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Life in Sweden
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Planning to apply to a University?
... and speak fluent Swedish?  * 123» 6
76 Puffin 50,907 20.May.2014
By: ukashkarti…
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Can I study in Denmark with a temp residency visa?
I am american and have a sambo visa here in Sweden
8 byron_mu 3,247 Today, 20:46
By: gnome
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Think of divorce in Sweden
I want to know about my rights
5 chocoluv 267 Today, 15:42
By: LLHope
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Personal Number application denied
Any advice on filling an appeal?
2 kizzybear 244 Today, 15:36
By: LLHope
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I regret moving to Sweden
Biggest mistake I've ever made  * 123» 18
259 Mr UK 103,544 Today, 14:47
By: Rinwald
No New Posts 1 moeez12 89 Today, 14:41
By: Localer
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UK to Sweden, help please!
swedish girlfriend
6 Raggz 576 Today, 13:03
By: gerrymaher
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recommendations for daycare in Kunglsholmen
speaks both English and Swedish to the kids
0 mattdixon 80 Today, 12:56
By: mattdixon
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Car Finance Problem
Been Delicend from 2 Bank...
3 marttnng 168 Today, 10:41
By: Snood
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Waiting for settlement permit decision
looking for a job in this period
4 frs709 328 Today, 7:26
By: friendonly…
No New Posts 14 bl1111 901 Yesterday, 20:47
By: bl1111
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Life in Sweden
How to make friends with swedish people  * 123» 6
75 Gregwinslo… 2,303 Yesterday, 12:13
By: yorkie red…
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Construction professional moving to Sweden
Looking for work and advice
6 apl2014 1,289 Yesterday, 4:47
By: apl2014
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Moving to Västerås or Uppsala
Suggestions for Apartments
13 gerrymaher 701 22.Jul.2014
By: badkarma
No New Posts 4 Ecosse 462 21.Jul.2014
By: LLHope
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An American in Sweden, now moving to England
my experience, and questions about future.
8 melissafra… 612 21.Jul.2014
By: cfairless
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SFI In Sundsvall..
Moving in October..
1 SamSlade 250 21.Jul.2014
By: Billy_UK
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Opening Bank Account without ID Card?
Waiting time for personnummer updatei into system?
3 marttnng 295 20.Jul.2014
By: irene83
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American in Germany wanting to move to Sweden
Complicated situation and need assistance
6 Coryfrombe… 2,379 20.Jul.2014
By: Canadianco…
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Heating - help please
and other bits
4 leeds 403 19.Jul.2014
By: Gordy
No New Posts 86 thinkthink 11,886 19.Jul.2014
By: drg1599
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Expat divorce rate
Do any mixed-nationality marriages last here?  * 123» 17
253 Skånedave 61,804 19.Jul.2014
By: Gamla Häl…
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How to deal with kids in Sweden ?
delinquents to be precise.  * 12
20 leenux5030 1,940 18.Jul.2014
By: Gamla Häl…
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Advice regarding emmigration bureaucracy (UK)
I kind of did everything before telling anyone
4 Jenniferoc… 810 18.Jul.2014
By: intrepidfo…
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job in sweden - ADVICE needed
am i doing something wrong?!?!  * 1234
47 laza99 3,304 18.Jul.2014
By: intrepidfo…
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Health problem in Sweden!
Need help with health system
3 Pattybrown 420 18.Jul.2014
By: Pattybrown
No New Posts 1 Jeremy051 229 18.Jul.2014
By: Gordy
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Step-by-Step Guide for Moving to Sweden
Your Unofficial Checklist
12 Sjölejone… 6,305 18.Jul.2014
By: Sjölejone…
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Welcome to Sweden!
A TV show just being aired here...
13 Gamla Häl… 1,599 16.Jul.2014
By: irene83
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Suspicious gas station
any possiility to check?
9 Andrey Kis… 731 15.Jul.2014
By: Svensksmit…
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