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Life in Sweden
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Planning to apply to a University?
... and speak fluent Swedish?  * 123» 6
80 Puffin 52,621 Yesterday, 10:53
By: hvan20
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What do you love the most about life in Sweden?
If you could pick just one thing, what would it be
13 blackmamba… 621 Today, 13:02
By: Poca
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Automatic Driver's License
Has anyone made the switch?
5 usala 443 Today, 10:52
By: friendonly…
No New Posts 44 blackmamba… 1,421 Today, 10:41
By: sv100
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Bandwidth in Sweden
Go big or go home?
1 blackmamba… 158 Today, 10:21
By: Snood
No New Posts 5 Samwell 153 Today, 8:48
By: cherrybubb…
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Need a house sitter desperately now, about to go!
Trip to SA, but no viable house sitters
13 dave.smith 2,959 Today, 8:24
By: gplusa
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UK TV in Sweden
130+ satellite dish
5 intrepidfo… 400 Today, 7:21
By: PBR_Street…
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Train fine advice
I really disagree with how harsh it is
2 Gooner262 213 Yesterday, 20:48
By: Gooner262
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immigrating to Sweden. is it possible?
immigrating from a Non EU country  * 1234
52 HUMANIST00… 3,702 Yesterday, 11:04
By: hvan20
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Fribrev (paid up policy calculations)
Anyone got detailed knowledge
0 Essingen55 105 Yesterday, 8:31
By: Essingen55
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American NFL and college football on TV
High speed internet service
2 BJV1899 143 Yesterday, 8:09
By: Geoemyda
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Swedish Car Insurance..
How does it work?
4 SamSlade 172 Yesterday, 8:00
By: DuneSunny
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Quality of water - Stockholm
Good quality and nice taste  * 12
16 blackmamba… 630 Yesterday, 7:44
By: skogsbo
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Using ID card to travel in the EU
Possible with a Swedbank ID card but no passport?
13 Keithy 3,483 25.Aug.2014
By: TLSucks
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Introducing myself to the forum
We have just landed  * 12
26 blackmamba… 992 25.Aug.2014
By: Gamla Häl…
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Looking for Business partner in Sweden
UK English citizen moving
2 Mani2014 285 25.Aug.2014
By: blackmamba…
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Credit Problem ?
Retired and refused credit.
1 skylarkpil… 242 25.Aug.2014
By: Essingen55
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Looking for: Guide to Sweden by an Italian Expat?
was posted on the site a while back but cant find
0 canuk 200 25.Aug.2014
By: canuk
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Plumbing, Labor Cost?
DIY Plumbing Work but Need to Charge Landlord
5 garcialevi… 372 24.Aug.2014
By: Gamla Häl…
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Floods in Sweden
Which places are affected?
1 Lingonberr… 264 24.Aug.2014
By: Emerentia
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Eelections 14-Sep-2014 ,your thoughts
Riksdag, the municipal assemblies & county counc.  * 123
30 sv100 1,380 24.Aug.2014
By: Hisingen
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Help with Taxes in Sweden
(possible deductions)
3 PMan001 292 24.Aug.2014
By: LLHope
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Money from employer for the gym
Is this scheme still running?
5 tuborgian 319 24.Aug.2014
By: ChocOwl
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warning to Telenor employees
staff being fired and dismissed wrongfully
4 eardoctor 271 24.Aug.2014
By: LLHope
No New Posts 18 LockStock 986 24.Aug.2014
By: Localer
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Apartment in Lund or Malmo
What is better?  * 12
23 itmagno 7,221 23.Aug.2014
By: Opalnera
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Starting Or Buying A Business in Sweden
Work / Residence Permits - Law Firm Immigration  * 123
32 ExpatQ8 1,726 22.Aug.2014
By: sv100
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Swedish Supermarkets in Stockholm
Food, brands, supermarket
10 -Hjoi- 563 22.Aug.2014
By: sv100
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Looking for a Viking Male Donor
Need a big strong Viking man  * 12
22 Need Vikin… 2,897 22.Aug.2014
By: SomethingS…
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