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Life in Sweden
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Planning to apply to a University?
... and speak fluent Swedish?  * 123» 7
98 Puffin 74,195 23.Mar.2015
By: Hisingen
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Becoming a swedish citizen
Travelled abroad for work during 5 years
0 IndianInSw… 90 Today, 11:42
By: IndianInSw…
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Civil Engineering in Sweden!
pathway to license?
2 ivanoviski… 240 Yesterday, 23:54
By: ivanoviski…
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Passport renewal from US embassy
American needs new passport
2 honeyhuman 377 Yesterday, 10:43
By: honeyhuman
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Best home internet provider
South of Sweden
12 mariaemac 7,013 Yesterday, 8:13
By: kimchoudha…
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Asthma inhaler cost
Cost of salbutamol inhaler
11 JennW 542 28.Aug.2015
By: yet anothe…
No New Posts 10 7 2,341 28.Aug.2015
By: kimchoudha…
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Mobile app for Driving Theory in English language
Good app to prepare theory for driving License
1 stylo2338 253 27.Aug.2015
By: littleviki…
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a-kassa and Union, are they necesarry?
need both or just a-kassa
9 roxocjstk 1,509 27.Aug.2015
By: badkarma
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Bostads Association Laws
What power do they have?  * 12
17 LostinSTHM 719 27.Aug.2015
By: WilliamDaw
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I regret moving to Sweden
Biggest mistake I've ever made  * 123» 21
305 Mr UK 193,083 27.Aug.2015
By: khaledSW
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Driver's License in Sweden
How do I get one when I have valid US license now?
4 pmccrea 453 27.Aug.2015
By: khaledSW
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Moving from NYC to Gothenburg
Time it takes to get social assistance
5 Garcia 433 26.Aug.2015
By: delta76
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Malpractices in the Swedish mobile service
Binding period and notice period
4 chongq 350 26.Aug.2015
By: Hallander
No New Posts 8 optimism 605 26.Aug.2015
By: RexCogidub…
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suggestions to handle bad service in stockholm?
delivery delayed for no information
5 yaojing_19… 303 26.Aug.2015
By: LLHope
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Where can I get mobile phone insurance?
Struggling to insure gadgets bought in the UK...
3 frank265 512 25.Aug.2015
By: ralphmabry
No New Posts 4 Localer 5,068 25.Aug.2015
By: Shikhas
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Moving personal items from Gothenburg
International shipping
0 dave100 111 24.Aug.2015
By: dave100
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Re-Locating to Stockholm
Testing the Water
0 DownButNot… 154 24.Aug.2015
By: DownButNot…
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dependent visa for mother
residence permit
0 malikarsll… 152 24.Aug.2015
By: malikarsll…
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finding my personnummer
benefits as a traveler in sweden
2 fiverowley… 209 24.Aug.2015
By: ChocOwl
No New Posts 25 MayaC 1,833 23.Aug.2015
By: Emerentia
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I received job offer via mail...
...and now need to get personnummer
7 optimism 2,366 23.Aug.2015
By: Mad Hatter
No New Posts 16 Kronas 2,090 22.Aug.2015
By: Bsmith
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Tradera / Postage Advice
Any help appreciated please :)
1 QuirkyJezz… 219 21.Aug.2015
By: ChocOwl
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International calls from sweden
anything from the big four?
2 rudrab 318 21.Aug.2015
By: QuirkyJezz…
No New Posts 0 ibuild_stu… 323 21.Aug.2015
By: ibuild_stu…
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Termination of employment contract
permanent job with probationary period
2 adaikks 566 20.Aug.2015
By: singh_swe
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Swedish Citizen , work in UK
spouse non EU citizen
2 AriesIN 642 20.Aug.2015
By: gse1986
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