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Life in Sweden
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Planning to apply to a University?
... and speak fluent Swedish?  * 123» 8
107 Puffin 100,865 22.May.2016
By: Arit Berre…
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Divorce or Emmigration from Sweden
Which one is easier ?
1 Savage 10 Today, 6:22
By: Gamla Häl…
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Online (internet) pharmacy ?
Buying medicines online
13 Zshaikh 15,224 Yesterday, 22:53
By: Gamla Häl…
No New Posts 21 Renfeh Hgu… 638 Yesterday, 22:50
By: Gamla Häl…
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help me to like Sweden
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  * 123» 28
415 Lamy 15,668 Yesterday, 22:44
By: Gamla Häl…
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What's the deal with jobs requiring Swedish?
Don't they realise everyone speaks English?  * 123
43 Andorin 1,676 Yesterday, 22:42
By: Gamla Häl…
No New Posts 5 maya.si 131 Yesterday, 18:48
By: Mad Hatter
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Websites to buy stroller/pram online?
I really need your help in buying stroller/pram !
9 Learner201… 4,760 Yesterday, 18:05
By: Billy_UK
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Question about getting citizenship while abroad
I am a permanent resident in a US uni
8 Jimmy16802 351 Yesterday, 11:50
By: axiom
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Shopping for a new cooker
Which are the candidates?
4 RandallnHo… 183 Yesterday, 10:24
By: yet anothe…
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Sweden vs. The Netherlands
What is your favourite between the two ?
8 cherif 410 26.May.2016
By: cherif
No New Posts 4 drbubbles 153 26.May.2016
By: LLHope
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Advance vacation, unpaid days, etc.
Quite hard to understand
12 safetyFirs… 572 26.May.2016
By: luvsourabh
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Newcomers in Sweden.
Welcome and join group.
0 Sena 97 26.May.2016
By: Sena
No New Posts 3 Fikafan 190 26.May.2016
By: LLHope
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Canada vs. Sweden
Where can I and my family have a better life?  * 123» 9
124 rakoon 81,115 25.May.2016
By: Bsmith
No New Posts 11 crazycraic 938 25.May.2016
By: andy_fin
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Where to buy a TV
which shop in Stockholm?
7 delta76 2,493 25.May.2016
By: NZ Kiwi
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CSN for EU nationals and income
insight from experienced people
8 lostinSE 419 25.May.2016
By: lostinSE
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Opening a bank account
No Swedish ID  * 12
17 spncrw 1,055 25.May.2016
By: Svedallas
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Is it a good decision to move to Sweden or not?
I need objective views from Sweden...  * 123
31 TurMech 2,183 25.May.2016
By: Svedallas
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Mail returned as 'okänd' from Malmö
Who do I have to strangle at PostNord?
6 Talythia 277 24.May.2016
By: Talythia
No New Posts 3 ajax8426 218 24.May.2016
By: Gjeebes
No New Posts 2 Andy_AUS 302 24.May.2016
By: sandon
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Sweden citizenship help
Visa for Sweden
1 kokoko007 198 24.May.2016
By: yet anothe…
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Getting xanax prescribed in Sweden?
Moving to Sweden & addicted to xanax?
8 Sharrell93 5,312 23.May.2016
By: bagbas
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car import to Sweden
TAX And custom duty
4 tareq102 294 23.May.2016
By: Zakalwe
No New Posts 1 shaunsmall 139 23.May.2016
By: smullyan
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Salsa Dance in English
Salsa / bachata / Kizumba
8 wirefire 207 23.May.2016
By: wirefire
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Paying rent and deposit before getting keys
what is the standard procedure?
12 marky2k 787 22.May.2016
By: elliha
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