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Swedish news
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Only 1% crimes linked to refugees
How much truth in this?  * 1234
49 delta76 2,196 Yesterday, 17:02
By: Bsmith
No New Posts 13 dvdmchl 743 Yesterday, 12:29
By: Stpauli
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are you people on acid?
this seems to be racially motivated.  * 1234
58 norling 21,088 10.Feb.2016
By: Gamla Häl…
No New Posts 11 The Green … 1,772 9.Feb.2016
By: Garry Jone…
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Why is mainstream media coverage so biased?
I’m not referring to Sweden here, but Europe wide.
3 MikeJ 413 9.Feb.2016
By: Stpauli
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The wind is changing?
robbers' face are no longer censored
5 delta76 975 8.Feb.2016
By: musattacc
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Julian Assange to be set free?
England and Sweden violate human rights
14 Peter1234 558 7.Feb.2016
By: DuneSunny
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Sexual assaults in New year eve
Should be more...  * 12
28 delta76 4,023 7.Feb.2016
By: OctavioReo…
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Was Sweden a Better Country in the 1970's?
Or is change necessary to keep countries alive?  * 123
33 TheJockMcT… 3,086 4.Feb.2016
By: jamiedean
No New Posts 3 delta76 529 4.Feb.2016
By: Stpauli
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NATO Ramping UP Fear Of Russia Like in Early !980s
This Time Air Intrusions & Submarine Ones Claimed
0 Model T Fo… 236 3.Feb.2016
By: Model T Fo…
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Stabbing death by ‘Arab migrant’ classmate
...another Swedish success story  * 12
18 Gjeebes 2,808 2.Feb.2016
By: Phrozenkiw…
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Why No Mention Of What Happened To Anna Lindh
She Was Killed For Doing What Wallstrom Is Trying
13 Model T Fo… 980 2.Feb.2016
By: Hisingen
No New Posts 4 zagor2 443 2.Feb.2016
By: dvdmchl
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Two Swedish jihadists arrested in Greece
Sweden gives citizenship to convicted terrorists
9 GirlMother… 732 1.Feb.2016
By: TLSucks
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Everyone must return
at least Merkel said so
9 delta76 821 31.Jan.2016
By: Bsmith
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Why only half of the truth?
Swedish girl arrested in Austria - Somalia origin  * 123» 7
91 Peter1234 12,286 31.Jan.2016
By: Hisingen
No New Posts 143 *Örjan Mal…* 31,949 31.Jan.2016
By: Hisingen
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another tragedy in asylum home
it really is kicking off isn't it?  * 12
27 Mesost 3,011 31.Jan.2016
By: Dhimmis
No New Posts 18 delta76 2,285 30.Jan.2016
By: vera33
No New Posts 1 The Green … 468 30.Jan.2016
By: yet anothe…
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Sweden's power structure has to go
Mental madness or corruption?  * 12
26 musattacc 1,966 30.Jan.2016
By: Stpauli
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Swedish krona weaken
keep dropping vs other currencies  * 123» 6
87 Localer 40,196 30.Jan.2016
By: Carlosrig
No New Posts 2 alexmason 422 30.Jan.2016
By: ameriexpin…
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Absolute madness, but only in Sweden.
Sniper training for refugees in Sweden.  * 123
32 Globular _… 3,349 28.Jan.2016
By: Jeffreyen
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Job in Sweden for Foreigners
Is it easy to find it?  * 123» 11
164 mikeleorig… 102,694 26.Jan.2016
By: oblivion
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Anders Breivik Following Simon Hayward's Example?
Reducing Life Term By Claiming Inhuman Treatment  * 12
18 Model T Fo… 1,973 26.Jan.2016
By: musattacc
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Swedish dad found guilty of murdering daughter
has been sentenced to psychiatric care
0 oblivion 292 25.Jan.2016
By: oblivion
No New Posts 23 delta76 1,789 25.Jan.2016
By: Hisingen
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TECH events in SWEDEN
pc repair tech
0 AOUS_XBatt… 255 23.Jan.2016
By: AOUS_XBatt…
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