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Swedish news
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No New Posts 209 DuneSunny 11,979 Yesterday, 21:23
By: littleviki…
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A Shining Example of Why
the UK Will do Well
4 Gjeebes 289 Yesterday, 17:19
By: Savage
No New Posts 9 Brit in St… 640 Yesterday, 11:03
By: Mzungu
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Sweden to adopt the Euro?
Post Brexit.  * 12
15 Savage 881 Yesterday, 9:17
By: Applecore
No New Posts
Commentators have called the result.
We have our country back, RIP the EU  * 12
27 GrahamsmjÃ… 1,098 27.Jun.2016
By: Hisingen
No New Posts
Brexit and British Muslims livng abroad
We'd like to hear from you!
4 mimi08 224 27.Jun.2016
By: djmarko
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The locals new venture in reporting
On international interests
1 Savage 258 25.Jun.2016
By: Phrozenkiw…
No New Posts
What's in a handshake?
Are Swedes too resticted?  * 123
41 Gjeebes 1,995 20.Jun.2016
By: Hisingen
No New Posts
Swedish Immigration Rules change
Clarification needed
8 Mad Hatter 1,292 20.Jun.2016
By: mjennin2
No New Posts 52 Kevtravels 11,579 17.Jun.2016
By: Gamla Häl…
No New Posts
Migrants who claimed to be underage but aren't
A story of naivety, cruelty and exploitation  * 12
17 tellthetru… 4,097 16.Jun.2016
By: Kari
No New Posts
Why No News About Two Swedes Stopping Rape?
People Always Complaining About Swedish Apathy
11 Model T Fo… 996 13.Jun.2016
By: Hisingen
No New Posts
Perceptions of Beggars from the EU
Has your perception changed?  * 12
28 Savage 1,771 12.Jun.2016
By: Hisingen
No New Posts
Why Did Swedish Military Suspend Naval Exercise?
Afraid Of Ending Rumors About Russian Intrusions?
1 Model T Fo… 315 11.Jun.2016
By: Hisingen
No New Posts
Nordea mortgage borrowers picket
defense of their lows, house, children
5 levilev 752 10.Jun.2016
By: levilev
No New Posts
Boxer Swedish DTV Monopoly Versus Consumer Rights
Open Letter To EU DTV Commissioner Oettinger
11 L Goldstar 983 8.Jun.2016
By: Savage
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Breaking news...deportations begin, or...
...the underground grows bigger!""
7 Gjeebes 1,092 7.Jun.2016
By: NZ Kiwi
No New Posts
Moving to Sweden: Phone and Bank Account
questions from an new arrival
6 SYBRgreen 781 7.Jun.2016
By: andy_fin
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Nothing Beats Obama's Hutzpa Lecturing Vietnam
Sure, We Make Mistakes Like Killing Millions Of You
10 Model T Fo… 812 5.Jun.2016
By: LLHope
No New Posts
Poor Pensioners - a growing group
250,000 pensioners under EU poverty threshold  * 12
16 Cheeseroll… 1,757 5.Jun.2016
By: Cheeseroll…
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Taboola Sponsored links Everywhere!
Whatsup with taboola at the middle of pages?
5 Martian 1,830 30.May.2016
By: andy_fin
No New Posts
State funded relgion course
your tax dollars at work...  * 12
19 Bsmith 1,928 30.May.2016
By: oblivion
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Things are looking up for Meatballia!
or, "what a muppet show"!
0 Gjeebes 449 28.May.2016
By: Gjeebes
No New Posts 4 Gjeebes 470 28.May.2016
By: Gjeebes
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I know the daily mail hates Sweden but...
Did the polis REALLY say this?
13 The Green … 1,180 26.May.2016
By: Zakalwe
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Financial report on Swedish refugee policy
...available for the first time ever!
0 Gjeebes 737 19.May.2016
By: Gjeebes
No New Posts
So The CIA Had Commie Nelson Mandela Locked Up!
Obama Should Get To The Bottom Of These Outrages
2 Model T Fo… 540 17.May.2016
By: Savage
No New Posts
Stockholm terror threats reported.
Could we see a Paris or Belgium style attack ?
11 Savage 1,894 17.May.2016
By: Savage
No New Posts
Cops are quitting in droves
according to the Local  * 123
32 Bsmith 3,237 16.May.2016
By: Hisingen
No New Posts
Help please . Swedish documentation
Death certificate does not state cause of death?
3 Sussann 923 13.May.2016
By: LLHope
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