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Life in Sweden
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Planning to apply to a University?
... and speak fluent Swedish?  * 123» 7
98 Puffin 68,075 23.Mar.2015
By: Hisingen
No New Posts 1 magnus68 84 Today, 4:55
By: Case offic…
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University Crisis in Sweden
the failure of Swedish universities to educate  * 123» 7
92 Gjeebes 5,207 Yesterday, 18:25
By: Gamla Häl…
No New Posts 2 DigitalLov… 93 Yesterday, 18:03
By: yet anothe…
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Finding a job before moving to Sweden.
And then there's something I don't understand...
12 Lumikki 1,379 Yesterday, 14:39
By: Lumikki
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Amorteringskrav 2015 propertyprices
Any suggestions from experts  * 12
26 animesh 3,705 Yesterday, 12:38
By: animesh
No New Posts 3 LockStock 348 Yesterday, 12:35
By: LockStock
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I want to quit my job and apply asylum
I want free money and free apartment too!  * 123» 5
69 IvanDraga 15,272 Yesterday, 10:47
By: LLHope
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Train transfer times
Absurd connection times
3 -Hjoi- 283 Yesterday, 10:16
By: LLHope
No New Posts 212 Rhunter14 27,544 21.May.2015
By: Cheeseroll…
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electronic identification suchlike eID
e ID/passport/signature/etc...
4 aka muaz 466 20.May.2015
By: yet anothe…
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Personal number pains
Is this how it is?  * 1234
45 beefbroff 24,024 20.May.2015
By: Brigitteis…
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Am I wrong here?
Is what I have written wrong?
4 -Hjoi- 455 19.May.2015
By: Marmi
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Torsby? or Värmland?
Anyone on the forum live there?
0 lysz 270 18.May.2015
By: lysz
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Citizenship Ceremony- help
What goes on there?
9 Uncommonj 984 18.May.2015
By: Marmi
No New Posts 3 Intown 383 18.May.2015
By: Intown
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Can I drive a car with a different driving license
Driving license from another country
4 khaledSW 604 15.May.2015
By: TLSucks
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Online Dating Frustrations
American VS Swedish men  * 12
16 Journalist… 4,795 14.May.2015
By: StefanTheS…
No New Posts 19 boy124 4,602 14.May.2015
By: naughtyilv…
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Online dating in Sweden
Recommended sites, info on the dating scene  * 123» 6
76 lifesajour… 89,460 14.May.2015
By: StefanTheS…
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Have you tried any Swedish online dating websites?
Is HappyPancake the best there is?  * 12
15 rainonme 8,700 14.May.2015
By: sister_jo
No New Posts 7 Streja 2,877 14.May.2015
By: Ellyx
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Learn Swedish with us!
Fun way to practice your Swedish
0 Pelindemir… 307 14.May.2015
By: Pelindemir…
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EU citizen doesn't know where to start...
Have all the information. Just a plan is missing.  * 12
24 Lumikki 3,122 13.May.2015
By: Lumikki
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Immigrant Statistics EU Countries
Interesting comparisons possible
2 Hallander 408 12.May.2015
By: Gamla Häl…
No New Posts 2 khaledSW 416 12.May.2015
By: ChocOwl
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Cats in Sweden
Why are they outside?
10 nunilwen 806 12.May.2015
By: DuneSunny2
No New Posts 19 LKDutch 1,567 12.May.2015
By: LLHope
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Reporting Employer for Mistreatment
Restaurant Taking Advantage of Employees
3 garcialevi… 473 12.May.2015
By: LLHope
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Making a Move Into a New Apartment easier
What is needed after buying an apartment
1 NishantHad… 384 12.May.2015
By: LLHope
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