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If you could live anywhere in Sweden
would you choose north or south?
5 Lingonberr… 204 18.Sep.2014
By: skogsbo
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Old light ceiling socket wont work ?
Wiring problem or socket problem ?  * 12
16 Typr40 393 11.Sep.2014
By: TLSucks
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How to become a teacher in Sweden?
Can my profession really help me ?
11 VALOR 447 10.Sep.2014
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To move or not to move?
That is the question.
7 mllealsk 322 31.Aug.2014
By: Opalnera
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EVERYONE: How long did it take for you to get a PN
Need help with my essay, please answer :)
9 kalender 622 31.Aug.2014
By: trumanshow
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Buying a cooperative apartment / condominium
Is it the same in Denmark as Sweden?
0 Lingonberr… 111 31.Aug.2014
By: Lingonberr…
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Life without personnummer
is it possible
8 tonybalony 390 30.Aug.2014
By: skogsbo
No New Posts 21 Geena 3,650 26.Aug.2014
By: HaleyJames
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Mensa in Sweden & Denmark
Any meetings in Skåne or Copenhagen?
13 Lingonberr… 277 25.Aug.2014
By: Gamla Häl…
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Suitable gift for young lady
To thank her for her generosity
2 Lingonberr… 228 24.Aug.2014
By: Lingonberr…
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Make Skatteverket appointment
Can they be booked in advance?
4 Leer55 514 14.Aug.2014
By: Leer55
No New Posts 25 Damsel 10,523 4.Aug.2014
By: edita
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Mobile phone contract with unlimited data?
Does it exist in Sweden? What options do I have?
2 Bluehemisp… 381 30.Jul.2014
By: Hallander
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Moving stuff from London to Sweden
Recommended removal companies  * 12
24 pztm 14,953 29.Jul.2014
By: paul smith
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Overseas Shipping Companies
Moving back to Canada
0 jwooding 206 25.Jul.2014
By: jwooding
No New Posts 12 Furu 1,582 19.Jul.2014
By: pressi81
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From Perth, Western Australia to Sweden
Perth to Sweden. Questions
3 kyleawe 380 17.Jul.2014
By: Localer
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Sweden postal service
What ids are accepted?
2 Palc 330 10.Jul.2014
By: Snood
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Anyone want to meet in Goteborg?
researcher in 2 year role, looking for mates/info
0 chrisheard 202 6.Jul.2014
By: chrisheard
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personnummer degegistered, how to get it active?
How do I operate my bank account remotely?
4 hirenmistr… 695 1.Jul.2014
By: TLSucks
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New to Eskilstuna
Looking for international friends
0 likkleann 130 30.Jun.2014
By: likkleann
No New Posts 2 KlainmainG… 408 30.Jun.2014
By: KlainmainG…
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settling in Sweden and picking a mobile carrier
need something similar to the following
1 lostinSE 432 29.Jun.2014
By: Rick Methv…
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Vacation days earned
2013-2014 period
7 leofemale_… 701 3.Jun.2014
By: leofemale_…
No New Posts 0 hotbird 303 31.May.2014
By: hotbird
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need help filling up a form
cant figure out what to enter in address
6 thisnoobkn… 412 31.May.2014
By: hotbird
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Moving to Sweden
House Hunting!
1 Naglaa 647 31.May.2014
By: hotbird
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Need to find a store to buy gift online
Online gift store in Stockholm
4 arnabprama… 4,417 29.May.2014
By: hakana
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Working as a freelance journalist in Stockholm
Trying to get my head around taxes...
3 Leer55 426 27.May.2014
By: Leer55
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Foreigner commuting between Malmoe and Copenhagen
Need advice on almost every topic
3 andre.cler… 589 23.Apr.2014
By: domc
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