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Swedish news
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Sweden : Syarian refugees in Fredriksberg unhappy
with the accommodation provided by the government  * 12
24 MikeKams 2,997 Yesterday, 20:22
By: JeromeTava
No New Posts 28 Yendor 5,034 Yesterday, 17:13
By: CharlesSr
No New Posts 1 const 339 Yesterday, 16:28
By: teknism
No New Posts 29 Garry Jone… 8,269 Yesterday, 15:54
By: WalterSa
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Knife violence in Västerås
time to ban knives!
6 Bsmith 2,276 Yesterday, 15:50
By: WalterSa
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Israel Again Demanding Release Of Jonathan Pollard
What It Hoped To Achieve When Kidon Killed Lindh  * 12
19 Model T Fo… 7,806 Yesterday, 10:46
By: Robertnode
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The Low-Down on the Olof Palme Assassination
How A New Bradley Inquest Threatened Its Exposure  * 123» 18
265 *Trowbridge…* 57,633 Yesterday, 10:44
By: Edwardtron
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The Pikeys are back
Spring has come !  * 12
21 John Halla… 11,182 Yesterday, 10:43
By: Robertnode
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Is Malmo that Dangerous?
Malmo's Safety  * 12
18 JoeFromCam… 6,352 Yesterday, 10:42
By: Robertnode
No New Posts 82 MikeKams 7,399 7.Oct.2015
By: Bsmith
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Burn Effigies Of Those Responsible For 9/11 Attack
Torch War Criminals Cheney, Rumsfeld & Tenet
4 Model T Fo… 637 4.Oct.2015
By: Arthurkl
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More Swedes ‘want increase in refugees’
Frogs live in a covered well
11 knuwan 824 4.Oct.2015
By: knuwan
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Taxis in Sweden
An investigation by Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet
0 DuneSunny2 198 3.Oct.2015
By: DuneSunny2
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military aged males
how come nobody talks about it  * 123
38 dogwalker1 2,915 1.Oct.2015
By: Temee
No New Posts 0 Dr.danial 408 19.Sep.2015
By: Dr.danial
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Migrants demande David Cameron to take Sudanese
because the UK colonized Sudan
10 MikeKams 1,086 18.Sep.2015
By: Mzungu
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Total Lack Of Interest In Breivik's 7-Year Affair
Nothing in Swedish Media About Ms.Fallbom
13 Model T Fo… 758 15.Sep.2015
By: Gamla Häl…
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Turks vs Kurds in brutal Frankfurt street-fight
Knives & bottles brandished  * 12
22 MikeKams 1,891 15.Sep.2015
By: Gamla Häl…
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Fight among migrants in a small German town
Sticks, stones and fists used.
1 MikeKams 564 15.Sep.2015
By: Hisingen
No New Posts 4 The Local 508 12.Sep.2015
By: vera33
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Neil Wallis Not Guilty In Phone-Tapping Scandal
He Helped Cover Up Too Hayward's Crimes In Sweden
5 Model T Fo… 3,638 9.Sep.2015
By: Model T Fo…
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Help me out!
Does Naian mean something in Swedish?
8 naian 1,135 5.Sep.2015
By: Emerentia
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Will Ayatollah Khamanei Receive Peace Prize Now?
Obama Not Eligible Because Already Has It?
6 Model T Fo… 745 3.Sep.2015
By: skogsbo
No New Posts 30 Tikvah 3,112 2.Sep.2015
By: Hisingen
No New Posts 49 The Local 2,698 1.Sep.2015
By: Bsmith
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Well known Authoress
In the news in The Local again
1 Hisingen 617 24.Aug.2015
By: Hisingen
No New Posts 13 IvanDraga 5,946 19.Aug.2015
By: Wes
No New Posts 8 Kalyissa 2,946 17.Aug.2015
By: Bsmith
No New Posts 29 RedCreamSo… 12,381 15.Aug.2015
By: Mzungu
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Swedes get set for new money
But the banks want no part of it
6 Hisingen 3,695 9.Aug.2015
By: Hisingen
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