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Life in Sweden
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Planning to apply to a University?
... and speak fluent Swedish?  * 123» 6
86 Puffin 56,666 17.Nov.2014
By: Svensksmit…
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Start of Conversation with Swedish Girls
How they like to be contacted
13 Masood_007 332 Today, 1:09
By: trumanshow
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Eye tests - any help from employer?
Does my employer help?
2 hoodrat 194 Yesterday, 20:01
By: elliha
No New Posts 13 BelleP 1,752 Yesterday, 18:36
By: Hisingen
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Coming to Sweden?
Do's or Dont?  * 12
19 psyrdm 834 Yesterday, 18:30
By: yet anothe…
No New Posts 143 aliraza.ji… 47,066 Yesterday, 15:39
By: aliraza.ji…
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Therapists in Malmö area
Looking for a psychologist in/around Malmö
0 mayhem 127 Yesterday, 14:24
By: mayhem
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How many posters actually live in sweden?
as compared to the tourists and food tips  * 123» 24
359 Deliafelia 15,537 Yesterday, 13:30
By: Rick Methv…
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How long until I can get a Swedish passport?
Any idea on when I can apply?
1 kiwiboynz 244 Yesterday, 10:30
By: kokoko
No New Posts 9 cepheus007 5,529 Yesterday, 9:42
By: yet anothe…
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Why don't Swedish practice "Lagom" with Christmas?
Early November and the lights are up!!  * 123
39 hoodrat 2,011 27.Nov.2014
By: Rick Methv…
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Best stores and websites to buy a laptop computer
Personal recommendations, and advice on prices  * 123
34 Spring 55,535 27.Nov.2014
By: Mathew Bus…
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Mince Pies in Stockholm
Like, for Christmas.
8 PeteFraser 538 27.Nov.2014
By: Temp
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mtDNA testing ?
in Stockholm
10 lostinSE 850 26.Nov.2014
By: lostinSE
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Immigrate to Sweden from Hong Kong
by running a small hotel / B&B business  * 123
30 benthp 1,493 26.Nov.2014
By: trumanshow
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pre paid credit cards
issued in Sweden
7 jonrice 498 26.Nov.2014
By: TLSucks
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Swedish Movies, Radio and Music. Can you help?
Suggest what you would watch on-board
2 goodmanl 357 25.Nov.2014
By: goodmanl
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now HERE'S something we all know about in Sweden
...but have you had any EXPERIENCE of it?
12 Mesost 911 25.Nov.2014
By: Hisingen
No New Posts 7 yardenmoda… 659 24.Nov.2014
By: enged
No New Posts 5 cascong 1,588 24.Nov.2014
By: pdquick
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Need some help
I want to buy a present for someone in Sweden!
2 Eunsook 275 23.Nov.2014
By: Eunsook
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IVF treatment advice
Want to conceive but did not
1 sohani 278 23.Nov.2014
By: LLHope
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Dating in Sweden
an italian VS swedish guys  * 123» 7
102 Linneax 3,427 23.Nov.2014
By: Hisingen
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Which bank is best based on specific services
Service such as: deposit/ withdraw money, ...
1 khaledSW 137 23.Nov.2014
By: Sthlm83
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Taxes of buying a car from an EU country
Registeration tax of purchasing BMW from France
3 khaledSW 292 23.Nov.2014
By: TLSucks
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How do you celebrate Xmas?
combining cultures or choosing one?  * 12
15 Laurelia 813 23.Nov.2014
By: Svensksmit…
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Car for driving test
Need Automat Car in goteborg for test
0 vijay5481 175 23.Nov.2014
By: vijay5481
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Driver License exchange
From what countries
1 enged 201 23.Nov.2014
By: TLSucks
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Changing an EU licence to Swedish
How long will it take?
13 Solith 1,007 22.Nov.2014
By: Solith
No New Posts 372 beefbroff 66,035 21.Nov.2014
By: Hisingen
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