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Social Benefits And Insurance
Non-working Spouse
4 samsid 1,754 Today, 9:54
By: Danielgak
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English speakers in Linköping
Or perhaps in all Östergötland  * 1234
54 young noma… 24,921 1.Aug.2015
By: RichardEl
No New Posts 38 Sethandra 17,650 1.Aug.2015
By: DarrellNup…
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A new commer!
Rental advice needed!
2 Dr.Hadil 2,047 1.Aug.2015
By: DarrellNup…
No New Posts 4 ChrisWire8… 2,173 30.Jul.2015
By: CharlesGom…
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Looking for a photography school
would like to take just one or a few courses
0 roeedori 1,342 24.Jul.2015
By: Dustinka
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Fourth of July in Norrköping
a.k.a. any Americans around?
5 unaedna 1,517 24.Jul.2015
By: Dustinka
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Summer job? Help paint my house
Please msg me with a rough quote
12 Baned 8,758 23.Jul.2015
By: Josephdugh
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English-speakers living in Västerås
Anyone else here want to meet up?  * 123
37 auralblip 18,277 22.Jul.2015
By: MurrayKaxy
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Long Waiting Times For Permit
Migration Board is not considering any priority
9 samsid 2,290 22.Jul.2015
By: Gamla Häl…
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English-speakers in Småland
Any others here interested in meeting up?  * 12
18 Drewster 8,089 21.Jul.2015
By: Richardgan…
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5 a side football in Jönköping
Any level of ability!
3 gareth246 1,370 20.Jul.2015
By: MichaelPl
No New Posts 3 samsid 2,498 11.Mar.2015
By: linneaolss…
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English speakers in Norrkoping
making new friends
5 **Josephin… 2,034 12.Dec.2014
By: FlyingFrau…
No New Posts 7 gareth246 2,454 5.Dec.2014
By: ChrisWire8…
No New Posts 0 Baned 1,072 23.Nov.2014
By: Baned
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Rent a flat in Falköping
Help to understand the different system
2 Eugeni 1,582 23.Oct.2014
By: Eugeni
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Unit Testing training course at Linköping
Unit testing based on Microsoft frameworks
0 zwithus 1,223 31.Jul.2014
By: zwithus
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Colombians in Linköping?
Alguien para ver el mundial?
0 julianadf 1,367 29.Jun.2014
By: julianadf
No New Posts 0 ashraf_mam… 1,183 4.Jun.2014
By: ashraf_mam…
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Meet up group in Jönköping
Anyone interested?
0 makemydag 1,410 18.Apr.2014
By: makemydag
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Americans living in Växjö
Any others here want to meetup?
8 brooklynmo… 6,751 25.Feb.2014
By: toro.steve…
No New Posts 9 spaswed 5,570 23.Feb.2014
By: dogwalker1
No New Posts 6 Ash33 4,506 10.Feb.2014
By: snarky
No New Posts 11 Ashlito 4,866 23.Nov.2013
By: Ashlito
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Weekend nanny/au-pair/spanish tutor in GOTHENBURG
Västra frölunda and Gothenburg area
0 celiiiii5 3,019 8.Oct.2013
By: celiiiii5
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Canadian moving to Lidköping
Meeting people, other expats, and community groups?  * 12
17 spsim 8,951 3.Sep.2013
By: spsim
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Aussies in LINKOPING
Australia day
1 janeway77 1,860 25.Jan.2013
By: jvtx3232
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A question about this region
General level of English spoken
3 AverageJoe… 2,656 23.Jul.2012
By: AverageJoe…
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Finding an appartment to rent in Norrköping
When you don't speak Swedish!
6 Feust 9,859 18.Jul.2012
By: robbz23
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