03:58 PM
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Interesting topic!

I will not agree with the original post further, knowing that the term 'Black people' has to some extent hold a degree of derogatory. But if the world should agree on the term 'coloured people' that will suit it; otherwise we can find a more suiting term.
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