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Civil and structural engineering field in Sweden

What softwares are commonly used?

Marco Adler
post 14.Feb.2013, 02:02 PM
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Hello Everyone ?

Am afraid my question can only be answered by who are actually a civil engineers in sweden so lets hope that ill find some overhere smile.gif
I moved to Sweden like 3 months ago , a fresh graduated civil engineer ( General civil engineer which is a mix of environmental , hydraulic , geotechnical and mainly structual engineering ) .

I was wondering .. what softwares commonly used in the civil engineering field ? and in Structural Engineering particularly ?
I have a simple knowledge of simple softwares like PROKON and PRIMAVERA and a little bit of ETABS and I'd realy like to improve my skills .
and forunately , i have a plenty of time i can spend on learning now smile.gif

Waiting for the engineers .. cool.gif
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post 14.Feb.2013, 03:36 PM
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Bentley sometimes for 3d infrastructure design, AutoCad is also used somewhat.
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Marco Adler
post 15.Feb.2013, 11:23 AM
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i dont belive Ive heard about Bentley before buts its nice to have a look at that softwares ..
AutoCAD is everywhere biggrin.gif its kind of a simple program for a civil engineer , for shop drawings and sketches .

I would like to hear more about Structual Design Softwares and Project Management Software ..if anyone could help ?

Thanks alot for your help John
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post 15.Feb.2013, 12:08 PM
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Just looked over my shoulder to see what another guy uses - he seems to be running SolidWorks. He's designing some tiny mechanical parts so I guess not really your domain, but I thought it could be useful for you to know.

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post 15.Feb.2013, 01:46 PM
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I use Bentley products amost exclusively. These being:

Microstation V8i, Architecture, AECOSim (more and more as it has far better BIM capabilities), Generative Components (for parametric modelling), Navigator and ProjectWise.

As mentioned before, many in the branch use AutoCad and related products, but Microstation is fully compatable with the .dwg file format and a better product in my opinion (having extensive experience of both) although I would accept that the learning curve is far steeper and the access to quality reference documentation is more limited.

Some in the architecture branch use ArchiCAD, which is an easier to use and cheaper (I believe but have never looked in to) but far less powerful tool.
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