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How to get health cover
Very confused  * 12
24 16asteen 3,044 21.May.2015
By: Brigitteis…
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Rent prices on www.blocket.se
Are they for anyone or just förstahand contracts?
5 mlatimudan 2,924 17.May.2015
By: axiom
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Personnummer for newcommer
Personnummer based on valid visa or total visa
6 mistr47 2,557 26.Apr.2015
By: umers
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Lulea Newcommers - general help needed
Help us settle in to our new lives.
1 LucyB1 244 23.Apr.2015
By: ChocOwl
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Forsakringkassan know your rights
I bet a lot of people do not know about it.
6 good_luck_… 425 23.Apr.2015
By: good_luck_…
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Swedish dating sites
Singel in Sverige
11 PaulTheOct… 9,460 19.Apr.2015
By: Nick9
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Psychology Graduate Studies in Sweden
job prospects in Sweden, how much money to save?
2 lovelydove… 374 3.Apr.2015
By: LLHope
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Psychology Graduate Studies in Sweden
job prospects in Sweden, how much money to save?
0 lovelydove… 221 3.Apr.2015
By: lovelydove…
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Spanish teacher looking for advice
What should I study?
0 egoyan 380 11.Mar.2015
By: egoyan
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HELP certificate proving marital status
UK citizen moving to Sweden
2 Regal 565 24.Feb.2015
By: Laurelia
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Moving stuff from London to Sweden
Recommended removal companies  * 12
25 pztm 20,427 10.Feb.2015
By: cirenm
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Grey Area for Joining Swedish Society
Personnumber is always a problem for immigrants
3 zazek84 931 9.Feb.2015
By: Case offic…
No New Posts 1 SKWARDOL 747 8.Feb.2015
By: 16asteen
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private medical insurance
cannot find fully comprehensive insurance
4 tonybalony 1,087 31.Jan.2015
By: Diefenbake…
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Need advice on seeking asylum
With work permit and residence permit  * 123
34 bearwaltz 11,999 24.Jan.2015
By: Blue Swede…
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Do you tip movers?
Is it customary here to tip moving companies?
4 nyogenberr… 798 9.Jan.2015
By: Emerentia
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General questions about Sweden
life, the universe and everything
10 zerogre 1,311 7.Jan.2015
By: HildeE
No New Posts 4 umers 1,166 10.Dec.2014
By: TLSucks
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Vacation related question
in the first year of employment
2 santabanta 747 24.Nov.2014
By: santabanta
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why advertise yourself as looking
working out Blocket bostad
1 arthro 702 23.Nov.2014
By: arthro
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Introductions and "Hello!"
Newcomer from beyond saying "Hi"
2 zerogre 832 21.Nov.2014
By: Svensksmit…
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Anyone around in Uppsala?
Just moved from London
8 Hallon 1,166 6.Nov.2014
By: Hallon
No New Posts 3 ulver1000 1,260 23.Oct.2014
By: NataBee
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Move and live in Sweden
From France to Sweden can you help me
0 nmizid 818 19.Oct.2014
By: nmizid
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Where to buy Universal Power Strip
US to EU Plug adaptor
6 dootah 989 18.Oct.2014
By: Fireworks …
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buying a used car
some info about owning a car
2 basilsiuof… 1,100 16.Oct.2014
By: köttbulle…
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Nurse looking for a job
Part time job along with studying
3 mohsen_sab… 1,260 5.Oct.2014
By: mohsen_sab…
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Size of business cards in Sweden?
Are the cards in your wallet slightly too big?
3 KaiserSoza… 929 3.Oct.2014
By: kokoko
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New to Eskilstuna
Looking for international friends
1 likkleann 894 29.Sep.2014
By: hvan20
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Radio and TV questions
classical music, iPlayer and television
8 Lingonberr… 998 25.Sep.2014
By: Laurelia
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