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Extention of UT Card

Has anyone extended their permit lately

post 23.Jan.2013, 12:47 PM
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Hello Everyone, Has anyone here extended their permit lately. I would like to know how long does it take because I am hoping it goes faster because i have sick parent back in my country who will undergo a cardiac bypass surgery and its the hospital policy that the next kin be available before they can proceed with the surgery. Please i need responses. Thanks and have a nice day.
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post 23.Jan.2013, 02:30 PM
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How many times have you extended it? I ask because the first time I got approved for 2 years, but when I went to renew I wasn't here the full 2 years so they just extended it for another year. That being said I turned in my paperwork for renewel/permanent last month on Dec. 10th (it expired on Dec. 16th) and I got it approved within 3 weeks with out having to go back for an interview. However, it also depends on where you live at. I live in a smaller area and they told me that their office and a lot of the littler offices across Sweden take in overflow renewals and applications from the bigger cities. Also, when I was waiting on my first renewal I called and got the case number and kept checking it online (after not hearing anything for 2 months). I also had the help of my sambos very un-swedish like dad pushing them along as well as getting the employment agency to push them along. Anyway after waiting for about 3 months I got the interview and all was good. But I think on their website it states it can take up to 6+ months. I know they kept telling me if I had to leave Sweden before decision was made that since I was from the states I wouldn't have any trouble re-entering...but I never tried it and I would be hesitant.
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post 23.Jan.2013, 02:50 PM
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An year back, my extension application took about 6-7 weeks to be approved. In 2013 January, just 2 days! (Though Migrationsverket was informed in December that my application was on its way and they were probably expecting it.)
From the time of leaving the biometrics, it took 4 days to receive my UT card.

I'd say the experience is mixed.
It always helps for the employer to call the case officer and put in a word regarding the urgency with which the business needs the employee. Follow up calls may be needed, however. Case officers, again, vary between harried, indifferent, or attentive & helpful.
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post 23.Jan.2013, 04:47 PM
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QUOTE (snarky @ 23.Jan.2013, 02:30 PM) *
How many times have you extended it? I ask because the first time I got approved for 2 years, but when I went to renew I wasn't here the full 2 years so they just extended ... (show full quote)

Hi , I was issued for a year and it will expire February 7th 2013 few weeks from now. Now my dad surgery is for march so i was wondering how soon can it be extended. I sent in an application for extension December 28, and i just found out today that i have been assigned a case officer. i have read some post here where someone said it took close to 3 weeks and someone else said a month. I was given an option of asking for priority and also supply documentation as in why i want priority.
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