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Life in Sweden
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Planning to apply to a University?
... and speak fluent Swedish?  * 123» 7
104 Puffin 80,268 Yesterday, 23:54
By: Williamki
No New Posts 4 khaledSW 65 Today, 11:32
By: yet anothe…
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Carlsberg in Scandinavia
its much nicer than the UK
1 mawson 325 Today, 8:37
By: BlondieWor…
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Is everyone out of the closet?
LGBT life in Sweden
1 oblivion 216 Today, 8:35
By: BlondieWor…
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Forex Bank bank account
Any experience?
3 optimism 689 Today, 0:02
By: Demetris
No New Posts 7 Hansol357 438 Yesterday, 23:53
By: Williamki
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Moving house: what options do I have
given no driving experience
5 delta76 616 Yesterday, 23:51
By: Williamki
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notice period of second hand contract
when can I leave the apartment?
8 jccn 602 Yesterday, 17:41
By: jccn
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Printing, copying in Stockholm - WHERE?
Just need to print one form!
13 Winnipegge… 10,399 Yesterday, 14:42
By: HowardGam
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Where can I find cheap winter tires?
CHEAP arround 500/600 krona
4 anose 190 Yesterday, 14:39
By: HowardGam
No New Posts 4 Hansol357 312 Yesterday, 14:14
By: LLHope
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Round and round in circles?
Bureaucratic nightmare.  * 12
24 Jen1990 1,698 Yesterday, 10:04
By: elliha
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Where to buy a TV
which shop in Stockholm?
6 delta76 279 8.Oct.2015
By: JeromeTava
No New Posts 13 andy_fin 1,308 8.Oct.2015
By: CharlesSr
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start up tips for living in Sweden
saving money, buy stuff etc.  * 12
25 Hansol357 2,420 8.Oct.2015
By: WalterSa
No New Posts 0 Aveline 124 8.Oct.2015
By: Aveline
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Contracting opportunity in Helsingborg
Information required pertaining to cost of living
0 TonyInFran… 126 8.Oct.2015
By: TonyInFran…
No New Posts 12 optimism 663 8.Oct.2015
By: skogsbo
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Looking for Danish guy in the rain, Gamla Stan
Trying to find a dane I met 11.7 in Sthlm
1 DistanceEn… 171 7.Oct.2015
By: Bsmith
No New Posts 4 JeremyH 367 7.Oct.2015
By: JeremyH
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Where can I find fine paper in Stockholm?
New in town. I'm a graphic designer
3 jahur10 202 7.Oct.2015
By: ChocOwl
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How to open bank account without ID card?
With personnummer, national ID, EU driving license
2 optimism 293 6.Oct.2015
By: skogsbo
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social problem important
family issue urgent
3 saloom 369 6.Oct.2015
By: littleviki…
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giving parental consent
help with child care
2 mac69 362 6.Oct.2015
By: skogsbo
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What to do with Irish Vehicle in Sweden
Looking for info on car reg in malmö
3 sob 417 5.Oct.2015
By: sob
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Swedish citizenship for students
In view of the new laws
3 KSH 615 5.Oct.2015
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How long before I can apply for citizenship?
Married to a Danish citizen.
1 van der Me… 244 4.Oct.2015
By: Emerentia
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Expat Facebook Group?
For random questions and such.
4 jkell 373 4.Oct.2015
By: Arthurkl
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Getting a haircut costs a fortune.
Its not brain surgery but they charge like it is.  * 123» 5
61 eabos 21,751 4.Oct.2015
By: Arthurkl
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Looking for Carpenter/Forework job.
I can only speak english :(
1 LancerRoma… 219 4.Oct.2015
By: Arthurkl
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