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Life in Sweden
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Planning to apply to a University?
... and speak fluent Swedish?  * 123» 6
86 Puffin 57,602 17.Nov.2014
By: Svensksmit…
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Getting rid of Mynt
In Stockholm?
4 Raindear 175 Today, 17:22
By: Gamla Häl…
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Sibling in Sweden with work permit
Want to immigrate, HELP
4 migsverige 392 Today, 13:15
By: littleviki…
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Getting a haircut costs a fortune.
Its not brain surgery but they charge like it is.  * 1234
57 eabos 15,355 Today, 9:17
By: kiwiboynz
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Swedish tax question
What a lovely christmas present
13 trumanshow 805 Today, 9:04
By: Essingen55
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Moving to Sweden for 3-6 months
DK citizen + RU citizen
1 emanresu 195 Yesterday, 19:18
By: Case offic…
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Renting an apartment in southern towns
Need a flat for up to 6 months
0 emanresu 146 Yesterday, 17:54
By: emanresu
No New Posts 4 Rogue-Fire 404 19.Dec.2014
By: LLHope
No New Posts 11 Henriz 1,037 19.Dec.2014
By: magg
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Part-time MS degrees?
Is there a such thing in Sweden?
2 mitcanmit 365 19.Dec.2014
By: mitcanmit
No New Posts 14 BelleP 2,565 19.Dec.2014
By: BelleP
No New Posts 7 jackiejunk… 627 19.Dec.2014
By: friendonly…
No New Posts 10 svensktliv 475 19.Dec.2014
By: magg
No New Posts 13 SAMXIII 4,064 19.Dec.2014
By: IvanDraga
No New Posts 2 ukshaz 623 18.Dec.2014
By: mesterkatt…
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Shopping in Sweden
on-line & off-line  * 12
16 Eugeni 1,824 18.Dec.2014
By: mayhem
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What does the BRF do?
Can I get any help with repairs and DIY jobs?
6 Lingonberr… 375 18.Dec.2014
By: gplusa
No New Posts 8 kiwiboynz 679 18.Dec.2014
By: kiwiboynz
No New Posts 31 Tahini 6,493 18.Dec.2014
By: molly1
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Forsäkringskassan refused my
10 days pappaledighet!
9 Samwell 725 18.Dec.2014
By: ChocOwl
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Couple living with 50.000 SEK per month
Enough for living decently?  * 12
16 jlordiales 1,286 18.Dec.2014
By: DuneSunny
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Question about Milk
Full Cream Milk in Sweden  * 12
17 maybebaby 962 18.Dec.2014
By: yet anothe…
No New Posts 3 deaninswed… 386 17.Dec.2014
By: mesterkatt…
No New Posts 0 Henriz 215 16.Dec.2014
By: Henriz
No New Posts 1 black.fren… 274 16.Dec.2014
By: humblelove…
No New Posts 17 DanCrib 923 16.Dec.2014
By: Gamla Häl…
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It's that time of the year!
Anyone else not looking forward to xmas?
12 menrva 567 16.Dec.2014
By: kiwiboynz
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Need place to stay in Malmo, help! :)
I am arriving to Malmo on Saturday, need a place
2 Mike232 312 16.Dec.2014
By: yet anothe…
No New Posts 2 sohani 312 15.Dec.2014
By: menrva
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Exposing the Swedish government
Unfair treatment of individuals
7 Linasvenss… 453 13.Dec.2014
By: Rick Methv…
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