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Life in Sweden
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Planning to apply to a University?
... and speak fluent Swedish?  * 123» 7
103 Puffin 83,708 25.Nov.2015
By: jolikefes
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Swedish graphic designer
logotype design
1 atlaide 525 Today, 1:00
By: 8984
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Which city should I move to?
Any suggestions?
11 red81king 1,530 Yesterday, 23:01
By: trumanshow
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how come it's so hard to make a friend!
making friends is hard here?  * 12
18 dmstlr1002 1,948 Yesterday, 22:59
By: Criterion
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Swedish people are liars and two-faced cheaters
Don't believe a word they say
11 Stuck_in_S… 1,864 Yesterday, 22:56
By: trumanshow
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Impossible to find work!
searching for employment  * 12
24 danemcnult… 3,368 Yesterday, 22:42
By: trumanshow
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A Story of A Refugee!
Just want to share this!  * 123
33 mas17 3,528 29.Nov.2015
By: miss drago…
No New Posts 4 tom. 2,057 29.Nov.2015
By: Hatthewbop…
No New Posts 3 BlondieWor… 1,134 28.Nov.2015
By: Gamla Häl…
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Parking in Stockholm
Parking houses or garages
0 Stella86 506 27.Nov.2015
By: Stella86
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moving to sweden
hello all
4 soso 709 27.Nov.2015
By: soso
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Private Swedish lessons/Tutor Stockholm
Looking for a private tutor a few hours a week
0 tomgoodchi… 457 26.Nov.2015
By: tomgoodchi…
No New Posts 13 NZExpat 2,291 25.Nov.2015
By: jolikefes
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Is SFI worth it?
Does it work...  * 1234
48 SamSlade 9,149 25.Nov.2015
By: jolikefes
No New Posts 10 otissmith 1,233 25.Nov.2015
By: jolikefes
No New Posts 5 Gjeebes 566 25.Nov.2015
By: Gamla Häl…
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getting tax exemption
tax exemption on home loan in native country
1 winterISco… 381 24.Nov.2015
By: Temp
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I am thinking quit my job
Nystartsjobb problem
7 impulsive1… 1,589 24.Nov.2015
By: trumanshow
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UC Credit Mark
Swedish Debut and Postal Services Confuse Me
0 saykalik 544 23.Nov.2015
By: saykalik
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Winter tires Skoda
online or not
3 criscris 622 22.Nov.2015
By: Hisingen
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Canada vs. Sweden
Where can I and my family have a better life?  * 123» 8
113 rakoon 63,342 20.Nov.2015
By: Stpauli
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I regret moving to Sweden
Biggest mistake I've ever made  * 123» 26
385 Mr UK 226,302 20.Nov.2015
By: Javierpt
No New Posts 4 SecondGen 637 20.Nov.2015
By: Emerentia
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Parking fines in Stockholm
What is the logic of this?
6 Mtech 852 20.Nov.2015
By: bjorkon
No New Posts 7 Lumikki 2,070 20.Nov.2015
By: Sophia
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Teaching in Sweden
English as a foreign language or primary teaching
11 Ceilidh 1,258 19.Nov.2015
By: Bsmith
No New Posts 3 delta76 909 19.Nov.2015
By: Mr Dutch
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Seek Friends in Stockholm
Good start as a newcomer
1 misspatien… 579 19.Nov.2015
By: bitteredla…
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Important question! HELP
I need answers
1 sergi.7 580 19.Nov.2015
By: Case offic…
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Insurance for Personummer
For Canadian With Italian Passport
3 kevandagos… 790 18.Nov.2015
By: PPav
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